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peerVue Announces Radiation Dose Management Features
Radiation Tracking to be Incorporated in New QICS Solution Debuting at RSNA 10

November 23, 2010—Sarasota, FL—peerVue announces expanded new features for its Radiation Dose
Management System, which will be offered as part of the company’s new Qualitative Intelligence &
Communications System (QICS) debuting at RSNA 2010. The new system now calculates a patient’s total
estimated dose in advance of an ionizing radiation procedure and notifies designated parties if this l dose, when
added to the patients existing cumulative estimated dose history, is exceeds a pre-determined threshold.       By
contrast, most other dose tracking systems on the market calculate total radiation dose only after completion of a
procedure. The QICS Estimated Dose Management System integrates into and operates seamlessly from within an
imaging environment.

         “This new capability was created in response to user requests and we believe it will deliver a critically
important solution unlike any available today,” said Kyle Lawton, CEO of peerVue. “Moreover, it fills an important
need that will extend well into the future, as dose tracking becomes a larger issue in medical care and actual dose is
captured from modality devices in the near future.”

                  If the estimated dose will exceed limits set up by the radiology site, the system will transmit
notification to designated radiology staff members or to the ordering physician, along with a recommended
alternative exam. Notifications may be sent as either an email or popup on the user’s computer.
          “The peerVue solution is different because we work to prevent excess radiation by calculating estimated
dose in advance, not merely track it for subsequent use,” comments Lawton. He points out that in the future, as
modality devices become equipped with dose sensors, QICS will store actual dose information. However, he notes
that for some time after that, sites will continue to have the need to estimate prior dose for procedures that predates
new real-time measurement.

          Radiation Dose Tracking is just one of a full spectrum of important features that will come pre-configured
in peerVue’s QICS, a revolutionary web-based platform that transforms existing healthcare data into qualitative
intelligence, which will be introduced at the RSNA. QICS uses this intelligence to drive a virtually unlimited range
of radiology workflow, from critical results communication to emergency room discrepancy management. At the
same time, the unique platform takes advantage of this data to support continuous departmental improvements and
maximizing of revenue.

         Integrating seamlessly with HIS, RIS and PACS solutions, QICS simplifies the IT environment by
eliminating workarounds in existing systems and the need to purchase multiple niche solutions to address otherwise
unmet functionalities beyond the scope of these applications.
          “We believe the new QICS Dose Tracking feature brings important new information to the physician’s
fingertips that will help boost patient care while driving new departmental efficiencies,” said Lawton.

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