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									                                                                       August 2010
Dear Participant


             NOTE: Do not visit the consulate until we inform you to do so

Below please find an outline of the visa application process. Follow steps 1 to 6 carefully
to avoid unnecessary errors.

There are American Consulates in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. You will
apply for your visa at the Consulate in your residential area. You will need to apply for
your visa in person.


Complete the DS160 form online

      The DS160 form must be completed electronically. Once completed
      DO NOT “sign and submit” the form until Workaway International has checked it.
      Once we have approved your completed, printed DS160 form you will then “sign
      and submit” the form.

      You will find the DS160 form on the Workaway International website.

Guidelines to completing the DS160 form

      1. Visit www.workawayinternational.co.za and click on “Applications”
      2. Scroll down to “Visa Application” and click on “Online DS160 form”.
      3. Read through all the instructions carefully before you start.
      4. Once you have done this, click on “Start Application”
      5. Save information at the bottom of each page by doing the following:
                Click “save”
                Click “save application”
                Save to file (DO NOT OPEN THE DOCUMENT)
                Save to computer or portable flash drive (either keep file name as
                indicated on computer or submit own file name)
                Click close and continue application
      6. Whilst completing the DS160 form you might be logged out. To prevent losing
         information save information regularly. To continue application process, go
         back to “Start Application” and click “Upload Previous Application”
      7. Ensure that you complete all questions accurately. Attached find a completed
         example of a DS160 form for specific answers to certain questions. (These
         have been highlighted with an asterisk *)
     8. Once you have entered all information review each category and print each
        page. Ensure you have printed the following:
                Personal, Address, Phone, and Passport Information
                Travel Information
                US Contact Information
                Family Information
                Work/Education/Training Information
                Security and Background Information
                Location Information

   NOTE: If drop down arrow appears on a page please click on this to display all
   information before printing

         DO NOT “sign and submit” the form yet.

     9. Email or fax the DS160 form to (021) 671 8892 or email to
         marketing@workawayinternational.co.za before 10 September 2010.
     10. Workaway International will check and then confirm that you may “sign and
         submit” the form. You may then go online and “sign and submit” the form.
     11. Print the confirmation page. (Do not lose this page as it needs to be handed in
         with the visa application pack).


     Deposit $140 (fluctuating rate, e.g. R1092.00 for the month of September) into the
     US Consulate’s bank account - no account number required.

            This deposit must be made at any FNB branch. The deposit must be made
            in Rands and must be CASH (cheques and internet transactions are not

            All applications must include an original electronically printed receipt from
            First National Bank showing proof of cash payment of the required
            application fees. The consulate cannot make refunds so please ensure that
            the amount is correct and that the receipt in not lost.

            Deposit slips will only be accepted if it reads “Customer Receipt” and your
            name is printed on it.


     Hand in completed application pack

     IMPORTANT: Items 3(a – j) must all be included where applicable; otherwise your
     pack will not be accepted.

         (a) Printed confirmation page - once you have submitted your DS160 form.
             (see attached)
        (b) $5 (R40 for the month of September) in cash for on-line appointment
            booking fee:
                  Workaway will make this booking for you on your behalf.

        (c) The FNB deposit slip – must read “Customer Receipt”

        (d) Your passport:
                  Must be valid for 6 months beyond November 2011.
                  If you apply with a temporary passport, you must provide a second
                  form of photo identification, preferably your SA Identity Book. SA
                  Driver’s License will not be accepted as a form of identification.

        (e) One passport photo (51mm by 51mm) (see specifications):

Please submit, along with your application, one photograph of each applicant. The
Consulate will not accept photographs that do not conform to the following
specifications. ID photographs are not accepted.

  1. The size of the photo, including background, must be 2 inches square. (roughly 51
     mm square)

  2. The photo must be unmounted, full face, taken within the last 6 months.

  3. The applicant must be facing the camera, looking straight on, with the face
     covering approximately 50% of the area of the photo.

  4. The entire face of the applicant must be shown. From the crown of the head to
     the tip of the chin, and from hairline side to side, preferably with the ears exposed.

  5. Photo must be in colour and must have a white or off-white background without

                                    PLEASE NOTE: Photo MUST be able to fit within
                                    these measurements and fit to the edges of the

                                    border to make sure that it is the correct size. If
                                    photo is not the correct size you will have to redo

   (f) Intent to return to South Africa:

All applications must include documentation demonstrating the applicant’s intent
to return to South Africa. This can be in the form of:
               A letter from an Academic Institution stating that you have made
               application to study in June / July 2011 (NOT EARLIER) or that you
               have registered. A deposit slip / receipt of payment of registration
               needs to be included as proof of intent to study.


               An original letter from any South African company on an official
               letterhead stating that they will be employing you when you return
               from the States in June/July 2011. Please note that faxes,
               photocopies and emails are not accepted.

          NOTE: Only include this letter if the letter is accurate and authentic.


               Debt such as study loan, vehicle finance or life insurance policies etc,
               which you have to service upon your return.


               Own or are paying a mortgage on property that is in your name.

(g) Application for Employment through Workaway International

                   Please include signed form in your pack.

(h) Lost / Stolen passports:
               If your passport has previously been lost or stolen, please obtain an
               affidavit from the police station and include the affidavit in your visa
               application pack.
    (i) Previous visits to the USA:
                   Any applicants who have had prior extensions or changes of status
                   while in the US must submit, with their application, copies of official
                   documentation sufficient to demonstrate proper changes of status.

    (j)   Siblings / Parents in the US:
                   If you have a sibling or parent that is living in the US you will need to
                   include copies of their documentation i.e. visa or green card.


    Deliver you completed visa pack to:


    CAPE TOWN:                                      JOHANNESBURG:
    Wed 15 & Thurs 16 September 2010                Wed 15 September 2010
    between 8h30-17h00                              between 8h00-19h00
    Workaway International                          Garden Court Morningside
    Unit F12, Brookside                             Cnr Rivonia Road & Cullinan Close
    11 Lansdowne Road                               Morningside
    Claremont, 7700                                 Sandton

    DURBAN:                                         PE / GEORGE:
    Friday 17 September 2010                        To be announced
    between 9h00-18h00
    Hilton Durban
    12-14 Walnut Road


    Visit the Consulate

             Take the following items along with you:

          a) Visa Appointment Confirmation
                   Please ensure that you check the time and date of your appointment
          b) USA Application Fee:
                   $10 or the exact amount in Rands for the months of September,
                   October or November 2010 as change is often a problem at the
                   Consulate. (Visit the Consulate website before your appointment for
                   the correct amount)
          c) Visa Reciprocity Fee:
                   $85 or the exact amount in Rands for the months of September,
                   October or November 2010 as change is often a problem at the
                   Consulate. (Visit the Consulate website before your appointment for
                   the correct amount)
                   This fee is only applicable to those applying with a South African

          d) Courier Fee:
                   Approximately R70.00 (depending on where you live) to take along to
                   the consulate for DHL delivery, as you can no longer collect your
                   passport from the consulate. DHL will do this on your behalf. Please
                   have a street address available for delivery of your passport.

          e) Temporary Passport Holders:
                   Applicants travelling on temporary passports must provide a second
                   form of photo identification, preferably their SA National Identity

          f) Expired Passports:
                   Please take all previously expired passports along with you when
                   applying for your visa.

    IMPORTANT: Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
    Be warned that if you arrive late, your appointment will be cancelled and cannot
    be rescheduled as this will result in missing your flight the following week.


      Cape Town:
      2 Reddam Avenue, Lakeside, Tokai
      Processing period: 3 Working Days

      Old Mutual Building, 31st Floor, 303 Pixley KaSeme Street, Durban 4001
      Processing period: 3 Working Days

      1 Sandton Drive Sandhurst (opp Sandton City Mall)
      Processing period: 5 Working Days


      Collection of Visa

      DHL will deliver to your home.

Please feel free to call us on (021) 671 8808 if you have any questions regarding the
above process.


Charlotte Quénet-Meintjes
General Manager

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