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					                                                               Benefits of Being a SAIT Grad
                                                                                               Stay Connected                                           Welcome to the Alumni Family
  Looking for a way to make your mark – and                                                    Celebrate Your Success                                   As a graduate of SAIT, you are automatically part of
  change a student’s life?                                                                                                                              our alumni network – 155,000 grads in more than 55
                                                                                               Share your news! Take advantage of advertising           countries around the world.
  For a tax-deductible donation of only $150, your                                             opportunities or the free Class Notes pages in Alumni
  name will be inscribed in a brick in the Heritage                                            Link magazine.                                           We are Alumni and Development – a dedicated team
  Hall Brick Wall.                                                                             Visit or call 403.284.8194.           working on your behalf to:
                                                                                                                                                          •	 expand	your	career	connections;
  Visit                                                                      Keep On Learning
  or call 403.284.7010 today!                                                                                                                             •	 celebrate	your	successes;
                                                                                               SAIT offers a broad range of continuing education
                                                                                                                                                          •	 provide	lifelong	learning	opportunities;
                                                                                               courses and programs to give you the lifelong learning
                                                                                               options you need.                                          •	 keep	you	connected	to	your	fellow	alumni;	and
                                                                                               Visit or call 403.284.7248.            •	 provide	high-value	services	through	our	affinity	
                                                                                               Land That Corner Office
                                                                                                                                                        Please keep in touch!
                                                                                               SAIT’s	Employment	Services	can	help	you	find	a	great	
                                                                                               job – or a great employee.                               Heritage Hall, MA113
                                                                                               Visit or call        
                                                                                               Stay Connected                                           1.888.284.8399

                                                                                               If your address, e-mail or phone number changes,
                                                                                               please let us know!
                                                                                               Visit or call 403.284.7010.

SAIT Polytechnic
Alumni and Development
1301 – 16 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB T2M 0L4
                                                          Alumni and Development                                                   
Affinity Programs                                           TD Meloche Monnex                         More great discounts                                                Benefits worth checking out
                                                            Home and Auto Insurance                                                                                       In	addition	to	the	affinity	programs	and	partner	
At SAIT, we believe that alumni are for life. And that’s                                              Even though you’re not a student anymore, it never
                                                            SAIT alumni enjoy preferred group rates
why we’ve entered into partnership agreements with                                                    hurts to save a little cash.                                        discounts, SAIT grads are entitled to:
                                                            on home and automobile insurance.
Manulife Financial, MBNA Canada, Clearsight Investment      Call 1.800.268.8955.                                                                                          Great deals on SAIT Wellness Centre passes
and TD Meloche Monnex—to continue helping you                                                         Mention that you’re a SAIT grad at the following                    For the best rates around, purchase an Alumni Wellness Centre
succeed well beyond graduation.                             MBNA Canada                               Calgary car dealerships:                                            Pass and you and your family can use the salt-water pool, hot tub,
                                                            Credit Card                                                                                                   gymnasium, squash courts and weight room.
                                                            Support SAIT alumni programming           Concept Kia                        Jack Carter Chev Olds            Visit
What are affinity programs?                                 every time you shop.                      Courtesy Chrysler
                                                            Call 1.866.434.5393.
                                                                                                                                         Stadium Nissan                   Alumni Link magazine and E-Link online newsletter
Affinity	programs	use	the	buying	power	of	our	155,000	                                                Crowfoot Ford                      Sunridge Nissan                  These publications will keep you up-to-date on campus activities
graduates to provide high-value products at a low group                                               Fish Creek Nissan                                                   and your fellow alumni. Watch your mailbox – and your inbox – for
                                                            Manulife Financial                                                                                            the next issues.
rate. From home and automobile insurance to credit          Health, Dental and Life Insurance
                                                                                                      Check out the special offers available at:                          Visit
cards	and	investment	management,	our	affinity	partners	     Take advantage of the protection
offer great products and services at preferred rates.       offered by Manulife Financial’s group                                                            Fun family events
                                                            insurance plan.                           Book cheap hotels, vacation rentals, airline tickets, car rentals   Great events for the whole family – including Calaway Park Family
                                                            Visit or call       and cruises online – up to 10% of the value will be donated to      Fun Day, the Friends of SAIT Chuckwagon and Skate with Santa.
What are the benefits?                                      1.888.913.6333.                                                                                               Visit
                                                                                                      SAIT. Visit
Affinity	programs	offer	valuable	savings	to	you	–	and	                                                                                                                    Networking and industry events
                                                            Clearsight Wealth Management              Collette Vacations
our partners pay a fee for use of SAIT’s name and logo.                                               Escorted group tours, cruise programs and learning vacations to     Connect with students, your fellow alumni and other industry
                                                            Investments                                                                                                   representatives at student-industry networking events, or SAIT’s
These	financial	benefits	enable	us	to	support	our	alumni	   Enjoy no-fee self directed RRSP’s,        all seven continents.
                                                                                                                                                                          fundraising gala, the President’s Reception.
programs and host special events, such as Calaway Park      RRIF’s and RESP’s, no-load mutual funds   Call 1.866.358.0333 to set up a group tour.
Family Fun Day, Skate with Santa and the Friends of         and a selection of managed products       SAIT Computer Store
SAIT Chuckwagon Hoedown.                                    and pre-constructed portfolios.           Discounts on desktops, laptops or accessories.
                                                            Call 1.877.464.6104.                      Call 403.210.4070, e-mail or visit
Is my name sold to the affinity partners?                                                             MB 106 in the Heart Building.

No. We recognize and respect the importance of privacy.                                               Targus
                                                                                                      A portion of every Targus laptop bag or accessory purchased at
Your personal information is never sold.                                                              the SAIT Bookstore will be donated to SAIT.

To learn more about our affinity partnerships, please                                                 Easy Street
                                                                                                      A unique transportation and companionship service for seniors.
call 403.284.7010 or visit                                                            E-mail or call 403.828.4864.
                                                                                                      For more information, visit

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