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                                Creating global understanding through English

The following article, about presidential candidate Howard Dean, is excerpted from
a story that appeared in The Times of London on December 8, 2003.

           The House Prefect Who Would Be President
                             by Laura Peek and Tim Reid
Howard Dean … has described how he spent a teenage year under the rigorous
regime of an English public school. The former Vermont Governor won an
English-Speaking Union scholarship to Felsted School and he writes of his days
there in his book, Winning Back America.

“It was a great experience, but I found the restrictive reputation of the English
public schools to be well-earned, “Mr. Dean writes “I enjoyed the English dry
sense of humour, but a British public school is pretty cruel and the rules are
strict.”His former housemaster insisted, however, that the school was not cruel               Howard Dean
and that Dr. Dean did well there, serving as a house prefect.                        (St. George’s/Felsted, 1966-67)

Dr. Dean was 17 when he arrived in England from New York on September 20, 1966. He was part of a group
of 57 boys and 18 girls, including Erich von Stroheim, son of the actor of the same name.

Dr. Dean quickly felt at home at Felsted and enjoyed sleeping in a dormitory for the first time, but he com-
plained that the school compared unfavourably with his American high school, St. George’s, a respected
private boarding school in Newport, Rhode Island. He boasted in a letter to The Felstedian school magazine
that the locker rooms at St. George’s were “as big as the entire Felsted classroom block”.

However, he praised Felsted’s Music School and dormitories. He added: “What made the strongest impression
was the Music School and the number of people that use it. While St. George’s had a good choir, we had no
school orchestra at all.”

Dr. Dean won a divinity prize for an article on atheism and Nietzsche, with the title, God is Dead. He played
rugby for Felsted’s Cromwell Club—the team for boys who were enthusiastic but short on talent.

Stephen Roberts, the present Head Master, said: “I would like Dr. Dean to become president for purely selfish
reasons. He might come back to visit and then maybe we could show him that Felsted is no longer a cruel
school. It must have been very different for him coming from what, no doubt, would have been a much more
liberal education in the United States.”

After leaving Felsted, Dr. Dean went to Yale. He later studied medicine at the Albert Einstein College of
Medicine in Manhattan, where he met his wife. He has kept in touch with his English school, and revised his
entry in the school magazine in 1991 to list his achievements to date. He will be hoping to update it again next

            SSE Particpants: 2003-2004 School Year
USA                                                          UK Three Term
Laura Barry (Miss Porter’s/Dollar)                           James Michael Boston (Hutton Grammar/Stony Brook)
Margaret Sheridan Bean (Culver/Sedbergh)                     Edward John Butcher (Dollar/Williston Northampton)
James Breckenridge Blackburn, IV (Mercersburg/Forest)        Rosalind Galloway (Dollar/Culver)
Peter Daniel Clements (Peddie/Ellesmere)                     Thomas Stephen Grice (Bristol Grammar/Hotchkiss)
Kristy Colombine (Holderness/St. Bees)                       Charlotte Herring (Dartford Grammar/Annie Wright)
Connemara Courtney (Lawrenceville/Brighton)                  Craig George Hickmott (Caterham/Asheville)
Lauren Cronin (Emma Willard/Lancing)                         Katharine Elin Horne (Beaminster/Miss Porter’s)
Anna Chandler Culbreth (Western Reserve/Brentwood)           Sivaraja Iyer (Caterham/Western Reserve)
Brian Handley Dow (Westminster/Repton)                       Jenny Louise Lowthrop (Lady Manners, Barewell/
Dara Elaine Fickes (Asheville/Leys, Cambridge)                  Lawrenceville)
Elizabeth Foretek (Emma Willard/Llandovery)                  Katherine Macgregor (Dollar/Hockaday)
Katherine Jaeger (Stony Brook/Royal, Haslemere)              Shannon McClean (Bangor Grammar/Hill)
Steven Robert Janson (Ravenscroft/Glenalmond)                Gregory Teape McFarlane (Williamwood/Kent)
Jessica Joyce Johnson (Lawrenceville/Westonbirt)             Alexander Miller (Knights Templar/Avon Old Farms)
Emily Joanna May (Hill/Polam Hall)                           Sarah Milne (Albyn for Girls/Hutchison)
Katharine Alyssa McIntyre (Western Reserve/Owestry)          Shona Khalil Strachan (Inverurie/St. Mary’s Episcopal)
John Ashton McRae (Episcopal (VA)/Stamford)                  Ollie Tree (Stowe/Packer Collegiate Institute)
Sang In Park (Asheville/Culford)                             Alice Catherine Ward (Mary Erskine/Chatham Hall)
William Whitley Perkins, II (Mercersburg/St. Leonards)       Kirsty Whatmough (Red Maids’/Emma Willard)
Alison Reingold (Mercersburg/Moira House Girls)              Stuart Jerzy Gordon Wood (Aylesbury Grammar/
Jessica Catherine Roessler (Miss Porter’s/Sutton                Portsmouth Abbey)
Avery Ruzicka (Asheville/Teeside Prep)                       UK Two Term
Aartik A. Sarma (Lawrenceville/Loretto)                      William Edward Gerald Brewster (Stamford/Westminster)
Thomas Matthew Shaffner (Asheville/Giggleswick)              Simon Brown (Leeds Grammar/Robert Louis Stevenson)
Sean Michael Sullivan (Westminster/Queen Elizabeth’s         Jack Dacombe (Tonbridge/Ravenscroft)
   Hospital)                                                 Edmund Hunt (Weymouth/Mercersburg)
Cyrus Moore Tingley (Hotchkiss/Fettes)                       Victor Kandampully (Marlborough/Episcopal (VA) )
Kathryne Elizabeth Walsh (Culver/Dover)                      Christopher Adrian Massey (Perse, Cambridge/Governor
Bryan Matthew Weimer (Robert Louis Stevenson/                  Dummer)
   Wells Cathedral)                                          Jessica Louise Oddy (Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn/Western Reserve)
Jennifer Patricia Weisbrich (Westminster/Oakham)             Christopher David Ringland (Sullivan Upper/Salisbury)
Ross Edward Weller (Mercersburg/Truro)                       Victoria Thorpe (Parkstone Grammar/Thacher)
Andrea Young (Culver/Woldingham)
                                                             ARGENTINA Two Term
                                                             Maria de Los Angeles Spinassi (Colegio Jesus Maria de
                                                               Buenos Aires/Peddie)

This article, edited for space limitations, originally appeared in the Summer Term issue of “Newspeak” the Brighton College
school newspaper.

Why Are You Here?
By Erin Shields (Annie Wright/Brighton College, 2002-03)

I often hear that question. A lot of my fellow students (and probably some teachers too) wonder why some-
one would graduate and then want to return to high school. I have been in the Brighton College community
for nearly ten months and will attempt to clear up the mystery. One of my favorite quotations is from
Eleanor Roosevelt who once said: “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which
you really stop to look fear in the must do the thing you think you cannot do.” The reason that I
am here is simple: to challenge myself.

How can you fully understand what home is until you venture out of its limits? How can you expect to
broaden your mind if you are not willing to takes risks? I found myself full of questions as I wrapped up my
senior year in high I applied to the English-Speaking Union and found my way to Brighton

It is not easy to sum up my incredible experience here, though I must mention a few highlights. I have been
exposed to the “mother tongue”, as a good friend describes it, versus my own vernacular. I will return home
with new knowledge that includes the powers of the Prime Minister, the choral music of Mozart, and the
theatrical beliefs of Brecht. I have made some amazing friends that span the globe and discovered the game
of squash, for better or worse.

Maybe I surprised some of you by showing up without a cheerleading background or cowboy boots. Hope-
fully I was able to explain that Washington, D.C. is a very different place from Washington State, my home.
I suppose I made a few people blink when I shared that I went to the first anti-war protest in London, trying
to show both my government and yours that I wanted to see more proof of the necessity of war. Above all I
have tried to help you to feel a little more optimistic concerning the new generation emerging in
America, because I hope our cultures can continue as friends in the fu-

I am truly grateful for the opportunities, challenges, and encouragement
you have all given me in my time here. How lucky I feel to have been
able to call England home, even for just a little while. In the years to
come I hope you will consider traveling beyond the familiar with an
open mind and a desire to learn. Maybe you will not choose to go back
to school like I have done, though I can
wholeheartedly recommend the English-Speaking Union.

                                                                                                   Erin Shields

               The English-Speaking Union of the United States Thanks the
              Following SSE Alumni and Friends For All of Their Generosity
                                 During 2002-2003
                                     Mrs. Patricia Curran
$750 and above                                                         Mrs. Barbara Mudge
                                     Mr. G. Garrett Davis, II          Mr. Michael V. Olds
Mrs. Morgan P. Millard
                                     Mr. Edward C. Dawson              Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Olsson
Mr. Charles T. Munger, Jr.
                                     Fr. Peter R. Decker               Mr. Michael A. Pane
                                     Mrs. Victoria L. DeMuth           Mrs. Robin P. Pearse-Drance
ESU National Sponsor ($500 and
                                     Mr. N. Lowell Dodge               Mr. Robert B. Phelps
                                     Mr. and Mrs. John M. Doggett      Dr. William Z. Potter
Mr. Douglas D. Arnold
                                     Mr. Roger T. Donald               Mr. Mark D. Puckett
Ms. Victoria R. Bennett
                                     Mr. Robert C. Downs               Mr. Keith Reeve
Mr. and Mrs. O. Grant Bruton
                                     Ms. Diane D. Drew                 Mr. Robert W. Robinson
Dr. Mark R. Harrison
                                     Mr. Richard W. Duncan             Mr. W. Barton Roe
Mrs. Ellen G. Miles
                                     Mr. William S. Eakins, Jr.        Ms. Taryn Roraback
Mrs. Leslie H. Newman
                                     Mr. Richard H. Eisenhart, Jr.     Mr. Josiah Rowe
Mr. Michael J. O'Neill, Jr.
                                     Mr. Lewis W. Flagg, III           Mr. Daniel B. Rowland
Rev. Merrill O. Young
                                     Mr. Prosser Gifford               Mr. Nathaniel M. Sage, Jr.
Mr. Robert P. Ziegler
                                     Mr. Bruce T. Gilbert              Mr. John P. Sauerman
                                     Mr. Daniel J. Gleason             Mr. James Schermerhorn
$250 and above                       Mr. Daniel H. Gould
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Mr. Gerard G. Cameron, II                                              Mr. Howard Sereda
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Mr. Gary T. Capen                    Dr. Warren G. Hall
Mr. George S. Cole                                                     Mrs. Robert Bowden (Nora)
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Harrington   Shepard
Mr. Guy B. Dixon                     Mr. David K. Hauslohner
Mr. Douglas W. Hall                                                    Dr. Edward H. Shortliffe
                                     Mr. William D. Hayes              Mr. Bruce M. Steere
Mr. John T. Hedbring                 Mr. Paul T. Hempel
Mr. Matthew F. Hirschfeld                                              Dr. David J. Steinberg
                                     Mr. Paul Hoffman                  Mr. Samuel N. Stokes
Mr. David B. Hudnut                  Mr. Jackson N. Huddleston, Jr.
Mr. David H. Idol, II                                                  Mr. Robert Sunshine
                                     Rev. Robert D. Hughes, III        Mr. Thomas W. Toch
Mr. Karl D. Jackson                  Mr. Dwight A. Johnson
Mr. Richard A. Kimball, Jr.                                            Mr. Laurence Tooth
                                     Mr. Charles E. Johnston, II       Mr. Arthur E. Trotman
Mr. Lanneau D. Lide, Jr.             Mr. Timothy E. Kelley
Mr. Jonathan S. Linker                                                 Ms. Sasha Van Dusen
                                     Mr. William L. Kemper             Mr. John C. Vaughey
Mr. James M. Myers, Jr.              Mr. Stuart Kerr
Ms. Mary K. Shallenberger                                              Ms. Robin L. Vink
                                     Mr. Robert D. Labes               Mr. John L. Warden, Jr.
Dr. David B. Stoll                   Mr. John D. Lawton
Mr. John B. Veach, III                                                 Mr. Peter D. Weigl
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$100 and above                       Mr. Wingate Lloyd
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.                                          Mr. Marcus W. Ziegler, Jr.
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Mr. Bruce Agnew                      Dr. Peter B. Lyon
Mary Elizabeth Alexander, Ph.D.                                        Below $100
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Mr. James B. Armstrong                                                 Ms. Jennifer Adler
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Dr. Edmund S. Bartlett                                                 Mr. John Ager, III
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Mr. John W. Bartlett                                                   Mr. Steve D. Aikenhead
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Mr. James H. Bell                                                      Mr. Samuel T. Ames
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Mr. David P. Bennett, III                                              Mrs. Kirsten D. Ancona
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Dr. John A. Bissell                                                    Mr. Daniel O. Anderson
                                     Mr. Robert McQuilkin, Jr.
Mr. Jack W. Burtch, Jr.                                                Ms. Julian Anderson
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Mrs. Leslie G. Carr                                                    Mr. Warren K. Barker
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Mr. Nick Coates, Jr.                                                   Mr. George W. Beatty
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Mr. W. Graham Cole, Jr.                                                Mr. Christopher J. Belcher
                                     Mr. John B. Missing
Mr. William W. Copeland                                                Dr. Thomas R. Bell
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Mr. Alex W. Cunningham                                                 Mr. Scott H. Bernet

Ms. Marisa L. Binder                  Mrs. Susan M. Melfi                Mrs. James P. Smith, Jr.
Ms. Rebecca L. Blackwell              Ms. Alida C. Metcalf               Ms. Abigail G. Stevens
Mr. F. Donald Brigham, Jr.            Mrs. Mary Kate Meyer               Mr. Robert M. Stilson
Mr. James B. Broadhurst               Mr. David P. Miller                Ms. Corinna Taubner
Mr. A. Tupper Brown                   Mr. Peter P. Morrin, III           Mr. Radclyffe F. Thompson
Mr. Stephen F. Brown                  Mrs. Moira B. Paddock              Mr. Barnard Tilson
Mr. Erik J. Brzozowski                Mr. William H. Painter             Ms. Margaret H. Veach
Mr. Richard H. Catlett, III           Mr. William P. Parker              Mr. Gordon D. Vink, Jr.
Mr. Matthew E. Cheek                  Mr. Daniel A. Pascone              Mrs. Jennifer Von Mayrhauser
Mr. Christopher A. Childs             Mr. Kevin Poirot                   Mr. J. Carel Warfield
Mr. Lincoln L. Clark, Jr.             Mr. Robert L. Porter               Mrs. Deborah W. Watson
Ms. Aimee Classen                     Mr. Douglas R. Purdy               Ms. Katrina Weihs
Ms. Alexandra Classen                 Ms. Judith R. Purman               Mrs. Ellyn Weisel
Mr. H. Calvin Cook                    Mr. Stuart F. Raleigh, Jr.         Mr. Charles H. Welles, IV
Mr. Thomas Cornell                    Mrs. Julia S. Rathkey              Mr. Carl P. Whitaker
Mr. Walter Cox                        Mr. Lawrence Raymond               Mr. Benjamin W. White
Mssrs. Kirby, Randy,                  Mr. John Reynolds                  Ms. Catherine P. White
   and Ms. Brooke Culbertson          Ms. Margaret P. Reynolds           Mr. Thacher W. White
Ms. Ellen B. Cutler                   Mr. Nathaniel B. Riley             Mr. Paul Wieman
Mrs. James (Jasmine) Daniel           Mr. Morris Slocu Roberts           Ms. Austin Williams
Mr. C. Christopher Davis              Dr. James D. Robertson             Mr. Robert L. Woods, Jr.
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Mr. Peter N. Dennehy, Esq.            Ms. Kara A. Rodgers                Mr. James L. Zafris
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Mr. John R. Dufford                   Ms. Jessica M. Sawyer
Arthur J. Eaves, Ph.D                 Mr. Michael B. Sawyer
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Mr. John Fearey                       Ms. Elizabeth A. Schultz
Mr. Benjamin L. Fine                  Mr. William C. Scoble
Mr. D. Jemison Foster                 Ms. Pamela J. Seward
Ms. Preble Giltz Girard               Mr. Bejan Shirvani
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Mr. Winthrop D. Jordan
Mr. T. Paul Kane, Jr.
Mr. Christopher Keating
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Mr. Theodore Labbe
Mr. Benjamin Lee
Mr. Alan D. Maislen
Ms. Katherine P. Mauldin
Mr. Marsh McCall
Dr. J. Kenneth McDonald
Mrs. Holly F. McGowan                                                           Chandler Culbreth
Mr. Adam Silver                                                       (Western Reserve/Brentwood, 2003-04),
Mr. John F. Skillman, Jr.                                                  begins classes at Brentwood.
                                   James Blackburn, IV
Mr. Hugh W. Sloan, Jr.
                               (Mercersburg/Forest, 2003-04)
Mr. Gregory W. Smith
                                 in Forest School library.

Where are They Now?                                        1967
                                                           Neil Wallace (Hotchkiss/Stowe) received his B.A.
Class Notes                                                from Syracuse University and his J.D. from the
                                                           University of Tulsa. He owns a coal ash
1952                                                       management company which, among other things,
Jonathan F. “Bing” Swain (Tabor/Oundle) received           designs golf courses. Neil lives in Williamsburg, VA
his A.B. from Princeton and his M.B.A. from Wharton        with his wife and children, Michael, 15 and Tyler
and is retired. He lives in Sudbury, MA and is             Anne, 13.
married with two daughters.
1953                                                       Douglas D. Arnold (St. George’s/Rugby) obtained
Richard N. Cowell (Choate/Shrewsbury) obtained             his B.A. in English from Duke in 1980 and his M.Ed.
bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees from             from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Harvard University. He has been retired from               in 1987 and works as a school administrator. He
educational consulting for five years and is now a         lives in Narberth, PA and is married with two
volunteer teacher for New Avenues for Youth, a             children.
school for runaway and homeless youth in Portland,
OR. Richard lives in Portland, and is married with         Ben Synder (Cranbrook/Cranleigh) attended
two sons.                                                  Bowdoin and Harvard and is an educator. He lives
                                                           in Dedham, MA , and is married with two children;
1955                                                       ages 12 and 13.
Ralph H. Henderson, M.D. (Tabor/Eastbourne) and
his wife IIze returned in the fall of 1999 from            1982
Geneva, Switzerland where they lived since 1977.           Dawson Tanner (Woodberry Forest/Sedbergh)
They built a home in Decatur, GA, a suburb of              attended Williams College and is a charter pilot. He
Atlanta. Ralph received his A.B., M.D., M.P.H., and        lives in Lake Worth, FL.
M.P.P. all at Harvard University. He was the
Assistant Director-General of the World Health             1997
Organization. He is retired, but still consults on         Abram Trosky (Robert Louis Stevenson/Truro)
tropical infectious diseases.                              graduated cum laude from Washington and Lee
                                                           University and is now attending the Graduate
John Jenkins (Taft/Stowe) furthered his education          Institute of St. John’s University in Santa Fe, NM. At
at Yale University and is a researcher. He lives in        Washington and Lee he was the captain and MVP of
NYC and has two children.                                  the rugby team for two years and played with
                                                           1998-99 SSE scholar William Guthrie “Trey”
1964                                                       Packard, III.
Peter Morrin (Governor Dummer/Eton) earned his
A.B. from Harvard in 1968 and his M.F.A. from
Princeton in 1973 and is an art museum director. He
lives in Louisville, KY andis married with two

Peter W. Hall (Hotchkiss/Westminster) graduated
with a B.A. and M.A. from the University of North
Carolina-Chapel Hill and a J.D. from Cornell Law
School. He lives in Rutland, VT and is a United
States Attorney (Vermont). Peter has three children.

                                                                   2003-04 American scholars snack at JFK
                                                             International Airport, prior to boarding London flight.

          Tell Us About Yourself -                          Peter Durnan Joins SSE Committee
Help us and your fellow scholars keep in touch with         We are pleased to announce that Mr. Peter
you and the developments in your life. Please               Durnan, Director of Counseling at Holderness
return this form to us.                                     School,has joined the SSE Committee.

Name____________________________________                    Peter has also served as Chair of the English
Year of Exchange__________________________                  Department at Holderness, where he has coached
Address__________________________________                   soccer and skiing for six years.
________________________________________                    Married with two daughters, his interests
Tel.(home)________________________________                  include poetry, kayaking, siding and running mara-
    (office)________________________________                thons. A longtime teacher of Advanced Place-
E-Mail___________________________________                   ment classes in the English Department,
                                                            Peter also grades AP Language and
American School___________________________                  Composition examinations each year and serves
British School_____________________________                 as an AP Consultant for the College Board in New
Further Education__________________________                 England. His summer work has included seminars
                                                            with the National
Occupation_______________________________                   Endowment for the Arts, a National Writing
Marital Status/Children______________________               Project seminar and leading studemt tour groups in
                                                            Spain. Before moving to Holderness, Peter taught
       Hospitality for British SSE Students                 English at St. George’s School in Newport, RI and
I can offer a home-stay of 2-4 nights to a                  Cate School in Carpinteria, CA.
British student__yes__no.

I can host a __boy__girl.
I can offer a meal invitation__yes__no.

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       Anthony J. Lella, Editor, The Griffin,               The Secondary School Exchange is pleased to
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     Tel. 212/818-1200 • Fax 212/867-4177
            E-Mail:                        Cate School in Carpinteria, California, returns
                                                            to the SSE after having been away from the
                                                            program for a number of years. The HSBC
                                                            Education Trust will sponsor a British student to
                                                            attend Cate, under the auspices of the SSE,
                                                            during the 2004-05 school year. Sir John Bond,
                                                            Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings, and the
                                                            2002 ESU Margaret Thatcher Lecture Series
                                                            speaker, was an SSE scholar at Cate.

                                                            The Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia, joins
                                                            the SSE for the first time. Headmaster,
                                                            William S. Peebles, has been a friend of the SSE
                                                            for many years, since his tenure as
                                                            Headmaster of the Asheville School.
   Aartik Sarma (Lawrenceville/Loretto) and Elizabeth
     Foretek (Emma Willard/Llandovery) in route to
                   London in 2003.

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