ACF packet one by Mitchell Szczepanczyk by nikeborome


									Packet for the QUARTERFINALS of the 1999 Michigan MLK Tournament
By Mitchell Szczepanczyk

1.      Omaha, Nebraska hosted the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition. Marie and Pierre
        Curie first isolate radium. And publications include Henry James' The Turn of the Screw, H.G.
        Wells' The War of the Worlds and Emile Zola's J'Accuse! For 10 points, what year also saw the
        battle of Manila Bay and the destruction in Havana harbor of the U.S.S. Maine?
Answer:          1898

2.      Under the alias Amos Dettonville, he created a mathematical contest in 1658, and in controversy
        gave the top prize to himself. This killed his research career, which had included discovering of the
        cycloid's properties and founding the modern theory of probability. For 10 points, name this French
        theorist who at age 19 devised the first adding machine.
Answer:          Blaise Pascal

3.      In 1962, in Detroit, Mario was paralyzed below the waist, while Dieter and Richard were killed. In
        1990, Angel lost a leg, while Helen, oddly, died peacefully. In 1978, in San Juan, Karl died between
        two 10-story buildings. These are the fates—for 10 points—of what first family of the circus
Answer:         Wallendas or the Flying Wallendas

4.      Inspired by the cosmological speculations of Thomas Wright, he published a 1755 book called
        General History of Nature and Theory of the Heavens, which suggested that some nebulae lay in
        the Milky Way. He tutored in Konigsberg, in whose University he worked in logic, metaphysics, and
        rationalist studies. For 10 points, name this German philosopher famed for his three Critiques.
Answer:          Immanuel Kant

5.      Their 1998 president was Gordon B. Hinckley. One of their early headquarters was in Kirtland,
        Ohio, while their present headquarters are in Independence, Missouri. For 10 points, name this
        religion which formed after an incident in Palmyra, New York, in which the angel Moroni revealed
        golden tablets to Joseph Smith.
Answer:          Mormons or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

6.      Guinness lists it as the world’s largest exposed monolith, 1143 feet tall. Composed of arkosic
        sandstone, it was first sighted in 1872 by Ernest Giles, and known locally as Uluru, but was named
        the rock after a former premier. For 10 points, name this famous rock in Northern Territory,
Answer:          Ayers Rock (or Uluru before Uluru is mentioned)

7.      He's the subject of a two-volume by Robert Hallek--Vol. 1, Lone Star Rising, and Vol. 2, Flawed
        Giant--which charts his rise from secretary to R.M. Kleberg in the 1930s to the Democratic Leader of
        the Senate in 1953. For 10 points, name this Stonewall, Texas, native, who promoted the Great
        Society program as the USA's 36th president.
Answer:         Lyndon Baird Johnson or LBJ

8.      On May 26, 1977, Georg Willig suction-cupped his way to the top, and on August 7, 1974, Philippe
        Petit walked a tightrope. Designed by Minoru Yamasaki and Emery Roth, it boasts a total of 12
        million square feet of rentable space. For 10 points, name this building complex in Manhattan,
        whose most prominent buildings are its twin towers.
Answer:          World Trade Center
9.      Members are elected for nine years, and nine members are necessary for quorum. Even though it
        has no powers of enforcement, only twice has its decisions not been carried out. Proceedings are in
        both French and English, and decisions are final—for 10 points—in what main judicial body of the
        United Nations?
Answer:         International Court of Justice or World Court
Prompt on:      Permanent Court of International Justice

10.     It was based on an incident whose evidence was discovered by French archaeologist August-
        Edouard Marriette, and became the first opera to have been performed at the Cairo Theater. The
        title character joins Radames in entombment and as a result, Amneris commits suicide in—for 10
        points—what 1871 opera with libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni and composed by Guiseppe Verdi?
Answer:           Aida

11.     In 1888, he wrote a check worth 5,338,650 pounds--the world's largest check to that time--which he
        used to buy out his rival, Barney Barnato, and which he used to form a company known to some as
        the Syndicate, but known to others as the De Beers Consolidate Mines, Limited. For 10 points,
        name this British imperialist, the namesake of the country now called Zimbabwe, and the founder of
        a series of scholarships.
Answer:         Cecil John Rhodes

12.     The name’s the same. A 1925 film in which George Challenger led a South American expedition,
        based on an Arthur Doyle book. A 1960 remake of that 1925 film starring Jill St. John. A 1993
        Canadian film starring John Rhys-Davies. For 10 points, what name is also shared by a 1997 film
        set at Site B with a Mesozoic environment, starring Compsognathi, and T-Rexes, based on a book
        by Michael Crichton.
Answer:          The Lost World

13.     The day this Taurus he was convicted, his horoscope in the Denver Post read: "What seemed like a
        wonderful idea could explode in your face." That idea led to 11 counts of conspiracy and murder,
        which made him the 13th federal prisoner on Death Row. For 10 points, who was found guilty in
        1997 of bombing the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City?
Answer:         Timothy McVeigh

14.     The Uralian variety is a type of andradite, while the Oriental variety is a type of corundum. Since the
        1960s, their definition was expanded to include vanadium-colored beryls, in addition to chromium-
        colored beryls. For 10 points, name this valuable type of gem distinguished for its bright color,
Answer:         emeralds

15.     She also wrote a book about spotted hyenas, called Innocent Killers, but she also wrote a book
        called In The Shadow of Man, which drew on her research at the Gombe Stream Reserve on Lake
        Tanganyika. For 10 points, name this founder of the Gombe Stream Research Center, who, at the
        suggestion of Louis Leakey, worked with chimpanzees.
Answer:          Jane Goodall or Jane van Lawick-Goodall

16.     Its 1996 Prime Minister was Shiek Hasina Wazed, who was a member of the Awami League, and
        whose father, Shiek Mujibur Rahman, was its first leader in 1971 when it won independence from
        Pakistan. For 10 points, name this Asian nation with capital Dhaka, once known as West Bengal.
Answer:         Bangladesh or People's Republic of Bangladesh or Gana Rajatantri Bangladesh

17.     The first of this novel's five sections begins: "Once upon a time and a very good time it was there
        was a moocow coming down along the road." It was partially destroyed in a rage by its author, and
        was originally called Stephen Hero. For 10 points, name this bildungsroman which showed the
        early years of Stephen Daedalus, an autobiographical novel by James Joyce.
Answer:          A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
18.     Arne H.W. Larssen received a 3-ounce model, powered by a nickel-cadmium battery with a 1-year
        lifespan, and which was designed at Elema-Schonander hospital in October 1958. Mr. Larssen was
        the first recipient—for 10 points—of what miniature surgically implanted device to stimulate or
        regulate heart contractions?
Answer:           pacemakers

19.     Her first published work was An Elegaic Poem on the Death of the Celebrated Divine...George
        Whitefield. And in 1775, she was invited to the White House because of a poem she wrote--
        Generalissimo of the Armies of North America--about George Washington. For 10 points, name this
        first notable black woman American poet and author of Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and
Answer:           Phyllis Wheatley

20.     When he couldn’t master straddle, his high school track coach at Medford High in Oregon told him
        to improvise. He did so and later earned a world record and a 1968 gold medal in Mexico City by
        clearing a bar at 7 feet, 4 ¼ inches. For 10 points, what athlete made scissors maneuvers obsolete
        in the high-jump with his namesake flop.
Answer:          Dick Fosbury

21.     They were wiped out by a volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini, known in ancient times as
        Thera. Their peak came with palaces at Phaestus and with one discovered in 1900 by Sir Arthur
        Evans at Knossos. For 10 points, name this Bronze Age Aegean Civilization that grew on the island
        of Crete.
Answer:         Minoans or Minoan Culture or Minoan People or Minoan Civilization or equivalents

22.     In 1894, it was discovered when oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor were removed from a
        sample of air. The remainder weighted more than pure nitrogen, so Lord Raleigh and William
        Ramsay proposed a new element, from the Greek for “unreactive.” For 10 points, name this third
        most abundant component of dry air, the most common noble gas.
Answer:         argon or Ar

23.     The only literary prize he won during his life was a 50-pound prize from the French Academy for
        Tales of Unrest. And a 13-1/2 hour voyage in an open boat, which led to his first landing, inspired
        his story Youth. For 10 points, name this Polish-born English novelist who published Youth with two
        other stories, The End of the Tether, and Heart of Darkness.
Answer:          Joseph Conrad or Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzienowski

24.     He quarterbacked Northern Michigan University to a Division-II national title, then coached for
        Southern Cal, Berkeley, the Los Angeles Rams, and the USFL's Orlando Renegades. He had
        taught the West Coast offense to Brett Favre before--for 10 points--what former Green Bay QB
        coach succeeded George Seifert as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers?
Answer:         Steve Mariucchi

25.     This country’s highest point is Mount Paektu in the Kaema Plateau. Its northern boundary involves
        both the Yalu (or Amnok) and Tuman rivers which separate it from Russia and China. For 10 points,
        name this country squeezed between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan, whose southern border
        is a demilitarized zone?
Answer:         North Korea or Democratic People's Republic of Korea

26.    The founder of Africa Ocean Lines and the publisher of Concord Press, he held the titles Basbortu
       of Ibadan land and Baba Adini of Yorubaland, and even won a presidential election in 1993, but was
       imprisoned shortly thereafter. For 10 points, name this would-be president of Nigeria, who was the
       victim of a coup by Sani Abacha.
Answer:         Moshood K(ashimawoo) O(lawale) Abiola or MKO Abiola
Prompt on:      MKO
27.     Two answers required. The Third Book, the Fourth Book, and The Fifth Book, were the last three
        books in a five-book epic which showed Panurge seek the Oracle of the Holy Bottle in Cathay. They
        were first published under the anagrammatic pseudonym Alcofribas Nasier. For 10 points, name
        this French series or the first two books in it, by physician Francois Rabelais?
Answer:          Gargantua and Pantagruel

28.     The last name’s the same. Dorothy Crowfoot won the 1964 Nobel in chemistry for x-ray work on
        molecules. Sir Alan Lloyd shared the 1962 Nobel in Medicine for work on nerve cell transmission,
        and is the descendant of Thomas who lent--for 10 points--what last name to a malignant lymph
        tissue disease?
Answer:          Hodgkin

29.     This organization's May 1997 vote left Wayne LaPierre as the executive vice-president (despite Neal
        Knox's efforts), and kept Marion Hammer as its president. The major change was in its First Vice-
        President who starred in The Agony and The Ecstasy and Ben-Hur, Charlton Heston. For 10 points,
        what group has as its credo the second amendment?
Answer:         NRA or the National Rifle Association

1.    Estimates vary anywhere from as few as 18 to as many as 30 galaxies, with a distance of roughly 2
      million light years across.

(10)    For 10 points, what name is given to this conglomeration of galaxies in which we reside?
Answer:         The Local Group of Galaxies

(5/5)   The most massive members of the Local Group are--for five points each--which two galaxies?
Answer:       Milky Way and Andromeda or M31

(10)    For 10 points, what irregular galaxy of the local group in the Constellation Dorado, about 50,000
        parsecs away, is home to the giant Tarantula Nebula?
Answer:         Large Magellanic Cloud or Nubecula Major (prompt on partial answer)

2.      In 1881, physician Carlos Finlay suggested a theory that he and a commission confirmed nearly 20
        years later. For 10 points each, name:
(10)    this American army surgeon who led a U.S. Public Health Commission that fingered the insect
        species Aedes aegypti?
Answer:         Dr. Walter Reed

(10)    the disease characterized by jaundice that was carried by Aedes aegypti?
Answer:         yellow fever or yellow jack

(10)   The Reed-led commission was first formed because of an outbreak of yellow fever in what country?
Answer:       Republic of Cuba

3.      Name the island country, 30-20-10.
(30)    Independence was granted in 1739 to its warriors, the Maroons, who lived in Moore Town,
(20)    It's home to Cockpit County and the Blue Mountains, and the United Fruit Company originated here,
        in the town of Port Antonio.
(10)    This "land of wood and water" or "land of springs" lies south of Cuba and west of Haiti.
Answer:          Jamaica
4.      Jack Larson may be best known as the actor who played Jimmy Olsen in the TV series The
        Adventures of Superman, but that’s not all he did. For 10 points each, name:
(10)    Larson wrote the libretto for the opera Lord Byron, which was composed by what 20th century
        author of The Mother Of Us All?
Answer:         Virgil Thomson

(10)    Larson won the first grant given to a playwright by what foundation begun in 1913 and named for a
        major oil baron?
Answer:         Rockefeller Foundation
(10)    Larson's 1998 play, The Astronaut's Tale, was based on what 20 -century composer's The Soldier's
Answer:         Igor (Fedorovich) Stravinsky

5.      Name the contemporary singer, 30-20-10.
(30)    In 1986, she was the vocalist on "Heroin," a track on the soundtrack to the film, The Captive. Next
        year, she appeared on Private Revolution, the debut album of World Party.
(20)    In 1988, she had her first UK Top 20 Single, "Mandinka," and Enya appeared on her first album, The
        Lion and The Cobra.
(10)    Two years later, her second album, I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got, featured a remake of a
        Prince song, "Nothing Compares 2 U."
Answer:         Sinead O’Connor

6.      Your category: trisomies.
(5)     For five points, what trisomy was the first clinical condition ever linked to a chromosomal
        abnormality, and was formerly known as mongolian idiocy?
Answer:          Down's syndrome or trisomy-21               (grudingly prompt on: mongoloidism or mongolism)

(10)    For 10 points, what trisomy results from an XXY sex-chromosomal arrangement, and leads to a
        variety of physical abnormalities?
Answer:          Klinefelter's syndrome

(15)    For 15 points, Edwards' syndrome, a serious physical malady, involves a trisomy of what numbered
Answer:         18th or eighteenth

7.      Founder Gerg Steltenpohl settled with the families of five children who were poisoned from its
        tainted fruit beverages. For 10 points each, name:
(10)    this juice manufacturer whose radio ads contain no mumbo-jumbo.
Answer:           Odwalla

(10)    the common bacteria, one strain of which is linked to tainted Odwalla products.
Answer:        Escherichia Coli O157

(10)    the northeast-based hamburger chain that was linked to 1993 E. Coli illnesses.
Answer:         Jack-in-the-Box
8.      On a memorial cross upon a hilltop across Hut Point in Antarctica, there reads a quote: To Strive, To
        Seek, To Find, and not to Yield. For 10 points each:
(10)    This quote comes from what blank-verse poem in which an aged mythical hero longs for a return to
Answer:         Ulysses

(10)    Name the poet laureate of Britain who wrote Ulysses.
Answer:        Alfred Tennyson or Alfred, Lord Tennyson, or 1st Baron Tennyson

(10)    The memorial cross in question memorializes what British naval officer who, aboard the Discovery,
        discovered Edward VII peninsula?
Answer:         Robert F(alcon) Scott

9.      Prime minister Meles Zenawi and President Isias Afewerki were locked in a June 1998 dispute over
        the 250-square-mile Yigra Triangle; the towns of Badame and Sheraro were never officially
        demarcated. For 10 points each, name these two African countries, one of which was part of the
        other until 1993, and name the army officer and head of state that both countries overthrew in 1991.
Answer:         State of Eritrea or Ertra, Ethiopia or Ityop'iya, Mengistu Haile Mariam

10.     Joe Rennington, its “father,” appeared in 9 of 25 runnings.
(5)     name this sled-dog race that commemorates a delivery of diptheria serum.
Answer:        Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race or Haiditarod

(5/5)   For five points each, name the two Alaska cities that are the start and end points of the race.
Answer:          Anchorage, Nome         (exact order unnecessary)

(15)    For 15 points, the last person who completes the Iditarod puts out what ceremonial light that is lit to
        begin the race?
Answer:         the Red Lantern
Prompt on:      lantern

11.     At age 14, he fell in love with a 13-year-old girl named Annabell Leigh, and he would go on to write a
        book originally titled The Kingdom By The Sea, after a line in a poem called Annabell Lee. For 10
        points each.
(10)    name this 1955 book whose title character's real name is Dolores Haze.
Answer:         Lolita

(10)    the author of that book.
Answer:         Vladimir Nabokov

(10)    The American author of the lryic poem Annabell Lee.
Answer:       Edgar Allan Poe

12.     Name these 1998 inductees in the Basketball Hall of Fame.
(10)    For five points, what Boston Celtic was NBA MVP three times in the 1980s?
Answer:          Larry (Joe) Bird

(10)    For 10 points, what Atlanta coach joined John Wooden as the second person inducted as both
        player and coach?
Answer:         Lenny Wilkens

(10)    For 15 points, who played in more than 12,000 games and became the first Harlem Globetrotter
        inducted in the Hall?
Answer:         Marques Haynes
13.     A 12 -century BC poem, Enuma elish, depicts his rise, which included the conquest of the monster
        of primeval chaos.
(5)     name this main god of Babylonia.
Answer:         Marduk or Bel (Prompt on:    Lord)

(10)    For 10 points, Enuma elish dates to the reign of which Babylonian king, whom conquered Susa, the
        capital of Elam?
Answer:          Nebuchadrezzar I or Nebuchadnezzar I

(15)    For 15 points, name the monster that Marduk conquered.
Answer:         Tiamat or Kur or Huwaw

14.     Watercolors by Thomas Moran helped prod Congress into making it the world's first national park.
(10)    For 10 points, name this park founded in 1872.
Answer:         Yellowstone National Park

(20)    For five points each, 20 for all, name the three states in which Yellowstone national park resides.
Answer:          Wyoming, Idaho, Montana

15.     "I beg to present to you as a Christmas gift the city of [blank], with 150 heavy guns and plenty of
(10)    This message was sent to Abraham Lincoln, Dec. 22, 1864, by what "war is hell" general who
        embarked on the Atlanta campaign?
Answer:          William Techumseh Sherman

(10)    The blank in the above quote was filled in not by Atlanta but by what other Georgia city, the oldest
        city in the state?
Answer:           Savannah

(10)    The city of Savannah was founded in 1733 by what founder of the state of Georgia?
Answer:         James Oglethorpe

16.     In 1962, he rose to lead Cambodia's own Communist party, the Khmer Workers Party.
(5)     For five, name this former Prime Minister of Cambodia, a longtime head of the Khmer Rouge.
Answer:          Pol Pot (prompt on partial answer) or Saloth Sar

(10)    For 10 points, the Khmer Workers Party was created in a corner of a railway yard in what city lying
        partially on the Tonle Sap rivers?
Answer:           Phnom Penh

(15)    For 15 points, the Khmer Rouge, or Red Cambodians, were given their name by what head of state
        who became king of Cambodia in 1993?
Answer:         King Norodom Sihanouk

17.     She introduced the tricot sailor frock and the pullover sweater, but most of her fortune came through
        the world’s best-selling perfume. For 10 points each, name:
(10)    this French fashion designer, influential for six decades.
Answer:          Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

(10)    the hugely successful perfume she introduced in 1922.
Answer:        Chanel No. 5

(10)    Chanel No. 5 had 80 ingredients, including what plant from the order Oleaceae, whose poet's
        variety, native to Iran, is the source of attar?
Answer:          jasmine
18.     Your category: the ecumenical councils of Lyons. For 10 points each, name:
(10)    The pope who in 1245 called the first Council of Lyons and who demanded the overthrow of the
        Holy Roman Emperor.
Answer:         Innocent IV or Sinibaldo Fieschi

(10)    The Holy Roman Emperor who was excommunicated by Innocent IV and whose reign led to the ruin
        of the Hohenstaufen.
Answer:         Frederick II

(10)    The Pope who convened the Second Council of Lyons in 1274, effecting a 15-year reunion with the
        Greek Church.
Answer:        Gregory X

19.    On May 7, 1902, it erupted, just one day before another Caribbean volcano erupted and destroyed
       the city of Saint-Pierre. For 10 points each, name:
(10)   The Montserrat volcano which began a series of eruptions in July 1995, and again in July 1997.
Answer:         The Soufriere Hills volcano

(10)    The volcano which erupted on May 8, 1902, which killed some 28,000 people.
Answer:         Mount Pelee

(10)    The Caribbean island on which Mount Pelee is found.
Answer:        Martinique

20.     Name these 1998 Pulitzer Prize winners.
(5)     For five points, what American composer of Lady, Be Good, Of Thee I Sing, and Rhapsody in Blue
        got a special Pulitzer citation?
Answer:          George Gershwin
(10)    For 10 points, what author of Goodbye, Columbus and Letting Go won the fiction Pulitzer for
        American Pastoral?
Answer:          Phillip (Milton) Roth
(15)    For 15 points, what longtime publisher of the Washington Post won the biography Pulitzer for
        Personal History?
Answer:          Katherine Graham

21.     For 10 points each, name these cooperative businesses or products.
(10)    Incorporated in 1921 as the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association, it was renamed to
        honor that state’s many bodies of water.
Answer:         Land O’Lakes
(10)    This cooperative owned by some 950 cranberry and grapefruit growers is North America's leading
        producer of canned and bottled juices and juice drinks.
Answer:         Ocean Spray
(10)    Created in 1848 in New York City by six publishers, it is the world's largest and oldest continually
        operating news service.
Answer:         The Associated Press or The AP

22.     Berkeley's Radiation Laboratory, or Bevatron, began operation in 1955, and one of its early
        achievements was the discovery of a particle that led to the 1959 Nobel Prize in physics. For 10
        points per answer, name:
(10)    this negatively-charged particle.
Answer:         antiproton

(10/10) the leaders of that Berkeley team who won that Nobel.
Answer:         Owen Chamberlain, Emilio Gino Segre
23.     For 10 points each, name the states that boasted these 1998 gubernatorial winners.
(10)    Argeo Paul Cellucci
Answer:         Massachusetts

(10)    Roy E. Barnes
Answer:        Georgia

(10)    John Kitzhaber
Answer:         Oregon

24.     German cameraman Eugen Schufftan developed a process of combining live action with models or
        artwork in order to help make a landmark 1927 film. For 10 points each:
(10)    name this science fiction film set in the title city in the year 2000.
Answer:         Metropolis

(10)    name its director.
Answer:         Fritz Lang

(10)    name the actress who plays two versions of Maria in Metropolis.
Answer:        Brigitte Helm

25.     After his death, his limbs were buried at the foot of Mount Olympus, and his head was finally buried
        on the island of Lesbos after it was severed from his body and thrown into the river Hebrus.
(5)     For five points, name this Greek musician who was given the lyre by Apollo.
Answer:          Orpheus

(10)    For 10 points, name the nymph whom Orpheus loved so much that he went to the underworld to
        retrieve her.
Answer:          Eurydice

(15)    For 15 points, name the king of Thrace who was the father of Orpheus.
Answer:         Oeagrus

26.     In 1994, IBM employee Marc Ewing started a company to market products for a freely posted
        operating system invented in 1991by a Finnish computer science student. FTPAP, name:
(10)    that operating system, whose mascot is a penguin.
Answer:         Linux

(10)    its inventor, from the University of Helsinki.
Answer:          Linus Torvalds

(10)    the millenary-named company that Ewing started, headquarted in Durham, North Carolina.
Answer:          Red Hat

27.     Tradition says that it was the location of Solomon's temple, and it was also the place where
        Muhammad ascended into heaven.
(10)    For 10 points, name this site, the third most venerated place in Islam.
Answer:         Dome of the Rock

(5)     For five points, in which city is the Dome of the Rock found?
Answer:          Jerusalem

(15)    For 15 points, name the hill upon which the Dome of the Rock is found.
Answer:         Temple Mount or Haram al-Sharif
28.    On Monday, May 18, 1998, Phil Leeds appeared on the final episodes of 4 television series
       (including 2 series finales). For 10 points each, what finale did Leeds star as

(10)    Judge 'Happy' Boyle on FOX?
Answer:         Ally McBeal

(10)    Uncle Mel on CBS?
Answer:        Everybody Loves Raymond

(10)    Wizened Man on CBS?
Answer:       Murphy Brown

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