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					                                              Tips To Approve
                                              Google AdSense
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      AdSense is an advertising partnership program through
Internet    media       held   by   Google.      Through     its   AdSense
advertising program, owners of web sites or blogs that have
signed     up   and     approved     its   membership        may     install
advertising     units     that   form      and    material    have    been
determined by Google in their web pages. The owner of the
website or blog will get a profit sharing revenue from Google
for each ad clicked by visitors to the site, known as a pay per
click (ppc) or pay per click.

      In addition to providing ads with pay-per-click system,
also provides a Google AdSense AdSense for search (AdSense
for Search) and referral ads (Referral). In the AdSense for
search, web site owners can install the Google search box on
their web pages. The site owner will get revenue from Google
for each search conducted visitors through the search box,
which continues to click on ads that are included in the search
results. On referral ads, site owners will receive an income

after click on the ad continues with certain actions by visitors
who have agreed between Google and advertisers.

      Actually all the things there are lots of ways, but we
also depends on how much interest and our desire to achieve
something, including things that I will discuss this is through
indyarocks sign up google adsense, if yesterday I shared
about google adsense via Docstoc list if this is a tutorial on
how to register google adsense with Indyarocks, which is a
social networking site of India but will make a google adsense
account because Indya Rocks has been working with Google

      Before   you   sign   up      for   google   adsense   through
indyarocks that need to be prepared as follows:

   1. Articles in English at least 2 articles or more are better
      "Try the original article."

   2. Prepare a minimum of 10 pictures or more (pictures
      must be something to do with the article that you want
      to post) for example you post on the computer means
      the image that you have nothing to do with computers.

   3. Make a new email at (recommended)

If you are really interested sign up google adsense should
read this tutorial carefully in order to be accepted:

The first stage:

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  1. Sign in to

  2. Find the button Join now and click the join button is

  3. Fill out the form provided with the requested data

  4. f you already Locate and click the "I will do it latter"

  5. Please check your email inbox and open email and click
     the confirmation of Indyarocks

  6. If you are logged in. Complete your profile, see the
     upper right-click Account>> Edit profile.

  7. Fill in all the forms required from Basic - Personal -
     Lifestyle - Professional - Account Settings, do not forget
     photos profile

  8. Now Find the Upload button photos, Create albums and
     upload 10 pictures that have been prepared

  9. If you've been posting 2 articles that have been
     prepared, Point the mouse on the Media menu "see

 10. On the submenu click Menu Write Blogs and search
   blogs "see above" if you have found please post your

The second stage:

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1. Still at Indyarocks Please click My Life

2. See the right side on the "Quick Links to the right over",
   if you have found just click the "Earning *Google

3. You will be asked to check the feasibility Just click the
   Check Eligibility

4. If you really are complete there will be a message "Earn
   Money Through Google Adsense" just click the Start
   Earning (but if you still can message "Oops. You are not
   eligible" simply follow the instructions that asked what
   kekuranganya and complete until there is a message
   Earn Money Through Google Adsense)

5. If it Just click Next

6. On "Do you already have a google adsense account?"
   click No.

7. Enter your new gmail email and click Next

8. For indyarocks phase is complete, but there are things
   that must ye do. please check again your email inbox
   and open the verification email from google adsense
   and follow the instructions requested and click the link
   provided by google adsense, you will be brought to the
   stage of filling the data on google adsense. So fill it
   properly.   if no verification    message from Google
   adsense just wait a while Party Indyarocks're reviewing

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      your application to be submitted to the Google adsense.

   9. Do   not   forget   to   select   "Yes"   on   the   "Allow to access my account" proceed by
      clicking the "Submit information"

   10.      In part this is a confirmation of the truth data "the
      most important thing that is on the payee Nam and
      countries of origin" this should really not appropriate
      because it can change again, but to address and other
      data can still be changed later. If it is correct click on
      "Create Account"

   11.      Put a check and click the "I Accept"

Now you are waiting for approval from google adsense
preferably during the waiting updatelah Indyarocks status and
increase the collection of articles and drawings as well as

Additional tips to approve:
    Create a new album again and uploaded 10 pictures you
      "remember the photos you are not another"
    Keep you already have 10 friends
    There is a difficulty please write a comment.
If still denied trying to use that list google adsense via

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