contoh soal SMA_Bahasa_Inggris_2006

					                                                     Ujian Nasional
                                                      Tahun 2006
                                                     Bahasa Inggris

  Listening section                                            UN-SMA-06-03

  In this section of the test, you will have the chance to
  show how well you understand spoken English. There
  are four parts to this section with special directions for
  each part.

  Part I
  Questions 1 and 2

  For each question, you will see five pictures in your
  test book and you will hear a dialogue followed by a
  question. The dialogues and the questions will be
  spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test
  book, so you must listen carefully to understand what
  the speakers say.
  When you hear the question, look at the pictures in             A.   I
  your test book and choose picture that suits the                B.   II
  statement in the dialogues. Then on the answer sheet,           C.   III
  find the number of the question and mark your answer.           D.   IV
  Look at the sample below.                                       E.   V
  Tape Script:
  Man      : Could you tell me what time the meeting will         Part II
             start?                                               Questions 3 to 7 Directions:
  Woman : The meeting will start at 2 p.m.
  Narrator: Which picture illustrate the statement?               In this part of the test, you will hear several incomplete
                                                                  dialogues each followed by a question. The incomplete
  Sample answer                                                   dialogues and the questions will be spoken two times.
                                                                  After you hear an incomplete dialogue and the
                                                                  question, read the five possible answers in your test
  Gambar                                                          book then decide which one would be the best response
                                                                  to complete the dialogue.

                                                                 A. Sure I will
  Picture (a) illustrates the dialogue. Therefore, you           B. You are welcome
  should choose (a)                                              C. OK, nice to meet you
                                                                 D. That sounds interesting
UN-SMA-06-01                                                     E. See you some other time

                                                                 A. Please accept my condolences
                                                                 B. I am proud of your sister
                                                                 C. You must be very upset
                                                                 D. Congratulations
  A.   I                                                         E. Not at all
  B.   II
  C.   III                                                     UN-SMA-06-05
  D.   IV                                                        A. So do I
  E.   V                                                         B. 1 had to watch TV
                                                                 C. Oh, I got upset with her
                                                                 D. That's very kind of you
                                                                 E. It was very good indeed
UN-SMA-06-06                                                    UN-SMA-06-12
  A. I want to get a job                                          A. Dance teams
  B. Please help me                                               B. A gamelan orchestra
  C. It's just for fun                                            C. Traditional costumes
  D. Yes, it's all right                                          D. A gamelan orchestra and dance teams.
  E. That's OK                                                    E. A gamelan orchestra and traditional costumes

UN-SMA-06-07                                                    UN-SMA-06-13
  A. English                                                      A. They are not traditional dances.
  B. With pleasure                                                B. They are performed in religious events.
  C. School library                                               C. They are very similar to Balinese dances.
  D. Students and teachers                                        D. They are performed at several ceremonies.
  E. Two cups of coffee, please                                   E. They are less energetic than Balinese dances.

   Part III                                                     UN-SMA-06-14
                                                                  A. Birthrate
   Questions 8 to 11 Directions:                                  B. Social problems
                                                                  C. World population
   In this part of the test, you will hear several dialogues.     D. Population in Indonesia
   They will be spoken two' times. After you hear a               E. Family planning program
   conversation and the question about it, read the five
   possible-, answers in your test book and decide which        UN-SMA-06-15
   one would be the best answer to the question you've            A. It has reached not more than 200 million.
   just heard.                                                    B. It introduces the family planning program.
                                                                  C. It causes many problems.
UN-SMA-06-08                                                      D. It grows very slowly.
  A. The woman's father                                           E. It increases rapidly.
  B. The woman
  C. The man's father                                              This is the end of the listening section
  D. The man                                                       Reading section
  E. The man and the woman's father
                                                                   Text l
UN-SMA-06-09                                                       This text is for questions 16 and 17
  A. Pleasure
  B. Gratitude                                                     We are announcing today that we are bringing the
  C. Satisfaction                                                  Milestone and Ever Green brands even closer together.
  D. Uncertainly                                                   Effective as of December 5, 2005, our official name
  E. Dissatisfaction                                               will be:
                                                                                   GREEN MILES WEST
UN-SMA-06-10                                                       The substitution of "West" in our name-replacing
  A. She feels disappointed                                        "California"- is the result of an agreement we reached
  B. She feels guilty                                              with California Gardening Association, following a
  C. She hates the man                                             protest over the original use of "California" in our
  D. She feels happy                                               name. We hope this does not create any confusion
  E. She likes the man                                             among our loyal consumers. While this represents a
                                                                   change from our initial name introduction, it does not
UN-SMA-06-11                                                       change the quality of products we offer to our
  A. He offers help                                                consumers.
  B. He asks for permission
  C. He expresses sympathy                                      UN-SMA-06-16
  D. He refuses the invitation                                    Which of the following statements is TRUE according
  E. He accepts the invitation                                    to the text?
                                                                  A. The corporate offices were protested
   Part IV                                                        B. The loyal consumers created an official name for
                                                                       the company.
   Questions 12 to 15 Directions:                                 C. There was a conflict between Green Miles West
                                                                       and Milestone
   In this part of the test, you will hear some short texts.      D. The quality of products will be different from the
   They will be spoken two times. After you hear a text                former products.
   and the questions about it, read the five possible             E. The name "Green Miles West" will be effective as
   answers and decide which one would be the best                      of December 5, 2005.
   answer to the question you've heard.
UN-SMA-06-17                                                    UN-SMA-06-20
  “… it does not change the quality of the products we            Which of the following statements is TRUE?
  offer ..." (Paragraph 4).                                       A. The academic year is held in four seasons in a
  The underlined word means ...                                      year.
  A. take                                                         B. Students in colleges are not members of the
  B. lose erase                                                      university
  C. alter                                                        C. Students must not be in their residence during the
  D. erase                                                           terms.
  E. throw                                                        D. The students of Cambridge University have
                                                                     holidays in summer.
   Text 2                                                         E. University of Oxford is younger than University of
   This text is for questions number 18                              Cambridge

                     Cinema Quiz        Cartoon News            UN-SMA-06-21
   1. Teenager        50 %  20 %         20 %   10 %              The second paragraph tells the readers about ...
   2. Adult           10 %  30 %         10 %   50 %              A. an integrated educational entity.
   3. Children        0%    20 %         80 %    0%               B. social activities in the university.
                                                                  C. the system in Cambridge University.
UN-SMA-06-18                                                      D. the examination for candidates' degrees.
  From the table above we can conclude that... shows are          E. the criteria for the membership of the university.
  mostly watched by children.
  A. quiz                                                       UN-SMA-06-22
  B. news                                                         "The colleges provide their students with lodgings and
  C. talk                                                         meals, assign tutors and offer ..." (Paragraph 2).
  D. cinema                                                       The underlined word means ...
  E. cartoon                                                      A. dormitories used for studying in groups
                                                                  B. places offered for doing some business
   Text 3                                                         C. spaces needed for discussion
   This text is for questions 19 to 22                            D. houses needed for taking a rest
                   University of Cambridge                        E. rooms rented to stay in
         Do you plan to study abroad? Don't hesitate.
   Welcome to Cambridge University. Cambridge                      Text 4
   University, an institution of higher education, is the          This text is for questions 23 to 26
   second oldest university in Great Britain after the
   University of Oxford. It is located in the city of                           The Hen with the Silver Eggs
   Cambridge.                                                            One day, in an Arabian city, a woman went to the
         The University of Cambridge is a system of                market and bought a beautiful L™ A few days later to
   faculties, departments, and 31 independent colleges.            her surprise the hen she bought laid a silver egg. If the
   You know, although the colleges and the university per          hen could only be persuaded to lay more than one egg
   se are separate corporations, all are parts of an               each day, the woman was sure she would never have to
   integrated educational entity. The university examines          work again.
   candidates for degrees during their residencies and at                So the woman decided to make the hen eat more,
   the conclusion of their studies. The colleges provide           so that it could lay more eggs. But the only result was
   their students with lodgings and meals, assign tutors,          that the hen died of indigestion and did not lay more
   and offer social, cultural, and athletic activities. Every      eggs at all.
   student at the University of Cambridge is a member of
   a college.                                                   UN-SMA-06-23
         Let's see its academic year. The academic year is        Paragraph 3 mostly discusses about ...
   divided into three terms of approximately eight weeks          A. the hen's eggs
   each: Michaelmas (autumn), Lent (late winter), and             B. what the woman did to her hen
   Easter (spring). Students required to study under              C. what the hen did for the woman
   supervisor are usually members of the college's                D. what the hen eats to lay more eggs
   faculties who maintain close relationships with small          E. why the woman wanted to get more eggs
   groups of students in their charge and assist them in
   preparing for university exams.                              UN-SMA-06-24
                                                                  The hen died because it ...
UN-SMA-06-19                                                      A. ate nothing
  The author's purpose of writing the text is ...                 B. ate too much
  A. to review a particular education system                      C. laid more eggs
  B. to commemorate a particular college                          D. was badly injured
  C. to define a particular academic year                         E. was forced to lay. eggs
  D. to explain a particular way to study
  E. to describe a particular institution
UN-SMA-06-25                                                  UN-SMA-06-29
  From the text we may conclude that the woman was ...          Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE
  A. active                                                     about a polar bear?
  B. miserly                                                    A. A polar bear weighs 450 kilos.
  C. greedy                                                     B. A polar bear is three meters long.
  D. furious                                                    C. A polar bear catches fish for food.
  E. dangerous                                                  D. A polar bear goes into the sea when it is angry.
                                                                E. A polar bear can swim 120 kilometers out into the
UN-SMA-06-26                                                        water.
  "If the hen could only be persuaded.... " (Paragraph 2}
  The underlined word means ....                              UN-SMA-06-30
  A. commanded                                                  A polar be; goes into the sea when it is afraid. The
  B. influenced                                                 underlined word is closest ii meaning to ...
  C. dangerous                                                  A. shy
  D. brought                                                    B. angry
  E. told                                                       C. scared .
                                                                D. furious
   Text 5                                                       E. shocked
   This text is for questions 27 to 30
         The polar bear is a very                               Tia : You look so sad. What has happened to you?
   big white bear. We call it the                               Mia :My mother was angry because I came home late
   polar bear because it lives                                        last night.
   inside the Arctic Circle near                                Tia : Don't be sad.
   the North Pole. There are no                                       You'd better ask for her apology and admit that
   polar bears at the South Pole.                                     you've done a mistake.
   The polar bears live at the                                  From the dialogue we know that Tia gives ... to Mia.
   North Pole. There is only                                    A. an idea
   snow, ice, and water. There is not any land.                 B. advice
   These bears are three meters long, and weigh 450 kilos.      C. an opinion
   They can stand up on their back legs because they have       D. a surprise
   very wide feet. They can use their front legs like arms.     E. information
   The polar bears can swim very well. They can swim
   120 kilometers out into the water. They catch fish and     UN-SMA-06-32
   sea animals for food. They go into the sea when they         Ana     : What did you buy at the grocery store
   are afraid.                                                             yesterday?
         People like to kill the polar bears for their          Anto    : What did you say?
   beautiful white coats. The governments of Canada, the        Ana     : I wanted to know what you ... at the grocery
   United States, and Russia say that no one can kill polar                store yesterday.
   bears now. They do not want all of these beautiful           A. buy
   animals to die.                                              B. would buy
                                                                C. had to buy
UN-SMA-06-27                                                    D. had bought
  What does the passage mainly discuss?                         E. have bought
  A. The size of polar bears.
  B. Where polar bears live                                   UN-SMA-06-33
  C. The habitat of polar bears.                                Dito : Excuse me ...,?
  D. Why people hunt polar bears.                               Diah : Oh, of course. Here it is!
  E. A brief description of polar bears.                        A. Can you help me
                                                                B. Could you do this me
UN-SMA-06-28                                                    C. Could you do me a favor
  What is the main idea of the last paragraph?                  D. May I borrow your dictionary
  A. Polar bears are very big animals                           E. Would you mind opening the door
  B. The polar bears are tame animals
  C. Polar bears live at the North Pole
  D. There are no polar bears at the South Pole
  E. Polar bears are hunted because of their beautiful
     white coats
UN-SMA-06-34                                                  UN-SMA-06-40
  Mia     : Mother, I've got a scholarship from Monash          Andi : It seems that you enjoy listening to 'dangdut'
            University in Australia.                                    music.
  Mother : Thank God. It's really unbelievable!                 Agus : You're right ...
  The underlined expression shows ...                           A. I dislike it.
  A. anxiety                                                    B. It makes me sick.
  B. surprise                                                   C. I hate 'dangdut'.
  C. pleasure                                                   D. I am annoyed with it.
  D. uncertainty                                                E. I like 'dangdut' very much.
  E. satisfaction
UN-SMA-06-3                                                     Ardi : As you know our economic condition is
  Mrs. Tia    : What are you doing on Saturday?                          unstable. Do you think our government can
  Mrs. Hera : I'm going to see a new play with some                      solve this problem soon?
                 students. Would you join us?                   Badri : I think it is very unlikely. It seems that
  Mrs. Tia    : I'd like to but I’ll take my kinds to 'Game              everything is worsening.
                 Zone'.                                         From the underlined words we know that it is ... for the
  The underlined utterance expresses ...                        government to improve the economic condition in the
  A. A, denial                                                  near future.
  B. refusal                                                    A. agreeable
  C. pleasure                                                   B. improbable
  D. approval                                                   C. uncertain
  E. disagreement                                               D. predictable
                                                                E. beneficial
  Anisah : Mom, could I have another cookie; please?          UN-SMA-06-42
  Mother : ..., but don't forget to share it with your          Willy : This cake is very delicious. Did you make it
            sister.                                                      yourself?
  A. Of course                                                  Betty : Since I was busy, I had it made.
  B. I don't know                                               From the underlined utterance we know that Betty ...
  C. But it is so urgent                                        the cake
  D. Listen, don't bother her                                   A. made
  E. You are kidding, I can't                                   B. has made
                                                                C. had made
UN-SMA-06-37                                                    D. asked Willy to make
  Andy : What seems to be the trouble? ....?                    E. ordered someone to make
  Indy : Of course. I need your help. The file cannot be
         printed out.                                         UN-SMA-06-43
  A. Can I help you                                             Yudi : You look tired. Lack of sleep?
  B. What is your trouble                                       Nazar : Yes. I wish I had gone to bed earlier, but I
  C. Why don't you ask me                                               couldn't.
  D. Could you do me a favour                                   From the underlined sentence we conclude that Nazar...
  E. Would you mind helping me                                  A. went to bed late
                                                                B. went to bed early
UN-SMA-06-38                                                    C. had enough sleep
  Meity : Have you finished writing the article?                D. had too much sleep
  Novy : Not yet. But I ... writing it by next month.           E. had gone to bed early
  A. finish
  B. would finish                                             UN-SMA-06-44
  C. have finished                                              Sue : I know you got a bad mark for the English test.
  D. will have finished                                                What's wrong with you?
  E. should have finished                                       Chris: If I ... dial there was a test, I would have
                                                                       prepared for it well,
UN-SMA-06-39                                                    A. know
  Roby : We will have a party for my sister's birthday          B. knew
           next Sunday. Would you like to come. Ira?            C. had known
  Ira   : I'd love to. It must be a wonderful party.            D. have known
  The underlined expression is used to express ...              E. would know
  A. advice
  B. intention
  C. C invitation
  D. satisfaction
  E. suggestion
  Brenda : The road is too busy and the vehicles are
            running so fast.
  Auntie : ...
  A. Mind your step
  B. Beware of pick pockets
  C. Take care of the vehicles
  D. Whatever you do, do it carefully
  E. Be careful when crossing the road

  Tsunamis wash ashore often with disastrous effect such
  as severe flooding, loss of lives due to drowning and
  damage to property.
  The synonym of the underlined word is ...
  A. destructive
  B. suspicious
  C. sufficient
  D. harmless
  E. ultimate

  Some drugs taken in large quantities cause permanent
  brain damage.
  The opposite of the underlined word is ...
  A. lasting
  B. forever
  C. restricted
  D. unlimited
  E. temporary

  "It's 12 now. The workers will be dismissed for lunch."
  The antonym of the underlined word is ...
  A. gathered
  B. rejected
  C. admitted
  D. executed
  E. terminated

  His dry cleaning business is flourishing; he has opened
  two more branches this year. The underlined word
  means to be ...
  A. luxurious
  B. plentiful
  C. beneficial
  D. productive
  E. successful

  A tsunami is a very large sea wave that is ... by a
  disturbance along the ocean-1 floor.
  A. composed
  B. mobilized
  C. generated
  D. influenced
  E. appreciated

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