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B2B Aspects of Mahindra group

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									     A Presentation on

1.   Only Indian company among the top three
     tractor manufacturers in the world.

2. Mahindra is the market leader in multi-utility vehicles in

3. The Group has a leading presence in key sectors of the
     Indian economy, including the Automotive, financial
     services, trade & Logistics, Automotive components,
     Information Technology and Infrastructure
 Mahindra Ugine Steel Co. Ltd. (MUSCO),under
 SYSTECH sector, is the pioneer & well known
 manufacturers of alloy steel in the country.

 Three Stampings Division at Kanhe,Nashik and
 Rudrapur (Uttarakhand).
Products of MUSCO
 Alloy, Tool and Die Steels

 Plastic Mould Steels

 Engineering Alloy Constructional Steels

 Ball Bearing Steels

 Air Craft Quality Steels

 Offshore Oil Field Steels
Business Initiatives

 Mahindra & Mahindra was SAP’s first supply-chain
 implementation in the Asia-Pacific region and the
 second SCM implementation in India by any vendor
Earlier shortcomings
 The Legacy IT Environment required them to Stock High
 Inventory levels at each step of Supply Chain.

The implementation.

Training (4 Phases)
 Supply chain software operates in 3 areas : Demand
 Planning, Capacity Constraints and Optimization &
Key Drivers
1.   Improve Demand Planning
2.   Optimize Inventory
3.   Reduce Loss of Sales

2. Collaborations
a. Cummins Power Generation: MUSCO provides Sheet
   Metal Components for Scorpio.
   They were unable to run spot-welding loads on
   their existing gensets

a. Merger with Pranay Sheetmetals
Tech Mahindra
 Tech Mahindra earlier known as Mahindra British
 Telecom- 6th Largest Software Exporter in India.

 Stake wise Mahindra – 69% , BT- 31%

 BT has been the Biggest Client(60% Revenue) of Tech
 Mahindra. Another important Client is AT&T(17%
Revenue Break up by Geography
 Marketing Initiatives for BT.

 Promoting Brand through Partners like
 Mcafee, Symbian, Symantic, Digisoft

 Promoting Products through Business
Systech – Largest Conglomerates
                 Engineering Services
Mahindrapart of $6bn
 Inception 2003
 Provides support in all phases of
  product development
 Located in Mumbai, Pune,
  Banglore, Ohio, London,
  Bolonqno (Italy)
 1350 Engineers and Enhanced
  CAE in three verticals
 Concept Engineering
 Design and development
 Validation and Implementation
 Manufacturing support
 Chasis, Engine – Expertise into 3D Modelling
 HVAC – Heat Ventilation and Air Cooling
 AS9100 Rev. B Certified and lots more
 Global Aerospace Design and Development
 Wide Spectrum of services
 Prototyping and Production Planning
 Design and development of quality tools and fixtures
General Engineering
 Components and product
 Tool design and fabrication
 Expertise into
       Machine Tool
       Heavy Engineering
       Transport
       Agriculture Implements
       Plastic and composites
Exceution Models
 Efficiency, Effectiveness and Flexibility

 Mechanism to measure customer satisfaction level at
  each project basis is in place

 The overall client satisfaction level is 90%
Onsite Model
 All projects executed at client
 A dedicated project execution
  team is delegated onsite to
  meet the customer’s
Offshore Model
 Complete project execution is done offshore
 Dedicated resources and facilities are provided to
  facilitate the project execution
 Offshore Development Centre (ODC) as a separate
  team amongst offshore facilities
 The ODC team consists of professionals with excellent
  know-how on CAD/CAM/CAE technology required to
  cater to various engineering needs.
Onsite – Offshore Model
 Project execution takes place offshore and onsite
 Dedicated project team with a project coordinator is
  formed onsite
 This model eliminates the time consumed for re-work
  and reviews because of continuous interaction of an
  onsite coordinator with the customer and project
 Examples: Bentley and Nissan
Client Chrysler
 Daimler           •Audi
 Nissan            • Ford
 Navistar          • Honda
 Toyota            • Mazda
 Fiat              • Volvo Construction
 Seabird           •Thyssenkrupp Budd
 Aviation          • Lear
 Bentley Visteon   • MercuryMarine
                    • Mercedez Benz
 Hero
 Eicher
 Plexican
 DC Deisign
 Neilsoft
 5th June 2008 Acquires 100% stake in Engines Engineering
 80 per cent stake in Kinetic Motor Cycles Limited (KMCL)
  for Rs 110cr on 30th July 2008
 Synergy will help in designing and marketing a range of
  scooters as well as high end motorcycles for the domestic
  as well as global markets.
 Reshuffle of the existing management at KMCL
Facts, Strengths & Opportunities
 24 % Prefers INDIA as the most Preferred engineering
  outsourcing destination by US companies
 Strengths - Availability of engineering talent, strategic
 Opportunities - Growth potential for Indian service
  providers in the global scenario, creating a privileged
  position for India as preferred outsourcing destination,
  and scope for Indian service providers to develop as
  global players.
Mahindra Composites
 Composites are an innovative replacement for
    conventional materials such as steel, aluminum and
    plastics for a wide range of applications
   Net profit grew nearly 68% during the FY'09 INR 17.4
   Net Sales FY'09 rose to INR 110.9mn
   1982 Siro Plast Plant collaboration with Menzolit,
   Starting with Electrical applications the company
    enhanced its capabilities by widening its base to Hand Lay
    Up applications for Medical equipments, RTM Resin
    Transfer Molding for Railways, defense and other niche
Resin Matrix + Fibrous Reinforcing
                  •Glass fibers
 Epoxies
 Polyester       Fibers

 Vinyl Esters    •Ceramic

 Gel Coats       •Kelvar & Armid Fibers

                  •Natural fibers like
                  Jute, bamboo
Why Composites
   Consistent in material quality
   Uniform & consistent thickness
   Consistent painting quality
   No waviness on outer surface
   In-built ribs for strengthening
   Moulded inserts and studs for assembly
   Part integration & consolidation
   Non corrosive
   Excellent thermal, electrical insulation properties
   High Mechanical Strength (Density 1.8)(MS 7.8)
Sheet moulded composites (SMC)
 SMC is a thermosetting polymer reinforced with fiber
  (usually glass fiber), manufactured in the form
 Suitable fillers are added to SMC at the compounding
  stage to obtain specific properties and the material
  can be specifically formulated for applications.
 Eg. Engine Hood CV
Dough Moulding composites ( DMC )
 Moulding materials made primarily of
  Unsaturated Polyester Resin, Glass Fiber and
 They form into solid components of desired
  sizes, shapes and properties on application of
  heat and pressure in a matched die mould.
  Different techniques include compression
  and injection moulding.
 The demand for these products is expected to
  increase significantly as they are replacing
  conventional materials.Mahindra
  Composites is well equipped to cater to the
  Indian and global markets.
            Lay-up Method
Hand most basic form of moulding process and is most
 It is the
 Using this a mould (negative of the original ) is made. It is
  generally done by hand lay-up process.
 Gel coat is applied on the required finished surface of the
  mould. Glass matt is laid over it. A homogeneous mixture
  of Resin & binder is applied over the matt with a brush. You
  can build such layers to gain wall thickness of the
 Advantages
  It is a fast process – time saving
  It is the most economical process
  Best for low volume production ( 50 – 100 units per month
Clients - Auto
 Auto Others
 Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. Ltd
 GE Medical System India
 Bajaj Auto Ltd
 Optel Telecommunication Ltd.
 Ashok Leyland Limited
 Railtech
 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
 TVS Suzuki Ltd.
 Swaraj Mazda Ltd.
 PAL-Peugeot Ltd
Switch Gear
   L&T
   Schneider
   Schneider
   Simens
   MDS Legrand
   ABB
   BHEL
   GE Power Control
   Datar Switchgear
   Havells
   Jyoti
   Punjab Switchgear
   Bharatia Cutler Hammer
1) Amtec Auto
2) Bosch
3) Amtec India
4) Exide Industries
5) Motherson Sumi
6) Amara Raja Batt
7) Rico Auto
8) Federal-Mogul
Future Plans
 The company's sales are divided roughly 80% to the electrical
  industry, and 20% to the automotive sector.

 CEO Ajit Lele's objective is to boost the automotive side of the
  business, while maintaining growth in the electrical sector.
  This is a big challenge since the electrical sector in India is
  currently experiencing growth rates of around 40%.

 Although use of composites in Indian trucks and cars is low at
  present, Mahindra Composites is currently working on about
  six new products. Its five design engineers can redesign
  existing metal parts in composite to demonstrate to the car
  and truck manufacturers.
Future Plans…
 Tractor companies have started to look at composites as a way
  of making more attractively styled models.

 At the moment Mahindra Composites does not have any
  technology agreements with car or truck manufacturers but
  Lele is looking at this as one way to speed up the company's
  development of automotive expertise. The Mahindra group
  already has collaborations with Renault, Nissan and ITEC which
  can be leveraged to achieve this.

 Mahindra Composites' goal is to become a leading compound
  and component manufacturer and to develop its component
  manufacturing in a variety of sectors. Lele believes that in
  three years time it may be possible to build the automotive
  component business to 50% of Mahindra Composites' sales.
  There is plenty of room for expansion at both the Mangaon
  and Pune sites.
About the Company
 Amongst the top 3 forging companies in India
 Installed capacity of 42,000 MT
 40% market share
 1 million crankshafts and 0.5 million steering knuckles
 per annum
Manufacturing Process
1. Cutting the steel rods into smaller pieces (billets) of
   appropriate sizes, using band saw machines, a hot shear or
   a cold shear.

2. Heating the billets in the computerized controlled
   induction heater to get the desired shape with appropriate
   die on the forging press.

3. Forging the billet into the desired shape with appropriate
   die on the forging press.

4. Trimming the excess metal (flash) around the piece using
   a trimming press.
5.   Heat treatment (either hardening and tempering,
     annealing or normalizing) to strengthen the micro-
     structure of the metal.

6.   Shot blasting to remove the oxide layer (scale) on the
     forging surface.

7.   100 % quality check using Magnaflux machines for crack

8.   Using a pedestal or hand-held grinders to polish the
     rough edges.

9.   Using CNC lathes to machine the rough forging into a
     finished component to meet close tolerance requirement
     as per specifications.
Esteemed Customers
  2. AVTEC
  4. DEUTZ
 Auto and Diesel engine components
 Crankshafts
 Connecting Rods
 Pinions
 Bull Gears
 Stub Axles
 Spindles
 Differential cases and covers
 Rollers and Assemblies
 Carbon steel and stainless steel flanges
Crank Shafts
 MASL supplies both Forged and Fully machined
 crankshafts to Cars, MUV, LCV and Tractors. The
 Largest in these segments. Source for Tata Indica,
 Sumo/Safari, M&M MUVs & Maruti Suzuki
Crank Shafts
Stub Axle
 MASL supplies both forged and finished stub axles to
  MUV, LCV and MCVs.
        Connecting Rods
Supply Connecting Rods to Tractors and Off-
Highway applications
 Other products include Suspension parts like Steering
 Arm, Links / Carrier, Control Arm, Upper Arm, Bridge
 Fork and Axle parts like Spindle, Knuckle etc.
 Bharat Forge (India’s No.1 forging company)
 Sundaram Fasteners Ltd (SFL)
 Amtek Group
 EL Forge Ltd
    Also, there are many other forging companies on the
     domestic front (Most of whom are AIFI members)
About the Company
 Relationship with the Defence Sector
 Total solutions
 Addresses specific segments of the Government's
  import substitution programs
 State-of-the-art technology
 Largest private sector company for the supply of
  bullet-proof vehicles
 Mahindra Defence Systems has been awarded the
 following industrial licenses by the Government of

 Light Armoured Multi Role Vehicle
 Simulators for Weapons and Weapon Systems
 Mobile Surveillance Platforms
 Sea Mines
 Small Arms, Variants and Associated Ammunition
 Up-Armoured Vehicles
Military Light Utility Vehicle
 Mahindra MM500XDB
1. XD3P diesel engine developing 46 kW @ 4500
2. High mobility, rugged, all-terrain vehicle
3. Quick start automatic heater plug for easy start
   in sub-zero temperature conditions
4. Greater payload - 650 kgs.
5. Durable metal sheet body and metal bumpers
6. Ideal for conversion to weapon platform for
 Mahindra Field Ambulance
 The Mahindra Field Ambulance offers outstanding all-
  terrain mobility and provides safe, comfortable and
  rapid transportation.
 It's the ideal lightweight, high mobility solution for
  frontline evacuation, patient transportation and
  emergency medical cover.
1.   Unique insulated modular construction mounted on a
     strong tubular chassis
2.   Fully trimmed, non-hygroscopic patient saloon
3.   Provision of all essential life saving equipment with 220V
     AC power supply - oxygen concentrator, suction
     machine, defibrillator cum ECG, ventilator, nebulizer,
     instrument emergency tray
4.   Accommodates two lying and two sitting casualties/five
     sitting casualties
5.   Along with a separate medical attendant's seat
6.   A user-friendly layout maximises medical equipment, kit
     storage space and provides adequate room for
     convenient handling of patients
 Mahindra Pik-Up
Bullet Proof Vehicle
 Rakshak
 RAKSHAK is in service with the Indian Army, Air
 Force, the State Police forces of Jammu & Kashmir,
 North-Eastern States, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and
 Jharkhand, the Paramilitary forces and the Security
 forces of Guyana & Nepal
1.   Run flat system with tubeless tyres
2.   Ballistic carpet to provide 98% under belly
     protection against shrapnel Grenade No 36MK -1
3.   LMG fixed mount with protection shield in the
     front, capable of providing 120 degree field of fire
Up-Armoured Vehicles
 Scorpio For VIPS
 Run flat system with tubeless tyres
 Ballistic carpet to provide 98% under belly protection
 against shrapnel Grenade No 36MK -1, 69.3 gt.TNT
 Cash in Transit Van
 Cash in Transit Vans (CITV) are custom made
 bullet-proof vehicles, used for transporting cash/
 bullion etc. by banks or security agencies.

 Designed using CAD-CAM engineered systems
 and installing the highest quality of armour and
 ballistic materials available today, the Cash In
 Transit Van can be configured to the desired
 protection levels.

 The Cash In Transit Van comes loaded with added
  security features for protection of the crew and
  cargo, viz. anti-car jacking mode, adjustable
  ultrasonic sensors, engine immobilisation, panic
  alarm safety, ignition door locking/unlocking, over
  ride switch etc.
 Top: The passenger compartment withstands a
  direct hit by the 9mm. pistol from a distance of 10
  meters at a 45-degree angle
 All sides: Withstand a direct hit by the 9mm.
  pistol from a distance of 10 meters at a 90-degree
 Glass Wind Shield and Side Windows:Same as
  the side. The cash compartment is sheer proof
Special Vehicle
 Mobile surveillance vehicle
 Mahindra offers a highly effective integrated day/night
  observation system platform in the form of Mobile
  Surveillance Vehicles.
 The Mobile Surveillance Vehicle as a border and
  battlefield observation system has the capability to
  detect human and vehicle targets at distances and also
  allows operators to identify them.
• Stabilised multi sensor payload
• Day/night surveillance system (with thermal
   imaging cameras and continuous zoom)
• Intruder detection systems
• Ruggedized control and display unit
• All round field of view
• Mobility & flexibility to cover larger areas
• Enhanced range by telescopic mast systems
• Crew comfort with AC environment
 Rapid Intervention Vehicle-RIV
 Mahindra Rapid Intervention Vehicle is a highly
 effective, state-of-the-art vehicle. It is designed
 specially for the police and paramilitary forces, to
 control mobs in dense urban areas.
• Mounted with multi-tube shell launchers
• Flashing light bar with siren and public address
• All round search light facility
• Drinking water and tea storage facility for
  prolonged operation
• Generator / high storage capacitor for maintenance
  of batteries and to ensure power for attached
• Explosion retarding material in fuel tank
L&T CASE 770
 Low Operating Cost

 Higher Prodcutivity upto 45% more than your existing

 Better Breakout Forces

 Spacious Cabin- Better Operator Comfort & visibility.

 Lift Capacity : 3425 capacity

 Max Payload : 1750 kg

 Grading Angle : 115 degrees

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