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Newsletter No. 7                                                                     5 March 2010.

Dear Parent,

Unbelievably February’s half term marked the halfway point in our academic year. I am sure you
would agree that looking back it has been a busy and bustling year so far with many high points
and successes to celebrate and be proud of!

I am confident that as we move into the second half of the year this will continue. There is so
much more to look forward to, in addition to those warming days – hopefully!

News, Reminders and Information

Thank you to the Year 5 parents who attended our Tea Party and we hope you found the
discussion helpful. We appreciate your comments to help our school develop further.

Year 4 recently visited St. Mary’s and Reigate Park Churches as part of their learning about
Christian places of worship. The children compared the traditional St. Mary’s with the modern
Reigate Park Church, identifying both their similarities and differences including church features,
Christian symbols and religious artefacts.

On both visits the children were complimented on their respectful nature and behaviour.

Early in February Katerina Davidson, Nathan Sloane and Elliot Scott went to Sutton School to take
part in a special maths challenge. From a group of nearly twenty schools, our three maths wizards
worked together on some extremely challenging problems to achieve second place!!
                                               - 2 -

As part of our commitment to promote sustainable and healthy transport to school we are once
again entering the SUSTRANs Virtual Bike Race. The race runs from Monday 1st March to
Friday 26th March.

This year’s race takes Team Reigate Priory along the 8,400km of the National Cycle Network.
Each cycle journey to school scores 4 km for the team. Supporting adults
accompanying children can also score 4km per trip.

The winning school will win a BMX Stunt Bike Display which will be presented in the playground!
Even if you can't cycle every day, please cycle when you can as every kilometre counts!

Although this national competition is to promote cycling, we will be running a small in-school
competition to recognise those children who ride a scooter to school.

Whatever your two wheels look like - now is the time to get riding!

5. PTA
Indulgence Afternoon 21st March – Update
 A few amendments and additions to the booking form: Please be aware that the yoga session is
just £2 per person per session. We are very pleased to announce that Benefit will be selling their
products at a 10% discount as well as offering mini make-uppers. There is a new therapist
available for appointments – Emma Gardner, nutritional therapist, can offer ‘eat yourself beautiful’,
‘spring into action – energy boosting’ or ‘ditch the diet and lose weight’. Don’t forget that friends
and family are welcome to join you for this event and if the appointments are for Mothering Sunday
gifts, the vouchers will be returned to you in gift envelopes. And did we mention the scones and
cream! For more information please email

Fete Preparations
The PTA have cleared our cellar and if parents have any china or good quality bric-a-brac, then
please bring them in for storage.

I am unable to give you any CLUES about this year’s forthcoming Maths Event ….. apart from the
fact it could happen between 9 -12 March …. but then I’m not much of a DETECTIVE! A huge
thank you in advance to those parents who have volunteered their ‘thespian’ skills for this event.
We look forward to your performances!

On Monday every child in our school had the opportunity to ‘free write’ their own exciting
adventure. For a short time our Gym became a rocky shoreline complete with the sounds of the
sea and seaweed. Washed up on the shore was a mysterious chest, ready to be discovered by
two characters. Here are excerpts of just some of the brilliant writing:-

Year 3 – James Gerrard 3PW
Upstairs, Leo jumped in the vortex, then he was at a beach. Then Lucy, Ben and Sam jumped
through and landed on Leo!
                                                  - 3 -

Back at home, mum ran into the loft and realised they had gone. She looked around the loft and
saw the thing (the vortex) they had gone through, and jumped in herself! She saw them in the
water with scuba diving outfits on. Mum shouted, they didn’t hear her and they dived in. Then
mum realised she had a scuba diving outfit on so she swam after them. She spotted them, they
were standing next to a treasure chest. It glowed in the water! Mum said, “we’re rich and lets take
it up to the surface”.
Year 4 – Thomas Philby 4PH
I dragged it into a shady spot to cool off. I studied it very hard, I saw patterns and shapes on the
chest. I wonder if it is a pirate’s chest or perhaps it is from a shipwreck. It has got a tiny hole, now
I can see what is inside but I could not see everything.

What shall I do with it if I can’t find the key or anything that will open it. I might have to cut it open
with a knife or some sharp object.
Year 5 – Francesca Byrne 5LB
‘The water was cool and refreshing but suddenly my foot hit something hard. I, being my typical
curious self, swam down to see what it was. Whatever it was it was very heavy but I managed to
drag it to shore. My sister, who easily gets distracted, had turned her attention to me and what
appeared to be a treasure box! Now, if it was you would you open the chest? Of course you
would and that’s exactly what I did.
Year 6 – Ailie McGilligan – 6CC
Pebbles lay asleep on the warm crimson sand. The candyfloss clouds drifted across the open
aqua sky. The seagull’s journey was young, travelling south, to their sweet summer home.

The distant rocks stood bravely like soldiers in battle as a young girl in her bathing suit inspects the
rock pools.

They are abandoned on the beach, calm but terrified. Nowhere to go, they searched for help but
they are alone. No one to guide them, or help them, no-one to love them. Their dismal faces
search in despair as one pulls the leafy load out of reach of the treacherous waves. Her load had
been untouched for many lonely years. Her delicate hands worked in hard labour as the blazing
sun rises from his sleep, little did the girls know what was about to happen next.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is a child protection charity which manages the Stop it Now! UK and
Ireland campaign. One of their aims is to encourage safer online activity by delivering internet
safety presentations to parents, carers and children.

On Tuesday 16th March the Foundation will be giving internet safety presentations to children in
Years 5 and 6. The talk will give the children information and knowledge about some of the
dangers on the internet and how they can protect themselves.

At 7.00pm there will be a presentation open to all parents. The presentation is not a technical
seminar, instead it will provide practical advice and offer solutions that parents can implement in
the home immediately. The presenter will discuss the benefits of using the internet, raise
awareness about inappropriate content and contacts that children might come across online and
ways it might happen as well as providing advice and strategies about keeping children safe
online, with details of where to go for further information, advice and support.

Due to the large number of parents we expect to attend this event, it will be held in the Gym.
Please indicate on the reply slip if you will be attending.

This week marked the beginning of our preparations for this summer’s school production. Year 6
children, after much deliberation, voted for ‘Bugsy Malone’. Auditions have taken place this week
and Mrs. Burns would like to congratulate all those who have taken part for such a high standard.
                                                 - 4 -

For Sports Relief this year, Reigate Priory pupils will be taking part in the Reigate Priory Mile event.
On Friday, 19 March every child will be given the opportunity to run, jog or walk (or all three!),
around a mile course. It will be held in Priory Park and each year group will be participating at
different times throughout the day.

The children will need to arrive at school in their uniform and will run in their PE kit or a ‘fancy
dress costume’ of their choice. Please ensure your child has a full PE Kit, including suitable
footwear, and their ‘costume’ should they wish to dress up (this is completely optional).

A normal school day will still be happening around the events. The minimum donation to
participate will be £1.00 per child and at the end of the day there will be a Whole School Assembly
to announce the amount of money raised.

The netball team have had a very successful month! On Tuesday we travelled to Royal Alexandra
and Albert School where we won 7-1. On Wednesday Wray Common came to us, and we enjoyed
a 8-0 victory. The girls are currently defending an almost perfect record. Consequently we are in
with a chance of winning the league. It is sure to be an exciting end of the season!

Well done to all the children who participated in yesterday’s district cross country practice event.
We had an overwhelming response for this opportunity of nearly 160 entrants. This is a great
indication of our children’s enthusiasm towards sport and a wonderful ‘advert’ for our school.

Thank you to all the staff for helping with the organisation and to parents for their support. The
only problem is that I have the challenge of choosing a teams of 32 for next week’s championship
race - letters to participants will be sent home Tuesday.

Our consultation evenings are on Thursday, 25 March and Tuesday, 30 March. Appointments
for brothers and sisters will be on the Thursday evening. Your child’s class teacher will send home
a letter containing an exact appointment time.

The St Mark's Church Easter Club is being held this year on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th April.
It runs from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm each day in the Church Hall on Alma Road and is open to children
from Reception to Year 6. There is a minimal charge to cover costs of only £6 for the two days.
The theme this year will be 'All Creatures Great and Small' and the children will take part in a range
of activities including craft, drama, singing, games and cooking. For more information and an
application form please refer to the church noticeboards and website
Applications need to be received by Wednesday 31 March.

We say ‘Gute Reise’ to Mrs. Baker, Mr. Coring, Miss Goldsmith and Mr. Moses, thirty-six children
and three parents who set off to Barbaraschule in Eschweiler, Germany at the end of the month, to
spend a week sharing activities between our two communities.

Our Easter Service will be celebrated on Wednesday, 31 March. Sadly, due to lack of space, we
will be unable to invite parents to share this occasion.

17. All our children have received a £1.00 book voucher which is redeemable in most bookshops
during the month of March.
Thank you to all those parents who thoughtfully completed the parental questionnaire - we are still
analysing the comments and suggestions. However, below is an initial analysis that shows
statistically (with ‘rounded-up’ percentages) your views under the appropriate questions. In a later
newsletter we will provide a more detailed breakdown of your thoughts and how we intend to
respond - where we are able, budget and ‘Grade 1 listed’ building regulations allowing!

153 surveys returned representing 173 children

Is your child happy at school?
Yes              No               Sometimes
93%              0                7%
How well does your child enjoy their learning in our school?
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor
64%              35%              1%               0
How well does your child learn and make progress in our school?
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor
48%              42%              9%               0
How well do you think we help your child to:
Be safe
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor
53%              44%              3%               0
Adopt a healthy lifestyle
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor          No Answer
38%              55%              7%               0             0.6%
Contribute to the life of the school and wider community
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor
42%              50%              7%               0
Prepare for the workplace and economic well being
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor          No Answer
20%              59%              15%              0             7%
Develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor          No Answer
47%              48%              3%               0             1%
How effective is the quality of teaching in our school?
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor
65%              31%              3%               1%
How well does the curriculum meet your child’s needs and interests?
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor
49%              48%              3%               0
How effective is the leadership and management of our school?
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor
75%              23%              3%               0
How effectively does our school promote equality and tackle discrimination?
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor          No Answer
41%              42%              7%               0%            10%
What is the standard of behaviour in our school?
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor
67%              31%              2%               0
How well do we safeguard and care for your child?
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor
66%              29%              5%               0
How effectively do we involve you in your child’s learning and wider school
Excellent        Good             Satisfactory     Poor
41%              47%              12%              0
                                                - 6 -

Well done to Mr. Coring who has appeared every night this week in a production of ‘The Forbidden
Planet’ at Dorking Halls. I believe there are some tickets left for the Saturday matinee and evening

It may seem rather early to be considering your child’s residential for next year, however, in order
for us to take full advantage of the most competitive prices, keep monthly payment instalments at a
reasonable level and to ensure we secure the best possible dates and locations, we need to obtain
a more precise indication of participant numbers. There will be a meeting on Tuesday, 16 March
for parents and children to gain information to help the pupils decide - letters with details will be
sent home very soon.

Please can I remind parents that Surrey County Council’s policy is that dogs are not allowed on to
school grounds, with or without a lead. Can I ask you to please respect this ruling.

Can I remind parents that the school takes no responsibility for children playing on our Trim Trail
facility before and after school - please see the notice situated by the Trim Trail.

Congratulations to Kieran Hughes (6CG) for participating in, and winning, Surrey Commercial
Services’ ‘Tom Daley My School Lunch Website Competition’ for November 2009. He is now in
receipt of a signed t-shirt.

A reminder that Monday, 8 March is an In-Service training day for staff and there will be no school
for the children.

Eileen Smith, one of our Governors for many years, passed away last weekend. During her time
with Reigate Priory School she served as both Chair of Governors and Chair of the Staffing
Committee. Many of our parents and past pupils will remember her dedication to the children at
the school and her presence at so many events in the school calendar. She will be sadly missed
by our school community and a commemorative tree will be planted in her memory in due course.

Unfortunately I have some more sad news to share – Mr. Lellman has not been in school this week
due to a family bereavement. I am sure parents will join the staff in sending him their sincere
condolences and he will be back in school very soon.

Finally some happy news - Miss Attridge will become Mrs. Challis during the Easter holidays and
we send our very best wishes for a very special wedding day.

We break up at 2.30    p.m. on Wednesday, 31 March.
50/50 CLUB
Apologies – two draws to be made next month.

Yours sincerely,

O. Moses
Mr. O. Moses
Deputy Headteacher
Reply Slip - Classteacher

I have read Newsletter No. 7.


I will / will not be able to attend the Lucy Faithful Foundation talk on Tuesday, 16 March.

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Signed:                                                                    Date:

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