A Remarkable Turnaround

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Volume 11 • Number 3• FebruArY 2011

                                             A Remarkable
                                                 Many doubted the Chicago
                                                 Blackhawks could rebuild and win
                                                 the Stanley Cup. ISU alumnus Jay
                                                 Blunk was more than a believer.
                                                 He became a change agent for
                                                 the team.
                stephanie epp, ed.D. ’07

        susan Marquardt blystone ’84, M.s. ’03

                  aluMni eDitor

                                                          With March Madness about to begin,
           annette states levitt ’96, M.s. ’02

               class notes eDitor
                   nancy neisler                          the spotlight is on collegiate basketball. Our own Redbirds are gearing up for the
                  coPy eDitors
        susan Marquardt blystone ’84, M.s. ’03
                                                          Missouri Valley Conference Tournament in Missouri, where I hope you will join me in
             steven barcus ’06, M.s. ’09                  cheering on our teams.
                 leaD Designers                                I am always impressed by our student-athletes. They work diligently as individuals
               Dave Jorgensen, M.s. ’03
                   Michael Mahle                          to achieve their personal academic goals, then come together and exert even more effort
                      Designers                                                                           as competitors determined to bolster pride
                   Jeff higgerson ’92
                   carol Jalowiec ’08                                                                     in the University while battling for points
                     Jon robinson                                                                         on the scoreboard.
                     Web eDitor
                   brian huonker ’92
                                                                                                               Our athletic events are perhaps
                  PhotograPher                                                                            the most obvious example of excellence
                  lyndsie schlink ’04                                                                     through teamwork at ISU, yet there are
           ProDuction coorDinator
             Mary (Mulhall) cowdery ’80
                                                                                                          stellar “players” assembled across campus.
                     Writers                                                                              Let me take a moment to shine a proverbial
                    Kate arthur                                                                           spotlight on the team behind the scenes.
                    Michael boyd
                Joanna stephens Mink                                                                           Within the Admissions and Financial
                   cassie Monroe
                                                                                                          Aid offices, for example, there are staff who
                eDitorial interns
                   cassie Monroe                                                                          spend days, nights, and weeks traveling
                    lisa shelton                                                                          throughout Illinois—tirelessly telling the
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                                                          Al Bowman
                                                          President, Illinois State University

                                                                                Volume 11, Number 3, February 2011

                                                                8          One powerful pen
                                                                           The adage that a picture is worth a thou-
                                                                           sand words has been proven by alumnus Eric
                                                                           Rohmann ’80, M.S. ’85. The illustrations in his
                                                                           children’s picture books captivate young and old
                                                                           readers alike. Rohmann’s extraordinary talent
                                                                           has earned him the highest national honor in
                                                                           children’s literature.

                                                                12         Reheating the ice
                                                                           Jay Blunk ’86 left his Chicago Cubs vice presi-
                                                                           dent position to work at rebuilding a hockey
                                                                           team Windy City fans had nearly forgotten.
                                                                           That goal was accomplished as the Blackhawks
                                                                           captured the Stanley Cup with a 2010 season
                                                                           considered “the most remarkable turnaround in

                                                                           the history of sports in the U.S.”

                                                                16         A literal stand-out
                                                                           Christian Stoinev was born to perform. He
                                                                           acquired international fame before joining ISU’s
                                                                           Gamma Phi Circus. Now a sophomore, Stoinev
                                                                           wows audiences with his ability to complete
                                                                           complicated contortions with one hand, while
                                                                           balancing his pet dog.

                                                                20 Sparkling venue and menu

                                                                           The transformation within Campus Dining Ser-
                                                                           vices will surprise even recent graduates. Expan-
                                                                           sive options and improved dishes are served in a
                                                                           restaurant atmosphere. Upgrades have resulted
                                                                           in a more environmentally friendly operation
                                                                           that now more than ever is a plus in recruiting

                                                                2          University News

                                                                6          Redbird Athletics
                                                                26         Alumni Awards
                                                                28         Alumni Connections
                                                                30         Class Notes

Illinois State on your iPad?                                    On the cover: Blunk will never forget the thrill of
Take Illinois State with you anywhere you go. Just go to        celebrating the Blackhawks’ first Stanley Cup on your mobile device.        championship since 1961.

Bell replica enriches Founders Day tradition
Faculty trio creates unique campus treasure

            ach February individuals          The Varners, who joined the                 Katrin Varner, joined the College of
            from across the campus       University in 1975, gave a financial             Business faculty in 2000.
            community participate in     gift for the solid bronze bell. Car-                 Reid ’87, M.S. ’91, M.F.A. ’96,
            a Founders Day bell cer-     son teaches in finance insurance and             is an instructor and bronze-casting
emony. The bell rings for each year      law. Now retired, Iris was a man-                specialist. “As an Illinois State alum-
since the University was established     agement and quantitative methods                 nus, I knew it would be a very special
in 1857.                                 faculty member. She was director                 casting,” he said, noting the bell was
     The ceremony is especially          of the International Business Insti-             cast in the University’s foundry. The
meaningful for Carson and Iris Var-      tute. Together they developed the                strong ISU ties please the Varners.
ner from the College of Business,        interdisciplinary international busi-                  “We are so proud to be part of
and College of Fine Arts instructor      ness major that helped make ISU                  a university whose mission is to give
Randy Reid. They united to create a      the center of international business             the premiere undergraduate educa-
replica of the Old Main Bell that sits   education in Illinois. Their daughter,           tional experience in Illinois,” Carson
on the Quad.                                                                              said.

                                         Building a replica
                                         Go online to for coverage and photos from this year’s Founders
                                         Day celebration, as well as a video of the work involved to create the Old Main Bell replica.
2 Illinois State February 2011
State Farm recognized
with building name
The long-standing partnership between
State Farm Insurance Companies and
Illinois State University has been recog-
nized with the naming of the College of
Business Building as the State Farm Hall
of Business.
     Illinois State has received support
from State Farm Companies Foundation
over the years, with more than half of
their funding going to programs within
the College of Business. In 1999 a grant
of $9 million provided seed money that
helped to leverage additional funds for
construction of the College of Business
building, which opened in 2005.
     “State Farm’s financial support
made it possible for us to construct a
state-of-the-art building for our College
of Business, which is ranked as one of the
top 100 undergraduate business schools
in the nation,” President Al Bowman
said.  “The company’s ongoing support
                                             Nick Tardi, a graduate student in the School of Biological Sciences, uses the new scanning electron microscope.
of academic programs and research has
played an important role in helping the
College of Business establish its excel-     digital image results without a lengthy                   Illinois State our students have demon-
lent reputation.”                            preparation process of specimens. The                     strated that it is an investment that yields
     State Farm CEO Ed Rust said the         scanning process allows scientists to                     high returns.”
company is “honored to be recognized         understand such things as surface topog-                        Illinois State awards merit-based
for its ongoing commitment to the Col-       raphy and chemical composition of a                       scholarships through the Presidential
lege of Business. We’re proud of our         specimen.                                                 and University Scholars programs, and
long-standing relationship with the Uni-           It is being used at ISU in many                     provides assistance to hundreds of stu-
versity, and of the fact that more than      ways, including for elemental analy-                      dents through scholarships funded by
4,000 Illinois State alumni work at State    sis; the study of structures in plant and                 gifts to the Illinois State Foundation.
Farm today.”                                 animal specimens; and quality control                           More than 20 percent of students
                                             testing for delicate, custom-made scien-                  receive need-based assistance through
                                             tific probes made by a chemistry faculty                  the state’s Monetary Awards Program
Science work enriched with                   member.                                                   (MAP). The University will use more
scanning microscope grant                                                                              than $7 million of its own resources to
ISU biologists, physicists, chemists, and                                                              supplement MAP grants for students.
geologists have a powerful scanning elec-    University increases                                      More than $1 million in federal grant
tron microscope at their disposal thanks     financial help for students                               funding provides financial assistance for
to a $285,000 National Science Foun-         Committed to doing even more to attract                   low-income and first-generation college
dation grant. The microscope, located        and retain academically talented stu-                     students.
in the Science Laboratory Building, is       dents, President Al Bowman has ear-                             Donor dollars continue to help stu-
capable of magnifying objects up to 1        marked an additional $500,000 annually                    dents reach their potential by empower-
million times.                               for merit-based scholarships, beginning                   ing them to complete a degree. Make a
     Associate Professor Martha Cook in      this year.                                                scholarship contribution today by going
biology was a lead author on the grant             “This is an important step that I                   online to
proposal for funding the new FEI Quanta      know will make us even more competi-
450 microscope, which provides detailed      tive than we are today,” Bowman said. “At

                                                                                                                       February 2011    Illinois State 3
   Where are they now?
   I retired in August of 1990 after nearly 25 years as a supervisor of student teaching in music and
   a professor in the School of Music teaching music therapy, handbells ringing, instrumental tech-
   niques, conducting, and music for the exceptional child.
          My wife, Doris (Mehrkens) ’71, and I moved permanently to Florida. We settled in our new
   home in Lady Lake, Florida. I became the director of music ministry at a church in nearby Leesburg,
   and soon organized a handbell choir. My interest in handbells was well known at ISU. I founded the
   Handbell and Choirchime Ensemble and directed the ISU groups for more than 20 years.
          Doris is also a retired music teacher. She is a member of our church handbell/choirchime
   ensembles. I play trumpet in the church orchestra, tuba in the brass ensembles, and French horn in
   the cantata group.
          I miss the Illinois State community and teaching, for I always enjoyed university life and the
   intellectually stimulating activities. Soon after arriving in Florida, I was asked to teach short courses
   at the University of Central Florida and at the College of St. Leo’s.
          While there I taught instrumental techniques and music for the exceptional child courses.
   Then the state of Florida asked me to lead a band director’s “refresher course,” which was required
   of experienced Florida band directors. I am a frequent guest conductor for festivals and lead many
   clinics and workshops.
          We recently relocated to Orlando to be near our son, Richard, and his family. We enjoy our
   new lifestyle in Florida, where it is warm—most of the time!

   Contact the Rosenes by e-mail at or by writing to 822 Pinar Drive, Orlando, FL
   32825. To find out how you can support the School of Music, go online to or call   School of Music Professor Emeritus Paul Rosene
   (309) 438-8041.

                                                                         Return of the bells
                                                                         Learn more about Paul Rosene and the return of the ISU handbell choir online

Alumni invited as ISU hosts                                 For more information e-mail kmey-                  in the history of the department and
national speech tournament                    or go online to www.               the program. The approval enhances the
                                              Individuals                profile of the University’s Legal Studies
ISU Forensics Union alumni are invited
                                                       interested in supporting the team finan-                Program at the regional and national
to serve as an individual events or Lin-
                                                       cially can do so online by going to www.                level, and makes the graduates more
coln-Douglas debate judge during the
                                                                  competitive in an increasingly tough job
National Forensics Association national
tournament. The competition will be
                                                                                                                    The Legal Studies Program began in
held on the University’s campus April                  Paralegal Studies Program                               1975 and is currently offered as a minor,
15-18. More than 100 college and univer-               gains national endorsement                              a certificate with a bachelor’s degree, a
sity teams are expected to participate.
                                                       The American Bar Association (ABA)                      certificate without a bachelor’s degree,
      There are 40 students on the speech
                                                       has granted approval to the Universi-                   and an interdisciplinary studies major.
team, which won the tournament in 1995,
                                                       ty’s Legal Studies Program. The ABA                     About 50 students participate in the pro-
1999, and 2000. ISU placed third in the
                                                       endorsement is a benchmark for many                     gram annually.
national competition in 2010, continuing
                                                       employers who hire paralegals.  
a tradition of excellence that began when
                                                            The approval enhances the profile
the Forensics Union was formed in 1857.                                                                        Art professor works as
                                                       of the University’s Legal Studies program
      School of Communication Assistant                                                                        repeat Fulbright
                                                       at the regional and national level, and
Professor and Forensics Director Kevin
                                                       makes the graduates more competitive in                 Distinguished Professor of Art Emerita
Meyer is planning a reunion event on
                                                       an increasingly tough job market.                       Frances Anderson is working as a Ful-
April 16 for alumni as part of the tour-
                                                            The Department of Politics and Gov-                bright Senior Specialist in Pakistan. She
nament week. Alumni are also invited
                                                       ernment initiated the approval process in               is using her expertise in art therapy to
to judge the tournament and attend
                                                       August of 2008. Department Chair Ali                    help young children who have been dis-
reunion events that will be held through-
                                                       Riaz called the approval a “milestone”
out the weekend.

4 Illinois State February 2011
placed and traumatized by the massive              More information about the ISU-
flooding in that country.                      IWU Habitat for Humanity chapter is
      Anderson is presenting art therapy       online at
workshops in Islamabad, Pakistan, for          Donations to support the chapter’s work
U.S. Agency for International Develop-         can be made online at www.Advance-
ment (USAID) workers and other non-                          To the Editor,
governmental organization staff who                                                           Just a short note to let you know how
have been overwhelmed by the huge                                                             much I enjoy getting my Illinois State
number of flood victims. Local volun-          Graduate continues global                      alumni magazine when it comes. Being
teers and university graduate psychology       actuarial award tradition                      approximately 1,700 miles away from
students are also attending the work-          Emily Byrnes ’10 received a 2010 John          Normal, this helps me feel connected
shops.                                         Culver Wooddy Scholarship from the             though I have been gone for almost
      This is an unprecedented fifth Ful-      Actuarial Foundation last fall during her      18 years. It is good to see the campus
bright for Anderson, who is the former                                                        flourishing and thriving, and continuing
director of the University’s graduate art                                                     to make a positive impact on so many
therapy program and a founding member                                                         people.
of the American Art Therapy Associa-                                                                                   Rob Festenstein ‘92
      She was the first art therapist in the                                                  To the Editor,
U.S. to receive a Fulbright Scholar Award,                                                    I am a retired English professor who
and spent months teaching art therapy in                                                      unfortunately failed to keep his class ros-
Argentina, Taiwan, and Thailand.                                                              ters after retirement and relies on mem-
                                                                                              ory to identify former students—a risky
                                                                                              matter in an old man. Risk aside, though,
Campus Habitat for                                                                            I believe Kate Norcross was a student in
Humanity chapter ranks                                                                        one of my dozens of lecture sections of
as best across the nation                                                                     British Literature and Its Contexts. I recall
The ISU-IWU Habitat for Humanity               Emily Byrnes ’10                               especially her initiative, diligence, and
chapter was chosen as the 2010 Habitat                                                        enthusiasm. I commend Neil and Joan
for Humanity Campus Chapter of the             final semester at Illinois State. The schol-   Styczynski for their generosity (Founda-
Year from among more than 500 campus           arships are awarded to only a handful of       tion Annual Report, November 2010).
chapters in the country.                       graduating actuarial students around the
                                                                                                                            Russell Rutter
      The Illinois State University and        globe.
Illinois Wesleyan University chapter                “It’s such an honor to receive this       “What a great story!”
formed in 1994. In partnership with Hab-       prestigious scholarship. I wouldn’t have
itat for Humanity of McLean County, the        received it were it not for the actuarial                           Facebook comment
chapter has built at least one home every      program here at ISU,” Byrnes said.               (Shurr Legacy Family, November 2010)
year since 1995.                                    Byrnes is the fifth ISU student in the             James Huddleston ’60, M.S. ‘67
      Students are completing their 17th       past six years to receive the award. That’s
                                                                                              “ISU open house was amazing. It defi-
house. They are involved with every            a record that has only been matched
                                                                                              nitely helped me in deciding I want to
aspect of the building project except          by one other university in the world.
                                                                                              go there. Redbirds class of 2015, here I
tasks that require skilled labor, such as      Past ISU students to earn the award
the electrical and plumbing systems.           were Carol Sorenson ’05, T.J. Turner ’06,
      Gary Klass, associate professor of       David Prevo ’08, and Thomas Lauren ’09.                                 Facebook comment
Politics and Government and project            Each has moved on to a successful career                                   Brittany Paduch
director for the chapter, hopes students       at agencies across the state.
can begin to build two houses annually.             A graduate of the Katie School
The key to that is fundraising. The colle-     Leadership Program, Byrnes completed
giate chapter raises money in the Bloom-       an internship at State Farm Insurance
ington-Normal community to pay for             Companies and is continuing her career
construction, which averages $60,000 to        there as an actuarial analyst trainee.
$70,000 per home.

                                                                                                       February 2011   Illinois State 5

Join fans and Spread the Red
Basketball teams headed to MVC tournaments

            or the first two weekends         The Redbirds will stay at the            The Redbirds will stay at the
            of March, Missouri Val-       Millennium Hotel in downtown St.        Sheraton Lakeside Chalet in West-
            ley Conference fans will      Louis. To reserve a room at the team    port, Missouri. Make your reserva-
            invade St. Louis with the     hotel, call (800) 325-7353 and refer-   tion by calling (888) 627-7066 and
hope of watching their team punch         ence the Illinois State Fan Block for   reference the Illinois State Fan Block
the ticket to “The Big Dance.”            the MVC men’s tournament. Make          for the MVC Women’s Tournament.
     Join fellow Illinois State alumni    reservations online at www.millen-      To make reservations online, visit
and fans in cheering on the Redbirds
for each of the State Farm Missouri       and use the promo code 1103MVC-         illinoisstatefan. Go to www.mvcst-
Valley Conference tournaments. The        FAN. Tournament information is for more information.
men’s competition is March 3-6 at         available at            Tickets for either tournament are
the Scottrade Center. Head coach              March 10-13 first-year head         available online at,
Tim Jankovich and the men’s basket-       coach Stephanie Glance will have the    or by calling the Illinois State Athlet-
ball team will attempt to play in their   women’s basketball team ready for       ics Ticket Office at (309) 438-8000.
third Valley Tournament champion-         the women’s edition of Arch Mad-
ship game in four seasons.                ness at Family Arena in St. Charles,

6 Illinois State February 2011
MVC tournament pregame events planned                                                        Athletics Internet site
                                                                                             redesign complete
Illinois State Athletics and Alumni Rela-        ment. This event will also be free to
                                                                                             Four months of planning, design, and imple-
tions will host a pair of send-off parties       the public with hors d’oeuvres provided,
                                                                                             mentation culminated with the relaunch of the
for both the Redbird men’s and wom-              along with a cash bar.
                                                                                             Internet site during the fall of
en’s basketball teams prior to their first            Alumni Relations and the Athletics     2010. The site is the No. 1 source for all things
games in the 2011 State Farm Missouri            Department will also host “welcome-         regarding Illinois State Athletics, and now
Valley Conference Tournament.                    backs” and “send-offs” for each subse-      boasts a sleeker, more compact look. Fans will
     The men’s event will be held in the         quent game the Redbirds participate in      find expanded offerings in video streaming and
lobby at the Millennium Hotel in St. Lou-        at both tournaments.  These additional      audio podcasts. The site still offers the typical
is prior to the Redbirds’ first tournament       events will include the availability of a   almanac-type information, such as rosters,
game. The pregame send-off is free to the        cash bar.                                   schedules, and player bios.
public and includes complimentary hors                For more information about these             Illinois State Athletics also launched
                                                                                    to assist the coaches in
d’oeuvres and a cash bar.                        events, go online to or
                                                                                             their recruiting efforts. The “Redbird Experi-
     A similar event will be hosted at the       contact the Redbird Development Office
                                                                                             ence” offers a chance to experience what Il-
Sheraton Lakeside Chalet in Westport,            at (309) 438-3803.
                                                                                             linois State Athletics is all about. If you haven’t
Missouri, prior to the women’s tourna-                                                       already, make a point to visit

                                                                                             Redbird baseball team
                                                                                             receives championship rings
                                                                                             After claiming its first regular-season Missouri
                                                                                             Valley Conference championship and its first
                                                                                             Missouri Valley Conference tournament title
                                                                                             since 1994, head coach Mark Kingston present-
                                                                                             ed the Illinois State baseball team and support
                                                                                             staff with championship rings to remember the
                                                                                             historic run.
                                                                                                   The Redbirds earned the automatic bid to
                                                                                             the 2010 NCAA Tournament and were selected
                                                                                             as the No. 3 seed at the Louisville Regional.
                                                                                             With ISU’s 8-3 win over Saint Louis on day two
          Great gifts for Redbird fans                                                       of the regional, the Redbirds earned their first
          Show your Redbird pride with framed prints from Illinois State Athletics.
                                                                                             NCAA Tournament victory since 1976.
          Visit the Photo Store at and order yours today.
                                                                                                   The rings were designed and produced by

                                                                                                           February 2011   Illinois State 7
                                 Blend of story and art makes alum
                                 powerful voice in children’s literature
                                                    by JoAnna Stephens Mink

                                                    In elementary school Eric Rohmann
                                                    ’80, M.S. ’85, drew dinosaurs, monsters, and
                                                    knights, as well as fanciful machines. His
                                                    imagination was influenced by authors he
                                                    read as a boy: Wanda Gag, Edgar Rice Bur-
                                                    roughs, Maurice Sendak, and J. R. R. Tolkien.
                                                         Now youngsters are reading Rohmann’s
                                                    books, finding inspiration in the stories and
                                                    illustrations that have placed him among the
                                                    elite of children’s literature authors.
                                                         One of his books, My Friend Rabbit,
                                                    received the prestigious Caldecott Medal in
                                                    2003. The honor recognizes the most distin-
                                                    guished children’s picture book published in
                                                    the U.S. in a given year. His first book, Time
                                                    Flies, was rejected 15 times before being pub-
                                                    lished by Roaring Brook Press. It subsequently
                                                    was named a Caldecott Honor book.
                                                         “It proved I could make a book that kids
                                                    would want to read,” Rohmann said of the
                                                    wordless picture book that tells the tale of a
                                                    bird trapped in a dinosaur exhibit at a natural
                                                    history museum. The bird enters a dinosaur’s

8 Illinois State February 2011
mouth and eventually escapes as the story un-      lege of Fine Arts Professor Ray George, who is       Above, illustration by Eric
                                                                                                        Rohmann for his 2002 book
folds through images so stellar that Time Flies    now deceased.                                        My Friend Rabbit
became a New York Times Notable Book of the            Richard Finch, another of Rohmann’s
Year and was named Best Children’s Book by         ISU art professors, recalled that “Eric was an
The New York Times Book Review.                    excellent student and I enjoyed having him
     His success came as no surprise to faculty    in my classes. He’s kind, intelligent, talented,
at Illinois State’s School of Art, where Rohm-     generous with his time, and he always makes
ann enrolled as an undergraduate in the late       me laugh.”
1970s. The skills he developed while growing           Rohmann especially remembers his
up in the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove          printmaking class, which got him interested
impressed Professor of Art Emeritus Harold
Boyd, who became Rohmann’s mentor.
     Boyd recalls meeting Rohmann during his
                                                   “I make books for kids because they are
junior year in a printmaking class. Rohmann’s
talent and creativity were apparent imme-
                                                    the best audience: children are curious,
diately, as well as his “root in the traditional
skills.” Rohmann’s interest in writing and
                                                    enthusiastic, impulsive, generous and
illustrating intersected with Boyd’s, and their     pleased by simple joys. They laugh easily
connection as teacher/student continued as
Rohmann completed a master’s degree in              at the ridiculous and are willing to believe
studio art.
     Rohmann made wonderful paintings,              the absurd.
said Boyd, who taught studio art for about 35
years. A few years ago they collaborated in a      in lithography and bookmaking. He went on
mentor/student exhibition at the University        to complete a second master’s in printmaking/
of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. Boyd exhibited as     fine bookmaking at Arizona State University.
Rohmann’s mentor, and Rohmann exhibited            Steinburg’s painting class engendered his
with a student he himself had mentored.            love for making paintings. But Boyd was most
     Other faculty also inspired Rohmann, in-      influential, encouraging Rohmann’s interest in
cluding Professor of Biology Emerita Lauren        telling stories with pictures.
Brown; Professor of Art James Butler; Profes-           “Pictures are a language in themselves,”
sor of Art Emeritus Louis Steinburg; and Col-      said Rohmann, who was attracted to illus-

                                                                                            February 2011   Illinois State 9
                                                                                  “The art faculty and
                                                                                   students formed a
                                                                                   community. We may have
                                                                                   disagreed on a lot, but
                                                                                   in the end we supported
Illustration from Rohmann’s   trating books for young children because
1994 book Time Flies
                              “things can happen in picture books you don’t        one another with our
                                   Stories and pictures have to communicate.       enthusiasm for the work
                              Rohmann has mastered the craft in his books
                              that target youngsters age 8 and younger. He         being made by all of us.”
                              wrote and illustrated The Cinder-Eyed Cats,
                              Pumpkinhead, Clara and Asha, and A Kitten                 “I make books for kids because they are
                              Tale. He writes and draws the pictures as the       the best audience: children are curious, en-
                              storyline develops. The narrative comes to          thusiastic, impulsive, generous and pleased by
                              life with the addition of universal cues in his     simple joys. They laugh easily at the ridicu-
                              illustrations, such as frowning eyebrows.           lous and are willing to believe the absurd,”
                                   The results are enthralling. One critic de-    Rohmann said. “Children are not ironic,
                              scribes The Cinder-Eyed Cats as “a sumptuous        disillusioned or indifferent, but hopeful, open-
                              feast for the eye and a virtuoso feat of picture    minded and openhearted, with a voracious
                              storytelling.” Clara and Asha, which has been       hunger for pictures.”
                               translated as Clara y Asha, is heralded as “a           He still makes fanciful drawings—perhaps
                                   captivating book about the special world       successors of the dinosaurs and monsters he
                                     of a child’s imagination—where a giant       himself drew as a child—in workshops and
                                      fish might come to visit, and the things    presentations he enjoys bringing to elementa-
                                          you do and the things you feel with     ry schools. With a quickly added line or circle
                                                an imaginary friend are in-       of a felt-tip marker, the white board teems
                                                    tensely real.”                with sharks, pigs, and other fanciful animals,
                                                        Rohmann also il-          enthralling children and entertaining adults.
                                                   lustrates texts written by          Rohmann has always loved to draw. He
                                           others, including King Crow and        was a huge fan of Universal monster movies
                              The Prairie Train. In his most recent book,         and comic books as a youth. By the time he
                              Last Song, Rohmann’s watercolor paintings           was in high school, his drawings were of com-
                              enrich an old Scottish poem. His work is in         plex space battles and animals.
                              the permanent collections of several institu-            He began to recreate what he observed
                              tions across the U.S. and in Europe. But it’s the   as a high school volunteer in the Brookfield
                              world of children’s literature that remains his     Zoo’s children’s section. Cleaning enclosures
                              passion.                                            and feeding the animals inspired remarkably

        10 Illinois State February 2011
                                                                            Rohmann has fond mem-
                                                                       ories of his days in Walker
                                                                       Hall. He proudly proclaims
                                                                       that not only did his floor—2
                                                                       North—win the flag football
                                                                       and softball championships,
                                                                       but they also had the highest
                                                                       GPA. He enjoyed working
                                                                       as a receptionist in Dunn-
accomplished drawings.                                                      His role as graduate ad-
     These early works reveal the genesis            visor for New Friends of Old Time Music and
of Rohmann’s fascination with animals. He            the Entertainment Committee is another fond
                                                                                                          Rohmann’s Illinois State ties
originally minored in biology and anthropol-         memory because he interacted with all kinds          remain strong. He connected

ogy at Illinois State, studies that reinforced his   of performers, such as Steve Goodman and             with his former art professor,
                                                     Phil Collins. “MTV was just kicking in, and we       Richard Finch, above, after
perception of the connection between science                                                              speaking at an event at Normal
and art.                                             got bands you wouldn’t normally have seen            Public Library in the fall. His
     “The reason I draw is because I want to         here,” Rohmann recollected.                          illustrations give animals
                                                          The years since those collegiate days           personality, as seen in the
know what’s going on in the world,” he said,                                                              cover of his 1997 book The
explaining that a picture is like a still from a     have proven to Rohmann that you can make             Cinder-Eyed Cats, below.
movie. It’s part of a narrative structure, and he    a living pursuing your
views each picture similar to a film director        passion. Now living in
considering a scene.                                 Oak Park with children’s
     Perhaps that explains why the print             author Candace Fleming,
rooms in the Center for Visual Arts became           Rohmann enjoys travel-
one of Rohmann’s favorite places as a student        ing. He has been on the
on campus. “I spent a huge amount of my life         faculty of schools in Mas-
in them,” he recalled.                               sachusetts and Minnesota,
     “The art faculty and students formed a          and taught with Fleming
community. We may have disagreed on a lot,           in Korea and Singapore.
but in the end we supported one another with         He’s often outdoors with
our enthusiasm for the work being made by            binoculars, observing
all of us,” Rohmann said. “The core group of         and being inspired by the
people I went to grad school with are still          world around him.
somehow involved in the arts.”                            And he always makes
     The 2004 recipient of Illinois State’s          his way back to his artist’s
Alumni Association Achievement Award,                studio, which he acknowl-
Rohmann’s ties to Illinois State remain strong.      edges is his sanctuary and playground. “I like
“Life is like a circle, I keep finding my way        what I do even if it’s not easy and even when
back here,” he said of his frequent visits to        I fail,” Rohmann said. “I am serious about my
campus to share his work experiences with            work, but I never let that seriousness interfere
students.                                            with creativity and the joy of making art.”

                                                                                              February 2011   Illinois State 11
                                                                                               By Michael

             Alumnus had key role in Blackhawks’ turnaround
                   o a sports fan, Illinois State alumnus Jay Blunk ’86 had it all. For more than 22 years he

             T     promoted the Chicago Cubs as the team’s vice president of marketing and broadcasting.
                   He and former Cubs’ president John McDonough helped skyrocket the Cubs’ brand to
                   a nearly international level.
                  And then McDonough announced he was switching teams. Blunk was not far behind,
             making the leap in 2008 from Wrigley Field to the United Center. Blunk joined the Black-
             hawks as senior vice president of business operations, seizing the opportunity to bring bold
             new marketing strategies to a team that Chicagoans had nearly forgotten.
                  Blunk helped the Blackhawks achieve what called “arguably the most re-
             markable turnaround in the history of sports in the United States.” The success was appar-
             ent throughout the 2009-2010 campaign. Fans once again cheered as the Blackhawks cap-
             tured the Central Division title for the first time since 1993. The team reached the Stanley
             Cup finals for the first time since 1992, and brought the coveted Stanley Cup back to Chicago
             after a 49-year drought.
                  Reaching that unforgettable moment required effort that went far beyond players
             working on the ice. “We had to restaff and retool the entire organization. We had to change
             the culture of the organization, and we had to re-establish the Blackhawks as a mainstream
             entity in Chicago,” Blunk said.
                  “The Blackhawks had become completely irrelevant in regard to advertisers, season
             ticket holders, and the professional sports landscape. We missed a couple generations of
             kids and the Blackhawks brand was really unknown.”
                  The decline occurred during the 41-year tenure of former chairman Bill Wirtz. Upon
             his passing in 2007, his son Rockwell “Rocky” Wirtz took control and began a new era of
             Blackhawks hockey.

12 Illinois State Winter 2010–2011
Winter 2010–2011   Illinois State 13
     Blunk played an integral role
in the team’s rebirth. Drawing from
his mass communication education
at Illinois State and his near quarter
century with the Cubs, Blunk had an
expertise in sports advertising that
the Blackhawks needed. He brought
myriad ideas with him to the Mad-
house on Madison—as the United
Center is known to Chicago hockey
     One of the most important
strategies involved listening to fans,
who asked for all games to be tele-
vised. The Blackhawks organization
delivered that and more, working out
                                          sports. The players buy into
a contract with Comcast SportsNet,
                                          that,” Blunk said. “I give them
WGN-TV and Chicago’s WGN Radio
                                          so much credit. We ask them to
720 to broadcast all games on televi-
                                          do a lot of things in the commu-
sion and radio.
                                          nity—endorsements, signings,
     Fans also asked for more on-ice
                                          appearances, commercials—
talent on the roster. That became a                                            Chicagoans took to the street to welcome home the Blackhawks,
                                          and these are all things they
reality as the team acquired some of                                           inset above, after they captured the Stanley Cup at the end of the
                                          enjoy doing.”                        2010 season. Jay Blunk ’86 shared the victory with the campus in
the youngest and brightest stars in
                                               One idea in particular that     a Homecoming visit to ISU, at which time he presented President
the league, such as center Jonathan                                            Al Bowman with a team jersey, above. The players, right, had
                                          Blunk helped bring from the
Toews, right winger Patrick Kane,                                              plenty to celebrate, as the Blackhawks had not captured the cup
                                          Cubs was a team convention           for 49 years.
and defenseman Duncan Keith. They
                                          at the end of each season, an
also brought in veteran free agents,
                                          idea originally hatched by team              heart of sports fans in advertising
including right winger Marian Hossa
                                          president McDonough from their               your product.”
and defenseman Brian Campbell.
                                          days together at the Cubs. The event                It took some big events to gain
     “When you see what we did to
                                          unites fans for games and activities         momentum as well. A turning point
lock up our core group of young guys,
                                          that include meeting the players             occurred when Blunk and Mc-
that was in response to what our fans
                                          and talking with the coaches. Blunk          Donough, along with the National
wanted. We went out and got the
                                          also introduced cross-promotional            Hockey League, brought the 2009
top-notch free agents, the finest play-
                                          partnerships with the Cubs and the           Winter Classic to Wrigley Field.
ers in the world to show we are com-
                                          White Sox to tap into millions of            On New Year’s Day, Blunk and
mitted to winning a championship,”
                                          potential fans already cheering for a        McDonough sat in the skybox with
said Blunk, who got busy implement-
                                          Chicago team.                                Mayor Richard Daley and watched as
ing innovative promotions never
                                               “We needed a way to still con-          a capacity crowd attended a Chicago
before seen in an NHL franchise.
                                          nect with the fans during the offsea-        first.
     Blunk marketed the players’
                                          son. We didn’t just want to go away                 “We wanted something that
personalities through the use of the
                                          for six months,” Blunk said. “When           would draw mainstream sports fans
Blackhawks Heritage Series, Black-
                                          you’re at a Cubs or Sox game, we             and mainstream Chicagoans into the
hawks TV, and the “One Goal” cam-
                                          have advertisements on the mes-              Blackhawks tent,” Blunk said. “The
paign. Fans were able to personally
                                          sage boards. We have guys do the             Cubs were terrific in the planning of
connect with players and the team.
                                          seventh-inning stretch or throw out          it and were very cooperative in our
     “We knew we were going to have
                                          the first pitch. There are more than         quest to get this game there because
to try some things that had never
                                          six million baseball fans in this town       Wrigley Field is a very special place.
been done before in professional
                                          alone, so you are going right to the

14 Illinois State February 2011
                                                                                              “People were hanging from bridges
                                                                                              and light poles. It was absolutely
                                                                                              stunning and almost indescribable to
                                                                                              hear the cheers and the roar from the
                                                                                              crowd. It was dream-like, nothing
                                                                                              short of incredible.”
                                                                                                   Soon after Blunk was promoted
                                                                                              to executive vice president. He cred-
                                                                                              its his success in large part to Illinois
                                                                                              State and his longtime association
                                                                                              with McDonough. An internship ar-
                                                                                              ranged through the University with
                                                                                              the Cubs in 1986 got him started on
                                                                                              his career path, as the Cubs offered
                                                                                              him a marketing position immedi-
                                                                                              ately after graduating. Today Blunk
                                                                                              maintains strong ties to campus. He
                                                                                              not only serves as an advisory board
It’s a Norman Rockwell painting in            Michael Leighton and dashed across              member for the School of Communi-
the winter or summer.”                        the ice, throwing his stick and gloves         cation, but welcomes ISU interns and
      Although the ’Hawks fell to             in the air as mass confusion swept             enjoys working with fellow alums on
the Detroit Red Wings 6-4, Blunk              through the Wachovia Center.                   his staff.
believes the game was monumental                   “I turned to John and said, ‘I                  “I’m very impressed with the
in the Blackhawks’ surge to stardom.          think it’s in.’ But we weren’t sure            communication department. It’s
It put the team in front of millions of       because the goal light never came on           very progressive. They are connect-
people who might have never seen a            and the referee never signaled. NBC            ing students with people in real-life
Blackhawks game before.                       had a replay so we turned around in            situations, not only for networking
      With mounting fan support,              our box and when we saw the replay             purposes but also for advice. I’m so
the team’s success grew. In the               it was clear it went in. That’s when           fortunate because I’m a great ex-
2008-2009 season, the Blackhawks              we all jumped up and down like little          ample of someone who got help and
clinched fourth place in the Western          school kids. It is something I will            advice from a lot of people. So I feel
Conference and made it to the con-            never forget,” Blunk said.                     an obligation to return that.”
ference finals for the first time since            Celebrating the Blackhawks’ first               He brought the cup back to his
1995. Although they lost to the Red           Stanley Cup championship since 1961            alma mater as part of the University’s
Wings, the hype carried over to last          was no easy task. The Blackhawks               Homecoming celebration in October.
year’s stellar season, which ended            organization privately planned the             Blunk welcomed the opportunity
with a Stanley Cup championship               victory parade with Mayor Daley’s              to talk to alums who are also Black-
over the Philadelphia Flyers.                 staff. More than two million fans              hawks fans. He assured them that al-
      “The intensity built little by little   lined Chicago streets to get a live look       though the organization’s “One Goal”
with each game as we went through             at professional sport’s most recogniz-         has been accomplished, the journey
the playoffs. By the end it was almost        able trophy.                                   is far from over.
unbearable,” Blunk recalled.                       “It was one of the great days in                “We still feel like we have a long
      On the road in game six he              the history of Chicago sports. I don’t         way to go and we need to sustain this
watched from his skybox as the Fly-           think I’ll ever see something that             momentum,” Blunk said.
ers tied the game with only four min-         remarkable in the city of Chicago                    It’s a task he is ready and eager
utes remaining in regulation and sent         for the rest of my life,” Blunk said.          to tackle.
it to overtime. Game seven seemed
imminent until Kane slipped a wrist                    Jay and the Blackhawks
                                                       Visit for a special video
shot past Philadelphia goaltender                      featuring Jay Blunk and the Blackhawks.

                                                                                                         February 2011   Illinois State 15
                    hether balancing his role as     amazing. It was just the best feeling ever.”

                    a star performer in the Gam-          One of Stoinev’s most popular tricks is
                  ma Phi circus with school-         his ability to balance his whole body on one
                 work or his Chihuahua on his        finger placed in a wine bottle. After discover-
                back during a show, Christian        ing Stoinev’s unusual balancing talent through
Stoinev manages to shine.                            international competitions and festivals,
     A sophomore broadcast journalism major,         Stoinev’s parents moved the family when he
Stoinev did not have the typical upbringing of       was 7. His father began performing with the
most college students. He is a fifth-generation      Big Apple Circus, and four years later Stoinev
circus performer on his mother’s side. His           joined him in the show.
family’s 122-year-old circus legacy continues             He attended grade school and high school
with his grandfather and two uncles running          in the trailer of a semi truck with about 10 other
the biggest show in Mexico. Stoinev began            performers. Stoinev’s college search began
performing when he was 5. Now he has a star          during the twelfth grade. The Big Apple Circus’
role in Illinois State’s circus.                     teacher gave him an interesting assignment.
     Prior to joining Gamma Phi, Stoinev             Since he intended to major in broadcast jour-
travelled the world competing in festivals.          nalism, he was to write an article to White Tops
He appeared in television commercials, on            Magazine, a popular circus publication.
America’s Got Talent, and opened for Brit-                Stoinev wrote about pur-
ney Spears on her “Circus” tour. His story           suing a circus career in
has been chronicled in the PBS documentary           college. When the
Circus, which aired last fall.                       editor of White
     And yet his most memorable performance          Tops saw it,
took place as a freshman at Illinois State Uni-      he told                                     Stoinev
versity during Gamma Phi’s April Home Show.                                                   about Il-
     “The feeling when I performed at ISU was                                             linois State’s
a big deal. It was my first full standing ovation,                                   Gamma Phi Circus.
                                                                                   “Going into col-
                                                                           lege I didn’t really expect
                                                                       that there would be a circus
                                                                                program, neither was
                                                                                      I counting on
                                                                                        it. My main
                                                                                         goal was to get
                                                                                        a broadcast
                                                                                     journalism degree.
                                                                                    After writing the
                                                                                  article is when I
                                                                              found out that ISU had
                                                                      Gamma Phi,” Stoinev said.
                                         and it           The editor of White Tops knew Al Light,
               was in Redbird Arena, which           who at that time was Gamma Phi’s director,
              is pretty big with 12,000              and helped Stoinev get in touch with him. “And
             people. It was huge and it              now I am here,” Stoinev said gesturing around
            wasn’t about a competition. I was        the Quad. “That is how my journey began.”
            working with my peers. I wasn’t               For those familiar with the circus business,
            worrying about how I was going           Stoinev is very well known for his amazing
                to rank up against the others.       feats as a hand balancer and for performing
                This was just about having a         with his dog Scooby, who came into Stoinev’s
                good time, and living it up,”        life when he was 10 years old. Like most kids
              Stoinev said. “That perfor-            that age, he really wanted a pet. His father sug-
            mance on Saturday night, it was
                                                                                                 February 2011 Illinois State 17
gested maybe the pet could be used in his        Christian Stoinev mesmerized the audience during his first Gamma
                                                 Phi Home Show appearance at Redbird Arena in April of 2010. He
act. Stoinev agreed, instantly seeing his        performed with Scooby, left and center, and did his signature move of
opportunity slipping away if he did not.         balancing on a wine bottle with one finger, right.
      Stoinev did not initially try to teach
Scooby any tricks, but the dog knew what         most of my peers here, I respect a lot just be-
it meant to be in a circus family. While         cause I know sometimes circus has an image
Stoinev was lying on the floor playing with      of being like a carnival or something like that,
 Scooby, Stoinev rolled over and Scooby          and it’s not like that. It’s really not. It’s family
   crawled across his chest, similar to a        you know,” Stoinev said.
    lumberjack running on a log in water.              Family is what Stoinev misses most about
          From there Stoinev and Scooby          home in Kissimmee, Florida. His mother, father,
     began training together and learning        and brother Christopher, now 11, moved there
     more tricks. Now Scooby is part of          after Stoinev stopped performing with the Big
     the balancing act as well, perched on       Apple Circus and was headed to college.
     Stoinev’s back or feet in several acts.           There are only two colleges in the nation
           “I get more nervous when I’m          with circus programs: Gamma Phi and The
     with the dog because it’s not just me.      Flying High Circus at Florida State Univer-
    If I fall by myself, only I fall. But with   sity. Accepted at both universities, Florida
   Scooby, it’s somebody else’s life. He’s       State seemed like the obvious choice since it

  “The feeling when i performed at isu was a
    big deal. It was my first full standing ovation.”

    like my family member,” Stoinev said.        is closer to his family—until Stoinev visited
           Despite his established act and       Illinois State’s campus.
      acclaim, Stoinev looks up to his                He came to ISU for the two days of Pre-
      fellow performers in Gamma Phi,            view and met Light. While showing Stoinev
      which is the oldest collegiate cir-        around the campus, Light took him out for
       cus in the United States. It began        ice cream with some students in Gamma Phi’s
       in 1926 when Clifford “Pop” Hor-          summer camp.
        ton, a gymnastics instructor for              “It was two hours of bonding,” Stoinev
        the University, gathered a group         said. “Everyone knew my name and who I was,
        of men to perform during basket-         and was very open to meet me, which was not
        ball and football games. In 1929         what I expected. I was recruited here.”
         Gamma Phi was founded as a                   One of Stoinev’s biggest fears about going
         fraternity, not a circus. The first     away to college was not fitting in, since he has
         Home Show took place in 1931,           a unique upbringing and international back-
         and the tradition has continued         ground. He didn’t want people to assume he
         since then with generations of          was arrogant because he is a well-known per-
        talented students.                       former. Those worries subsided as he settled
             “Anybody who is involved in         into Colby Hall’s third floor.
        circus who didn’t start off in a              “C-three, as we call it,” Stoinev said.
          circus family, which includes          C-three also happens to be the title of a Lil’
Wayne CD that he and his friend Cornell                  Circus alumnus
                                                         Circus alumnus
Freeney enjoy. A sophomore elementary edu-
cation major, Freeney does the German Wheel             has dream job as
                                                        has dream job as
in Gamma Phi and endures intense workouts              Gamma Phi director
with Stoinev. The entire circus practices three
                                                       Gamma Phi director
nights a week from 7-9:30 p.m. Every session           “Most people never thought I could make a career out of circus
                                                       performing, and it’s just amazing that I get paid to do this. It’s phe-
begins with group conditioning, and once a
                                                       nomenal,” Director of Gamma Phi Circus Marcus Alouan said.
week the whole circus has a meeting.                          Although this is Alouan’s first year as director, he is no
     In order to maintain his hand balancing           stranger to Illinois State or its on-campus circus. He performed
ability, Stoinev makes that his focus for 60 to        while an undergraduate prior to receiving his bachelor’s degree in
90 minutes at every practice. When he isn’t            middle-level math education in 2001.
training with Gamma Phi, he works out at the                  “I came in to Gamma Phi with no experience. I was a soccer
                                                       player, but it was a natural fit for me,” he said.
Recreation Center or the Atkin-Colby gym
                                                              After training Alouan began performing on the tight wire,
with Freeney.                                          which has always been his favorite but not his only act. He discov-
     Although Stoinev is an amazing hand bal-          ered something he loved even more than balancing on a thin wire
ancer he also trains for different acts, which         several feet above the ground.
he doesn’t always master on the first try. Last               “I started to get out in front and work off the crowd, and that
year he started on the Russian Swing—an act            just became the thing I loved the most about the circus—to see the
                                                       awe in the audience’s faces,” Alouan said of his experience as emcee.
that has the performer catapult off the swing,
                                                              During his time at Gamma Phi Alouan also learned juggling,
do a flip, and land on his feet. A spotter stood       unicycling, the German Wheel, acrosport, adagio, flying trapeze,
close by to catch him.                                 fire breathing, and fire eating. He mastered the flying trapeze at a
     On his first try Stoinev flew off the swing       circus camp. Once Gamma Phi obtained flying trapeze equipment,
into the flip and smacked his head into the            Alouan was able to help teach others how to perform on it.
spotter’s chin. It hurt and he was nervous,                   “I knew I wanted to coach, and I wanted to stay involved in
                                                       circus,” he said.
but Stoinev wasted no time heading back to
                                                              After graduating Alouan travelled to the University of Colo-
the swing. The second time he flew into a flip
                                                       rado and the University of Nebraska to pursue his other passion—
and smacked the same part of his head on his           volunteering for campus ministries. After two years he came back
spotter’s chin for a second time.                      to Illinois to teach in the Peoria Public School District.
     “I think I blacked out a little bit that                 Alouan had already decided to return to Illinois State to begin
time,” Stoinev said. Eventually he got it right        working on his master’s degree when the founder and director of the
through effort that shows Stoinev’s dedication         Junior Gamma Phi Circus, Tom Romance, retired. The new director
                                                       did not have circus experience, so Alouan became the Junior Gamma
to what he does. “At this point it’s not like I’m
                                                       Phi assistant director in 2007. Shortly after Al Light, former director
doing this, performing, for someone else. I do         of Gamma Phi, departed and recommended Alouan take the job.
this because I love to,” he said.                             Alouan has many goals for Gamma Phi. One is for it to be-
     As for Stoinev’s plans after graduating,          come such a well-known campus entity that the University uses the
his dream is to perform for a whole season in          program to recruit potential students, which worked in Christian
his family’s circus in Mexico, with his college        Stoinev’s case. Other priorities include involving alumni.
                                                              “One of my goals as an alumnus of circus is to really reach
degree as a backup, “so I don’t have to be 55
                                                                 out to our circus alumni. There has kind of been a period of
with a sore body and still trying to do a hand-                     time where we have lost contact, or people have pulled
stand,” he said.                                                     themselves out of the loop for a while,” Alouan said. “I’m
     While at ISU, school work and getting                           really hoping to bridge some gaps, get our alumni back
good grades is his main objective. “We all know                      involved, and let them know that they are a very impor-
what our priorities are here, and that’s school,”                    tant part of our family.”
                                                                           Gamma Phi is working on developing an alumni
he said. “We all know that if we’re not going to
                                                                           section of their website so that former circus
be in school, we’re not going to be in circus.”                                members can reconnect and see what their
                                                                                friends have been doing since their crowd
                                                                                  pleasing days. Gifts of support can be
        See the show!                                                              made at
        Stoinev and Scooby will be part of the
        annual Gamma Phi show at Redbird                                                 “We’re really hoping to reach out to
        Arena April 15–16, with special seating                                     our alumni as much as possible,” Alouan
        reserved for circus alumni. Go online to                                     said. “They have been so important.” for more
        information. A video of Stoinev’s act is
        online at
                                                                                            February 2011 Illinois State 19
                                             By Kate Arthur
                                                                                 Innovative campus
                                                                                 cuisine experience
                                                                                 enriches student life

         M       aybe they’ve never
                 tasted quinoa or
         lifted a forkful of salad
                                        lunch hour, you could pick up a sack
                                        lunch, but only if you called a day
                                        ahead and showed your class sched-
                                                                                 waffles for dinner if they want to.
                                                                                      Junior Meg Murphy lives off
                                                                                 campus, which usually means maca-
         nicoise with freshly grilled   ule. By the late 1980s and early 1990s   roni and cheese for dinner. But at
         tuna. Maybe they prefer        salad bars arrived, along with taco      the Marketplace at Linkins Center,
         squirting ketchup over a       bars, chicken nuggets, and soft serve    she recently filled her plate with
         burger to squeezing lemon      ice cream.                               rosemary roast beef, a potato med-
         over salmon on spring               But those weren’t the good ole      ley, and fresh berries with whipped
         greens.                        days—these are. Days when students       cream, describing it as “better than
              But at least Illinois     settle near a stone fireplace with a     mom’s.”
         State students now have        cup of coffee while slicing into warm         Bringing better cooking to
         a choice, one nonexistent      Belgian waffles or waiting for their     campus, along with restaurant-like
         years ago when campus          custom-made Panini chosen from           settings that encourage students to
         dining meant steam tables      a menu that rarely repeats in 28         socialize, is all part of today’s dining
         and sneeze guards protect-     days. There are hundreds of choices      experience, said Arlene Hosea ’82,
         ing stiff mashed potatoes      that range from wood-fired pizza to      M.S. ’84. As assistant to the vice
         scraped from metal pans.       prime rib and lobster bisque. With       president for Student Affairs and
              You could only eat        anytime dining now the norm, stu-        director of Campus Dining Services,
         breakfast at breakfast. If     dents easily fit meals around their      Hosea knows students expect a
         you had a class over the       schedule and can eat those Belgian       variety of cuisine at college. That’s

20 Illinois State February 2011
why when choosing a school, food         with just a tinge
ranks third behind academics and         of yellow.
location.                                     “That’s how
     “They grew up eating out and        meticulous you                                                      variety,”
ordering what they wanted,” she          have to be when                                               Feasley said.
said. “They are savvy consumers.”        you’re serving                                           “We’ll always have
     That puts the pressure on Ex-       14,000 meals a day,”                                 cheeseburgers. We’ll al-
ecutive Chef Tim Gump, who refers        Gump explained. “We want to                        ways have pizza and we’ll
to ISU’s 7,600 meal plan holders         achieve the finest dining service on   always have fried chicken strips, but
as “guests.” He believes in scratch      a college campus in the industry,      we don’t want students to feel like
cooking, which means chicken nug-        and we’re on our way.”                 that’s all they have to choose from.”
gets are rolled in batter after they          Working alongside him is               Comfort foods haven’t changed
arrive.                                  Registered Dietitian Dianne Feasley,   much over the years. Macaroni
     Presentation is important to        who helps create recipes, calculates   and cheese is so popular it appears
Gump. Chicken breasts and tuna           nutritional information, and works     on the menu twice each month.
steaks are grilled because he wants      with students who have special         There are 10,000 pizzas and 31,000
to see grill marks. There’s a standard   dietary needs. If a student wants      chocolate chip cookies devoured in
for stacking deli tomato slices. Muf-    a computerized diet analysis, she      a month. But staff also encourage
fins must have a rolling crown, not a    provides that too.                     students to sample black bean que-
peak. The 7,200 pounds of bananas             “Campus dining always has         sadillas, tortilla crusted tilapia, and
used monthly should be light green,      been and always will be about          Key West vegetables.

“We want to achieve the finest dining service on a
 college campus in the industry, and we’re on our way.”
From flat screen TVs to a stone fireplace, students appreciate the ambiance created as a result of a $10 million renovation in Watterson Towers.

    Teaching students how to cook                         students and tweaked. Once on the                         over. A greeter directs students to 10
sometimes becomes part of the                             menu, they’re followed exactly “so                        dining venues, from a pantry with
job as well. Fire trucks have rolled                      we have quality and consistency                           16 cereals to the grill; pasta bar; deli;
more than once when a smoking                             throughout campus, and can assure                         salad station; a display cooking area;
Panini press triggered an alarm.                          students that the nutritional infor-                      and a growing favorite, Fresh Bites,
One student quickly discovered you                        mation is consistent,” Gump said.                         which has healthy choices.
shouldn’t use the press to warm a                         “The culinary staff really does a                             Students dine in several “neigh-
chocolate chip cookie.                                    phenomenal job.”                                          borhoods,” from the quiet area by
    Recipes are taste-tested by                               The busiest dining center, Wat-                       the stone fireplace to in front of
                                                          terson Dining Commons, recently                           plasma TVs. There is also plenty of
                                                          underwent a $10 million renovation.                       school spirit apparent, from waffle
                                                          Students can click on a traffic cam to                    irons with Reggie Redbird imprints
                                                          see how busy it is before they head                       to photos of the Quad foliage.

                                                Meet the man behind the menu
                                                After overseeing the preparation of as many as 14,000 meals daily, you’d think the last thing ISU
                                                Executive Chef Tim Gump would want to tackle when he gets home is dinner. You’d be wrong.
                                                     “I do every bit of the cooking,” he said of the meals he makes for his wife and 7-year-old
                                                daughter. His menu is likely to be what Gump calls “good simple food,” from roasted chicken to
                                                a tender steak or plump burger. “My wife and daughter do the hard part, cleaning the kitchen.”
                                                So does he ever do something really simple, like macaroni and cheese?
                                                     “Never,” he said. “The only time my wife and daughter have macaroni and cheese is when
                                                I’m not home. There is something in this little brain of mine that just thinks macaroni and
                                                                              cheese is so, so wrong,” he said, with a laugh.
                                                                                                                    Gump ended up at Illinois State
                                                                                                                because he left early from a cock-
                                                                                                                tail party he was cohosting while
                                                                                                                                   at a Toronto

22 Illinois State February 2011
                                                                                         Mixing in
                                                                                         some TLC
                                                                                         The staff at Campus Dining have done
     More of the                                                                         more than focus on improving the
cooking is being done in                                                                 traditional meal experience. Extra effort
                                                                                         has been made to give students that
front of the students. “All of
                                                                                         home-away-from-home feeling by offer-
us take such an interest in our
                                                                                         ing some special services, including the
guests, and we’re very open to                      Campus Dining will become            following.
showing them exactly what they’re              even healthier when the Culinary
getting,” Gump said.                           Innovation Center in the John             Free meals for parents
      As the population of students            Green Food Service facility is com-       Parents of meal plan holders can join
with food allergies and dietary                plete. Planning is underway for           their student for a free meal anytime
preferences grows, the menu adapts.            a full-service bakery and central         they’re on campus by making a reser-
There are gluten-free dishes, along            production facility with a cook-          vation seven days in advance through
with vegetarian and vegan choices.             chill system and research and             the Parents RSVP program. Go to www.
Senior Sarah Smetana was pouring               development center that will pro- for more information or
soy milk over her Lucky Charms one             duce foods with fewer additives           to make a reservation.
morning.                                       and fresher ingredients. Items like       Recovery Meal Kits
     “I’m lactose-intolerant,” she             homemade soups and sauces will
explained.                                     be chilled and packaged, much like        for ill students
     Feasley used to buy individual            in a manufacturing plant.                 Students who aren’t feeling well can
cartons of soy milk at a local health               “We want the highest quality         have meals delivered to their residence
food store, but now has 5-gallon               product. When you make it from            hall room once a day for three days.
bags for the milk dispensers because                                                     Items available include water and juices,
                                               scratch you’re able to take a look
                                                                                         oatmeal, soup, crackers, pudding, fresh
of the demand. Dispensers also offer           at the additives, the sodium, the
                                                                                         fruit, and sandwiches.
rice and almond milk.                          fats,” Gump said.
                                                                                         Sweet treats
                                                                                         Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, a lift
                                                                                         during finals week, or a special event,
He shuttled back to the hotel and sat across from Susan Jones, senior associate di-      loved ones can send their student a
rector of Campus Dining Services. When she asked what he did, he told her he was         surprise treat. Cakes, cookies, brownies,
the corporate chef for U.S. Foodservice. She told him the University was looking for     Rice Krispie treats, and a fruit basket can
an executive chef.                                                                       be ordered for delivery to the residence
      That was about four years ago. Now he works with Registered Dietitian Dianne       hall, or for pick-up if the recipient lives in
Feasley to plan 28-day menus that’ll please the sweet-loving palates of students—        off-campus housing. Go to
whether serving up tuna with Jamaican corn relish or a pan of Snickers brownies.
His signature dish is chilled cavatappi marinara salad and roasted sausage with          for more information.
grilled red peppers and onions.
      If his parents could have influenced his career, Gump wouldn’t have stepped
foot in a kitchen. His father hoped he’d be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. But the boy
who started sweeping restaurant parking lots in Ohio at age 5 couldn’t stay away
from stainless steel counters. At 13 he began an apprenticeship at a Marriott ho-
tel in Cleveland, and eventually became the youngest certified chef in America.
His food service career has included restaurants, hotels, and cruise lines.
      Today Gump is dealing with a different guest, one that might want a
spicier buffalo chicken, which is why it’s not uncommon to find him taste-
testing popcorn chicken at 8 a.m. It’s the challenge of perfecting recipes
guaranteed to please the palate that makes the job rewarding for Gump,
who is “very proud to be a chef.”
                                                                                              February 2011 Illinois State 23
      Campus Dining also wants to
continue to be known for being
“green.” The department has won
awards for sustainability efforts,
including a revised meal plan that
encourages dining in, reducing the
use of bottled beverages and takeout
containers. The centers also went
to trayless dining to save water and
energy. Food waste heads to the Uni-
versity Farm for composting.
      “We are very conscientious of
the role we can play in being a green
campus and are committed to sus-
tainability,” Hosea said.
      Doing fewer dishes doesn’t just
save the University money but is at-
tractive to students like Tony Peron-
ti, a junior who still eats on campus     Friends gathered for a good time over dinner at Linkins recently. Dining Services has restructured the entire
                                          residence hall meal experience to make it easier for students to eat across campus at times that fit their schedule.
after moving into an apartment.
      “I got a meal plan because I like
                                                      There’s more to devour
being able to eat something right                     Wondering how many ingredients Chef Tim Gump purchases in a month? A shopping
away when I’m hungry,” he said. “I                    list is online, as well as some of his favorite recipes. You’ll also learn how Dining
save money on groceries and I don’t                   Services is purposefully linked to the classroom. Check out additional photos too at
have to do the dishes.”

                                                     Alumni memories
                                                     Ron Weingartner ’60                                    and they’d be sitting in warm water.
                                                                                                            They’d pick them out and throw them
                                                    “My food story is getting the dining                    on a bun and then pour a ladle of
                                                     hall ready for the sophomore girls                     melted cheese over them. That was
                                                     when I worked at Fell Hall. I think I                  your cheeseburger. “
                                                     got $1 and all the mashed potatoes
                                                     I could eat.”                                          Janessa Williams ’89
                                                     Susan Morrison ’69                                    “The food was scary. We never knew
                                                                                                            what it was so we called it mystery
                                                    “Warm glazed doughnuts is what I re-                    meat. We had a salad bar and that was
                                                     member. I had early morning classes                    often the safest bet. You could only
                                                     so I was up when the rest of the world                 go through the line one time. Once
                                                     was sleeping, and I was always de-                     a semester we’d have a steak and
                                                     livering them to somebody else. You                    shrimp night and you’d spend a lot of
                                                     had to be dressed in dresses or skirts.                time trying to figure out how to get a
                                                     The only time you could wear jeans                     second helping.”
                                                     was on Saturday and Sunday.”
                                                                                                            Bradley Hofferkamp ’00
                                                     Gary Tiffany ’74                                      “I would wake up on Saturday and
                                                    “I remember the hamburgers, float-                      Sunday mornings and go down to the
                                                     ers we’d call them. We’d go down to                    cafeteria to have my waffles. I gained
                                                     the cafeteria in Watterson and they’d                  a lot of weight because of those
                                                     have these stainless steel pans with                   waffle irons, but life was good!”
                                                     hamburger patties already cooked
24 Illinois State February 2011
                                                                                                                    Illinois Sta
                                                                                                                                te                 alumni m

A new beginning
There are approximately 180,000 alumni scattered across the coun-
                                                                                      R 2 • FA
                                                                                E 11 • N
                                                                                               LL 2010

                                                                                                             Nursing alum
                                                                                                            in caring
                                                                                                                            na Janessa
                                                                                                                       ) Jenkins ’06
                                                                                                                      for fragile     excels
                                                                                                                                  little lives

try and around the world, which makes the goal of keeping graduates
informed and involved with the University difficult. Illinois State meets
the challenge in part by sending all alumni a quarterly publication at no
     For years graduates have appreciated receiving regular updates on                                                                                                    SU
                                                                                                                                                                     L IS e a
                                                                                                                                                                  IA mak e!
                                                                                                                                                                EConors renc9-26
                                                                                                                                                              SP   D diffe s. 1

the changing campus and collegiate experience, reading of stellar indi-

viduals and programs, learning of ways to reconnect with ISU friends and
faculty, and realizing opportunities to actively participate in initiatives.
     Over time the alumni publication changed from a bare-bones tab-
loid to a full-color magazine, which has engaged graduates for the past
decade. This issue marks the start of yet another era for Illinois State, as
the magazine has been revamped to showcase in a more vibrant way the
pursuits and passions that define your alma mater.
     Show your Redbird pride by sharing the publication, which is avail-
able online at Go there today to view
additional content, as well as complete a readership survey. We value
your feedback as we create a magazine that empowers you to remember
and reconnect.

                                                                                                February 2011       Illinois State 25
The Illinois State University Alumni Association will honor five award recipients during Founders Day celebrations on the 17th of this
month, as well as during a dinner program. For video of this year’s awards program, visit

Distinguished Alumni Award                                                                 Outstanding Young
Laurie Metcalf ’76                                                                         Alumni Award
Actress, International Creative Management                                                 Dori Byard ’96

Valley Village, California                                                                 Global Sourcing Manager,
                                                                                           The William Wrigley Jr. Company
            aurie Metcalf ’76 grew up in Edwardsville. Her mother was a                    Evanston
            librarian and her father Southern Illinois University’s comptrol-              Dori Byard ’96 majored in agricultural busi-
            ler. An ISU theatre major, she honed her talent on the University’s            ness and economics. She was an active
            stages before becoming recognized as one of Hollywood’s most                   member of Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honor
enduring actors.                                                                           Society, Alpha Zeta agriculture honors soci-
                                                                                           ety, and Alpha Lambda Delta.
     At ISU Metcalf met fellow students
                                                                                                Byard gained experience with trading,
John Malkovich ’76, Jeff Perry ’78, and                                                    sales, and management oversight at several
Terry Kinney ’76. Together with Gary                                                       companies, including Grain Merchandiser,
Sinise they founded Steppenwolf The-                                                       Bulk Oil Division, Archer Daniels Midland,
ater in 1976, initially staging productions                                                and Kraft Foods.
                                                                                                Her efficiency in strategic sourcing of
in a Highland Park church basement.
                                                                                           company products led to promotions, as
Today Steppenwolf is one of Chicago’s                                                      Byard saved companies millions of dol-
most recognized theaters, consistently                                                     lars and consistently met sales goals. Her
garnering national acclaim.                                                                experiences prepared her for her current
                                                                                           role as the global sourcing manager for the
     Metcalf has starred in more than 30
                                                                                           William Wrigley Jr. Company in Chicago.
productions at Steppenwolf, including                                                           She manages the supply chain for Wrig-
Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune,                                                   ley’s products, driving cost savings while
My Thing of Love, The Glass Menagerie,                                                     maintaining brand quality. She also seeks
Little Egypt, and Purple Heart. Her role                                                   out the flavors, colors, coolants, and men-
                                                                                           thol for the popular chewing gum and can-
in Balm in Gilead—in which she delivered a 30-minute monologue—earned
                                                                                           dies manufactured in 14 countries.
her the 1984 Obie award for best actress and the 1985 Theatre World award.                      Byard has an assertive role in corporate
     She is most famous for playing Jackie Harris on the ABC sitcom Rose-                  America, yet remains connected to Illi-
anne. She captured an Emmy for best supporting actress in 1992, 1993, and                  nois State. She speaks to students and has
1994 for that role. Metcalf’s television success continued during the three                recruited alums. Making her family proud
                                                                                           ranks as her greatest achievement. She is a
years she appeared on the ABC sitcom Norm.                                                 diligent and committed woman loyal to her
     Fans have also seen her on Saturday Night Live, Grey’s Anatomy, Frasier,              family, her profession, and herself.
and 3rd Rock from the Sun. Metcalf’s film roles include Blink, Chicago Cab,
Desperately Seeking Susan, JFK, Runaway Bride, Secret Life of Houses, Scream
II, The Long Island Incident, Toy Story, and Uncle Buck. She has appeared on                           Nominations are needed
                                                                                                       Send us the names of graduates
Broadway in Brighton Beach Memoir, My Thing of Love, and November, for                                 you think are worthy of an
which she received a Tony nomination.                                                                  alumni award. Nomination
                                                                                                       forms are available online at
     A recipient of Illinois State’s Alumni Achievement Award in 1993, Metcalf               
resides in California with her husband, Matt Roth, and their three children.

26 Illinois State February 2011
Dori Byard                    Rose Stadel                            Alan Chapman                            Walter Warfield

Alumni Achievement                                   E. Burton Mercier Alumni                             Senator John W.
Award                                                Service Award                                        Maitland Jr., Commitment
Rose M. Stadel ’01                                   Alan Chapman M.S. ’75, Ed.D. ’84                     to Education Award
Vice President of Operations, Heritage Enterprises   Retired McLean County Unit District No. 5 teacher/   Walter H. Warfield, Ph.D. ’78
Normal                                               administrator and superintendent                     Scholar in Residence,
                                                     Normal                                               University of Illinois at Springfield
Rose Stadel ’01 is a Licensed Practical
                                                                                                          Clearwater, Florida
Nurse and Licensed Nursing Home Admin-               Normal Community High School (NCHS)
istrator. She majored in health education            alum Alan Chapman graduated from the                 Walter Warfield, Ph.D ’78, completed two
and devoted 40-plus years to health care.            University of Illinois and served honorably          degrees before earning a doctorate at Illi-
     Stadel partnered with Mennonite Col-            in the U.S. Army before earning educational          nois State. He dedicated 42 years to work-
lege of Nursing (MCN) to develop the Joe             administration graduate degrees at ISU.              ing with students as a teacher, coach, and
Warner Teaching Nursing Home Project,                     He served 31 years in Unit 5 as a teach-        principal at the middle school and high
for Alzheimer’s residents at Heritage Man-           er, coach, dean of students, assistant princi-       school level.
or-Normal. Named in honor of her late                pal, and ultimately NCHS principal. After                 He was a research assistant for ISU’s
husband, the project is an MCN and Heri-             a year as interim, he was appointed Unit 5           Center for the Study of Educational Finance
tage Enterprises collaboration. She also             superintendent in 2004.                              before becoming superintendent of schools
developed the Children of Aging Parents                   He is past president of the Illinois            in Decatur, Mattoon, and Fairfield. Warf-
support group.                                       State Deans Association, and served on the           ield was the Illinois Association of School
     Stadel oversees resident care at Heri-          Illinois High School Association Board of            Administrators’ executive director before
tage Manor nursing homes of Blooming-                Directors.                                           becoming a scholar in residence at the Uni-
ton, Normal, El Paso, and Gibson City; and                He remains a member of the Illinois             versity of Illinois-Springfield.
Adelaide Retirement Apartments and Ever-             State Deans Association, Illinois Principals              Warfield served on various Illinois State
green senior living communities.                     Association, National Association of Sec-            Board of Education committees. At ISU he
     A Certified Health Education Special-           ondary School Principals, and Illinois and           was president of the Administrator’s Club,
ist, Stadel has taught First Aid, CPR, and           American Associations of School Admin-               on the Educational Foundation and Admin-
nonviolent crisis intervention classes. She          istrators.                                           istration Graduate Advisory Committee, on
serves on the advisory boards of MCN,                     Chapman and his wife, Kathie (Camp-             the Alumni Board, and a charter member of
Heartland Community College, and the                 bell) ’69, M.S. ’97, give generously to ISU.         the College of Education Hall of Fame.
Maitland/Warner Long Term Care Schol-                He served on the Department of Educa-                     Warfield served as national president
arship Board.                                        tional Administration and Foundations                of the Horace Mann League and remains
     Stadel received the Illinois Society for        (EAF) Alumni Advisory Council and the                on the board, and as national president of
Public Health Educators Donald B. Stone              college’s Capital Campaign Fundraising               the Association of State Executives. He is
Outstanding Service Award, the YWCA                  Advisory Committee. Chapman was award-               executive director emeritus of the Illinois
Women of Distinction Award, and was                  ed the ISU Foundation Fellowship by EAF,             Association of School Administrators.
named Cornbelt Health Educators’ Asso-               and inducted into the College of Educa-                   He and his wife, Catherine, give gener-
ciation’s Health Educator of the Year. ISU’s         tion Hall of Fame. He is a member of ISU             ously to Illinois State and remain strong
Health Sciences Department presented her             Community Partners and The Weisbecker                advocates. Two of their three children are
the Outstanding Achievement in Scholar-              Scholarship Fund.                                    ISU graduates.
ship and Distinguished Alumni Award.

                                                                                                                         February 2011     Illinois State 27

A familiar and friendly place
Half Century Club event sparks memories of college life long ago

            ook Hall is still standing,   what students experienced from the       the annual Half Century Club event
            the Big Red Marching          1930s to the 1950s.                      in the Alumni Center. They will be
            Machine plays on, the              The chance to reflect on how        inducted into the Half Century Club
            Quad is still beautiful,      things used to be is just one of the     at a dinner and join the Half Century
and the academic programs offered         reasons older alums appreciate           Club for a full day of activities on the
at Illinois State remain stellar.         Illinois State’s Half Century Club,      10th.
These all give alumni of yesteryear       which honors all alumni whose                  Members of the classes of 1956,
the assurance that their alma mater       classes graduated 50 or more years       1951, 1946, 1941, and 1936 who will
remains a familiar and friendly place.    ago. There are no dues to belong.        be celebrating their 55th, 60th, 65th,
    And yet the change graduates          An annual program gives alumni an        70th, and 75th reunions from Illi-
from 50 years ago or more have wit-       opportunity to catch up with class-      nois State Normal University will be
nessed at Illinois State University is    mates, make new acquaintances, and       honored at the Friday luncheon and
astonishing. From the way students        learn what’s new at Illinois State.      receive a special recognition gift.
communicate to the rock concerts               This year’s program is sched-            For additional information
that have replaced those memora-          uled for June 9 and 10. Members of       contact Alumni Relations at (309)
ble Big Four dances, the collegiate       the Class of 1961 will celebrate their   438-2586 or (800) 366-4478, or
experience is radically different from    50th class reunion on the 9th during     e-mail Stephanie Duquenne at
28 Illinois State February 2011
Black Colleagues Association continues                                                               Annual alumni
                                                                                                     survey slated for spring
scholarship support for students
                                                                                                     Members of the graduating classes of
Members of Illinois State University’s          honors the memory of the 1981 graduate.              2010 and 2006 will be receiving a letter
Black Colleagues Association (ISUBCA)           He died in the line of duty as an employ-            from Illinois State University President
continue their efforts to support students      ee of the Dallas fire department.                    Al Bowman as an invitation to partici-
                                                                                                     pate in the Annual Alumni Survey. Per-
financially. Funds from scholarships                 Freshman Briani Bell of Quincy
                                                                                                     sonalized instructions will be included in
were awarded last fall during Home-             received the President’s Book Scholar-               the April mailing.
coming, including the Judge Russell R.          ship, funded by the Office of the Presi-                   Information provided through the
DeBow Scholarship and Vincent Lionel            dent. Sophomore Tiara Mackins of                     online survey will be used to improve
Davis Scholarship.                              Decatur; freshmen Hana Ayele of Bloom-               the educational experience at Illinois
     Senior Lorryn Neely of Flossmoor,          ington, Darius Hennington of Chicago,                State. Participants will be eligible to win
junior Gordon Booker of Gurnee, junior          and Lester D. Hudson II of Peoria all                a VIP Homecoming package, including
                                                                                                     two nights at the Marriott Hotel and
Raven Nance of Chicago Heights and              received the Vice President for Student
                                                                                                     Conference Center in Uptown Normal,
freshman Jazmin Summerrise of Alsip             Affairs Book Scholarship. It has been                two tickets to the Redbird football game,
received $1,000 from the DeBow fund.            awarded since 2008.                                  tailgating opportunities, entrance for
Neely, Booker, and Nance are past recip-             The recipients of each scholarship              two to the Homecoming Gala, and free
ients. They maintained a grade point            are selected by the ISUBCA. Enter-                   admission to a variety of other Home-
average of 3.0 or higher to receive the         ing and continuing African American                  coming events.
scholarship on a renewable basis. For-          undergraduate and graduate students                        For additional information contact
                                                                                                     University Assessment Services by
merly known as the Black Colleagues             are eligible. Applications are available
                                                                                                     calling (309) 438-2135 or by e-mail at
Scholarship, the fund was renamed to            online at      
honor DeBow, who graduated in 1935. He          or by e-mailing khowell@IllinoisState.
was instrumental in the founding of the         edu. The application deadline is May 1.
organization and is a charter member.           Contributions to the DeBow and Davis
     Junior Nicole Black of Chicago was         scholarships can be made online at www.
awarded $1,000 from the Davis scholar-
ship. Established by his family, the fund

                                                                                                     Alumni hosts sought for
                                                                                                     Redbird Welcome Parties
                                                                                                     Alumni are being sought in strategic
                                                                                                     Illinois locations to host a Redbird Wel-
                                                                                                     come Party in their home or local venue
                                                                                                     for incoming freshmen and their families
                                                                                                     this summer. The parties offer an oppor-
                                                                                                     tunity for alumni to impact current and
                                                                                                     future students at Illinois State.
                                                                                                           Parties vary in size. Alumni may
                                                                                                     cohost the gathering with other alumni
                                                                                                     to share the cost of expenses and plan-
                                                                                                     ning responsibilities. Interested alumni
                                                                                                     are encouraged to call Alumni Relations
                                                                                                     at (309) 438-2586 or e-mail alumni@

          Stay connected to campus
          It’s easy to connect with campus by receiving a monthly e-newsletter. To get these updates send an e-mail to
 or complete the e-mail preferences form online at

                                                                                                             February 2011   Illinois State 29

A passion for people overseas
International study leads to graduate student’s life mission

            mily Pozo traveled to       conditions. Schools and hospitals             Drugs and alcohol, domestic vio-
            the Galapagos Islands       were unequipped, in part because         lence, and teen pregnancy are all
            to study. She stayed to     the vast majority of conservation        prevalent issues. Drinking water has
            become a change agent.      efforts are aimed at preservation        to be boiled for 20 minutes to make it
     Pozo planned a healthcare career   of the islands. She changed that by      safe, and newspaper is used in homes
while a nursing student in Wiscon-      founding the Galapagos ICE Organi-       for insulation. First aid in a hospital
sin. She completed graduate work in     zation (Immerse-Connect-Evolve),         might mean pouring alcohol from
Spanish at Illinois State, where she    which focuses on citizens.               a juice bottle. Youth have too much
taught the language and recruited            “Galapagos ICE aims to improve      time on their hands.
for international education.            the quality of healthcare and educa-          “The biggest problem is kids don’t
     She relocated to Galapagos to      tion in the Galapagos Islands,” Pozo     learn about where they live. It’s not a
teach and married a native, Mau-        said during a campus discussion with     part of the curriculum,” she said. “The
ricio. Pozo found the land Charles      ISU students last fall. “Our conserva-   Galapagos Islands were put at risk the
Darwin studied while forming his        tion is dealing with the people. We      day humans set foot on the islands.
theory of evolution was in ruins,       are the only nonprofit organization      Now that we have that footprint there,
with 36,000 people living in subpar     in the Galapagos Islands that does.”     we have to figure out what to do.”

30 Illinois State February 2011
1940s                                    1960s
Frances Peifer Alverson ’40 has
retired as a first grade teacher and
                                         Charles O. Ellenbaum ’65 retired
                                         as a professor of anthropology
                                                                                 Pause for applause
tax accountant. Both jobs were in        and religious studies from the
                                                                                                       Shining on stage
Port Charlotte, where she resides.       College of DuPage after 35 years
She is widowed.                          of service. He taught part-time                                Central Illinois audiences saw rising star Leslie
                                         at Wheaton College and is an                                   Ann Sheppard ’07 perform in many faculty and
                                         ordained Anglican Priest. He is                                student productions, as well as the Illinois Shake-
1950s                                    now assistant pastor at Resur-
                                         rection Anglican Church in West
                                                                                                        speare Festival, while she completed her under-
                                                                                                        graduate degree in acting. Now she is impressing
June E. (Bradley) Faehnrich ’52 is the
                                         Chicago, and a spiritual direc-                                Chicago theatre patrons. Sheppard has been on
founder and director of Concerned
                                         tor for discipleship at St. Mark’s                             Windy City stages since graduation. She appeared
Citizens for Animal Welfare. She
                                         Church in Geneva. He resides            in Harriet Jacobs at the Steppenwolf Theatre, and also had a leading role
also owns the Flag Specialty Shop
                                         there with his wife, Gail. They         in the musical The Hundred Dresses with Chicago’s Children’s Theatre.
in Conneaut, Ohio, where she
                                         celebrated their 43rd wedding           Her work has earned her mention as one of 10 actors to watch on Chica-
resides. She is widowed.
                                         anniversary in 2010.                    go-area stages, as chosen by the Chicago Tribune in the summer of 2010.
JimAnn (Smith) Oliver ’54 retired in
                                         Terry Shoup ’67, M.S. ’71, retired
2010 as a national supervisor of                                                 Chicago win benefits blind
                                         from San Bernardino City USD
research for Westat, Inc., which is
                                         in 2010 after a total of 43 years                            William Burfeind ’95 has many titles, including
a contractor of the U.S. Department
                                         in education. He also taught in                              business development manager with Turner Con-
of Education. Smith worked 21
                                         Illinois. Shoup owns a sailboat and                          struction in Chicago. A recruiter on campus for his
years supervising the gathering of
                                         anticipates cruising the Pacific                             employer, which is one of the largest construction
data for The Nation’s Report Card,
                                         Ocean during his retirement. He                              companies in the world, Burfeind’s a member of
Early Childhood Longitudinal Study,
                                         resides in Redlands, California.
The International Math and Science                                                                    two advisory boards in ISU’s College of Applied Sci-
Study, and other reports. She now        Bruce Darnall ’68 writes with his       ence and Technology. He serves on the Chicago Loop Alliance Board of
travels; manages a rentals business;     son and current graduate student,       Directors, which nominated him for the One Man Chicago charity com-
and enjoys time with her five chil-      Mark Darnall. The two have              petition. He was chosen in 2010 as the young man who embodies the
dren, 10 grandchildren, and four         authored articles about Chicago         best of Chicago from community involvement, intelligence, personality,
great-grandchildren. Her daughter,       White Sox relief pitcher Scott          and fitness. He donated his $10,000 win to Prevent Blindness America.
Lanette Oliver, is one of the Path-      Linebrink, Cleveland Indians first
finder 7 astronauts-in-training, the     baseman Matt LaPorta, San Diego                               Fighting for women
first team of Teachers in Space. She     Padre Adrian Gonzalez, and Green
                                         Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers. The                                While on military duty in Afghanistan, Michelle
resides in Temple, Texas.
                                         articles appeared in Athletes in                             Johnson ’05 saved the life of a 13-year-old preg-
John Swalec ’56, M.S. ’58, Ph.D. ’75,                                                                 nant girl by helping the teen deliver her stillborn
                                         Action, which is an online pub-
wrestled at Illinois State, plac-                                                                     baby. The experience inspired Johnson to start
                                         lication of Campus Crusade for
ing in numerous conference                                                                            Afghanistan Midwifery Project. The Chicago-
                                         Christ. Bruce resides in Lake Mills,
tournaments. He coached at                                                                            based nonprofit organization provides midwife
the high school and junior col-                                                                       training and medical kits, as well as health educa-
lege level, mentoring state and          Eric E. Magnuson ’68 retired from the
                                                                                 tion classes to ensure women in Afghanistan have medical care and
national champions at each level.        Lee County School District where
                                                                                 safe childbirth. Beyond the supplies and training, the organization is
He coached the college contin-           he was a kindergarten teacher. He
                                                                                 empowering women in the war-torn country that has a high maternal
gent in the 1964 Olympic Trials.         previously worked for the Illinois
                                                                                 mortality rate. Johnson’s mission has put her in the national spotlight,
Retired as president of Waubonsee        State Board of Education division
                                                                                 with Glamour magazine chronicling her story in the August 2010 issue.
Community College, he has led            of early childhood. He resides in
national rules committees for the        Fort Myers, Florida.
sport and worked as a high school
                                                                                                       Making the grade
                                         Samuel M. Gore, Ed.D. ’69, was a
official. He is a member of Illinois     member of the art faculty at Mis-                             Daniel Traeger ’70 majored in political science at
State’s Athletic Hall of Fame and        sissippi College for 59 years. He                             Illinois State, but found his calling to be educa-
is an ISU Distinguished Alumni           is also a painter and sculptor. A                             tion. Initially a teacher and basketball coach at
Award recipient. In 2010 he was          retrospective exhibit of his work                             the high school level, he is now principal of West
honored by the Illinois Chapter          was exhibited at Gore Galleries at                            Broward High School in Pembroke, Florida. Traeger
of the National Wrestling Hall of        the college in 2010. He resides in      is passionate in mentoring students and staff, exemplifying the school’s
Fame for lifetime achievement. He        Clinton, Mississippi.                   slogan of “Educating today’s students for tomorrow’s world.” Traeger’s
resides in Cuba.                                                                 commitment to students has him involved not only in their classroom
                                                                                 efforts, but their extracurricular activities as well. His excellence and
            Reggie Reads                                                         efforts are noted and appreciated, as the Florida PTA named him Out-
            Check out a column dedicated to book reviews of work by              standing Principal of the Year in 2009.
            alums. Go online to and
            click on Reggie Reads.

                                                                                                                        February 2011   Illinois State 31
    How we met
    Masara Beukinga ’03 and Eric Browning ’03 didn’t expect to find a
    spouse at Illinois State, but when they met through mutual friends in
    2001 there was a lasting impression.
           Eric pursued Masara. While spending time abroad, he sent let-
    ters from her dream vacation spot in Paris, France. He even bought
    her a souvenir.
           “After he rode his bike to my dorm in the rain with a framed piece
    of art from Paris, I knew he had won me over,” Masara said.
           They became an inseparable pair, enjoying lunches on the Quad,
    the zoo, basketball games, and tailgating. They supported each other.
           “Eric walked me hand-in-hand to many of my classes,” she said.
    “He thought I was obsessed with grades, which I was, but he would
    still quiz me with my homemade note cards and edit all of my papers
    for me.”
             Both were committed to excellence. Outside the classroom
    Masara tutored children through the Normal Public Library. Eric joined Delta Tau Delta fraternity and worked with The Daily Vidette.
            “I was once very close to a deadline for a story on the food selection at ISU,” Eric said. “I needed a source badly. Masara came through and
    gave her input. That moment seemed to be a precursor for the rest of our lives together. She’s always been in my corner.”
           They married on July 22, 2004, in Riviera Maya, Mexico. They live and work in San Bernardino, California. Eric teaches middle school English,
    while Masara teaches first and second grades. They have two sons—Dylan, 3, and Gavin, born in June of 2010. The boys are already becoming
    familiar with ISU, which remains a cherished memory for Masara and Eric.
            “Illinois State allowed both of us to develop socially, academically, intellectually, and personally,” the couple concurred. “We simply took
    advantage of the numerous opportunities the University and community offered. From those opportunities, we found that we shared many of the
    same core principles and beliefs. And we had a great time in the process!”

    Editor’s note: February is Redbird Romance Month at Illinois State’s telefund. Students will be calling alumni couples to gain their support.

Charles Pagels ’69, M.S. ’70, retired     Association. He will play a major          of the top 100 school executives in        Chartered Retirement Planning
as the assistant superintendent           role as the organization works to          North America by Executive Edu-            Counselor. Mounier is a member
for personnel at Glenbard High            be America’s leading advocate for          cator magazine in 1985, Farnham            of Merrill Lynch’s Circle of Excel-
School District 87 in Glen Ellyn.         oral health. He resides in Harvard.        served as head of the Interna-             lence Club. He authored The
He and his wife reside in Hertford,                                                  tional School of Kuala Lumpur in           50 Questions You Need to Ask to
                                          Thomas B. Shaffer ’71, M.M.E. ’78,
North Carolina.                                                                      Malaysia. He and his wife, Vanessa,        Achieve the Financial Advisor Rela-
                                          taught instrumental music in
                                                                                     reside in San Juan.                        tionship You Deserve. He resides in
                                          Illinois prior to moving to North
1970s                                     Carolina. He has been a real estate
                                          property manager for 28 years. He
                                                                                     Thomas L. Howard ’72 is president
                                                                                     of the Financial Planning Asso-            Mark B. DalPozzo ’75, M.M.E. ’83,
Raymond Bruzan, M.S. ’70, retired as      is a founding member of the Dur-           ciation of Illinois, which is a            retired in 2010 as the director of
a chemistry professor at Benedic-         ham Community Concert Band,                1,000-member organization of               bands for Hillsboro CUSD 3. He
tine University at Springfield. He        Triangle Wind Ensemble, Pure               certified financial planners. He           taught instrumental music for 35
completed 42 years of teaching at         Brass Quintet, and has conducted           resides in Streamwood.                     years, with the last 23 at Hills-
the high school and collegiate lev-       the Durham Community Concert                                                          boro. He resides there with his
                                                                                     Betsy Meyers Maaks ’74, M.A. ’76,
els. He and his wife, Pamela, reside      Band for 18 years. He and his wife,                                                   wife, Mary.
                                                                                     is a senior technical writer and
in Rochester.                             Faye, have been married 40 years.
                                                                                     contractor for CARA Group in Oak           Janet Jacobi Madden ’75 has retired
                                          They reside in Durham, North
Joseph F. Hagenbruch ’71 is a dentist                                                Brook. She resides in Naperville.          from her position as a high school
working in a private practice. He is                                                                                            teacher. She has competed for
                                                                                     James R. Mounier ’74 is the first vice
a fellow in the American College of       Barry Farnham, Ed.D. ’72, retired in                                                  more than 50 years in water
                                                                                     president of investments and a
Dentists, the International College       2010 after 48 years as a teacher                                                      sports. In 2010 she placed third
                                                                                     wealth management advisor with
of Dentists, and the Academy of           and administrator in public, inter-                                                   in the nation in women’s three-
                                                                                     The Mounier & Larson Group,
General Dentistry. He is past presi-      national, and independent schools.                                                    event water ski jumping and third
                                                                                     which is a Merrill Lynch financial
dent of the Illinois State Dental         His last position was as head of                                                      overall for her combined slalom,
                                                                                     advisory team. He is a certified
Society and in 2010 was installed         school at Saint John’s School in                                                      jump, and trick scores. She and
                                                                                     financial planner, certified invest-
as a trustee of the American Dental       San Juan, Puerto Rico. Named one                                                      her husband, Ray, reside in Homer
                                                                                     ment management analyst, and

32 Illinois State February 2011
Glen. They are the parents of           Bank Counsel Advisory Board. He
Andy, who is currently an Illinois      resides in St. Louis, Missouri.
State student competing with the
                                        Keith O. Hilton ’77 is president and
University’s Water Ski & Wake-
                                        senior partner of INVR Standards/
board team.
                                        HHEW, which is an African-
Stephen K. Van Den Eeden ’75 has        American media, education, and
been named adjunct professor            leadership consortium in Stockton,
of urology at the University of         California. The organization has an
California in San Francisco. He is      ejournal, the Journal of Unabridged
also a lecturer in epidemiology at      Genius. He also publishes a news
Stanford University and a research      publication, Central Valley Drum
scientist III in the division of        News. Hilton is the creator of
research at Kaiser Permanente           TALO Leadership Theory. He and
Northern California. He resides in      his wife, Sandra, reside in Stockton.
Kensington, California.
                                        Sally K. Pyne ’78, M.S. ’87, Ph.D. ’99,
Edward M. Bury ’76 has been             is an academic advisor and com-
appointed director of marketing         munity liaison with the Center               Alumni recruiters seek talented seniors
and communications at the Build-        for Adult Learning at Lincoln
                                                                                     There’s a unique bond between Illinois State alumni that creates a
ing Owners and Managers Associ-         College’s Normal site. She was pre-
                                                                                     powerful professional network. Nobody knows the benefit of these con-
ation of Chicago. He manages all        sented the Athena Award by the
                                                                                     nections better than graduates who come back to campus as recruiters
aspects of internal and external        Women’s Division of the McLean
                                                                                     for their employers. A large group returned for a job fair in October at
communication, including grow-          County Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                     Redbird Arena, eager to help seniors find their place in the workforce.
ing partnerships with Chicago-          in 2010. The award recognizes
based companies and nonprofits.         women for their devotion to the
He previously served as the             advancement of women in lead-
senior director of public rela-         ership opportunities and in the           Boss. The program sends familial-          Judith Bogdanski Epcke ’85 completed
tions at the Certified Commercial       workplace. She resides in Normal.         clowns to train staff at senior            a program at Johns Hopkins Uni-
Investment Member Institute. He                                                   residences to carry on therapeutic         versity to earn her administration
                                        Daniel C. Walls, M.S. ’79, retired
resides in Chicago.                                                               humor between the clown’s vis-             and supervision certification. She
                                        in 2010 as the director of admis-
                                                                                  its. She and her husband, Mark,            is a district technology facilitator
Catherine Heenan ’76 received the       sions at Emory University. He
                                                                                  reside in McGregor, Ontario. They          with Northbrook District 28 in
Illinois Outstanding Citizen Award      has accepted a new position at
                                                                                  became grandparents in 2010.               Northbrook. She coauthored Comic
at the College of Lake County 2010      Pace Academy as senior associate
                                                                                                                             Life for Educators, which is a book
commencement ceremony. She is           director of college counseling. He        Marueen McCarthy ’83 earned a
                                                                                                                             for teachers. Epcke presented at
a news anchor/reporter at KRON-         resides in Chamblee, Georgia.             master’s degree in human services
                                                                                                                             the International Society for Tech-
TV in San Francisco. In addition                                                  administration from Spertus Col-
                                                                                                                             nology in Education’s ISTE 2010
to many regional Emmys, she has                                                   lege in Chicago. She is executive
won a national Emmy and a Pea-
body Award. She resides in San
                                        1980s                                     director of Norwood Life Care
                                                                                  Foundation. She has extensive
                                                                                                                             conference. She is also cochair of
                                                                                                                             Illinois Computing Educator state
                                        Matthew Hand ’82 is a senior vice                                                    educational technology conference
Jose, California.                                                                 background in nonprofit fund-
                                        president of Bank of America in                                                      in 2011. She and her husband, Wil-
                                                                                  raising, having led development
William J. Howat ’76 is a senior cat-   Chicago. His work is in the com-                                                     liam Jr., reside in Des Plaines.
                                                                                  activities at the Illinois Humanities
egory manager of fermentation           mercial lending sales area. He            Council, Epilepsy Foundation of            Denise Hager ’85, M.S. ’88, is a cor-
and animal feeds with Sensient          previously worked for 24 years            Greater Chicago, and the Alzheim-          porate writer and producer with
Technologies in Indianapolis, Indi-     with GE Capital. He and his wife,         er’s Association Greater Illinois          WEEK-TV in East Peoria. She is
ana. He and his wife, Julie, reside     Christy, reside in Schaumburg.            Chapter. She and her husband,              also an instructor in the Depart-
in Carmel, Indiana.                     They have three children, includ-         Sidney, reside in Chicago.                 ment of Communication at Illinois
John L. Sullivan ’76 completed his      ing a daughter currently attending                                                   Central College. She has one son.
                                        Illinois State.                           Lucinda M. Baier ’84, M.S. ’87, is chief
juris doctorate at Washington                                                                                                They reside in Morton.
                                                                                  financial officer of Central Park-
University School of Law. He has        Sandra A. Miller Radvanyi, M.M. ’82,      ing in Nashville, Tennessee. She           Jennifer S. Harrison ’85 is a pharma-
been listed in The Best Lawyers         is the artistic director and clown-       resides in Lake Forest.                    cist with the U.S. Department of
in America for banking law since        doctor/familial-clown “Dr. Merry                                                     Veterans Affairs Hines VA Hospital
2003. He is also recognized as a        Kay!” with Fools for Health, which        Kenneth Harris Jr. ’84 completed a
                                                                                                                             in Hines, where she resides.
Missouri/Kansas Super Lawyer.           is the premier clown-doctor pro-          doctorate in leadership studies at
Sullivan is a partner at Armstrong      gram in the counties of Windsor           Marian University. He is chief exec-       Timothy Loest ’85 is a nationally
Teasdale LLP, where he is leader        and Essex in Ontario. It is a regis-      utive office of LRC Publications,          known composer and arranger of
of the firm’s financial institutions    tered charity for which Radvanyi          Inc., in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He          concert band music. He is the band
practice group. He has extensive        cowrote a major government grant          resides there with his wife, Carla.        director at Itasca School District
experience in all areas of financial,   from the Ontario Trillium Founda-                                                    10 and a composer/arranger for
                                                                                  Bridgett LaMar Carter ’85 is a health
consumer credit, banking, real          tion. Using a second grant from the                                                  the FJH Music Company, Inc. He
                                                                                  educator senior with the Cook
estate, and uniform commercial          foundation, Fools for Health has                                                     has published 47 works, including
                                                                                  County Department of Public
code law. He is chairman of the         a new initiative called Laughter-                                                    Warm-Ups and Beyond: A Compre-
                                                                                  Health. He resides in Richton Park.
Missouri Bankers Association

                                                                                                                             February 2011   Illinois State 33
     Redbird legacy
     Staying in the collegiate environment may seem like a dream come true for
     some upcoming graduates. For Carol Cortilet-Albrecht, ’91, M.S. ’93, it is reality.
            Cortilet-Albrecht, Ed.D., completed her doctorate in educational psychol-
     ogy from National-Louis University. As the associate vice chancellor for enroll-
     ment management at Purdue University-Calumet in Hammond, Indiana, she
     spends every work day at a university. And where did her passion for higher edu-
     cation start? At Illinois State University.
            The decision to enroll as a freshman was never a hard choice for Carol be-
     cause her two older sisters had showed her the ropes. Her oldest sister, Karen
     (Cortilet) Harjung ’80, graduated with a degree in psychology. Her second oldest
     sister, Judy (Cortilet) Wierman ’87, was a senior during Carol’s freshman year.
            “Judy helped me learn how to get things done on campus, and now that’s
     what I do for students,” Carol said.
                                                                                              Three sisters have a bond made stronger through their ISU
            As a freshman she was “an average student,” mostly spending time getting
                                                                                              memories. The Cortilet sisters are, from left, Judy Wierman, Karen
     to know people and not involved in university activities until she was older. Her Harjung, and Carol Cortilet-Albrecht.
     first ISU job was in the Psychology Department as an aide. She also worked in
     Student Health Services as a file clerk. She was a graduate assistant for the Office of the University Registrar, and taught freshmen composition for
     the English Department.
            The combination of knowing ISU’s faculty and staff and learning how higher education operates helped steer Carol’s career interest toward
     higher education. “When you are a student, you don’t really understand how complicated higher education can be,” she said. “I was lucky to have
     had those experiences at Illinois State.”
            Each of the sisters enjoy rewarding careers. Karen works at Elisabeth Ludeman Developmental Center in Park Forest, and resides in Frankfort.
     Judy is the director of HR for the Global Energy Services Division at Nalco Company in Naperville. She has two children and lives in Plainfield.
            Even though the three Cortilet sisters have moved on from Illinois State, their legacy has continued with Kelly Harjung, Karen’s oldest daughter
     of four children. Kelly is a junior social work major expected to graduate in 2012.
            The University’s influence remains strong within the family, as the sisters continue to appreciate their collegiate experience. “ISU inspired me
     to choose a career in higher education,” Carol said, “and to contribute in a positive way to the success of students through that.”

hensive Rehearsal Book for Devel-         program at Rockwood School Dis-           tion’s finances, communication,           at the University of North Texas.
oping Bands, which sold more than         trict in Chesterfield, Missouri. He       and membership. He and his wife,          He coedited the 2010 Texas Youth
80,000 copies. He coauthored with         and his partner, Rich, reside in St.      Carol, reside in Dunlap.                  Fitness Study Supplement to the
ISU percussion professor David            Louis, Missouri.                                                                    Research Quarterly for Exercise and
                                                                                    Timothy Lee ’88 is the assistant vice
Collier the book Measures of Suc-                                                                                             Sport. The two-year fitness study
                                          Chris Dillman’86 is an executive          president at JP Morgan Chase in
cess: A Comprehensive Musician-                                                                                               found higher physical fitness is
                                          recruiter for JP Morgan Chase             Chicago. He resides in Park Forest.
ship Band Method. He was guest                                                                                                related to higher state academic
                                          in Chicago. He and his wife are
conductor at the 2010 Laurens-                                                                                                test scores and higher attendance,
                                          the parents of two children. They
Dublin Honor Band Festival in
Dublin, Georgia. He and his wife,
                                          reside in North Aurora.                   1990s                                     fewer negative school incidents,
                                                                                                                              and overall school quality. He
Cynthia, reside in Wheaton.               Martin A. Koehler ’86 is managing         Scott Jones ’90 completed a doc-          resides in Denton, Texas.
                                          director of Koehler Koehler, Inc.,        torate at Purdue University. He
Mike Prior ’85 played 13 seasons in                                                                                           Tammy V. (Thurman) Morgan ’91 is an
                                          which is a full-service employee          is chair of the Department of
the NFL, including six as a defen-                                                                                            assistant professor at Lewis Uni-
                                          benefits and financial consultancy        Humanities and an associate pro-
sive back with the Indianapolis                                                                                               versity. She resides in Chicago.
                                          in the Chicago area. He resides in        fessor of new media communica-
Colts. He went to the Super Bowl
                                          Wheaton.                                  tion at Indiana University in Koko-       Sharon E. Peterson-Kokkas ’91 has
after helping the Green Bay Pack-
                                                                                    mo. He and his wife, Mary (Goerg)         worked as an embassy nurse with
ers win two NFC titles. He works          Brian J. Wagner ’87, M.B.A. ’92, is a
                                                                                    ’90, have two children. They reside       the U.S. Embassy in Athens for the
with youth as the Colts youth foot-       customer relations coordinator
                                                                                    in Westfield, Indiana.                    past 14 years. She and her husband,
ball commissioner. He resides in          with the U.S. Postal Service in
                                                                                                                              Alexandros, are the parents of four
Carmel, Indiana.                          Peoria. He has been elected to a          Lew Girmscheid ’91 is principal of
                                                                                                                              children. They reside in Greece.
                                          two-year term as National Sec-            Batavia School District 101. He and
Michael A. Barla ’86, M.S. ’87, is com-
                                          retary-Treasurer of the National          his wife, Amy, reside in Batavia.         Dawn Trube Gould ’92 is a promo-
pleting a doctorate in educational
                                          Association of Postal Supervisors.                                                  tional consultant with Cedric
leadership at Maryville University                                                  Scott Martin, M.S. ’91, is a professor
                                          He is responsible for managing                                                      Spring & Associates in St. Charles.
in St. Louis. He is the director of                                                 of sport and exercise psychology
                                          and administering the organiza-                                                     She resides in Oswego.
the early childhood education

34 Illinois State February 2011
Lorraine S. Muhammad ’92 works at        Jamie Maravich ’94 completed a          and adults. She produced and acted       at Chapel Hill. He is a part-time
State Farm Insurance Companies.          master’s degree in telecommuni-         in Using, a feature length indepen-      law student at George Washington
She authored the book 588 Days!          cations management from Keller          dent drama about betrayal, addic-        University and is also a patent
Balancing Act of Faith, Family, and      Graduate School of Management.          tion, and a father’s struggle to save    examiner with the U.S. Patent &
Finding Time for ME. The book            She is regional president of Har-       his daughter from self-destruction.      Trademark Office in Alexandria,
chronicles her 588-day weight            ris, responsible for the bank’s         The production was filmed in Chi-        Virginia. He resides in Annandale,
loss journey, during which time          efforts in the far northwest sub-       cago during the summer of 2010.          Virginia.
she lost more than 60 pounds. She        urbs of Chicago and overseeing 10       She resides in Bloomington.
                                                                                                                          Lazaro Lopez ’98 completed a doc-
resides in Bloomington.                  branches. Maravich is a member
                                                                                 Suzanna Henshon, M.S. ’95, teaches       torate in curriculum and instruc-
                                         of the Leadership Council of
Nicole Benson Vinsone ’93 is an                                                  creative writing, advanced fiction,      tion at Aurora University. He is
                                         the McHenry County Economic
RHIA at Lake Regional Hospital in                                                and composition at Florida Gulf          the principal of Wheeling High
                                         Development Corporation. She
Osage Beach, Missouri. She resides                                               Coast University. She authored the       School. Lopez received the 2010
                                         resides in Lake Zurich.
in Camdenton, Missouri.                                                          book Mystery Science: The Case of        Dr. Elizabeth Ennis Innovative
                                                                                 the Missing Bicycle. She resides in      Educator Award for implementa-
                                                                                 Wilbraham, Massachusetts.                tion of the school’s STEM for ALL
                                                                                                                          initiative. He resides in Hoffman
                                                                                 Kevin Nolan ’95 is president and
                                                                                 CEO of Ecogistics, which is a
                                                                                 third-party logistics company            Angela Batka Banks ’99 teaches sev-
                                                                                 that offers a multitude of highly        enth grade at Jack London Middle
                                                                                 customized, environmentally              School in Wheeling. She and her
                                                                                 conscious logistics solutions to         husband, John, are the parents of
                                                                                 marketplace. He resides in Rock          twins. Madelyn Elena and Nathan
                                                                                 Island.                                  Henry were born in December of
                                                                                                                          2009. They reside in Bartlett.
                                                                                 Alicia Ray ’95 is a marketing special-
                                                                                 ist with Jones Lang LaSalle. She         Matt Ritter ’99 is a principal in Pin-
                                                                                 resides in Chicago.                      nacle Real Estate Advisors, which
                                                                                                                          is a commercial real estate firm in
                                                                                 Brent Roberts ’95 started his own
                                                                                                                          Denver, Colorado. He and his wife,
                                                                                 company, BDR Public Relations, in
                                                                                                                          Tracy (Zabel) Ritter ’98, reside in
                                                                                 2010. He and his wife, Sara (Silver-
                                                                                                                          Englewood, Colorado.
                                                                                 ton) ’95, are the parents of two chil-
   Fell Hall friendship endures                                                  dren. They reside in Mundelein.          Anne M. Conway Whitmore ’99, ’07
   Friendships formed as Illinois State undergraduate students living in Fell                                             is a teacher with Sylvan Learn-
                                                                                 Kristopher Smith ’95 owns and oper-
   Hall have remained strong for one group of women. The ladies returned                                                  ing Center in Peoria. She and her
                                                                                 ates Midwest Life Brokerage in
   to the University last fall for a visit that rekindled fond campus memo-                                               husband, Josh, are the parents of a
                                                                                 Naperville. The life insurance bro-
   ries. The alums include, front row, from left, Lorraine “Lorry” (McElroy)                                              son. They reside in Dunlap.
                                                                                 kerage agency has more than 50
   McIntyre ’70, M.S. ’04, of Normal; and Jan Brown ’69, of Lansing. Sec-        partner insurers and 300 partner         Terrence M. Yuen ’99 was named
   ond row, from left, are Diane (Sutherd) Zawislak ’69 of Rochelle, Carol       independent agents. Naperville           CEO of the Superior Court of
   (Gembarski) Mortier ’69 of Schaumburg; Betty (Elder) Mackay ’69 of            Magazine awarded the firm its            California in the county of San
   Del Rey Oaks, California; and Karla (Byram) Jones ’69 of Pekin.               2010 Best Insurance Agency des-          Francisco in 2010. He is respon-
                                                                                 ignation. His wife, Margaret (Reilly)    sible for overseeing the state court
                                                                                 ’95, is owner of Inner Strength          for the county. He and his wife are
                                                                                 Doula Services. They are the par-        the parents of two children. They
Kevin M. Gross ’94 is a senior litiga-                                           ents of two children and reside in       reside in San Francisco, California.
                                         Jeffrey Risch ’94 completed his
tor and trial attorney with GEICO                                                Naperville.
                                         juris doctorate at the University
Insurance Company’s staff counsel
                                         of Tulsa. He is chair of the Labor
office in Chicago. He and his wife,
Michelle, were married in August
                                         & Employment Practice Group at
                                                                                 Jason Kuhl ’97 is library operations
                                                                                 director with Arlington Heights          2000s
                                         SmithAmundsen, LLC, which is a          Memorial Library in Arlington
of 2010. They reside in Chicago.                                                                                          Melissa Anderson ’00 earned a medi-
                                         law firm headquartered in Chica-        Heights. He resides there with his       cal degree at Southern Illinois Uni-
Carol L. (Lindamood) Harlow ’94 is       go. He was named to the “Top 40         wife, Laura.                             versity and completed residency
deputy executive campaign direc-         Under 40 To Watch” list of lawyers
                                                                                 Amy (Trembacz) Smathers ’97 teach-       training at Indiana University,
tor for the National Museum of the       in the state of Illinois in 2010. The
                                                                                 es forensics at Johnston Commu-          where she is completing a fellow-
United States Army capital cam-          prestigious list is published annu-
                                                                                 nity College in Smithfield, North        ship in nephrology. She served for
paign. She and her husband, Rich-        ally by the Law Bulletin Publishing
                                                                                 Carolina. She and her husband,           a year as the medicine chief resi-
ard, are the parents of a son. Chase     Company. He and his wife reside
                                                                                 Kevin, reside in Fuquay-Varina,          dent at IU Hospital. She resides in
was born in August of 2010. They         in St. Charles.
                                                                                 North Carolina.                          Indianapolis, Indiana.
reside in Washington, D.C.
                                         Kymberly Harris, M.A. ’95, earned
                                                                                 James H. Alstrum-Acevedo ’98 com-        Jennifer L. (Barnett) Harrah ’00 is a
Kelly Klobucher ’94 is executive         an M.F.A. at Actor’s Studio in New
                                                                                 pleted a doctorate in chemistry at       registered nurse and clinical edu-
director of Hegeler Carus Founda-        York. She began TheatresCool,
                                                                                 the University of North Carolina         cator at Union Hospital, Inc., in
tion in LaSalle, where she resides.      which teaches acting to children

                                                                                                                          February 2011   Illinois State 35
Terre Haute, Indiana, where she                                                                                             John Schumacher ’02 completed a
resides.                                                                                                                    master’s in teaching and leader-
                                                                                                                            ship from St. Xavier University
Jolene (Dust) Hoke ’00 is a compan-
                                                                                                                            and a second master’s degree in
ion animal technical sales special-
                                                                                                                            library and information science
ist with ADM Alliance Nutrition,
                                                                                                                            with School Library Informa-
Inc. She supports the company’s
                                                                                                                            tion Specialist Certification from
U.S. and Canadian sales team with
                                                                                                                            Dominican University. She is a
a focus on ingredients and blends
                                                                                                                            school librarian with Butler School
for pet food manufacturers. Her
                                                                                                                            District in Oak Brook.
husband, Jeremy ’02, is a logistics
coordinator with ADM. They are                                                                                              Kyle Bowen ’03 is a police officer
the parents of a daughter. Lucy                                                                                             with the St. Louis Metro Police
Marie was born in March of 2010.                                                                                            Department. He resides in St.
They reside in Bethany.                                                                                                     Louis, Missouri.
John Hooker ’00, M.A. ’02, completed                                                                                        Amber M. Gore ’03 has completed a
a doctorate at Purdue University                                                                                            doctorate in physical therapy. She
and is an assistant professor of          Marine alumnus serves with Redbird pride                                          is working at The Therapy Tree
communication at Illinois State.                                                                                            in Lake Villa, where she provides
                                          U.S. Marine Corps 1st Lt. Scott Sasser ’08, standing at left, is a College of
His wife, Amy T. Munson ’98, M.A.                                                                                           physical therapy for children who
                                          Business graduate who was part of The Daily Vidette’s advertising sales
’01, is a tenure-track instructor at                                                                                        are newborns through age 21. She
                                          staff. He carried his Illinois State University flag with him when deploying
Heartland Community College.                                                                                                resides in Antioch.
                                          to Afghanistan last year. He served as leader of a Tactical Psychological
They are the parents of three chil-
                                          Operations Team, and posed with his Marine team members in Uruzgan                Samantha Hoffman ’03 is a trust
dren and reside in Normal.
                                          Province. Sasser’s tour ended in the fall. He is now at his home duty sta-        assistant with Heartland Bank and
Carole Masse ’00 is a senior              tion in Okinawa, Japan.                                                           Trust Company in Bloomington,
graphic designer at WellPoint in                                                                                            where she resides.
Chicago. She and her husband,
                                                                                                                            Jamie Jeffries ’03 is a sales manager
Adam, are the parents of a son.        Amanda (Moore) Tucker ’01 is the           law-related courses and serves            with Marriott International and
Leonard “Leo” Masse Nemec was          mother of a son. Brayden Allen             as head coach of the University’s         resides in Kissimmee, Florida.
born in July of 2010. They reside      was born in August of 2010. They           award-winning Mock Trial Team.
in Oak Lawn.                                                                                                                Jessica (Thompson) Rau ’03 is a man-
                                       reside in Champaign.                       His wife, Melanie R. (Bertilson) ’02 is
                                                                                                                            ager of U.S. communications with
Nicholas Wennerstrom ’00 has been                                                 a seventh grade math and English
                                       Karla (Sturtevant) Turney ’01 is an                                                  McDonalds in Oak Brook. She and
promoted to regional program                                                      teacher at Deer Creek-Mackinaw
                                       inpatient clinical pharmacist with                                                   her husband, Ryan, were married
manager at TAPFIN Process Solu-                                                   Junior High School. She is also an
                                       the Veterans Affairs Medical Cen-                                                    in August of 2010. They reside in
tions, which is a Manpower Com-                                                   equestrian clinician. They reside in
                                       ter in Iowa City, Iowa. She and her                                                  Naperville.
pany in Waukegan. He oversees                                                     Bloomington and are the parents
                                       husband, Lee, are the parents of
Abbott Laboratories’ contingent                                                   of a daughter.                            Stacey Costabile ’04 completed a
                                       two sons. Paxton Eli was born in
worker managed service program                                                                                              master’s degree in library science
                                       July of 2010. They reside in North         Erin Law ’02 is a neonatal intensive
for the central region. He previ-                                                                                           from Indiana University. She is
                                       Liberty, Iowa.                             care nurse at Central DuPage Hos-
ously served on the board of edu-                                                                                           a children’s services librarian at
                                                                                  pital. She earned certification by
cation for Warren Township High        Gina (Gilliland) Cox ’02 is an elemen-                                               Naperville Public Library. She is
                                                                                  the National Certification Corpora-
School District 121 and the Village    tary general music teacher at                                                        also a freelance graphic designer.
                                                                                  tion. She resides in Downers Grove.
of Gurnee Planning Commission.         Eugene Field Elementary School in                                                    She resides in Orland Hills.
He and his wife, Natalie, reside in    Rock Island. She and her husband,          Elizabeth Marvin ’02 is a develop-
                                                                                                                            James Davidsmeyer ’04 is studying
Libertyville.                          Dallas, were married in June of            ment outreach and communica-
                                                                                                                            fiction writing in a low-residency
                                       2010. They reside in Milan.                tion officer for the US Agency
Cheryl Wisniewski ’00 is the deputy                                                                                         master’s degree program at
                                                                                  for International Development
director of development with           Nicole Kulak Flood ’02 is a human                                                    Antioch University Los Angeles.
                                                                                  (USAID) in Afghanistan. Her hus-
Mujeres Latinas en Accion in Chi-      resources specialist at the U.S.                                                     He is a VISTA volunteer at Riddle
                                                                                  band, Nicholas Vivio ’02, is a deputy
cago. He resides in Oak Park.          Department of Veterans Affairs                                                       High School in Oregon, where he
                                                                                  director in the Office of Policy
                                       Hines VA Hospital in Hines. She                                                      is developing a scholarship and
Gretchen (Rainey) Anderson ’01 is a                                               and Program Development with
                                       and her husband, Joseph, are the                                                     college readiness program. He
family nurse practitioner at Mayo                                                 USAID in Kabul, Afghanistan.
                                       parents of four children. Abigail                                                    resides in Myrtle Creek, Oregon.
Clinic and Northeast Regional                                                     After completing their two-year
                                       Grace was born in April of 2010.
Medical Center in Rochester, Min-                                                 tour in Afghanistan, they will be         Heather (Prasse) Debelak ’04 is
                                       They reside in Chicago.
nesota, where she resides with her                                                posted to the USAID office in             a senior project manager with
husband, Ezekiel.                      Scott Kording ’02 is the manag-            Budapest, Hungary.                        TNS in Lake Zurich. She and her
                                       ing attorney with Kording &                                                          husband, Kevin, were married in
Tracy (DeBlaey) Kelley ’01 and her                                                Steven M. Miller ’02 is a project
                                       Hall, LLP, which is a law firm in                                                    October of 2010. They reside in
husband, Ryan, are the parents of                                                 manager of strategic initiatives
                                       Bloomington. He also serves as an                                                    Westmont.
a daughter. Addison was born in                                                   with Navistar. He and his wife,
                                       instructional assistant professor in
May of 2009. They reside in St.                                                   Andrea (Muscari) ’03, reside in           Sarah E. (Baker) Lukach ’04 is a com-
                                       Illinois State’s Department of Poli-
Louis, Missouri.                                                                  Bartlett.                                 mercial lending service officer in
                                       tics and Government. He teaches
                                                                                                                            the agribusiness department of 1st

36 Illinois State February 2011
Farm Credit Services in Normal.          Kimberly (Hradek) Burla ’05 has been   Amherst, New York. She resides in        She supervises the daily activities
She and her husband, George, are         promoted to district manager of        Cheektowaga, New York.                   of youth and provides input to
the parents of a son. John Tyson         Abercrombie and Fitch in the                                                    the development of individual-
                                                                                John Rohan ’06 is a property field
was born in June of 2010.                South Chicago area. She advanced                                                ized service plans. She resides in
                                                                                catastrophe representative with
                                         from general store manager for the                                              Naperville.
Megan McCann ’04 is a senior asso-                                              Travelers Insurance Company. He
                                         Abercrombie stores in Orland Park,
ciate in the media relations depart-                                            and his wife, Rebecca Ogrady-Rohan       Brad Heurung ’08 is a legal assistant
                                         Woodfield, and the Chicago Water
ment at Northwestern Memorial                                                   ’06, reside in Volo.                     in Burr Ridge. He and his wife, Lisa
                                         Tower Place location before taking
Hospital. She resides in Chicago.                                                                                        (Groves) ’08, were married in July
                                         her current position. Her husband,     Kyle Bush ’07 joined the staff of the
Nick Timme ’04 completed a mas-                                                                                          of 2010. They reside in Boling-
                                         Jay ’05, works in systems support      Chicago Symphony Orchestra in
ter’s degree in physics at Indiana                                                                                       brook.
                                         at Motorola in Schaumburg. They        2010 as a program assistant in the
University. He is completing a doc-
                                         reside in Lockport.                    Institute for Learning, Access, and      Kimberly L. (Pertle) Kelonsky ’08 is a
                                                                                Training. He uses his music educa-       sales associate with JMB Insur-
                                                                                tion experience in Central Illinois      ance. She and her husband, Steven,
                                                                                public schools to help develop           reside in Chicago.
                                                                                and deliver several of the insti-
                                                                                                                         Lisa A. (Jacobson) Lyons ’08 teaches
                                                                                tute’s learning programs. They are
                                                                                                                         third grade at Coyote Ridge
                                                                                designed to increase the presence
                                                                                                                         Elementary School in the Glendale
                                                                                of music in Chicago area schools,
                                                                                                                         Elementary School District, Ari-
                                                                                as well as develop nonmusic teach-
                                                                                                                         zona. She and her husband, Curtis,
                                                                                ers’ abilities to integrate music into
                                                                                                                         were married in March of 2010.
                                                                                their classroom. He and his wife,
                                                                                                                         They reside in Peoria, Arizona.
                                                                                Katie (Floeter) ’07, reside in Cary.
                                                                                                                         John Wierzbicki ’08 is an assistant
                                                                                Quintin Hecht ’07 is a captain in the
                                                                                                                         facilities coordinator with Buf-
                                                                                United States Air Force. He and his
                                                                                                                         falo Grove Fitness Center. He
                                                                                wife, Guadalupe Rosales ’09, reside
                                                                                                                         performed so well at the 2010 USA
                                                                                in Cibolo, Texas.
                                                                                                                         Beach Volleyball High Perfor-
                                                                                Becky Hughes Windberg ’07 is a hall      mance tryouts that USA Beach Vol-
                                                                                director and director of student         leyball invited him to participate in
   Illinois State representatives visit Shanghai                                involvement at Carthage College in       the first ever USA Beach Volleyball
                                                                                Kenosha, Wisconsin. She resides          High Performance Championships
   President Al Bowman, third from right, led an Illinois State delegation      there with her husband, Chris.           in California last summer. There
   last fall to Shanghai University in Shanghai, China. The group met           They were married in July of 2010.       were only 32 players in the age 26
   with Shanghai University representatives to discuss the potential for                                                 and under division chosen to com-
                                                                                Kyle Anderson ’08 is a management
   enhanced faculty and student exchange programs. Illinois State has a                                                  pete. He resides in Lindenhurst.
                                                                                trainee for Enterprise Rent-A-
   relationship with Shanghai University through the College of Business.
                                                                                Car in Loves Park. He resides in         Lauren Fitts ’09 is an archaeologist
   The 2010 trip continued discussions on expanding that partnership in
                                                                                Rockford.                                with the Illinois State Archaeo-
   the college, as well as other Illinois State programs.
                                                                                                                         logical Survey in Jacksonville. She
                                                                                Bridget Barry ’08 teaches first grade.
                                                                                                                         resides in Springfield.
                                                                                She has published a children’s
                                                                                book titled Sweet Dreams. The            Cassandra Hulett ’09 is an English
torate in physics at IU. He and his      JaMar D. Jefferson ’05 is an under-    book is an adventure bedtime story       teacher at Fieldcrest High School
wife, Elizabeth (Johnson) ’03 were       writer with Liberty Mutual Insur-      for kids ages 3 to 8. She resides in     in Minonk. She resides in Normal.
married in August of 2010. She           ance in Warrenville. His wife,         Oak Lawn.
                                                                                                                         Bill Johnson ’09 is a financial advi-
completed a degree at the Univer-        Candra (Morgan) ’06 is a safety
                                                                                Erin Diamond ’08 is an assistant         sor with Waddell & Reed in Oak
sity of Illinois Law School. They        specialist with Occupational Safety
reside in Indiana.                       and Health Administration. They        program coordinator with Clay-           Brook. He resides in Lemont.
                                         reside in Aurora and are the par-      ton Residential. She oversees the
                                                                                                                         Loren Leeberg ’09 is the director of
Karen Wennerberg ’04 is a trans-                                                psycho-social programming at
                                         ents of a daughter.                                                             campus selection with Northwest-
plant and hepatology staff nurse at                                             the private residential facility for
Northwestern Memorial Hospital           Paulette J. Hammer Stalter ’05 is a
                                                                                                                         ern Mutual. He does all recruiting
                                                                                adults with schizophrenia. She
in Chicago, where she resides.           junior high reading specialist with                                             for the company’s internship pro-
                                                                                also runs the employment program
                                         Metamora Grade School. She and                                                  gram, which he runs. He resides in
Jeff Blackburn ’05 is a photojournal-                                           and assists residents in getting the
                                         her husband, James, reside in                                                   Wheaton.
ist with KPNX-TV in Phoenix,                                                    city services they are entitled to
                                         Metamora.                              use due to their disabled status.        Catherine Myler ’09 completed a
Arizona. He resides in Tempe,
Arizona.                                 Michelle Hoos ’06 is a staff accoun-   Diamond trains at the Improv             year of service with AmeriCorps
                                         tant with Swift Prepaid Solutions,     Olympic in Wrigleyville with the         National Civilian Community
Shaun M. Brady ’05 is a branch man-                                             hope of performing in the future.        Corps in 2010. She worked on ser-
                                         Inc., in Buffalo Grove. She resides
ager for a rental car company. He                                               She resides in Lakeview.                 vice projects in West Virginia, Vir-
                                         in Arlington Heights.
has been promoted seven times                                                                                            ginia, Louisiana, and New Jersey.
since starting with the company in       Jamie Hughes ’06 is an assistant       Deidre N. Graham ’08 is a juvenile
                                                                                                                         She did a variety of work, includ-
2005. He resides in Austin, Texas.       professor at Daemen College in         justice specialist with the Illinois
                                                                                                                         ing trail maintenance, state park
                                                                                Department of Juvenile Justice.

                                                                                                                         February 2011   Illinois State 37
conservation, and home construc-       Joe Kraus, Milner Library; 7/10
tion. She ended her service year
                                       Lois Jean (Richhart) Landis,
with a community greening and
                                       Accounting; 7/10
tree planting project in Baltimore,
Maryland.                              Harriet A. (Jackson) Lay, Physical
                                       Plant; 8/10
Samantha L. Brown ’10 is the HRIS
coordinator at Growmark in             Edith Lenora (Phillips) Leicht,
Bloomington, where she resides.        Health Sciences; 6/10

Jeffrey Graham ’10 is a program        Mary F. Lewis, Management and
assistant for student recruitment at   Quantitative Methods; 7/10
Heartland Community College in         Kathryn M. Marr, College of Educa-
Normal, where he resides.              tion; 8/10
Jennifer LaFever Savage ’10 and her    Thomas B. Martin, Finance and
husband, Jonathan, were married        Law; 10/10
in June of 2010. They reside in
Columbia, Maryland.                    Mark R. Moran, Social Work; 7/10
                                       Stanley D. Phillips, Motorcycle           Reggie makes Homecoming trip to Miller Park Zoo
                                       Safety; 7/10
Our troops                             Margaret C. Waimon, Research Ser-
                                                                                 There is always something for every age at Homecoming. Last fall’s
                                                                                 celebration included a partnership with Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington.
Col. Michael Warren Haerr ’85 with     vices ; 10/10                             Alumni, students, and community members enjoyed a discounted entry
the Illinois Army National Guard is
                                       Virginia E. (Evans) Wirick, Physical      fee. Beyond examining the exhibits, children were especially excited to
a leader of the Bilateral Embedded
                                       Plant; 7/10                               interact with Reggie Redbird.
Staff Team, known as BEST A7.
The team will deploy this spring       Martin A. Young, Speech Pathology
for a six-month assignment in          and Audiology; 10/10
the Ghazni province of Afghani-                                               Cleo (Melvin) Newman ’38, ’63;         Dorothy L. (Freed) Sypult ’42; 7/10
stan after completing training in                                             10/11
                                       20s                                                                           Elsie Mae (Crosby) Trigg ’42; 8/10
Poland. Made up of senior person-
                                                                              Margaret A. (Dressler) Savidge ’38,
nel from across Illinois, BEST A7      Sarah M. (Unsicker) Schultz ’24;                                              Reva E. (Emery) Culp ’43; 10/10
                                                                              M.S. ’60; 5/10
handles higher level missions.         7/10                                                                          Marian G. (DePew) Gallagher ’43;
Haerr resides in Eureka. His                                                  Helen C. (Weicker) Sutherland ’38;
daughter, Emily, is a current ISU                                             7/10
                                       30s                                                                           Doris I. (McDermith) Morton ’43;
                                                                              Evelyn E. (Durham) Wright ’38;
                                       Velma V. Salisbury ’30; 9/10                                                  9/10
                                                                                                                     F. Dean Selmeyer ’43; 7/10
In memory                              Louis P. Smolak ’32; 9/10
                                       Leona (Oltmann) Gilchrist ’33, ’66;
                                                                              Albert N. Hieronymus ’39; 9/07
                                                                                                                     Jean E. (Frey) Maurer ’44; 9/10
                                                                              Lamberta (Taylor) Kuster ’39; 7/10
                                       9/10                                                                          Marjorie L. Gordish ’45; 8/10
Faculty/Staff                                                                 Evelyn L. Warren ’39; 10/09
                                       Marguerite (Whitney) Hazzard                                                  Eva Van Winkle Oetting ’45; 6/10
Donna Banner ’71, M.S. ’74, Regis-     ’33; 8/10
trar; 8/10                                                                    40s                                    Phyllis G. Smith ’45; 9/10
                                       Marna Forbes Hedden ’34; 7/10
Beatrice M. (Evans) Bell, Physical                                            Elaine (Bryant) Bader ’40; 9/10        Lavila S. “Vi” Bains ’47; 8/10
                                       Evelyn O. Bloomquist ’35; 10/10
Plant; 6/10                                                                                                          Warren L. LaBounty, ’47; 8/10
                                                                              James R. DePew ’41; 9/10
                                       Nina Chesebro ’35, ’42; 11/10
Charles Bolen, College of Fine Arts;                                                                                 Charlotte A. Bennett ’48; 7/10
                                                                              Mary E. (Lawrence) Fulton ’41;
7/10                                   Katherine M. (Armstrong) McClain
                                                                              6/10                                   Rosemary (Wise) Evers ’48; 10/10
                                       ’35; 7/10
David W. Borst, Biological Sciences;
                                                                              Anna M. (Schupbach) Gudeman            Elaine (Lundberg) Hancher ’48;
9/10                                   Esther K. (Volle) Spaulding ’36;
                                                                              ’41; 7/10                              8/10
Roger J. Champagne, History; 8/10
                                                                              Lois M. Marx ’41; 6/10                 Eduene E. (King) Keidel ’48; 7/10
                                       Agnus (Monsen) Caruso ’37; 7/10
Esther M. (Graves) Dawson, Food
                                                                              Myrna Harms ’42; 3/10                  Russell Wessels ’48; 6/08
Services; 6/10                         Beulah E. (Fosnaugh) Kammeyer
                                       ’37; M.S. ’62                          William G. Hooper ’42, M.S. ’49;       Georgia J. Wolfe ’48; 10/10
Albert H. Eckert, Mathematics and
University High School; 10/10          Gladys L. (Cox) McCallister ’37;                                              Robert L. Maurice, ’49 8/10
                                       6/10                                   Marian Jensen Storm Leach ’42,
David Kephart, Information Tech-                                                                                     Ara L. (Ward) Pearson ’49; 6/10
                                                                              ’66, M.S. ’72; 7/10
nology; 8/10                           Gilbert D. Veach Sr. ’37; 9/10
                                                                              Leonard W. Mueller ’42, M.S. ’49;      Jack Persky ’49, M.S. ’51; 4/09
Lois J. (Chaddon) Komnick, Milner      Pauline L. Williams ’37; 8/10
                                                                              7/10                                   Roselyn M. (Zulke) Teske ’49; 9/10
Library; 10/10
                                       Charles F. McCannon ’38; 8/10

38 Illinois State February 2011
Robert “Tub” Thomas ’49; 7/10           Patricia Foerster Smith ’64; 7/10      Susan J. Jablonsky M.S. ’74; 8/10      James J. Dutton ’85; 8/10
Robert T. Trumpy Sr. ’49, M.S. ’51;     Genevieve (Delong) Antonacci ’65;      Katherine Keogel, M.S. ’74; 10/10      Ann (Pitstick) Gavenda ’86; 6/10
10/10                                   6/10
                                                                               Ronald L. Palmer ’74; 10/10            Rebecca J. Tucker ’87; 9/10
                                        Thomas D. Guinnee ’65; 7/10
                                                                               Donald F. Phillips Jr. ’74; 7/10       Jerry D. (Cummings) Dellinger,
50s                                     John A. Hamann ’65, M.S. ’66; 8/10                                            M.F.A. ’88; 8/10
                                                                               Mark A. Stivers ’74; 8/10
Nellie Jean (Leggett) Cusey ’50;        Delia L. (Alden) Rellis ’65; 7/10
7/10                                                                           Linda A. Tudor ’74; 10/10
                                        Barbara A. (Olson) Bohannon ’66;                                              90s
Audrey M. (Miller) Grubel ’51; 9/10                                            Craig S. Damisch ’75; 10/10
                                        7/10                                                                          Gary M. Kelly ’90; 9/10
Homer R. Herink ’50, M.S. ’56; 3/10                                            Karen S. Nelson ’75; 9/10
                                        Roselyn K. Jensen ’66; 6/10                                                   Darci L. (Lindsay) Patton ’90; 9/10
James H. Kettleborough ’50; 9/10                                               Richard W. Joyce ’76; 7/10
                                        Janet (McSweeney) McDaniel, M.S.                                              Gladys M. Mohr ’91; 8/10
Audrey M. Miller Grubel ’51; 9/10       ’66; 7/10                              James L. Leach, Ph.D. ’76; 8/10
                                                                                                                      Phillip S. Smith ’92; 6/10
George A. Pownall ’52, M.S. ’57;        Richard M. Peters ’66, ’70, Ed.D.      William A. Moore Jr. ’76; 9/10
                                                                                                                      Kevin L. Harrington ’94; 10/10
6/10                                    ’81; 10/10                             Paul M. McWilliams ’77; 8/10
                                                                                                                      Darin P. Berg ’97; 8/10
William G. Duvall Sr., M.S. ’53; 8/10   Robert L. St. John ’66; 9/10           John Skubal ’77; 10/10
                                                                                                                      Carol A. Stypolkowski ’98; 8/10
Howard B. Justus ’53; 9/10              Samuel J. Van Scoyoc ’66; 7/10         Thomas J. Urban ’77, M.S. ’89; 10/10
                                                                                                                      Steven R. Golladay ’99; 8/10
Louis E. Fiorini ’54; 10/10             Robert J. Borvansky ’67; 7/10          Ellis Randle Jr., M.S. ’78; 10/10
                                                                                                                      Karen Erickson Shepherd ’99; 10/10
Savilla B. Palmer ’54; 9/10             George L. Mills ’67; 10/10             Cynthia Siefert ’78; 11/09
Jean E. Ahlberg ’56, 8/10               Judy “Duder” (Vaught) Isted ’68;       Debra (Runyan) Sullivan ’78; 8/10
                                        8/10                                                                          00s
James E. Noah ’56, M.S. ’57; 10/10
                                        Larry L. Jones ’68; 9/10                                                      Linda A. Lytle, M.A. ’00; 6/10
Robert Holnback Waller ’56; 7/10                                               80s
                                        Janice K. Leibel-Cikel ’69; 1/09                                              John C. Butler ’01; 6/10
Carol J. (Brubaker) Kaliher ’57; 7/10                                          Dan L. Monge, ’82; 7/10
                                        George S. Richmond, Ed.D. ’69; 7/10                                           Amanda Heins ’07; 9/10
Ronald W. Onken ’57, M.S. ’65; 9/10                                            Thomas M. Bradley, Ed.D. ’83; 10/10
                                        David H. Smith ’69, M.S. ’73; 8/10                                            Jordan Schroeder ’07; 7/10
Ronald R. Riek ’57; 7/10                                                       Vicki B. Wheeler, D.A. ’83; 10/10
                                        Marilyn Lestilie Wilson Trefzger                                              Justin Jensen ’10; 7/10
Lenore F. Taliaferro ’57; 8/10                                                 Gregory J. Cooper ’84; 7/10
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40 Illinois State February 2011
to you
Jackie Carmichael entered his second season
on the men’s basketball team having already
posted impressive numbers as a freshman. The
physical education major set the University’s
freshman standard for blocked shots and posted
eight double-digit scoring games. He was named
to the 2010 Missouri Valley Conference All-
Freshman Team.
     There’s one more ISU statistic that means
just as much to Carmichael. He was named the
2010 recipient of the Bob and Audrey Weber
Endowed Scholarship.
     The Webers enjoyed Redbird athletic
events. Bob established the fund in honor of his
late wife as a way to support a student-athlete.
Carmichael takes both roles seriously, and
appreciates the opportunity to attend on a full
     “I don’t see academics and playing on the
team as separate. It’s just another homework
assignment when I step on the court,” he said.
     Knowing a Redbird fan has made a financial
commitment that opens doors of opportunity is
something Carmichael will always appreciate.
“It is an honor, a privilege, and a really big help,”
he said. “I just want to say thank you for making
an investment in me.”

You can make a difference by providing financial support
to deserving students such as Jackie. Make a contribution
online at, call (309) 438-8041, or
send an e-mail
Donor and Information Services
Campus Box 8000
Normal, IL 61790-8000

                                 new heights
                                 Prospective students want a
                                 campus community that meets
                                 all their needs—which go beyond
                                 academic rigor. Illinois State
                                 provides an inviting environment
                                 with constant improvements.
                                 The latest is the new Student
                                 Fitness Center and McCormick Hall
                                 facility, which opened in January.
                                 A climbing wall is just one of the
                                 options in the building that is home
                                 to the School of Kinesiology and
                                 Recreation. Take a virtual tour
                                 of the building by going online to