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                  2010 Royal Popcorn Sale!
The 2010 Samoset Council Royal Popcorn Sale will run  excited about the sale). Please contact your District 
from September 25th to October 24th and will again  Popcorn  Kernels  or  your  District  Executive  if  you 
feature the Pecatonica River gourmet popcorn.                     have  questions  about  how  to  recruit  leaders  for 
                                                                  these positions. 
Kick‐off info: 
There  will  be  two  kickoffs  available  for  your  unit  to 
attend.  They  will  again  be  held  at  the  same  venues: 
Church  Mutual  in  Merrill  (northern  districts)  on 
Tuesday,  August  24th  at  7:00  p.m.  and  JFK              
Elementary  School  in  Junction  City  (southern          
districts)  on  Wednesday,  August  25th,  at  7:00  p.m. 
Invites will go out to all unit leaders in August. At the 
kickoff  you  will  receive  all  of  your  materials  for  the 
sale, product sample kits, promotional t‐shirts, bonus 
prize  incentive  to  take  back  to  your  unit  and              
important  info  for  the  upcoming  sale.  You  will  want 
to learn about all of the new updates that have been 
made to the ordering system.  Every unit who attends 
the  kickoff  and  also  hits  their  Royal  Goal  will  be  put 
into a drawing for a laptop PC!  (1 winner per district) 
                                                                     Northern Districts            Southern Districts 
Prize info: 
                                                                     Date: Tuesday, 8/24/10        Date: Wed., 8/25/10 
This  year’s  Above  &  Beyond  prizes  are  as  follows:  a         Time: 7:00 p.m.               Time: 7:00 p.m.  
$30  camp  certificate  will  be  awarded  to  all  sellers          Location:                     Location:
$550  dollars  and  above.  Last  year  we  awarded  over            Church Mutual Insurance Co.   JFK Elementary School 
$17,000 dollars worth of camperships, and are hoping                 3000 Schuster Lane            616 West 2nd St. 
                                                                     Merrill, WI 54402             Junction City, WI  
to  award  even  more  this  year!  The  Bonus  Prize  for                                         54443
Scouts  this  year  will  be  a  choice  between  a  PS3,      
Nintendo Wii or XBOX 360! The prize option will again 
feature  separate  prizes  for  Cub  Scouts,  Boy  Scouts 
and  Venturers.  To  prepare  for  the  sale  unit  leaders 
should  now  be  identifying  their  unit  administration 
kernel  (handles  paperwork  and  logistics)  and  their 
unit promotions kernel (to get Scouts and families  
Scout Executive’s  Corner                                       
                                 Tesomas Scout Camp                begin and where people with similar values learn to 
                                 celebrates it’s 75th              work together and depend on one another. I am proud 
                                 Anniversary this year.            of our culture at Camp Tesomas and I am proud of 
                                 Several weeks ago, we             what we have done for 75 years in helping young    
                                 had a celebration to              people grow to be healthy, happy adults. Thank you 
                                 recognize the legacy of           for helping this culture permeate throughout the 
                                 our camp. It has made             Scouting program. It is people like you who create the 
                                 me wonder about what it           culture that changes the lives of children. Happy 75th 
                                 is about a simple piece of        Anniversary, Camp Tesomas! 
                                 property with some                 
                                 buildings, trees, trails          Mike McCarthy 
                                 and a lake that are so            Scout Executive 
                                 special. I spent the    
                                 weekend at the             
                                 Anniversary Celebration, 
and I observed over 300 alumni walk and talk and tell 
stories of “when I was on staff” or “when I came to 
camp.” Some talked about how much the property had 
changed since they were there last, while others talked 
about how much it remained the same. I guess it is all a 
matter of perspective.  
There was much laughter as visitors relived memories 
and shared their stories of campfires and singing in the                                                             
                                                                                        SAMOSET BOARD OF DIRECTORS 
dining hall. The weekend culminated with a banquet and                                                               
closing video. The video highlighted 75 years of history.                     Dr. Frederick Prehn                      Todd Schroeder 
There were pictures of camp staff from the 1930’s to                                                                 
                                                                                                            Bill Beer                    
present, pictures of camp being constructed and pictures                                         Council Commissioner
of Scouts having the time of their lives. It stirred the                                                             
                                                                       +Dave Bielen                                 Steve Miller 
emotions of those gathered. As the lights came up       
                                                                       Kevin Crooks                                 Scott Mickelsen 
following the video, I looked around the room to see                   Bruce Czech 
tears coming down the cheeks of many grown men.  The                                                                Jerry Peura 
                                                                       +Jeff DeLonay                                John Schulz 
video triggered a lot of memories and a lot of emotions.               +Andy Dewitt                                 Stephanie Smith 
                                                                       +Larry Foltz                                 Marcia Tepp 
I have thought a great deal about why so many came                     Joe Fritzsche                                +Tim Vocke 
back for the reunion and I have wondered why a video                   Marita Hattem                                Pat Wallschlaeger 
would bring grown men to tears. It is clear to me that our             Sandy Irwin                                  Eric Wangen 
camp is much more than a piece of property with                        +Bill Jenkins                                **Craig Beer 
                                                                       Karla Kieffer                                 
buildings and trees. Camp Tesomas is a culture. It is a 
                                                                       Greg Koepel                                  +District Chair 
culture where boys become men, where work ethics are                   Roger Lang                                   ** Youth Representative 
learned and where boys learn who they are deep down.                   Roger Lucas 
It is a culture of happiness where lifelong friendships    
                                                COUNCIL                       NEWS

The President’s Corner                                                                     Outdoor Leader Skills 
Fellow Scouters, it continues to be an                                  On April 23 – 25, Hanna Venture Base was the site of the 2010 
exciting time in Samoset Council. I had the                             Outdoor  Leaders  Skills  Course.  Twenty  one  Scouting  Leaders 
recent pleasure of seeing many of you at the                            completed  the  wonderful  weekend  experience.  They  are  being  
Samoset Alumni Reunion in June. What a                                  recognized for their continued dedication to Scouting. They are 
wonderful event. This was a great time to                               Ken   Nygaard, Roger Dillon, Murry Bienvenue, Sal Cuomo, Jason 
catch up with our alumni, many of whom                                  Splinter,  Michael  Lasee,  Scott  Chalmers,  Jamie  Chariton,  Cathy 
created the foundation of what we enjoy at                              McCarty, Chris Viegut, Kathleen     Saucier, Alonzo Dvorak, Terry 
Camp Tesomas.                                                           Bennett, Roger Branton, Jeremiah Poncek, Dana Bloomer, Craig 
                                                                        Fox,  Curt  Olejniczak,  Jerry  Hersil,  David  Schult,  and  Kristin 
The Samoset Council Board of Directors continues to focus our  Woller.  
attention on our new strategic plan. This plan involves change.                                              
While I will assure you that we won’t change the Samoset                A special thank you goes out to course director  Darwin Paddock 
culture and we won’t deviate from our mission to serve children                        and his staff. We look forward to 2011. 
with the Scouting curriculum, I am excited about some of the                            PHILMONT ADVENTURES 2011 
new ways in which we hope to grow Scouting and improve the 
quality of program.  This includes a new marketing committee,                        Calling all adult volunteers and Boy Scouts:  Plan a 
targeting more dollars to maintenance at camp and a renewed                          lifelong  memory with a trip to Philmont. Sign up for 
focus on growing membership.                                                         the Samoset Council Contingent for the summer of 
                                                                                     2011. Boy scouts must be 14 by September 1, 2010.  
Speaking of change, I want to extend a thank you to Eagle Scout,                     For  further information contact Mike Pazdernik at 
Steve Murley, who has served on our Board of Directors and                           715‐581‐6312 or mike@samoset.org  
most recently served as our President Elect. As I am sure you 
know, Steve is leaving us to accept a position as the                  
Superintendant for the Iowa City Schools. This is truly our loss                                             
and Iowa’s gain. On behalf of the Samoset Council, Thanks                               Thank You Merrill Iron and Steel! 
Steve! However, I am very pleased to announce that Marita                   
Hattem has agreed to take on the role as our new President                  
Elect and will assume the role of Council President for the                 
2012‐2014 term. Marita currently serves on our board as the 
Vice President of Administration. Professionally, Marita is the 
Vice President of Physician Support Services for Aspirus                    
Hospitals. She brings a contagious enthusiasm and strong                    
commitment to Scouting to her new role as our President Elect.              
Change is inevitable, but with the proper guidance, change is 
powerful and helps us achieve new heights. I am excited about 
the future of our great council and I am grateful to those who              
guide the change. As the leaves turn this fall signifying the               
changing of the seasons, let’s remember that this also signifies a   
time when over 1000 families will join the Scouting movement in  Scout  Executive  Mike  McCarthy  presents  a  plaque  to  Roger    
Samoset Council through our fall recruitment campaign. They             Hinner, President of Merrill Iron and Steel in recognition of their 
join Scouting with the expectation that they will have the             on‐going support of the Samoset Council. Also picture are long‐
adventure of a lifetime. Join me in delivering the promise as we  time volunteer Karen Rajek and Merrill Iron’s Pete Sullivan, VP of 
serve all families in Samoset Council. Thanks for all you do.           Sales and Estimating. In addition to a gift to the Annual Friends 
                                                                        of Scouting Campaign, Merrill Iron and Steel has supplied Camp 
Dr. Frederick C. Prehn, President/Samoset Council                       Tesomas  with  industrial  paint  for  our  buildings  and  most         
                                                                        recently provided the steel for the new “Birch Tree Gateway” at 
                                                                        the entrance to Camp Tesomas. Thank you Merrill Iron and Steel 
                                           Preserving The Legacy 
                                        Samoset Council’s Endowment Campaign 

        Samoset Council is proud to announce the final phase of the Preserving The Legacy Endowment Campaign.  
Our goal for the Endowment Campaign is to reach a total Endowment of $10 million by the year 2011.  Currently, the 
Preserving The Legacy Endowment Campaign has reached an approximate total of $8 million in cash gifts, pledges and 
estate gifts.  We are also pleased to announce we secured a total of $48,500 of new Endowment gifts in the 2010 year. 
        We are also pleased to announce that we have been able to expand the Sponsors of the Crystal Lake Scout 
Reservation Tile program with more than 70 new Tiles available; however we are already receiving requests to secure 
these additional Tiles.  The following are pictures of this new expansion.  Each personally engraved Tile represents    
support to the Endowment Campaign which provides annual return on investment income back to the properties and 
program costs of Scouting at Samoset Council, BSA.  We hope these new available Tiles will be filled up quickly as we 
continue our mission to ensure the Scouting program at Samoset Council is secure for thousands of current and future 
Scouts and their families. 

        Please consider making a long term commitment to the future of your son’s Scouting program.  For only $33 
per month you can Preserve Your Family’s Legacy permanently in the Crystal Lake Sponsorship Monument located at 
Tesomas Scout Camp.  Please consider permanently engraving Your Legacy with Samoset Scouting. 
                                         Why Support the Endowment Campaign: 
“After seeing the positive impact that Scouting has on the youth that participate in the program, I feel that             
having the funds available to the Samoset Council for the future of these Young Americans is essential. The camping 
program that is delivered thru the Crystal Lake Scout Reservation has a tremendous impact on both youth and        
parents alike.  I believe that by helping to fund the future responsibilities of the Council will enable it to better serve 
the youth in our area.” 
‐Randy Gilray 
2010 NYLT Course Scoutmaster 
Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 419 
Please contact Assistant Scout Executive Jeff Lato at (715) 355‐1450 or at lato@samoset.org to get more information 
on how you can become an Official Sponsor of the Crystal Lake Scout Reservation and Preserve Your Legacy.  
Youth safety is the No. 1 concern of the BSA.

To increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already exist today in
Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America is implementing several important changes to further enhance its Youth Protection

Effective June 1, 2010:

         -- Youth Protection training is required for all registered volunteers.
         -- New leaders are required to take Youth Protection training before they submit an application for
registration. The certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time application is made and
before volunteer service with youth begins.
         -- Youth Protection training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer's Youth Protection training record
is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be reregistered.

                                                To ensure these policies are fully implemented, please take the following

                                           •               -- If you have not taken Youth Protection training within the past two
                                                years, please log on to MyScouting and take the training. Be sure to have your
                                                member ID number. The number can be found on your Boy Scouts of America
                                                membership card.
                                           •               -- If you do not know your member ID number, contact your unit leader
                                                or committee chairman. Your council can also assist.
                                           •               -- A person does not have to be a registered volunteer or have an ID
                                                number to take Youth Protection training. To take the training, log in to
                                                MyScouting and create an account. From the MyScouting portal, click on E-
                                                Learning and take the Youth Protection training. Upon completion, print a
                                                certificate and submit it with an application or submit to the unit leader for
processing at the local council.
         -- If you have taken Youth Protection training online but did not input your member ID number, please log on to
MyScouting and input your member ID in the My Profile section so the training will be linked to your records.
         -- If you have taken Youth Protection training within the past two years but did not take the course online, log on to
MyScouting to ensure your records are up-to-date, or contact your council for verification that your Youth Protection training
records are accurate.
         -- If you have any problems with MyScouting or need any assistance, call Lois at the council service center at 715-
355-1450 or 1-800-303-2195.
         -- Finally, please share these important changes with other Scouters.

To find out more about the Youth Protection policies of the Boy Scouts of America and how to help Scouting keep
your family safe, see the Parent's Guide in any of the Cub Scouting or Boy Scouting handbooks, or go to

Thank you for your commitment to our nation's young people and to Scouting.
                                  “Let’s Get Trained!”
         As you may already know, in May the Samoset Council, BSA Board of Directors
approved a new Policy requiring all Direct Contact Leaders and all Registered Adult Leaders to
have completed the Basic Training Requirements within their Positions. This Policy is now in
effect and Adults who have not completed their Basic Training Requirements will not be able to
Re-Charter with their Units in February 2011.

         The Samoset Council Training Committee has also been meeting over the last couple of
months to develop a roadmap detailing what is required of adult leaders to be considered
“trained”. Additionally, this Committee is working with each District to update the Training
Records for all of the currently registered adult leaders. The Training Committee is working with
each District to develop new opportunities for registered adult leaders to receive the necessary
training. These opportunities will include new online courses offered through the National BSA
Website with links from the Samoset Council Website. Finally, these Training opportunities will
also be offered within the local District to ensure maximum opportunity for all registered adult
leaders to complete their position specific basic training requirements as set forth from the
National Boy Scouts of America.

        We invite all of you to verify that your official Training records are accurate by talking
with your District Training Chairperson. Additionally, we would ask you to consider attending
available online training programs and planning ahead to attend new training sessions offered
within your District and throughout Samoset Council, BSA. You can also attend Training
opportunities at other Districts to meet these requirements.

        Ultimately, this new “Let’s All Get Trained” initiative will lead to an increase in the
quality of the program for our boys and girls in Scouting. Additionally, this effort will help us to
ensure new leaders are prepared for their positions of leadership. Finally, this Training
Requirement will help all of us to continue the great legacy of Samoset Scouting “Where
Camping Is King!” and the quality of your Scouting program is always our primary focus. Let’s
work together in this effort for the benefit of your Scouts.

               A special thank you to your Council Training Committee Leaders:
Chairman: Bill Hanson
Ahdawagam: Mike Wallner
Mushkodany: Dennis Stephani
Ojibwa: Marsha Sawzwedel
Rib Mountain: Linda Tryczak
Northwoods (Cubs): Karen Rajek
Northwoods (Scouts): Bill Hansen
Crystal Lake: T.B.D.
                                 Join Us in the New Cub Scout Delivery Method: 
                                          Benefits of the New Delivery Method: 

1.  Increased youth retention‐‐more youth served.             2.  Planned path to advancement. 
3.  Increased Den Leader confidence and satisfaction. 

          Alongside key volunteers and subject matter experts in the Cub Scout program, the National Council has enhanced the Cub 
Scout delivery method to make something good even better. Over the past four years, we have used the pilot program to test these 
new changes. The program has been well‐assessed with input from more than 11,000 Cub Scout den leaders nationwide.  
          In the pilot study, Cub Scout retention has increased from 65 percent to 89 percent annually. This means if the new 
program is successful for everyone, 300,000 more boys will stay in Scouting in the United States each year and will achieve the 
overall aims of Scouting—the development of their character, citizenship, and fitness.  

The Pilot Study Said . . .  
    60% of Den Leaders said the new program has increased their confidence in delivering the Cub Scout program to their den.  
    80% said the resources made meeting preparation easier, and they are satisfied with the activities and resources.  
    95% would recommend the new program to other den leaders.  
    97% were satisfied with the resources provided.  

    Fast Start for Cub Scout Leaders has been updated to reflect the new delivery method. It is available now at 
    www.scouting.org/myscouting  using your MyScouting account.  
    Position‐Specific Leader Training has been updated to reflect the new delivery method. It also now combines the main portion 
    of the training into one module, and minimodules are used to support specific leader positions.  
              It is available now in the instructor‐led version at your local Scout shop or at www.scoutstuff.org .   
    Den leaders can now receive all training necessary to become ―fully trained online.  
              Youth Protection training  
              This Is Scouting  
              Fast Start for Cub Scout Leaders  
              Position‐Specific Leader Training  

What Hasn’t Changed:  
   Cub Scout handbooks                                
   Advancement requirements   
   Academics and Sports belt loops and pins  
   Family‐related achievements and activities  

What Has Changed:  
   Program Helps has been eliminated, replaced by the Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide.  
   Pack themes, such as circus or pirates, have been replaced with Cub Scouting’s 12 Core Values.  
   Roundtable themes have been changed to focus on the pack theme for the coming month, using Cub Scouting’s 12 Core Values.  
   Share, Discover, Search is no longer part of the Tiger Cub den meeting structure.  

The Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide is now available.  You can find it at Samoset Council Scout Shop or at 
www.scoutstuff.org.  Individual meeting plans are available today.  

Tiger Cub Den Meeting Plans:  

Wolf Cub Scout Den Meeting Plans: 

Bear Cub Scout Den Meeting Plans:  

Webelos Den Meeting Plans:  

Arrow of Light Den Meeting Plans: 
                                                     DISTRICT                        NEWS

ANNUAL DISTRICT PROGRAM KICKOFF                                                  TRAINING CORNER 
This  year’s  Ahdawagam  District  Program  Kickoff  will  be  held  at          Mark your calendar!  Super Saturday Training Dates:  
Cera Park on Hwy 66 (old Hwy P) between Wisconsin Rapids and                     October 16, 2010 (Saturday) 8:00AM – 5:00PM 
Stevens Point on Thursday, August 19th.  Family fun activities will              March 19, 2011 (Saturday) 8:00AM – 5:00PM 
be  held  as  well  as  a  potluck  picnic!    Bring  your  whole  family,  a    Courses  covered  include:  Cub  Scout  Leader  Specific  (Tiger, 
dish  to  pass,  and  any  utensils  you  will  need  for  your  family.         Wolf/Bear,  Webelos,  Pack  Committee,  and  Cubmaster), 
Beverages will be provided.  Dinner will start at 6:00 PM, though                Scoutmaster Specific, and Troop Committee Specific 
the  pool  will  be  open  for  use  for  $1  per  person  prior  to  then.       

The  event  will  have  information  about  coming  fall  and  winter            Contact  Mike  Wallner  at  mikewallner@hotmail.com  or  (715)
programs,  fall  recruiting,  popcorn  sale,  and  much  more!    More           423‐1673 for details. 

information will be coming to you by postcard soon.                              Set  up  your  MyScouting  account  and  check  out  the  BSA 

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT OUR ROUNDTABLES?                                            Online  Learning  Center  (http://www.myscouting.org)  to  take 
Roundtables are the place to go to get new program ideas, meet                   the prerequisite course of: 
with other leaders, and learn the latest news about the district                       • Fast Start Training
and  council  activities.    Roundtable  meetings  are  held  the  first               • Youth Protection Training
Thursday  of  the  month  year  round  from  7:00  until  8:30  PM  at         

locations  throughout  the  district.    Pick  up  your  roundtable  This is Scouting (formerly New Leader Essentials) 
schedule at the Program Kickoff.  See you at our first Roundtable             Remember: Youth protection training is required for all new 
on  September  2   at  the  Knights  of  Columbus  building  behind           leaders before they sign up and for all current leaders who 
the old St. Joseph’s church on Main Street in Adams.  If you are              have taken it over two years ago!  If you do not have current 
not  on  our  district  e‐mail  list  to  get  all  district  updates  and    youth protection training, you will drop at rechartering time!  
roundtable  reminders,  please  contact  Rachel  Caldwell  at                 If you have trouble taking this course on‐line, please contact 
rachel@samoset.org.                                                           Mike Wallner (contact information above).  Leader specific 
                                                                              training is also required for all top leaders (Cubmasters and 
CUB SCOUT SIGN‐UP                                                             Scoutmasters) in order to stay registered! 
September  is  our  Cub  Scout  recruitment  month!    We  ask  each           
pack to select a night to do their sign‐up and bring the details to           FLYING  HIGH  OVER  SANDHILL  –  SPRING  CAMPOREE  A      
the  Program  Kickoff.    Please  select  an  alternative  date  just  in     SUCCESS! 
case there are conflicts with other packs.  As in the past, we will           Over  100  Boy  Scouts  and  Adult  leaders  participated  in         
work  with  the  schools  to  do  boy  talks  and  flyer  distribution.   Ahdawagam’s Spring Camporee on May 14‐16 at the Sandhill 
Also,  put  September  16th  on  your  calendars  for  our  joint             Wildlife  Area  in  Babcock.    The  boys  had  a  blast  lashing         
city‐wide  sign‐up  with  the  Girl  Scouts  for  the  Wisconsin  Rapids  together  a  20  foot  tower,  zip‐lining,  and  crossing  a  rope    
area.    Please  take  some  time  to  develop  ideas  for  your  pack’s      monkey bridge.  They also learned how to make rope, how to 
sign‐up night.  We will also go over some sign‐up night ideas at              lift heavy items using rope and pulleys to make a mechanical 
our  September  roundtable  so  be  sure  to  attend.    Every  boy           advantage,  and  many  other  neat  activities.    Many  boys      
deserves the chance to be a part of our program.  Let’s see if we  completed their pioneering merit badge.  Make sure you mark 
can get them to join!                                                         your calendars for October 15‐17 for the Fall Camporee!  The 
                                                                              theme  will  be  “Eagles,  Owls,  and  Bats”  and  most  of  the       
EAGLES, OWLS, & BATS – FALL CAMPOREE PATCH DESIGN CON‐                        activities  will  take  place  through  the  night!    You  definitely 
TEST                                                                          don’t want to miss out on this event.  A very special thanks to 
Scouts!!!    Here  is  your  chance  to  show  off  your  creative  skills.   Bryan Call and his team for making this event a huge success! 
Ahdawagam  District  is  holding  the  first  Design  the  Camporee            
patch  contest.    Our  Fall  Camporee  theme  is  Eagles,  Owls  and              NEED MORE INFO?
Bats.  This will be a night camporee, with most activities taking                  District Commissioner: Bob Berg 715-887-2136
place  in  the  dark  of  night.    Come  up  with  your  own  creative            District Chair:            Andy Dewitt 715-525-3006
design following the Eagle, Owls and Bat theme. The winner will                    Senior District Executive: Rachel Caldwell 715-581-6316 or
receive a camp chair with their winning design embroidered on                                                  rachel@samoset.org
the chair.  Entries are due August 5th.  Please turn your design 
in to your Scoutmaster.  

                                                                                       CUBS  HAVE  A  BLAST  AT  FUN  UNDER  THE  BIG  TOP!  
                                                                                       Over 100 Cub Scouts in Ahdawagam had a blast at the Cub Scout 
                                                                                       Camporee held on June 21st and 22nd at the Grand Rapids Lions 
                                                                                       Club  Park.    Cubs  participated  in  numerous  activities  over  the 
                                                                                       course of the two days to include b‐b guns, archery, sling shots, 
                                                                                       fishing, crafts, cooking, music, and even an obstacle course!   Be 
                                                                                       on the lookout for another great adventure next year at the Cub 
                                                                                       Scout Hoe Down on June 20th and 21st!  A special thanks goes to 
                                                                                       the  Grand  Rapids  Lions  Club  for  the  generous  use  of  their       
                                                                                       facilities, Andy Dewitt and Dave McTyre for doing a fabulous job 
                                                                                       as camp director and program director, and our entire Cub Scout 
                                                                                       Camporee staff!  We couldn’t have done it without you! 

Cub  Scouts  from  Pack  171  help  retire  American  flags  at  the  Annual 
Flag  retirement  held  on  May  15  at  the  Fireman  Memorial  Park  in     
Wisconsin  Rapids.    This  event was  sponsored by  the  Ah‐dah‐wa‐gum 
chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 
                                                                                                          Sam Howard from Pack 178 shows off his 20 inch bass                    
                                                                                                                 caught at the Ahdawagam Cub Scout Camporee. 
Scouters  hoisting  up  the  20  foot  tower  built  by  the  Scouts  in  the  Spring        
Camporee held at Sandhill Wildlife Area. 
                                                                                                  Webelos Scouts from the Elephant Super Den test their skills at 
                                                                                                                    shooting BB Guns in the prone position. 
                                                                            CUB SCOUT CONESTOGA SKILLS 
                                                                            Ahdawagam  District’s  Conestoga  wagon  trail  adventure  is     
                                                                            coming  to  Riverside  Park  in  Pittsville  on  Saturday,  August  21st 
                                                                            from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  Cub Scouts will work together as a 
                                                                            team  to  complete  various  tests  and  obstacles  while                 
                                                                            maneuvering a Conestoga wagon through the course.  The cost 
                                                                            of  the  event  is  $6.00  per  person.    Please  complete  the                
                                                                            registration  form  below  and  return  by  August  6th.    For  more  
                                                                            information,  contact  Mary  Boyd  at  715‐459‐5517  or  at                 
                                                                            maryboyd@solarus.net.  If your pack does not have a Conestoga 
                                                                            wagon,  please  let  Mary  Boyd  know  and  she  will  get  you  one!  
                    2010 Cub Scout Camporee staff                           Two  Conestoga  wagons  were  made  by  the  Webelos  at  the       
                                                                            Webelos  evening  program  at  the  Cub  Scout  Camporee  to  be 
                                                                            used in this event! 
Ahdawagam showed their Scouting spirit on June 27th this year 
by marching in the ‘Our Blossoming Community’ Parade as part 
                                                                                     Ahdawagam District Cub Scout Conestoga Skills  
of  the  Cranberry  Blossom  Fest  in Wisconsin  Rapids.   Numerous 
                                                                                                      August 21, 2010 
units  of  both  Boy  Scouts  and  Cub  Scouts  participated.    Special 
                                                                                                    Preregistration form  
thanks  go  to  Dave  and  Sue  McTyre  for  putting  together  the 
                                                                                            (Participants pay fee day of event) 
event for the 3rd year a row!   
                                                                            Pack ___________   
                                                                            Cubmaster’s signature _________________________________ 
                                                                            E‐mail address________________________________________ 
                                                                            Wagon Guide (adult) __________________________________
                                                                            (1) Cub Scout         ___________________________________
                                                                            (2) Cub Scout         ___________________________________
                                                                            (3) Cub Scout         ___________________________________
                                                                            (4) Cub Scout         ___________________________________
                                                                            (5) Cub Scout         ___________________________________
                                                                            (6) Cub Scout         ___________________________________
                                                                            (7) Cub Scout         ___________________________________
Ahdawagam Scouts and Adult leaders show their Scouting Spirit in the        (8) Cub Scout          ___________________________________
             annual Cranberry Blossom Fest parade  
                                                                            (9) Cub Scout          ___________________________________
                                                                            Each  wagon  registered  must  have  one  adult  volunteer  as  a    
                                                                            Registered  Adult  Wagon  Guide  and  one  volunteer  to  help  the 
                                                                            Conestoga staff or Fort Captains for the entire day of the event. 
                                                                            Check items you would like to have e‐mailed to you: 
                                                                                     CONESTOGA PLANS ____                       
                                                                                     WAGON GUIDE RULES ____ 
                                                                                     WAGON MASTER RULES ____ 
                                                                                     CONESTOGA GENERAL RULES ____ 
                                                                                     STARTING LINE INSTRUCTIONS ____ 
                                                                            Please mail pre‐registration form (make as many copies as 
                                                                            needed) to:  Mary Boyd 
                                                                                            Ahdawagam District Conestoga          
                                                                                            6621 Kellner Road, Wisconsin Rapids, WI  54494 
                                                        DISTRICT                     NEWS

2010‐2011 PROGRAM KICKOFF                                                        2010 DISTRICT AWARDS BANQUET  
The  Mushkodany  program  kick‐off  is  going  to  be  held  at  the                    On May 4h 60 Boy Scout volunteers attended the district’s 
Stevens  Point  Izaak  Walton  League  Chapter  on  Hwy  66.  The     annual  awards  banquet.    They  celebrated  a  wonderful  year  in 
kickoff  will  be  held  on  Tuesday,  August  17th  starting  at  6:45          Scouting  and  were  present  to  see  many  wonderful  volunteers 
                                                                                 recognized for their efforts.   
p.m.  There  will  be  food,  drink  and  lots  of  information  for  the          
upcoming year. All packs who have not set a date for their 2010                         The following volunteers were honored for their first year 
sign  up  nights  should  bring  the  date  to  this  event.  All  units         of  service  with  the  “Rookie  of  the  Year  Award”:  Sandy  Hintz, 
                                                                                 Dale  Hintz,  Scott  Chalmers,  Jeremy  Spoelstra,  Cheryl  Anderson, 
should bring their 2010‐2011 commitment cards. See you there! 
                                                                                 Andrew  Hefter,  Erica  Smetana,  Kelly  Salak,  Phillip  Robinson,   
2010‐2011 ROUNDTABLES                                                            Norman Bond, Jeff Pollock, Thomas Kildow, Brian Kurzynski, Dean 
Roundtable  meetings  are  held  on  the  first  Tuesday  of  each               Bushey, Andy Franz and William Bandell.   
month.    Our  first  roundtable  meeting  will  be  held  at  6:45  p.m.                The  “Spark  Plug  Award”  is  given  to  volunteers  who      
Tuesday  September  7th  at  P.J.  Jacobs  in  Stevens  Point.  This  is         demonstrate  great  leadership  and  abilty.    It  was  given  to:       
the best place to get council and district information as well as                Jennifer  Ostrowski,  Dawn  March,  Jean  O’Brien,  Joe  Engman,   
share and learn ideas from other leaders from the district. This                 Jason Wise, Erika Fish, Susan LeBow, Ronald Hefter, Lisa Adams, 
year we will be holding some more roundtables in other areas of                  Michelle  Daniels,  Josh  Cisewski,  Rick  Yesee,  Jim  Gidlund,  Julie 
the  District.  Also  remember  that  roundtables  are  for  everyone,           Mancheski,  Ben  Wild,  Kevin  Konopacky,  Jamie  Chariton,  Brad 
so feel free to attend.                                                          Zinbauer, Jim Makuski, Kelly Ekum and Sarah Torres.   
                                                                                         For  an  adult  Scouter  who  has  displayed  outstanding     
CUB SCOUT TRAINING EVENTS                                                        service  to  the  district,  above  and  beyond  their  registered 
          Tiger Leader Training:                                                 postions  they  receive  the  “Dedicated  Service  Award”.    The     
Every  new  Tiger  Leader  needs  to  complete  training.    You  will           following volunteers were recognized:  Paula Muetzelburg, John 
learn  how  to  plan  and  facilitate  a  fun  and  exciting  Tiger  Den.        Schultz,  Kristyne  Havitz,  Jason  Splinter,  Ron  Piotrowski,  Tim     
This  year  we  are  holding  a  special  Tiger  Leader  session.    It  is      Arfstrom,  Brett  Buechel,  Rich  Wilcox,  Missy  Sczarkowitz,  Chris 
being held on Wednesday October 20th  at Schierl                                 Burch and Paula Saches.   
Tire (3425 Main St. Stevens Point) at 6:30 p.m.                                          The  “Outstanding  Scouter  Award”  is  awarded  to            
          Cub Scout Leader Specific:                                             volunteers  who  have  a  minimum  of  three  years  service  to     
Cub  Scout  Leader  Specific  training  focuses  on  the  responsibili‐          Scouting and impact youth beyond their own unit.  This year the 
ties,  opportunities,  and  resources  that  will  ensure  a  successful         following individuals were recognized:  Brad Kildow, Steve Lorang 
pack leadership experience. Participants receive specific instruc‐               and Christine Lueck.   
tion in their leadership position which will help them succeed in                        The “Unit Leader of the Year Awards” were given to Rob 
                                                                                 Jaworski of Pack 297 (Cubmaster of the year) and Michael Neely 
that  position.  It  is  being  held  on  Wednesday  November  3rd  at 
                                                                                 of Troop 205 (Scoutmaster of the year).   
Schierl Tire (3425 Main St. Stevens Point) at 6:30 p.m.   
                                                                                         Distinguished  Sponsorship  of  Scouting  Award  was           
6TH ANNUAL CUB SCOUT RALLY NIGHT                                                 presented  to  the  Bill  Cook  Chapter  of  the  Izaak  Walton  League 
This is a large recruitment night for the Packs in and around the                for  selflessly  displayed  outstanding  sponsorship  to  the  youth  of 
Stevens  Point/Plover  area.  This  is  not  designed  to  replace  the          our Mushkodany District. 
unit  signup  nights,  but  serve  as  another  way  to  help  each  unit                The “District Chaiman’s Award” is given to special leaders 
bring in additional youth. The best place to promote this is at the              for  long  time  or  special  service  to  the  Scouting  program.  This 
open house your school offers before the start of the year. This                 year it was awarded to Emery Babcock for his many years of vital 
event  takes  place  at  6:00  p.m.  on  Thursday  September  9th  at            service to the Scouting program.     
Bannach  Elementary  School  (Staying  at  Bannach)  in  Stevens                         The top award a district can present to a volunteer is the 
Point. We need a representative from your pack to help sign up                   “District  Award  of  Merit”.    It  is  presented  to  an  individual  who 
                                                                                 has rendered noteworthy service to youth.  This may consist of a 
the  new  Scouts  and  provide  information  about  your  pack.  We 
                                                                                 single  decision  that  contributes  vitally  to  the  lives  or  a  large    
also  need  additional  volunteers  to  help  with  the  games  and   
                                                                                 number of youth, or it may have been given to a small group 
activities. We are looking forward to another successful year! 
                                                                                 over an extended period of time.  This year’s recipients were 
                                                                                 Tim Yonash and Andrea Teske.   
    District Commissioner: Steve Retzki 715-592-4223 District Chair: Bill
    Jenkins, 715-342-9348 Senior District Executive: Adam Freund, 715-581-    
    0281, adam@samoset.org
                                                   DISTRICT                      NEWS

FRIENDS OF SCOUTING                                                        CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT 
Congratulations  Ojibwa  District  in  making  your  Friends  of           What can the Cub Scouts Packs do to ensure a successful recruit‐
Scouting goal!  Thank you to everyone who has made a pledge  ment?   
to  Friends  of  Scouting  to  help  our  district  and    council.  Your      • Hold an August Pack Planning.   
money  contribution  will  help  with  the  program  delivery;  leader 
training;  district  events;  help  in  keeping  camp  costs  low  and        
                                                                               • Set up a display at your school open house.  
affordable to all who want to attend, and so forth. These people               • Hand out a pack information flyer at school. 
have  also  gone  above  and  beyond  with  helping  the  campaign:            • Plan a Roundup night for September or early October
Tim  Deets  (FOS  family  chair);  FOS  presenters  ‐  Dave  Weber,                Roundup nights are usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday 
Scott  Shepro,  Rob  Rauen,  Paul  Erikson,  Bruce  Hartman,  Dave                 or Thursday nights and only two units per night.   
Beranek,  Jim  Peterson,  Barry  Wolfgram,  Joe  Burger,  Laurel           A successful recruitment ensures that your Pack will continue to 
Shipton,  Vince  Krueger,  Leon  Haffenbredl,  Gary  Beil,  Tim  Deets  do well in the future.    
and  Debi  Delie.    Our  community  campaign  was  also  very             Why Join Cub Scouts? 
successful  thanks  to  Ron  Fischer,  Lori  Bents,  Lorrie  Krokstrom,        • Your time is valuable. Today’s families, more than ever, 
Tim Deets and Dave Bielen.   I would like to specially thank Tim                   struggle to find time to spend together. Cub Scouting 
Deets,  Dave  Weber,  Lorrie  Krokstrom  and  Lori  Bents  for  going              helps to support your family by providing ready‐made 
above  and  beyond.    Plus  to  everyone  else  who  spent  many,                 opportunities for you and your son to do things to‐
many  hours  to  help  make  this  campaign  a  victory.  Thanks                   gether.  
everyone.                                                                      • Your son needs to belong to a group of boys his own 
                                                                                   age. Through this sense of belonging he builds his self‐
AUGUST KICKOFF MEETING                                                             esteem and learns to get along with others.  
Thursday, August 19th, 6:30pm at Klemme Park in Stratford All 
leaders,  popcorn  kernels,  Cub  Scout  Roundup  chairs  and  other 
                                                                               • In a society where your son is taught that winning is 
                                                                                   everything. Cub Scouting reaches him to “do his best” 
interested adults, please join us for food, fun and fellowship at 
                                                                                   and to be helpful to others.  
the Ojibwa Districts annual fall kickoff. Bring a dish to pass. We 
will  start  with  dinner  and  then  have  a  meeting  at  7pm.  Please       • Scouting teaches family values and works to strengthen 
remember to complete and bring your unit’s commitment form                         your relationship with your son.  
for 2010‐2011.                                                                 • Scouting is Fun with a Purpose! 
YEARLY PLANNING                                                           FALL CAMPOREE 
As your units meet in August for your yearly planning meeting,  Ojibwa District Fall  Camporee will be October 1‐3 at the Marsh‐
some  things  to  have  on  hand  are:  council  &  district  calendar  field Airport.  Scouts will learn the some of the basics of aviation 
(download  from  www.samoset.org),  holiday  schedule  and  as well as being offered an opportunity to take a short plane ride 
school  calendars.  Then  insert  all  the  meeting,  camping,  activity  through the EAA Young Eagles Program.  Boy Scouts interested 
dates. After that, remember to create a budget.  Fundraising is  in learning more may continue with more of the    requirements 
an important part of everyone’s activities for 2010‐2011. Recruit  for the Aviation Merit Badge at the Merit Badge College.  More 
a popcorn kernel and make sure they attend training in August.  information will be available August Kickoff.   

Also,  plan  another  fundraiser  in  spring.  Other  than  popcorn  all  CHUCKWAGON AT MINNOW POND IN EDGAR 
fundraisers  must  be  approved  ahead  of  time  by  filling  out  the  The  22nd  Annual  Ojibwa  District  Chuckwagon  is  scheduled  for 
“unit  money  earning  application”,  located  on  the  Samoset           Friday,  October  22nd.  Pack  337  has  volunteered  to  run  this     
website.                                                                  excellent  event  and  we  are  still  looking  for  more  volunteers  to 
MERIT BADGE COLLEGE                                                       help us plan and put on this event. Please contact Laurie if you 
Saturday,  October  16th,  8am  –  4pm  at  UW‐Marshfield/Wood.           can  lend  a  hand,  715‐581‐6311  or  laurie@samoset.org.    More                
We  will  be  offering  the  limited  time  2010  Historical  Merit  information will be available at the August Kickoff.   
Badges:  Carpentry,  Pathfinding,  Signaller,  and  Tracking  (More 
information  about  these  Merit  Badges  and  the  others  being    NEED MORE INFO?
presented  will  be available  at  Roundtable).  If you  would  like  to  District Commissioner: Virginia Krause, 715-457-2573
help teach a one of the Historical Merit Badges or any others, or  District Chair                Dave Bielen, 715-387-4577
if  you  have  any  questions,  please  contact  Marsha  Oberg  at        District Executive:    Laurie Johnson, 715-581-6311,
715‐389‐9144, mgsoberg@charter.net. 
                                             DISTRICT                   NEWS

The Rib Mountain District recognized some outstanding Scouting              The  3rd  Annual  Rib  Mountain  District  Scout  Expo  is 
volunteers at the annual Recognition Dinner on April 11, 2010 at    scheduled for Saturday, September 18, 2010 from 10:00am to 
the Rose Garden in Wausau. Congratulations and Thank You to         2:00pm. Due to the construction on the 400 block, this year’s 
all award recipients.                                               expo will be located near the VFW on River Drive. 
Rookie Scouter of the Year                                                  This  year’s  Scout  Expo  will  coincide  with  the  United 
         Tonya Krizak, P462                                         Way of Marathon County parade and the Boy’s and Girl’s Club 
         Joe Proulx, P438                                           Children’s Festival. With thousands of people congregating in 
         Tom Hanutke, P462                                          the  downtown  area  that  weekend,  this  year’s  expo  is  bound 
Den Leader of the Year                                              to have lots of exposure. 
         Todd Sann, P400                                                    Your unit can get involved with the Expo by contacting 
Webelos Den Leader of the Year                                      Ray  Rogers  at  675‐1717  or  Todd  Sann  at  845‐4902.  There  is 
         Terry Gibbs, P496                                          still space available if your unit wants to take part expo. Not 
Square Knot Award                                                   only will you get to show off Scouting at a highly visible spot 
         Melody Hamlin, T400                                        on  Wausau’s  downtown  square,  but  the  expo  is  a  great     
         Tim Holcomb, T400                                          recruiting  tool  to  give  potential  Scouts  some  ‘hands‐on’    
Scouter of the Year Award – Cub Scouts                              demonstrations of the fun and excitement of Scouting. 
         Michael Pries, P462                                        PROGRAM KICKOFF 
Scouter of the Year Award – Boy Scouts                              When:           Thursday, August 19, 2010, 6:00‐8:00pm 
         Lisa Reynolds, T400                                        Where:          Wausau Homes Scout Center, 3511 Camp  
Scouter of the Year Award – Venturing                                               Phillips Rd, Weston. 
         Bob Hocker, C450                                           Who:            All Cub Scout, Boy Scout & Venturing Leaders 
Cubmaster of the Year Award                                                         in the Rib Mountain District. 
         Ray Rogers, P400                                           Why:            The annual Fall Program Kickoff is your unit’s             
Scoutmaster of the Year Award                                                       opportunity to find out what is happening for 
         David Seehafer, T409                                                       the upcoming program year including: District 
Rib Mountain District Distinguished Service Award                                   Activities, Training, the Popcorn Sale, etc.  Also 
         Kim Seehafer, T409                                                         at the kickoff will be program materials such as 
         Lyle Freiberg, T465                                                        Cub Scout Program Helps and the Samoset  
Rib Mountain District Award of Merit                                                Council Program Calendar.   
         Matt Gewiss, C450                                                Burgers, hot dogs, and drinks will be provided, please 
         Dr. Fred Prehn, T416                                       bring a salad or dessert to pass.  
Venturing District Award of Merit                                         Questions??? Contact Michael Martens,                      
         Brian Meliska                                              martens@samoset.org or (715) 355‐1450. 

                                                                    THE GREAT RAFT RACE III 
                                                                    Join us for the 2010 Rib Mt. District Fall Camporee on October 
                                                                    8‐10,  2010  at  Sunnyvale  Park  (Man‐Made  Lake)  in              
                                                                    Wausau.    The  Camporee’s  Theme  is  “The  Great  Raft  Race 
                                                                    III”.  Rafts will be constructed in the morning on Saturday and 
                                                                    raced in the afternoon.  Webelos are welcome to visit during 
                                                                    the  day  on  Saturday.    The  cost  per  person  is  $6  for  the       
                                                                    weekend  or  $3  for  the  day.  The  patch  design  for  the           
                                                                    Camporee  will  be  selected  from  those  entered  in  the  patch 
                                                                    design contest.  Entries are due by August 12, 2010.  The form 
                                                                    for  the  patch  design  contest  can  be  found  on  the  Rib       
                                                                    Mountain  District  page  on  the  Samoset  Council                  
                                                                    website.   More information will be available at the    Program 
                                                                    Kickoff  in  August.  Questions?    Contact  Jeff  Klein  via  email  at 
CUB SCOUT FALL ROUNDUP                                                       DISTRICT COMMISSIONER’S MEETING CHANGES 
September  is  Cub  Scout  recruitment  month.  The  Rib  Mountain           The Rib Mountain District Commissioner’s Service is changing 
District  recruits  approximately  300  new  Cub  Scouts  each  year.        their  monthly  meeting  time  and  location  in  order  to  better 
This  is  a  very  exciting  time  for  the  new  Cub  Scouts  as  they’re   facilitate  unit  service.  Commissioners  will  meet  on  the  1st 
starting a new school year and are excited to join Cub Scouts.               Thursday of the month at 6:00pm. The location will be at the 
                                                                             LDS Church in Rib Mountain, the same location at Roundtable. 
To  help  with  the  recruitment,  we  ask  that  each  Pack  begin  to      This  will  allow  for  better  participation  and  networking        
plan by identifying a few evenings that would work for your unit             between  unit  leaders  and  commissioners,  since                  
for your roundup. At the fall program kickoff, each Pack can sign  Commissioners will be available at Roundtable. 
up  for  their  roundup  evening.  There  will  be  plenty  of  dates  to     
choose  from,  so  it  shouldn’t  be  necessary  for  a  Pack  to  double    CUB SCOUT CAMPOREE 
up on a date. Plus one roundup per evening will make is possible             I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the units that 
for  a  Samoset  Staff  member  and/or  a  Rib  Mountain  District           were  at  the  Cub  Scout  Camporee  on  June  5th.    Everyone 
Leader to be present for the recruitment night to welcome new                seemed  to  be  having  a  lot  of  fun,  even  though  the  weather 
families,  conduct  a  new  parent  orientation  and  to  collect        did not cooperate. Seeing all the families there goes to show 
registration forms and fees.                                                 me  that  “Family,  God  and  Scouting”  is  what  we  have  in  this 
To  make  your  Cub  Scout  Roundup,  please  consider  holding  the   
roundups  on  Tuesday,  Wednesday  or  Thursday  evenings.  This  For those who missed out on this event, we hope to see you 
gives us the opportunity to do a boy talk at the school the day  at  next  year’s  event!  Again,  thanks  for  participating  in  this 
before and to get the kids all excited about Scouting. Also, don’t  event.                      
schedule your roundup during your regular Pack meeting, select                                 John Pellegrino,  
a  different  day.  The  business  of  a  Pack  meeting  may  be  too                          Rib Mountain District Commissioner 
overwhelming for the new parents looking to register their sons               
in Scouting.                                                                  
Finally, the registration and orientation takes about 25 minutes.             
During  that  time  is  a  5  minute  opportunity  for  each  Pack  to        
discuss  their  unit  specific  information  such  as  who  are  the       
current leaders, when the dens and Pack meet, special activities              
the  Pack  takes  part  in  and  when  the  next  meeting  will  be.    By    
staying within the 5 minute time period parents can come in, get              
acquainted with the program, get signed up and then get home                  
to  prepare  for  the  first  meeting.    This  demonstrates  to  new    
families that the Pack is well organized and that they are running            
a quality program for their son.                                              
More  information  and  details  will  be  discussed  at  the  Fall         
Program Kickoff. We look forward to a great Fall Roundup!                     
CUB SCOUT LEADER TRAINING                                                    Scouts help with Flag Day Ceremony: The weather was rainy, 
Leader training is an important component to providing a quality  but  Scouts  from  Pack  400  and  Troop  400  assisted  in  the      
program to the youth in Scouting. The Rib Mountain District will  annual  Flag  Day  Ceremony  on  the  400  block  of  downtown 
hold  Cubmaster  and  Committee  Member  training  on  Saturday,  Wausau  on  June  14.  The  Flag  Day  ceremony,  hosted  by  the 
September  11  and  Cub  Scout  Den  Leader  training  on  Saturday,  Wausau  Elks  Lodge  #248,  includes  support  by  the  American 
October 9. Both Sessions start at 8:30am at the Wausau Homes  Legion, VFW, and Scouts from the Rib Mountain District  
Scout Center, 3511 Camp Phillips Rd in Weston. 
                                                                            NEED MORE INFO?
As you recruit new den leaders, please encourage them to take 
                                                                            District Commissioner                   John Pellegrino, 551-1039
the  online  training  classes  and  attend  the  in  person  training   
                                                                            District Chair                          Jeff DeLonay, 675-6837
sessions.  Proper  training  builds  confidence  in  your  new  leaders 
                                                                            District Executive                      Michael Martens,
and will increase retention in your unit.                                                                           355-1450
                                                                                                                    ext. 309
                                                      DISTRICT                    NEWS

PROGRAM KICKOFF                                                                 ROUNDTABLE NOTES 
This year’s Northwood’s District Program Kickoff will be held on                Roundtable  meetings  are  considered  supplemental  training 
Thursday,  August  19th  at  the  Lions  Park  Pavilion  in  Prentice.          for  adult  leaders  and  parents  of  Scouts.  It  is  always  at  7:00 
Join us at 6:30 for food and fellowship.  This is your opportunity              p.m.  on  the  first  Thursday  of  each  month  (location  to  be 
as a Unit Leader and/or parent to get the necessary information                 determined).  There are special split sessions focusing on the 
to  plan  your  Pack  or  Troop’s  program  for  the  year.  At  the            needs  of  Tiger  Cub  Den  Leaders,  Den  Leaders,  Webelos 
Program  Kickoff  your  unit  will  be  asked  to  sign  up  for  the  fall     Leaders,  Pack  Committee  Members,  Cubmasters,  each 
popcorn sale by indicating the leaders in your Pack or Troop that               designed  to  meet  the  needs  of  these  leadership  positions. 
will be responsible for the sale. For Cub Scout Packs, you will be              This is a great place to learn new ideas and gather resources 
signing  up  for  your  Fall  Recruitment  night;  remember  a                  to help make your unit program the best.   
maximum  of  2  Packs  can  have  their  signup  on  the  same  night            
(one early and one late) so bring a few nights that would work                  There  is  also  a  four  section  attendance  patch  that  can  be 
and also remember that signup nights should happen on either                    earned  one  section  at  a  time.  These  cannot  be  bought 
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night for optimal recruitment                    anywhere; they can only be earned by attending the monthly 
attendance. See you in August!                                                  meetings. Each year the dated patch is different—designed by 
                                                                                leaders! A truly Northwoods collectible tradition! 
DISTRICT AWARD WINNERS                                                           
Northwood’s District Adult Leader Awards Banquet was held on                    Lastly, ALL of the activities at Roundtable Meetings are FUN! 
May 6th. Adult leaders from units all over the district celebrated              Your  fellow  leaders  are  great  people  dedicated  to  providing 
with  food  and  fellowship  to  honor  those  who  demonstrated                young Scouts with the best the program has to offer! The rest 
outstanding  service  to  Scouting.  Special  thanks  go  out  to  the          is  up  to  YOU!!!  Come  and  join  your  fellow  leaders!  Let  us 
volunteers  who  made  this  event  a  success!  Award  recipients              know what you think! 
include the following:                                                           
                                                                                FOS RECAP 
Boy Scout Rookie of the Year ‐ Brenda Weber                                     The  2010  Northwoods  Friends  of  Scouting  campaign  was  a 
Webelos Leader of the Year ‐ Janelle Lone                                       success.    Without  this  volunteer  fundraising  effort,  the 
Cubmaster of the Year ‐ Eric Koch                                               Scouting program would not be able to offer all the programs, 
Scoutmaster of the Year ‐ Gene Pfantz                                           training, communication, and support that makes the mission 
Cub Scouter of the Year ‐ Todd Rucinski                                         of  the  Boy  Scouts  of  America  possible.    A  sincere  thank  you 
Boy Scouter of the Year ‐ Mike Bresnahan                                        goes  out  to  those  volunteers  who  helped  directly  with  the 
Distinguished Service Award ‐ Dean Neumann                                      campaign:    Rejeana  Ebert,  Rose  McMillin,  Tom  Malone,  Irv 
District Award of Merit ‐ Cary Alft                                             Bork, Larry Folz and Peggy Leet. 
September is Join Scouting month for Cub Scouts.  Each pack will 
select  a  night  to  do  their  sign  up  and  provide  this  to  Scott  no 
later  than  the  Program  Kickoff.    As  in  years  past,  we  will  work 
with  the  schools  to  do  boy  talks  and  flyers.  Please  take  some 
time and plan some options for your pack’s sign up night. Every                                      NEED MORE INFO?
boy deserves to be in Scouting, let’s see that we can get them in 
the program!                                                                    Larry Foltz, District Chair, 715-428-2779,
                                                                                Al Schult, District Commissioner, 715-536-3661
FALL CAMPOREE                                                                   Scott Domino, District Executive, 715-490-2241,
The Northwoods district Fall Camporee will be held on October 1                 scott@samoset.org
‐3  at  Hanna  Venture  Base.  Planning  for  this  event  is  underway 
and  we  will  have  more  information  at  the  Program  Kickoff  in 
August.  Thanks  in  advance  to  the  Northwoods  Order  of  the 
Arrow Chapter for hosting this event. 
                                                  DISTRICT                 NEWS

AD ALTARE DEI AWARDS                                                  FALL KICKOFF 
The  Crystal  Lake  District  would  like  to  recognize  and       All  Scouting  leaders  in  the  Crystal  Lake  District  are  I  
congratulate  the  Boy  Scouts  of  Troop  660  in  Rhinelander  nvited  to  our  Fall  Kickoff.  The  event  will  once  again  be 
who  received  the  Ad  Altare  Dei  Award.  The  awards              at  the  Monico  Town  Hall  on  Tuesday  August  17, 
w  e r e       p r e s e n t e d          b y       B i s h o p                                                            
                                                                      2010 at 6:00 pm. Simple directions are to head east on 
Christenseni in Superior to Andy Emond, Kyle Hagen, John  Hwy 8 through Monico, turn right on Forest Street and 
Incha, Marshall Keiffer, Wyatt Keiffer, Bryan Konicek, Sam  continue to the town hall.  To get the upcoming year off 
McKenzie, and Connor Schneider. A special thank you goes  to  an  informative  start,  at  least  one  scout  leader  from 
out to Mary Ularik who guided many boys in their working  every Pack and Troop should attend. We want everyone 
toward this religious award in Scouting. 
                                                                      to participate and enjoy the evening. Each family should 
                                                                      bring a dish to pass. The brats, hotdogs, beverages and 
FRIENDS OF SCOUTING CAMPAIGN                                          condiments along with the dinnerware and napkins will 
The 2010 Crystal Lake Friends of Scouting Campaign was a  be  provided.  We  will  share  information  about  the       
success.    Without  this  volunteer  fundraising  effort,  the  upcoming year’s activities as well as training  programs, 
Scouting  program  would  not  be  able  to  offer  all  the           
                                                                      recruitment,  and  Roundtables.  Plan  on  meeting  your 
programs,  training,  communications,  and  support  that  fellow  leaders  for  dinner  at  6:00  pm.  The  grilling          
makes the mission of the Boy Scouts of America possible.  expertise will once again be provided by  Ferd Schneider.
A sincere thank you goes out to Campaign Chairman David  See you on August 17.
Havel.  Many  thanks  to  everyone  who  contributed  to  the 
campaign. A special thanks goes out to Ralph Chavez and 
his  co‐employees  at  Kohl’s  for  their  time  and  continued 
FOS support.  
September  is  Cub  Scout  Recruitment  month.  Every  Pack 
will select a night to do their sign up. The date should be 
known  in  time  for  the  August  Program  Kickoff.  As  in  past 
years, we will work with the grade schools to do boy talks 
and  pass  out  flyers.  Every  boy  deserves  the  chance  to          
participate in Scouting. Let’s get the word out and invite all 
of them to join. 
                                                                     NEED MORE INFO?
                                                                     District Commissioner                           Larry Marten 715-282-5636
                                                                     District Chair                                  Tim Vocke 715-369-1624
                                                                     District Vice-Chair                             Dan Haack 715-369-5756
                                                                     District Executive                              Michael Pazdernik 715-581-6312
                                              DISTRICT                 NEWS


                  VENTURING FORUM 
          We  had  a  great  time  at  the  June  6th  Venturing    
Forum and picnic. Brats, Hamburgers, Sweet Baby Rays BQ 
dutch  oven  chicken  (thanks  Seth‐Laurel),  potato  salad, 
fruit/yogurt  dish,  chips  etc  were  heartily  consumed.  Lots 
of  games  and  activities,  such  as  Bocce  ball,  rock‐paper‐                                         
scissors tag, who's triangle is it, Have you ever?, catch the          Crew  439  hits  the  open  water:  Alyssa  Dunn  and  Greta 
comet (Crew 316), Venture Hunt, triangle tag, toss the bird            Martens  (first  and  second  from  the  right)  of  Crew  439 
were some of the activities enjoyed. We also experienced               completed  their  open  water  dive  certification  June  27 
the new bouldering wall. Cooperative games like these are              at  Lake  Wazee  near  Black  River  Falls,  WI.  Crew  439's 
a  great  way  to  build  communication  and  teamwork  skills         SCUBA  and  high  adventure  activities  are  open  to  all 
and  the  Venturers  can  use  them  as  a  part  of  their  Crew      young men and women ages 14 ‐ 20. Please contact the 
activities.                                                            Samoset Council office at 355‐1450 on how you can join 
          A  special  recognition  to  Brian  Meliska;  he  was                  
                                                                       one of the newest Venturing Crews in the Council. 
presented with the Venturing District Award of Merit. The                                                
Venturing  High  Council  met  and  determined  the  program                                             
for the next  Forum. Our next Venturing Forum is  Sunday,                         Samoset Council Venturing Committee 
Sept.  12,  2010  starting  at  6:30pm  at  Camp  Phillips                                  Chair—John Paprocki 
McCormick  lodge  in  Weston,  WI.  Agenda:  Venturing                                        (H) 715‐675‐4245 
Fall  Event  and  Venturing  High  Council  Meeting.                                         (Cell) 715‐581‐4250 
Activity:  Geo caching ‐‐‐ Bring a GPS or use a GPS that we                                jtpaprocki@yahoo.com 
will have available.                                                                   Youth President—Adam Hinz 
          Forums  are  open  to  all  Venturers  and  Venturing                                 715‐536‐9877 
adult  leaders.  They  are  a  great  resource  to  help                                   crew506@hotmail.com 
Crews,  meet  other  Crews  and  Crewmembers,  get  ideas,                         Training/Leader Forums—Pete Meyer 
learn new things, or just have FUN!                                                           (h) 715‐536‐2833 
          Please plan to attend our Venturing Fall Event on                                  (Cell) 715‐574‐5347 
the Weekend of October 15‐17 at the Hanna Venture Base                                petemeyer@bricknerfamily.com 
on the Crystal Lake Scout Reservation in Rhinelander. This                            Staff Advisor—Michael Martens 
year’s Fall Event is themed “Smiley’s Amazing Race 2010.”                                   800‐303‐2195 ext. 309 
Highlights  include,    climbing,  Zip  Line,  COPE,  Geocaching,                          martens@samoset.org 
Archery,  Shooting  Sports,  Mountain  Biking,  and  Fun  &                                              
Fellowship.  Cost is $40.00 per person and includes lodging             
and  meals.  Contact  Mike  Franson  at  715‐820‐2767  or               
mr_mike_54555@yahoo.com for   details. 
                                                      2010 FRIENDS OF SCOUTING
At the close of our annual Friends of Scouting Campaign, we would like to thank you for your help to enhance the lives of over 
7000 youth in North Central Wisconsin!  A special thank you goes out to all the businesses and individuals who gave what they 
could  to  keep  our  program  healthy  and  alive!    The  following  businesses  and  individuals  contributed  at  least  $250  to  our 
Community Campaigns across the council.                                                             NORTHWOODS DISTRICT 
                                                  OJIBWA DISTRICT                                   NORTHWOODS DISTRICT  
AHDAWAGAM DISTRICT                                                                                  Merrill Iron & Steel 
                                                  Associated Sales and Leasing 
American Family Insurance                                                                           Mid‐Wisconsin Bank 
                                                  Figi's Inc. 
Arch Central, Inc.                                                                                  Packaging Corporation 
Engel Fellowship Lodge Independent                Marshfield Eagles Auxiliary 
Order of Odd Fellows                              Nelson Jameson Inc.                               Park City Credit Union 
Safe Way Bus Transit                              Staab Construction                                Pukall Lumber Foundation 
Steve and Paula Bell                              Wal‐Mart Foundation                               Reinhart Food Service 
Rachel Caldwell                                   Jim Krueger                                       VFW Post 10915 
Doug Freeman                                      James Nikolai                                     Wal‐Mart Store #01‐2510 
Jeffrey Huttenburg                                David & Ann Patek                                 Scott Domino 
Ronald Jevnick                                    RIB MOUNTAIN DISTRICT                             Larry Foltz 
Ron Kirschling                                    3M Foundation                                     CRYSTAL LAKE DISTRICT 
John Steele                                       Crooks, Low & Connell                             Kohl's 
Roger Wangen                                      Graebel Van Lines                                 Musson Brothers, Inc. 
MUSHKODANY DISTRICT                                                                                 Oneida County Tavern League 
                                                  Green Bay Packaging 
ArcCentral Inc.                                                                                     Rhinelander GM Auto Center 
                                                  Greenheck Fan Corp. 
Delta Dental                                                                                        Ripco Credit Union 
                                                  Hobart Sales And Service 
Maple Ridge Farms                                                                                   Sacred Heart ‐ St. Mary's Hospitals Inc. 
                                                  Kiwanis Club of Wausau 
NAPA                                                                                                State of Wisconsin Tavern League 
                                                  Marathon Cheese Corporation 
Peachtree LITE Foundation                                                                           Sheldon's Inc. 
                                                  Marshfield Clinic ‐ Wausau Center 
Rotary Club of Stevens Point                                                                        VFW Post 3143 
                                                  Menzner Lumber & Supply Co. 
Schierl Companies                                                                                   Wal‐Mart 
                                                  Peoples State Bank 
Spectra Print Corp                                                                                  Zelazoski Wood Products 
                                                  Regal Beloit 
Stevens Point Police Officers Organization                                                          Bruce Abrams 
                                                  River Valley State Bank 
Worzalla Publishing                                                                                 Kurt Krahn 
                                                  Texas Roadhouse 
Dwight Bowden                                                                                       Tim Musson 
Kurt Glenzer                                                                                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS CAMPAIGN 
Dean and Sandy Hagness                                                                              Arden Baumgardt 
                                                  Wausau Breakfast Optimist 
Brett Jarman                                                                                        Doug and Karen Berryman 
                                                  Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club 
Richard Judy                                                                                        John Clark 
                                                  Wausau Noon Optimist Club 
John Noel                                                                                           Bruce Czech 
Dick and Barb Pavelski                                                                              Daniel Daubert 
                                                  Richard Amelse 
Roland Schroeder                                                                                    Jeffrey DeLonay 
                                                  William Branidmore 
Dale Schuh                                                                                          Joe Fritzsche 
                                                  Jeff Lato 
Bill Schwantes                                                                                      Marita Hattem 
                                                  Michael McCarthy 
John Seramur                                                                                        Gregory Koepel 
                                                  Deanna Pellegrino 
Jim Swanson                                                                                         Roger Lang 
                                                  Dr. Donald Prehn 
David Way                                                                                           Roger Lucas 
                                                  Brian Sabatke 
                                                  Milton Schmitt                                    Allen Malueg 
                                                                                                    Scott Mickelsen 
                                                                                                    Gerald Peura 
                                                                                                    Dr. Frederick Prehn 
                                                                                                    Marcia Tepp 
                                                                                                    Eric Wangen 
                                   FALL CUBAND THEIR FAMILIES!
                               OPEN TO ALL CUB SCOUTS
                                           Choose from four days in October:
                                 Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd, Saturday 9th or Sunday 10th
                                     Akela’s World Cub Scout Camp, Rhinelander WI
Are your Scouts ready to experience    Then it is off for a program that
a nationally renowned Cub Scout        will show them what they can
Camp? This is your chance. All NEW     expect the following winter and
Scouts attend for FREE - All others    summer when they come back to
are only $4.00!                        Akela’s World for their Polar Cub
                                       and Summer Camp experience. Be
                                       prepared for some hiking, running,
                                       shooting and all around fun.

                                       Lunch will be served for all in the
                                       Mark Program Center, where the
                                       adults can pause and catch their       So, plan on having your Scouts
                                       breath. Then it will be back outside   attend our Fall Cub Camp with their
                                       with your Super Den Chief and          parent or Den Leader. This program
                                       on with the fun until departure        is one more example of why Akela’s
Cubs will enjoy a sponge fight         between 3:00 and 4:00 pm.              World Cub Scout Camp is so well
at Fort Akela, get a chance to                                                  known and attended each winter
shoot Archery, BB Guns and wrist                                                and summer. Samoset Council
rockets at Crockett’s Glen as well                                              is known as the place “Where
as participate in games and other                                               Camping is King”. Come and see
activities at the Lost Ship, BALOO’s                                            why.
Cave and the sports field. This is
their first chance to experience                                                The registration form and a map
Akela’s World, have a great time                                                 to camp are on the back side.
and new Scouts will earn their first
camp patch.                                                                                   OR

Arrival in camp for all these                                                          Register Online at:
eager Cub Scouts with parents,         Of course there will be a Trading           http://www.samoset.org
grandparents, leaders and siblings     Post with Cub Scout Uniforms,
will be 9:00 am each morning.          patches, belts, hats, tee shirts,
                                       supplies, souvenoirs, as well as
                                       candy, soda and water for sale
                                       during the day.

                                       Not one Cub went home unhappy
                                       last year, except for the ones that
                                       were sad because the day was so
                                       short, and came to a close at the
                                       height of their fun.
    Akela’s World Cub Scout Camp
         Choose from four days in October:
            Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd,
           Saturday 9th or Sunday 10th
Akela’s World Cub Scout Camp is located approxi-
mately 8 miles north of Rhinelander, WI. Major
intersections near camp are marked with large black
& white directional arrow.
We suggest that first time visitors take I-39/Hwy 51 to
Hwy 8. Go east on Hwy 8 and turn North on to Hwy
17. Take Cross Country Road until it ends at Pine Lake
Road (approx 2 miles). Turn north on Pine Lake Road
for ½ mile and finally Spider Lake Road will be the first
road to the west. Crystal Lake is 1 ½ miles from Pine
Lake Road.
Drive Time / Milage per MapQuest.com:
City             Time           Milage
Marshfield       2 hr 12 Min    108 miles
Medford          1 hr 53 Min    84 miles
Minocqua         50 min         30 miles
Stevens Point    1 hr 56 min    99 miles
Phillips         1 hr 33 min    70 miles
Wausau           1 hr 27 min    68 miles
Wisc. Rapids     2 hr 20 min    114 miles

                                             FALL CUB CAMP REGISTRATION
Pack #     ____________                                    New Scouts in Fall 2009             Grade Other Scouts                        Grade

Date Attending (circle)   Oct 2   Oct 3   Oct 9   Oct 10   1._________________________________ _____ 1._________________________________ _____

Name       _________________________________________ 2._________________________________ _____ 2._________________________________ _____

Address    _________________________________________ 3._________________________________ _____ 3._________________________________ _____

City St Zip _________________________________________ 4._________________________________ _____ 4._________________________________ _____

Phone      _________________________________________ 5._________________________________ _____ 5._________________________________ _____

Email      _________________________________________ 6._________________________________ _____ 6._________________________________ _____

                                                           7._________________________________ _____ 7._________________________________ _____
________ New Scouts in Fall 2010 @ No Charge
                                                           8._________________________________ _____ 8._________________________________ _____
________ Other Scouts @ $4.00 each        $ ____________   Siblings                                  Adults

________ Adults @ $4.00 each              $ ____________   1._______________________________________ 1._______________________________________

________ Siblings @ $4.00 each            $ ____________   2._______________________________________ 2._______________________________________

           TOTAL FEES                     $ ____________   3._______________________________________ 3._______________________________________

Complete and return by the Thursday before your            4._______________________________________ 4._______________________________________
            camp attendance date:
   Samoset Council, Boy Scouts of America                  5._______________________________________ 5._______________________________________
           3511 Camp Phillips Road
                                                           6._______________________________________ 6._______________________________________
              Weston, WI 54476
                                                           7._______________________________________ 7._______________________________________
               Register and Pay online at:
                http://www.samoset.org                     8._______________________________________ 8._______________________________________
      ... all the fun opportunities available next year

Reservations for 2011 adventures are now open. You can reserve space
for your Den, Pack, Troop or Crew.

                                                         All sessions will be 3 day combination based with a mix
                    Polar Cubs is a unique winter
                                                         of weekend and midweek options. Packs are not
                    program for Cub Scouts and
                                                         limited to one session. They are welcome to have
                    their families. Campers are
                                                         representation at all, some, or only one of the offerings.
                    grouped into “Super Dens”
                    keeping those from the same
                    Pack together. Super Dens            Period 1: June 24-27 (Fri-Mon)     Period 7: July 18-21 (Mon-Thurs)
                                                         Period 2: June 27-30 (Mon-Thurs)   Period 8: July 22-25 (Fri-Mon)
                    rotate through various activities
                                                         Period 3: July 1-4 (Fri-Mon)       Period 9: July 29-August 1 (Fri-Mon)
                    led by staff members. The
                                                         Period 4: July 8-11 (Fri-Mon)      Period 10: August 1-4 (Mon-Thurs)
program focuses on outdoor winter adventure.             Period 5: July 11-14 (Mon-Thurs)   Period 11: August 5-8 (Fri-Mon)
Registration includes a bunk in one of our many heated   Period 6: July 15-18 (Fri-Mon)     Period 12: August 8-11 (Mon-Thurs)
cabins, indoor showers and restrooms as well as two or
three meals prepared for you. Between meals campers
will have the opportunity to go snowshoeing, sledding,
play broomball and much more.
                                                         Pd 1:   June 19- June 25           Pd 5:   July 17 - July 23
Polar Cubs runs four alternating weekends in January     Pd 2:   June 26 - July 2           Pd 6:   July 24 - July 30
and February with most of the activities on Saturday.    Pd 3:   July 3 - July 9            Pd 7:   July 31 - August 6
Campers have the option of a Friday night or Saturday    Pd 4:   July 10 - July 16          Pd 8:   August 7 - August 13
night stay.

          Registration for winter camp will open
          September 1st. Units can reserve space
                                                                                 Do your older Scouts want a
          with a $5 per person deposit.
                                                                                 challenge, to be in charge, and
                                                                                 have some fun? At Hanna
                                                                                 Venture Base, we offer a High
                                                                                 Adventure program that does just
                                                                                 that. From canoeing in the
Hanna Winter Resort aims to provide everything Boy
                                                                                 Apostle Islands to backpacking in
Scouts and Venturers need to have an incredible
                                                                                 the Porcupine Mountains, we
outdoor winter experience. Enjoy the pristine winter
                                                                                 welcome all to strive for the
northwoods environment around the Base and the
                                                         ultimate challenge of experiencing the outdoors.
freedom to do nearly any winter activity you want
whenever you want.
                                                         Units can reserve a full week on their own. Crews are
                                                         built with 6-12 members and the unit gets to decide
Registration includes a bunk in one of our many heated
                                                         where the adventure will be. Choose from sea kayaking
cabins, indoor showers and restrooms as well as four
                                                         in the Apostle Islands, Scuba in Crystal Lake, hiking in
meals prepared for you. Between meals campers can
                                                         the Porcupine Mountains or canoeing on the Wisconsin
use our snowshoes, bushwacker skis, broomball
equipment, ice fishing gear, and use the indoor
climbing wall. You can also arrange to build a snow
                                                         Troop or Crew reservations for an adventure of your
shelter and sleep in it over night.
                                                         choice require a $300 deposit.

            For more information or to register, visit our website at http://clsr.samoset.org.

                    EXCELLENCE IN SCOUT CAMPING SINCE 1935!
                        Stay informed with the latest information: clsr.samoset.org
The 2010 Alumni and Friends Reunion was a great success. The reunion activities and special anniver-
sary projects were made possible by the time, talent and treasure of many great supporters of camp:

Anonymous                     Troop 269
Al Schult Family              Troop 282
Becker Communications         Troop 299
ROM Squared                   Troop 381
Dick Amelse Family            Troop 385
D&L Signs, Inc                Troop 391
Friends of Erv Romansky       Troop 406
Jaworski Family               Troop 409
Jim & Ruth Jonen              Troop 419
Ivan & Susie Lukowski         Troop 435
Kraig Rusch                   Troop 439
Mark & Cathy Reuter           Troop 480
Merrill Iron & Steel          Troop 536
Mike & Francie Sulgrove       Troop 599
Pack 480                      Troop 601
Sackmann Family               1985 Dining Hall Table Crew
Team Ready Foundation         1980’s Waterfront Staff
Tim & Renee Feathers          1990’s Waterfront Staff
Troop 118                     2000’s Waterfront Staff
Troop 123                     Golf Hole Sponsors
Troop 133                     Alumni & Volunteers
Troop 173                     Event Participants
Troop 174                     Reunion Committee
Troop 182                     2010 Camp Staff
Troop 201

On behalf of the 75th Reunion Committee, we would like to
thank all who helped make this great event possible.


      Todd Sackmann                      Scott Domino
      Reunion Chairman                   Camping Director
                                        SAMOSET COUNCIL SCOUT SHOP 
                                     3511 Camp Phillips Road, Weston, WI 54476
                                 715-355-9680, FAX: 715-355-9849, win@samoset.org

                                      CUB SCOUT UNIFORM ORDER FORM

                               Tiger           Wolf           Bear          Webelos Den No. ___ Pack No. ____
Item #                  Description                                                                    Price           Qty.   Total
                        CUB SCOUT UNIFORM
                 840*   Short-Sleeve Blue Shirt S(91) M (92) L (93) XL (94) 2X (95)                        $22.99
                81078   Samoset Council Shoulder Patch                                                        3.49
                 143*   World Crest Emblem                                                                    1.49
         10400-10408*   Unit Numbers (List Pack Number At the Top of the Form)*                           3 x 1.19     3      3.57
          10701-10710   Den Number (List Den Number At the Top of the Form)                                   1.49
               64044    Tiger Cub Web Belt w/Buckle (fits waists to 28”)                                        7.99
               64046    Cub Scout Web Belt w/Buckle SM (fits waists to 28”)                                     7.99
               64047    Cub Scout Web Belt w/Buckle M/LG (29” to 38”)                                           8.99
                   *    Neckerchief: Tiger (80871), Wolf (00802), or Bear (00801)                               5.99
                   *    Neckerchief Slide: Tiger (80870), Wolf 80000), or Bear (80001)                          3.99
                 838    Tiger Cub Cap SM/M (92), M/LG (93)                                                     12.99
                 853    Wolf Cub Cap SM/M (92), M/LG (93)                                                      12.99
                 852    Bear Cub Cap SM/M (92), M/LG (93)                                                      12.99
               34713    Tiger Cub Handbook (spiral bound - $12.99)                                              6.99
               33450    Wolf Cub Scout Book (spiral bound - $14.99)                                             8.99
               33451    Bear Cub Scout Book (spiral bound - $14.99)                                             8.99

                        WEBELOS SCOUT UNIFORM
                629*    Boy Scout Short Sleeve Youth Poplin Shirt S (91), M (92), L (93)                       24.99
                        100% Nylon Options - $34.99
                81078   Samoset Council Shoulder Patch                                                        3.49
                 143*   World Crest Emblem                                                                    1.49
         10400-10408*   Unit Numbers (List Pack Number At the Top of the Form)*                           3 x 1.19     3      3.57
                 677*   Blue Loops                                                                            2.49
               64046    Cub Scout Web Belt w/Buckle SM (fits waists to 28”)                                     7.99
               64047    Cub Scout Web Belt w/Buckle M/LG (29” to 38”)                                           8.99
              80890*    Webelos Neckerchief                                                                     9.99
                891*    Webelos Neckerchief Slide                                                               3.99
                 851    Webelos Cap SM/M (92), M/LG (93)                                                       12.99
               33452    Webelos Handbook (spiral bound - $14.99)                                                8.99
                                                                       SUB TOTAL
         * = Required                                                                    GRAND TOTAL
                                  Shirt Sizes: S = 6-8, M = 10-12, L = 14-16, XL = 18, 2X = 22

                                         *PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW*
                            All the assistance you need is just a phone call away!
               Why drive anywhere? Order over the phone with a MasterCard or Visa. We offer:
     Same Day Shipping. Low Shipping Rates (Free in September)
     Professional assistance in sizing and setting up your Cub Scout
     Friends of Scouting discounts (Please call the Scout Shop)
     Order also taken by email, fax and through the mail!
     The most complete selection of BSA merchandise
Note: All nominations for the Silver Beaver Award are confidential. To avoid possible disappointment,
please do not advise your nominee of your action on his or her behalf!

  The Silver Beaver Award is the highest award the Samoset Council, Boy Scouts of America, can bestow upon a volunteer Scouter in
  recognition of distinguished service to youth within the council’s service area. Nominees will not only be judged on their out-
  volunteer service with the B.S.A., but their overall service to youth within our council. The recipients will be selected by a commit-
  comprised of previously selected Silver Beaver recipients (one from each of the six districts and one from the Executive Board)
  who are registered Scouters in our council. Final approval of the committee’s selection will be by the National Court of Honor.
  This year’s awards will be presented at the council’s annual dinner on January 18, 2011.
  Any registered volunteer Scouter who resides within the boundaries of Samoset Council and who is at least 21 years of age at the
  time of nomination. Nominations will not be considered for former professional Scouters or council employees within five years of
  their leaving employment with the BSA. Nominations cannot be made for posthumous awards.
  Any individual may submit a nomination form. If you wish to use a computer to develop your nomination, the format of this
  form must be used! Each person wishing to nominate a particular Scouter must submit a separate individual form; do not include
  multiple signatures on one form or reproduce one nomination for different nominating persons’ names and addresses. The
  purpose of this requirement is to obtain as much information as possible about the nominee. The nomination form must be
  received no later than Friday, November 15, 2010 to: Samoset Council, BSA, Silver Beaver Selection Committee, 3511
  Camp Phillips Road, Weston, WI 54476

Name of Nominee: _____________________________________________________________________________________
                     (First Name)               (M.I.)                              (Last Name)
Address: ______________________________________________ ___________________________ ___________
                        (Number and Street)                        (City)                  (ZIP)

Primary Occupation: ______________________________________                Employer ___________________________________

District : ________________________ Home Phone Number: (____) _____-_______ Adult Scouter Tenure in years ________

Nominee’s current primary registered position in Scouting: ______________________________________________________
IMPORTANT: Please make all responses legible! Print (letter), type, or use a computer. BE SPECIFIC and ACCURATE.
You may attach one or more pieces of paper if additional space is needed, for any of the following sections.

From      To               Unit/District/Council                                       Position or Service
Silver Beaver Nomination Form—Page 2

   1.                                                                     7.
   2.                                                                     8.
   3.                                                                     9.
   4.                                                                    10.
   5.                                                                    11.
   6.                                                                    12.

                                    C. SCOUTING MEMBERSHIP AS A YOUTH (if applicable)
List the highest rank earned as a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Explorer, etc. Also list any awards or recognitions received or earned. Examples:
Cub Scout 1965 – 71, Arrow of Light Award; Boy Scout1972 – 77, Eagle1976; God & Country religious award 1977.
1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
4. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

List the nominee’s service to other community organizations, such as business, professional, civic, charitable, religious, educational,
fraternal, veterans or unions. List the organization, type of service, offices held and dates. Examples: President, Noon Rotary Club
1992 - 94; Council member, St. Paul’s UCC, Marshfield 1990 – 94; President, Downtown Business Assoc., Marshfield 1988 - 90.
1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Describe instances of outstanding service to Scouting and the community. Build a case to justify the Silver Beaver Award! Service
and activities above and beyond the responsibilities of an office held in an organization; please explain. Example: Organized,
recruited leadership, and provided ongoing support for five Scouting units. In each case, provided training for leaders, collected
uniforms for members in these low-income units, arranged transportation for the troops’ outdoor trips, including summer camp.
Remained involved with the week-to-week activities of these units until they were able to function on their own. Continued serving
these units as a Unit Commissioner for three more years.

                                 F. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (from outside of Scouting)
These are optional and should be limited to three (3). They should include specific instances of activities or services related to the
writer’s organization or church. (Be certain to inform the writers that all nominations for the Silver Beaver are confidential, and that they
should NOT advise the nominee of the letter that was written!)

                                  G. NAME OF PERSON SUBMITTING THIS NOMINATION
Your name: ____________________________________ Day Phone: (____)____-_________ Night Phone (____)____-______
Address___________________________________________ ______________________________ _______ ___/___/___
                (Number and Street)                             (City/State)            (ZIP)      (Date)

              Samoset Council, B.S.A., Silver Beaver Selection Committee, 3511 Camp Phillips, Weston, WI 54476
                                                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
                                                3511 Camp Phillips Rd., Weston, WI 54476                                         PAID
                                                                                                                            PERMIT NO 293
                                                                                                                             WAUSAU, WI

 Samoset Council thanks the Spectra Print
 Corporation for their donation of printing
 this issue of Family Fire.

Scout Center Hours            Scout Shop Hours           Summer Hours (May—Labor Day)               Scout Shop Summer Hours
Monday-Friday                 Monday—Friday              Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m.—4:00 p.m.        Monday—Thursday 8:00 a.m.—4:30 p.m.
8:30 am-5:00 pm               9:00 am-5:30 pm            Friday 7:30 a.m.—1:00 p.m.                 Friday 8:00 a.m.—1:30 p.m.
                              (10:00 –12:00 1st Saturday
                              of Each Month—Oct. to May)

Scout Shop: 715-355-9680 Scout Center 715-355-1450

       Samoset’s Staff—“We do our best to be helpful, friendly, courteous & cheerful!”
Name                 E-Mail Address           Cell Phone         Voice Mail     If you have questions regarding…_____________
Rachel Caldwell      rachel@samoset.org       715-581-6316       312            Ahdawagam Senior District Executive, Ahdawagam District Events,
                                                                                2010 National Jamboree, Activities Staff Advisor, Scouting for Food,
                                                                                Council Eagle Banquet, Silver Beaver Selection Committee, BALOO and
                                                                                OWL Training, FOS Campaign
Scott Domino         scott@samoset.org        715-490-2241       306            Camping Executive and Northwoods District Executive, Crystal Lake
                                                                                Scout Reservation, Northwoods District Events, 2010 Alumni & Friends
                                                                                Reunion, Outdoor Promotions, Website Development, Properties Cabinet
Adam Freund          adam@samoset.org         715-581-0281       311            Mushkodany Senior District Executive, Mushkodany District Events,
                                                                                ACES (Pow Wow), Commissioners Team Staff Advisor, NYLT,
                                                                                Popcorn, Training Staff Advisor, Program Cabinet Staff Advisor
Laurie Johnson       laurie@samoset.org       715-581-6311       305            Ojibwa District Executive, Ojibwa District Events, OA/EC Committee
                                                                                Staff Advisor, History Committee, Wood Badge
Jeff Lato            lato@samoset.org         715-581-6313       313            Assistant Scout Executive, Endowment Campaign, Heritage Society,
                                                                                Lawn Social, Council Trustees Staff Advisor, Eagle Scholarship
Michael Martens      martens@samoset.org      715-581-6317       309            Rib Mountain District Executive. Rib Mountain District Events, Golf
                                                                                Tournament, Campership Committee, TACT, Trustees, Venturing Events
Mike McCarthy        mccarthy@samoset.org     715-581-6310       307            Scout Executive, Board of Directors, Budget Committee, Marketing/
                                                                                Growth, Nominating Committee, Standards of Leadership, Strategic Plan
Michael Pazdernik    mike@samoset.org         715-581-6312       310            Crystal Lake District Executive, Crystal Lake District Events, Outdoor
                                                                                Leader Skills, Trainer EDGE, National High Adventures, Catholic
                                                                                Committee on Scouting/LDS Relations, Learning for Life
Win Baron            win@samoset.org                             316            Scout Shop Manager, Placing an order, Catalog items
Elvis Baumann        elvis@samoset.org        715-490-1742                      Crystal Lake Scout Reservation Ranger, Camp Masters, Crystal Lake
                                                                                Construction Crew
Terry Lewis-Birkett terry@samoset.org                            308            Accounting Executive
Deanna Pellegrino   deanna@samoset.org                           303            Administrative Assistant, Camp Registrations, Family Fire
Lois Watford        lois@samoset.org                             302            Registrar, Eagles, Advancement, Re-chartering, Registration
                                                                                Boys Life, Tour Permits, Insurance


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