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									Android Application Competition

Roy, Shared Services, Zurich

15 February 2010                  ONE YOU
                                  One Credit Suisse
Credit Suisse – Case Study

                       Mr Smith has built up a Business over his working life and
                       it is now worth £250 million
                       He wants to sell his business and retire

                       He is a Client of Credit Suisse Private Banking Division, so
                       how can the Bank help?

Credit Suisse – Case Study

                               Mr Smith arranges to talk to his Credit Suisse Advisor
                               about what he wants to do
                               The Advisor can introduce him to Specialists within Credit
                               Suisse who can help him sell the Business –
                                        Another Private Investor
                                        A Private Equity Firm
                                        Go Public on the Stock Exchange

 IT Applications:
  Client Relationship Management
  Intranet

Credit Suisse – Case Study

                     If he decides to go Public, the Investment Banking Division
                     can support this
INVESTMENT            help to prepare for the Initial Public Offering (IPO)
                      manage the Offering on the Exchanges
                      process the Sales of the Shares and forward the Proceeds

  IT Applications:
   Research
   Trading
   Settlement

Credit Suisse – Case Study

                               Whichever route was taken, Mr Smith’s Credit Suisse
                                Advisor will now discuss how best to invest the money,
                     PRIVATE    according to his wishes, appetite for risk and the returns
                    BANKING     he would like to make –
                                keep 2 million in cash
                                set up capital growth accounts for his children
                                secure income for retirement
                                provide separate income for Mrs Smith
                                maximise some capital for future legacy
                                doesn’t want any investment in Tobacco companies or
 IT Applications:               Arms Manufacturers
  Advisory Process             prepared for certain amount of risk to provide legacy
  Modelling

Credit Suisse – Case Study

                     The Advisor will work with Credit Suisse Asset
                       Management Division to select the Investment
                       Strategies best suited to achieve these objectives
                      some ‘discretionary’ portfolios for Mrs Smith and the
                      children’s income, linked to proven models for
                      generating stable returns
        ASSET         an ‘advisory’ portfolio to optimise Mr Smith’s income as
     MANAGEMENT       his needs and aspirations change
                      a more exotic and risky portfolio with potential to give
                      maximum growth on the remaining capital

 IT Applications:
  Research
  Modelling
  Booking Systems

Credit Suisse – Case Study

                          Private Banking Division
                           Relationship Management, Advisory Portfolios
                          Investment Banking Division
                           Trading, Products, Brokerage

                          Asset Management Division
                           Research, Modelling, Discretionary Portfolios

Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading

                   Data                                   FX Quotes

Networks (ECNs)            FX Rate Engine
                                                                                via FIX protocol to clients
                                            FX Trades

                                                                                      Prime Trade

                                                       FX spot rates quoted in various currency pairs for
                             AutoHedger                 standard amounts
                                                       Mathematical models used to calculate rates
                                                       Low latency is key
                                                       Automatic hedging as clients execute trades

FX Trading – Facts and Figures

•   Huge growth – around 3% of all FX trades at CS via e-trading 3 years ago, now > 60%

•   Challenge is to eliminate any pricing differences that may exist between venues

•   To remain competitive, aim is to calculate rates and quote as fast as possible – each
    additional millisecond has an associated cost

•   We use C++ to meet performance demands
–    No background garbage collection, deterministic performance
–    Direct relationship between code and number of machine instructions

•   Runs 24 hours a day, 5 ½ days a week

•   No margin for error – publishing incorrect prices could rack-up huge losses in a short time!

•   Application releases are performed intraday
–    Switching is performed between primary and secondary servers
–    No interruption to service, seamless to outside world

FX Trading – Market Activity Monitor

Credit Suisse: Merlin FX

Merlin FX is an options trading platform that enables you to easily and
rapidly price and deal on a range of standard options or complex structures

Merlin on your iPhone
•   App providing a subset of the full Merlin functionality

•   For use by employees and clients

•   Wherever you go, you will have at your fingertips:
–    Pricing and execution of vanillas and first generation exotics
–    Live volatility surfaces

Merlin App

   After logging in, the main   Products, the available and
   page shows the various       tradable FX option types

Merlin App

The Vanilla entry screen – various data entry helpers, such as
calendar control, are available by touching the right arrows

                                   The result of a
                                    pricing. If the
                               buttons are green,
                                       the price is
                               executable. If not,
                               then a reason can
                                 be displayed by
                                pressing a ‘show
                                    errors’ button

Merlin App

             The confirmation
             of a trade. The
             trade is booked
             via the standard
             web application

                     The current live
                     volatilities for a
                   currency pair. The
                      pairs displayed
                   are customisable.

Merlin App

Inspiration behind the App development?

• To get hedge fund managers looking at the tool

• Provide ‚anywhere‛ access to FX options market to clients

• Give Sales a ‘wow’ tool to show clients

The Competition – Propose an App

•       Devise an Android application that can be used by either the bank or its clients

•       Submit a one-page document describing your proposal

•       Can be in any area:

    −    Investment Banking
    −    Private Banking
    −    Asset Management
    −    Shared Services
    −    Retail Banking

The Competition – Develop a Prototype

•   Credit Suisse will shortlist a maximum of 5 finalists

•   Finalists have 3 weeks to develop a prototype
–    only a small subset of functionality required
–    does not have to be fully operational

•   Each finalist will present their idea and demonstrate their prototype (5 -10 minutes)

•   Entries will be judged by a panel from the university and Credit Suisse, based on creativity
    and technical skills

•   Two categories: joint 1st/2nd and joint 3rd/4th years

•   1st Prize: iPad (16GB Wi-Fi + 3G)

•   2nd Prize: £250 Amazon voucher

The Competition - Timeline

                21 February     28 February     7 March     14 March   21 March    28 March

 Presentation                 Submit Initial    Finalists                           Finals
   Tuesday,                                    Announced
                                Proposal                                          Wednesday,
  15 February                  Wednesday,      Wednesday,                          30 March
                                 2 March        9 March

 We suggest you spend a maximum of 20 hours

The Competition – Example Mobile Apps

•    Credit Suisse Locator

•    App that allows users to find Credit Suisse
     offices, ATMs and contacts
    − Find Credit Suisse offices near you
    − Find local ATMs
    − View all offices/ATMs on a map or in a list

What’s Next?

•   Submit your 1 page word document to list.southampton-android-competition-2011@credit- by Wednesday, 2 March

•   Download the Android SDK (available at

                                               Good Luck!

                21 February     28 February      7 March     14 March   21 March    28 March

 Presentation                 Submit Initial     Finalists                           Finals
   Tuesday,                     Proposal        Announced                          Wednesday,
  15 February                  Wednesday,       Wednesday,                          30 March
                                 2 March         9 March

 Terms and Conditions – Android Competition


These are the rules (“Rules') that apply to the IT Competition hosted at Southampton University (the “Competition”) commencing Tuesday, 15 February 2011 (“Competition Period”).


The Competition is open to current students at Southampton University in the United Kingdom. Proof of age and registration at Southampton University may be required.

Employees (or family members of employees) of any group company of Credit Suisse, companies associated with the Competition and all affiliates of such companies may not enter this

Entering the Competition

All entries must be submitted by an individual person in good faith and entries must reflect the genuine, unaided effort of the entrant.

Submit a one-page proposal by 5pm GMT on Wednesday, 2 March 2011 (“the Due Date”) to Your proposal must include your

You may only submit one proposal. You may not enter using multiple email addresses or identities. Entrants must not enter on behalf of anyone else. If you attempt to do so you may be
      disqualified from the Competition and future competitions run by Credit Suisse. You must be the author of the submitted proposal and the proposal must be your original idea.

Credit Suisse may exclude any entry or entrant which it considers to be irregular or which it has grounds to suspect does not comply with these Rules.

Credit Suisse will review the submitted proposals and short-list a maximum of 5. Entrants will be notified by email if they have been short-listed or not.

The short-listed entrants will be asked to develop a 'proof of concept' Android prototype (probably demonstrating just a small portion of the proposal’s functionality).

The Credit Suisse IT team will host the finals at Southampton University on Wednesday, 30 March 2011 and will announce the prize winners that day. Each short-listed entrant will have a
       maximum of 10 minutes to present their proposal and demonstrate their prototype to the judges (2 members of the Credit Suisse IT team, 2 from the faculty members of Southampton
       University, if possible). Judging will take into account both the idea and the Android prototype - it will be up to the entrants how they choose to split their time/effort on the idea and the

A first and second prize will be awarded in both joint 1st/2nd year and joint 3rd/4th year categories.

All decisions of Credit Suisse and the judges will be final and binding in all matters regarding the Competition and no correspondence will be entered into.

Credit Suisse does not accept responsibility for network, computer, hardware or software failures of any kind, which may restrict or delay the sending or receipt of any entries. Entries must
        not be sent in through agents or third parties. Incomplete entries will be disqualified and will not be counted.

Credit Suisse will not be liable for prizes (or any part of any prize) which do not reach the winners for reasons beyond its reasonable control.

If any winner is not able, for whatever reason, to accept a prize, or cannot be contacted within 14 days of the decision date, Credit Suisse reserves the right to award the prize to another

Credit Suisse will not make a claim on ownership of the intellectual property associated with the entrant’s proposal.

Terms and Conditions – Android Competition

The Prizes

The first prize winners will receive an Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G (device only, SIM card and subscription not included).

The second prize winners will receive £250 in Amazon vouchers.

Prizes shown on promotional materials are illustrative and may not necessarily be available. Third party terms and conditions may apply to the prizes (as applicable).

iPad is a trade mark of Apple Inc. Amazon is a trade mark of Inc. Those companies are in no way connected or associated with the Competition or Credit
        Suisse, and in no way endorse the Competition or Credit Suisse.

There is no cash alternative to the prize(s) (or any part of them) and unless agreed otherwise in writing the prizes are non-refundable and non-transferable. However,
       Credit Suisse reserves the right to substitute any prize with a prize of equal or greater value or a cash alternative at any time and for any reason, (for example, but
       without limitation, if any prize is no longer available).

Short-listed entrants are responsible for providing their own transport to the finals event, hosted by Credit Suisse at Southampton University.

Nothing in these Rules shall in any way limit or exclude (i) Credit Suisse or (ii) any third party’s liability for:

(a) death or personal injury arising from (i) Credit Suisse or (ii) any third party’s negligence, or

(b) fraud.


Credit Suisse reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

Entries that do not comply in full with these entry rules and conditions will be disqualified.

Details of the winners’ names will be available for one month after the close of the Competition by writing to Credit Suisse at the address below and stating the name of
       the Competition.

By entering the Competition, you agree to accept and be bound by all terms of these Rules and by all decisions of Credit Suisse, which will be final.

By registering for the Competition you agree that Credit Suisse may contact you in the future by email for marketing and recruitment purposes. Such offers will be sent
       only by Credit Suisse and its selected partners, all of whom agree to use your registration information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Terms and Conditions – Android Competition

Privacy policy - how we may use your personal data

Credit Suisse may process your personal data ourselves or through data processors who will undertake this on our behalf (in which case we will remain responsible for
       ensuring the data processor complies with this policy and all data protection regulations).

We will only use your personal data:

•      Fairly and lawfully;

•      As set out in the Rules and/or this policy;

•      To the extent necessary for the purposes of the Competition, including arranging your receipt of and/or participation in /use of a prize.

Credit Suisse will ensure that your personal data is not used if we know that it is not accurate and up to date and we will not keep it for longer than necessary.

The personal data that we will use includes your email address and other supplied information.

Governing law

The Competition, and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. By entering, you
      irrevocably agree that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with the

The Promoter is:

Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Limited of One Cabot Square, London E14 4QJ


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