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									Mr Mayor of Sofia,
Mr Deputy Minister of Interior,
Mr Deputy Minister of Justice,
Mr President of the National Association of Municipal Clerks in Burgaria,
Mrs President of the International Association of Municipal Clerks,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am very glad to be here with you today, in the heart of Bulgaria, as my Colleague, the
Chief Architect of the Municipality of Sofia mentioned before. First of all, I would like to
thank the National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria, his President Valentin
LAZAROV and my old friend and collaborator Professor Yordan BOTEV for the
invitation to co-host this important International Conference entitled “ The European city
: urbanisation and architecture, security and finance”. As President of the SD-MED
Association which is aiming at promoting decentralized co-operation in the field of
sustainable development in the broader Mediterranean region, ensuring and enhancing
links with international networks and associations, I would like to transfer to you the
warmest salutations and wishes of success of our Honorary President Mr Dominique
BIDOU, who is deeply sorry not to be able to be with us today, as well as of the SD-MED

What is SD-MED ?
The SD-MED Association "Association for co-operation on sustainable development
and construction in the Mediterranean" constitutes a Hellenic-French and
international initiative, of non-profit character aiming at a multi-level and multi-
dimensional cooperation around a common vision of sustainable development. It partly
emanates and is consistent with the French Policy with regard to the need of cooperation
for sustainable development in the Mediterranean, as expressed in 2002, in the
Johannesburg Summit, with a view to encourage the emergence of a common vision for
the future of the Mediterranean. Aim of this cooperation is the promotion of Euro-
Mediterranean co-operation considered from the European Union as an economic co-
operation, but also as a co-operation in the service of the environment for the confrontation
of ecological inequalities in the region and the configuration of common conscience on
the dilemmas arisen from sustainable development. A cooperation, on the other hand in
the service of Human, articulated round the education, the health, the access in the
cultural goods, the access in the residence.

Our Association, as cooperation of personalities and technocrats but also mainly
architects, engineers, urban planners from all over the world, from Canada to Japan and
from the South and the North Coast of the Mediterranean, with specialization and
expertise on sustainable development, sustainable urban management and sustainable
construction focuses on sustainable construction, considered as a action that can encourage
the collaboration for the sustainable urban development and her application in projects that
concern the building, the built environment, the city, the land planning, that is in
projects and programmes of all territorial scales. It focuses consequently, and develops
activities round the necessary coupling of architectural and urban quality with the
environmental one. It thus concerns very widely the construction sector where Greece
and its neighbors in the Balkans have demonstrated exceptionally appreciable potential
but also further possibilities of being a centre of dissemination of know-how, as for the
wider region of Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, and of course the Mediterranean.

Allow me a brief reference to our priority fields of action :

   1. To incorporate sustainable development criteria and the concept and
      methodology of high environmental quality ( HQE) into programmes and
      projects of all spatial scales (building scale, city scale, spatial planning scale,
      regional scale…)
   2. To promote partnerships between local, regional, national players, citizens and
      civil society organisations, users and consumers and the private sector and create
      synergies so as to shape options that will be of benefit to sustainable
      development and sustainable construction and implement and evaluate
      relevant programmes and projects.
   3. To enhance the transfer and exchange of know-how on sustainable construction
      and high environmental quality building
   4. to develop basic methodologies which correspond to particular local problems
      and needs, and help local actors to create their own systems adjusted to the
      local conditions.

Up to date, we have responded efficiently to the above goals :

Just some examples of our activities :

1. On SD-MED's own initiative and under its scientific and organizational co-ordination,
an International Conference (SB05MED) was held in Athens last year, with the title
«Sustainable Construction: action for sustainability in the Mediterranean region».
The Conference has been hosted by the Municipality of Athens, the Municipality of Athens
Development Agency, by Universities, Research Institutes, NGOs. It has been supported
by the International organisations iiSBE, CIB, UNEP/DTIE and OECD, by the UIA/ARES
Group, the UMAR, the GBC Spain etc. The event, supported by the LIFE-ENV EC
Programme was under the aegis of the Mayor of Athens, the Minister of Development and
the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece. This event was, in
parallel, a part of the SB04 regional event series and as such treated in the preparation for
the Global Sustainable Building 2005 Conference that was to be held in September 2005 in
Tokyo (SB05Tokyo, url: ). The culmination of this Mediterranean Event
was the «Sustainable Building and Construction Mediterranean Report» dealing with
regional issues to be solved regarding the concept and implementation of sustainable
building. It also provided an overview of issues and barriers calling for regional,
European and international attention.

2. SD-MED has elaborated a new SD-MED method and performance assessment tool
for buildings, inspired by the HQE method and validated by the French HQE Association
in May 2006.
3. SD-MED Association has already elaborated for the Municipality of Athens an “ SD-
MED Guide to sustainable construction and environmental quality: from concepts to
practice ”, which will be published soon.

4. SD-MED Association is already elaborating the “SD-MED Guide for innovative
financial mechanisms for investing in environmental quality of public and municipal

Moreover, I have the pleasure to announce to you the next SB07MED which will be held
in 2007 in Athens and will also be co-hosted by the National Association of Municipal
Clerks in Bulgaria. It will be entitled “ Sustainability for citizens and citizens for
sustainability : Health and environmental quality in the Mediterranean cities” and will be
structured around crucial urban environmental problems that cities in the Mediterranean
basin are facing as well as around relevant sustainable policy and technical measures and
solutions coping with them.

The Conference will try to ensure a broad active participation of relevant Mediterranean
and Central and Eastern Europe Stakeholders and create synergies towards the achievement
of urban sustainability in the region. It will encourage exchanges of know-how and future
joint projects.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We believe that all our goals are achievable…nevertheless, sustainability is a shared
responsibility. Thus, all together, we can do better. For this reason, I would like to thank
once again the organizers for their invitation and congratulate them for this organisation.
SD-MED and its partners are looking forward to the Conference outcomes and conclusions
which will be broadly disseminated through our network.

President of SD-MED Board
SD-MED International Association

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