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					Read Prayer Before - Lawak Pak fool

In a silent night ... Pak fool and his wife listening to religious lectures from the mosque
who near their homes. Among the lectures is to read a prayer before eating.

"My masters before eating, we should first read the prayer, this is because the devil will
eat us and make us eat not full-filled ...." said the teacher was.

Then pack this fool even turn them tue night with his wife. While having a meal that
night, sir fool suddenly got up and rushed to the toilet many times. Not enough with that,
sleep that night pulak nie pak silly fun terkentuuooot elongated.

His wife can not stand, then ask his wife to Mr fool, "You eat up so camni?".
"Did I eat laxatives do not read the prayer, let the devil facial match .... tu poo-poo eating
laxatives .... muahahahahahaha !!!!!

Indeed ... Mr silly really good intentions ...

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