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									                         Zebra Mats – Home Mats

The company, Zebra Mats, started in the 1990’s and their main objective is to give the
best quality mats and flooring system to the martial art trainers. The Zebra Mats which
can be purchased via the website include home mats, yoga mats, folding mats, puzzle
mats, combo mats, camo MMA mats, along with grappling mats and landing mats. The
home mats are the ideal choice for those who want to continue with their training at home
and as such, the home mats have been designed to offer easy setup, they are portable and
lightweight and they can be easily broken down when training is complete. Since the
home mats have been created specifically for home training, when trainees want to begin
training, they simply need to roll out the mat and let the training begin. The home mats,
however, offer the same features as all the other Zebra Mats and in fact, the home mats
have the identical feature of the tatami-textured surface which is found on the heavy duty
grappling mats which are found in MMA gyms and training facilities. The home mats are
a great choice for 10 inch by 10 inch training areas and these fantastic training home mats
can be ordered directly on the Zebra Mats website,, and
furthermore, Zebra Mats will take care of all the shipping costs for the home mats, as
well as any other of the mats which are shown on our website.

Since Zebra Mat is a specialized supplier of mats and flooring accessories, our site has
become the top choice of training facilities, trainers and gyms and in addition to the
durable and easy to use home mats, we also offer the legendary Zebra grappling mats
which are sold with a ten year limited warranty and this mat is the premium mat for any
martial arts training center. Unlike the home mats, the grabbling mats can also be used
for Judo, Hapikido and Jiu-Jitsu academies and are offered in a range of colors, such as
grey, green black and yellow. Like the home mats, the shipping for the grappling mats
will be taken care of by Zebra Mats. If you, however, simply want an easy to use and
easy to breakdown mat for home training purposes, the Zebra home mats are

We have created our website in such a way as to meet the needs of athletes as well as
training facilities and the complete specifications for the home mats may be viewed via
the Zebra Mats website. In addition to mats and flooring accessories, Zebra Mats is also a
supplier of pads, accessories, and training cages, so feel free to browse the powerful
website of Zebra Mats and take your pick from premium quality training equipment that
has been designed to meet the demands of MMA trainers and training facilities. Due to
the quality and the design of the home mats, the Zebra home mats have become the
training mats of choice among top athletes and trainers.

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