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									Where to begin – A High Fidelity Compilation Vol.2
- 23records 002 / dandyland 003 –
presented by PRINZ, www.hifi-club.com and www.mixtape-radio.de

About a year ago the guys from High Fidelity released their first sampler named Verliebt in London (in love
in London). A lot has happened since then; many splendid parties at Bremen´s Tower bar, great concerts,
the first edition of a fanzine.

What makes the guys from High Fidelity really proud is that record deals have been offered to four of the
singer/songwriters presented on the sampler, and one of the bands has won a local battle-of-the-bands

Following now is the new sampler Where to Begin featuring 16 brandnew tracks. High Fidelity has focused
even more on international artists. The compilation kicks off with an exclusive track by ex-Hurricane #1
singer Alex Lowe. J.Xavrre and Blue States also represent the home of most and best pop bands to date;
Great Britain. Where to Begin includes jewels such as Echophonic from Austria and Gem from the
Netherlands who played an extraordinary gig at 2004´s Popkom in Cologne. No less interesting are Sgt.
Petter from Norway, and of course bands from High Fidelity´s own country; Phony, Seaside Stars, Locas
in Love, Monophox, The Electric Club, Anajo and very promising newcomers Remington Beach Club,
Monkeeman, Slowtide and Soda Maker.

Where to Begin has no intentions of representing a certain scene or giving an overview of something. The
focus is on presenting outstanding bands you´ll be glad to get to know. High Fidelity take great care to
offer smooth listening pleasures. All songs simply have to fit together and have to sound just great. Should
simply be listened to by everybody. Therefore the CD will be sold for only 7 Euros.

Information on bands on Where to Begin (selection)

Alex Lowe

Alex Lowe, former head of Hurricane #1, comes along with „Where to begin“ as part of a 14-track – yet
unreleased – studio session in spring 2004, playing all the instruments himself. The songs are all vocal-
based and focused on catchy, upbeat choruses. „I wanted every one to be a catchy single that everyone
could sing along to“, Alex told the NME.


The first album of sympathetic Berlin-based Phony is here! Their debut album First Love spoils the
listeners with 12 wonderful guitar pop songs. Their references go from Monkeys and Teenage Fanclub to
Travis and Tahiti 80. There is great demand for Phony already. They are admired in Japan, and Original
Sin said; „...not so far away from Aztec Camera, Saint-Etienne or lots of other undiscovered

„Having been a mod for a lifetime my influences come from bands like The Jam, Small Faces or Northern
Soul,“ Monkeeman says about his music. Strumming pop tunes and catchy beats are followed by rock
guitars. His solo album Burn to shine will even supply you with the regular evening chill out. „When I stop
being a musician, in about a hundred years from now, I want to be the mayor of my little home town by the
seaside,“ Monkeeman laughs.


Slowtide´s mastermind Kevin dedicates himself to songwriting on guitar and piano, being inspired by
Richard Ashcroft/TheVerve and John Lennon. His first solo EP Time Escape was released in 2001while
Kevin still played bass guitar and keyboard with his band. Following in summer of 2002 the self-produced
album Things that Fade was released under the name of Slowtide. After the first gig in Münster´s Gleis 22
he shared the stages with highly acclaimed bands like Astra Kid, Belasco or British Sea Power.

Seaside Stars

„Brilliant songs from Northern England“? Close, but not quite correct. Without being conscious of it
Seaside Stars from Berlin manage where collegues from Britain fail: perfect melodies in finest Creation-
sound. Indeed! Seaside Stars play a matchless blend of The Smiths, Beach Boys and Teenage Fanclub.
Their album The Magic of Stereo is the ideal soundtrack for the summer and all times to come.

Soda Maker

Soda Maker has its roots in handmade British rock of the 1960´s. Powerful organ sounds and guitar riffs
characterize their music. Listeners will be impressed by Soda Maker´s broad variety, dynamic melodies
and three-part vocals.

The Electric Club

Two guitars, one bass guitar and a drum set, handled by young men who possess the shining from within
that only great pop songs can ignite: The Electric Club. A band like the one you would dream up. The
Electric Club played on every stage in Germany, no matter how small, and have been winning the
audience´s heart every single night. Rumor has it that Robert „Crazy“ Stadlober threw himself into the dust
before André Weber after one show.

Sgt. Petter

Sgt. Petter is a 27-year-old musician from Bergen, Norway. He used to be singer and guitarist with the
local power pop band Velouria. Velouria split up in the summer of 2000. After almost two years without a
band Sgt. Petter started recording stuff on his own.


Three men and a woman on bass guitar singing; you hear people talking about Vienna´s most charming
guitar combo. echophonic from Austria deserve any such compliments. With the ongoing retro-trend they
stick to the only constant in music universe, playing purely and simply pop music, and they do this with an
amazingly lighthearted naturalness.


Jam? No sir: Gem! You may be confused, as Gem from the Netherlands operate at the crossroads where
Oasis and The Strokes meet. Singer Maurits (Maurice) is the kind of eccentric you get when rolling Liam
and Julian into one. He is singing songs because he simply has to. He would die if he couldn´t be the
singer in a rock ´n´ roll band.
Blue States

Blue States from Great Britain have worked on tracks including Badly Drawn Boy´s Disillusion, Layo and
Bushwacka!´s Love Story and Future Sound of London´s Papua New Guinea.

Remington Beach Club

Rem in g to n B e ac h Cl u b c o ns i d er d is t or t io n p ed a ls t o be a f a b u lo us in v e n t io n. S o ar e
m elo d ies . He a db a ng i ng a nd s h ak i ng yo ur b um c a n b e do n e at t h e s am e t im e. L ik e
T oc otr o nic s ai d ; „ It´ s j us t r oc k m us ic .“

Translation: Anke Schulz

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