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					                   Learning and Teaching Strategy 2010-2014

                                   RHUL’s strategic vision
   To be in the top tier of UK universities, renowned for using our agenda-setting research,
which responds to the biggest cultural, social, scientific and economic challenges of the day,
 in innovative ways, and to offer an unparalleled learning experience to all who can benefit.

                                    Strategic theme no.2
To provide an experience for students from around the world that encourages and reinforces

This means that we will:

        Ensure that accessible, well-delivered teaching and supported learning remain at the
        heart of our student experience
        Prioritise investment in maintaining and improving all aspects of the student
        experience: learning, recreational and pastoral
        Enhance our educational programmes to provide support for students in order to
        develop their abilities in citizenship, creativity, innovation and above all, in
        Deliver a curriculum that is enriched by the unique educational heritage of both Royal
        Holloway and Bedford Colleges, builds upon the values of that tradition, is informed
        by the opportunities, knowledge and discoveries of the present and can be enhanced
        by the innovations of the future
        Continually review and develop our portfolio of programmes and activities, building
        and reinforcing strengths and responding to emerging demand both at home and
        Ensure that we provide access to financial support to those who can most benefit
        from it
        Ensure that staff receive the necessary support to keep pedagogic skills up to date

                                           Dec 2010
       Objective 1: To support, encourage, and promote excellence and innovation in teaching

                         Action                                          Responsibility          Timeframe
Support the professional development of new lecturers and        Academic Development        By September
postgraduate tutors, through professional courses                Services                    2011
benchmarked against national standards, and review the           Faculty Deans and Deputy-
content and delivery of the Postgraduate certificate             Deans (Teaching)
programme for new academic staff (CAPITAL)
Develop a range of CPD opportunities for established             Academic Development        By April 2011 and
academic staff and other professionals who support               Services                    ongoing
learning and teaching                                            Library/IT
                                                                 Staff Development
                                                                 Faculty Deans
Promote and disseminate good practice through the Faculty        Academic Development        Spring Term 2011
Teaching Groups and establish an annual learning &               Services                    and ongoing
teaching symposium to provide a forum for the discussion         Deputy Principal
of innovations in teaching (including interdisciplinary          Learning, Teaching &
approaches)                                                      Quality Committee
                                                                 Dean of HSS
                                                                 Deputy-Deans (Teaching)
Encourage and facilitate applications from teaching staff for    All members of Learning,    Ongoing
National Teaching Fellowships.                                   Teaching & Quality
Enhance mechanisms to recognise, reward and celebrate            Learning, Teaching &        By September
initiatives from academic and professional staff that have       Quality Committee           2011 and ongoing
had a beneficial impact on student learning                      Academic Development
                                                                 Faculty Teaching Groups
Examine and revise promotion policies to ensure that             Academic Staff Review       By April 2011 and
teaching is fully included in academic promotion                 Group                       ongoing
Provide mandatory training in research student supervision       Dean of the Graduate        By April 2011 and
for all staff new to the role of a PhD supervisor, and provide   School                      ongoing
refresher training for experienced staff                         Academic Development
Provide mandatory training in examining a University of          Dean of the Graduate        By April 2011 and
London PhD for all staff new to research degree                  School                      ongoing
supervision and examining                                        Academic Development

                                               Dec 2010
    Objective 2: To sustain a culture of attainment and progression that enables all students to
    fulfil their academic and personal potential

                      Action                                        Responsibility             Timeframe
Identify and develop pedagogic approaches that            Academic Development Services   By September
address the needs of a diverse student population,        Faculty Teaching Groups         2011 and ongoing
most notably those from widening participation target
Review the range of support offered to students,          Departmental Learning &         Ongoing
including students from non-traditional backgrounds       Teaching Committees
                                                          Educational Support Office
                                                          Academic Development Services
                                                          Students’ Union
Provide orientation and induction programmes which        Academic Departments            Ongoing
enable students from different educational, cultural      UK Recruitment
and international backgrounds to make an effective        RHI
transition to study at HE level
Establish a range of initiatives to embed support for     Educational Support Office      By April 2011 and
special needs students within academic departments        Academic Development Services   ongoing
                                                          Departmental Learning &
                                                          Teaching Committees
Develop a consistent policy to build on students’ prior   UK Recruitment                  By September
learning via Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) and    Admissions Tutors               2011
Accreditation of Prior Experimental Learning (APEL)
by awarding credit or providing credit exemption
Encourage and promote the use of innovative and           Academic Development Services   Ongoing
varied assessment methods that enhance                    Deputy Deans (Teaching)
opportunities for formative assessment                    Faculty Teaching Groups
                                                          Departmental Learning &
                                                          Teaching Committees
Provide research training of the highest quality for      Dean of the Graduate School     Ongoing
postgraduate students, including generic and subject-     DoGs
specific training                                         Library
Develop a PGT Credit Framework                            Academic Development Services   By April 2012
                                                          Learning, Teaching & Quality

                                               Dec 2010
    Objective 3: To encourage students to develop the skills for independent learning, critical
    enquiry, citizenship and employability

                         Action                                         Responsibility            Timeframe
Provide training in information literacy skills and ensure that   Departmental Learning &     Ongoing
library resources are integrated into the curriculum              Teaching Committees
                                                                  Faculty Teaching Groups
Carry out a review of the delivery of study skills provision      Learning, Teaching &        By January 2011
and determine a strategy for the implementation of findings       Quality Committee
                                                                  Faculty Teaching Groups
                                                                  Academic Development
Embed and make transparent within programmes of study             Departmental Learning &     By April 2011 and
the skills and learning opportunities that enhance                Teaching Committees         ongoing
employability                                                     Deputy-Deans (Teaching)
                                                                  Careers Service
                                                                  Educational Development
Draw up a plan for increasing employer involvement in the         Deputy Principal            By September
development of the curriculum                                     Departmental Learning &     2011
                                                                  Teaching Committees
                                                                  Careers Service
                                                                  Deputy Deans (Teaching)
                                                                  Academic Development
Increase opportunities for work-based experience through          Deputy Principal            By April 2011 and
industry placements, volunteer projects and other co-             Student Experience Groups   ongoing
curricular activities                                             Departmental learning &
                                                                  Teaching Committees
                                                                  Student Volunteering
                                                                  Careers Service
Revise Employability Strategy                                     Deputy Principal            By September
                                                                  Learning, Teaching &        2011
                                                                  Quality Committee
                                                                  Careers Service
Enhance the existing range of generic and targeted careers        Careers Service             Ongoing
activities delivered through the central College Careers          Departmental learning &
Service in collaboration with academic departments                Teaching Committees

Ensure that all students engage in a process of                   Learning, Teaching &        By September
                                               Dec 2010
documented personal development planning (PDP), that         Quality Committee         2011
encourages reflection and the development of personal        Careers Service
learning                                                     Academic Departments
                                                             Academic Development
Encourage the use of peer mentoring schemes that help        Students’ Union           By April 2011
students to support each other and to learn co-operatively   Learning, Teaching &
                                                             Quality Committee
                                                             Departmental Learning &
                                                             Teaching Committees
                                                             Deputy Deans (Teaching)

                                             Dec 2010
    Objective 4: To ensure that our curriculum reflects contemporary scholarship, has a global
    outlook, and pays attention to the range of countries from which our students are drawn

                        Action                                      Responsibility               Timeframe
Review our programme portfolio and make strategic            VP (Resources and                By September
changes in response to market demand, in particular          Planning)                        2011
seeking opportunities that support funded growth and         Deans
improvement in the diversity of our income streams           Strategic Development
                                                             Academic Development
Review the role of Periodic Departmental Reviews in          Deputy Principal                 By September
ensuring that the curriculum meets national standards set    Academic Development             2011
out in the QAA Framework for Higher Education                Services
Qualifications and in Subject Benchmarking Statements        Learning, Teaching &
                                                             Quality Committee
Devise a plan for extending and supporting the range of      Academic Development             By September
international study opportunities for our students           Committee                        2011
                                                             Departmental Learning &
                                                             Teaching Committees

                                              Dec 2010
       Objective 5: To provide appropriate teaching facilities and space, and create a flexible and
       stimulating learning environment

                          Action                                      Responsibility              Timeframe
Identify opportunities afforded by new technologies to          Learning, Teaching &         By September
provide more flexible learning opportunities (for part-time,    Quality Committee            2011 and ongoing
mature and work-based learners)                                 Faculty Teaching Groups
                                                                Deputy Deans (Teaching)
                                                                Academic Development
                                                                Services (E-learning team)
Produce an e-learning strategy to enhance and extend the        Learning, Teaching &         By September
use of e-learning                                               Quality Committee            2011
                                                                Academic Development
                                                                Services (E-Learning team)
                                                                Faculty Teaching Groups
Review the provision of training and support for teaching       Learning, Teaching &         By September
staff in the use of learning technologies                       Quality Committee            2011
                                                                Deputy-Deans (Teaching)
                                                                Academic Development
Review timetabling policy to ensure that teaching rooms are     Space Sub-Committee          By September
allocated appropriate to the needs of individual classes        Timetabling                  2011
                                                                Departmental Learning &
                                                                Teaching Committees
Carry out a review of teaching and learning spaces and          Space Sub-Committee          By April 2011
equipment to ensure that they meet the changing needs of        Library
21 -century students                                            IT
                                                                Deputy-Deans (Teaching)

                                               Dec 2010
    Objective 6: To build upon our research excellence to ensure that learning and teaching is
    informed and enriched by this activity

                        Action                                     Responsibility                Timeframe
Involve active researchers in designing the curriculum so     Departmental Learning &      Ongoing
that students benefit from cutting edge research in their     Teaching Committees
discipline, and to enable all teaching to be research         Deputy-Deans (Teaching)
Provide opportunities within the curriculum for students to   Departmental Learning &      Ongoing
conduct research where appropriate and thereby develop        Teaching Committees
research skills                                               Library
                                                              Deputy Deans (Teaching)

                                              Dec 2010