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									                             Vol      No                                                         September
                                           southern Brazil. The proposal was       advanced training to both lab
 pg    Visitors                            submitted to CIDA, and the five-year,   personnel and faculty at the Brazilian
                                           $650,000 STTP was born.                 University. The STTP also developed
 pg   New                                                                          extension training for fishers, which
      Immigration Act                      By the time the STTP received           enabled them to begin farming
                                           funding, the pilot project that was     oysters.
 pg    Projects                            already underway in Santa Catarina
                                           was in danger of collapse. “The         At the beginning of the STTP, there
                                           students and technicians, who earned    was only one producer of oysters in
 pg    Students                                                                    the state of Santa Catarina. By the
                                           almost nothing at that time, were
                                           passing around the hat to get enough    end of the project, five years later,
 pg    Events                              money to buy nutrients to grow          there were 700 families and small co-
                                           algae,” says Patricia Summers,          operatives farming this shellfish.
 pg    Travel                              program manager for the STTP. The
                                           fledgling hatchery, established on a    Fishermen, however, are not the only
 pg    OIA News                            shoestring budget, was in danger of     ones who have benefited from the
                                           being closed.                           STTP. There are also a number of
 pg    Organizational                                                              spin-off industries that developed as
                                           The STTP helped with the design of a    a result of the growth in shellfish
                                           new oyster hatchery, and also           farms. In addition to the firms which
                                           provided specialized equipment and      produce lanterns, nets, lines, and
UVic Project in Brazil Wins
CIDA Award of Excellence

A partnership between the University
of Victoria and the Universidade
Federal de Santa Catarina in Brazil
that began in 1993 culminated in the
receipt of a 2002 CIDA Award of
Excellence on June 6, 2002.

The Shellfish Technology Transfer
Program (STTP) was first conceived
in 1989 when UVic’s Dr. Jack
Littlepage visited Brazil on another
CIDA project. Dr. Carlos Poli, a
faculty member at the University of
Santa Catarina in Brazil, was
attempting to establish a local
shellfish industry, and had started by
converting a fisherman’s dwelling into
a makeshift oyster hatchery. The
possibilities inherent in this situation
intrigued Dr. Littlepage. Upon             Susan Whelan, Minister for International Cooperation, presents the
returning to Canada he developed a         Award to the University of Victoria and its partner, Universidade Federal
proposal with Dr. Poli and Mr.             de Santa Catarina. From left to right: Minister Susan Whelan, Dr. Jack
Thomas Broadley, of IEC                    Littlepage, Program Director, University of Victoria, Dr. Carlos Poli,
Collaborative Marine Research Ltd. to      Program Director, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, and Mr.
assist the shellfish industry in           Charles Bassett, Senior Vice President of CIDA. (Photo courtesy of CIDA)

floats needed for the actual farming,
there has been growth in processing,
marketing and public health
industries. Tourism has been
positively affected as well. Aside from
a number of new seafood
restaurants, there is an innovative
annual festival in Florianopolis.

 “It’s my favorite thing,” says Dr.
Littlepage. “When shellfish production
started to be a major industry there,
they created a four-day party,
‘FenaOstra’, literally ‘the party of the
oyster’. It brings in hundreds of
thousands of people.” All of these
additions to the local economy return
millions of dollars annually.

Dr. Littlepage suggested many                   Left to right: The “Oyster Prince”, along with Dr. Carlos Poli,
reasons why the project was                  Patricia Summers, Dr. Jack Littlepage, and on the right the “Oyster
presented with this prestigious award,                 Princess” at FenaOstra in Florianopolis, Brazil.
but one reason stands out. “Probably
the most important reason was that
it’s sustainable. The program actually     UVic’s work in Brazil did not end with    The CIDA Awards of Excellence were
                                           the completion of the STTP in 1998. A     established in collaboration with the
grew faster after we left than it did in
                                                                                     Association of Canadian Community
the first five years, when we were         more recent project, the Brazilian
                                                                                     Colleges (ACCC) and the Association of
getting it started,” says Littlepage.      Mariculture Linkage Project, is now       Universities and Colleges of Canada
“They were tangible results as well.       nearing completion in partnership         (AUCC) in order to acknowledge the
The quantifiable nature of the results     with Memorial University, Malaspina       leadership, innovation and achievement
made it very easy to demonstrate the       University-College, and five federal      of Canada’s educational institutions and
impacts of the program,” adds              universities in Brazil. This project is   their developing country partners.
Patricia Summers.                          attempting to replicate the successes
                                           of the STTP in some of the poorer
                                           northern Brazilian states.

                                           Northwest Canadian Studies
        VISITORS                           Consortium). Polls and focus groups
                                           in the US consistently show that
                                                                                     A ten-day tour to BC and the Yukon
                                                                                     was organized to familiarize this
                                           Americans know little about their         year’s participants with everything
BC/Yukon Summer Institute                  neighbour to the North. The Institute     from aquaculture to circumpolar
                                           promotes understanding of and             issues to timber harvesting. The
The BC-Yukon Summer Research               knowledge about Canada by giving          group’s first stop at a post-secondary
Institute took place in July 2002 in       American academics from                   institution was the University of
British Columbia and the Yukon. It         universities in Alaska, Washington,       Victoria, where they had the chance
was designed to mirror the successful      Oregon and Idaho an opportunity to        to benefit from a morning of lectures
Alberta Summer Research Institute of       learn more about Canada in situ. The      on such diverse topics as BC Treaty
July 2001.                                 academics chosen were those               Negotiations, Canadian Foreign
                                           teaching courses with some                Policy, Canadian and American Social
The Summer Research Institute is an        Canadian content, or who have             Values, and Victoria as a British
initiative of the Canadian Consulate       organized Canadian Studies                Columbia Cultural Landscape.
General in Seattle, operating under        Programs at their respective
the acronym PNWCSC (Pacific                institutions.                             Led by the Consulate’s Political,

Economic & Academic Officer, Mr.
Kevin Cook, the academics then
continued their tour with visits to the
BC Government, the University of
British Columbia in Vancouver, Yukon
College, University of the Arctic, and,
finally, the Yukon Government.

   Dr. Anthony Welch, Executive
   Director of the OIA, with the
   participants of the BC/Yukon
         Summer Institute.

Université de la Mediterranée

On May 3, 2002, the OIA welcomed
four representatives from the
Université de la Mediterranée at          collaborations with suitable academic
UVic. This French University              programs at universities in Western     After a morning meeting with UVic
specializes in the medical sciences,      Canada, especially in the areas of      representatives involved in Health
and has campuses in Marseille, Aix-       kinesiology, sport sciences,            Research Initiatives, Dr. Geri van Gyn
en-Provence, Gap and La Ciotat. Our       occupational medicine, development      from UVic’s Department of Physical
visitors were looking for                 physiology, and biomedical sciences.    Education accompanied the
                                                                                  delegation to the Queen Alexandra
                                                                                  Centre for Children and Youth for a
                                                                                  tour of the Human Movement Lab.

                                                                                  The Université de la Mediterranée
                                                                                  already has extensive ties with
                                                                                  institutions in Québec, as well as with
                                                                                  two Ontario-based universities. The
                                                                                  foreign institution is looking for
                                                                                  partners to participate in the
                                                                                  “European School of Movement”

                                                                                  The Université de la Mediterranée
                                                                                  has a strong research orientation,
                                                                                  with over half of its 22,000 students
                                                                                  studying at the graduate or
                                                                                  postgraduate level. About 10 percent
                                                                                  of the student population is currently
                                                                                  comprised of international students,
                                                                                  the majority of whom come from other
                                                                                  European countries.

                     PROTECTION ACT
Canada’s new Immigration and               made outside of Canada. This can be       * What else is being
Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and          done in the student’s home country or     examined?
Regulations came into effect on            at the Canadian Consulate General in
28 June 2002. There are several            Seattle.                                  OFF-CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT
changes which will help to make
Canada a more attractive destination       However, in the latter situation, there   A Working Group has been formed
for international students and place       may be a need for an interview in         from the Advisory Committee on
Canada on a more competitive               the USA and the student may have to       International Students and
footing vis-à-vis other countries.         obtain a USA visa to visit the            Immigration (ACISI) to examine the
                                           Consulate General for the interview.      issue of off-campus employment for
* What has changed?                        This can sometimes be complicated.        international students. The Working
                                                                                     Group has completed its review and
Under the old Act, students were           Citizenship and Immigration Canada
allowed to come to Canada for up to
three months without a student
authorization if they were undertaking
short-term ESL or FSL programs.             “THINK CAREFULLY - we encourage you to apply
Under the new Act, students can
come to Canada for up to six months          for a study permit before you come to Canada if
without having to attain a student            you are planning to continue in your studies in
permit (student authorizations are
now called student permits). They
                                              another program after the short program. This
may also pursue any study program           will allow you to apply for your new program from
they wish.                                   within Canada. Otherwise you will have to apply
However, while students will not                     to a Canadian visa office abroad.”
require a student permit for up to six
months under the new Act, many will
still be required to obtain a temporary
resident visa (formerly called a visitor   (CIC) counsels:                           its recommendations are now being
visa). This has not changed under                                                    assessed by Citizenship and
the new Act. Students wishing to           “THINK CAREFULLY - we encourage           Immigration Canada.
determine whether they need a              you to apply for a study permit before
temporary resident visa can find this      you come to Canada if you are             The main features of the Working
information at:                            planning to continue in your studies in   Group’s recommendations are that    another program after the short           international students be allowed to
                                           program. This will allow you to apply     take off-campus employment for up to
Individuals coming to Canada for           for your new program from within          20 hours per week during the
short-term study (for which a student      Canada. Otherwise you will have to        academic semester and full time
permit is not required) may wish to        apply to a Canadian visa office           during holiday periods, if they:
apply for a student permit in any          abroad.”
case, especially if they have any                                                    - are attending post-secondary
intention of undertaking further study     More information on student permits       institutions authorized by provincial
after the six-month exemption period.      is available on the Citizenship and       governments to confer degrees,
The reason for this is that it is not      Immigration website at:                   diplomas, certificates;
possible to change from temporary              - have already completed one full
resident status to student permit          index.html.                               academic year (two semesters); and
status from within Canada: instead,                                                  - are taking a full program and are in
the application for change must be                                                   good academic standing.

It is not yet clear when this new
provision might come into effect.


Under the new IRPA, it is still not
possible for someone entering
Canada on a temporary resident visa
to change their status from within
Canada to obtain a student permit.
However, CIC has advised that the
Department is prepared to look at this
situation in due course, and it will
likely be on the November 2002
ACISI agenda.

Building Capacity to Manage
Aquaculture in Thailand
                                                Dr. Mark Flaherty and an oyster vendor in Ang Sila, Thailand.

In the past three decades, Thailand      directed by Dr. Mark Flaherty of the       at Burapha as part of the project. The
has undergone rapid changes, with        Department of Geography at UVic,           MSc program will be designated as
remarkable economic growth and           seeks to remedy this problem. The          international, which means that the
transformation. This speedy              project received a $750,000                language of instruction will be
development has included a massive       Tier 2 grant from the University           English, and that registrants are
shift in the ways aquaculture is         Partnerships in Cooperation and            expected from other countries in the
practiced in the country.                Development Program, which is              region.
                                         administered by the Association of
Coastal inhabitants in Thailand have     Universities and Colleges of Canada        Managing the aquaculture industry in
been practicing aquaculture on a         (AUCC) on behalf of CIDA.                  Thailand from a policy maker’s point
subsistence basis for hundreds of                                                   of view requires a wide variety of
years, but the continuing decline of     Dr. Flaherty is undertaking the project    information. This includes the
wild stocks and a growing                in partnership with Dr. Kashane            numbers, size, and types of
international demand for seafood has     Chalermwert, the head of Aquatic           operations that exist, site suitability,
led to an explosive expansion in         Sciences at Burapha University in          and the economic and social impacts
Thailand’s coastal aquaculture.          Thailand. A large part of the program      of development. Once the relevant
                                         consists of providing staff at Burapha     government agencies have obtained
The largely unchecked nature of this     University with the expertise and          these data, they can begin to
development means that currently         information needed to manage               formulate policies surrounding the
there is no concrete way of managing     aquaculture. To this end, two faculty      aquaculture industry.
the industry to limit negative           members in the department of
environmental and social impacts.        Aquatic Sciences in Burapha are            The project makes extensive use of
                                         completing their PhDs in Geography         geomatics (Remote Sensing and
“Building Capacity to Manage             at UVic. This will enhance their ability   Geographic Information Systems, or
Aquaculture in Thailand”, a project      to teach in the new Master of Science      GIS) for data collection and display.
funded by the Canadian International     (MSc) program in tropical aquaculture      The Department of Aquatic Sciences
Development Agency (CIDA) and            management that is being developed         at Burapha has been upgraded with a

new geomatics laboratory similar to      immediate project focus is on           schedule, a frustrating process.
the one at UVic. This will allow for     establishing the new tropical
future training of both MSc              aquaculture program at Burapha          “What’s the most rewarding part of
candidates and undergraduates, as        University.                             the work? I think it’s working with the
well as make it possible for Burapha’s                                           graduate students,” says Flaherty. “I
faculty to do more related research.     Dr. Flaherty is pleased with the        have been quite lucky: I’m involved
Radar satellite images (RADARSAT),       progress the project has made to        with students from Thailand, Brazil,
which were procured with funding         date, and with the relatively few       and India, and also a number of
from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund,      setbacks that the team has              Canadian students. It’s been a really
are being used to support the training   encountered. The largest delay so far   wonderful learning experience for
program.                                 came in December of 2001, when          me.”
                                         AUCC told him that, due to budgetary
There are other aspects to this large    restraints, they had to extend the      This project is expected to have a
project besides                                                                  long-lasting impact on Thailand’s
geomatics. These                                                                 ability to regulate the environmental
include community                                                                and social impacts of coastal
outreach and               “What’s the most rewarding part of                    aquaculture. The management nature
extension training,        the work? I think it’s working with                   of the project, as well as the
including                                                                        international designation of the
workshops on               the graduate students.”                               Tropical Aquaculture Management
sustainable                                                                      MSc program that will be one of the
aquaculture                                                                      project’s results, means that the work
practices for local                               - Dr. Mark Flaherty            done in Thailand could be applied in
producers. The                                                                   other countries. This is crucial
project will also                                                                because the transformative and often
eventually look at the role of women    program by a year. Thus, $750,000        wasteful nature of commercial
in aquaculture, identifying their       for a five-year project became           aquaculture is having a profound
needs, and integrating gender           $750,000 for a six-year project. This    effect on coastlines all over the world.
concerns into environmental             meant that the project team had to       This program is helping to ensure that
management. However, the                revisit their entire budget and work     the negative impacts of these
                                                                                 transformations are limited.

UVic Helps to Promote                          Kristen Jordan of SALASAN (front left), Project Manager,
Regional Sustainable                             and Derek Fraser (front right), Project Director, meet
Development in Ukraine                           with counterparts from the East West Institute Kyiv.

The EastWest Institute of Canada
(EWIC), which is located at UVic’s
Centre for Global Studies, is a
partner in a major development
project that is slated to take place
in Ukraine.

Ukraine has long been a country of
centralized governance and
decision-making. In the post-
Communist era, these tendencies
have been one of the major
obstacles to the nation’s
development. However, there has
been a growing acceptance of the
need to work towards modern
regional policies for sustainable

Regional Development Agencies
(RDAs) began appearing in Ukraine                                                Communism. As a previous
                                        regions) are currently members of
in the mid-1990s, mostly initiated by                                            ambassador in three different Eastern
                                        NARDA. The purpose of the NARDA
groups of local small business                                                   European countries (Hungary,
                                        Project is to strengthen the current
owners and community organizations.                                              Greece, and Ukraine), Fraser has
                                        capacities of NARDA and its member
The founders of these groups                                                     extensive experience in
                                        organizations in order to promote
realized that they needed to organize                                            organizational development and
                                        sustainable regional development in
themselves to effectively promote                                                strategic planning, as well as an
                                        Ukraine. The project is expected to
community-led sustainable                                                        extensive network of contacts both
                                        promote good governance through
development through a wider                                                      abroad and at home in Canada. He
                                        consultative regional development
participation in regional policy                                                 has recently returned from three
                                        policy formulation and transparent
development and implementation.                                                  years in Ukraine, and his knowledge
                                        policy execution. It also aims to
                                        promote regional development             of the country’s situation makes him
Since May 2001, when a Presidential                                              indispensable to the project. Dr.
                                        through economically diversified,
Decree named these RDAs as                                                       Gordon Smith, Director of the Centre
                                        resilient, and environmentally healthy
potential partners, regional                                                     for Global Studies, is the technical
                                        regions and communities throughout
governments have been encouraged                                                 advisor on the project.
to consult RDAs on the design of
regional development strategies.                                                 EWIC’s Canadian partner for the
                                        EWIC was established in the summer
However, these regional governments                                              NARDA Project is SALASAN, the
                                        of 2001 as an independent Canadian
will only work with those RDAs that                                              Victoria division of the consulting firm
                                        branch of the EastWest Institute, an
have the requisite level of                                                      GeoSpatial International Inc.
                                        international non-governmental
organizational capacity. Many RDAs                                               Ukrainian project partners include the
                                        organization with offices in New York,
are currently lacking this capacity.                                             EastWest Institute Kyiv Center
                                        Prague, Brussels, Moscow, and Kyiv.
                                        Derek Fraser, the Director of the        (EWIK) as the local executing
In April of 2001, some of the leading                                            organization and NARDA, along with
                                        EWIC, is also an Adjunct Professor
Ukrainian RDAs formed the National                                               its member organizations (particularly
                                        with the Political Science Department
Association of Regional Development                                              in Eastern Ukraine) as the target
                                        at UVic. He has had extensive
Agencies (NARDA). RDAs from
                                        experience in Eastern Europe, both       beneficiaries.
seventeen Oblasts (Ukrainian
                                        before and after the fall of

Lemurs: Our Distant Cousins               Southwestern Madagascar. She is         of the various species of lemurs,
                                          still working among the lemurs at       although there are a few species of
The urge to study lemurs first hit Dr.    Beza-Mahalafy, a one-square-            monkeys which also exhibit some
Lisa Gould in the early 1980s, while      kilometre reserve which was             forms of female dominance. Many
she was travelling in Madagascar.         designated as a protected area in       thousands or even millions of years
Twenty years later, she is one of only    1987.                                   of environmental pressures on
a small number of                                                                            ringtailed lemurs have led
primatologists in                                                                            to female dominance being
Canada, an assistant                                                                         the best way to ensure the
professor in the                                                                             viability of the species. One
Department of                                                                                such pressure is posed by
Anthropology at UVic,                                                                        food availability: the dry
and has made                                                                                 nature of much of the
ringtailed lemurs the                                                                        ringtailed lemurs’ habitat in
focus of her studies.                                                                        southern and southwestern
Lemurs are among the                                                                         Madagascar means that
many species of both                                                                         food is a limited and
plants and animals                                                                           precious commodity
that are endemic to                                                                          throughout much of the
Madagascar, and can                                                                          year. The driest season,
not be found in the                                                                          when food is at its scarcest,
wild anywhere else in                                                                        is also the time when
the world. There are                                                                         females have just given
approximately 40                                                                             birth to their young, and are
species of lemurs on                                                                         in need of specific types of
Madagascar. The                                                                              food in order to produce
limited range of lemurs                                                                      enough milk for their
has led to all                                                                               offspring while staying alive
remaining species                                                                            themselves. Female
being classified as                                                                          dominance, and first choice
either threatened or                                                                         of available foods, allows
endangered, mostly                                                                           new mothers to get enough
due to destruction of                                                                        nutrition during this difficult
their habitat.                                                                               time.

The broad category to                                                                         How female dominance
which Dr. Gould’s                                                                             affects the lives and life
research belongs is                                                                           history of ringtailed lemurs
socio-ecology. Socio-                                                                         is one of the recurring
ecology is the study of                                                                       themes in Dr. Gould’s
how the environment                                                                           research. Her current
and adaptation to it                                                                          project relates to
has shaped social                                                                             physiological stress in male
behaviour, in this case                                                                       ringtailed lemurs, and how
the behaviour patterns                                                                        such stress affects their
of ringtailed lemurs. Dr.                                                                     behaviour. In order to
                                           Dr. Gould watching some of                         assess physiological stress
Gould began her
                                          the subjects of her research.                       in the lemurs, Dr. Gould is
research career
studying infant                                                                               using techniques that
development among                                                                             measure the levels of the
ringtailed lemurs (Lemur catta) for her                                                       adrenal hormone cortisol.
Master’s thesis in 1987. In 1992, she     Ringtailed lemurs are one of the few    Cortisol is a good measure of stress.
conduducted Ph.D dissertation             primate species where females show      The levels of this adrenal hormone
research on male sociality at the         a marked dominance over males.          will rise or fall, depending on the level
Beza-Mahalafy Reserve in                  This trait is widely found among most   of long-term stress on an individual,

with high cortisol levels indicating     habitat destruction, there is a
similarly high levels of stress. Dr.     possibility that their cortisol levels
Gould is currently looking at factors    could be used for comparison with
such as how much time males spend        those of lemur populations that are
with females, the males’ rank within     residing in more degraded areas. The           Below: a ringtailed lemur
their own hierarchy, age, and the        change in habitat quality and                     enjoys the shade.
frequency of aggressive interactions     availability of food may lead to a rise
with either females or other males.
Dr. Gould gauges cortisol levels in
relation to these variables, and also
examines levels of testosterone in
adult males. She then correlates
these results with variables such as
age, rank of male, and interactions
with females. She is investigating
whether or not there is any
relationship between testosterone
and cortisol levels as well.

There are very severe environmental
problems all over Madagascar, the
most important being slash-and-burn
subsistence agriculture. The reserve
in which Dr. Gould works is very small
and fairly well protected. However,
there are still habitat destruction
problems in the surrounding area,
and the forest surrounding the
reserve is severely degraded.
Fortunately, the local culture in the
area of the reserve includes a taboo
against the hunting of lemurs, and
lemur population density within the
reserve is much higher than in the
surrounding area, due to a lack of
acceptable habitat outside the

The work that Dr. Gould is doing right
now could benefit efforts to enhance
the conservation of lemur habitat in
Madagascar. Because the lemurs that
Dr. Gould is studying are not
environmentally stressed in terms of

                                                   in cortisol levels.             a four-year operating grant (2001-
                                                                                   2004) from the Natural Sciences and
                                                   Dr. Gould says that she         Engineering Research Council of
              Visit us at                          enjoys working with lemurs,     Canada (NSERC), as well as through
                                                   and plans to continue doing     grants from the National Geographic                                      so. “Do I plan to work with
                                                   them forever? Yes, they’re
                                                   really fascinating,” says
                                                                                   Society and the Wenner-Gren
                                                                                   Foundation for Anthropological
                                                   Gould. Currently, her
                                                   research is funded through

     STUDENTS                                  Allison Patterson is heading to Hong
                                                       Kong with her award.

Affairs Award              Amy Penner points out where she will study this year.

Each year, the Office
of International
Affairs provides an
Affairs Award to a
student enrolled in
Education, Fine Arts,
                                                                                           Management. The application
Humanities, or
                                                                                           process for these grants is
Social Sciences at
                                                                                           quite thorough. Each
UVic. Eligible
                                                                                           applicant had to submit
recipients are those
                                                                                           academic transcripts, one
who will enroll as
                                                                                           academic and one personal or
exchange students
                                                                                           work reference, proof of
in an institution with
                                                                                           acceptance into an academic
which UVic has a
                                                                                           exchange program, and an
formal exchange
                                                                                           essay outlining their
agreement, in Africa,
                                                                                           background, benefits of the
Asia (including
                                                                                           exchange, and their financial
Turkey, the Near
                                                                                           position. Volunteer work and
East, and Oceania
                                                                                           leadership activities were also
with the exception of
                                                                                           taken into consideration.
Australia and New
Zealand), Central or
                                          over, Amy plans to travel around the      Grant Ackerman has been involved
South America, Mexico, or the
                                          country, before returning to UVic to      with Rotary fundraisers in the Comox
Caribbean. Due to surplus funds from
                                          finish her degree.                        Valley, and has worked as an auto
the 2001 year, two awards were
                                                                                    shop assistant while attending
available for 2002.
                                          Allison Patterson, the second             Highlands Senior Secondary School
                                          recipient of the International Affairs    in Comox.
Amy Penner, a Pacific and Asian
                                          Award for 2002, will be attending the
Studies Student, is looking forward to
                                          University of Hong Kong.                  Erika Lange believes it was her
spending two terms at Mahidol
                                                                                    previous travel experience and
University in Thailand. She is familiar
                                                                                    interest in other cultures that secured
with the country, having traveled
                                          UVic Students Awarded                     her the grant. It was a specific
there already four years ago. Amy
                                                                                    interest in Latin-American culture,
plans to take courses in the Thai         International Study Grants                which she developed while
language to improve the rudimentary
                                                                                    backpacking through Mexico two
vocabulary she learned while there.       The Canadian Bureau for                   years ago, that was behind her
She is currently upgrading her            International Education (CBIE)            decision to go on exchange there.
language skills with a UVic course in     awarded 20 grants at $2500 each to        Aside from experiencing Mexican
Indonesian-Malay. One of the              Canadian students to study abroad         culture first-hand, Erika also hopes to
reasons Amy picked Mahidol                this year, and two UVic Commerce          become comfortable with the Spanish
University is the international nature    students are among the recipients. In     language, bringing her collection of
of the school: courses there are          the fall term, Erika Lange will head to   languages up to three. Her aspiration
taught in English. She also heard         the Universidad de las Americas in        is to use her knowledge of different
good reviews from a student who was       Puebla, Mexico, and Grant Ackerman        languages to secure employment that
on exchange at Mahidol last year.         will be off to Oslo, Norway, to attend    will allow her to travel.
After her two terms in Thailand are       the Norwegian School of

Burkard Baschek - PhD
                                           UVic has different requirements for acceptance into both undergraduate and graduate
Student from Germany                       programs for nearly every country around the world. For example, to be admitted as an
                                           undergraduate, one might only need the equivalent of a high school diploma from most
The mixing of fresh water flowing          countries. Applicants from several nations, such as the Lao People’s Democratic
out of the Fraser River and the            Republic and Costa Rica, need further credentials, with first-year standing in a
Pacific Ocean’s salty water may            recognized university as a requirement. The requirements for graduate students are
play an important part in providing        often more confusing, as many countries have different systems of post-secondary
oxygen to the estuaries of the             education from Canada’s standard four-year undergraduate and two-year Master’s
Fraser. Just ask Burkard Baschek.          degrees.
He is a German national who
travelled to UVic to study these
processes for his PhD in physical

Burkard grew up in Heidelberg, a
medium-sized city in southern
Germany with about one half the
population of Greater Victoria. He first
went to University in his hometown,
studying physics at the University of
Heidelberg. From there he went on to
get his “Diplom” (German degree,
after normally four years at
University) in physical oceanography
at the University of Kiel. After a few
years working as a scientist in Kiel,
Burkard wanted to do his doctorate
overseas, and began looking for
possibilities. Eventually, he contacted
Dr. David Farmer and Dr. Chris
Garrett at UVic’s School of Earth and
Ocean Sciences. The possibility of                 Burkard hard at work during a research cruise in Haro Strait.
working with them and being able to
live on Canada’s West Coast excited         discussion about and seeming
him, and he decided to come to UVic         unimportance of politics to many            criticism Burkard has of the University
in the fall of 1999.                        Canadians. Assimilation to the              is what he considers the inadequate
                                            Canadian lifestyle was similarly easy,      acceptance of foreign degrees. He
Canada was not an entirely new              aside from getting back into the            says that it was a real struggle to be
experience for Burkard. He had been         routine of attending classes. Burkard       accepted into a PhD program at UVic
here on vacation three times prior to       soon made several close friends in          with his Diplom, which the University
coming as a student. He also has            Victoria, and joined a kayak polo           views as being somewhere between
some very good friends in Abbotsford        team in Vancouver, which went on to         an undergraduate and a Master’s
who had given him a good idea about         win the Canadian Championships in           degree.
what living in British Columbia would       2001.
be like. Integrating into life here was                                                 Burkard and his supervisors were
not difficult, says Burkard. “Everyone      Burkard found that the level of             able to convince the University to
was extremely helpful and friendly,         support available for him at UVic was       allow him into a PhD program, and he
which definitely helped a lot.” Going       fair. “At a new University, the biggest     is happy with the results. When he
on the first research cruise to gather      hurdles can be imposed by the               completes his studies here in the fall
data for his thesis only three weeks        necessary administrative stuff…this is      of 2002, he will move on, but he says
after arriving helped too, as he was        really well done at UVic…” says             he will always remember the good
thrown into scientific work right away.     Baschek. He was especially                  experiences he has had while in
There were not many things about            impressed with the hassle-free nature       Victoria. He even says he could
Canadian culture that surprised             of WEBREG, UVic’s on-line course            imagine coming back to live here
Burkard, except for the lack of             registration system. The only real          again some time.

UVic Students Awarded                                                         Shelley Chang sees the UVic exchange programs as a great
Scholarships to Study in                                                      opportunity for students to enhance their language skills and
                                                                              learn to understand a foreign culture. She recognizes that the
Japan                                                                         total cultural immersion offered by an exchange is very
                                                                              different from studying a second language and respective
Three UVic undergraduate students                                             culture in the Canadian classroom. Shelley has chosen to
                                                                              attend Konan University in Kobe, Japan because of its unique
who will be studying in Japan for the                                         Year-in-Japan program. She enthuses “ The most attractive
next year can focus on learning in a                                          part of this program is that I can gain a great and unforgettable
new environment, thanks to the                                                experience by living with a host family.” Shelley is very happy
Association of International Education                                        to have been awarded an AIEJ scholarship and has vowed to
                                              make every effort to excel in her work and enjoy her time in Japan.
Japan (AIEJ). Nicole Fast, Shelley
Chang, and Cameron Bertram have
all been awarded scholarships by
                                            allowing them to plan their studies                                           Ever since he was in
AIEJ for their studies in Japan. These                                                                                    grade seven, it has
scholarships, which include round-trip      more effectively. This program is                                             been Cameron
airfare to Japan, consist of a 25,000       part of the Japanese Government’s                                             Bertram's dream to
yen settling-in allowance and 80,000        goal to increase the number of                                                participate in an
                                            international students within Japan                                           exchange program
yen per month for up to 12 months. In                                                                                     with a Japanese
Canadian dollars that is                    to 100,000.                                                                   institution. Now his
approximately $350 and $1,100                                                                                             patience has been
respectively, for a total scholarship       All nominees for the scholarships                                             rewarded with a
                                            must be registered for exchange                     scholarship. "When I found out I had been
value of about $13,500.                                                                         selected for the AIEJ scholarship I was
                                            with specific Japanese universities                 simply amazed," says Cameron. "I
                                            at the time of nomination since the                 didn't expect this in the least, and am
AIEJ has operated the Sponsor-              Japanese institutions themselves                    overjoyed with the news." Cameron chose
                                            nominate candidates. Nicole Fast                    Konan University largely because of the
Crowned International Student                                                                   institution's excellent reputation, as well as
Scholarship Program since 1998.             will be attending Doshisha Women’s                  its leadership in international student
With the help of corporations and           College, while Shelley Chang and                    exchanges. He hopes to improve his
individuals, the program aims to            Cameron Bertram will both be at                     Japanese language skills while learning
                                            Konan University.                                   more about Japanese culture through
secure scholarships for international
                                                                                                observing it first hand.
students prior to their arrival in Japan,

                                            Summit” which was also held in
         EVENTS                             Victoria in 1998. Stephen Lewis,
                                            UN Special Advisor on AIDS in
                                            Africa, was the keynote speaker for
                                            the 2002 conference. Lewis gave
                                            an impassioned speech about the
Making the Connection:                      complex nature of the sexual
Sexually Exploited Youth, the               exploitation of children and youth
                                            worldwide. Conference delegates
Challenges & Opportunities
                                            included youth, youth leaders,
                                            community activists, politicians and
                                            academics who came together to
An international conference on sexual
                                            communicate about what has
exploitation organized by the Capital
                                            happened since 1998, both in
Region Action Team on Sexually
                                            regard to research as well as
Exploited Youth (CRAT) was held
May 26-30, 2002 at the University of
                                              Stephen Lewis, UN Special
The conference was a sequel to the            Advisor on AIDS in Africa.
United Nations “Out of the Shadows

community action. At a pre-
conference event, entitled Finding
Our Voice, youth delegates
participated in drama, dance, native
arts and video, discovering ways to
not only express themselves but also
to actively take part in the main

Under the sponsorship of Save the
Children Canada and the Canadian
Red Cross, the conference also
brought together for the first time a
national working coalition on the
commercial exploitation of youth.

         TRAVEL                         Dr. Welch, Dr. Chan (principal of Vicwood College, third from left), and
                                                 directors of the Hong Kong charity, Po Leung Kuk.

                                        Brunei to meet with Canada’s High       competition will be announced in
Hong Kong, Brunei, and
                                        Commissioner and to see whether a       September, 2002.
Singapore                               program modelled on Vicwood
                                        College might be suitable for           Shastri Indo-Canadian
In mid-May Dr. Anthony Welch was        Bruneian students. He visited seven
invited as Guest of Honour to the       schools and met with officials in the
convocation of the Po Leung Kuk         Ministry of Education. Dr. Welch
Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form                                                   In June Dr. Welch travelled to Ottawa
                                        subsequently stopped in Singapore to
College in Hong Kong.                                                           for the annual meeting of the Board of
                                        meet with officials at Canada’s High
                                                                                Directors of the Shastri Indo-
                                        Commission and to visit UVic’s two
He met with faculty and staff at the                                            Canadian Institute.
                                        partner institutions, the National
College and gave the convocation        University of Singapore and
address in which he discussed the                                               Founded in 1968 by the Governments
                                        Nanyang Technological University.
successful collaborative program in                                             of Canada and India, the Institute
which UVic has participated at the                                              provides research funding, promotes
College since 1997: selected UVic       France-Canada Research                  institutional contacts, and organizes
courses are offered to College          Foundation                              seminars and conferences of
students, who, if successful, may                                               Canadian and Indian scholars. It also
then transfer to the University of      In late May Dr. Welch travelled to      supports research by Canadian
Victoria. Recently the Hong Kong        Ottawa for the meeting of the           scholars in India and by Indian
Council of Academic Accreditation       Executive of the France-Canada          scholars in Canada and promotes
gave permission for UVic to offer       Research Foundation. UVic is one of     Canadian Studies in India. The
additional first- and second-year       the founding members of the             Institute’s library program brings
courses, leading to an associate        Foundation which recently concluded     Indian books and journals to member
degree of social sciences and an        its second competition for funding.     institutions in Canada. The library in
associate degree of science awarded                                             its Delhi Office is one of the richest
by the college.                         The program, supported by the           Indian collections of publications on
                                        Foundation’s endowment, is intended     Canada and by Canadians.
After the ceremony Dr. Welch            to provide seed money grants to
travelled to the Sultanate of           collaborative projects of French and    20 Canadian universities and the
                                        Canadian academics. The third           Canadian Museum of Civilization

belong to the Shastri Institute whose
range of activity has grown to include
the arts, education, law, and
management. Summer study
programs for Canadians in India and
for Indians in Canada have been
initiated, and the Institute also
sponsors a project for microfilming
historical documents in India.

By any measure it has been a
substantial success in promoting
understanding and cooperation
between the two countries.


In July 2002, the OIA’s Associate
Director, Dr. Cecilia Benoit visited                           One of the many beautiful beaches
two of UVic’s Australian partner                                    in the Newcastle Area.
institutions. Deakin University (DU) is
located in the country’s second
largest city, Melbourne, in the           between DU and UVic in the near            Newcastle and UVic also began in
southern state of Victoria. DU has        future, especially within the Faculties    1997 and, as with DU, parity between
been exchanging students and faculty      of Social Sciences, Humanities, Fine       the two institutions has been
with UVic since 1997, and student         Arts and Education. Dr. Benoit later       maintained over the five-year period.
parity between the two institutions       took a tour of some of the DU              The University of Newcastle is
has been maintained over time.            facilities (many new buildings are         located on a large area of land with
                                          under construction at the moment)          easy access to the city’s downtown,
Dr. Benoit visited with a number of       and the institution’s new student          as well as to a long stretch of sandy
DU academic and administrative staff      housing complex.                           coastline.
to discuss their views about how the
exchange has worked to date, about        The second institution that Dr. Benoit     Reports for both Australian partner
any changes that are planned and          visited during her travels was the         institutions indicate that the UVic
how the UVic students currently on        University of Newcastle, located on        students currently on exchange, as
exchange at DU were doing. The DU         the East Coast of Australia in the         well as those who went on exchange
staff gave a very positive report on      state of New South Wales. Newcastle        in previous years, have been
the institutional relationship and        is within easy reach by train or car to    excellent ambassadors of our
expressed a strong desire to increase     Australia’s largest city, Sydney. The      University and country.
the exchange of students and staff        exchange between the University of

     OIA NEWS                             provide seed money for faculty
                                          members applying to agencies and
                                                                                      Development Agency. We expect the
                                                                                      remaining three proposals to be
                                          institutions that fund international        submitted within the next few months.
                                          development projects. This first year
                                          has been very successful: four grants       Due to its success, the academic
Development Project Seed                  at $5,000 each were provided to             year 2002/03 will see another round
Money Grants (DPSMG)                      faculty in four different Faculties, and    of DPSMG competitions. As in the
                                          one of the recipients has already           previous year, a total of $25,000 will
The DPSMG fund was launched in            submitted a major project proposal to       be available for five recipients up to a
September 2001 with the intent to         the Canadian International                  maximum of $5,000 each. The

2002/03 deadlines are as follows:         model with membership services and        Canadian Bureau for International
18 November 2002, 17 March 2003,          programs forming the core of              Education (CBIE) announced the
and 16 June 2003.                         BCCIE’s activities, supplemented by       fellowships awarded in the 2002
                                          business development activities.          competition of the J. Armand
Please contact Sabine at 472-4028         These activities are envisaged to         Bombardier Internationalist
( for further           represent about 65% of the budget in      Fellowships (JABIF). Out of a total of
information or to obtain the              the new organizational model.             658 applicants, a committee of
application form and guidelines.                                                    external examiners selected 25
                                          BCCIE members will have to pay a          laureates, who will each receive a
OIA Web Update                            membership fee according to a             $10,000 fellowship.
                                          membership formula based on the
The OIA is currently completing a         number of international students on       The press release and fellows list are
web server redesign project that will     campus.                                   available on CBIE’s website:
result in a website which is easier to                                    
navigate and will contain some            Over the summer, BCCIE is looking         bombardier/pdf/press-e-june02.pdf
additional features that have not been    for institutional feedback and is doing
included to date. Over the next           advocacy work with regard to the          Two UVic graduates are among the
several months, we will change our        proposed membership fees. The new         winners: Karen Bhangoo completed
features to topical issues, rather than   by-laws and Society Act Constitution      her BA in Political Science in 1998,
simply showcasing Faculties,              will be presented for adoption at the     and a MA in Dispute Resolution/
Departments and Interdisciplinary         BCCIE Annual General Meeting on           Sociology in 2001. She heads to
Centres, as we have done in the past.     September 27, 2002.                       George Mason University in the
                                                                                    United States to work on a PhD
We encourage you to visit our                                                       in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.
revamped website frequently over the                                                Adrienne Leah Kish completed a BSc
coming months ( If       BCCIE Fall Institute                      in Biology at UVic in 2001. She will
you have any comments or                                                            pursue a Master of Space Science at
suggestions for improvements,                                                       the International Space University in
please contact Sabine at 472-4028         The BCCIE Fall Institute 2002 will        France.
(                      take place at the Hilton Vancouver
                                          Airport from October 20-22, 2002.         Inaugurated in September 2001 by
                                          The theme of this year’s Fall Institute   the Foundation and administered by
                                          is “Internationalization at a             CBIE, the JABIF Program offers
                                          Crossroads: Changes, Challenges &         fellowships to highly talented
    NEWS FROM                             Opportunities”. More information
                                          about the Institute, as well as
                                                                                    Canadian students so that they can
                                                                                    increase their international
                                          registration forms can be found at        competence through graduate studies
                                            or a combination of courses, research
.....BCCIE                                overview.asp.                             and work. It is a large-scale
                                                                                    program encompassing virtually all
                                                                                    subject fields in the social sciences,
At a BCCIE membership meeting on                                                    humanities, fine and performing arts,
June 7 in Vancouver, BCCIE                                                          commerce, law, and pure and applied
members had the opportunity to                                                      science.
discuss the
organization’s                                                                      Applicants are required to develop
transition plan,                                                                    their program of international
which will guide                                                                    activities on the basis of the JABIF
BCCIE’s future                            .....CBIE                                 mission, which is to offer fellowships
directions during                                                                   “for Canadians to study, research and
and after the                                                                       work abroad in order to increase their
                                          J. Armand Bombardier
provincial                                                                          international competence and
government                                Internationalist Fellowships
                                                                                    enhance Canada’s participation in the
funding is phased                                                                   world economy of the third
out. The plan introduces a hybrid         In June 2002, the J. Armand
                                          Bombardier Foundation and the

                                                                                   As per the program guidelines,
CBIE 2002 Annual Conference                                                        submissions are coordinated by
                                                                                   UVic’s Office of International Affairs.
CBIE’s Annual Conference will take                                                 Since each university is only allowed
place at the Westin Ottawa from                                                    to submit two Letters of Intent per
November 1-4, 2002, under the                                                      Tier 2 competition in a lead capacity,
motto: “Building Human Security           .....CIDA                                there is an internal deadline of
Through Celebrating the International                                              January 10, 2003, 4 pm, at the OIA
Decade for a Culture of Peace”. More      In April 2002, CIDA launched the         Office, BEC 434.
information about this conference,        latest competition under the
together with registration forms can      University Partnerships in               The UPCDP guidelines and
be found at:                              Cooperation and Development              application forms can be found on        (UPCD) Program. The Program has          AUCC’s website at http://
                                          two tiers: Tier 1 funds large, multi-
                                          disciplinary projects, to which CIDA     (click on “UPCD Program
                                          contributes up to $3 million over six    Guidelines”). For further information,
                                          years; Tier 2 funds smaller and more     please contact Sabine at 472-4028
Canadians studying
                                          narrowly focussed projects, to which     (
part-time in the US
                                          CIDA contributes up to $1 million over
                                          six years. CIDA provides funding to
CBIE has issued a media release in
                                          both tiers and manages the Tier 1
an attempt to raise awareness
                                          program. The Association of
regarding closure of the border to
                                          Universities and Colleges of Canada
Canadians studying part-time in the
                                          (AUCC) manages the Tier 2 program
US. The new US policy has been in
                                          and the selection process for both
force since July 1, 2002.
Up until recently, hundreds of
                                          The first round under the Tier 1
students in border communities
                                          competition closed with a July 8
moved freely across the boundary to
                                          deadline for Letters of Intent. UVic
attend courses on a part-time basis in
                                          submitted one Letter of Intent for a
the other country as evening students
                                          project in Indonesia.
or as exchange students within full-
time, regular programs. Some 1,500
                                          The deadline for Tier 2 Letters of
Canadians study part-time in
                                          Intent is January 20, 2003 at AUCC.
Michigan alone. These activities will
no longer be possible under the new
policy which makes those students
ineligible for student visas or visitor                     World@UVic is published three times a year.
status.                                                     We invite submissions. The next deadline is
                                                            November 12, 2002. Please submit to:
Jim Fox, President of CBIE, calls the
policy “inappropriate and hardly an                         Editor, World@UVic
amicable signal among friends.”                             Office of International Affairs
                                                            University of Victoria, Box 1700 STN CSC
For a full version of the media                             Victoria, B.C. V8W 2Y2 CANADA
release, please contact Sabine at                           Tel.:         ++1-250-472-4028
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