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					                                                                                        Your Broadband VoIP Phone Service
                                                      www.mynetfone.com.au or call us on 1300 731 048

                                      WELCOME                                            This document provides instructions on how to
                                                                                         set up and use the VMNF25 VoIP Headset and
                                    Welcome and thanks for joining Australia’s           Soft Phone Software on your computer, and
                                    leading Broadband Phone Service, MyNetFone™!         how to make the most of your MyNetFone™
                                    MyNetFone™ is a new generation phone service
                                    that allows you to make and receive phone calls        STEP 1
                                    using any broadband Internet connection. You           CONNECTING THE HEADSET
                                    can make FREE calls to anyone else that also has
                                    MyNetFone™, and cheap calls to any regular           1. Locate the 3.5 mm speaker and microphone
                                    telephone to enjoy big savings on your                  audio jacks on your computer.
Your Broadband VoIP Phone Service   telephone bills.                                     2. Insert the green connector on the headset
                                                                                            into you speaker audio jack.
                                    The service offers the following great features to    3. Insert the pink connector on the headset to
                                    all its users:                                          your microphone audio jack.
                                    • No lock-in contracts
                                    • No minimum spend                                     STEP 2
                                    • No connection fees                                   REGISTRATION
                                    • FREE voicemail box
                                    • FREE technical support                             1. Following the instructions located on the
                                    • Real-time accounts web portal                         redemption card included with the VMNF25
                                                                                            to claim your FREE call credit.
                                    MyNetFone™ VMNF25 VoIP Headset with Soft             2. Once you have received your MyNetFone™
                                    Phone Software introduces a simple way to               service confirmation email you can download
                                    place VoIP telephone calls over the Internet            and install the MyNetFone™ Soft Phone
                                    using a standard Windows or Macintosh computer          Software.
  STEP 3                                                  READY TO CALL                                   If the other party reports hearing their speech          MYNETFONE™ ONLINE
                                                                                                          echo, you should try the following:
  DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE                                                                                                                                     Once you’ve started using the MyNetFone™
                                                      Once you see the message Ready to call on the
  SOFT PHONE SOFTWARE                                 main panel, you are able to make and receive
                                                                                                          •    Lower the microphone (and speaker) level        service, don’t forget to visit our real-time account
                                                                                                               on the software.                                web portal. You can:
1. Visit www.mynetfone.com.au/downloads
   and download the MyNetFone™ Soft Phone             1. Enter the destination number that you would          GETTING ASSISTANCE                               •   Update your details,
   Software.                                             like to call using the numeric keypad on                                                              •   Check your balance,
                                                                                                          We realise it’s not always smooth sailing. As with
2. 2.1 If you’re using Windows 2000/XP, open             screen or by entering the numbers directly                                                            •   Access your call records, and
                                                                                                          any new technology you may encounter
       the downloaded software and follow                using the keyboard.                                                                                   •   Make payments via credit card
                                                                                                          problems in setup.
       the installation instructions to install the   2. To connect press the       button.
       software onto your computer.
                                                                                                          If you’re experiencing difficulties, the problem
   2.2 If you’re using Mac OS X, drag the                 TROUBLESHOOTING                                 may be easily fixed. Please visit our FAQ:
       MyNetFone™ software to the Applications
       folder.                                        If you see the following message:                            www.mynetfone.com.au/faq
3. After installation, enter your MyNetFone™
   number (09xxxxxx) and Password and click                          Service unavailable
                                                                    Authentication failed                 If you’re still having problems, please don’t
                                                                              or                          hesitate to call our national Customer Care
                                                                  Registering with service...             Centre on 1300 731 048 during business hours.
   NOTE: Your password is case sensitive
                                                                              or                          Make sure that you’re next to your computer
                                                                     Service unavailable                  with your Internet connected.
                                                                  Server is not responding
                                                                                                          You can also send our support team an email at
                                                      •   Re-enter your MyNetFone™ number and             support@mynetfone.com.au
                                                          password by right clicking on the
                                                          MyNetFone™ logo and selecting Login...              SPECIAL NUMBERS
                                                                                                          Below are some useful numbers you can call
                                                          NOTE: Your password is case sensitive
                                                                                                          from your MyNetFone™ telephone anytime for
                                                                                                          FREE:                                                Visit www.mynetfone.com.au and follow the
                                                      •   If you are running personal firewall software,
                                                                                                               121 - Voicemail collection and Setup            My Account link.
                                                          make sure it is not blocking the MyNetFone™
                                                                                                              151 - Account Balance and Recharge
                                                                                                              181 - Customer Care Centre

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