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Ms. Roberta Myers
Vice President, Editor-in-Chief / Brand Content
Ms. Roberta Myers
Vice President, Editor-in-Chief / Brand Content



Total subscriptions     820,901

Newsstand sales         274,801

% men/women             8%/92%

Median age              32

Median hh income        $73,979

Writers/photographers   Daphne Merkin, Ariel Levy, Lisa DePaolo, Katrina Onstad, Amanda Fortini, Karen
                        Durbin, Maggie Bullock, Andrew Goldman, Rachael Combe, Holly Millea, Will
                        Blythe, Ruth Reichl, Rebecca Traister, E. Jean Carroll, A.M. Homes, Elizabeth Hayt,
                        Michelango Di Battista, Ellen Von Unwerth, Alexei Hay, Pascal Aulagner, Ditte
                        Isager, Max Farago, Gilles Bensimon, Tom Munro, Carter Smith, KT Auleta, Dusan
 ELLE is the definitive modern, high fashion magazine for smart women; we give our readers —median age 32 — the
 information they need to stay on the cutting edge of fashion and beauty trends, of culture, high and low, nourish their souls,
 maintain their bodies and minds in peak form and cultivate their personal style. We neither pander nor preach, but build a
 long standing trust with our readers so they can confidently turn to us, month after month, in matters of both substance and
 style. Every issue of ELLE includes an encounter with the challenging and the unexpected.

We are submitting our April Career issue, September Fall fashion issue, and the October issue celebrating our 25th
Aside from the overall strength in these issues of page design and photography—note September's ambitious 19-page
photojourney of Julia Roberts with three photographers and three locations unified by utterly original typography—many of
the pieces exemplify the visually creative ways we bring our smart, info hungry readers the extras that define our more is
more mandate. To give one example, our piece on J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons included a visual scrapbook that
connected five of J.Crew’s most trend-dead-on items to their inspirations (a shirtdress conceptualized from a Hockney
April 2010

September 2010

October 2010
Due to the breadth of our coverage, our design team has a monthly challenge to wrestle. Our April issue jumps from our
IntELLEgentsia package, focusing on women at the top of their fields (artist Marina Abramovic, whose retrospective at
MOMA opened that month; playwright Lucy Prebble, comedian; Kristin Wiig; Malika Saada Saar, an activist for women and
children in the justice system) to a pure, aspirational fashion photo fantasy on "work" clothes shot by Ellen Von Unwerth.
Every month, they do amazing things with fonts (please note the gorgeous text treatment of our well story heds), photos,
and formats, to tie every page together and create a whole that is sexy, fun, surprising, dense but not overwhelming —just
completely modern, an object to save and visually savor long past the pub date.