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                                                          Universal Circle Burner
        This handy little tool is ideal for shop or maintenance
        department that must occasionally cut circles or straight lines
        but where expensive equipment is not practical.                                                          MAGNETIC HOLDING BASE
                                                                                                                 for CB-20 or CB-30 Circle Burner
                                                                                                                 Magnet with 16 lbs.(7.3kg) direct pull
                                                                                                                 holds centering pin in place, frees your
                                                                                                                 hands and allows you to focus your
                                                                    Three set screws in                          attention on the torch. (Caution: Should
                                                                    the rotating head                            not be used when cutting any circle with
                  45/64" Dia.                                       center the torch tip                         less than a 6” radius.)
                  (17.85mm)                                         for any radius, circle
                                                                    or straight cutting.

                                              Price      Model                         Description                    Maximum            Minimum
         • Cut circles or straight                           Part No.                                              Diameter Circle   Diameter Circle
           lines with any oxyfuel          $56.21 EA     CB-20          LENCO Circle Burner                         18" (457mm)      3 1/2" (88.9mm)
           cutting torch                   $58.35 EA     CB-30          LENCO Circle Burner                         30" (762mm)      3 1/2" (88.9mm)
         • Equipped with two               $73.04 EA     CB-20M         LENCO Circle Burner w/Magnetic Base         18" (457mm)      3 1/2" (88.9mm)
           wheels and centering            $75.18 EA     CB-30M         LENCO Circle Burner w/Magnetic Base         30" (762mm)      3 1/2" (88.9mm)
           pin                             $20.83 EA     CBM-2030       Magnetic Base Only for CB-20 or CB-30             ---                ---

                                                                VCM-200 CUTTING MACHINE
                                                                  specifications & ordering information

       VCM-200 PORTABLE TRACK CUTTING                                                         VCM-200 ORDERING INFORMATION
       MACHINE                                                                        PART NO.              DESCRIPTION                   PRICE
       for cutting, MIG/TIG welding, etc.
                                                                                                     Complete machine
       The versatile VCM-200 is a precision,                                                         includes, VCM-200, MT
       tractor-type machine that can be used on                                       0200-0220      210A torch, 1-1-101 cutting $2,599.00 EA
       its own track for straight line cutting and a                                                 tip with hoses and fittings
       variety of welding operations. Off track,                                                     for two hose operation
       and with a radius rod accessory, the
       VCM-200 can be used for circle cutting.                                                       High Speed Model
                                                                                      0200-0224      Complete w/High Temp             $2,839.00 EA
                                                                                      Models available without the torch
                 Order Track Separately                                               Export models available

                                                       Model VCM-200
                                                 Standard Machine 110 AC                     ACCESSORY ORDERING INFORMATION
        Specifications:                                                           PART No.                  DESCRIPTION                       PRICE
        Cutting Capacities
                Length increments of 72" (Track length)                           0212-0005 6 foot track section for line cutting           $225.60 EA
                Circle diameters 4" to 96"
                                                                                  0252-0040 Radius rod for circle cutting                  $150.10 EA
        Speed Range
                2 to 60 Inches/Minute                                             0252-0136 Dual torch mount assembly                       $984.80 EA
                5 to 120 Inches/Minute (High Speed Model)
                                                                                  0252-0103 Heat shield                                     $112.70 EA

                                                             Cutting Accessories
                                           BHA Bevel Attachment
                                           for machine torch bevel cutting.
                                           Adjustable head adds flexibility to                                     Plasma Torch Holder
                                           machine cutting torches by allowing
                                           bevel cuts without changing the position                                Part Number 0252-0138
                                           of the torch. It can be set at any angle                                      $129.47 EA
          Part No. 0383-0012               from 0 to 90° on either side of vertical.
               $162.00 EA                  Uses series 1 cutting tips.


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