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									Weight Lifting Exercises - How To Get Big Shoulders
When you think of having a strong upper body, you should consider the appearance and strength of the shoulders. Many people believe that all that is
necessary to have a strong upper body is to work the chest muscles. The shoulders play an important role in the physique and strength of the entire
upper body that should not be overlooked. The shoulders should receive some work to give the kind of strong upper body that you are after.

In fact, you should consider that you work the shoulders in order to have a well proportioned look to your upper body.

Shoulder exercises should be used to develop your upper body strength the majority of the time. Bench is good, because it targets the shoulders and
chest at the same time, but again, it's primarily a chest exercise and you'll develop way too much chest muscle if this is all you do to workout your

Try the Military Press instead. Sometimes called the behind the neck press. It's the best comprehensive shoulder muscle exercise you will find and if
you're looking for size, and strength you've got it all right here. It's similar to any other pressing exercise. You can use either dumbbells or a bar. Even
the smith machine, but as stated in previous articles, you do not get the whole range of movement available and therefore do not develop the
supporting muscles as easily. This can lead to injury so grab the free weights.

This is how the military press works for your shoulders.

1. Take a seat on your favorite bench

2. Put the dumbbells on either side of your shoulders with your elbows in a position that is below the wrists.

3. Push the weight away from your shoulders up, but make sure that you do not lock the elbows.

4. Lower the weight back down to your shoulders and then repeat.

It's easy to perform this exercise, and you can build up to some massive weight and shoulder strength. I've personally found that using the shoulder
press, lat pull downs (or chins), and bench press will be a great all round upper body workout wherever you are. It's simple, they are all comprehensive
exercises that target major muscle groups, and they all pack on stacks of strength and muscle.

Use these tips for an even better workout of your shoulders.

You can perform the shoulder press standing up to give yourself some more stability during your workout. Start the workout by lifting the weight off the
floor with a clean motion and bring it up to your shoulders. Do your shoulder presses and then bring the weight back to the floor. This is a more
intensive version of the exercise and will increase the size of your shoulder muscles quickly. Cycle the exercises in a different way for eight weeks and
change the exercises every eight weeks.

When you return to doing the shoulder press first, you will have increased the size of your upper body all over. This will also improve the strength that
you will have to perform the exercises with each cycle.

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