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					IMSpost™ Lite v7.0

    IMSpost™ Lite, takes the worlds most
    advanced postprocessing software, and
    makes it an affordable option for companies
    of all sizes. This easy to use software uses a
    standard windows interface, and does not
    require any knowledge of programming .
    Use IMSpost™ Lite to customize your
    existing postprocessors, or postprocessors
    from the IMS library.
                                                        IMSpost™ Lite enables customization of your
                                                        postprocessors with fill in the blank simplicity.
    IMSpost™ Lite contains all the powerful
    functionality of IMSpost, except for access
    to the IMSpost source level macro
    processor.                                          Operation

    IMSpost™ Lite features                              Take an off-the-shelf library postprocessor,
                                                        or any other IMS postprocessor, load it into
    • Modify letter address formats                     IMSpost™ Lite and configure it to your
    • Modify G/M functions                              specifications!
    • Canned cycles, or simulated drilling cycles for
      machines without cycle support                    The intuitive user interface provides an
                                                        efficient work environment, and the IMS
    • Block numbering, output sort order
                                                        macro processor, with source level
    • Spindle and coolant control                       debugger, provides support for the most
    • Tool change definition                            complicated postprocessor configurations.
    • Feedrate control
    • High Speed Machining
    • Automatic conversion of point to point data to
      NURBS format
    • Arc fitting of point to point data in any plane
    • Optimized output using linear tangency
    • State-of-the-art technology, using "C++", and
      Windows GUI
    • Supports all classes of machines with any
      number of linear or rotary axes;
    • automatic support of co-linear axes
                                                        A checklist and Windows GUI make IMSpost™
    • Use the same postprocessor for any CAM            Lite very easy to use.
      system or hardware platform
    • conversational output style support               Take advantage of IMS’s professional
                                                        technical support staff to assist you every
    • Controller working plane support
                                                        step of the way.
    • Integrated reverse post technology
                                               CNC Machines
IMSpost™ has been selected as the
postprocessor software of choice by these      IMS maintains a complete library of pre-defined
major CAD/CAM vendors.                         postrpocessors to help you get started right away.
                                               This library grows continuously to include the latest
•   AUTON                                      in machine tool technology. Contact IMS, or look
•   CIMATRON                                   for your postprocessor on our web-site for
•   DASSAULT SYSTEMES                          immediate download!
•   MetalCAM/Fikus
                                               Supported Platforms
Working closely with these companies, we
are able to provide unmatched compatibility,   •   IBM Pentium computer with Windows
and enhanced functionality through the             95/98/2000/XP or Windows NT™ 4.0 or
collaboration of our development teams.            higher, or

                                               •   UNIX workstations from:

Compatibility                                      Hewlett Packard Corporation
                                                   IBM Corporation
CAD/CAM Systems:                                   Silicon Graphics
                                                   SUN Microsystems
IMSpost™ is compatible with all major
CAD/CAM systems
                                               Related Products
    •   AUTON
    •   BihlerCAT                              IMSpost™
    •   CADDS
                                               IMSpost™, the worlds most advanced
    •   CAMAX
                                               postprocessing software, transforms CAD/CAM
    •   CATIA V4/V5                            cutter location (Clfiles) into the specific machine
    •   CATIA MACHINIST                        codes (G/M codes) required by NC machines.
    •   CIMATRON                               IMSpost works seamlessly with all major
    •   DUCT                                   CAD/CAM systems, hardware platforms, and NC
    •   EUCLID                                 machines, in one easy to use interface.
    •   Houtzel APT
    •   I-DEAS                                 IMSmodel™
    •   INTERCIM
    •   INTERGRAPH                             An animated, graphical machine tool setup program
    •   MASTERCAM                              that takes the guesswork out of machine setup.
    •   MetalCAM
    •   Pro/ENGINEER                           IMSconvert™
    •   SURFCAM
                                               Converts existing CNC programs. Move CNC files
                                               from one machine format to another, simply and
    •   WORKNC                                 easily.
    •   and many others

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