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					                                      Troy Stanley Professional Corporation
                                               Year End Checklist

Copy of Incorporation documents and Minute Book

Copy of previous year’s Corporate Income Tax Return

Year-to-date transaction ledger including break down of revenues and how they are calculated (from invoices/bank

Bank reconciliations as of the year end (if completed), bank statements for all bank accounts including for the month
following year end

Details of cash on hand at year-end (cash received, not yet deposited)

List of accounts receivable at year end (amounts owed to you)

List of doubtful accounts recoverable at year end (non-collectible or collection doubtful)

List of capital assets bought, sold, or traded in during the year:
         -bill of sale invoices
         -finance contracts
         -list of any assets leased during the year

List of accounts payable (owed by you) as at year end including any year end accrual information

Copy of G.S.T returns for the year and any correspondence from the CRA regarding your GST account

Copy of year end source deductions remittance form with year-to-date credit indicated

Copies of federal and provincial income tax notices and any assessment notices

Copy of the T4 and T4A summary and all payroll details for the year

Copy of the T5 and T5 summary for the year

Copy of WCB summary for the year

Bank loan documents for year end balances or new or revised loans

Legal documents respecting law suits, financing asset acquisitions or other major events (if any)

Copies of any leases or contracts in effect during the year

Copies of all insurance policies or endorsements

Donation details and copies of receipts & cancelled cheques/proof of payment for amounts > $500

Expense information pertaining to Business Use of Home for home office (mortgage interest, property taxes, hydro, gas,
insurance, repairs), as well as estimated square footage part of home used for business use and total square footage of your

Details pertaining to vehicles belonging to the corporation and amount of kms driven for business and personal use. Or the
number of business use kms driven with personal auto during year. If a log for auto use is available, please provide that.

Computer diskette of detailed general ledger for the year (electronic copy of Simply Accounting/Quickbooks/Excel files)

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