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i-twist, KFC’s new value taste sensation
KFC stays true to its differentiated positioning and innovates once more by
creating colored small delicious wraps, unique to the chicken expert brand.

Yellow, red, black, brown… For each color there is a flavor, a universe and
a unique experience.

Launch in January in the world of taste for this new KFC product that will
wake up taste buds and satisfy chicken addict consumers’ need for new

A custom-made product for customers looking for new trends!
Totally trendy, i-twist is in sync with its times with a 100% colored and
lifestyle range that is adapted to our customers’s lives.

KFC has created an “it” sandwich that can be eaten in store or on the go and
that people won’t be able to do without!
Punchy nuances, rich and balanced flavors… the winter 2010 will be
colorful with i-twist!

A multitude of products without moderation!
To answer the customer’s need for value and taste, i-twist combines amazing
flavors, respectful of quality: a subtle alliance for only 1,95€*
In a period of crisis, KFC wants to reconcile pleasure and value and
therefore let all customers try the new i-twist sensation, various products
with incredible flavors which correspond to the European customer’s
i-twist is the sandwich that is adapted to the taste, the needs and the wallets
of its customers.

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A rainbow of flavors

Designed with different colors, i-twist is a new generation of wraps coming
from the iconic KFC product called Twister™. Made with a delicious warm
tortilla and a chicken strip, each i-twist will have in addition ingredients that
will make it outstanding (cheddar, tomato, salsa, jalapenos…).

For the launch KFC uses the warm colors of the range with the Sunny and
Yummy versions of i-twist, bringing sun and warmth to a usually tough time
of year. But the fans of new sensations should feel reassured, many other
flavors will be added to the range shortly…

A microsite dedicated to i-twist addicts!

To get to know which i-twist corresponds most to one’s personality or to
determine the ingredients that will be included in the new i-twist, just go
online to www.itwist.fr the newest KFC website addition.

Customers will immediately be immersed in the i-twist universe, with colors

Journalists can order a tasting of the new i-twist sensation if interested!
Go on the Press section of the website to order i-twist for your whole edition

The skinny about the first 2 sensations
On premises or on the go, KFC has designed a product that changes
according to the mood, the needs and the taste of the consumer.

Let the sunshine in with Sunny

Customers will be in love with the sunny flavors of i-twist Sunny.

A delicious toasted corn tortilla, a marinated and breaded chicken strip and
ingredients that will transport KFC fans to sunny horizons: salsa sauce,
lettuce, melted cheddar…

Fans of new sensations will fall in love with i-twist Sunny’s taste.

Yummy, an amazing recipe

Yummy is the succulent and melty i-twist which will please KFC fans. As
its name says, customers will want to say “hmmm… yummy”!

No one will resist this marinated breaded chicken placed in a toasted flour
tortilla with tomatoes, melted cheese and a special mustard sauce, all mixed
together for a tasty sensation!

2Hot 4 U, Country, Crazy, Cool… A range with flavors…

Black, brown, purple, green… For each color, a unique sensation and
Simple and indulgent, the i-twist flavors combine pleasure, balance and
value and will be launched throughout the year.

Whether you are fan of sweet, spices or natural ingredients, KFC has though
of every palate!
The i-twist is here to challenge daily life and please the fans of new

i-twist, a multitude of alternatives
For the launch of i-twist, KFC has created a special meal for even more

A Double Meal for double the crunch!

Fan of both - the Sunny and the Yummy? Why choose only one?

With the Double Meal, no need to choose, just eat!

There is nothing better than tasting 2 i-twist to get even more new sensations
and flavors.
This is what KFC fans will be able to do with just 6,60€.

The Double Meal is made of 2 i-twist, regular fries and a regular beverage.

With the Double Meal, the customers can choose the 2 promoted i-twist (i-
twist Sunny & i-twist Yummy) or take twice the same i-twist.

Tasty Bonus

Only want a snack? Taste the i-twist as a Tasty Bonus!

Why not choose a Tasty Bonus? These are small products sold for 1,95€
perfect as a snack in between meals or as an add-on to your regular KFC
meal. I-twist is now part of the Tasty Bonus range.

A variety of KFC signature snacks!

KFC’s commitment to quality
Chicken quality is our job

At KFC, the chicken can be eaten with confidence. For more than 50 years,
KFC has built its reputation through its Original Recipe™ chicken with a
unique taste coming from a secret 11 herbs and spices recipe, and through its
irreproachable quality.

KFC, a whole lot more than chicken

The KFC offer is unique in the QSR market, based on products with
irreproachable quality:
- Real pieces of chicken, marinated, breaded and cooked by cooks in each
- Rigorously selected salads, potatoes, and corn on the cob
- A choice of desserts
- New recipes launched regularly

Unique recipes prepared in store

Kept secret for more than 50 years, the famous KFC recipes are used in store
using a specific cooking process. After being cooked, the products reach
temperatures above 80°C. The breading is prepared in store with natural
ingredients (flour, milk, eggs, salt, pepper and a mix of 11 herbs and spices)
by real cooks to guarantee a fresh, crunchy product.

Real chicken

Chicken strips, wings, thighs and drumsticks - KFC selects the best whole
muscle chicken pieces. Using both traditional know-how and innovation,
KFC regularly offers new recipes to our customers: innovative side items
like the corn on the cob as well as a great choice of desserts.

About KFC in your market

About KFC and Yum! Brands Inc.
KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Ky., is the world's most popular
chicken restaurant chain specializing in the Colonel’s Original Recipe®, Hot
& Spicy™, Crispy Strips®, and freshly made chicken sandwiches. There
are more than 15,000 KFC outlets in more than 100 countries and territories
around the world, serving some twelve million customers each day. KFC
Corporation is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., Louisville, Ky. (NYSE:

Yum! Brands, Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky USA, is the world's
largest restaurant company in terms of system restaurants with over 35,000
restaurants in over 100 countries.
Four of our restaurant brands - KFC, Long John Silver's (LJS), Pizza Hut
and Taco Bell - are the global leaders of the chicken, quick-service seafood,
pizza and Mexican-style food categories. A&W Restaurants is the longest
running quick-service franchise chain in America.

More information on www.kfc.xy and www.yum.com

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