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									      The Farms of

     Carroll County

 Farms in Carroll County with

products available for sale to the


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According to the 2007 Census of                         Table of Contents
Agriculture, Agriculture in Carroll
County is on the rise. There are           Albany                           1
approximately 274 farms in the             Brookfield                       1
county, with more than 32,000 acres of
farm land. The average size of a           Chatham                          2
typical working farm is about 117          Conway                           3
acres. Carroll County ranks 10th,
                                           Eaton                            4
statewide, in most areas of agricultural
production, with the following             Effingham                        5
exceptions: hogs and pigs 2nd of ten;      Glen                             7
sheep and goats 3rd; poultry and eggs
                                           Granite                          7
4th; vegetables, melons and potatoes
6th; nursery, greenhouses and              Madison                          8
horticulture 7th.                          Moultonboro                      8

                                           Ossipee                          9
The “Farms of Carroll County”
booklet’s purpose is to provide            Sandwich                         12
residents with the information they        Silver Lake                      14
need to purchase local agricultural
products. Local farms provide us with      Tamworth                         14
wholesome, nutrient rich foods, while      Tuftonboro                       16
preserving our rural working
                                           Wakefield                        17
landscape. So, visit “your” local
farmer today, sample the local bounty      Wolfeboro                        18
and help to support Agriculture in         Farmers’ Market                  21
Carroll County.

                   3                                            4
                 ALBANY                    Via Lactea Farm/Brookfield Dairy
                                                         366 Stoneham Road
          MERRY BROOK FARM                                 Brookfield, NH
     1932 Chocorua Mountain Highway
               Albany, NH                            GOAT MILK PRODUCTS
                                             Raw Goat Milk in Returnable Glass Bottles,
                                                   Feta – Chevre – Aged Cheese
        Orgasmic, Organic Blueberries      Visit the Farm Store for: Tapper’s Maple Syrup,
                     Seasonal                           Eggs, Cheese and More.
            Mid July – Mid August                     Open March - December
              8:00 am – 4:00 pm               Wednesday - Sunday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
                                              Please call ahead to arrange a farm tour
     Pick your own – Friday and Saturday

           BROOKFIELD                           Fibers, Flowers and Herbs
                                                          5 Piney Road
                                                         Brookfield, NH
       Brookfield Corner Farm
       251 Wentworth Road (Rt. 109)
             Brookfield, NH                           E-mail for product list
                                              Handspun yarn, herbs, cut flowers,
      Horse Boarding/Lessons/Training                     perennials
                By Appointment                      Open most weekends

           Iron Brook Farm                              CHATHAM
    415 Wentworth Road, (Route 109)
            Brookfield, NH                             Narrow Path Farm
           522-8897 – cell 998-4658                        1553 Main Road
                             Chatham, NH                   Leo & Charlene Fecteau
          Horseback riding instructions                       694-3056
          English, Western Saddle Seat
           ALL LEVELS – ALL AGES                          Broilers & Eggs
                                                     USDA Inspected Beef and Pork
Gift Certificates available

                         1                                        2
             CONWAY                                            Earle Family Farm
                                                                 1066 Brownfield Road
         Whitaker Farm Stand                                      Center Conway, NH
                  Route 16
              North Conway, NH
         Hours of operation 9am – 6pm
     6 days per week, June – Columbus Day
         For fresh vegetables and berries                Farmstand, greenhouse, meats, and eggs
             Day after Thanksgiving                                 Seasonal 9 – 5
  Christmas trees and wreaths through Christmas              Winter by appointment only

          1440 Brownfield Road                                 The Lucy Farm
           Center Conway, NH                                  3557 West Side Road
                447-5687                                       North Conway, NH
Pick your own apples: MacIntosh, Cortland,                         356-5632
          Empire, Northern Spy.
                                                       Hay, alpacas, and more to come!
   Weekends & Holidays 10am – 5pm
    September 4 – October 17, 2010                           Weekdays & Weekends
  Ok to bring your own bags, boxes, etc.

       SHERMAN FARM                                                EATON
        2679 East Conway Road
          Center Conway, NH                           FOSS MOUNTAN FARM
              939-2412                            Registered Huacaya Alpacas, Various Colors,
                                                       Focused on Fiber & Conformation
                                                             Discounted Packages
 Meats, Milk, Bakery, Vegetables in Season,
              Fall Corn Maze                               6 Miles south of Conway, NH
                 Daily 9 - 6                        Lana Nickerson/Richard Dole, Eaton, NH 447-6548

                       3                                                   4
            Berry Knoll                                    DRAKE FARM
          Old Portland Road                             Center Effingham, NH
              Eaton, NH                                539-7693 (phone & fax)
                                            Pygora Kids, Angora Rabbits, Old English
   Blueberries, Raspberries, Currents,
       Gooseberries and Daylilies        Babydoll Cross Lambs, Handspun Yarn, Spinners’
                                                Roving. Does and Ewes available.
   Seasonal: July 15 and September 1
     Email:                   e-mail,

                                                          Freedom Farm
       Snow Brook Farm                                 Paul Greenblatt
        27 Everett White Road
                                                         Route 153
             P.O. Box 194
              Eaton, NH                           Freedom @ Effingham Falls
              447-8988                                    539-1827
                                         Flowering Plants ~ Perennials ~ Herbs ~ Fresh Fruits
email:                   & Vegetables in Season
                                                     Christmas Trees & Wreaths
  Lamb, Pork, Organic Chicken and
                                                           Hollow Tree Hill Farm
         By appointment only                        Deb J. Goodwin Potter, Owner ~ Breeder
                                                            230 Town House Road
        EFFINGHAM                                              Effingham, NH
                                                  ADGA Nubians for Milk and Show, Milk and Eggs in Season
                                                     Offering Nubian kids for sale/Buck service available.
SCHOOL OF HORSEMANSHIP                                    Stoney End Farm
             102 Jones Road
                                                            23 Iron Works Road
             Effingham, NH
                                                              Effingham Falls
        Horse boarding, Training,
       Organized Equine Activities
    By Appointment Only Year Round          Honey, Eggs, Purebred Rambouillet, Sheep
                                                               Summer and Fall

                   5                                                        6
                                                                      Pocket Mt. Farm 
             Mishawum Farm                                               Granite, NH 
               260 Huckins Road                                            539‐2548 
                 Freedom, NH                                           Karen Downing 
                                                        Spring annuals and Vegetable plants; potted 
          email:                    herbs; maple syrup; eggs; registered Randall 
        Horse riding lessons, Boarding,                                         
            English and Western                                Email:  
                                                                      Phone ahead or email 
            Heaven’s Garden
             Route 302, Glen, NH                                          Ward Orchards
                                                                         Steven Moore, Owner
        Bedding Plants, Transplants,                                       613 Pound Road
           Garden Supplies, Gifts                                            Madison, NH
              Open 7 days        9–6
                                                              Seasonal hot cider and donuts on weekends
                Joe Mulkern                                PYO apples, limited blueberries Sept 15th – Pct 15th
                                                                          10:00 am – 5:00 pm

                GRANITE                                         MOULTONBORO
               Esquire Farm                                        Westwynde Farm
                67 Circuit Road                                    317 Old Mountain Road
                                                                          Route 171
                 Granite, NH                                          Moultonboro, NH
     Certified Organic Vegetables and
               Organic Hay                                                 Maple Syrup
Visit us at the Wakefield & Wolfeboro Farmers’ Market

                         7                                                          8
               OSSIPEE                                 THE MOUNTAIN GRAINERY 
                                                            Steven Knudson, Proprietor 

          RUNAWAY FARM                               Farm & Garden * Landscape Supplies 
                                                          Full Service Garden Center 
      Browns Ridge Road, P.O. Box 10             Agway Bagged Feeds, Free delivery over 300 lbs 
              Ossipee, NH                                                   

                                                        7:30am – 5:30pm – Closed Sundays 
               Hay & Beef                                          755 Route 16 
           David L. Babson, Jr.                                     Ossipee, NH 
    539-4928                                  Fax: 539‐2441 

                                                            NO-VIEW FARM
          Windy Fields Farm                     Naturally Raised Locally Grown Thanksgiving
     Flowers, Veggies, Fresh Cut Herbs,
                                                 Turkey, Grass-Fed Beef, Frozen Chicken
  Local cheeses, Ice Cream, Sorbet, Eggs, and
                  Bark Mulch                                     and Pork
              Delivery available                         Lawreen Strauch, Owner
                                                          645 Browns Ridge Road
    Christopher Delisle and James Mohan                        Ossipee, NH
                  Route 16
                Ossipee, NH                                          539-7838
            539-1391 or 539-9021                             email:

        Crooked Pine Farm
                                                                 Cloverleaf Farm
          Mark and Brenda Lush
         505 Browns Ridge Road
              Ossipee, NH
               539-5603                                            Kathy & Michael
                                                       Heirloom produce, “Funky Veggies”, Herbs,
Organic eggs, vegetables, chickens, turkeys,                     Bulk Herbs & Spices,
       pigs, garlic, and strawberries           Herbal Teas, Body Care products, Aromatherapy and Gifts

                      9                                                   10
            AGAPE HOMESTEAD                                                  SANDWICH
                      40 Route 16B
                  Center Ossipee, NH                             Di Filippe Farm & Greenhouse
                        539-4456                                   Quality Vegetables & Flowering Plants,
                Kevin & Janna Straughan                                      Wholesale & Retail
  Goat cheese, goat milk, goat soap, eggs, frozen                              395 Chase Road
          chicken, yarn, jams & jellies.                                      North Sandwich, NH
 Moist & meaty chickens and turkeys, livestock                  284-6482                  Established 1972
 for breeding stock (sheep & goats) pig, steer,
             lamb and goat meat
      Self-serve farm store, open year-round.

                      Pork Hill Farm                                       DURGIN BRIDGE
              Paul Swegel & Katie Doyle Smith
                  365 Water Village Road                                   BLUEBERRY FARM
                       Ossipee, NH                                            64 Cold River Road
                         662-2205                                            North Sandwich, NH
          CSA, Special Orders, Local Food Sourcing                         Seasonal/Dawn to Dusk

               Fresh Vegetables Locally Grown                              July 25 – September 9

                                                                             WAYSIDE FARM
           Clarks Grain Store, Inc.                                    Flowering Plants for Gardeners
                                                                           Annuals & Perennials
         Two Locations       We deliver
             Farm & Garden Supplies
  Horse – Hog – Dairy – Poultry & Pet – Seed
Fertilizers – Chemicals – Hay – Straw – Shavings
                                                                              507 Whiteface Road
Route 28                                  Route 16                            North Sandwich, NH
Chichester, NH                            Ossipee, NH                       284-6886 - Fax: 284-7115
435-8338                                  539-4006                  
M-F 7-6. Sat 7-4:30, Sun -2               M-F 8-5:30, Sat 8-5

                              11                                                       12
    Booty Family Farm, LLC                                     SILVER LAKE
Maple Syrup, Certified Organic Produce
         and Forest Products                                       MiVida Gardens
                                                                     274 Savary Road
           610 Mt. Israel Road
                                                                     Silver Lake, NH
           Center Sandwich, NH                                          367-8419
                284-7163                                          email:

Farm stand hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm                     Eggs, Seasonal Vegetables, Cut Flowers,
                                                                Local delivery available
        Maplewood Farm                                     Hours: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm (Call first)
       Jennifer and Jim Martel
Corner of Little Pond and Vittum Road
             Sandwich, NH
         Cage-free - All natural                               Littlemore Farm, LLC
    Fresh fowl & broilers – by order                               1237 Cleveland Hill Road
 Fresh brown eggs, Baled pine shavings                                  Tamworth, NH
       Egg room to left of driveway                                       323-8391
               Open every day                                       Horseback riding lessons
For more information or to order, call us.              May 1st   – October 30th, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

     The Sandwich Creamery
       Ice Cream & Farmhouse Cheeses
                                                                  HILLSIDE FARM
                                                                    Charlie & Reb Pugh
                                                                    128 Turkey Street
                                                                      Chocorua, NH
                Tom Merriman
              134 Hannah Road                         Premium Fresh Turkeys, Ready for oven or freezer.
             North Sandwich, NH                       Grown and packaged on the Farm. Raised in Natural
                  284-6675                                     Air & Light. Strictly grain fed. -

                        13                                                   14
The Community School Garden                              TUFTONBORO
          1164 Bunker Hill Road
           South Tamworth, NH                           Spider Web Gardens
                323-7000                         Premier garden center and farm, we grow our                 own annuals, perennials, nursery, cut flowers,
   email:                  and vegetables. Open year-round
       CSA memberships available.
                                                               252 Middle Road
Certified organic produce, cut flowers & herbs              Center Tuftonboro, NH
           open July – early October                              569-5056
                  Daily 10 – 5                              email:
         Stonehedge Farm
              John & Peg DeLong
61 Chocorua Road, (Rte 113), Tamworth, NH                       Cheney Farm
                  323-8335                                      70 Middle Road
               Open year round                                  Tuftonboro, NH
           Eggs, honey, jam, jelly.                                569-8631
       Fruits and vegetables in season.
        Navajo-Churro wool and yarn.                 Hay, Free range beef, pork, and poultry
   Visit our farm stand or see you at the               Open daily 8:00 am – 4:00 apm
         Tamworth Farmers Market.
                                                            Call and leave a message
  Remick Country Doctor
        Museum & Farm                                         Hunter Farm
          58 Cleveland Hill Road                        405 Mountain Road (Route 171)
               Tamworth, NH                                   Tuftonboro, NH
 323-7591 or toll free 1-800-686-6117                            520-0395
         email:                   Email:
   Vegetables, hay, eggs, flowers, and beef             100% Pure NH Maple Syrup
    Hours: M-F 10 am – 4 pm (winter)                 A Family Tradition for 200 Years!
           M-S 10 am – 4 pm (summer)

                      15                                               16
          BALD PEAK
     CHRISTMAS TREE FARM                                Ridgeland Farm
           Route 171, Tuftonboro                         847 Willey Road
CHOOSE & CUT YOUR OWN, OR TAG EARLY &                   Sanbornville, NH
              PICK UP LATER                                  473-2433
             Saturdays & Sundays                          fax: 473-8934
                 9 AM – 4 PM                          email:
       (Starting Thanksgiving Weekend)
                                                Seasonal Organic Vegetables, and
      Or By Appointment, Call 544-7364                    Cut Flowers
         Cory, Cy & Marsha Hunter                    By Appointment Only
       Oxen on Sundays, Weather Permitting     Visit us at the Wakefield & Wolfeboro Farmers’

                                                       Maplevale Manor
                                                       2537 Lovell Lake Road
         SUNSET FARM                                     Sanbornville, NH
    Blueberries and Custom Sawing                            473-8297
          Darayl Remick, Owner
           612 Witchtrot Road
                                                 Blueberries, Peaches, and Plums
             Sanbornville, NH
                522-3314                             7:00 am – 12:00 pm Daily
        Saturday and Sunday 8 – 5                        July - September
      Colonial Acres Farm                                 DeVylder Farm
            18 Wilson Road                               563 Pleasant Valley Road
            Wakefield, NH                                     Wolfeboro, NH
                                                          569-4110 or 569-9104
 email:                Annual and Perennials, May thru June 5

 Romney Sheep, Wool, Yarn, and Eggs          Pick your own; Apples, Pumpkins and Chrysanthemum
                                                   Apple Cider, September 12 – October 15
         By Appointment Only
                      17                                            18
       Bly Farm & Ice Cream
                 In Season                                                 TOP OF THE HILL FARM
Vegetables, Fruits, Plants, Mums, Pumpkins,   Registered Hereford Cattle, Natural Beef, Vegetables, Cut Flowers, Tractor Service, Hay,
  Jams, Pickles, Relish, Home Baked Pies,                                  Agricultural Excavation Work
                Maple Syrup
                                                                           The Fredrickson Family
Soft & Homemade Hard Ice Cream with all                                     Alan, Carolyn, Erik, Anna
            the trimmings!                                                     50 Martin Hill Road
                                                                                  Wolfeboro, NH
          Open 7 days a week,                                                       569-3137

 Route 28 (across from Trites Auto Sales)
                                                               The Farm at Frost Corner
                                                                           44 Stoddard Road
    Rock Farm Natural Beef                                                  Wolfeboro, NH
              Wolfeboro, NH                                                    569-1773
                                                  Dairy products, baked goods, eggs, meat, and fruit
                                                            Hours of operation: anytime.
  Serious beef for the serious carnivore
                                                                             Please phone us.
  Raised without antibiotics or hormones
USDA inspected, Vacuum Sealed, Quarters
   and Sides of beef available by order

                                              The Olde Ways at Mustard Seed Farm
                                                           288 Haines Hill Road
         Haines Hill Farm                                     Wolfeboro, NH
          Charles & Louise Horsken                              569-4529
            336 Haines Hill Road                   email:
           North Wolfeboro, NH
                  569-1936                    Raw milk, eggs, herbs, fruits & vegetables,
          email:                     and baked goods

Organic Vegetables in season, Beef on the      Visit us at:
Hoof. Visit us at the Wolfeboro Farmers’

                      19                                                               20
                Farmers’ Market
Jackson: next to Snowflake Inn. July - October, Saturdays, 9am-
                                                                           Join our brochure for 2011 NOW!!
1pm. Fresh produce, vegetables, berries, fruits, plants, pottery,        Send your business card or business card
jewelry, hand-loomed items, eggs, baked goods, artisan breads,
maple, cut flowers, goat cheese, meat, honey and organic goods.                      information to:
Weekly entertainment. Rain or shine, 520-4974,

Madison: Community Market & Deli, Route 113, 1483 Conway
Road. June 1 – September 30, 3-6pm, Tuesdays. Vegetables, fruits,
baked goods, eggs, plants, herbs. Rain or shine, 447-5654,                                                   Carroll County Ag Brochure 2011
North Conway: Gibson Center for Senior Services. July –                                 UNHCE
September, Tuesdays, 1-5 pm. Vegetables, fruits, arts and crafts. Rain
or shine, 383-6277.                                                                  P.O. Box 1480
Ossipee: Moultonville Road, Center Ossipee. June – September, 1-
                                                                                   Conway, NH 03818
5:30pm, Fridays. Produce, meat, cheese, baked goods, crafts, soaps.
Demonstration or entertainment each week. Rain or shine, 539-7200,

Sandwich: Samuel H. Wentworth Library, ‘Pines’. June-November.,
Saturdays, 9am-12pm. Organic produce, maple syrup, vegetables,
dog biscuits, fruits, and more!. Rain or shine. 284-7163.

Tamworth: Unitarian Church, Rt. 113 & Main St. June-October,
Saturdays, 9am-12pm. Vegetables, syrup, honey, eggs, dairy
products, meats, bread, goats milk cheese, wool, coffee, cut flowers,
and baked goods (cookies, pies, etc.). Rain or shine, 323-2392,

Wakefield: corner of Rt. 16 & Wakefield Rd., opposite Palmer’s
Market. May 22-Oct. 11, Saturdays, 9am-3pm. Local vegetables,
fruits in season, baked goods, plants, wood, cut flowers, honey, eggs,
fiber art, goat cheese, meats, and more!. Demonstrations 10-11am.
Rain or shine, 473-8762,

Wolfeboro: Clarke Plaza, Center St. June 19-Sept. 25, Thursdays, 1-
5pm. Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, cut flowers, plants, meat,
poultry, eggs, dairy, baked goods, honey and maple syrup. Weekly
educational exhibits or workshops. Rain or shine, 569-4760,,

                                 21                                                         22
                                                                           This brochure co-sponsored by:

                                                                                       Tina Savage, Extension Educator
                                                                             Agricultural Resources & Environmental Stewardship

                                                                                             Carroll County
                                                                                     73 Main Street, P.O. Box 1480
                                                                                          Conway, NH 03818
Special thanks to those whose generous donations make                         
                   this book possible.
                                                         UNH Cooperative Extension programs and policies are consistent with pertinent Federal and State
        Farm Family Insurance and Joel J. Kirby         laws, and regulations and prohibits discrimination in all its programs, activities and employment on
                                                         the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sex, sexual
                   Agape Homestead                             orientation, veteran’s, marital or family status. New Hampshire counties cooperating.
                       Berry Knoll
                        Bly Farm
                Booty Family Farm, LLC
                Clarks Grain Store, Inc.                      Carroll County Farm Bureau
                  Colonial Acres Farm                                    P.O. Box 226
                       Drake Farm                             Center Tuftonboro, NH 03816-0226
                      Earl Pearson
                    Hatches Orchard                              President Jenny Tapper 522-3626
                      Hunter Farm
                                                                 Secretary Anthony Lyon 515-0019
                    Iron Brook Farm
                    Maplevale Manor
                   Merry Brook Farm
                  Spider Web Gardens
                    Stonehedge Farm
                  Top of the Hill Farm
                    Via Lactea Farm
                    Westwynde Farm
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