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					                           Zebra Mats – Judo Mats

Zebra Mats has become the top supplier for MMA and Martial Arts Training facilities
and in light of the fact we have a huge range of training products, which include cages,
rings, bag racks and of course many different types of mats, such as judo mats, home
mats, yoga mats, folding mats, puzzle mats, combo mats, camo MMA mats, along with
grappling mats and landing mats, trainers and facilities around the country rely on our
website. The primary objective of our company is to supply the highest quality mats as
well as flooring systems and the judo mats are offered in a range of bright colors and in
several different sizes. The 1.5 inch judo mat is the best mat for judo training or marital
arts training and it has been manufactured with the innovative multiple foam density
technology, which allows it to offer maximum shock absorption as well as impact
protection during throws and takedowns. In addition, the judo mats allow for a firm grip
and good footing, while at the same time, the surface of the judo mats cater to fast
momentum and in addition to being used as a mat for judo training, these mats, also
known as grappling mats, are the ideal choice for all types of marital art training, such as
Hapikido, Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu.

The lifespan of the judo mats are usually fifteen years or longer and the other features of
the judo mats include an anti-skid bottom which adds to the stability of the Judo trainee,
and in light of the fact that the judo mats may be ordered directly via the Zebra Mats
website, www.zebramats.com, training facilities and trainers will be able to make their
selection on the exact size and color of mat that is best suited to their needs. Zebra Mats
will take care of all the shipping costs for the judo mats, along with the shipping costs for
other mats which are featured on our website. Due to the fact that Zebra Mats is a
specialized supplier of mats and flooring accessories, our website has become a favored
online website for training facilities, trainers and gyms and over and above the shock
impact and durable judo mats, we also offer the versatile Zebra Combo Mats, which is
the ideal choice for those who want to combined Striking Arts and Grappling. The
Combo Mats are one inch thick and these tough mats have also been manufactured using
state-of-the-art technology which allows for the combination of multi-foam densities that
caters to fleet footedness, while offer the best in shock absorption.

The Zebra judo mats are sold on our site with a ten year limited warranty and this mat is
the premium mat which is used in good martial arts training centers. Our website has
been developed in such a way as to meet the needs of athletes and the needs of training
facilities and the full specifications for the judo mats, along with the color and size
selection, can be seen on the Zebra Mats website. More than simply supplying the best in
judo mats, we offer exceptional quality flooring accessories and we are also suppliers of
pads, accessories, training cages and cages. Take a moment to go through our website
and select the best of premium quality training equipment, such as the judo mats, which
have been designed to serve the needs of martial arts trainers and training facilities.

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