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A beginners guide to installing, updating and deleting the Cosmos User Interface.
                             (Tyhe – CheapAssClan Member – March 29th, 2005)

The Cosmos User Interface (Cosmos UI) is a custom user interface for World of Warcraft
(WoW). It enables you to add/change certain parts of your WoW GUI.
It also causes a lot of headaches, because everytime you think you have it all figured out, and
all things setup the way you want it, Blizzard comes out with an update that will mess it all up
for you.

After spending several hours on the web, looking for ways to mend my Cosmos, and finally
succeeding, I figured some people might find the info I retrieved useful. Please note that I am
not in any part related to Cosmos or WoW and that this info might be outdated the minute I
write it down. If you would like to discuss the tutorial, you can visit the CheapAssClan
website and post on our forum.

Installing Cosmos

Installing Cosmos is very easy to do.
To download Cosmos, go here:

You will see several files, of which you only need to download one. You can either
download the or The is the
file you will usually get. It holds the latest release of Cosmos and has fewest bugs in it. The is a file that has the latest changes to Cosmos in it. As the name
indicates, it’s not fully tested and approved yet, so you might encouter some bugs. The
reason I mention this file, is, as it has the latest changes in it, you will probably have the least
trouble getting it to work. However, you might get the occassional ingame error, when
something goes wrong.

After downloading the zip file, extract it to a location of your preference. Within the file there
are 2 files (Cosmos.exe & Cosmos.txt) and a directory (Interface). You need to move these
files into your World of Warcraft main directory. The Interface directory is where all your
modifications (mods) will be located. If there already is an Interface directory, you may want
to back that up first.

In theory, after placing the files and directory into your main WoW directory, you should be
ready to use Cosmos.

There is one other thing you have to do, since the last update. Blizzard has now added a
button in the Charactar selection screen on the bottom left, called Modifications.
After putting the files into your directory, run the game, and click on this button. You will
see a list of all the modifications you have installed and can enable/disable them here. If you
check here for the first time, you will see that all mods are disabled, so you need to enable
them to see them ingame.

If you then enter the WoW-world, there should be an extra (bleuish) icon on the ring of your
mini-map. If there isn’t, you either did something wrong, need to update (read below) or have
encountered an error which I didn’t address, in which case you should check out the Cosmos
Support Forum.

Updating Comsos

After “installing” Cosmos you might find that it still does not appear ingame, or that WoW
tells you your mods are outdated (this usually happens after a patch). In that case, you need to
update your Cosmos and mods.

Updating Cosmos is easy. Just click on the cosmos.exe file that you have placed into your
WoW main directory.
After you do this, you will see Cosmos update itself and change/get/delete files.

Please note 1/3: If you have custom mods installed (in other words, moved them into your
Interface directory) you DO NOT want Cosmos to update them. Because to Cosmos they are
not needed files and they will be cleaned up (deleted). To prevent this from happing, you
have to create a separate (empty) directory in your Interface directory for every custom mod,
that has “.nopatch” at the end of it. So if you have moved, let’s say, the AdvancedBags mod
into your Interface directory, you would have to make another directory, called
AdvancedBags.nopatch. This will tell Cosmos to leave the AdvancedBags directory alone.

Please note 2/3: Usually after a patch, the default settings for the latest Cosmos release aren’t
setup right anymore. What you need to do, is click the configure button and change the
Selected Cosmos Distribution. If it’s set to Release change it to Alpha (if release wasn’t
working for you) and if you had Alpha, change it to Release).
Please note 3/3: After doing all this, your regular Cosmos will probaly work, however for
those of you who have custom mods installed, there is another thing to know. Since Cosmos
isn’t touching the custom mods, they are not updated in the regular Cosmos update. So you
need to do that “manually”. The thing is that every mod (directory) in your Interface folder
contains files which have the current WoW version number in them. If the number if the files
and the version of your WoW don’t match, the mod won’t work. To update these numbers all
by hand would be a pain, so there is a little application that can help you with that.

You can download it here:
(You can also find many custom mods for WoW here.)

This small application, called WoWToc.exe, will update all version numbers for you. The
only thing you have to do is figure out what the current versino number is. After a patch this
is usually posted on the Cosmos website in the support forum. (There are more applications
out there that can do this. I don’t know if they are better/worse, but I used this one, so that’s
the one I can tell you about.)

Now run the application and then check the “Custom UI version”. This will enable you to
enter the current version number in the “Interface version” box (the current version number is
1300, but this will change as soon as Blizzard patches the game).
Now click the Modify button. It will update all the version numbers to the number you have

You should now be totally ready to play. If it still isn’t working for you, I’m afraid you will
have to try your luck on the Cosmos Support Forum.

Deleting Cosmos

WoW, finally something easy! Deleting Cosmos is the easiest part of using it. All you have
to do, is delete the Interface directory from your World of Warcraft directory and you are
done! Please make a backup before doing so, however, because you just simply never

Well that’s it… hope someone finds it useful!

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