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					                                                                              Community safety in Weald South
                                                                                                                                                              Autumn 2009

                                                                            Welcome to the second edition of
                                                                            your community safety newsletter.
                                                                            It has been designed to tell you what
                                                                            the police and council are doing to deal
                                                                            with crime and anti-social behaviour in
                                                                            your neighbourhood.
                                                                            Read on to find out how we are dealing
                                                                            with priorities in your community.

                                                                            Nuisance motorcycle riders warned
                                                                            Officers for the Tenterden Rural neighbourhood policing team responded when
                                                                            residents raised concerns about people riding motorcycles in an anti-social
                                                                            manner in Shadoxhurst.
   If a crime is taking place or life is at risk, dial 999                  The riders had been causing a nuisance along the Byway, which runs from
                                                                            Church Lane to Hornash Lane. To deal with the problem, police community
   For general enquiries:                                                   support officer (PCSO) Paul Moorey, neighbourhood officer for Weald South
   Single non-emergency number:           01622 690690                      ward, visited the homes of off-road motorcycle owners to identify those
   (for non-urgent crime reporting, incidents of anti-social                responsible and issue verbal warnings about riding anti-socially.
   behaviour and general enquiries)                                         In addition, PCSO Moorey asked residents to report any further incidents and the
                                                                            neighbourhood officer reported the issue to area motorcycle team, in case
   Email: tenterden.neighbourhood@kent.pnn.police.uk
                                                                            further action was required.
   Your nearest police station: Tenterden Police Station                    PCSO Moorey said: ‘We are trying to solve this problem by involving the
   42a High street, Tenterden TN30 6AR                                      community, but if necessary we will use police enforcement teams.’
   9am-12.30pm and 1.15pm-5pm Monday-Friday, closed Saturday
   and Sunday (including non-urgent crime reporting)                            Every effort possible is made to make sure the correct newsletter is delivered to each
                                                                            household. However, if you receive the wrong edition, call 01622 652158 and leave your name
   Website: www.kent.police.uk                                                           and full address and we will supply you with the correct newsletter.
   Call Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on           0800 555 111
                                                                               Police and councils working together to deal with anti-social behaviour
   This newsletter is available in large print, other                                                 and crime where you live
   formats and languages – call       01622 652158
   to order a copy.
 This newsletter is published by the Kent Police Corporate Communications
 department. Call 01622 652158 for all enquiries.
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                                                                                      You set priorities,
                                                  You said
                                             You are concerned about speeding
                                                                                              we take action
Vandals warned                               on Front Road, Lower Road,
                                             Woodchurch Road, Warehorne Road         As part of our commitment to the Policing Pledge, we want to
Reports of criminal damage and anti-         and Ashford Road.                       make sure you have the opportunity to:
social behaviour at a car park in                                                    • have your say on what local priorities should be
Pound Leas have led to police action.                                                • find out what has been done to deal with your concerns
                                                            We did
Officers were called to the area after                                               Below is the most recent priority identified for your ward. However, to get
                                             Local officers have been using the      involved and make sure issues that concern you the most are included,
residents raised concerns about
                                             speed indication device to inform       either contact your neighbourhood officer (see page 7 for contact details) or
young people causing damage to
                                             motorists of their speed and            attend one of the events listed below.
vehicles and trees in the car park, as
                                             operations have been run to detect
well as littering.
                                             speeding motorists. Several people
Police community support officer             have been issued with fines and        Recent priority identified by your community
(PCSO) Paul Moorey, worked with              warnings. The area motorcycle team
officers from the Tenterden and              has also completed speed checks in     • Reducing speeding on Front Road, Lower Road, Woodchurch Road,
Ashford neighbourhood policing               Weald South ward, but has not            Warehorne Road and Ashford Road
teams, as well as the Kent County            identified any offenders.
Council community warden Chris                                                        Public consultation – all welcome
                                             More speed checks will be carried
Banvard to identify those responsible
                                             out and police community support         Date                           Time                              Location
for the damage.
                                             officer (PCSO) Oliver Welch,             Tuesday 17                     Mobile police station             Village hall/surgery car
In addition, regular police patrols          neighbourhood officer for Weald          November                       5pm- 5.45pm                       park, Ham Street
have taken place in the area to deter        South, will continue to carry out
                                                                                      Tuesday 17                     Mobile police station             Hornash Lane, close to the
further issues from taking place             regular patrols in the ward to deter
                                                                                      November                       6.15pm – 7pm                      village hall in Shadoxhurst
                                                                                     Times, dates and locations accurate at time of going to press. Enter your postcode at
                                                                                     www.kent.police.uk for the latest information.
Road safety campaign
Officers from the Tenterden Rural neighbourhood policing team were out on           Crime figures for Weald South
bicycles during the summer holidays to talk to children about road safety.          Overall crime was down in Weald South during July 2009 compared with July
From 24 August to 5 September officers provided advice to children who walk,        2008 while reports of burglary and anti-social behaviour remained unchanged.
cycle and take the bus or train to and from school, and handed out items,           The police and council will continue to work hard to detect and deter offenders
including high visibility drawstring bags. The Roads Policing Unit also took part   and reduce crime in your area.
in the initiative by conducting speed checks in identified problem areas.                                                                      July 2008            July 2009
Superintendent Jon Sutton of Kent Police’s Citizen Focus team said: ‘Road
                                                                                      Crime in total   (excludes anti-social behav iour)          12                    8
incidents involving children peak when they return to school so it is important
we reach as many as possible to make them aware of the dangers.’                      Burglary                                                     3                    3
Kent Police’s safer schools partnership coordinators have been visiting               Anti-social behaviour                                        9                    9
Tenterden schools to deliver the safety messages.
                                                                                    For more information on crime statistics, visit www.kent.police.uk/crimestats
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                                                                                                                      Our objectives
Your community safety                                                                                                 Encouraging safer socialising in Ashford's
                                                                                                                      night time economy
partnership                                                                                                            • we aim to reduce alcohol-related violence and
                                                                                                                         disorder, targeting areas where problems most
                                                                                                                         commonly arise

                About us                                                                                              Reducing the level of domestic abuse
                                                                                                                       • we are particularly looking to increase the rate of
                The Ashford Community Safety Partnership is a multi-agency project which aims to take action             reporting of incidents and offer protection and
                to help address key priorities identified by communities across the borough and make Ashford a           support to victims
                safer place to live, work and visit.                                                                  Reducing criminal damage, particularly
                                                                                                                      vehicle crime
                The partnership, which includes Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Kent County Council,
                                                                                                                       • we are putting in place a range of measures to
                the Eastern and Coastal Primary Care Trust and Ashford Borough Council, meets four times each
                                                                                                                         prevent incidents and take enforcement action
                year to discuss methods of dealing with current priorities. The most recent priorities and
                                                                                                                         against offenders
                objectives are set out in the box in the top right of this page.
                                                                                                                      Tackling anti-social behaviour
                The agencies within the partnership also meet more regularly to coordinate their responses to          • we are focusing our efforts on identifying and
                specific issues, something that allows resources to be focused more effectively to deal with the         dealing with those responsible for anti-social
                problems faced by local communities.                                                                     behaviour, and improving local environments

Safety in action                                                                      Vehicle safety day
More than 1,000 primary school pupils visited Towers School in June to take part      The Ashford Community Safety Unit held a vehicle safety
in Ashford Borough Council’s Safety in Action fortnight.                              day in the car park of the Tesco supermarket in Park Farm
                                                                                      on Monday 3 August.
The children got involved in a two-week programme of workshops to teach them
                                                                                      Police officers at the event handed out vehicle crime
about a wide range of safety issues as they prepared for the transition to
                                                                                      prevention packs and offered advice about vehicle security.
secondary school.
                                                                                      Reducing number plate thefts
The sessions were delivered by representatives from Kent Police, Kent Fire and
Rescue Service, St. John Ambulance, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution           The unit’s team also handed out free tamper-proof number
(RNLI) and Kent County Council. Pupils from Towers School also ran sessions and       plate screws. Thieves have been known to steal number
acted out real-life scenarios.                                                        plates to use on vehicles involved in crimes, particularly
                                                                                      petrol thefts. Tamper-proof screws help to make number
Workshop topics included road, fire and railway safety, anti-social behaviour and     plates significantly more difficult to remove.
criminal damage, stranger danger, peer pressure and bullying. Workshops were          Property marking
also held on beach and water safety, and staying safe on the internet.
                                                                                      Officers were also on hand to offer security marking for
The children were given points for their responses during the workshops. Pupils       portable items including satellite navigation devices. They
from Wittersham CE Primary School and Challock Primary School shared the              were also security marking bicycles, following an increase in the number of bicycle
highest points tally and their schools received prizes of £75.                        thefts in the district over the summer. Not only does security marking deter
                                                                                      thieves, it makes it easier for officers to return stolen property to its owner.
Ashford Community Safety Unit (multi-agency):      01233 660747
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 Newsbeat >>                                                                        Your neighbourhood contacts
Man must complete drug dependency programme
A 36-year-old man from Shadoxhurst, Ashford has been found guilty of criminal
damage and resisting arrest following an incident in the village. The man was
given a community order to complete a drug dependency programme for 12
months and ordered to pay court costs of £60.
                                                                                                      PCSO Oliver Welch                       PCSO Paul Moorey
Keep yourself safe                                                                                      07772 226117                            07772 226142

The number of crime reports is reducing, but there is still a lot you can do to
keep yourself and your property safe:
• shut and lock doors, windows and sheds to deter opportunist thieves                                 Kent County Council
• do not leave valuables on display in your vehicle                                                   community warden
                                                                                                      Chris Banyard
• if someone you do not know calls at your home, check their identity to find
                                                                                                         07917 283809
  out if they are genuine - ask them to wait outside while you call the company
  or organisation they claim to be from (use details from a phone book or online
• never give bank details or other personal financial information to anyone cold-          We are your neighbourhood officers for Weald South
  calling you at home or over the phone                                                    and are part of the Tenterden rural neighbourhood
• property mark your valuables with your postcode using a UV pen                           policing team.
                                                                                           If you have any issues you think we should be
                                                                                           prioritising for this area, please call to discuss them
Confidential                                Neighbourhood Watch                            or attend a local meeting (see page 3).

anti-terrorist                              Neighbourhood Watch is a way in
                                            which communities can help
                                                                                    Email: tenterden.neighbourhood@kent.pnn.police.uk
hotline                                     themselves to stay safe and keep
                                            crime levels down.

If you suspect it, report it:               Groups of volunteers work in            It is the role of the Kent Police Authority to:
                                            partnership with the police and the     • make sure Kent Police is efficient and effective
0800 789321                                 local council to help deal with local
                                                                                    • make sure community views are reflected in the
If something strikes you as                                                            policing of Kent
                                            If you would like to find out more      • decide on the budget for Kent Police
suspicious and out of place                 about joining a Neighbourhood
then trust your instincts and                                                       • decide how much council tax people pay for policing
                                            Watch scheme, call Paul Brosnan on
call the hotline.                           01233 896126.                           • feedback to the community on how Kent Police performs
                                                                                    Get in touch or find out more about what we do:
Check out Kent Police on Facebook and YouTube                                         01622 677055 www.kentpa.kent.police.uk
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