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                   RAINBOW INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL – seoul
                                     Student application form
                                    Seocho-gu Yangjae-1-dong 2-32 / Seoul - South Korea
                                      Tel :( +82) 02 571 2917-8, Fax: (+82) 02 571 2186
Date of Application:                                               Date of Enrollment:
(mm/dd/yyyy)                                                       (mm/dd/yyyy)
Entering Grade                           Nationality
  (Grade1-8)                        Please enter all if multiple
                                                 STUDENT INFORMATION
Name(as written on passport):               ________________________________________________________________
                                              Family Name                 First                Second
Date of Birth:             Month       Day        Year                            Age:_______
Place of Birth:         ______________/______________/_____________________________________
                             City            State          Country

Gender : Male / Female                                                                             Attach Photo
Passport No:____________                 Date of Expiration:____/____/___

Residence Card No:_______________                      Date of Expiration:__/___/___

Home Address:__________________________________________________________
Home Phone:____________________ Fax:___________________________________

Emergency contact:            __________________ __________________ __________________
                                      Name                                   Relationship          Phone Number
Eligibility to attend         Foreign Citizenship Foreign Parent(s) Foreign PR Visa  Years Overseas
foreign school

                                               GUARDIAN INFORMATION
Father’s Name: ________________________________________________________
Nationality: _____________________                       ______________________
                                                                    Passport Number:
Occupation:_____________________      Place of Employment:____________________
Work Address: _________________________________________________________
Work Phone: ____________ Fax:_______________ Mobile Phone: _______________
Email Address:__________________________
Mother’s Name: ________________________________________________________
Nationality: ____________________           Passport Number: __________________
Occupation: ____________________            Place of Employment:________________
Work Address:_________________________________________________________
Work Phone:____________ Fax: _______________ Mobile Phone:________________
Email Address:__________________________

Marital Status of Parents: together             separated             single Parent
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Siblings : ( Name, Sex, Age)                         Names and relationships of people having permission
1)                                                   to take the student from the school
2)                                                   1)
3)                                                   2)
4)                                                   3)
5)                                                   4)

First Language:                                   Language Spoken at Home:
Student      Fluent English Speaker           Limited English Speaker      Non-English Speaker
Father         Fluent English Speaker         Limited English Speaker      Non-English Speaker
Mother         Fluent English Speaker         Limited English Speaker      Non-English Speaker

Schools Attended. (Beginning with the most recent one.)
Name of school          City/Country        Attended (from ~ to) mm/yyyy            Language         Grade

Personal Information

Please describe your child’s character and points that need attention.

Please list your child’s hobbies, interests and talents.

What are your objectives in sending your child to Rainbow International School?

What kind of person do you want your child to be in the future?

Does your child have any disabilities (learning or physical)?

Please describe any other information you would like to give us about your child.

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