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                                                              ISSUE 1 2008

                                       Automotive Special Report
                                           Emerging Technologies
                                      Tooling milestone in Europe

                                                        MACH 2008
                                                     Exhibition focus
                                                                                                                                issue 1 2008

                                                                             The skills
GTMA CEO Forward                                                        3
News –                                                                       dilemma
Factory of the future at AGM                                         4-5
New Members                                                          6-9
                                                                             GTMA recognises the serious problems facing the future
                                                                             of manufacturing and engineering due to the shortage of
                                                                             specialised skills and we believe this shortage will
                                                                             inevitably slow the progress of successful companies
European ‘milestone’                                                         which strive towards expansion.
for tooling sector                                                    11
                                                                             Tragically, we have all predicted this for many years. Even within
Avenue Mould passes
                                                                             the last few months we have seen advertisements tempting
medical at Euro Forum                                            12-13       people to live and work in California and Adelaide, encouraging
What’s in a Name?                                                     14     our brightest young stars to seek opportunities and different
                                                                             lifestyles further afield.
News                                                                  15
Metrology – roadshow success
                                                                             As an industry it is imperative that we do more to ensure that we
and a telling survey                                             16-17
                                                                             offer the rewards and recognition that will keep those young
Technology                                                       19-20       people in the UK to sustain our industry for the future.

                                                                             GTMA is constantly lobbying to this end and each year we cele-
AUTO FOCUS                                                                   brate the success of the young people achieving recognition with
The sector looks strong -                                                    the GTMA Apprenticeship awards supported by The Tooling
Plus update reports on member                                                Trust.
and GTMA actions                                                 21-31
                                                                             At the same time, the Engineering and Manufacturing Alliance, of
Exhibitions & Events                                             32-34
                                                                             which GTMA is a member organisation, made its pre-budget
News – energy saving advice                                           35     submission in which it argued for more to be done to encourage
M2M, News and Press Releases                                     36-37       apprentices, including tax relief and loans similar to those offered
                                                                             to university students (see page 54). GTMA strongly supports this
                                                                             kind of help for the young.
MACH 2008
                                                                             This year I am particularly delighted to announce that AMPRO
GTMA line-up for the big event                                   39-40
                                                                             Metals, a GTMA member company, has donated a trophy for a
At your service                                                  40-50
                                                                             NVQ Award together with a cash award of £300. These awards
A-Z of GTMA exhibitors                                           51-53       will be presented at our Annual Conference, at the exciting newly
News – budget submission                                              54     opened Factory of the Future in Sheffield on May 14 (see next
Weblinks                                                              55
                                                                             We do hope you will be there.

Cover photo: Scan courtesy of EuroPac Metrology.

                                                                             Julia Moore
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                                  in the news... in the news... in the news... in the news...

      AGM to highlight aerospace and
      medical at ‘factory of the future’
>>>   There will be something of                                                Front entrance
      the future at this year’s                                                 – picture courtesy of
                                                                                Bond Bryan Architects
      GTMA annual conference on
      May 14.

      The event, which will include
      major presentations on the
      aerospace and medical sectors
      is being held at the multi-million
      pound collaborative partnership       interest to companies in the        the most exciting developments
      with the University of Sheffield      aerospace, automotive and           in obstetrics in the last 30
      with Boeing at the Rolls Royce        medical sectors.                    years, and from Finland, Olavi
      Factory of the Future.                                                    Linden of Fiskars Brands.
                                            So, too, will the GTMA AGM &
      The project on South                  Conference which will include a     Please call GTMA on 01844
      Yorkshire’s Advanced                  visit, buffet lunch and guest       274222 or email
      Manufacturing Park near               speakers from Boeing, Brian D. to book
      Rotherham, is part of the sec-        Moran, MBA, Director, UK            your place. Details of the factory   The Conference includes the annual
                                                                                                                     training awards and will see the
      ond phase development of the          Industrial Participation, Cinimod   of the future are on the website     unveiling of this new trophy for NVQ
      Advanced Manufacturing                (IP) Ltd, Eddie Adamowicz,          below.                               Student of the Year from GTMA
                                                                                                                     member Ampco Metal, suppliers of
      Research Centre.                      Managing Director and founder                                            copper alloys specifically designed
      The facility will be of particular    of the Fetal Scalp pen, one of                       to meet the needs of moulders.

      The bright (Midas) lights of London                                                                            Congratulations!
>>>   GTMA member Midas                                                         Fine Art Commission and a
      Pattern Company is helping                                                Lighting Design Award for
      to lighten up London.                                                     Sustainability.

      It is supplying tooling and com-                                
      ponents for a project to bring
      solar powered timetables to
      18,000 bus stops across the city.                                                                              Congratulations to GTMA
                                                                                                                     member The L. S. Starrett
      The design features a solar                                                                                    Co Ltd which is celebrating
      panel mounted on a discreet                                                                                    50 years in British manu-
      canopy on top of the existing                                                                                  facturing. This colourful
      bus stop pole. Bus stop timeta-       (MRIM™) process, which allows                                            logo marks the event.
      bles ‘bright-up’ on demand and        tooling to be modified relatively
      stay bright for 20 seconds, pro-      cheaply and easily. It also had                                          The company supplies a
      viding enough power to illumi-        previous success supplying                                               range of products from saw
      nate the bus stop sign and            solar frames for traffic sensors.                                        blades to precision tools and
      standby, low-level, timetable illu-                                                                            measuring instruments which
      mination from ‘dusk till dawn’.       When completed the project will                                          are detailed on their website.
                                            give London the biggest net-                                             Please also see Page xx of
      Midas Pattern Company was             work of solar bus stops in the                                           this issue.
      selected as preferred supplier        world, and the scheme has
      because of its unique Metallised      already received a                                             
      Resin Injection Moulding™             Commendation from the Royal

in the news... in the news...

                                                                                     Manufacturing and Scheduling Systems
     Call to arms to win in
     the medical sector                                                           Do you want to save
>>> A great turn out and a great                                                      £150,000?
     programme – that was the
     view of many of a major
     event organised by GTMA                                                     Our systems helped Cash Bases from Newhaven win the Best of
     for companies wanting to                                                    British Manufacturing Award in 2006, delivering savings on
     enter the medical sector.                                                   WIP up to £150,000 and return on investment to a factor of 8.

     Called ‘Arming Manufacturers to
     Work in the Medical Market’ it
     was held at Birmingham
     University’s Department of
     Mechanical & Manufacturing          Photo from member company
                                         Paragon Rapid Technologies which
     Engineering.                        has been working with Touch
                                         Bionics of Edinburgh with the devel-
                                         opment of the i-LIMB Hand, a first-
     Presentations from authoritative    to-market prosthetic device with five
     speakers covered everything         individually powered digits.
     from what it takes to get into
     the medical sector and how          cult products was dealt with by
     medical products are evolving       David Aspinwall and Dr Leung
     (Prof David Hukins, Birmingham      Soo of Birmingham University,
     University) to more specific        and Chris Dyke, from Medilink
     advice such as how to diversify     West Midlands, covered areas
     into the medical sector (Daniel     including typical devices in            With over 13 years’ experience in planning, scheduling, and
     Steenstra, HealthTech               demand and barriers to entry to         database control our package now combines the Preactor
     Organisation).                      the market.
                                                                                 schedule engine linked to the SFJ Axon system for total control.
     Four of the speakers were from      There were also demonstra-
                                                                                 Ì Axon uses the latest software technology and is a “thin client” web
     GTMA members: David Turner,         tions, including micro-machin-
                                                                                   enabled system.
     TeleMedic, on the importance        ing, for the 90-plus delegates at
                                                                                 Ì No need for you to have IT personnel
     of supply chain creation for new    the December 18 event. “This
     product development; Darren         showed again that we believe            Ì Hosted on the SFJ site
     Webb, Paragon Rapid                 strongly in events that can             Ì Only software needed is Windows operating system, preferably Windows
     Technologies, on rapid proto-       make an impact on how we do               XP or Vista.
     typing and the supply chain         business and on how we can              Ì No hassle set up and testing away from your site
     interface; Craig Bluett, Wines      succeed in our chosen sec-              Ì No risk or expense before commitment to purchase.
     Medical, on working with sur-       tors,” said GTMA CEO Julia              Ì No major outlay – monthly rental available
     geons; and Dr Rajab Said,           Moore. “The speakers were
                                                                                 Ì Entry level for single component or complex assembly structures.
     Simpleware, on how to con-          excellent and I want to thank
     vert 3D medical scans into          them for their efforts.”
     computational and RP models.
                                                                                    To test Axon go to our website on
                                                                         and choose “thin client MRP”
     Alan Fairweather, GTMA
     Business Development                 >>> GTMA is producing a                SFJ Systems
     Manager, outlined the important     Medical Briefing report due for         Andil House Court Street Trowbridge,
     work being done by the GTMA         publication in early summer. If         Wiltshire BA14 8BR
                                                                                                                                      DI EM FOR
                                                                                                                                            NT :
                                                                                                                                          OU RS

     Medical Buyer:Supplier              you want to be included please          Tel: 01225 775103
                                                                                                                                        SC BE
                                                                                                                                    % M L
                                                                                                                                  15 MA CIA

     Network.                            contact Colin Swindells, 01243          Fax: 01225 774877
                                                                                                                                    GT SPE

                                         826385. Non-members requir-             Email:
     Advances in machining tech-         ing free copies please email:           Web:
     nologies for manufacturing diffi-

                             new members spotlight... new members spotlight...

Added value: GOM UK Ltd                                                                                     main focus is on applications
supply optical measuring                                                                                    such as 3D digitising, 3D coor-
machines and measurement                                                                                    dinate measurement, deforma-
services for digitising and                                                                                 tion measurement and quality
deformation analysis.                                                                                       control. GOM systems are used
                                                                                                            for product development and for
GOM measuring systems are                                                                                   quality assurance, material and
the high-end solution for high                                                                              component testing.
accuracy data capture and are
becoming increasingly wide-                                                                                 They are used the world over in
spread in industry – particularly                                                                           the automotive, aerospace and
automotive styling, consumer                                                                                consumer goods industries as
goods and aerospace inspec-                                                                                 well as by their suppliers –
tion and tool analysis.                                                                                     including several leading research
                                                                                                            centres and universities.
Developing and distributing opti-
cal measuring systems, GOM’s                                                                      

    Mouldtech Solutions                                                Physical Digital Ltd
Specialist manufacturers:                                              Wealth of experience: Physical Digital Ltd is able to offer a
Based in Devon with cus-                                               complete 3D non-contact optical scanning service. The
tomers worldwide,                                                      company has over twelve years’ experience using both the
Mouldtech Solutions are             inspected, then delivered to the   GOM ATOS and TRITOP optical measuring systems, com-
specialist, high-precision          customer with all the guaran-      bined with a wealth of experience in F1 motorsport and
injection mould toolmakers.         tees of a UK manufactured tool.    bespoke vehicle manufacturing.

Offering all aspects of tooling –   Mouldtech also undertake prod-
from prototype tools and single     uct development, design and
cavity through to multi cavity      management, contract CNC
high-volume tooling –               milling and CNC spark erosion
Mouldtech also offer tooling        using the latest
repairs, refurbishment and mod-     Bridgeport/Hardinge machinery.
ification.                          Mouldtech is ISO 9001-2000
                                    accredited and members of the
Uniquely, the company has an        GTMA, and has a reputation for
offshore tooling service –          a high quality of service.
importing tooling that is manu-                                        Physical Digital has digitised a
factured to its design. The tool-   www.                               wide range of objects, from
ing is stripped down and               very small intricate parts to
                                                                       large industrial engineering proj-
                                                                       ects, such as yacht hulls and        Physical Digital is the only inde-
                                                                       UAVs.                                pendent bureau service offering
                                                                                                            GOM measurement solutions in
                                                                       With a varied customer base,         the UK. Fully mobile, they can
                                                                       Physical Digital currently works     come to your site, fitting into
                                                                       within the aerospace, automo-        your schedule, saving down
                                                                       tive, computer gaming, film,         time, transportation and lost
                                                                       motorsport, pharmaceutical,          production costs.
                                                                       renewable energy and special-
                                                                       ist tooling industries.    

                             new members spotlight... new members spotlight...

Trac Group
A global reach: Incorporating extensive                                    the very latest IT systems –
design facilities across the Group, Trac                                   makes possible fast communi-
offer a comprehensive service using the                                    cation with customers on a
latest Computer Aided Design (CAD)                                         global basis, allowing Trac
technology and a highly-skilled, dedicated                                 Group to meet ever-reducing
and experienced engineering team.                                          timescales.

Continuous investment in CAD        achieve best solutions, without        Trac Group can supply compo-
technology and software, com-       compromise on quality and              nents, jigs, tools, fixtures,
bined with traditional drafting     delivery, while maintaining            gauges and special purpose           Medical, Power Generation,
skills, result in a commanding      budgets.                               machines to your exacting stan-      Automotive and Packaging.
foundation enabling the Group                                              dards. Their fields of expertise
to work with its customers to       The use of CAD – together with         include Aerospace, Defence,

Alliance Tooling Ltd                                                       Harper & Simmons Ltd
Complete toolmaking                                                        High tech solutions: Harper & Simmons Ltd offer total pre-
service: Alliance Tooling Ltd                                              production solutions to the pressing industry and to aid
believe that the message                                                   manufacturing processes – from design, to prototype, to
from the market is loud and         services such as product               production.
clear: “offer more, respond         design, FEA analysis of parts,
to ever-changing needs, or          material selection consultancy,
disappear.”                         mould flow analysis, and full
                                    production tool trials.
To this end, Alliance has invest-
ed in the development of its        In addition to its UK manufactur-
workforce and in the latest         ing base, the company has its
CAD/CAM machining centres           own facilities in China – support-
and software. With full             ing its customers both in the UK
ISO:9001 accreditation, Alliance    and Far East. Through carefully
has started on the road to          planned, UK-managed projects,
ISO13845:2003 compliance for        Alliance offers its clients an effi-
the medical sector and AS9100       cient, professional, precise and
Rev B for aerospace.                cost-effective service.                A radical change from the nor-
                                                                           mal approach to toolmaking,
The firm now offers additional              Harper & Simmons facilities
                                                                           include ABS rapid prototyping,
                                                                           large capacity wire erosion,         three axes and the ability to
                                                                           flamecutting, machining cen-         cold cut virtually any material.
                                                                           tres, turning centres, surface
                                                                           machining and solid modelling.       Harper & Simmons highly-
                                                                                                                skilled and experienced team of
                                                                           Their large sawing and flame-        press toolmakers, designers
                                                                           cutting facility allows the provi-   and machinists is dedicated to
                                                                           sion of toolsteel and mild steel     advanced modern machining
                                                                           for the majority of requirements     techniques. They offer a single
                                                                           within 20 minutes.                   solution under one roof for all
                                                                                                                aspects of press toolmaking.
                                                                           Other on-site services include a
                                                                           high-pressure waterjet facility,     www.
                                                                           with two machines cutting in

                            new members spotlight... new members spotlight...

Smiths Metal Centres Ltd
Flexibility is key: Smiths                                              unique requirements. With
Metal Centres Ltd is an                                                 branches throughout the UK,
AS9120/ISO9001 approved                                                 Smiths is able to offer a local
stockholder of all non-fer-                                             service in all areas.
rous materials and engineer-
ing plastics, including spe-                                            For Smiths, flexibility is the key
cialised aluminium plates          wide range of aluminium plate        to supplying their customers in
aimed at plastic mould tool        products of up to 1,000mm            the way that is right for them –
manufacturers.                     thickness. As part of a consid-      offering a complete range of
                                   erable stock range they also         supply services all with fully
Now with the added support of      offer pre-milled aluminium           traceable materials.
– and new partnership with –       plates for jigs, fixtures and base
supply partner Alimex, Smiths      plates, all cut to size and deliv-
Metal Centres is able to offer a   ered to meet their customers’

W J Evans Precision Ltd Hitachi Tool Engineering
                        Europe (UK)
Premier supplier: W J Evans
Precision Ltd has been a
premier supplier to the aero-
space and automotive indus-                                             Innovative tool technologies:
tries for 40 years, always                                              Hitachi Tool Engineering has
being recognised for paying                                             been concentrating on the
great attention to both quali-                                          die and mould industry for
ty and their customers’                                                 over a decade and now
requirements.                                                           offers a tool range that cov-
                                                                        ers the entire process chain.
Suppliers and manufacturers of     or Zeiss Som 2000 software.
prototype, production tooling      Their largest machine has an         It has a strong understanding of
and tooling aids, W J Evans        envelope 6x4m, enabling meas-        the increased time and cost
offer computer aided machin-       urement of small components          constraints facing the die and
ing, CAD/design, manufacturing     to full-size model stacks. This,     mould industry, and the need
facilities, full production and    together with an accredited          for shorter process times and
milling machines.                  quality system, allows W J           more efficient machining
                                   Evans to give every customer         methods.
W J Evans use the very latest      the highest quality service
Faro laser checking and            possible.                            Hitachi Tool offers innovative
Stiefelmeyer measuring                                                  tool technologies suitable for
machines using PowerINSPECT                    these high requirements and is
                                                                        committed to research and
                                                                        development so that “our inno-
                                                                        vations guarantee your lead.”
  New Members
                                                                        In addition, Hitachi Tool is the     Excellent availability ensures
  Alicona UK Ltd                   Paragon Rapid Technology Ltd
                                                                        first tool manufacturer to offer     continuous process flow, and
  Canteen Smithy &                 Plas Werk (UK) Ltd
                                                                        NANO coating technology – a          Hitachi Tool stocks more than
  Engineering Ltd                  RW Injection Moulding Ltd            revolutionary coating technology     8,000 tools that can arrive at
  Carl Zeiss Ltd                   Telemedic Systems Ltd                which provides for longer            your plant, Europe-wide, within
  Fenland RP Ltd                   West Midlands Manufacturing          machining times when machin-         24 hours.
  IM-MS                            Measurement Centre                   ing hardened materials, espe-
                                                                        cially during dry cutting. 

Progressiveengineering   The company was formed in 1978
                         building a solid reputation in press
                         tools, small moulds, jigs & fixtures

                         We have expanded our services to include:

                         Ì 5 Axis machining                               Ì CNC spark erosion
                         Ì CNC milling 3D & 4th axis                      Ì CNC EDM hole drilling
                         Ì CNC turning                                    Ì CNC CMM
                         Ì CNC wire erosion

                         progressive engineering
                         Units 1+3 The Station, Overton,
                         Hampshire. RG25 3JH
                         t: +44(0)1256 771157
                         f: +44(0)1256 771586
                                                                                                    CERT No. 32631

                          tooling report... tooling report... tooling report...

European ‘milestone’
for the importance of
tooling sector
ISTMA meeting focus is on strategies for future

GTMA has been involved in a         development as well as its role
major European conference           in sustaining employment and
which has been described as         the economy.
“a milestone” in promoting
the visibility and importance       ISTMA said it wanted to high-
of the tooling sector to offi-      light the support given to the
cial national and internation-      initiative by the Portuguese
al bodies.                          Minister for Industry and
                                    Innovation, who was represent-
A special focus of the event in     ed at the opening of the event
Lisbon was “on those who            by the Under-Secretary of State
decide domestic industrial poli-    for Industry and Innovation,
cy as well as that within the       Professor António Castro
European Commission,” said          Guerra. The event was closed
organisers ISTMA-Europe (the        by the Slovenian Minister for the
International Special Tooling and   Economy, Mr. Andrej Vizjak rep-
Machining Association).             resenting the future Presidency
                                    of the European Union.               Picture from FSG Tool & Die – one of the leading GTMA members serving
GTMA is an active member of                                              tooling customers worldwide.
ISTMA and CEO Julia Moore           Opportunities
and member companies were           Both politicians emphasised the      both to relocation of customers      opportunities for meetings (both
among the 200 participants          strategic role played by the tool-   to areas with lower production       formal and informal) between
from 20 European countries at       ing sector both in a national        costs and because of the             political representatives and
the European Tooling Forum,         and European context and             appearance and development           those representing the SMEs.
which was held in close co-         mentioned the importance of          of new competitors in interna-
operation with the European         giving structural support to con-    tional markets.                      Among the actions was support
ManuFuture Platform.                certed efforts to better prepare                                          by the Portuguese Institute for
                                    companies to face new chal-          Initiatives                          the Support of Small and
Strategies                          lenges in the market.                The sector had needed to             Medium Sized Enterprises (IAP-
Julia said: “The European                                                develop new and more complex         MEI) for the event, which includ-
Tooling Forum brought together      The recent (last ten years) and      skills to confront a new busi-       ed assistance in contacting
the most important figures with-    current market position of the       ness model where companies           other similar bodies on a
in the sector as well as public     Moulds and Special Tooling           can only exist where there is a      Europe-wide basis to identify
policy-makers on a European         Industry in Europe, its chal-        monitored development of             opportunities to launch joint ini-
scale.”                             lenges and opportunities in a        know-how, creativity and per-        tiatives at an international level.
                                    global market was the theme of       manent innovation in its supply
The meeting focussed especial-      ISTMA General Manager,               of services and processes, vari-     For more information please
ly on strategies associating the    Eduardo Beira.                       ety in its products, and efficien-   contact GTMA CEO, Julia
sector with the market: the                                              cy in its production processes.      Moore on 01844 274222 or
importance and strategic posi-      He said there were new chal-                                              email:
tion of the sector within the       lenges for the sector because        The Forum, was hailed a suc-
context of European industrial      of increased globalisation, due      cess, not least because of the

                                       tooling report... tooling report... tooling report...

     Avenue Mould passes its medical
     with strong focus on training
     The way companies are responded to the ever-changing demands of customers and adopting new
     factors of competitiveness to win in tooling were highlighted at the European Tooling Forum in
     Lisbon by two presentations. One was by Simoldes of Portugal and the other was by the GTMA’s
     Avenue Mould Solutions…

                                                 Avenue Mould is one of                   the Irish government and devel-
                                                 Ireland’s standout success               opment authority had attracted
                                                 stories as tooling suppliers             to Ireland major players in the
                                                 into the demanding medical               US medical device sector.
                                                 device and pharmaceutical
                                                 sectors.                                 But these OEMs sourced
                                                                                          moulds primarily in the USA and
                                                 The company has achieved it              Switzerland due to a perception
                                                 through a strong focus and               that local suppliers lacked the
                                                 from a standing start in 1988            skills and discipline required to
                                                 when it was set up with a work-          meet the extremely high quality     spends strongly in the area with
                                                 force of five.                           standards needed for the highly     its 2007 budget some 60,000.
                                                                                          regulated [US Food and Drug         A skilled workforce is key to
                                                 At the time, Managing Director           Administration] environment.        success in the sector, he said.
                                                 Felim McNeela told the Forum,
                                                                                          Initial focus                       It obviously paid off and Avenue
                                                                                          “We set out to prove that the       have featured every year since
                                                                                          standard of work required by        2001 as Finalists in the UK
                                                                                          these sector leaders could be       Toolmaker of the Year Awards,
                                                                                          produced in Ireland,” he said.      winning it twice.
                                                                                          The initial focus was on repairs,
                                                                                          modifications and spare parts       Customers in the medical sec-
                          Delivering your designs through technology
                                                                                          and through this work it quickly    tor are demanding, the Forum
      Utilising the latest technology we manufacture increasingly complex parts to ever   built a reputation for precision,   was told. They require reduction
      higher standards. Constant investment and process reviews ensure the latest         design and service excellence,      of total warpage to within
      techniques are used to manufacture the best quality part at competitive costs.      and mould quality.                  0.5mm tolerance, a mould tai-
                                                                                                                              lored to suit a specific Netstal
      • CNC Turning                                                                       Now accepted as a high quality      machine, assessment of differ-
      • CNC Milling/5 axis Machining                                                      local source of tooling it moved    ent moulding materials, and
      • HSM Milling/Electrode Machining                                                   into 1500 sq m purpose-             delivery of machine setting
      • Surface Grinding                                                                  designed facilities in 1993 and     sheets for start-up.
      • CNC Cylindrical Grinding                                                          invested strongly in four main
                                                                                          areas:                              Mission
      • Thread Grinding
                                                                                                                              Avenue’s mission to meet these
      • Optical Profile Grinding
                                                                                          > CNC Machine Tools                 demands is “To enable cus-
      • CNC Sink EDM                                                                      > 3D CAD/CAM Systems                tomers to manufacture
      • CNC Wire EDM                                                                      > Automation – Robotic HSM          an optimally designed product at
      • CMM & Full Temperature controlled                                                     & EDM                           optimum efficiency levels.” It has
        metrology lab                                                                     >   Training, training, training    five main strands to achieve this:
      • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
                                                                                          The importance of training was      1. Optimise design for moulding
                      1 Port Hope Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. B11 1JS                   stressed by Felim and it is still   using Moldflow – Avenue has
       email: Tel: +44 (121) 766 7008 Fax: +44 (121) 773 2824      central to the company’s suc-       been a user since 1992, with
                                                                                          cess. Avenue engaged in a           the advantages it gives in terms
             A complete toolmaking service under one roof                                 major apprentice training pro-      of run flow, cooling, warp and
                                                                                          gramme in the 1990s and still                   continued on page 13

tooling report... tooling report...

  Specialist solutions
  Based in Devon with
  customers worldwide,
  Mouldtech Solutions are
  specialist high precision
  injection mould toolmakers.

  They offer all aspects of tooling
  from prototype tools, single
  cavity through to multi cavity      uct development, design and
  high volume tooling. We also        management, contract CNC
  offer tooling repairs, refurbish-   milling and CNC spark erosion
  ment and modification.              using the latest
                                      Bridgeport/Hardinge machinery.
  The company provide an off-
  shore tooling service, where        The company are ISO
  they import the tooling which is    9001:2000 accredited and
  manufactured from our design.       members of the GTMA.
  They then strip down and            Mouldtech have a reputation for
  inspect the tooling and deliver     quality of service and look for-
  to the customer with all the        ward to assisting with your tool-
  guarantees of a UK manufac-         ing requirements.
  tured tool.
  Mouldtech also undertake prod-

  continued from page 12
                                      one customer, with increased
  3D analysis. Avenue is an           precision.
  Accredited Silver Level Moldflow                                               HIGH PRECISION INJECTION
  consultant.                         Looking to the future the chal-
  2. Achieve the most efficient       lenge, said Felim, is to “deploy
                                                                                    MOULD TOOLMAKERS
  mould design – fastest cycle        technology, skills, expertise and
  time, least energy requirement      innovation” to support a vibrant
  and maximum maintenance             and efficient injection moulding
  intervals. This also encompass-     community in Europe.
  es ingenious mechanisms and
  innovative technologies.            Investment
                                      This will be done by further
  3. Efficient manufacturing – 24/7   investment in machines capable
  production using robots, etc.       of achieving tolerance on steel
                                      of +/- 0.l001mm and in offering
  4. Comprehensive in-house vali-     the highest level of precision              From single impression soft prototype tools
  dation, with use of leading edge    currently available. And “train-        to high volume fully hardened multi cavity tooling
  molding machines, Class             ing, training, training.”
  100,000 cleanrooms, advanced                                            Small enough to care yet big enough to deliver
  metrology equipment and work-       Today, 16 of the top 20 US
  ing to FDA standard validation      medical device companies have
  protocols.                          manufacturing and R&D bases
                                      in Ireland and Avenue is now
  5. Continuous Improvement – a       one of their quality suppliers.
  case study example showed                                                      T: 01803 846013 E:
  24/7 machining halving delivery     www.                               
  times from 12 to 6 weeks for

                                 tooling report... tooling report... tooling report...

                                                                                                            This article has kindly been submitted by
 What’s in a name?                                                                                                      GTMA member Ampco Metal.

     Although we know there are          bronzes for press tooling, we         specified for its high conductivi-
     many reputable companies            are increasingly aware that,          ty and strength, but what the
     manufacturing in China, it is       although designers and tooling        customer actually got was a
     also the case that rogue            engineers may specify Ampco           form of leaded brass.
     toolmakers continue to              Metal on their drawings, what
     cause concern for material          they can get is sometimes very        The second related to a press
     manufacturers throughout            different.                            tool where Ampco 25 was
     Europe, including us at                                                   specified for its hardness and
     Ampco Metal.                        Such substitution usually comes       resistance to pick-up. Here the
                                         to light when the tooling fails,      toolmaker had substituted it for
     We noted with interest an article   resulting in significant disruption   an unknown sand cast alloy, so
     in the Plastics Focus section of    to production and we are called       porous that internal cooling
     GTMA News (Autumn 2007),            in to try and explain what has        water leaked from the entire          GTMA Aerospace Briefing is
                                                                                                                     available free of charge. Please
     basically saying that the tooling   gone wrong.                           surface. In both cases the sub-       contact GTMA
     materials used by such compa-                                             sequent loss of production far        for your copy.
     nies in China, may not always       In the past few weeks we have         outweighed the perceived sav-
     be what they seem.                  had two such instances where          ing on tooling costs.                your tooling is not genuine
                                         the toolmaker had substituted                                              Ampco Metal, please give us a
     As a respected manufacturer of      an inferior and inappropriate         To prevent such false represen-      call (Tel: 012476 467011) and
     Ampcoloy® high conductivity         alloy, presumably to cut costs.       tation in a country like China is    we will check it out for you.
     copper alloys for plastic mould     The first was on a plastic mould      very difficult, but if you suspect
     tools and Ampco® aluminium          tool where Ampcoloy 940 was           that the mould material used in

     Agentdraw make promise:                                                                                        ing, better planning is all it
                                                                                                                    takes - and we do that all day,

     “If we make it, We’ll recycle it”                                                                              everyday!”

                                                                                                                    Agentdraw Ltd continue to
     Agentdraw are involved in a                                               ing recycling and disassembly        develop their production and
     number of client projects                                                 processes designed in.               design expertise and are sup-
     where the importance                                                                                           porting this with quality and
     of recycled and recyclable                                                “Plastic is a wonderful light        procedural updates to achieve
     plastics is critical. Now the                                             weight, reusable material. We        the Medical standard certifica-
     GTMA member has launched                                                  just need to be better and more      tion to comply with
     a major new initiative in                                                 responsible about making sure        ISO13485:2003 and Aerospace
     which they commit to recy-                                                it is recycled” says MD Darren       standard certification to comply
     cle the parts and products                                                Parsons. “We hope our initia-        with AS 9100 Rev B.
     they make. “If we make it,                                                tive goes some way in changing
     we will recycle it.”                                                      attitudes and behaviour.             They supply many industries
                                                                                                                    and sectors using a wide range
     As they are usually involved in                                           “You only have to look at the        of materials and manufacturing
     projects from the outset they                                             recent backlash against plastic      techniques in their design-led
     can ensure that recycling                                                 bags to realise we all need to       solutions.
     requirements are integrated dur-                                          be more responsible. Clever
     ing design, with products hav-                                            design, responsible manufactur-

                                   in the news... in the news... in the news... in the news...

      Breakthrough in remote
      medical care
>>>   A breakthrough in remote                                                  logical information can be cap-        stream the data for onward dis-
      medical care is being                                                     tured and transmitted as               tribution to whoever needs
      brought to market by new                                                  required.                              access. The receiving station
      GTMA member TeleMedic                                                                                            (standard PC) only requires
      Systems Ltd.                                                              Depending on the specific sce-         access to the internet to view
                                                                                nario in which the VitalLink3 is       the clinical information in real
      The VitalLink3 unit is a medically                                        operating, it will connect to a        time!
      approved universal interface,                                             VitalNet server via Mobile
      which captures and transmits                                              phone, Satcom, Ethernet etc to
      medical data directly from a
      patient in real time.
                                           to monitor medical emergen-                                                 the needs of manufacturing
      The unit sends encrypted phsi-       cies, to reduce the need for
                                                                                  MP launches                          companies and was launched
      ological information to a local      evacuations, to reassure crew          software                             at Hertford subcontractor
      PC or to a remote healthcare         or passengers regarding a med-                                              Qualiturn Products, a promi-
      provider via a very low band-        ical condition, and to manage          Hertford & Stortford MP              nent user of the software.
      width link such as an Iridium        non-emergency situations such          and shadow minister for
      hand held satellite phone.           as routine medicals.                   Enterprise, Deregulation             DataTrack enables made-to-
                                                                                  and Competition, Mark                order or batch production
      The remote physician simply          The unit is low cost, small, light     Prisk, launched the new              businesses to drastically
      logs on to TeleMedic’s clinical      weight, weatherproof and               version of DataTrack from            reduce overheads and
      interface via the Internet and       durable. It can run on Internal        member company PSL                   increase profitability and com-
      views the medical data in real       Battery or Mains power, and            (Prospec Systems Ltd) in             petitiveness by helping to con-
      time, allowing a diagnosis and       Electro Cardiograph , SpO2,            Hertford earlier this year.          trol business processes, com-
      treatment plan to be made.           Non Invasive Blood Pressure                                                 munication and administration.
                                           and Temperature measurement            DataTrack software is a
      At sea or in remote and austere      come as standard.                      British product that satisfies
      locations the VitalLink3 is used     Capnography and other physio-

      XYZ machines bring flexibility to new operation
>>>   Equipment supplied by                But, said Terry Smith, they          the conversational CNC system
      GTMA member XYZ Machine              needed to be able to free up         is brilliant and ensures that the
      Tools Ltd is having a big            full-CNC machines such as the        operator is always in full control”.
      impact on the operations of          VMCs for longer run production
      Hightown Engineers Ltd of            work by tackling small batch,        This unique feature allows the
      Hampshire, specialists in            prototype and tool room work         operator to physically wind
      sub-contract design and              on more flexible machines.           through the tool path, ensuring
      manufacture of all things                                                 collision-free operation and
      mechanical - from concept            This is where XYZ provided the       boosting user confidence. Other
                                                                                                                       Hightown Engineering’s Steve
      design though to precision           solution, and its machines – a       features include constant sur-         Browning (left) and Terry Smith with
      component manufacture and            3 hp/4200 rev/min ProtoTRAK          face speed, colour graphics            the XYZ manual/CNC tools used for
                                                                                                                       small batch, prototype and tool
      assembly.                            SMX 1500 turret mill and a 7.5       and Windows XP operating               room work.
                                           hp/2500 rev/min ProTURN SLX          system.
      Formed two years ago by Terry        1630 lathe – are described by                                               into functional ProtoTRAK pro-
      Smith and Steve Browning the         Steve Browning as “worth their       Hightree also specified that it        grams, using the same ‘user-
      company has invested heavily,        weight in gold”.                     needed XYZ Machine Tools’              friendly’ format as the ProtoTRAK
      with a major part of this invest-                                         DXF (Drawing Exchange                  programming system.
      ment in three large vertical         To which Terry Smith adds that       Format) file converter option.
      machining centres.                   the optional “TRAKing feature of     This quickly turns DXF CAD files

                                  metrology... metrology... metrology... metrology...

     Survey shows optimism                                                                                      the main ones which are hinder-
                                                                                                                ing improvement as Orders and
     in metrology sector                                                                                        sales, skilled labour, exchange
                                                                                                                rate and plant capacity.

     An industrial trends survey         next 12 months would remain       not significantly dented firms’      In the coming three months
     into the metrology sector by        the same or improve.              confidence.                          companies expected to autho-
     the GTMA has found that                                                                                    rise more expenditure in both
     most companies in the sec-          Strong demand of all companies    Sector trends indicated a strong     product and process innovation
     tor are more optimistic now         responding believed that they     position in Aerospace at 40% of      and training.
     than they were three months         would authorise more or the       firms, with equal confidence of
     ago.                                same capital expenditure in the   an upturn for companies in           And when asked what key
                                         following twelve months as they   defence and marine. Other            steps they are planning to
     Some 83% of firms said that         did in the past twelve months.    areas showing an upturn were         secure new business, the top
     future trading conditions were                                        oil and gas, rail industry, heavy    rated actions were:
     strong or at least as positive as   Investment intentions remain      engineering and research.
     the last three months.              above the long term average.                                           > Increasing sales activity
                                         This suggests fuller order        This is particularly good news for   > Developing a 3 year strategic
     Despite the growing uncertain-      books, and an optimistic out-     GTMA members, many of whom             plan and recruiting key staff
     ties in the world economy           look on raising productivity is   are active in these sectors.         > Increased advertising, sector
     export orders remained about        driving some firms to invest.                                            exhibitions, marketing, and
     the same, said the GTMA                                               There were limiting factors,         > New distribution in China
     report, with 37% of firms believ-   It seems that the recent turbu-   however, to hold back output in      John Adams
     ing that export orders for the      lence in financial markets has    the next three months, with the      Metrology Chairman

                                                                           50 years of success
                                                                           Broomfield Carbide Gauges,
                                                                           the first company in the
                                                                           world to develop specified
                                                                           sets of tungsten carbide             ISO3650 : 1999, BS4311:
                                                                           gauge blocks, today remains          2007) Broomfield boasts the
                                                                           the only company to spe-             ability to manufacture individual
                                                                           cialise in their development,        blocks and customised sets to
                                                                           manufacture and calibration.         any customer requirement.

                                                                           It has been at the forefront of      It has UKAS Class ‘A’ accredi-
                                                                           developments in the gauge            tation, and its atomosphere
                                                                           block industry since its launch      controlled laboratory gives it
                                                                           in 1957 and with the first           authority to calibrate not only
                                                                           gauges leaving the factory in        grade K (calibration gauge)
                                                                           1958 this is now its 50th year of    gauges but also to validate pri-
                                                                           production and sales.                mary standards using many
                                                                                                                other UKAS laboratories.
                                                                           It was one of the first compa-
                                                                           nies to use computer controlled      It moved into new premises in
                                                                           inspection processes for com-        Sept 2006 enabling it to look at
                                                                           parison and intgerferometric         expanding further its range of
                                                                           calibration, thus using (don’t       products for calibration, includ-
                                                                           laugh) BBC computers.                ing long gauges up to 1000
                                                                           To complement its range of           mm.
                                                                           standard sets to meet any
                                                                           required standard (BS EN   

                           metrology... metrology... metrology... metrology...

Let’s have another,                                                      List of 2007 exhibitors
                                                                         The list of exhibitors at the         Micron Metrology 2000
say metrology people                                                     2007 Metrology Matters
                                                                         event included:
                                                                                                               Nairda Ltd
No sooner had the ink dried        The event at the end of 2007          Alan Browne Gauges          
                                                                                 National Physical Laboratory
on messages of congratula-         saw 200 turn up and they saw
                                                                         ATI Stellram                
tions for a successful Make        products and services from                        Nikon Instruments UK
Measurement Matter                 over 30 companies, serving            Blum-Novotest Limited       
Roadshow at RAF Cosford,           sectors including aerospace,                 npower
near Telford, than CEO Julia       automotive and medical.               Bowers Metrology            
Moore was announcing the                                                    Physical Digital Ltd (& Gom)
                                                                         Brunson Instrument          
next event.                        “The event is very much demand-
                                                                         Company /                             Piccadilly Precision
                                   led now,” said Julia. “And with       Spectrum-Metrology Ltd                Engineering Co
It will take place at the same     the facilities at RAF Cosford so www.spec-    
venue on March 18, 2009 – and      good, we decided to continue                  PowerKut Ltd
promises again to attract both     our association with them.”           Conway Precision            
                                                                         Engineering Group Ltd                 Quality Gauging Systems
authoritative speakers, a wide     MWP to support 2009
range of exhibitors and even       MMM Show                              Delcam UK                             RDP Electronics
more visitors.                     More details in future issues.            
                                                                         Europac Metrology Ltd                 Renishaw Plc
                                                                         Faro UK                               Tesa Technology UK Lt
                                                                         Gom UK Ltd (& Physical                Trac Measurement
                                                                         Digital)                              Systems Ltd
                                                                         GTMA (& MWP)                          Vision Engineering Ltd
                                                                         Heidenhain (GB) Ltd.                  UKAS
                                                                         Hexagon Metrology Ltd                 Wenzel UK
                                                                         Inora Technologies Inc                Yorkshire Precision Gauges
                                                                                        Limited )
                                                                         Mahr UK & Federal           
                                                                         Products                              Zodiac Screw Gauge Ltd

Real focus on measurement by Alicona
InfiniteFocus from Alicona is      on different surface finishes.        captures the entire surface
a high resolution optical 3D                                             topographic information in com-
measurement device used            Radii and angle measurement,          bination with its true color infor-
for form and geometry              wear analysis and variance            mation. 3D measurements can
measurement in all drilling,       analysis are typical fields of use.   be viewed in true color informa-      of the upcoming ISO standard
milling, grinding and cutting      Radii are measured in the range       tion in full depth of field.          25178 which for the first time
processes.                         from 3µm to 150µm and angles                                                infludes optically based meas-
                                   down to 20°.                          InfiniteFocus is based on the         urements as well.
Measurements achieve a verti-      All measurements are non con-         technology of Focus-Variation.
cal resolution of up to 10nm       tact, ensuring that no damage         Its operating principle combines      Alicona is exhibiting during
even at complex surfaces           or wear is induced by the             the small depth of focus of an        MACH, booth 4879a. Further
showing steep flanks, strong       measuring process.                    optical system with vertical          details on the website.
roughness and varying reflective                                         scanning. The technology has
surface properties as occuring     The system also simultaneously        been added to the latest draft


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                             technology... technology... technology... technology...

How companies can be most
effective in using emerging technologies
Business structures are                                                                                Picture from ES Technology:
changing as large original                                                                             LaserCUSING tool insert for vacuum
                                                                                                       cleaner cover in patented hybrid build
equipment manufacturers                                                                                style with conformal cooling channel.
(OEMs) are narrowing their
focus to certain key, core                                                                             Eng Co., Cryogenic Treatment
competences, divesting all                                                                             Services Ltd, Delcam, EOS
sorts of technical require-                                                                            Electrical Optical, ES
ments into their supply                                                                                Technology, GTMA, Innov8es,
chains - the SMEs.                                                                                     OCAS, Paragon Rapid
                                                                                                       Technologies and REM.
It has been shown that compa-
nies act most effectively in their                                                                     There were presentations during
area of expertise when they                                                                            the day on Innovations in injec-
have extensive knowledge of                                                                            tion moulding, Rapid prototyp-
what is going on in their busi-                                                                        ing, Incremental die-less form-
ness sector.                                                                                           ing, Electrical Discharge
                                                                                                       Machining, Automation,
SME suppliers are often so                                                                             Thermoforming, Cryogenic treat-
strongly focused on their day-                                                                         ment, Reconfigurable pin tooling
to-day operations that looking                                                                         technology, and Collaborative
beyond their suppliers and cus-                                                                        R&D projects Emold, Flexform,
tomers to ‘scan the horizon for                                                                        Hipermoulding, Know-EDM and
technological developments’ is                                                                         T-ForM.
difficult and not an immediate       which was attended by over        technical presentations and
priority.                            100 delegates from OEMs and       11hot desks where delegates     Further events are planned and
                                     SME companies at Delcam’s         could meet face to face with    companies are invited to apply
This was the background to the       Birmingham premises. The          experts in a range of topics.   to GTMA. for further information
first Emerging Technologies          seminar provided ‘bite size                                       to
event organised by Scott             ‘information packages on          The Hot Desks were operated
Phillips, GTMA Project Manager,      GTMA R & D programmes,            by 3T RPD, Canteen Smithy &

New tools for T-Form consortium                                                                         “Both my colleagues and
                                                                                                        myself would like to thank
                                     second a new simulation fea-
                                                                                                        the GTMA for the invitation
                                     ture in T-Sim software that can
                                     determine optimum plug design                                      to the emerging technolo-
The consortium for the EC-           for a component.                                                   gies series of talks. Points
funded Collective Research                                                                              of contact gained have
project T-ForM, had demon-            Both provided new benefits to                                     proved to be very valuable
strations of new software            the T-ForM consortium and
                                                                                                        and have led us to follow up
tools at their month 30 proj-        European thermoforming indus-
ect meeting in Vienna during                                                                            on a number of new tech-
                                     tries, involving thermoforming
February hosted by                   companies, mould makers and                                        nologies and possible future
Kunststoff Cluster Austria.          design agencies.                                                   production methods”.

Two new tools were demon-                                                              Steve Hebdon, Senior
strated by project partners, the                                                                         Development Manufacturing
first to aid improved cost pre-                                                                              Engineer, BAE Systems
diction of thermoformed parts        Pictures courtesy the T-ForM
at the design stage and the          project and RAPRA.

                                             technology... technology... technology... technology...

     Hipermoulding bows out with
     lower costs and faster cycle times
     The final European                                  times. All the consortium mem-            manufacturing four real-world
     Hipermoulding project meeting,                      bers have received the final              products that had previously
     held recently in the Netherlands,                   version of the Hipermoulding              been produced in the conven-
     saw the launch of                                   module.                                   tional way. The results of the
     Hipermoulding software for                                                                    tests were striking. In all cases,   cal benefits of the new technol-
     thermal management in injec-                        Data collected during the                 a large reduction in cycle time,     ogy was taken.
     tion moulds.                                        research stage is used by the             varying from 12 to 32%, was
                                                         software to determine which               achieved.                            Training modules have been
     The three-year project, led in                      rapid manufacturing technique is                                               created, and, in this form,
     the UK by GTMA, involved                            most appropriate for the manu-            In addition, cost per product        Hipermoulding will be delivered
     research and software develop-                      facture of a component with a             was evaluated in order to verify     over the next few months to
     ment and has been very suc-                         particular geometry and also to           that the use of Hipermoulds          users in Belgium, the
     cessful.                                            determine the location and                would be a good choice finan-        Netherlands, Poland, Portugal,
                                                         shape of the cooling channels.            cially. The participating SMEs,      Spain, and the UK.
     The new software emerging                                                                     who were mould makers or
     from Hipermoulding has already                      The effectiveness of the                  injection moulders, were             For further information please
     proved its worth by producing                       Hipermoulding module has                  pleased that this realistic          contact GTMA.
     an impressive reduction in cycle                    been verified through its use in          approach to proving the practi-

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                                                                                            edge technologies can transfer from one industry to another.

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special report.... special report.... special report.... special report....

                                       Auto Focus
                                                                                                            Outlook good
                                                                                                            The outlook in the automo-
                                                                                                            tive sector is strong for
                                                                                                            2008.   p22-23

                                                                                                            GTMA automotive network
                                                                                                            goes from strength to
                                                                                                            strength.   p25

                                                                                                            A revolution..
                                                                                                            The ‘revolutionary’ product
                                                                                                            that brings huge time
                                                                                                            savings.    p26

   In this Auto Focus…
   Strong demand in sector    22-23    Delcam helps composites   25   Waveney is cost effective      28    Progressive engineering        31
   Record year for LDV           23    Renishaw saves time       26   Faster and better with Cimatron 28
   Supply chain grows in strength 25   Tritec assures quality    26   Innov8es breaks the mould      31

special report.... special report.... special report.... special report....

     UK automotive sector
     outlook is strong for 2008
     New report also shows the global picture

     GTMA CEO Julia Moore has welcomed a report        “December’s registrations completed                  and is now beginning to export further
     from the Cast Metals Federation which shows the   another excellent year for the UK’s van and          afield.
     motor manufacturing sector in the UK is strong    truck sectors,” said Paul Everitt, the
     and the outlook is good.                          SMMT’s new chief executive. “We saw a                TOYOTA GROWTH
                                                       record 337,741 van registrations and trucks          Toyota overtook Ford Motor last year as the
      “This is an extremely important sector for       again made strong gains, as expected.                number two carmaker in the US, shattering
     many of our members,” she said, “and                                                                   Detroit’s long dominance of the world’s
     while there remain the pressures on cost          STRONG DEMAND                                        biggest vehicle market.
     down that are a continuing feature of auto-       “Demand for vans remains very strong,
     motive the overall picture is very positive.      focused on heavy models. Overall, strong             The Japanese carmaker sold 2.62m vehi-
                                                       order books suggest buoyant commercial               cles in the US in 2007, up 2.7% from the
                                                       vehicle registration figures for many months         previous year. Ford’s sales slumped 12% to
                                                       to come, from what proves a solidly reliable         2.57m units.
                                                       business and economic indicator.”
                                                                                                            Jim Farley, Ford’s marketing chief, said: “Our
                                                       The van sales boom, driven in part by soar-          number one goal is to restructure our busi-
                                                       ing deliveries arising from retail internet          ness, to operate profitably at lower demand”.
                                                       business, easily eclipsed the previous
                                                       record volume of 329,599 set in 2004.                PLUG-IN CARS
                                                                                                            Toyota has raised the stakes in the race
                                                       The UK’s total commercial vehicle market             with General Motors to launch plug-in cars
                                                       last year reached 388,488 units, an overall          with a commitment to begin commercial
                                                       rise of 1.5% year on year.                           sales by 2010.

                                                       Car sales last year were also stronger than          Katsuaki Watanabe, Toyota president, also
                                                       expected, rising by 2.5% to reach a sixth-           said the company had begun preparations
     Wind tunnel at Williams F1 facility at            ever highest total of 2.404m units.                  to mass produce the lithium-ion batteries to
     Wantage.                                                                                               power the rechargeable cars, which can
                                                       These are some of the other highlights from          run farther than conventional hybrids on
     “As you will see (on page 25) GTMA’s              the CMF report:                                      electric power alone.
     Automotive Network is very active in the
     area to help members win business and will        HONDA FULL                                           Plug-ins, which unlike Toyota’s top-selling
     continue to be so.”                               Honda’s UK plant at Swindon is reaching capaci-      Prius hybrid, can be recharged from an
                                                       ty after hitting record output levels in 2007. The   electric socket, have captured the imagina-
     In the report from the CMF it quotes statis-      factory employs 5,000 and represents an invest-      tion of customers in the US, the world’s
     tics from the Society of Motor                    ment of nearly £1.4 billion, and made more than      largest car market.
     Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) which            200,000 vehicles last year.
     show record sales for all types of light                                                               SMALL CARS
     commercial vehicles last year, with a slight      “The current ceiling at Swindon is 250,000           Honda’s chief executive disputed the low-
     decline in heavy truck sales over some            cars a year and we are nearing that level,”          cost business model championed by India’s
     months of 2007 offset by a year-on-year           Honda UK spokesman Paul Ormond said.                 Tata Motors, saying that bad roads and
     surge of nearly 30% in December. Order                                                                 high petrol prices would keep many emerg-
     books were expected to remain strong              The plant, which opened in 1992, builds              ing market travellers on motorcycles for
     throughout the current year.                      Civic and C-RV cars for European markets             years to come.

special report.... special report....

   Record year for LDV                                                    Supplying Precision Tooling Worldwide
   Birmingham vanmaker LDV is                                                Dacmac is a leading
   set to build on a record-                                                 UK supplier of tooling
   breaking year by showing off
                                                                             equipment for the
   eight new variants of its
   award winning Maxus range                                                 automotive
   of vehicles at the Commercial                                             industry, exporting
   Vehicle Show being held in                                                around 75% of our
   Birmingham NEC as we went                                                 output.
   to Press.
                                      The main gains so far are in           Design and manufacture for the following:
   They include a luxury six-         western Europe, Russia and
                                                                             Ì Gravity, Low and High Pressure Dies
   seater executive minibus, an       the Pacific Rim where
                                                                             Ì Rubber and Plastic Mould Tooling
   ambulance, a mobile post           Malaysian group West Star
                                                                             Ì Transfer Machines
   office and a new school bus.       builds Maxus from kits
                                      shipped out from LDV’s plant           Ì Jigs and Fixtures/Specialist Machining
   The company’s move to con-         in Washwood Heath. UK                  CAD/CAM
   solidate its position as the       Sales last year rose by 16%            5 Axis Programming and Machining
   UK’s leading light commercial      to 8,667 units and the                 Small Batch Precision Machining
   vehicle specialist comes after     Washwood Heath plant saw
                                                                          Dacmac                                  Tel: 01628 501560
   a 28% rise in global sales in      its workforce increased by          SSPC House,                            Fax: 01628 828371
   2007.                              200 to nearly 1,000 last year.      Woodlands Business Park,       Email:
                                                                          Maidenhead, Berkshire,        Website:
                                                                          SL6 3LT, England

   Picture courtesy Williams F1

  Takeo Fukui said that Honda         year, thanks in part to the suc-
  was developing a car smaller        cess of the new second gener-
  than its subcompact Fit, but that   ation Minis that the German
  much of its strategy for new        group builds at Oxford.
  markets such as India would
  rest on improved motorcycles.       Since 2001, production has
                                      increased five-fold while the
  Tata during January unveiled        workforce has doubled in size.
  the Nano, a $2,500 car aimed
  at luring millions of new drivers   The new family of UK-built high-
  in India off motorcycles and into   tech engines for Mini - intro-
  their first four wheel vehicle.     duced in the second half of
                                      2006 - accounted for 172,600
  BMW POWER                           units of output last year. Petrol
  BMW’s £400 million engine           engines for Mini had previously
  plant at Hams Hall in north         been supplied from a
  Warwickshire powered to a           BMW/General Motors joint ven-
  70% increase in production last     ture plant in Brazil.

   Innov8es Ltd
           Rapid Manufacture
     Prototype & Production

    Innov8es Rapid Manufacturing has established itself as       Services
    one of the market leaders in offering complete engineering
                                                                 CAD manipulation Capabilities
    solutions to your industry sector.
                                                                 Innov8es offers a full in-house CAD manipulation service
                                                                 and gives help and advice in how to supply data.
                                                                 We are able to translate most CAD formats – just call
                                                                 for more information.
                                                                 Rapid Prototyping
                                                                 In today's competitive market the need for fast 2D and 3D
                                                                 data validation is critical to the success of any project; we
                                                                 can prototype using SLA, SLS, FDM, Photo Cure and
                                                                 Objet technologies.
                                                                 Prototype Soft Tooling
                                                                 Innov8es Soft Tooling has been developed as a method to
                                                                 produce simulated real production material parts in a number
                                                                 of days rather than weeks in materials such as Silicone,
                                                                 Resin, Hybrid and more.
                                                                 Unique RIM Production Moulding
                                                                 Our RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) service enables
                                                                 us to provide production material simulated parts in a
                                                                 matter of days rather than weeks from our soft tooling
                                                                 processes. Polyurethane materials that simulate
                                                                 production materials include PP, ABS and various Rubbers.
                                                                 Ask about other materials. The technological advancement
                                                                 of these materials means that they can be used for low
    Innov8es have developed a number of unique processes         volume production as well as validation prototypes.
    in Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing that have enabled     Low Pressure Foaming
    our customers to achieve their time to market goal with a    Extensive SAIP foam equipment allows us to produce
    quality of part that has previously been unachievable.       production or prototype parts with production material
    Innov8es commitment and success at there 11,500 square       properties such as Seat Foams, Instrument panels, Door
    foot Telford Head Office led them to expand yet again in     Panels or similar applications.
    2007 with the acquisition of a further manufacturing site    Research and Development
    in Halesowen, Birmingham. This site has 15,000 square        At Innov8es we appreciate the need for up to date
    foot of machining and tool making capacity with material     solutions to our customers ever increasing demands.
    handling of up to 20 tonnes. Operation Director Dave         Throughout our service areas we monitor the latest market
    Piper states “Our continuous investment and expansion        developments and react accordingly.
    programmes help to keep us in line with our customer’s
    requirements, all processes are in-house and with over       CNC Machining and Toolmaking
    25,000 sq ft of manufacturing space we have the capacity     We have the latest in high speed 5-Axis and 3-Axis
                                                                 machining (60,000 rpm), CAD software and cutting capacity
    to handle any project”.
                                                                 up to 2.5 metres in Aluminium, P20 Steel and Ureol. Please
    Innov8es have a mobile roadshow /display with a variety of   ask about our unique 24hr tool making service where we
    samples that show the range and quality of our products      can high speed machine a tool in Aluminium and go to
    covering a number of market sectors. This gives our          press in 24 hours (dependent on Geometry and size). We
    customers the convenience of not having to travel when       also have large bed out press facilities and an extensive
    time does not permit and also gives a great overview of      EDM facility with bed sizes up to 1.35m x 1.15m.
    what technologies are available in the market today.         Injection Moulding
                    Simply call 01952 608939 to arrange          In-house moulding capacity from our 25 tonne to 750
                                for the ROADSHOW to visit        tonne presses with setting experience of most production
                                           your company.         materials for prototype and volume production.
                                                                 Complete Project Management
                                                                 Innov8es appreciates the importance placed on effective
Hortonwood Enterprise Park                                       project management. We have a fully qualified project
                                                                 management team with an in-depth knowledge of the
Hortonwood 50                                                    prototype and manufacturing industry.
Telford, Shropshire UK. TF1 7GZ
Telephone: +44 (0)1952 608 939
Fax: +44 (0)1952 670 231
special report.... special report.... special report.... special report....

  Auto Supply Chain Network grows
  from strength to strength
  GTMA continues to strengthen links within
  the automotive sector through increased
  contact with OEM and Tier 1 companies. It
  is a central plank to the Automotive
  Network which now has over 100 GTMA
  member companies, said CEO Julia Moore.

  The Network, launched just over two years
  ago, has grown in strength and stature
  within the auto sector and its activities are                                                    Picture courtesy of JCB.
  providing more and more opportunity, with       the process of supplier selection for deci-      Development projects and Emerging
  a diversity of enquiries from F1 motorsport     sion makers in the automotive sector (and        Technology seminars.
  to off road vehicles.                           others).
                                                                                                   Finally, GTMA is currently working with a
  For buyers seeking procurement turnkey          At the same time, visibility of the Buyer:       leading database provider with a long-term
  solutions, the “One stop” approach offered      Supplier Network website,                        aim to provide a database facility for those
  by GTMA via the Buyer: Supplier Network, is enhancing opportu-          involved with Automotive, Aerospace and
  provides savings in time and resource.          nities for the membership and has also cre-      Medical sectors.
                                                  ated more opportunities for member com-
  By providing supplier evaluation, supply        panies to work together.                         For more information on Network activity
  chain mapping and development, GTMA is                                                           please contact Alan Fairweather on 01844
  able to take much of the hard work out of       “Enquiries for the automotive sector are         274222 or email
                                                  across the membership, with recent sub-

    F1 components                                 stantial request for Metrology equipment,”
                                                  said Julia.
    set new standards
                                                  “Our first client for the GTMA Toolmakers
    Delcam is working with Crosby                 Lease Scheme was an Automotive OEM,               “We find the GTMA Buyers Guide really
    Composites on new methods to pro-             an indication perhaps of the competitive-         useful for finding specialist suppliers
    duce composite components to levels           ness of the sector.“                              who can support us in the creation of
    of accuracy rarely seen in the industry.                                                        the models and properties we produce.
                                                  The Lease Scheme, run in conjunction with         The book and online web-site are easy
    Owner Paul Crosby is using the tech-          major financial institutions, offers a bespoke    to use and serve as quick reference
    nology to finish machine every part to        financially competitive solution to produc-       guides when we are developing the
    tolerances between 0.1 and 0.25mm,            tion and pre-production costs and is              innovative solutions we look for in our
    so providing a key differentiator for his     designed to help companies in the engi-           projects.
    business. Delcam products being used          neering supply chain improve cash flow.
    are PowerINSPECT which is being used                                                            “We are delighted to be working with
    to carry out inspection on the machine        One of the key issues for the Automotive          GTMA and have developed a cross-
    after the initial machining operation and     Network is ensuring that member compa-            company working group looking at
    PowerMill to generate extra toolpaths if      nies have the competencies to meet the            scanning technology. An initial session
    needed.                                       demands of buyers, and this is being driven       has already taken place and, further to
                                                  in various ways including, among others,          this, scanning demonstrations from key
    The first set of 17 components pro-           face to face meetings with buyers and             suppliers including Faro, Europac,
    duced using the new method was sup-           engineers in OEMs and Tier 1 companies            Hexagon and GOM UK, are planned to
    plied to one of the F1 teams and fitted       to establish these needs in specific ways.        take place in the near future.”
    onto the car with no clashes or re-work.
                                                                                                                David Hayward, Design Studio -
                                                  At the same time, the commitment by                           Operations & Projects Manager                                GTMA to technology development is very                          BENTLEY MOTORS LIMITED
                                                  important, including EU Research &
special report.... special report.... special report.... special report....

     Spectacular time savings
     with ‘revolutionary’ product
     Renishaw plc, a Gloucestershire-based            REVO™ overcomes the limitations of tradi-
     world leader in precision measurement            tional measurement methods, where any
     technologies, has recently introduced a          attempt to rapidly move the large mass of a
     product that is giving spectacular time          measuring machine results in dynamic
     savings for the dimensional inspection of        errors - the only possible way to maintain
     critical aerospace and automotive compo-         acceptable accuracy has therefore been at
     nents.                                           the expense of measuring speed.

     The new REVO™ five-axis measuring head           However, REVO™ uses synchronised head
     and probe system has been proven to              and machine motion, rapidly following
     increase throughput levels by as much as         changes in part geometry without introduc-
     900%. Such a dramatic improvement at the         ing its own dynamic errors. Companies can
     measurement stage of the manufacturing           now have both speed and accuracy.
     process is also enabling leading global
     companies to reduce overall cycle times,         Using REVO, a large US aero-engine man-
     minimise production bottlenecks and              ufacturer has seen the measurement time
     reduce inventory levels.                         on an incredibly complex fan blisk reduce
                                                      from 16 hours to just 5 hours. Such has
     SYNCHRONISED                                     been its impact, that the company reports
     This truly revolutionary product incorporates    its operations staff can no longer imagine
     a plethora of innovative breakthrough            life without it – “Something akin to living
     design features, developed by research and       without a cell phone, the internet or TV”,
     development departments into which               stated one of its senior managers.
     Renishaw annually commits at least 15% of
     its sales revenues.                    

     Quality management
     is assured at Tritec
     Tritec Ltd has recently added the                                                                and a Doosan Puma mill / turn. Both are
     AS/EN9100 Quality Management System to                                                           now Installed.
     its existing ISO9001:2000 certification.
                                                                                                      Inspection facilities have also been upgrad-
     The certification is the result of a four year                                                   ed to include a temperature controlled room
     capital investment and training programme                                                        containing a modern Mitutoyo Crysta 740
     that has enabled Tritec personnel to adapt                                                       cmm with programming software and the
     core skills from the initial manufacture of                                                      ability to compare results with customer
     plastic injection moulds, jigs and fixtures to                                                   supplied solid models.
     providing a rapid manufacture service for
     prototype, development and batch manu-                                                           Sectors served include automotive, aero-
     facture of customer’s precision components.      improves the part accuracy, as all five sides   space, white goods, sports and domestic
                                                      can be accessed with one set-up.                markets. Your contact at Tritec is Steve
     Tritec has extensive experience in the pro-                                                      Riding.
     duction of prismatic components using            NEW MACHINES                                    Tel: 01624 825023 or email sales@tritec-
     modern 5 axis milling machines. Using            To increase production capacity, Tritec has
     CAM programmes and 5 axis machining              recently invested in two new machine tools:
     strategies reduces both set-up times and         A Mikron UCP 800 5 axis milling machine

                                                     wire EDM and precision engineering for industry
Wire EDM technology is particularly
suited to:

•The machining of complex forms
•The rapid and economical production of
   prototype and low run parts

•The machining of pre-hardened and
   exotic materials

•Achieving high tolerance and a quality surface
   that requires little or no additional finishing

•Ensuring absolute consistency between
   machine parts

                                                      telephone enquiries
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     Waveney waves the flag
     for cost effective quality
                                                    ing machining and turning centres, means         East (Japan, Malaysia) and the Far North
                                                    that in most cases a job can be completed        (Scotland).
                                                    in the most cost effective way without sac-
                                                    rificing quality.                                The innovation and flexibility of the highly
                                                                                                     skilled workforce is evident in the prompt
                                                    CUSTOMER BASE                                    service, from first contact through to fin-
                                                    The non-contact machining technology of          ished product. The company is ISO
                                                    the EDM process allows even the hardest          9001:2000 accredited and has a policy of
                                                    of engineering materials to be cut with mini-    continuous improvement and on-going
                                                    mum distortion and greater repeatability         training for staff at all levels.
                                                    than either conventional or laser / waterjet /
                                                    plasma cutting processes.                        An actived member of the GTMA since 2000
                                                                                                     it was recently awarded a commendation
     Waveney Precision Ltd is an established        The company’s Wire EDM machines can              from the in the Engineering Excellence
     precision engineering company specialising     also produce work with tolerances of +/-         Awards 2007. Contact Waveney for your
     in sub-contract electro-discharge machin-      0.002mm if required. As well as automo-          machining requirements, from prototype to
     ing for industry, including the automotive     tive, present customers include companies        large batch, micro technology to 3 tonne
     sector.                                        in oil and gas, pharmaceutical, printing,        capacity, and you will receive a friendly and
                                                    electronics, aeronautical and many more.         well informed response to your enquiries.
     Waveney’s comprehensive range of EDM,          The customer base extends to Eastern
     conventional, and CNC machinery, includ-       Europe (Slovakia, Belarus, Poland), the Far

     Automotive supplier does it
     faster and better with Cimatron
     GTMA member Cimatron’s software has            was impossible to get the simplest mould
     helped automotive sector supplier Fehrman      design done in less than two weeks. Now
     Tool & Die to do things “faster and better.”   we can get a pretty good sketch in two
                                                    days,” says Fehrman.
     Established in 1977, Fehrman designs and
     manufactures plastic injection moulds for      ADVANTAGES
     automotive customers including Cadillac        “We had a case when we needed some               is really excited about using Cimatron
     and Honda, as well as into the home appli-     15-20 electrodes done. In the past, we           because it gives him more control over the
     ances and medical sectors.                     might have outsourced the work to get it         process, things such as feed in and feed
                                                    done faster, but it would still take 3 days to   out moves, where a surface starts, where it
     Quality and customer service are key. But,     get done. Now we do it in 3-4 hours.”            plunges, and how it is cut.”
     says the company, “there is no denying the
     pressure to get things done faster.”           The company takes advantage of every             “I think the reason it works so well for us is
     However, it says quality and speed do not      module of the Cimatron software, from            that Cimatron is really geared towards tool-
     necessarily contradict.                        reading in the data for quotes and initial       ing, tool shops, and manufacturing
                                                    sketches, to cleaning up the data, through
     “One thing that clearly helps us do things     all phases of design including split and part-   “Why do we use Cimatron? Because it
     faster and better is the Cimatron software,”   ing line generation, toolpath creation, and      works! All software looks cool in the demo,
     said Fehrman.                                  on to the shop floor.                            but Cimatron works in REAL life, with REAL
                                                                                                     problems and obstacles.”
     “Prior to using Cimatron we had cases          “The users just love it,” they said. “The guy
     where we fell behind on delivery times. It     on the shop floor is not a CAD person but

trac                           pure vision, pure focus

The continual advance of
technology in the
uncompromising world of
precision engineering, means
that precise measurement
throughout every process
is paramount to each
successful outcome.
Trac Measurement Systems
keep abreast of such
technologies and provide
a level of commitment,
skills and service equally
without compromise.

Project Management
Electronics & Software
System Integration
Precision Instrumentation            Trac Measurement Systems Limited
Calibration / Inspection                  Unit 1 & 2, Hortonwood 32, Telford
                                         Shropshire TF1 7EU, United Kingdom
Quality Management                             Tel: 44 (0) 1952 676888
                                               Fax: 44 (0) 1952 676975
 Experience the Dynamics
 of StarragHeckert
 Leading manufacturers choose StarragHeckert
 4 and 5-axis high performance machining centers
 for high-precision components because:

     Highest precision                                                                       StarragHeckert UK Ltd.
                                                                                             1a & 1b Haddenham Business Park
     Lowest cycle time                                                                       Thame Road
     Greatest benefits                                                                       Haddenham
                                                                                             Buckinghamshire HP17 8LJ
                                                                                             Phone +44 1844 296 575
                                                                                             Fax    +44 1844 296 579
 Supplier to the leaders                                                           

                                                         Ì5           AXIS MACHINING
                                                         Ì CNC Mill / Turn
                                                         Ì Prototype production
                                                         Ì Toolmaking
                                                         Ì Development
                                                         Ì Jigs & Fixtures
                                                         Ì Precision engineering
                                                         Ì Injection moulding for plastics
                                                         Tritec Ltd
                                                         Unit 3, Portside, Balthane Industrial Estate
                                                         Ballasalla, Isle of Man IM9 2AJ
                                                         Tel: 01624 825023 Fax: 01624 827165

                         ISO 9001: 2000 EN9100:2003      Email:
                          Approved Certificate No 7617   Website:

 Experience the Dynamics
 of StarragHeckert
 Leading manufacturers choose StarragHeckert
 4 and 5-axis high performance machining centers
 for high-precision components because:

     Highest precision                                                                       StarragHeckert UK Ltd.
                                                                                             1a & 1b Haddenham Business Park
     Lowest cycle time                                                                       Thame Road
     Greatest benefits                                                                       Haddenham
                                                                                             Buckinghamshire HP17 8LJ
                                                                                             Phone +44 1844 296 575
                                                                                             Fax    +44 1844 296 579
 Supplier to the leaders                                                           

                                                         Ì5           AXIS MACHINING
                                                         Ì CNC Mill / Turn
                                                         Ì Prototype production
                                                         Ì Toolmaking
                                                         Ì Development
                                                         Ì Jigs & Fixtures
                                                         Ì Precision engineering
                                                         Ì Injection moulding for plastics
                                                         Tritec Ltd
                                                         Unit 3, Portside, Balthane Industrial Estate
                                                         Ballasalla, Isle of Man IM9 2AJ
                                                         Tel: 01624 825023 Fax: 01624 827165

                         ISO 9001: 2000 EN9100:2003      Email:
                          Approved Certificate No 7617   Website:

special report.... special report.... special report.... special report....

  Innov8es breaks the mould
  with new production facility
  Innov8es Rapid Manufacturing based in
  Telford has recently expanded with the
  addition of its new production manufactur-
  ing site in Halesowen, Birmingham.

  This new site is the perfect complement to
  the Telford product development facility as
  its core specialism is production level injec-
  tion mould tooling and CNC machining.
  This now enables the customer to take
  their concept designs right through the
  manufacturing process without the need for
  third party assistance.
                                                                                                      Photos from Innov8es, the GTMA member
  PLANT LIST                                                                                          which is expanding its customer base into
  The vast plant list includes: Multiple CNC                                                          F1, aerospace and medical.
  machining centers up to 2.5 meters cutting
  ability, high speed machining up to 60,000
  rpm, multiple EDM machines with max bed
  size 1.35m * 1.15m, bed out press facilities
  with bed size 3m * 2m * 2m, CMM that can                                                            With this new facility Innov8es has been
  measure 3m * 2m and 5 axis machining                                                                able to expand its customer base to
  with bed size 2m * 1.5m. The company                                                                include F1, Aerospace and now Medical
  also plans to have ISO 9001 fully imple-                                                            precision machine tooling.
  mented by August of this year.                    FLEXIBILITY
                                                    Flexibility has been the key to Innov8es          Innov8es also plans to open a European
  Innov8es has also merged its injection            success and this approach will be the focal       facility in Germany within the next 12
  moulding plant into this facility to benefit      point of the new facility, with a service         months to assist with various design pro-
  from the added advantage of rapid tool trial      range from 5 axis machined Ureol compos-          grams currently underway.
  validation, and on-site repair if necessary, to   ite tooling, jigs and fixtures, rapid tool man-
  eliminate unnecessary down time. The              ufacture for prototype, cost effective low        Contact numbers are Telford Office: 01952
  company also plans to have a new 750              volume aluminium tooling right thorough to        608939; Halesowen Office: 01384 560197.
  tonne mould machine before the end of the         fully hardened, fully automatic steel produc-
  year to meet customer demands.                    tion tooling for the higher volume market.

  Progressive Engineering lives up to its name
  With a £300,000 investment in July 2007 in        wire erosion and CNC spark erosion, and in
  5-axis machining and CNC lathe with driven        its tool room can design and manufacture
  tooling, Y axis and sub spindle, Progressive      press tools, jigs, fixtures and special pur-
  Engineering is living up to its name.             pose machines to customer specifications.

  Established in 1978 the ISO 9001:2000             Over the years it has been involved with
  accredited company has built a solid repu-        special purpose machines for the automo-
  tation for producing excellent quality tooling    tive sector, with the machines used in the        can accept traditional drawings or most
  and fixturing.                                    manufacture and sub-assembly of electrical        CAD data formats through E-mail, each
                                                    devices, such as Integrated Position              CNC and EDM machine being on line
  In the last eight years the company has           Sensors.                                          through its integrated network system.
  evolved and is now able to offer full machin-
  ing facilities with CNC milling and turning,      The firm has full CAD/CAM facilities and

30th September – 2nd October 2008
Hall 4, Birmingham NEC                                                                                          08

THE HEART OF                                                                                        Discounts
                                                                                                    to exhibit
                                                                                                    for GTMA
BRITISH PLASTICS                                                                                    Members

I   The UK’s largest and most complete plastics event

I   7,881 registered visitors* including directors, managers, designers, engineers and
    purchasing professionals from companies such as BAE Systems, GlaxoSmithKline,
    Jaguar and Polypipe. (*ABC audit figure)

I   Exhibitors already signed up include Billion, Boston Matthews, Cincinnati Milacron,
    Demag Hamilton, Kongskilde, Negri Bossi, Netstal, Piovan, Plastribution, Sandretto,
    Sepro Robotique, Star Automation, Systems 4 Recycling and Wittmann

                                                          INCORPORATING:     IN ASSOCIATION WITH:      ORGANISED BY:
    Call Graham Earl on 020 8910 7890 or

    REGISTER TO VISIT VIA:                                CO-LOCATED WITH:
                           exhibitions & events... exhibitions & events... events...

All eyes are on Interplas
With five months to go to          Birmingham NEC from Sept 30-                                           the UK of polyethylene in 1933
Interplas 2008, organisers         Oct 2. Interested companies                                            and its crucial role in World War
Reed Exhibitions are report-       please call Graham Earl on                                             II. It is being held to mark the
ing strong interest from           0208 910 7890.                                                         75th anniversary of BPF.
exhibitors, with over 70% of                                           include components manufac-        Past visitors to Interplas have
available floorspace already       As well as the Interplas exhibi-    tured by members, and other        included 3M, BAE Systems,
sold and 141 leading compa-        tion itself there will be a high    GTMA companies are exhibiting      Cosworth, Duracell, Ford Motor
nies confirming their partici-     quality free seminar programme      independently including Eley       Company, GlaxoSmithKline,
pation at the event.               organised by the Institute of       Metrology which has booked         Hewlett Packard, Phillips
                                   Materials, Minerals and Mining      into the Inspex feature.           Electronics and Polypipe.
Supported by the GTMA, and         in association with the British
first established in 1951,         Plastics Federation, with leading   Interplas 2008 will also include
Interplas remains the only event   industry speakers addressing        a unique ‘Plastics Timeline’,
in the UK offering plastics        key topics such as innovation,      showcasing the many mile-
                                                                                                          Special discounted exhibitor rates
industry professionals the         sustainability and future trends    stones of plastics through the     are available for GTMA members at
opportunity to compare the         and challenges.                     ages including the invention in    Interplas 2008.
widest range of live machinery
in action and source products      A major development for
covering every aspect of plas-     Interplas 2008 is the incorpora-
tics manufacturing – design,       tion of the Inspex feature with
materials, production, testing     its focus on the quality, inspec-
and quality control.               tion and metrology industries.

Special discounted rates are       Also running alongside is the
available for GTMA members         closely related processing and
for the event at Hall 4,           packaging machinery exhibition,
                                   the PPMA Show, creating the
                                   largest UK manufacturing trade
 Farnborough                       event in the autumn of 2008.

 here we                           GTMA’s stand (H161) will
 GTMA is gearing up for            Manufacturing spectrum at Subcon
 Farnborough 2008, which
 takes place July 14-20.           Subcon, the annual exhibi-                                             As well as the GTMA stand
                                   tion for buyers of subcon-                                             (number L21) individual mem-
 This year, for the first time,    tract manufacturing, returns                                           bers exhibiting include Denroy
 GTMA members have been            to the NEC, Birmingham,                                                Plastics and PowerKut.
 able to book booths on the        from April 22-24 – and GTMA
 FAC (Farnborough                  is there to represent its                                              The exhibition includes a com-
 Aerospace Consortium)             members.                                                               prehensive seminar programme
 group stand at FI2008.                                                                                   with four strands covering best
                                   Subcon is an international event                                       practice, manufacturing strategy,
 The tie-in follows the strate-    that covers the whole spectrum                                         supply chain strategy and mar-
 gic partnership agreement         of contract manufacturing and                                          ket threats and opportunities.
 between FAC and GTMA              gives visitors the opportunity to
 announced last year to help       source all their outsourcing                                           The Subcon event is co-hosted
 members from both associa-        needs under one roof.               electronic assemblies, castings,   at the NEC with MACH 2008 –
 tions succeed in the sector.                                          plastic mouldings and metal fab-   featured in this edition from
                                   Exhibitors from the UK, Europe      rications, through to full manu-   page 39.               and around the world offer          facturing services, design and
                                   everything from machined parts,     build, and rapid prototyping.

                                  exhibitions & events... exhibitions & events... events...

     GTMA shows its strength at PDM
     with new manufacturing processes
     GTMA member companies                Rapitypes which, together with      devices and capital goods.
     showed a wide range of               its design partner Renfrew
     products and services at the         Group, provide the most com-        More information from
     PDM Plastics Design and              plete award-winning concept-        Project/Sales Coordinator
     Moulding 2008 event in               to-production service available.    Pamela Oldham on 0116 253
     Telford, taking place as we                                              6591 or visit the website at
     went to Press.                       An international client base
                                          relies on Rapitypes to provide
     The event was billed as ‘the         design and development              The list of GTMA companies
     most exciting, productive and        services from initial concepts      exhibiting were: 3DLasertec,
                                                                                                                       Picture courtesy of Rapitypes
     progressive gathering in the UK      through design engineering to       Arrk Tooling Developments,
     plastics market’ and one of the      prototypes, tooling and batch       Bourne Tech Moulding, Carl               In tandem with the exhibition
     key emphasis were on showing         production.                         Zeiss, Cytec, DME, DMS, Grge             was a full conference pro-
     technology and solutions to                                              H Cook, Hexagon Metrology,               gramme covering, among oth-
     achieve market advantage, par-       The company took the opportu-       Innov8es, Jordans, Keights,              ers, latest moulding technolo-
     ticularly in delivering innovative   nity to promote at the show         Materialise, MNB, Oerlikon               gies, packaging design and
     and cost-effective mouldings.        new Manufacturing processes         Balzers, Petford, Rapitypes,             sustainable design.
                                          to benefit clients in automotive,   Sprint, Superite, Toolcare, WH
     Among the exhibitors was             consumer products, medical          Smith and WS2 Coatings.        

                                                                                                     Advanced manufacturing

                                                                                       •Concept styling                 •Mould tool manufacture
                                                                                       •CAD engineering design          •Injection moulding
                                                                                       •Mock ups                        •RIM
                                                                                       •Buck building                   •Thermoforming
                                                                                       •Reverse engineering             •Investment casting
                                                                                       •Surface scanning                •Composite moulding
                                                                                       •Digital model manufacture       •Rapid manufacture
                                                                                       •CNC machining

                                                                                         Rapitypes Ltd Rocket Studios Abbey Meadow Leicester LE4 5DF
                                                                                                     Tel: 0116 253 6591 Fax: 0116 251 0337
                                                                                              Email: Web:

                            in the news... in the news... in the news... in the news...

The road to enlightened
energy management
Steve Fitzsimons, Business           respond to the challenges           focus their efforts. In many
Energy Manager at npower             ahead. Energy intensive busi-       cases, identifying areas for
business, discusses why              nesses will be used to volatility   improvement can be half the
metering and monitoring              in the energy market, with many     challenge. It is here that moni-
should be at the heart of            changing their operations to        toring and metering is most
tackling the energy chal-            better manage energy con-           important. Without the right
lenges ahead.                        sumption.                           technology to monitor efficiency
                                                                         measures already taken, busi-
Few issues have dominated the        Added to this, those businesses     nesses can be uncertain of their
headlines as energy and carbon       included in the Climate Change      value. Are they delivering the
reduction have done in the last      Levy and EU Emissions Trading       efficiency gains expected and
year. Such has been the rate         Scheme (ETS) are under pres-        the associated cost and envi-
with which environmental con-        sure to reduce carbon emis-         ronmental benefits? Equally,
siderations have gathered pace       sions in line with their alloca-    accurate monitoring can identify
that businesses are facing chal-     tions. Others will be expected      areas for improvement by high-
lenges in greening their opera-      to follow suit when the             lighting good and bad perform-
tions to adhere to these             Government’s new Carbon             ance, which can then be eradi-
demands.                             Reduction Commitment is intro-      cated or rolled out across the
                                     duced in 2010.                      business.
Our own research, the npower
Business Energy Index (nBEI),        Businesses are also feeling         Tools are now available to busi-
an annual report that monitors       pressure from their partners        nesses to provide them with
energy buyers’ attitudes to          both up and down the supply         detailed information on their
energy use and costs, suggests       chain. Businesses are becom-        energy use. encompass is one
that businesses have respond-        ing increasingly discerning in      such tool. The web-based sys-
ed to these challenges, with         their selection of partners and     tem gives businesses accurate
77% stating that they have           choosing those with positive        and timely information on ener-
taken steps to increase energy       environmental operations,           gy consumption, providing them     be set and consumption
efficiency in the last six months.   buoyed by the commercial            with the data required to imple-   tracked, as well as mapping
Changing heating, lighting and       opportunities of a smaller car-     ment cost and CO2 reduction        carbon emissions, cost and
equipment were the most pop-         bon footprint.                      policies.                          budget.
ular actions taken. In line with
this, nearly 30% of respondents      These multiple pressures sug-       The system automatically col-      Monitoring energy usage with
have seen a decrease in their        gest energy management will         lects data from half-hourly and    tools like encompass is a key
energy costs during the same         continue as an important disci-     npower smart meters, providing     weapon in businesses’ armoury
time.                                pline for 2008.                     detailed reports on energy con-    to tackle the twin challenges of
                                                                         sumption and the related cost      responding to the energy agen-
The challenge now is to main-        The problem facing many busi-       and environmental impacts.         da and succeeding in a Low
tain this momentum and               nesses, however, is where to        With this data, benchmarks can     Carbon Economy.

                                                                                                            will arrange with MBHS to visit
What’s your view of Health & Safety?                                                                        your company. Remember the
                                                                                                            helpline is free to your company
Is Health & Safety something         But, when something goes            have had an audit or not they      and even if you have your own
you’re only interested in            wrong, who do you turn to – we      will assist you as part of the     appointed personnel they may
when something goes                  hope the new GTMA Health &          GTMA service.                      find it of use to discuss an issue
wrong? And then what’s the           Safety Advisors MBHS. Just call                                        with another experienced H & S
reaction – panic? Don’t              our helpline number quoting         If you would like a FREE audit     advisor. Just call the GTMA
worry – its not unusual for a        your personal reference number      before you have a crisis then by   office on 01844 274222 for fur-
a typical SME business owner.        and irrespective of whether you     all means contact us and we        ther details on this service.

                                M2M news... M2M news... M2M news...M2M news...

      Do you want to be an M2M?
                                                                            SFJ Systems offer
      The latest GTMA Member to Member announcements are from
      companies offering specialist products. If you want to join the       specialist software
      M2M network, contact Tom Griffiths at GTMA.
                                                                            SFJ Systems are systems engineers offer-
                                                                            ing specialist software to all members of
                                                                            the GTMA
 Personal service with
 Precision Die Sets
     Precision Die Sets and Components Ltd
     are a specialist manufacturer of high
     quality die sets for the press tool industry.

     They have a comprehensive          tors for major international com-
     range of standard sets, often      panies, namely IEM die prod-
     being available next day from      ucts, Tecapres gas springs and      Among the products for manu-        You can then add products,
     their extensive stock. Special     Pronic, the world leaders in tap-   facturing companies is the          raise orders, build BOMs and
     die sets are made to suit cus-     ping solutions whether in-die or    Axon System (expert ERP).           get a feel for the system to see
     tomers’ individual requirements    off line.                                                               if it suits your requirements. The
     with many fully machined, ready                                        Axon is a powerful SQL data-        administrator control channels
     to accept tooling.                 PDC are proud of their personal     base multi user and web             access rights to users.
                                        service and would be happy to       enabled system with expert
     In addition to complete die        discuss any enquires from           functions including graphical       SFJ are also solution providers
     sets, they offer a competitive     fellow GTMA members.                BOM building, time recording        for Preactor, the finite capacity
     range of press fit pillars and                                         and automatic analysis of the       scheduling system, and as a
     bushes in metric and inch          Contact Precision Die Sets, Tel:    factory.                            company have been implement-
     sizes, removable pillars/bushes,   01527 514000 or email Mike                                              ing systems throughout the UK
     ball bushes top plate mounted      White at         Axon is designed to cope with       and Ireland for more than 10
     and inverted.                                                          single component manufacture,       years across many industry
                                                 complex assemblies and sub          sectors - including engineering
     The company are also distribu-                                         assemblies, finite scheduling of    and electronics.
                                                                            parts in the correct order for      Contact SFJ Systems, Tel:
                                                                            delivery.                           01225 775103 or email Stan
                                                                            Test the system for free by call-
                                                                            ing SFJ and they will give you a
                                                                            unique log on to their server.

     How exporters can save on foreign exchange deals…
     Companies who export               was outlined at a recent meet-      An example used was a com-          VCM can be used for the small-
     could achieve considerable         ing by Laurence Kaplin, Head of     pany purchasing US$ 250,000.        es transactions, but the best
     savings on money transfer          Foreign Exchange at Vantage         The Bank rate of exchange at        rates are achieved by consoli-
     fees via the GTMA. Monthly         Capital Markets Foreign LLP.        GPD/USD 1.98 meant the cus-         dating this through EAMA. To
     savings in one example are                                             tomer paying the bank               obtain the benefits GTMA mem-
     around £2,500 a month.             EAMA uses VCP because of            £126,262.63. The Vantage            bers will need to make sure
                                        better rates and faster transfer    Foreign Exchange rate of            they have the EAMA number to
     The savings are available to       of funds which can be less than     GPD/US was 2.0200 and               quote and if you are interested
     members via GTMA’s member-         an hour compared to the quick-      meant the customer paying           you should call GTMA CEO
     ship of EAMA (the Engineering      est guarantee from a bank of        VCM £123,762.38, a monthly          Julia Moore on 01844 274222
     and Machinery Alliance) and        two days.                           saving of about £2,500.             or email

                             press releases... press releases... press releases...

FARO joins the Forbes top 25 companies
FARO Technologies, Inc.              powerhouses like Google, Red          This includes part and assembly
(Nasdaq: FARO), World leader         Hat, and Adobe,” FARO                 inspection, factory planning and
in portable computer-aided           President and CEO Jay                 asset documentation, as well as
measurement hardware and             Freeland said.                        specialised applications ranging
software has been named in                                                 from surveying, recreating acci-
Forbes Magazine’s list of            With more than 14,600 installa-       dent sites and crime scenes to
America’s 25 Fastest-Growing         tions and 7,000 customers             digitally preserving historical sites.
Tech Companies.                      globally, FARO Technologies,
                                     Inc. designs, develops, and           FARO’s technology increases
Its UK arm (Faro UK) is a GTMA       markets portable, computerised        productivity by dramatically
member and can be seen at            measurement devices and soft-         reducing the amount of on-site
MACH 2008 on Stand 4419              ware used to create digital           measuring time, and the various
where it is showing products         models – or to perform evalua-        industry-specific software pack-
including the Faro ScanArm V3        tions against an existing model       ages enable users to process   
(pictured). “It is truly an honour   – for anything requiring highly       and present their results quickly
to be listed among industry          detailed 3D measurements.             and more effectively.

Constell Engineers Ltd,              Leica Geosystems,                     its patented technology in a             new WorkPLAN Enterprise ERP
proud members of the GTMA            part of the worldwide Hexagon         range of System 3R pallets.              system, its latest MyWorkPLAN
for over 35 years, has moved to      Measurement Technologies sta-                                                  V2 job management software
new premises at Eagle Building,      ble, has launched an all new          Peter Lampitt, Head of UK                as well as WorkXPlore 3D, its
Crawford Street, Rochdale            laser tracker. Called the             Operations said Mach “is one of          new visualisation, interrogation
OL16 5NU. The company spe-           Absolute, it sets new metrology       our company’s major global               and analysis package. It is on
cialises in the project manage-      industry standards for accuracy,      exhibitions. ”It provides us with        Stand 4590.
ment, design and production of       durability, portability and ease of   the opportunity to launch new
all types of moulds and dies         use. The highly advanced              products, the latest product             Meanwhile, Sescoi has
(prototype to multi-cavity) for      portable CMM weighs in at just        enhancements and proven                  announced it wishes to expand
TPE, Plastics, Rubber and Die-       22kg and measures 62cm in             range extensions, bringing               its worldwide reseller coverage
cast components.                     height, making it the most com-       ‘state-of-the-art’ automation            for its CAM/CAD software
                                     pact laser tracker yet to emerge      and tooling technology for the           WorkNC and its job manage-
MD Bill Oldham said: “We spent       from the Leica Geosystems             benefit of our customers.”               ment system MyWorkPLAN.
a month adapting our new prem-       production facility at                                                         The company invested Euros
ises and on February 14 the          Unterentfelden.                       This year is no exception, with
offices re-located. This paved the                                         System 3R demonstrating their
way for the plant and equipment      System 3R are showing the             lead in providing productivity,
to follow quickly after. The move    latest additions to their product     accuracy, efficiency and flexibili-
has gone completely to plan and      range at MACH 2008 with pre-          ty solutions for both precision
manufacture was back at full                                               engineering and EDM process-
strength by March 3. Therefore, it                                         es. See them on Stand 5682
is very much ‘business as usual’
and the whole team is now look-                                            Sescoi will be exhibiting its            2.5 million in software develop-
ing forward to developing the                                              flagship CAM/CAD software,               ment in 2006, culminating in the
business in our new home.”                                                 WorkNC G3, at MACH 2008.                 launch of WorkNC G3, the third
                                                                           The company has chosen the               generation of its class leading
They had been at their works                                               show for the UK launch of its            CAM/CAD system.
on Nile Street since 1970, and
the move has been seized by
                                                                             Your Press Releases Here is a selection of Press Releases
the company as a major               cision engineering the prime
                                                                            received at GTMA offices. If you want to be considered please send
opportunity for expansion and        focus. Among products on
                                                                            your releases by email and in a Word document please to:
development.                         show will be System 3R
                                                                   with the Subject: Press Release. Pictures
                                     Automation systems and VDP –
                                                                            should be minimum 300 dpi as jpeg or tiff files.
                                     Vibration Damped Palletisation,

                                                                   If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it - so having access to timely and
                                                                   accurate consumption data is crucial. That’s where encompass comes in.
                                                                   With encompass, you can analyse your business energy consumption online.
                                                                   Using data from our Half Hourly and npower ‘smartmeters’, encompass can
                                                                   help you identify energy waste quickly and assist in reducing your company’s
                                                                   energy consumption and bills.
                                                                   As well as helping to save your business money, it's also an enlightened way
                                                                   to reduce your environmental impact.

                                                                   Look into encompass now, call

                                                                   0800 197 3935 quoting AI052                                       †

                                                                   or email

†Calls may be monitored and recorded for training and security purposes. npower business is a registered trademark and the trading name of Npower Limited (registration number: 3653277), Npower Direct Limited (Registrated in England and Wales
 no. 3782443), Npower Northern Limited (Registered in England and Wales no. 3432100) and associated companies. Registered office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon, SN5 6PB.
                                         at MACH 2008.... MACH 2008.... MACH 2008....

                                       MACH 2008
 GTMA and its members
 once again have a strong
 presence at MACH, being
 held at Birmingham NEC
 from April 21-25.

 More than 40 GTMA com-
 panies will be at the event,
 which is billed as the UK’s
 premier manufacturing
 technologies event,
 encompassing metalcutting
 and metalforming machine
 tools along with all ancillary
 and related products and

 MACH attracts over 500
 exhibitors and in excess of
 22,000-plus visitors – this
 Special Report highlights
 how GTMA and its mem-
 bers are set to make an
 impact at the event.

In this MACH Focus:
Meet us at Mach                   40   Berger springs into action   43   Boneham & Turner go forward    47   Mazak is so popular   50
Delcam’s new PowerMILL            40   CG Tech helps engineers      45   Heidenhain’s easy inspection   48
Tooling research from WMG         41   Wizadry from Anilam          45   Faro’s new products            48
Bright sparks at Aire Erosion     42   Acu-rite zaps controls       47   Roemheld – more new products 49                                39
                   at MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008...

                                   Delcam to show new
                                   PowerMILL at MACH
                                   The next release of Delcam’s award-winning PowerMILL
     Meet up                       CAM software will be previewed at MACH 2008 with a full
                                   release planned for the summer. The new version will offer a
     at MACH                       more complete solution for complex machining operations,
                                   together with more control for experienced machinists that
     The GTMA stand at MACH
                                   know exactly how they wish to machine a particular part.                 exactly how they want to manu-
     this year will include a
                                                                                                            facture a particular part, or
     meeting room facility
                                                                                                            undertake a particular opera-
     available to all member
                                                                                                            tion. They need greater control
     companies either exhibiting
                                                                                                            over the results and PowerMILL 9
     or visiting the show. All
                                                                                                            gives them this control by mak-
     members are welcome to
                                                                                                            ing it easier to generate tool-
     visit stand 5609a, or they
                                                                                                            paths based on any 3D curve.
     can pre-book their meeting
                                                                                                            This was possible previously
                                                                                                            using PowerMILL’s pattern
                                                                                                            machining commands but the
     New products
                                                                                                            new approach makes it easier
     At the event at Birmingham
                                                                                                            both to create the required 3D
     NEC there are over 40
                                                                                                            curve and to drive the cutter
     GTMA members exhibiting,
                                   The program will also include a    Delcam’s PowerMILL 9 offers a         along it.
     several of them showing                                          more comprehensive machining
                                   range of enhancements to
     new products or services.                                        solution.
                                   existing functionality to enable                                         Faster programming
     Their range of experience
                                   both faster programming and                                              PowerMILL 9 includes a range
     covers everything from
                                   faster machining.                                                        of enhancements to give faster
     metrology and measure-
                                                                      Using a completely offline            programming and faster
     ment equipment, services
                                   A complete solution                approach to programming gives         machining this includes a num-
     and solutions through to
                                   “Ever since its first release,     other benefits as well. Firstly, it   ber of improvements to reduce
     control systems, CNC
                                   PowerMILL has focussed on          ensures that a fully-detailed         calculation times, together with
     machining centres,
                                   the more complex parts of any      record is maintained of the           some simplification of the user
     advanced manufacturing
                                   manufacturing operation,” said     whole manufacturing process.          interface that makes it easier to
     software and press tool &
                                   Delcam’s CAM Development                                                 select the required command
     mould and die press tool
                                   Director Steve Hobbs. “Many        Secondly, it makes simulation of      and so makes programming
                                   of our toolmaking customers        the complete process easier           faster. In addition, toolpath
                                   tend to program the simpler        and more reliable. The simula-        ordering has been made more
                                   tasks, like sizing the starting    tion can begin from the starting      efficient, especially for roughing
     “Once again our members
                                   block of material, and finishing   block of material, rather than the    and rest machining.
     are showing the strength in
                                   operations, such as cutting off,   user producing a model of the
     depth we have in GTMA
                                   on the machine tool control        stock remaining after the manu-       “These enhancements may not
     and that we have to offer
                                   rather than by off-line program-   ally-programmed operations            grab as many headlines as
     buyers,” says GTMA CEO
                                   ming. However, as we have          have been completed.                  completely new machining
     Julia Moore. “The work we
                                   become more established in                                               strategies,” admitted Mr Hobbs.
     have been doing in
                                   production machining, a grow-      More machining control                “However, they are vital to our
     focussing our activities on
                                   ing number of our customers        Much recent development in            customers that need to
     key industry sectors makes
                                   want to program everything         PowerMILL has focussed on             increase their productivity and
     our contribution even more
                                   with their CAM system. This        making it easier for inexperi-        reduce their lead times in order
     important to the success of
                                   has always been possible in        enced and casual users to gen-        to maximise their competitive-
     our members.”
                                   PowerMILL but the new options      erate high-quality toolpaths for      ness.”
                                   in PowerMILL 9 will make the       high-speed and five-axis
                                   complete programming process       machine tools. However, very
     Stand 5609a
                                   much easier.”                      experienced users tend to know        Stand 4010

MACH 2008... MACH 2008

 Research to develop
 low cost tooling
 Warwick Rapid
 Manufacturing is based
 within the International
 Automotive Research
 Centre, Warwick
 Manufacturing Group,
 University of Warwick.

 WRM provide Rapid
 Manufacturing and Rapid
 Tooling solutions to industry
 through its high quality
 research activities.

 A principal area of research
 for the group is the pro-
 cessing of novel materials in
 RP&M, with application in
 biomedical technology (e.g.
 bioceramics, shape memory
 alloys), automotive and
 aerospace (e.g. novel poly-
 mers, carbon fibre filled
 polymers), and advanced            BAE Systems and 10 academic
 manufacture of textiles.           partners (FLAVIIR,
                          , supported by
 Applications                       the Warwick Innovative
 The research interests are         Manufacturing Research Centre
 wide and varied, and               (WIMRC).
 include: improving process
 reliability and repeatability in   Within this project, WRM have
 RP&M, high value manufac-          developed innovative tooling
 turing of high integrity com-      technologies to enable the low-
 ponents, high resolution           pressure Resin Transfer
 manufacture of advanced            Moulding (RTM) of high strength
 ceramic-based components           carbon composite structures.
 and devices for bioceramic
 and extreme environment            The research has focused on
 applications.                      two primary development areas:
                                    Increasing the achievable fibre
 The group is actively              fraction during low-pressure
 involved in developing a           resin infusion, and development
 range of novel low cost            of low-cost and flexible recon-
 tooling technologies for the       figurable tooling concepts.
 affordable manufacture of
 carbon-fibre composite   
 components, to support the         /wmg/about/people/pro-
 development of unmanned            files/gjg
 aerial vehicles (UAVs) in a        More information from
 joint collaboration between        GTMA Stand 5609a

                      at MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008...

     Leeds bright sparks fuel aerospace projects
     Leeds precision engineering
     firm Aire Erosion, working on
     components for NASA and the
     European Space Agency
     amongst other projects, will see    on specialising in Electrical
     its turnover break through the      Discharge Machining (EDM) or
     £1 million barrier.                 Spark Erosion/ Wire Erosion.
                                         The process uses electrical dis-
     The company, which moved to         charges (sparks) to machine
     the city in 2000 and into its       exotic metals to tolerances of
     present Stanningley premises        five microns. Wire EDM
     two years ago, has seen year-       machines feature clean cut
     on-year growth of 30%. It is        technology, which enables it to
     now established as a key player     machine carbide and titanium
     in the thriving Leeds engineer-     with 3-6 micron recast areas.
     ing sector, working largely on
     components for most of the          This specialism has brought the     Steve Batt, MD of Aire Erosion, takes   aerospace project, Aire Erosion
                                                                             a closer look at what’s
     local oil exploration and medical   company an enviable client                                                  was one of only three world-
                                                                             happening…his company serves a
     equipment manufacturers as          portfolio of blue chip industries   wide cross section of Blue Chip pre-    wide companies considered
     well as international contracts.    requiring components that can       cision engineering companies from       and it successfully gained the
                                                                             sectors like Automotive, Aerospace,
                                         withstand zero gravity and          Defence, Oilfield, Sub Sea, Space,      contract. In 2006 it was award-
     Aire Erosion’s success is based     extreme conditions. On one          Medical, and Power & Gas industries.    ed the prestigious first prize in

MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008

 the GTMA Engineering
 Excellence Awards.
                                        the fastest and biggest
                                        Charmilles 550s CNC spark           Berger launches new
 Parts emerging from Aire               erosion machines, and is one of
 Erosion in Stanningley range
 from substantial chunks of spe-
                                        the best EDM machine facilities
                                        in the UK. It has a team of
                                                                            catalogue at Mach
 cialist materials for the oil explo-   skilled engineers and 14 high
 ration industry, through automo-       tech Swiss machines which           As a special feature for
 bile and aerospace pieces to           with an efficient shift system      Mach 2008, Berger Tools Ltd
 medical instruments and micro-         provides 2000 hours a month         are pleased to announce the          Spring which is a revolution in
 scopic components for modern           spark and wire erosion machin-      launch of their new cata-            nitrogen cylinders with its
 hearing implants.                      ing capacity. It runs a 5s system   logue detailing the entire           SKUDO (patent pending) sealed
                                        along side the ISO 9000/2001        Standard Machine Elements            piston, which increases the
 At the helm of this success            quality management system.          range.                               spring’s life.
 story is Steve Batt, who gained
 an HND in mechanical engi-             Steve invites you to see his        This compilation is a joint ven-     For Mould Makers it has com-
 neering, followed by experience        Photo on the GF Agie-               ture between Ganter Griff and        petitively priced mould products
 in programming, design and             Charmilles stand (5410) at          Berger Tools Ltd. The entire         such as Mould Ejector Pins/
 sales. In 1989, aged 26, he            MACH “and see for your self         “standard Machine Elements”          Pillars and Bushes and their
 spotted the EDM niche that UK          how we are shaving time off our     range is now consolidated into       New Mould Tools (Compatible
 firms appeared reluctant to            cycle times as every second         one ‘easy reference’ Catalogue       with all major Industry stan-
 invest in, borrowed £70,000            counts.”                            that is to be distributed free for   dards) – also to be launched at
 against his home and set up                                                the first time at MACH 2008          MACH.
 with two machines in Keighley.
                                        Stand 5410                          Berger Tools will also reveal the
 The company now has two of                                                 exciting NEW KE Series Gas           Stand 4818

         For high quality precision engineering components
                      and associated products

                  NEW CATALOGUE FOR MACH
“We are proud to announce our new product Catalogue is to be
launched at MACH 2008. The joint venture between Berger and
Ganter has strengthened our relationship, with many exciting
opportunities available for our clients throughout 2008.

The entire “standard Machine Elements” range is now consolidated
into one ‘easy reference’ Catalogue that is to be distributed for the
first time at MACH 2008.”
                         - Denise Goldsmith, Managing Director, Berger Tools Ltd

                        See us on Stand 4818
T 0044 (0) 1732 763377                                      Unit B1 + B2
F 0044 (0) 1732 763335                                      Chaucer Business Park
E                                  Watery Lane, Kemsing,
W                                    Kent TN15 6QY

                                Carbide Gauges Ltd

                  GAUGE BLOCKS:
                  STANDARD or SPECIAL SIZES
                  both individuals and sets manufactured
                  to your requirements

                        UKAS approved Laboratory No 0103
                        For calibration of gauge blocks up to
                        Grade K by interferometry

Broomfield Carbide Gauges Ltd Unit 7, Crossley Mills,
New Mill Road, Honley, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire HD9 6PL
Tel: 01484 665599 Fax: 01484 664982
                at MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008...

More help for manufacturing
engineers from Vericut
CGTech are highlighting at          machining techniques and              a Calculator, and user-config-
MACH 2008 several                   processes, and our customers’         urable text Coloring, syntax
enhancements on VERICUT             needs to implement and                checking and block renumber-
6.2 that increase the ability       improve on these changes.             ing options.
of manufacturing engineers
to develop, analyse, inspect        “VERICUT 6.2 includes several         There are also new tool setup
and document the CNC pro-           new innovations to simplify vali-     wizards including, to compli-
gramming and machining              dating even the most complex          ment the milling tool setup wiz-
process.                            configurations in order to pro-       ard introduced in VERICUT 6.0,
                                    duce better results and reduce        a turret setup wizard. This
“VERICUT sits in a unique posi-     the time spent in the program-        enables users to easily load,      Picture from CGTech shows
tion in the process chain, in       ming and machining cycle.”            change tools, or change tool       machine simulation of a Mori Seiki
between the creation of the NC                                            positions in a turret.
program and its physical appli-     A new “NC Program Preview”
cation on the shop floor,” said     offers an option to process an        The Tool Manager has also          holes are visually differentiated
John Reed, managing Director,       NC program in VERICUT with-           been enhanced to enable users      from other drilled/bored/reamed
CGTech Ltd.                         out actually simulating material      to describe the shape, position,   holes. VERICUT checks for cor-
                                    being removed. This “quick            and orientation of a waterjet      rect feed rate and direction
“VERICUT software develop-          check” is very fast and uses          cutter or a tap in a tap tool      when using a tap tool, and also
ment is driven by the evolution-    much less memory.                     assembly.                          detects if the tap hole is pre-
ary changes in manufacturing                                                                                 drilled too small.
technology: new CAD/CAM             Several new utilities have been       In addition, VERICUT now sup-
software features, new              added to the NC Program               ports simulation and analysis of
machines and tooling, new           Review window. These include:         tapping operations. Tapped         Stand 5644

Wizardy from Anilam is on show
Anilam will be demonstrating        the ultra-reliable all diecast-con-   guide rather than a handbook.
at MACH 2008 its new one-           structed Wizard 411 sets itself       “The introduction of such a
/two-/three-axis Wizard 411,        apart from other systems cour-        powerful yet affordable system
an entry-level DRO that             tesy of LCD screen (the only          means the Anilam brand is
boasts powerful functionality,      DRO available using this tech-        competing head-on with all the
substantial technical service       nology), plus sealed membrane         lower cost DRO alternatives,”
back-up and three-year war-         keypad and powerful canned            says Retrofit Products &
ranty reassurances that belie       functions for incline, arc, rectan-   Marketing Manager, Phil
its low-cost price tag.             gular frame and rectangular           Goulding.
                                    pocket routines.                      “We are confident that the
It makes it incomparable with                                             Wizard 411’s capabilities com-
any other product available in      Complemented by ENC 125               plement our 40-year pedigree of
the global low-cost DRO mar-        precision glass scales that boast     DRO expertise and consider-
ketplace.                           a resolution of five microns and      able support guarantees will far
                                    an accuracy rating of 10              outstrip any potential advan-
In addition to standard function-   microns/m, the Wizard 411’s           tages users may think obtain-
ality embracing tool offsets, sub   ease of set-up and use is also        able with other systems.”
datums, linear patterns (row,       signified by the fact that the sys-
                                                                                                             Photo from Anilam - its entry-level
frame, array), PCD calculations     tem will be shipped with a two-                     Wizard 411 DRO boasts powerful
(full and partial) and vectoring,   page quick reference set-up           Stand: 5011                        functionality and substantial

Measurement of steep flanks and complex geometries
True color information registered to 3D data
Traceable results even on highly sculptured surfaces
Usable on highly reflective and
inhomogeneous surfaces
Highest resolution across measurement
areas of several mm
Comprehensive roughness
measurement capabilities, conforming
to the latest ISO standards
                                                                                                                                          Alicona UK
Usable in the lab and as                                                                                                                   Alicona UK Ltd.
Inline measurement sensor                                                                                                                Lime Tree House
                                                                                                                           15 Lime Tree Walk, Sevenoaks
                                                                                                                                           Kent TN13 1YH
                                                                                                                             phone: +44(0)1732 746670
                                                                                                                                fax: +44(0)1732 465500

                                                                                                                      Visit us at MACH,
                                                                                                                             booth 4879

+ + R a d i i a n d a n g l e m e a s u r e m e n t + + M e a s u r e m e n t o f p o l i s h e d e d g e s + + Va r i a n c e a n a l y s i s + +
                 at MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008...

How Acu-Rite zaps control systems…
Acu-Rite’s dynamic machine           friendly and cost-competitive
control duo - the intuitive          DRO that, from a single unit,
two-/three-axis MillPwr CNC          can be quickly and easily con-
and the new generation ‘one          figured for two- or three-axis
size fits all’ 200S DRO – are        milling, turning or grinding appli-
destined to ‘zap’ the cost-          cations and thus eliminates the
effectiveness, user-friendli-        headache, time and cost often
ness and flexibility of all          associated with the selection
other alternative control sys-       and installation of multiple appli-
tems being displayed at              cation-specific DROs.
MACH 2008.
                                     The intuitive 200S displays all
Universally acclaimed as one of      prompts, instructions and help
the most user-friendly CNC sys-      functions as text or graphics on
tems available, the Acu-Rite         the flat screen 5.7 inch 320 x
MillPwr CNC is a conversational      240 resolution crystal clear LCD
system that requires no previ-       display (instead of traditional LED
ous CNC experience and can           and VFD display technology).
be used either as a full-function
DRO or a programmable CNC.           All standard routines are visible
                                     on the screen and graphics            when used with the axis lock        tesy of their inherent durability
Acu-Rite is a product from           guide users through the simple        feature, ensures tool deflection    and resistance to variations in
GTMA member ACI (UK) Ltd,            questions. Operation-specific         is reduced even under load.         temperature and humidity.
and the control offers easy-to-      soft keys reinforce the boast
understand operator feedback         that Acu-Rite systems are the         Grinding and general use appli-     Position-Trac (also on show) is
and everything expected in           easiest to use in the industry.       cations for the DRO 200S are        another market-leading feature
terms of functionality – from bolt                                         based around the system’s zero      of the DRO 200S, allowing
hole/PCD cycles, rectangular,        For milling, the system is sup-       reset, linear error compensation,   operators to accurately and
circle pocket and irregular          plied as standard with bolt hole      instant radius-to-diameter and      quickly re-establish workpiece
pocket milling, to island and        pattern calculations for full and     inch to mm conversions, as well     zero from any position after a
boss features, spiral, ellipse,      partial circles with graphics,        as absolute/incremental display     power interruption. Once
mirror image, rotate, repeat set-    zero reset and preset features,       features. RS232 port and            power is restored, the DRO
up and 2-/2.5-D contouring as        tool diameter compensation            workpiece probing functionality     reads a line pattern on the glass
well as tool library, shrinkage      and near zero warning, for            is provided as standard.            scale to recall the last known
scaling, trig and geometry cal-      example.                                                                  zero.
culator and power editing tools.                                           The system is complemented
                                     For turning, the system features      by Acu-Rite precision glass
Also on the stand will be the        include taper turning functionali-    scales that provide accuracies
Acu-Rite 200S DRO – a user-          ty and 16 tool offsets that,          down to +/- 1.5 micron, cour-       Stand 5011

Moving forward at Boneham & Turner Ltd
After more than 90 years             2008 and is an exciting further       ty, and there has also been a       and is constantly looking to
based in Mansfield,                  stage in the company’s strate-        significant investment in a state   expand the range of products it
Boneham & Turner Ltd are             gic development. The new              of the art automated warehous-      offers. Among these are the
moving to a brand new fac-           premises in Oddicroft Industrial      ing and distribution facility.      recently added range of high
tory in Sutton-in-Ashfield.          Estate, Oddicroft Lane are more       Boneham & Turner has an             quality drills for the engineering
                                     modern and better equipped            established reputation for sup-     and construction industries.
The move by the company and          premises. The environmentally         plying high quality precision
all its employees is planned         friendly facility provided a more     products to a wide range of
during the second quarter of         efficient manufacturing capabili-     industries throughout the world     Stand 4116

                       at MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008...

     Go/No go inspection made easy
     with new DRO version
     The latest version of the              by providing instant feedback                                              “The device does not compete
     Metronics Gage-Chek digital            when dimensions are out of tol-                                            with single gauging or multiple
     readout (DRO) available from           erance.                                                                    16-/32-channel applications,”
     Heidenhain GB embraces                                                                                            says Metronics specialist,
     comprehensive yet easy-to-             Initially targeted at production                                           Jonathan Tate.
     use functionality that makes           departments, system integra-
     ‘go/no-go’ component gaug-             tors and probe manufacturers,                                              “However, it is ideally suited to
     ing – of even complex parts -          and applications across the                                                tasks such as cell-type manu-
     both cost-effective and effi-          manufacturing spectrum, Gage-         and, equally important, it is easy   facturing where the machine
     cient. It will be demonstrated         Chek can accommodate up to            to program and re-program to         operator is also responsible for
     at the company’s MACH                  eight encoder or LVDT/Half            suit workpiece variation, and can    his own inspection, and where
     2008 stand.                            Bridge inputs - including length      hold up to 100 different parts.      the need is to inspect all/sam-
                                            gauges, and linear and rotary                                              ple parts for both quality control
     With a full set of mathematical        encoders, as well as a wide           The system’s versatile go/no go      and process feedback and cor-
     expressions, programmable              range of measuring instruments        display combines familiar DRO        rection purposes in the range of
     digital input/output as well as        - and is able to measure up to        functionality with colour graph-     two to 16 probe inputs.”
     programmable relay outputs,            16 dimensions per part.               ics and audio alerts to provide
     the Metronics Gage-Chek can                                                  fast and accurate measurement
     maximise inspection efficiency         Gage-Chek is simple to operate        feedback.                            Stand 5278

                                                                                  FARO to showcase
                                                                                  exciting new products
            Specialists in precision
            manufacture and supply
                                                                                  David Homewood, Faro Area
              2008                                                                Vice President for the UK
            Hall 4                                                                and France is very enthusi-
          Stand 4                                                                 astic about MACH. “In the
                                                                                  past we have seen incredible         offers better performance in
                                                                                  interest in our portable             scanning dark or reflective sur-
                                                                                  measurement devices. This            faces.
                                                                                  year we will have numerous
                                                                                  new products to showcase             The most recent innovation is
                                                                                  like the Quantum FaroArm             the Photon Laser Scanner
                                                                                  which measures accurately            which offers outstanding noise
                                                                                  to within ±.018 mm!                  levels, superb image clarity,
                                                                                                                       high sensitivity, and easy and
                                                                                  “In addition we have recently        highly accurate colour overlay
                                                                                  launched the Fusion FaroArm –        of objects with up to 140m
                                                                                  an entry-level model with ±.036      size.
      Tooling Equipment, including Jig Bushes, Dowel Pins, Clevis Pins, Jig and   mm accuracy at a very compet-
        Fixture Products. Drills. Press Tool Components including all Steel Die   itive market price.”                 Visitors will have the chance to
        Sets, Mould Pins and Bushes, Sealing Plugs, Shims, also the supply of
                   special components to customer requirements.                                                        see live demonstrations of all
                   For a catalogue please contact:                                FARO have also recently              FARO products.
            T: +44 (0)1623 445 450 F: +44 (0)1623 445 451                         launched it’s new ScanArm
                                                                                  which is 30% more accurate,
        E: or visit:
                                                                                  33% lighter in weight, and           Stand 5620

MACH 2008... MACH 2008

 Roemheld shows new
 products and gets to
 grip with productivity
 Roemheld will be demon-
 strating at MACH 2008 how
 Hilma 5-axis vices can safely
 grip titanium for machining
 on just 3mm rather than the
 traditional 20mm.
                                      be on display for the first time in
                                      the UK.

                                      The stand will extensively fea-
                                                                            Get the
 Visitors to its stand will be able
 to see how this increases work
 throughput while dramatically
 reducing material wastage and
                                      ture the Roemheld product
                                      range of core products. This
                                      will include the low-cost Matrix
                                      sets, designed to help make the
                                      introduction of hydraulic clamp-
                                      ing viable for small companies.
                                                                            Introducing the Anilam Wizard 411
 For visitors who are not looking     In addition, Roemheld will be
                                                                            The Wizard 411 DRO is a simple, cost-effective,
 for 5-axis functionality, the        exhibiting the benefits of Stark
 Aluminium range of double            zero point mounting systems
                                                                            entry-level solution to your manual machine tool
 clamping vices from System           which combine reduced set-up          applications.
 Bock, offers durable, double         times with increased repeatability
 clamping capabilities for tradi-     and productivity. These can be        Leading the way in technology and innovation,
 tional vertical machining appli-     either air or hydraulically operat-
                                                                            Anilam offers the first readout in the industry
 cations.                             ed to meet the varied demands
                                      of an ever changing marketplace       to display full text on a crystal clear LCD display.
 Exciting new product ranges will     and customer base.                    And all this in a convenient and easy, entry-level
 be also be exhibited by                                                    solution.
 Roemheld for the first time in
 the UK. These will include five      The emerging use of 3D models
 new swing clamp designs, new         in fixture design and capability      Everything you need at a price you can afford.
 bore clamps, coupling ele-           will also be a focus, with many
 ments, sequence valves and           examples of this technology on
 high pressure filters. A working     show.
 model of small rotary tables,
 from FTW, another member of
 the Roemheld Group, will also        Stand 4210

                                                                                      Get the picture today!
                                                                                       Call 01908 514500

 Image from Roemheld: Hilma MC 100 concentric vice holding on 3mm              
                      at MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008...

     Mazak machine range is most
     popular in the world
     The Integrex 200-IV ST,             out by the 12,000 rev/min,18.5     processes, from raw material to
     which is a powerful multi-          kW (25 hp) milling spindle         finished component, in a single
     tasking machine tool with           motor.                             set-up. The Integrex 200-IV ST
     incomparable machining                                                 is equipped with a B-axis milling
     versatility, will be on display     This fourth generation Integrex    spindle that can tilt up around a
     at Mazak’s stand at MACH            machine tool is part of a range    240 degree arc, which, along
     2008.                               that is the most popular multi-    with the C-axes can index in
                                         tasking machine in the world. It   0.0001 degree increments.
     The machine on display will be      has achieved this position
     equipped with upper and lower       through the evolution in tech-     All of these features are funda-
                                                                                                                The Mazak Integrex 200-IV ST –
     turrets that allow balanced cut-    nology that is available to the    mental to the machine’s suc-
                                                                                                                popular around the world.
     ting to reduce cycle times. To      user and the enhanced              cess and allow Mazak’s Done-
     further enhance productivity the    Intelligent Functions that are     in-One manufacturing concept        and the overall manpower lev-
     second spindle is of identical      delivered as part of Mazak’s       to be fully utilised. Done-in-One   els. All of which have a major
     specification to the main spindle   Mazatrol Matrix control system.    allows lead times to be greatly     impact on the bottom line, irre-
     at 5000 rev/min and 22 kW (30                                          reduced while at the same time      spective of company size.
     hp) rating.                         The major advantage of the         reducing dramatically the value
                                         Integrex range is its ability to   of work-in-progress, the num-
     Milling operations are carried      complete all machining             ber of machine tools required       Stand 5360

                                                                                                        Get to
                                                                                                        with just
             Because Roemheld 5-axis vices can safely grip
             titanium on 3mm, we can drive down material                                                                    See a
             costs and wastage per billet.                                                                              demonstration
                                                                                                                        at MACH 2008
                 Reduce wastage costs per billet
                                                                                                                        on Stand 4210
                 Cycle times down
                 Raw material cost savings
                                                                                                                            Hall 4
                 Reduced swarf

             To find out more, visit
             or telephone 0121 453 1414.                                                         Products for Productivity
                 at MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008..

A-Z of GTMA member companies at MACH 2008
These are the GTMA mem-        Alphacam                      Bowers Metrology               CD Measurements Ltd
ber companies committed to                                   (UK) Ltd
exhibiting at MACH 2008 as
we went to press.

600 Centre                     Coventry, West Midlands
                               CV5 6PY                       Bordon, Hampshire GU35 9HH
                               Stand 4566                    Stand 5510                     Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 2ER
                               Supplier of CADCAM            Bore gauges and measuring
                               software                      instruments                    Stand 5652
Loughborough, Leicestershire                                                                Optical measuring systems
LE12 9NH                       Berger Tools Ltd              Broomfield Carbide             and calibration services                                          Gauges Ltd
Stands 5130, 5128, 5136                                                                     CGTech Ltd
Machine tool sales and
demonstrations                 Kemsing, Kent TN15 6QY
                             Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
ACI (UK) Ltd                   Stand 4818                    HD9 6PL
                               Precision tooling component
                               and standard parts – also     Stand 5627                     Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1AL
                               see pages 43 and 44           Gauge block supplier with
                                                             UKAS laboratory - also see     Stand 5644
Newport Bagnell,               Blum-Novotest Ltd             pages 16 and 44                VERICUT CNC software –
Bucks MK16 9PS                                                                              also see pages 42 and 45                                              Bruderer UK Ltd
Stand 5011                                                                                  Craftsman Tools Ltd
Digital readout systems,
control systems etc – also
see page 47                    Lichfield, Staffordshire      Luton, Bedfordshire LU4 0JF
                               WS13 8AA            
Agie Charmilles Ltd           Stand 4447
                               Stand 5150                    Standard press tool and        Otley, West Yorkshire LS21 1JE
                               Measurement and testing       mould and die parts/compo-
                               technologies                  nents                          Stand 5401
Coventry, CV2 2ST                                                                           Precision machining,        Boneham & Turner              Carl Zeiss Ltd                 workholding equipment etc
Stand 5410                     Co Ltd
EDM, HSM and 5-axis tech-                                                                   Delcam PLC

Alicona UK Ltd

                               Nottingham, Nottinghamshire   Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 1ST   Birmingham, West Midlands
                               NG18 4AF                            B10 0HJ
                                  Stand 5559           
Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 1YH       Stand 4116                    Co-ordinate measuring          Stand 4010                Jig bushes, dowel pins,       machine (CMM) suppliers        CAD/CAM systems – also
Stand 4879a                    clevis pins and press tool                                   see Back Page and pages
Optical measurement and        components – also see                                        25 and 40
inspection equipment           pages 47 and 48
also see pages 17 and 46

                    at MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008...

     EdgeCAM                      Faro UK                     Heidenhain (GB) Ltd            Mahr UK PLC

                                                              Burgess Hill, RH15 9RD
                                  Coventry, West Midlands
     Reading, Berkshire RG2 0NH   CV1 2TT                     Stand 5278                    CNC controls, spindle and      Milton Keynes,
     Stand 4566                   Stand 5620                  tool probes, length gauges –   Buckinghamshire MK8 0ER
     EdgeCAM CAD/CAM              Cam measuring equipment     also see pages 44 and 48
     solutions                    CMMs – also see pages 41                                   Stand 5654
                                  and 48                      Hexagon Metrology Ltd          Dimensional gauging
     Eley Metrology Ltd                                                                      equipment
                                  GOM UK Ltd
                                                                                             Nairda Ltd
                                                              Telford, Shropshire TF7 4PL
                                  Coventry, West Midlands     Stand 5478
                                  CV3 2TX                     Metrology services and
                                      equipment                      Birmingham, West Midlands
     Mansfield Road, Derbyshire   Stand 4682i                                                B45 8DL
     DE21 4FS                     Optical measuring           Kemet International Ltd              equipment                                                  Stand 5650
     Stand4419                                                                               Measurement transducers,
     Metrology equipment          GTMA                                                       electronic display columns
     manufacture and supply
                                                              Maidstone, Kent ME15 9NJ       National Physical
     EOS Electro Optical                                            Laboratory (NPL)
     Systems Ltd                                              Stand 4411
                                  Princes Risborough, Bucks   Surface finishing equipment
                                  HP27 9DT                    and toolmaker consumables
                                  Stand 5609a                 Geo. Kingsbury
                                  Leading UK trade associa-   Machine Tools Ltd              Teddington, Middlesex
     Warwick, Warwickshire        tion – also see page 40                                    TW11 0LW
     CV34 6UW                                                                                       Hardinge Machine                                           Stand 5596
     Stand 4680f                  Tools Ltd                                                  The UK’s national
     Laser sintering systems                                                                 measurement laboratory
                                                              Gosport, Hampshire PO12 4LB
     Europac Ltd                                                 Oel-Held (UK) Ltd
                                                              Stands 4334, 5190
                                  Leicester, Leicestershire   Machining centres and
                                  LE8 6BD                     solutions
                                                                        Denbigh, Denbighshire,
                                  Stands 5448, 5450, 5449,                                   Clwyd LL16 5TA
     Crewe, Cheshire CW1 6UA      5451                                                CNC machining centres                                      Stand 5402
     Stand 5631                                                                              High–performance
     Metrology equipment and                                                                 lubricants/ fluids

                 at MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008... MACH 2008..

Open Mind                      Sescoi UK Ltd                     Warwick Machine               Yamazaki Mazak
Technologies UK Ltd                                              Tools Ltd                     UK Ltd

Oxford Science Park, Oxford,   Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
Oxon 0X4 4GP                   B72 1TX                  Kenilworth, Warwick CV8 1NQ   Worcester, Worcs WR4 9NF
Stand 5556                     Stand 4591                  
CAD/CAM systems                Advanced software,                Stand 5585                    Stand 5360
                               including WorkNC                  Electro Discharge             Machine tools including
REM Systems Ltd                                                  Machines/EDM – ONA            Milling, Turning, cutting
                               SGS Carbide Tool                  machines                      equipment etc - also see
                               (UK) Ltd                                                        Inside Front and page 50
Quedgeley, Gloucester,                                                                         Yorkshire Precision
GL2 4NZ                                                                                        Gauges Ltd           Wokingham, Berkshire
Stand 5028                     RG41 1QW
Clamping mechanisms, 
handling/loading systems etc   Stand 4100
                               Rotary solid carbide tools,       Pudsey, Leeds, West Yorks
Renishaw PLC                   milling cutters                   LS28 6LE                      Doncaster, South Yorkshire
                                                                     DN7 6QF
                               The L.S. Starrett                 Stand 4381          
                               Company Ltd                       Standard parts and            Stand 5674
Gloucestershire GL12 8JR                                         workholding systems           Fixed limit gauging and                                                                               measuring instruments
Stand 5140                     Jedburgh, Borders TD8 6LR         WNT (UK) Ltd
World leading supplier of
probing and set-up systems     Stand 4221
                               Precision measuring
Roemheld (UK) Ltd              instruments
                                                                 Sheffield, South Yorkshire
                               System 3R                         S9 1XU
Northampton NN3 6AQ                                                                                   Stand 5460
Stand 4210                     Princes Risborough,               Catalogue with 45,000 items
Workholding systems            Bucks HP27 0JN                    of tooling, workholding,
clamping elements – also                  cutting, etc
see pages 49 and 50            Stand 5682
                               Palletising systems, jigs and     XYZ Machine Tools Ltd
Seco Tools (UK) Ltd            related products”

                                                                                                Fuller information on all
                               Vision Engineering Ltd
                                                                                                these companies – and
Alcester, Redditch,
                                                                                                many others – is on the
Warwickshire B49 6EL
                                                                                                GTMA website,                                                Tiverton, Devon EX16 7LL
                                                                                      , or you
Stand 5010                                             
                                                                                                can call the GTMA for
Cutting tools and related      Woking, Surrey GU21 5EN           Stand 5358
                                                                                                supplier information and
equipment                             CNC machine tools
                                                                                                help on 01844 274222 or
                               Stand 5632
                               Metrology systems

                                  in the news... in the news... in the news... in the news...

     EAMA calls for budget help
     for apprentices
     EAMA, the Engineering and             demic route is more of a priority       will enhance the image of            sustainable communities. If our
     Machinery Alliance, of which          than the apprenticeship route.          apprenticeships with young           economy is to provide rewarding
     GTMA is a member organisa-                                                    people, teachers, their parents      careers for all our people at all
     tion, called on UK Chancellor         Its submission, sent to the             and guardians, giving the voca-      aptitude levels, we must provide
     Alistair Darling to take action       Chancellor in February, called          tional stream status closer to       productive, value added jobs for
     to encourage young people             for “some form of tax relief “ on       that of the academic route.          all levels of competence.
     to take up apprenticeships in         apprentice earnings while they
     his Budget.                           go through their three-year             As is now known, no such             “This is an immense task and
                                           course or “grants and loans”            action was taken in the Budget       one in which manufacturing
     In a submission which covered         structured on similar lines to          delivered in the House of            with its value enhancing tech-
     a wide range of issues, EAMA          university grants/loans – for           Commons in March.                    nologies provides considerable
     said that employers wanting to        example, re-payment of loans                                                 scope for success. The chal-
     take on apprentices were hav-         to start when earnings reach            The EAMA budget submission           lenge for Government is to har-
     ing to overcome a disadvantage        £15,000 a year.                         said that services and manufac-      ness that diverse and oft-over-
     because young people can                                                      turing are not only central to the   looked societal potential in
     receive low interest funding for      Such support should be limited          UK in balance of trade terms.        manufacturing alongside the
     a university education but not        to training schemes where there                                              economic by creating policies
     for apprenticeships.                  is documentary evidence of reg-         “They require different skill sets   that lock it in for the UK, rather
                                           ular assessment and progress.           of the people who work in them       than letting it move offshore to
     EAMA said this “makes a clear                                                 and therefore have major impli-      the benefit of citizens in other
     practical statement” that the aca-    This kind of action, EAMA said,         cations for our shared pursuit of    countries.”

     Our next issue will be                                                         DIARY DATES
     distributed at Farnborough
     International Airshow (July                                                    2008
     14-20) and will include a                                                      April 15 - 17 PDM Exhibition, Telford International Centre
     major feature to help GTMA
                                                                                    April 21 - 22 ISTMA Europe Meeting, Zurich, Switzerland
     companies win business in
     the important aerospace                                                        April 21 - 25 MACH 08, NEC, Birmingham
     sector.                                                                        May 14 GTMA AGM & Conference 2008,
                                                                                    Factory of the Future, Sheffield
     The issue, expected to be one
                                                                                    June (TBC) - Aerospace / Oil & Gas Event
     of the biggest ever published,
                                                                                    July 14 - 20 Farnborough International
     will also have features covering:
                                                                                    September (TBC) Marine and Composite Event, Southampton
     > Emerging Technologies               GTMA Aerospace Briefing report is        September 3 - 4 Instrumentation Series, Aberdeen
                                           available free of charge. Please con-
       (including Toolmaking and EU        tact GTMA for           Sept 30 - Oct 2 Interplas / Inspex, NEC, Birmingham
       R&D research projects)              your copy.
                                                                                    October 21 - 22 TCT Conference & Exhibition, Ricoh Arena
     > Composites
                                                                                    October 21 - 25 EuroBLECH, Hanover, Germany
     > CAD/CAM & Specialised
       Software                            on 01844 274222. Alternatively
                                           email:                                   2009
     GTMA members (and non-      
                                                                                    March 18 Make Measurement Matter Roadshow,
     members) wanting to use the
     edition to promote their activities   Please also contact Colin if you         RAF Cosford, Shropshire
     in any of these areas should          want to appear in the Medical
     contact Colin Swindells on            Briefing report about to be
     01243 826385 or GTMA offices          prepared for Press.

                            weblinks... weblinks... weblinks... weblinks... weblinks...

CAD/CAM Software                  Measurement Systems             Rapid Prototype Services           Thread Grinding
CGTech Ltd                        Trac Measurement Systems Ltd    Rapitypes Limited                  Aspin Engineering Ltd                
Delcam UK                                                    Rapid Prototyping & Tooling
Open Mind Technologies UK Ltd                                     CRDM Limited                                   

Calibration Services
che coordinate metrology
                                  Metrology                                                          Tooling Materials
Gauge Blocks                      Bowers Metrology Group                                             Ampco Metal Limited
Alan Browne Gauges                                                             Renishaw plc
                                        Standard Parts & Accessories
                                  Moulds and Dies       
                                  Thomas Keating Ltd
                                  Moorland Toolmaking Co. Ltd
Hydraulic Cylinders                                                                                  ABR (Specialist Welding) Ltd
CyTec Systems UK Ltd                                                                       
                                                                  Please call Colin Swindells on 01243 826385 to add your company here.
Injection Moulding
HBC Global Engineering
Solutions   Rojac Tooling Technologies
Laser Welding                     Ryetools Ltd
ABR (Specialist Welding) Ltd
Carrr’s Welding Technologies      Mould Tool Manufacture
Ltd                               N.D. Precision Products  

                                  Prototype Tooling
                                  Hockley Pattern & Tool
Manufacturing Software            Company Limited
Sescoi UK Limited                  Precision Machining
                                  Waveney Precision Ltd


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