Western Implement's 28th Annual Spring Consignment Auction

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Western Implement’s 28th Annual
  Spring Consignment Auction
                2919 North Ave., Grand Junction, Colorado
                             (970) 242-7960
Sold Saturday           March 5th 6th & 7th & TITLED VEHICLES
                                            TRUCKS, TRAILERS

  March 5th
 11:30 A.M.              2011 8:30 A.M. March 7thMonday A.M.
                                                    at 8:30
                                 Held Regardless
                                   of Weather
                                                                        Partial Listing
                                    Ford Tractor NAA
                                    Ford Tractor 9N
                                                                            Only !
                                    Ford Tractor 8N
                                    Ford Tractor TL90
                                    Ford Tractor 8000
                                    Ford Tractor 4000
                                    Ford Tractor 3000
                                    IHC Tractor 684
TRACTORS                            Ford Tractor 4600
                                    JD Tractor 3010
                                    JD Tractor 3020
Allis Chalmers C W/Ldr
                                    JD Tractor 4010
Ford 2N Tractor
                                    JD Tractor 4020
Ford Tractor 9030
                                    JD Tractor M
Ford 800 Tractor
                                    JD Tractor 60
Ford Tractor 2000
                                    MF Tractor 185
Ford Tractor 6635 4x4
                                    Kubota Tractor L3300DT
Ford Tractor 5000
                                    MF Tractor TO20
Ford Tractor 3910 4x4
                                    MF Tractor 30                   For Further Information
Ford Tractor 5000
                                    MF Tractor 1105 W/Duals
Ford Tractor 800
                                    MF Tractor 185
                                                                     Call (970) 242-7960
Ford Tractor 5610
Ford Tractor TS110 4x4 Cab (2)
                                    Kubota Tractor 245DT W/Ldr
                                    Oliver G955 W/Ldr
                                                                     Or Check Up Coming
Ford Tractor 7710 W/Cab
Ford Tractor7700
                                    Hesston 70-65 Crawler W/Dozer           Events At
Ford Tractor 6610                                         
Machinery & Equipment
                            NH 277T Baler
                            Rake NH 256
                            2 Wheel Hay Turner
                            Hesston 4650 Baler
                            Ford 501 Sickle Bar Mower
                            Ford 3pt Side Delivery Rake
                            NH 55 Rake
                            MF Rake
                            Vermeer 605L Round Baler
                            NH 450 Sickle Bar Mower
                            AC Sickle Bar Mower
                            JD #5 Sickle Bar Mower
HAY EQUIPMENT               NH 451 Sickle Bar Mower
                            Vicon 10 Wheel Rake
                            NH 489 Swather
 Hesston Pt10 Swather (2)   NH 258 & 260 Rake             Case 183 6 Row Cultivator
 Hesston 4590 Baler         JD Sickle Bar Mower           Creaser 7 Shank W/Ga Whls
 NH 55 Rake                 NH 907 12’ Swather            Krause 12’ Chisel Plow
 NH 853 Round Baler                                       Bushog 12’ Chisel Plow
 NH 420 Baler                                             Creaser 4 Row
 Baler Hesston 560                                        Creaser Morman 3 Row
 Hesston 4570 Baler                                       Creaser Morman 5Row
 Hesston 565A Round Baler                                 JD 835 2B2W Plow (2)
 NH 320 Baler                                             Tool Bar Creaser 5 Row Spring S
 Hesston 4590 Baler                                       Creaser 5 Row Tool Bar
 NH BR780A Round Baler                                    JD 5 Shank Tool Bar Creaser
 Hesston 530 Round Baler                                  Cultivator 5’ 3pt
 Case 8545 Baler                                          Case 12’ Offset Disc
 NH 499 Swather                                           JD 8’ Disc
 NH 575T Baler                                            JD 640 Disc
 Balewagon NH 1036 (2)                                    3 Row Tool Bar Creaser
 Balewagon NH 1037 (2)                                    11’ Field Cultivator
 NH 644 Round Baler                                       Nobel 10’ Cultivator
 NH 1032 Balewagon                                        JD 1B1W Plow
 NH 426W Baler                                            Imco 6’ 3pt Disc
 JD 39 Sickle Bar Mower     NH Super 1049 Balewagon       Krause 9’ Disc
 Farmhand Bale Fork         Hesston 420 Swather           MF 57 3B2W Plow
 JD 10 Wire Baler           Bale Elevator 21’             Landpride 8’ Tandem Disc
 NH 1002 Balewagon          Hesston 6600 14’ Swather      IHC 13’ Chisel Plow
                            NH 617 Disc Mower             Brillion 10’ Cultipacker
                            MF 3pt Hay Rake               Landoll 9’ Chisel Plow
                            NH 256 Rake                   JD 310 Disc
                            Hesston 6610 14’ Swather      MF 5’ Disc
                                                          JD 900 9 Shank Ripper
                                                          JD 8350 4B2W Plow
                                                          JD 2420 8’ Disc
                            Lunch will be served          Bison 1 Shank Ripper
                              by the Fruitvale            MF #57 4B2W Plow
                                                          Ford 3B Disc Plow
                                Lions Club                Eversman 3 Row Creaser
Machinery & Equipment
MISC. ITEMS                                                            MISC. ITEMS
 Gated Pipe Trailer                                                      Rhino 350 6’ Blade
 Aluminum Gated Pipe 6”-8”                                               JD Backhoe Buckets (2)
 Danuser Post Hole Digger                                                Landplane 15’ 3pt
 Speeco 9” Post Hole Digger                                              Rhino Post Hole Digger RPHD
 FMC 50 Gallon Sprayer                                                   Diamond 10’ Hyd 3pt Blade
 JD M Snow Blade                                                         MM 12’ Grain Drill
 Arena Groomer                                                           Eversman 4512 Landplane
 My-D Handi Calf Table                                                   Eversman V Ditcher Pull Type
 Cub Cadet Parts Tractor                                                 Kubota RTV900 Vehicle W/Blade
 McCormick Grain Drill                                                   Land Pride 8’ 3pt Blade
 Eversman 1200 Land Plane                                                Panels 10’ 12’ 14’ 16’
 Middle Buster
 JD 10’ Cultipacker
                                   MISC. FARM EQUIP                      Land Pride 6’ Grass Seader
                                                                         Rears 3pt Pak Fork (2)
 Roadboss 8’ Grader                 Tool Bar Solid & Hollow              Powder River Sweep Tub
 JD Quick Hitch                     Shanks Shovels Clamps & A Frames     LandPride FS500 Fert Spreader
 Cattle & Hog Panels                JD H Manure Spreader                 Grouser SSL Hyd Dozer Blade
 Rear 300 Gallon Sprayer            Hydraulic Log Splitter               Rhino 800 8’ Blade (2)
 Woods BH7500 Backhoe               Brillion 10’ Grain Drill             Land Pride Treker Vehicle
 Misc 3pt Snowblower                Miller Pro 1150 Rake                 Rhino 6’ 3Pt Blade R500
 Coroni 6’ Rotary Tiller            Feedmaster 820 Mixer Grinder         Galvinized Stock Tanks
 JD Running Gear                    Graves Bale Fork                     Honda 4 Trax 4 Wheeler
 Worksaver 3pt Blade                JD 8350 Grain Drill                  Powder River Calf Table
 Portable Loading Chute             Botec 5’ Offset Rotary Tiller        Filson Squeeze Chute
 Bushog 32” Rotary Tiller           Eversman V Ditcher
                                    Frontier Manure Spreader
                                    JD 15’ Cultipacker
                                    JD 115 9’ Blade
                                    Rhino 160 Rotary Cutter
                                    Rears Nifty Fifty 3pt Sprayer
                                    JD B 8’ Grain Drill
                                    MF 832 Loader
                                    Rears 300 Gal Pull Type Sprayer
                                    NH 782 Chopper
                                    Bush Hog 5’ Rotary Tiller
                                    Great Bend 330 Loader
                                    JD 115 3pt Hyd Blade
                                    Berkley PTO Pump
Curtis Snow Blade10’ Grain Drill    Woods 7500 3pt Backhoe
JD B Grain Drill
JD 10’ Cultipacker                                     INDUST/VEHICLES/TRAILERS
Woods 9000 Backhoe
Cement Mixer 3pt                                                       Ford 555C TLB w/Ext Hoe
JD 7100 6 Row Planter                                                  Kenworth 1988 Dump Truck
House 5’ Rotary Cutter                                                 Ford 2003 F150 Truck
24’ Hyd Drive Elevator                                                 NH LX885 Skid Loader
Ford 3400 Parts Tractor                                                Case 450B Crawler Dozer
                                                                       AC Hd11 10’ Crawler Dozer
                                                                       CAT 340IT TLB w/Ext Hoe
Partial Listing                                                        Chevy 1998 C6500 Dump Truck
                                                                       Hillsboro 725 25’ GN Trailer
    Only !                                                             Bumper Pull 18’ Trailer
                                                                       Bumper Pull 8’ Trailer

                    * Full settlement made day of auction.
                    * No credit cards accepted.
           MIT S
                    * All items sold “Where Is, As Is” All guarantees are between the buyer and the seller. We act as
         LI          commission agents ONLY! Nothing is to be removed from the premises until it has been properly settled for.

   C E IS N ITEM    * Terms & conditions stated on auction day will take precedence over all other announcements.
SPA NSIG Y !        * 4.9 Sales tax will apply.

                    * All consignments are subject to prior sale.
                    *Buyers must show valid drivers license.
     Any Questions Of What You Have To Sell Please Call And Talk To SALES DEPT.

                  March 5th 6th 7th
AUCTION                                                                       Grand Junction CO 81504

                                                                                 2919 North Avenue


                                                                               RANCH RITE HARDWARE

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