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  Thought this might be of interest on our website. Thanks.

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                                                              Project Amigo€€
                                                                  March - April€E-News €

            Dear Bruce,
            Greetings and best wishes from your                       €Please
            friends in Colima, Mexico.

            It's March already! Our last week of the
            season is upon us. Seems like only
            yesterday we were facing seven work                      Now
            weeks. How can the winter have flown by                        €
            so quickly?                                                    €
            While folks in the north were experiencing record              €
            snowfalls, we here in Colima have been experiencing            €
            unusual cold fronts, and lots of rainy
            days. Sometimes, the days were so overcast for so
            long that there was no "solar" for our solar panels
            and we had a few rather chilly showers. We gave
            thanks for having water at all - how many on our
            planet don't?

            Comisario Noé (see the January E-news) has been                                 3/22/2010
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           hard at work his first two months of leadership. Just
           last weekend he rounded up a bunch of young
           people from the village and set them to work planting
           trees as part of a state-wide reforestation effort. (Ted
           begged the kids to reforest his head while they were
           at it.)

           The annual Interact Youth Work Week in February
           brought 17 young people, mostly from Nevada City,
           CA, and a few from Terra Linda, CA. Good, steady,
           fun and responsible young people who give us hope
           for our future. They worked hard, teaching hundreds
           of children to brush properly and giving them new
           toothbrushes; bringing books to be shared; and
           delivering clothing they had brought, and soccer
           uniforms donated by Rotarian Greg Kuhl of Foster
           City. They also got to work with the scholarship
           students from Cerro de Ortega, helping 210 children
           enjoy the annual visit to Colima's Tortugario. A
           highlight of this outing was a turtle release!

           We are gearing up for our annual visit to Rotary
           Clubs and fund raising events in the US and
           Canada. This spring we'll start in San Diego and
           finish up at the Rotary Convention in Montreal. We
           look forward to seeing old friends again, and to
           making new ones. If you go Montreal in June, be
           sure to stop by booth 2112 in the Projects Exhibition

           Happy Spring from Ted and Susan!
           Meet our Students

           Evangelina "Eva" Suarez Mendoza

           "I live in the village of Pueblo Juarez, to the
           southwest of Colima. I come from a humble and
           hard-working family that has put forth great effort to
           give us the best. However, because there are eight
           of us children, they didn't have the resources to give
           us the opportunity to study. None of my brothers
           and sisters studied beyond junior high school.                 3/22/2010
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           When I was 10 years old, I went to live in the state-
           run boarding home in my village for kids like me -
           poor children who needed a better chance to get a
           primary school education. The albergue provided us
           food, a bed to sleep in, a place to study, and adults
           who could help us with our homework. It was there,
           living in the albergue, that I became part of the family
           of Project Amigo. I've been a scholarship recipient
           for 12 years, and thanks to my sponsors, Gerry
           Reicher and Jody Huckins, I have now graduated
           from the University of Colima with a degree in
           Accounting. I am the very first in my family to have a

           Eva is now working as part of our bookkeeping team and is running the show while
           our bean counter and bookkeeper (and also former scholarship recipient Maria
           Esther "Tey" Cruz) is on maternity leave.
           Intensive Spanish Course

                          Do you want to learn Spanish or improve the Spanish you now
                          Our three week intensive program in July will be fun, and you will
                          learn quickly. Our professor this year will be Bruce Powell. Bruce
                          has years of experience teaching Spanish. AND, your private tutor
                          will be a Project Amigo University Scholar. For more information
                          click HERE

                              This course is filling up.€ Sign up today!
           Help Wanted
           District promoter - make presentations to Rotary Clubs in your area.
           Nutrition Specialist - Rewrite menus at our home for University scholars. Minimum
           30 days - volunteer position in Colima. Spanish needed.
           For more information or for an application:

           Project Amigo is a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization. Our Federal Tax ID # 68-0396073.

           Our mission is to enable the poor children of Colima to achieve their highest
           potential by providing educational opportunities, material support, enrichment
           activities, and medical and dental services not otherwise available to them. We
           provide scholarships to outstanding students who complete sixth grade so that
           they can attend junior high, high school and college at the University of Colima.

           Our scholars are becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers and community leaders.
           When these students complete college and enter a profession they, and their
           whole family, break out of the cycle of poverty that has imprisoned them for
           generations.                                         3/22/2010
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           Our administrative costs are low, and the benefits to the children we serve are

           You can help Project Amigo by using your credit card and making a contribution
           on-line by clicking Donate -- or by sending your check to:

           Project Amigo
           14 Commercial Blvd # 119
           Novato, CA 94949

           Thank you for your continuing support!!

           Ted Rose & Susan Hill
           On-site Directors in Mexico
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       Project Amigo | 14 Commercial Blvd #119 | Novato | CA | 94949                                                           3/22/2010

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