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					The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating
     and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.

                                   It’s for you!
        About ASHRAE?
ASHRAE Mission:
  To advance the arts and sciences of
  heating, ventilating, air conditioning and
  refrigerating to serve humanity and
  promote a sustainable world.

ASHRAE Vision:
ASHRAE will be the global leader, the foremost
  source of technical information, and the
  primary provider of opportunity for
  professional sciences of heating, ventilating,
  air conditioning and refrigerating.

                Why Join ASHRAE?
                        If you are interested in:
                         Comfort
                         Environment
                         Energy conservation
                         Heating/cooling/refrigeration
                         Standards
                         Projects having a direct impact
                            on society
You will feel at home    Design of green/innovative
   with ASHRAE!             thermal systems

         Other Reasons to Join
Networking – meet industry leaders!
Leadership development – develop
leadership potential and enhance
your resume!
Access to Publications – receive the
monthly ASHRAE Journal and Insights
newsletter providing the latest
industry cutting edge technology
information! Compliment your
classroom learning through other
great ASHRAE publications as well!
Career assistance – find a job or

Student Membership

      Discounts on ASHRAE Books &
      Free Annual & Winter Meeting
      Career Assistance
      Design Competition
      Networking and interaction with
      industry leaders

              Discounts on Publications
Publication Name                                          Regular   Member    Student
                                                          Price     Price     Member

2009 ASHRAE Handbook – Fundamentals                       $195.00   $195.00   $49.00

2008 ASHRAE Handbook – HVAC Systems and Equipment         $195.00   $195.00   $49.00

2007 ASHRAE Handbook – HVAC Applications                  $195.00   $195.00   $49.00

2006 ASHRAE Handbook – Refrigeration                      $155.00   $155.00   $39.00

Air-Conditioning System Design Manual                     $84.00    $67.00    $29.00

Cooling and Heating Load Calculation Principles           $99.00    $79.00    $35.00

Principles of Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning   $84.00    $67.00    $54.00

Principles of Smoke Management                            $105.00   $84.00    $35.00

HVAC Simplified                                           $79.00    $59.00    $29.00

ASHRAE has a variety of scholarship
opportunities. They are:
    Society Scholarships:
    A list of available scholarships,
    criteria, and application
    information is available on our
    student zone website.
    Local Chapter Scholarships:
    You can look at the student zone
    website for some local chapter
    scholarships. You can also contact
    your local chapter for more

ASHRAE has two grant programs.
They are:
    Senior Undergraduate Project Grants:
    Awarded annually to colleges and universities
    all over the world participating in senior
    undergraduate projects. The program is
    designed to further support undergraduate
    research. The maximum amount awarded
    per institution is $5,000.
    Grant-in-Aid (graduate students only):
    A Grant-in-Aid is a grant of funds to a full-
    time graduate student of ASHRAE-related
    technologies. They are awarded once a year
    for use the following year and are in the
    amount of $10,000. There are 10-25 awards
    made annually.

Student Design Competition
  ASHRAE’s Student Design Project Competition is a
  great way to apply what you are learning in the
  classroom, work with a team, and win money!
  There are 3 categories:
  -HVAC System Selection
  -System Design
  -Integrated Sustainable
     Design/Architectural Design
   1st place winning teams win $1500
      and one trip to the ASHRAE Winter
     2nd and 3rd place winning teams
      win one trip to the ASHRAE Winter

                 Why Not Join?

All of this for only $16.00? Why
It’s so easy, just go online and fill
out your electronic or paper
application at - go
to the Student Membership &             Contact:

Meetings link!                          Tarra Holman [Society]
                                        Assistant Manager of Student Activities
Become a leader in the HVACR            Phone: (678) 539-1212
industry and make an impact on          Marco Ottavino [Society]
society!                                Assistant Manager of Student Activities
                                        Phone: (678) 539-1212

TORONTO CHAPTER- Student Activities
   Technical Tours
   Conferences – Yearly Winter Conference
    2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada
   Sporting Events
   Social Gatherings
   Dinner Meetings
   Career Fairs – New for 2011
2010 Winter Conference
Technical Tours - ACC
Technical Tours – Honeywell
Monthly Dinner Meetings
Incredible Learning Experience
Fantastic Networking Opportunity
Great Meal for a Low Cost
Awesome Guest Speakers
        Why Not Join?
ITS COMPLETELY FREE (Upon Joining Society)
Meet New People
Learn New Things
Participate in Student Activities
Become Part of a Growing Membership
 2008/09 – 15 Students
 2009/10 – 65+ Students
 2010/11 – 100+ Students
 Establishing a Branch at Humber
  At least 10 Initial Student Members
  A Student Branch President
  A Faculty Advisor

Starting Now Will Ensure Formal Branch
   Status by 2010/2011 Academic Year
  How to Get Involved?
Students Link
Download ‘ASHRAE Student Membership
1 – Become a Member of Society
2 – Become a Member of the Toronto Chapter

Start your Future with ASHRAE!!!
  For More Information

Student Activities Chair – Toronto Chapter
  416-561-8252
Thank You for Your Time!!!