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                           to the

                  School Year

              371 West Farm Road ♦ Bethlehem, NH 03574
Telephone (603) 444-2928 • Fax (603) 444-1258 •

      Check List................................................................................... 3
      Questions and Contacts .............................................................. 4
      Transportation ............................................................................ 6
      Local Area Information .............................................................. 8
      Directions ................................................................................. 10
      Dorm Furnishings..................................................................... 11
      2010-2011 Calendar ................................................................. 12
      Student Information*………………………………………....14
      Student Permissions* ............................................................... 16
      Release/Indemnification Form* ............................................... 18
      Team and Individual Sports* ................................................... 20
      Work Jobs……………………………………………………..21
      Work Jobs Sign-up*…………………………………………..24
      Outdoor Education Program..................................................... 25
      Required Equipment List ......................................................... 26
      Fall Orientation*....................................................................... 27
      Fall Orientation Sign Ups*....................................................... 28
      Roommate Survey* .................................................................. 29

*Please complete, sign and return to WMS no later than August 1, 2010.


   Have you completed and returned the following?

Completed Health Services Packet

Completed Forms Mailed
 Fall Orientation, Fall Sports, Work Jobs, Student Information, Permission for Using Student Names,
Images & Parent Addresses, Student Off-Campus Permission, Student Riding/Driving Permission,
Release/Indemnification Form and, if new, the Roommate Survey

Arrival Travel Plans Phoned, Faxed or E-mailed to:
Dean of Students, Nate Snow
603-444-2928 x12
603-444-1258 fax

    Have you made arrangements for the following?

   Health Physical

   Outdoor Education Equipment

   Sports Equipment

   If new, your previous school (s) to send complete, official transcripts to WMS
  WMS Main Number
     (603) 444-2928

May we help you with your questions?
Please contact the designated person(s) if you have questions:

Academics                     Mercedes Pour-Previti, Dean of Studies
                              ext. |

Admissions                    Beth Towle, Director of Admission & Financial Aid
                              ext. 19 |

                              Molly Radis, Assistant Director of Admissions
                              ext. 24 |

                              Rob West, Assistant Director of Admissions
                              ext. 17 |

Alumni & Development          Justin Solomon, Director of External Affairs
                              ext. 16 |

                              Julie Yates, Director of Alumnae/i Relations
                              ext. 20 |

Athletics                     Nate Snow, Athletic Director
                              ext. 12 |

Chaplaincy                    Paul Higginson, Chaplain
                              ext. 62 |

College Counseling            Joyce Vining Morgan, College Counselor
                              ext. 23 |

Dorm Teams                    Hill House Cell Phone: 603-616-1529
                              Danielle Vienneau (Dorm Head), Hiapo Emmons-Shaw, Anitra Lahiri,
                              Amy Snow and Barbara Buckley

                              Carter Cell Phone: 603-616-1530
                              Kate Renner (Dorm Head), Molly Radis, Beth Towle, Julie Yates and Brent

                              Lower Burroughs Cell Phone: 603-616-1531
                              Ben Moss (Dorm Head), Paddy Foran, Campbell Ainsworth, Matthew Toms and
                              Justin Solomon

                             Upper Burroughs Cell Phone: 603-616-1532
                             Will Decherd (Dorm Head), Rob West, Liz Moss, Paul Denby

                             Solar Cell Phone: 603-616-1533
                             Gabe Boisseau (Dorm Head), Josh Early, Jaime Pollitte, Paul Higginson and
                             Adam Nyborg

Finances & Insurance         Karen Foss, Director of Finance and Operations
                             ext. 14 |

                             Meglyn Bull, Business Office Manager & Student Accounts
                             ext. 15 |

Health & Medications         Meredith Kitfield, Director of Health Services
                             ext. 18 |

Learning Assistance          Joanna Boisseau, Director of the Learning Center
Program                      ext. 21 |

Student Activities           Liz Moss, Student Activities Coordinator
                             ext. 27|

Student Assistance Program Matthew Toms, SAP Coordinator
                           ext. 39 |

Student Services and         Nate Snow, Dean of Students
Residential Life             ext. 12 |

Technology                   Ben Moss, Director of Technology
                             ext. 30 |

Travel                       Nate Snow, Dean of Students
                             ext. 12 |

Outdoor Education            Jaime Pollitte, Director of Outdoor Education Program
                             ext. 31 |

Other Questions              Sheena Sullivan, Registrar/Administrative Assistant
                             ext. 10 or “0” |

Wire Transfer Information:   Northway Bank
                             Routing # 011700425
                             Account # 206696

Dorm Phone Numbers:          Burroughs: 603-444-5716
                             Carter: 603-444-5700
                             Solar: 603-444-3931
                             Hill House: 603-444-6819
                             Main Building: 603-444-5764

As an aid to parents and students planning to use commercial transportation to and from Littleton, New
Hampshire, the following information may be helpful.

The School must have confirmation of all travel plans prior to students leaving campus, including airline, flight
number, departure and arrival times and destination. Anyone flying in for the start of school who will need
WMS transportation to campus must arrive at the Manchester airport on Saturday, August 28th before 8pm (see
schedule below). These students (and only these students) will be allowed to stay on campus that night before
Registration Day.

   Please confirm all travel plans for August 28/29, 2010 on or before August 23, 2010.

If a student misses his/her connection with a flight, train or bus or will be arriving late to campus the student
should notify the Administrator on Duty (603-616-1528) or Nate Snow, Dean of Students (603-616-2040).

WMS provides transportation to and from the Manchester Airport for all major vacations/breaks for a fee of $45
each way. Transportation to and from the Manchester or Concord, NH Bus Stations is also available at the
times specified below. Arrangements for these services must be made in advance with the Dean of Students.
All other transportation is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents or guardians.

WMS Pick-up and Drop-off Dates & Times:

8/28/10            for Registration Day               Departs from MHT Airport @ 8:00pm

10/2/10            Fall Break                         Departs WMS @ 12:00pm for MHT Airport
                                                      (flights should not be scheduled before 4pm)
10/6/10                                               Departs from MHT Airport @ 8:00pm

11/20/10           Thanksgiving Break                 Departs WMS @ 6:30am for MHT Airport
11/29/10                                              Departs from MHT Airport @ 8:00pm

12/18/10           Winter Break                       Departs WMS @ 6:30am for MHT Airport
1/3/11                                                Departs from MHT Airport @ 8:00pm

2/4/11             February Break                     Departs WMS @ 12:00pm for MHT Airport
2/8/11                                                Departs from MHT Airport @ 8:00pm

3/12/11            March Break                        Departs WMS @ 6:30am for MHT Airport
3/28/11                                               Departs from MHT Airport @ 8:00pm

5/28/11            Graduation Day                     Departs WMS @ 12:00pm for MHT Airport

Manchester Airport
It is a two hour drive to the Manchester Airport from WMS. Outgoing flights should be scheduled at least four
hours after the WMS departure time listed above. Students should meet the bus at the baggage claim area at
Manchester Airport when returning from breaks. Trips returning to WMS always leave the airport at 8pm. If
there is need for a second bus, this typically will depart the airport at 5pm. Ensuring that we have accurate
flight information before students leave campus will assist us in scheduling these trips. If any travel
complications occur, please call the Administrator on Duty immediately (603-616-1528).

Bus Transportation
Concord Coach runs two daily buses to and from Littleton, NH. The White Mountain School provides
transportation to and from the bus stop in Littleton on weekends and on the departure and return vacation dates
listed on page 6.

The Concord Coach bus goes to both South Station and to Logan Airport in Boston. Please see the contact
information below to check on bus times.

WMS will also provide transportation to and from the Concord or Manchester, NH bus stations if needed on the
vacation departure and return dates listed on page 6.

The following buses service the Manchester Bus Station:

       Concord Coach   800-639-3317
       Vermont Transit    800-552-8737

Other transportation services

For transportation outside the normal school schedule or for flights that arrive too early or late to utilize WMS
transportation, it may be necessary to use a taxi service. The cost for this is a student’s responsibility.

Dave’s Taxi                         Littleton, NH                603-444-0407
Real Sense Limousine                Hampton, NH                  603-893-1005

We hope that these dates and the information contained on these pages will help you with your travel plans for
the upcoming school year. If you have any questions at all about dates, times or transportation in general,
please contact us before you book a flight or a bus ticket.

Local Area Information - Places to Stay Near Campus

                                • Indian Head Resort - 603-745-8000***
                                • Maplewood Country Club & Hotel - 603-869-3335
                                • Mittersill Resort - 603-823-5511
                                • Mount Washington Resort at Bretton Woods - 800-314-1752
                                • Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa - 603-837-2100


                                • Adair Country Inn - 888-444-2600*
                                • Angel of the Mountains - 888-704-4004
                                • Bear Mountain Lodge - 603-869-2189
                                • Four Seasons Motor Inn – 603-846-5708
                                • Franconia Inn - 603-823-5542
                                • Hampton Inn – 603-444-0025
                                • Lovetts Inn – 603-823-7761*
                                • Mt. Eustis Inn - 603-444-3300
                                • Northern Nights Inn - 603-837-3010
                                • Sugar Hill Inn - 603-823-5639*
                                • Sunset Hill House - 800-786-4455
                                • Thayers Inn - 800-634-8179
                                • The Horse & Hound Inn – 800-454-5501
                                • The Wayside Inn & Riverview Restaurant - 603-869-3364
                                • Travel Inn – 603-259-3085 or 877-284-8045

Hotels & Motels

                                • Best Western White Mountain Resort - 603-823-2422
                                • Bretton Woods Mountain Resort & Ski Area - 603-278-3320
                                • Cannon Mountain View – 603- 823-9577
                                • Carlson's Lodge - 603-846-5501
                                • Comfort Inn & Suites - 802-748-1500
                                • Country Squire Motel - 603-444-5610
                                • Eastgate Motor Inn - 866-640-3561 **
                                • Gale River Motel – 800-255-7989
                                • Littleton Motel - 603-444-5780 * (seasonal discount available)
                                • Maple Leaf Motel - 888-513-5323 *
                                • Maplewood Country Club & Hotel - 603-869-3335
                                • Pinewood Motel - 603-444-2075


                                • Mirror Lake Motel & Cabins - 603-837-2544
                                • Westwind Vacation Cottages - 603-823-5532


                                • Beech Hill Campground - 603-846-5521
                                • Littleton/Lisbon KOA Campground - 603-838-5525
                                • Twin Mountain KOA -603-846-5559

* Mention your affiliation with The White Mountain School when you make your reservation and receive a 10% discount!
** Mention your affiliation with The White Mountain School when you make your reservation and receive a 15%
*** Mention your affiliation with The White Mountain School when you make your reservation and receive a 25%
Chambers of Commerce
Bethlehem Area Chamber of Commerce
Franconia Chamber of Commerce  
Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce


Connecticut River Bank, NA           8 Main Street, Littleton, NH       877-444-5333

Laconia Savings Bank                 125 Main Street, Littleton, NH     800-832-0912

Northway Bank                      76 Main Street, Littleton, NH        603-444-5321

Passumpsic Savings Bank            81 Meadow Street, Littleton, NH     800-379-7345

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank 189 Cottage Street, Littleton, NH     603-444-5237

Cellular Companies
US Cellular-JA Corey              564 Meadow Street, Littleton, NH    603-444-3343
Verizon-Wireless Zone             365 Meadow Street, Littleton, NH    603-444-0005
Cherry Blossom Floral Design      240 Union Street, Littleton, NH     603-444-1015

Floradale Flower Shop             Main Street, Franconia, NH          603-823-7176

Emily Herzig Floral Studio       PO Box 294, Littleton, NH            603-444-7600


From Southern New Hampshire/Boston area:
Take I-93 North to exit 40, Bethlehem
Take a right off the ramp onto Route 302 east
Take an immediate right onto Route 18 and then the next right onto West Farm Road
The School entrance is a ½ mile on your left.

From Vermont/Western Massachusetts/Connecticut:
Take I-91 North to I-93 South in St. Johnsbury
Take exit 40 off I-93
Take a right off the ramp onto Route 302 east
Take the first right onto West Farm Road
The School entrance is a ½ mile on your left.

From Maine:
Take Route 302 West through Bethlehem, NH
Take a left onto Route 18 just before the I-93 interchange and then a right onto West Farm Road
The School entrance is a ½ mile on your left.


To Wal-Mart, Shaw’s and Staples
Take a right out of the main driveway
Take a left on Route 18
At the stop sign take a left and then a right onto I-93 North
Take exit 42 and a left at the end of the ramp
Staples will be on your right and Wal-Mart and Shaw’s will be on you left

To Main Street Littleton (Lahout’s, Village Book Store, Chutters, etc.)
Take a right out of the main driveway
Take a left on Route 18
At the stop sign take a left and then a right onto I-93 North
Take exit 41 and a right at the end of the ramp (now on Cottage Street)
Go to the bottom of the hill to traffic light.
At the light, right for Lahouts and left for all others.

Student rooms are furnished with a:


Students must provide the following:

                      Alarm clock
                      Desk lamp – with CFL bulb (CFL bulbs available in Student Store)
                      Sheets, pillow cases (3 sets of extra-long, twin size)
                      Blankets (2 minimum)
                      Towels (3 sets)
                      Curtains or window coverings

Electrical cooking appliances, television sets, game stations, candles, lanterns and other burning substances of
any kind are prohibited in dorm rooms. Unauthorized items will be confiscated and sent home at the student’s

Dorm rooms are not big enough for a large amount of athletic gear, clothing, personal items and decoration
storage. Please keep this in mind when packing for the year.

                            WMS 2010-11 CALENDAR
August      23-27     M-F     Faculty In-Service
            26        Th      New International Students arrive at 8:00 pm.
            27        F       Proctors arrive at 8:00 pm.
            28        Sa      Airport bus departs MHT**at 8:00 pm.
            29        Su      Student Registration, Orientation Shakedown, Convocation
            30-Sept 1 M-W     Orientation Trips

September   1       W         Sign The Book
            2       Th        Classes begin.
            4-5     Sa-Su     Community Weekend (closed weekend)
            10      F         Advisor/Advisee Dinner
            11      Sa        Block A project block
            25      Sa        Block B project block

October     1-2     F-Sa      Family Weekend, Harvest Dinner
            1-3     F-Su      Alumnae/i Weekend/Trustee Meetings
            2       Sa        Family Weekend classes
            2       Sa        Fall Break begins. Airport buses depart WMS at noon.
            6       W         Boarding students return*. Last airport bus departs MHT at 8:00pm.
            7       Th        Classes resume
            9       Sa        Block C project block
            9       Sa        SAT
            11-15   M-F       Field Courses
            16      Sa        PSAT
            23      Sa        ACT
            30      Sa        Block D project block

November    5       F         Mid-Term 1 closes.
            6       Sa        SAT
            12      F         Cultural Event: The Offshore Aces: Cajun Music and Culture
            13      Sa        Block E project block
            19      F         Fall Sports Awards
            20      Sa        Thanksgiving Break begins. First airport bus departs WMS at 6:30am.
            29      M         Faculty In-Service. Boarding students return*. Last airport bus departs MHT at
                              8:00 p.m.
            30      T         Classes resume

December    3       F         Cultural Event: Poetry in Motion
            4       Sa        SAT
            4       Sa        Block F project block (closed weekend)
            11      Sa        ACT
            14-17   T-F       Semester I Exams
            17      F         Holiday Celebration
            18      Sa        Winter Break begins. First airport bus departs WMS at 6:30am.

January-2011   3         M             Faculty In-Service. Boarding students return*. Last airport bus departs MHT at
                                       8:00 p.m.
               4         T             Classes resume
               7-9       F-Su          Winter Festival Weekend (closed weekend)
               8         Sa            Block G project block
               14        F             Semester I ends.
               17        M             Semester II begins. New students register.
               21        F             Advisor/Advisee Dinner
               22        Sa            Block A project block
               22        Sa            SAT
               21-22     F-Sa          Trustee Meetings
               29        Sa            Block B project block

February       4         F             February Break begins at noon. Airport buses depart WMS at noon.
               8         T             Boarding students return* Last airport bus departs MHT at 8:00 pm.
               9         W             Classes resume
               12        Sa            ACT
               12        Sa            Block B project block
               18        F             International Night
               19        Sa            Block C project block

March          4         Fr            Winter Sports Awards
               5         Sa            Block D project block
               7-11      M-F           Field Courses
               12        Sa            March Break begins. First airport bus departs WMS at 6:30am.
               28        M             Faculty In-Service. Boarding students return*. Last airport bus departs MHT at
                                       8:00 p.m.
               29        T             Classes resume.

April          2         Sa            Block E project block (closed weekend)
               8         F             Mid-Term 2 closes.
               9         Sa            ACT
               15        F             Cultural Event: Incas Wasi: Andean Music and Culture
               15-16     F-Sa          Family Weekend
               30        Sa            Block F project block

May            2-6      M-F            AP Exams
               6-7      F-Sa           Trustee Meetings
               7        Sa             SAT
               9-13     M-F            AP Exams
               14       Sa             Block G project block
               19       Th             Prom
               20       F              Community Service Day and Spring Sports Awards
               21       Sa             Exam Review classes (closed weekend)
               23-26    M-Th           Semester II Exams
               27       F              Pass The Book, Baccalaureate
               28       Sa             125th Commencement
               28       Sa             Summer Break begins at noon. Airport buses depart WMS at noon.
               30-Jun 2 M-Th           Faculty In-Service

* Boarding students (with the exception of those returning via WMS or Concord Coach buses) are required to return from
all vacations by 7:00 pm.
** MHT = Manchester, NH airport
                                                                                                          Rev. 6/29/10
Please print clearly or type and include as much information as possible.
Please remove and return all applicable forms (pgs 14, 17 & 20-26) to
WMS no later than August 1, 2010.

       First Name: _________________ Middle Name: _________________ Last Name: _________________

       Nickname: _________________ Date of Birth: _________________ Gender:  Male  Female

       SSN: ______________________ Student Cell Phone: _____________________ Grade: ____________
            required for transcript

       Relationship to Student: ________________________________________________________________
       Address:        _______________________________________________________________________
       City: __________________ State: _____________ Zip: _____________ Country: _________________

       Home Phone: _______________________
       Dad Work:   _______________________ Mom Work: ________________________
       Dad Cell:   _______________________ Mom Cell: _________________________
       Dad Fax:    _______________________ Mom Fax:__________________________
       Dad E-Mail: _______________________ Mom E-Mail: _______________________

       Relationship to Student: ________________________________________________________________
       Address:        _______________________________________________________________________
       City: __________________ State: _____________ Zip: _____________ Country: _________________

       Home Phone: _______________________
       Dad Work:   _______________________ Mom Work: ________________________
       Dad Cell:   _______________________ Mom Cell: _________________________
       Dad Fax:    _______________________ Mom Fax:__________________________
       Dad E-Mail: _______________________ Mom E-Mail: _______________________


Name:                     ___________________________________________________________
Address:                  ___________________________________________________________
                          City: __________________ State: _____________ Zip: _____________

Phone:                    ___________________________________________________________
Fax:                      ___________________________________________________________
E-Mail:                   ___________________________________________________________

ACADEMIC MAILINGS: such as grades, advisor letters, progress reports, etc. should be sent to
(check all that apply):

           Primary Contacts            Secondary Contacts        Educational Consultant

Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: __________________ State: _____________ Zip: _____________ Country: ___________
Phone: _______________________________________________________________________
Fax: _________________________________________________________________________
E-Mail: _______________________________________________________________________

Name:                     ___________________________________________________________
Address:                  ___________________________________________________________
                          City: __________________ State: _____________ Zip: _____________

Phone:                    ___________________________________________________________
Fax:                      ___________________________________________________________
E-Mail:                   ___________________________________________________________

Name:                     ___________________________________________________________
Address:                  ___________________________________________________________
                          City: __________________ State: _____________ Zip: _____________

Phone:                    ___________________________________________________________
Fax:                      ___________________________________________________________
E-Mail:                   ___________________________________________________________


Three or four times a week, WMS offers a “Town Trip” into Littleton for students. Students ride on WMS
buses either to the downtown area or to the Shaw’s/Wal-Mart area. They are not supervised while in town, but
return via the same WMS bus. These trips can be for shopping, dinner, ice cream, hanging out, going to the
movies, etc . . . This permission authorizes a student to go on Town Trip when offered.

                 Town Trip Permission                         No Town Trip Permission


This form allows for a student to go off-campus locally (non overnight) without adult supervision. This could
be for cycling, biking/walking to town, taking a taxi to/from town or going off-campus in student vehicles
(additional permission needed below). Students always sign out and in when leaving campus and the school
reserves the right to override parental permission to leave campus. Students may only leave campus during
strictly regulated times. Additional information on these guidelines can be found in the Community Handbook.

My child              Does            Does Not

have permission to go off-campus locally without adult supervision.

Additional restrictions/exceptions to this permission:


My child has permission to ride in vehicles with:

    WMS Students

   Non-WMS Adults (including other parents)

   Non-WMS Students (anyone under age 25, including: WMS Alumni, siblings, etc. . . )

   May only ride with _______________________________________________.

_______________________________________                   ____________________________________

Parent’s Signature                                        Date
_______________________________________                   ____________________________________

Student’s Signature                                       Date
On occasion, The White Mountain School may want to use images (photographs with or without names or
video), written material, and/or artistic material by our students in the yearbook, literary magazine, viewbook,
website, newspaper articles and additional promotional materials. In addition, we ask your permission to release
your name, address and phone number to other parents of students enrolled and to prospective WMS parents
and students who are in the admission process.

Please check one box:

   I give permission for the above.     I do not give permission for the above.

_______________________________________                    ____________________________________

Parent’s Signature                                         Date
_______________________________________                    ____________________________________

Student’s Signature                                        Date

                                       VEHICLE REGISTRATION
My child, _________________________________, has permission to have a car on campus to be used
according to the school’s rules and guidelines. Proof of insurance, a copy of the vehicle registration, and a
copy of the student’s license must also be included with this form before a vehicle arrives on campus.
The above student has permission to drive other WMS students as follows:
      Any WMS Student                 May NOT drive students

      May only drive _________________________________________________

I have read and understand the Community Handbook section regarding the use of motor vehicles. Further, I
understand that a violation of the stated guidelines for vehicle use could result in the loss of driving privileges. I
also understand that Day Students may not bring any vehicle on campus without a license, state registration,
Student Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance on file with the Dean of Students prior to the arrival of
such vehicle. I further understand that Boarding Students may not have motor vehicles on campus or stored near
campus without permission from the Dean of Students and a Student Vehicle Registration, license, state
registration and proof of insurance on file. Also, no student will be allowed to drive another student’s vehicle.

Vehicle Make:______________________________                    Vehicle Model: _______________________
Vehicle Color:______________________________                   License Plate Number:_________________
Vehicle registered to:_________________________                Registered in the state of: _______________

                          Release/Indemnification of all Claims for
                           Wilderness & Team Sports & Activities
No student/participant will be allowed to participate in wilderness or team sports or school activities until this form is signed and
dated by the student/participant and, where the student/participant is under the age of 18, by a parent or legal guardian.

Participant’s Name: (print) _____________________

        Notice: This is a legally binding agreement. By signing this agreement you give up your right to bring a court action
to recover compensation or obtain any other remedy for any injury or death to yourself, your child or your property, however
caused, arising out of participation in school sports/activities now or any time in the future.

         The School offers many opportunities for participation in Wilderness, Team Sports & Activities. These opportunities
include, but are not limited to, Orientation, Field Courses, indoor climbing & fitness, weekend activities and seasonal sports
(rock & ice climbing, hiking, indoor climbing, mountain biking, back country skiing, cross country skiing, alpine skiing and ski
racing, snowboarding, flatwater paddling, whitewater paddling, soccer, lacrosse, tennis and dance and such other
sports/activities as the School may add to its program.
         We do not wish to reduce your interest or enthusiasm for any activities; however, we do believe that it is important that
you understand that there are risks inherent in each sport/activity. For some sports/activities, the inherent risks contribute to the
sport’s/activity’s unique character.
         Although in our experience serious injuries and illnesses resulting from these activities are rare, you should read this
document carefully before signing it so that you are aware of many of those risks and aware that there may be risks not
identified herein. Risks could cause illness, serious injury, permanent disability, psychological trauma or death.

         If you do not understand the nature or potential for risk in any paragraph below, you should speak with an
instructor/coach or administrator. The word “activities” includes “sports”.

    • Outdoor activities pose weather/temperature related risks which include, but are not limited to, sunburn, lightning, heat
        stroke, frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration, ice-related injuries including falling on ice and falling ice, avalanche and
        other extreme conditions, including high winds and severe rain or snow storms.
    • Outdoor activities pose risks from terrain that include, but are not limited to, unstable footing, falling rocks or other
        objects, falling against rocks or other objects, deep water, moving water, steep slopes and slippery conditions and
        dangers such as holes and hazards, including hazards covered or obscured by water, snow, debris, darkness, rain, fog
        or other conditions.
    • Outdoor activities pose risks which include, but are not limited to, poisonous plants, insects, snakes, rabid animals,
        animal attacks and trampling by large animals.
    • Outdoor and indoor activities pose risks which include, but are not limited to, falling to and impact with the ground,
        sometimes from significant heights. There are also risks when falling but not falling completely to the ground such as
        injury from safety equipment, rocks, indoor climbing holds/surfaces, trees and contact with other people, including
        people who may be attempting to break your fall. There may also be the risk of falling to, and impact with, water from
        heights or otherwise impacting water with force. Water also poses the risk of drowning.
    • Some activities pose risks associated with speed, including excessive speed, normal speed or slow speed.
    • Wilderness activities often pose risks from failing to follow instructions on the decontamination of water from stream,
        pond, lake and river water and other sources when such sources are used for drinking water. Improper decontamination
        of water used for drinking poses the risk of serious illness or death.
    • Wilderness activities are often conducted distant from medical services and in locations that are difficult to reach. This
        may cause delay in contacting authorities in the event of a medical/rescue emergency and delay of rescue/medical
        teams in reaching you for assistance.
    • All activities pose risks from equipment failure, collision with and/or tripping over equipment, malfunction of equipment,
        loss of equipment, improper use of equipment and failure to follow instructions/guidelines regarding proper
        equipment/use of equipment. Normal use of equipment may cause injuries as well.
    • Foreign travel poses risk of illnesses or diseases that are not common to the United States, and medical treatment as you
        may know it in the United States often is not available in other countries.

    • All sports activities frequently require travel to off-campus sites, with the risks inherent in travel by car, bus, airplane and
        other transportation means.
    • Students who voluntarily choose a sport/activity or class may be required to engage in related activities. Examples: 1.) A
        course taught in the classroom may require participation in a Field Course trip involving canoeing and overnight
        camping. 2.) The coach of a sport such as rock climbing may require a weekend climbing trip for an extended teaching


          Acknowledgement of Risk I hereby acknowledge and agree that the activities noted above, as well as other school-
related activities, have inherent risks. I acknowledge that I/my child am/is responsible for my/his/her own safety in these
activities. We, the undersigned parent(s)/guardian(s) and student participant agree that the school may set specific conditions on
my/my child’s participation in these activities which include, but are not limited to, limitations based upon scheduling,
academic, social, behavioral or safety concerns. We agree to abide by the conditions established by the school.
          I further acknowledge that the above listing of risks is provided as an aid to help me/us understand the types of
potential risks but that this document does not state all possible risks associated with wilderness or team sports or activities, and
that the list in no way limits the reach of this release and indemnification agreement.

Release/Indemnification In consideration of my/my child’s participation in any of the aforementioned activities, I/we the
undersigned agree to release and on behalf of myself, my child, my/my child’s heirs, representatives, executors, administrators
and assigns HEREBY DO RELEASE The White Mountain School, its officers, agents and employees from any cause of action,
claims or demands of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to a claim of negligence, which I/my child, my/my
child’s heirs, representatives executors, administrators and assigns may now have, or have in the future against The White
Mountain School on account of personal injury, property damage, death, illness or accident of any kind arising out of or in any
way related to my/my child’s participation in the above or other school-related activities, howsoever the injury or damage is
caused, including but not limited to the negligence of The White Mountain School.
         In consideration of my/my child’s participation in any of the above or other school-related activities, we, the
undersigned, agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS The White Mountain School, its officers, agents and employees
from all causes of action, claims, demands, losses and costs of any nature whatsoever arising out of or in any way relating to
participation in these activities.
I/we hereby certify that I/we have read, understood and considered the nature and extent of the risks inherent in these activities
and that the participant is voluntarily assuming the risks. I/we understand that I/my child will be solely responsible for any loss
or damage, including death, sustained while participating in these activities and that by this agreement I/my child am/is
relieving The White Mountain School of any and all liability, whether due to the School’s negligence or otherwise, for such
loss, damage or death.
I further certify that I/my child is in good health and that my child has no physical or other limitations which would preclude
safe participation in the above and other school-related activities.
I understand that the terms of this agreement are legally binding and I certify that, after having carefully read it, I am signing
this of my own free will. I/we fully understand that this means that neither The White Mountain School nor any of its faculty,
employees, or agents shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage occasioned as a result of my/my child’s participation in
wilderness or team sports, or other school activities.


__________________________________ _______________
Participant’s signature Date
Participant’s signature is required.

___________________________________ _______________
Parent/Legal Guardian Signature Date

Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) signature(s) is also required for any participant under the age of 18.

Sports meet four days a week and on Project Block Saturdays in the Fall and Spring (team sports every
Saturday) All students must participate in a sport or activity during all three seasons. You can sign up for your
fall sport by returning the form at the bottom of this page. All sports are open to all students, regardless of
previous experience. Additional information/sign-ups will be available on Registration Day as well. Our
2010-2011 sports offerings are as follows:
               FALL                                  WINTER                                     SPRING
           Boy’s Soccer                          Boy’s Basketball                            Boy’s Lacrosse
           Girl’s Soccer                    Recreational Ski/Snowboard                       Girl’s Lacrosse
         Mountain Biking                       Cross-Country Skiing                       Whitewater Kayaking
      Intro to Outdoor Skills               Backcountry Ski/Snowboard                        Rock Climbing
          Rock Climbing                         Alpine Ski Racing                           Hiking & Fitness
              Theater                                  Theater                            Farm and Forest Crew
      Farm and Forest Crew                       Snowboard Team                                  Cycling
                                                Freestyle Ski Team
                                                   Winter Fitness
                                                Community Service

Coaches will make clear the dress and equipment requirements for each sport. Much of this equipment is
available either to borrow, rent or purchase through the school or at local shops.
GET A HEAD START! You will enjoy your fall sports more if you take the time to get out and get some
exercise during the summer. Running, swimming and biking all provide a great base for participation in any
sport, but there are many other ways to get outside, get some exercise and have some fun in the summer!
You must also undergo a routine medical check-up prior to the start of the school year. Please do so and return
the medical form as soon as possible so your fall sports participation won’t be delayed.
Throughout the year, sports schedules and directions to away games can be found on our website at As always, call to confirm before you drive!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 603-444-2928 x12 or e-mail Have a wonderfully active and adventurous summer!

                                                                            Nate Snow
                                                                             Athletic Director
                                               2010 FALL SPORT SIGN-UP

            1ST CHOICE:_______________________________
            2ND CHOICE:_______________________________

Work jobs are jobs that students, faculty, and staff do to help our community keep
running smoothly. They range from cleaning community spaces to helping collect
recycling and turning compost to shelving books in the library. Everyone in our
community contributes their time and energy on a regular basis. Work jobs are one way
you are asked to give something back to your community and to take responsibility for
caring for the place you live and work. Each job is designed to take approximately 30-45
minutes/week, unless otherwise noted. Work Jobs rotate with the sports seasons, so you
will have a chance to change jobs a couple times during the school year. In addition to
your work job, you will also be assigned to a kitchen crew (boarders do dinner crews and
day students do lunch crews). You can expect to do kitchen crew about once every two
weeks on the weekdays, and for 4-5 meals each term on the weekends.

Please read through the following job descriptions and then sign up for a work job on the
form that follows and return it to the school by August 23, 2010. Contact Adam Nyborg,
Work Jobs Coordinator, at with any questions. We do
our best to put you on one of your top three selections, but cannot guarantee this. At the
very least, we will not give you the job you least want.

                              Work Jobs Descriptions
Farm Team: Would you like to learn about farming and forestry? Are you consistently
too busy climbing rocks or kicking balls to sign up for Farm and Forest? This is your
chance to contribute to the community by helping out on the farm. Each week, the Farm
Team will meet for between 45 minutes and one hour to focus on one land stewardship
task. This could be weeding, cutting and splitting firewood, laying pathways in the
garden, harvesting a bumper crop, mowing the orchard, or cleaning out the chicken coop.
You’ll learn new skills, get dirty, have fun, and contribute to your food supply. (Approx.
6 people)

Chicken Team: Get to know our lovely flock of chickens by being a part of the Chicken
Team. The Chicken Team cares for the chickens morning and evening, giving them food
and water, opening and closing their door to the pasture, bringing them the chicken slop
from the kitchen in the morning, and collecting eggs. Typically, each of the 7 people on
the Chicken Team takes care of these tasks one evening and one morning each week.
These tasks happen daily, in the mornings before breakfast (or by 9 am on weekends) and
in the evenings at dusk. (7 people)

Student Lounge Team: The Student Lounge Team is responsible for keeping the student
lounge neat and clean throughout the week. This includes vacuuming, straightening the
furniture, wiping down the table, returning stray dishes to the dishroom, picking up
garbage and recycling, and putting it in the appropriate receptacle, and organizing lost
and found items. (Approx. 4 people)

Recycling Team: The Recycling Team is responsible for moving the recycling from
collection points in the Main Building (glass hallway, faculty room, student mailboxes,
student lounge, library) to the shed, sorting the shed, and taking the recycling from the
shed to the transfer station. (Approx. 9 people)

Table Wiping Team: The table wiping team wipes the dining room tables daily at the
end of lunch. (5 people)

Arts Team: The Arts Team is responsible for keeping the various arts spaces on campus
(printmaking, photo, 2D, music, and theater) clean and appealing to work in. The
ceramics room is not the responsibility of this team. This includes sweeping and
mopping/vacuuming, and sorting recycling into glass hallway bins weekly. (Approx. 4

Dining Room Team: The Dining Room Team ensures that our dining area is clean and
pleasant for the whole community by sweeping, mopping, and arranging the chairs and
tables each night after dinner (Sunday through Friday). (Approx. 26 people – 4 per night
plus 2 supervisors)

Sports Team: The Sports Team helps with Outdoor Education tasks (often equipment
repair). This is organized by the Head of the Outdoor Education Program. In addition, it
cleans the gym weekly, which involves sweeping hard floor surfaces and vacuuming the
carpeted areas, tidying up, and taking lost-and-found items to the lost-and-found in the
Main Building. (Approx. 6 people)

Bus Team: The Bus Team keeps our buses looking spiffy inside sweeping and mopping
them, emptying trash and recycling, and taking lost-and-found items to the Main Building
lost-and-found each week. (Approx. 4 people)

Breakfast Crew: Breakfast Crew helps in the kitchen and dishpit during breakfast and
makes sure that the dining room is left neat and clean heading into the day. This includes
taking all the chairs down off the dining room tables each morning, making sure there are
only six chairs per table, wiping the tables after breakfast, and pushing in all the chairs
after breakfast. There are two people assigned to Breakfast Crew each morning,
Monday-Friday. (10 people)

Humanities Wing Team: The Humanities Wing Team is responsible for cleaning the
upstairs classrooms, hallway, and staircase weekly. This includes, sweeping and
mopping the tiled hallway and staircase, cleaning boards and tables, emptying trash, and
sorting recycling into the bins in the glass hallway. (Approx. 3 people)

Lower Classrooms Team: The Lower Classrooms Team is responsible for cleaning from
the base of the staircase all the way down through the basement level of the classrooms
weekly. This includes cleaning boards and tables, emptying trash and sorting recycling
into the bins in the glass hallway. The basement conference room is included in this work
job. (Approx. 3 people)

Steele Center Team: The Steele Center Team is responsible for weekly cleaning in the
Steele Center, including cleaning boards, emptying trash and sorting recycling from the
classrooms and offices into the glass hallway bins. In addition, this team turns the
composting toilet (don’t worry, it doesn’t smell!). (Approx. 4 people)

Library Team: The Library Team works with Liz (our Librarian) to help keep the library
running. This includes reshelving books, creating displays of new books, dusting
shelves, taking out recycling, vacuuming, and tidying up. (Approx. 2 people)

Glass Hallway Team: The Glass Hallway Team is responsible for maintaining the
cleanliness and tidiness of the glass hallway, including ensuring that personal items are
either hung on hooks or taken to the lost-and-found in the student lounge, dirty mugs, etc.
are returned to the kitchen, the hallway is swept and mopped (including under and around
the recycling bins), and floor mats are vacuumed or thoroughly shaken out outside.
(Approx. 6 people)

Great Hall Team: The Great Hall Team keeps the Great Hall tidy on a daily basis,
picking up stray dishes, lost-and-found items, and straightening the furniture and rugs
first thing in the morning, before morning meeting. In addition, it sweeps and vacuums
the Great Hall area at least 2x/week and mops and wipes down surfaces at least 1x/week.
(Approx. 3 people)

Student Store: The student store is open during F-X and G-X blocks. This job requires
that you be in good academic standing and are able to dedicate one of these blocks each
week to being in the Student Store. Please do not sign up for this job if you are unable or
unwilling to make this commitment or if you think you will regularly need to seek extra
help from your teachers at this time. (2 people)

Junk Mail Team: The Junk Mail Team makes calls to catalogue companies, advertisers,
etc., requesting removal from mailing list in an attempt to reduce the amount of junk mail
coming to the school. (Approx. 2 people)

Technology Helper: The Technology Helper assists Ben, Technology Director, assorted
tasks that help keep the technology department running smoothly. These often involve
lifting heavy equipment. (1 person)

Alumni/Development Assistant: The Alumni/Development Assistant helps Julie, Director
of Alumnae/i Relations, with various tasks in the Alumnae/i Office. This may include
preparing mailings, filing, and other office-related tasks. (1 person)

College Counseling Assistant: The College Counseling Assistant helps Joyce, College
Counselor, keep the college counseling office organized by organizing college view
books, filing, and other office-related tasks. This is a great job for a junior who wants to
get a preview of the college literature that is housed in the college counseling office. (1

Work Jobs Sign-Up

Name: _________________________

After reading the descriptions of the different Work Jobs options,
sign up for your choice below. These jobs change with the sports

Top 3 Choices: Indicate your top three choices from the following jobs.
Farm Team                                        Bus Team
Chicken Team                                     Breakfast Crew
Student Lounge Team                              Humanities Wing Team
Recycling Team                                   Lower Classrooms Team
Table Wiping Team                                Steele Center Team
Arts Team                                        Glass Hallway Team
Dining Room Team                                 Great Hall Team
Sports Team                                      Library Team

If you are interested in any of the following jobs, please indicate the ONE in which you
are most interested.
Student Store                                      College Counseling Assistant
 Junk Mail Team                                    Alumni/Development Assistant
Technology Helper

To which team would you least like to be assigned?________________________________

Return this form with your other materials to the school by August 1, 2010.

Congratulations on your child’s enrollment at The White Mountain School!

With the 800,000 acre White Mountain National Forest out our back door, students and faculty participate in
one Orientation Trip and two required Field Courses throughout the year (totaling 13 days). And, most students
take advantage of additional weekend trips and Outdoor Education afternoon activities, like kayaking, rock
climbing and hiking. To help you prepare your child for the many outdoor activities during the coming school
year, we’ve prepared a Required Equipment List. At first this list may seem like a lot, but as I’m sure you
understand, each piece of equipment is vitally important for the overall safety and comfort of your child during
these trips. Given our region’s rugged terrain and variable, unpredictable weather, this equipment is essential
for the safety of all of us.

Please note the emphasis on synthetic and wool clothing. We stress this because these items maintain body heat
and keep you warm when wet, unlike cotton. Cotton loses all of its insulating value when wet, whether from
perspiration or precipitation. In the mountain climate, where it can snow any month of the year, cotton is
unacceptable clothing.

One item of particular importance is a sturdy pair of waterproof leather or gortex hiking boots. High-top
sneakers and/or "lightweight" boots are unacceptable because they do not provide enough ankle support on the
rough trails we will be hiking, they are impossible to waterproof, and they do not provide warmth and insulation
when the temperatures drop. Examples of appropriate boots include: Vasque Clarion Impact GTX ($140), REI
Monarch II GTX ($125), Asolo FSN 95 GTX ($155), LaSportiva Pignora ($130), Montrail Torre GTX ($125)
and Merrell Switchback ($150). After you purchase a pair of boots, your son/daughter should wear them
around prior to Registration Day to break them in gradually and waterproof them with a product such as

A few suggested retailers of the equipment your child needs are:
       Lahouts in Littleton, NH - (603) 444-5839
       Eastern Mountain Sports -
       L.L. Bean - 800-431-4341 or
       Campmor - 800-226-7667 or
       REI - 800-426-4840 or

With a number of different outdoor activities offered each season, your child will benefit from owning the
appropriate gear.

The School has a limited amount of equipment that students may borrow. Your child must purchase or
borrow the required equipment prior to Outdoor Orientation, which is scheduled for August 30, 2010.

For more information about the Outdoor Education Program, take a look on our website at

                                             Jaime Pollitte
                                             Director of Outdoor Education Program


*Students must have the following items prior to Registration Day, August 29, 2010.

SKIN LAYER                                                                SPECIAL NOTE:
_____synthetic or wool long underwear top                                 Synthetic and wool
_____synthetic or wool long underwear bottom                              clothing required.
_____nylon shorts (1 pair, early fall/late spring only)                   Both materials
_____ synthetic or wool T-shirt                                           maintain body heat and
                                                                          keep you warm when
INSULTATING LAYER                                                         wet, unlike cotton.
                                                                          Cotton loses all
_____synthetic(fleece or pile) pullover or wool sweater
                                                                          insulating value when
_____synthetic (fleece or pile) or wool pants
                                                                          wet, whether from
_____synthetic (fleece or pile) or wool hat
                                                                          perspiration or
_____synthetic (fleece or pile) or wool gloves
                                                                          precipitation. In our
_____wool socks (2-3 pairs)
                                                                          mountain climate,
_____fleece or pile jacket (winter only)
                                                                          where it can snow any
_____synthetic insulated jacket
                                                                          month of the year,
                                                                          cotton is unacceptable
WIND/RAINPROOF LAYER                                                      as clothing.
_____waterproof breathable rain jacket (Gortex or similar)
_____waterproof rain pants (Gortex or similar)

_____sturdy waterproof leather or gortex hiking boots                    SPECIAL NOTE: Hiking boots
_____ low top hiking sneakers                                            should be leather or gortex, sturdy
                                                                         and waterproof. High-top
                                                                         sneakers and/or “lightweight”
CAMPING/HIKING                                                           boots are not acceptable because
_____2 liter water bottle (not glass)                                    they 1) don’t provide ample ankle
_____plastic bowl or large (16 -20oz.) insulated travel mug with cover   support on the rough trails we
_____fork and spoon                                                      hike, 2) are difficult to waterproof
_____headlamp or flashlight                                              and 3) don’t provide warmth and
_____backpack (4500 cubic inches and larger)*                            insulation when the temperatures
_____sleeping bag in stuff sack (rated to 20 degrees F or colder)*       drop. New boots should be worn
_____closed cell foam sleeping pad (full length)*                        around to break them in gradually
                                                                         before wearing them to hike.
                                                                         Waterproof them with a product
*May be Borrowed from WMS (Limited Quantities)                           such as Nikwax.
_____light nylon jacket or anorak with hood
_____light nylon pants
_____1 t-shirt (cotton or synthetic)
_____vest (synthetic or down)
_____synthetic liner socks (2 pairs, winter or hiking trips)
(All Students)
It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the Fall Orientation trips for the 2010-2011 school year. Each year
we are able to offer our students the opportunity to become acquainted with our backyard playground and the
school culture through participation in a field based Orientation. The goal of this program is to welcome new
and returning students to the White Mountain Community in small intimate groups. During this trip students
learn about the general school routine (daily/weekly schedules), the Field Courses, the school discipline system,
overall grading assessment process and other details about The White Mountain School.

Please take the time to look through all of the descriptions. There is a wonderful variety of activities offered and
each type of trip is open to all students, regardless of prior experience or skill level. Please read through the
descriptions below and list your top three choices. Feel free to comment about skill level or your participation
in any activity in the space provided.

For equipment needs and an overview of the Outdoor Education Department , refer back to the sections titled
Outdoor Education Program and Required Equipment List. It is really important for students to arrive with the
required equipment as our Orientation trips leave on Monday so there is little time to acquire essentials for these
trips. All technical gear and equipment (rock climbing gear, kayaks, canoes, paddles, etc. . . ) is provided by
WMS. The exception to this is mountain biking (see below).

If you have any additional questions please contact me at

Mark down your top three interests from the list below and return this form to school by August 1, 2010. We
do attempt to match each student to his or her interests. Since it is not always possible for all students to get
their first choice, it is important for you to list all of your choices.

Backpacking: Backcountry hiking while carrying all gear and food. Trips will range from easy to advanced.
Participants will be placed based on experience and overall fitness.

Day Hiking: From a central base camp in the frontcountry, day hikers will tackle a number of hikes ranging
from easy to moderate before returning to camp each night.

Canoeing: Paddle a canoe along beautiful lakes in the wilds of Maine and New Hampshire with great wildlife
(moose, otter, bald eagle, heron) viewing opportunities. Canoe participants should know how to swim.

Rock Climbing: This is a great opportunity to try climbing for the first time or for more experienced climbers
to dust off those skills after the summer or help teach others. This extremely safe but challenging sport is great
for students with an adventurous spirit.

Whitewater Kayaking: There is no better way to spend a few late summer days than running rapids in a
kayak. Whitewater kayakers will spend some time learning and practicing the basics before heading out to try
some easy whitewater. Whitewater participants should know how to swim and like being in the water.

Mountain Biking: Come ride some of Vermont’s finest trails, from beginner to expert. While there is terrain
for all abilities, participants should be comfortable on a bike and in fairly good physical condition. Participants
are responsible for providing their own functional reliable mountain bike and properly fitted helmet. If you
want to do Mountain Biking and won’t have a bike with you on Registration Day, please indicate this in your
comments. We will do our best to arrange a rental from one of the local shops.
Student Name: __________________________________________

                   Activity                           Comments
1st Choice

2nd Choice

3rd Choice


                                                  Jaime Pollitte
                                                  Director of Outdoor Education Program

(New Students Only)
Please answer the following questions as fully and honestly as you can. While we cannot guarantee you the
perfect roommate, or the exact living arrangements you desire, we can guarantee that we will try to match you
to the best roommate that we can. Any additional information can be provided to Nate Snow at Thanks!

NAME: _____________________________ DATE:: _________________________
How do you like to spend your free time (include hobbies, sports and other interests)?

Describe your sleeping habits.

What is your favorite music? What is your least favorite?

If you had to describe the natural state of your room it would be:

   Very messy      Messy         Neat    Very neat     Other (please describe)

Describe your ideal roommate (list some important characteristics).

What do you think you would be like as a roommate?

What are the best conditions for you to study effectively?

Please list any additional special requests, needs or comments on the back of this form.


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