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					                Enroll in a healthier       smile.

                            Information Guide for your
                            AARP Dental Insurance Plan

                            insured and administered
                            by Delta Dental Insurance
A beautiful smile. A healthier you.

You use your smile all the time…so why not give it the
care it deserves? Keep it healthy with the AARP Dental
Insurance Plan, administered by Delta Dental Insurance
Company (Delta Dental), designed exclusively for AARP
members. Delta Dental created this AARP-endorsed
dental insurance plan to provide you with the best
possible combination of dental benefits and cost savings.
Remember, a healthy smile doesn’t just make you look
good, it also may positively impact your overall health. Just
like you, it deserves the best!

This guide provides information about the benefit plans
available and steps to get you started. If you choose to
enroll in the plan, signing up is easy.

Keep smiling. It’s good for you.
                 1      Choose from two plan options

                        The AARP Dental Insurance Plan lets
                        you choose from two plan options with
                        two different benefit levels. The eligible
                        dental     procedures       covered,      waiting
                        periods and most other aspects of the
                        plan are identical under the two options.
                        Both plans cover three cleanings per year.
                        There are differences in the copayment
                        levels, calendar year deductible and
                        calendar year maximum benefit amount.
                        These specific differences are noted in
                        red in the following chart.

   dentist’sPremiermaximumPlanAllowance.When receiving treatment from a Non-Delta
   Dental dentist, there is no limit regarding their fees.
DeltA DentAl                                     PlAn A             PlAn B
                                               Delta    Member     Delta     Member
BeneFIt ChARt                                  Pays*    Pays       Pays*     Pays

Benefits in Year 1
Diagnostic and preventive
(includes exams, x-rays and cleanings).
NOTE: In Plan A, no deductible required        100%          0%    80%           20%
for diagnostic or preventive services.
In Plan B, Calendar Year Deductible applies.

Periodontal maintenance cleanings
                                                80%          20%   50%           50%
(gum cleanings)

Denture repairs                                 80%          20%   50%           50%

Restorations (fillings)                         50%          50%   50%           50%

Oral surgery                                    50%          50%   50%           50%

Endodontics (root canals)                       50%          50%   50%           50%

Additional Benefits after 1 Year of Continuous enrollment
Periodontics (gum disease treatment)            50%          50%   50%           50%

Crown and cast restorations                     50%          50%   50%           50%

Dental Implant Services                         50%          50%   50%           50%

Prosthodontics (dentures)                       50%          50%   50%           50%

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)       50%          50%   50%           50%

Additional Benefits with Annual Rate Payment
                                                                     Not a benefit
Dental Accident ($1,000 lifetime maximum)      100%          0%       in Plan B
Deductibles and Maximums Per enrollee
Calendar Year Deductible                               $50                $100

Calendar Year Maximum Benefit                       $1,500                $1,000

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction—
                                                      $300                $300
Lifetime Maximum

            Items in red indicate the differences between Plan A and B.
2   Choose your dentist

    Under the AARP Dental Insurance
    Plan, you have the freedom to visit any
    licensed dentist of your choosing.

    However, selecting a Delta Dental
    network dentist allows you to limit your
    out-of-pocket costs. The following
    table further explains the differences
    when selecting a Delta Dental PPO ,
    Delta Dental Premier       or Non-Delta
    Dental dentist.
Delta Dental PPO
                                Delta Dental Premier®              non-Delta Dental
     Dentists                    (Premier) Dentists                   Dentists

                                  DentIst’s Fees

Provide treatment at             Provide treatment at            Do not accept set or
moderate fees; accept            reduced, pre-negotiated         pre-negotiated fees;
the Delta Dental PPO             fees; accept the Premier        may charge full cost of
Maximum Plan Allowance           Maximum Plan Allowance          treatment
as payment in full*              as payment in full*

                                MeMBeR PAYMent**

Deductible                       Deductible                      Deductible
+                                +                               +
Copayment/Coinsurance            Copayment/Coinsurance           Copayment/Coinsurance
                                 +                               +
                                 Difference between the          Difference between the
                                 Delta Dental PPO Maximum        Delta Dental PPO Maximum
                                 Plan Allowance* and the         Plan Allowance* and the
                                 Premier Maximum Plan            dentist’s full fee

                                 ClAIM PROCess

Delta Dental PPO dentists        Premier dentists handle         Non-Delta Dental dentists
handle all claims and bill       all claims and bill Delta       may or may not handle
Delta Dental directly            Dental directly                 claims paperwork

Member receives notice           Member receives notice          Member may have to pay
explaining the portion of        explaining the portion of       up front, then submit
the bill Delta Dental and the    the bill Delta Dental and the   claim to Delta Dental to
member are responsible           member are responsible          be reimbursed
for paying                       for paying

* Delta Dental PPO Maximum Plan Allowance and Premier Maximum Plan Allowances
   may vary by dental office and/or dental specialty.
** Member is responsible for any amount over the plan calendar year maximum benefit
   and any non-covered service.
3   enroll

    You can sign up for the AARP Dental Insurance Plan
    in three easy ways:


         Mail the enclosed enrollment form in the
         postage-paid business reply envelope

         Call toll-free at 1-866-290-2939
         (TTY: 1-800-735-2929)
Savings you can smile about.
The AARP Dental Insurance Plan not only helps
you and your family maintain your oral health, it
can also help you manage unexpected dental
expenses. Here are just a few ways you can
save money:

Benefits for the most common procedures
Cleanings, oral exams, x-rays, denture repairs,
oral surgery, root canal treatments and more
are eligible benefits beginning the first day of
the month following your date of enrollment.

More savings as you go
Services such as crowns, bridges and dentures
are available after the first 12 months of
continuous enrollment.
 Fixed premiums*
 Your premium is guaranteed not to increase for
 the first two years of your continuous enrollment.

 three cleanings per year
 That’s one more cleaning per year than most
 comparable dental plans.

 If you have any questions, please call toll-free
 1-866-290-2939 (TTY: 1-800-735-2929) or visit
 us online at

 Keep smiling. It’s good for you.

* Premium rates may vary according to the plan and options you
  select on your enrollment form.
             AARP Dental Insurance Plan c/o Delta Dental Insurance Company
                    P.O. Box 2059, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-0759

The plan is insured and administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company (Policy DDIC1230).
Delta Dental Insurance Company pays a royalty fee to AARP for use of the AARP intellectual property. Amounts
paid are used for the general purposes of AARP and its members. Neither AARP nor its affiliate is the insurer.
AARP and its affiliate are not insurance agencies or carriers and do not employ or endorse insurance agents,
brokers, representatives or advisors.
AARP does not recommend health related products, services, insurance or programs. Insurance products
carrying the AARP name are intended to be competitive products and may not be the lowest priced products.
You are strongly encouraged to evaluate your needs.

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