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Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College has a profile and status which is well respected both
locally and nationally. With the benefits of a brand new purpose built campus, the new Deputy
Principal will be expected to continue to further the development of the College and operate
effectively in a broad arena in and beyond England’s second city. This post is currently one of
two senior post holders within the College. A third senior post is in development. The College
has approximately 1500 daytime students with a total income of £10.7 million.

Key Responsibilities

•        To assist the Principal and Corporation in the policy making, strategic leadership and
         management of the College
•        To be responsible, with the Principal, for reviewing and updating the College’s strategic
•        To deputise for the Principal in her absence
•        To co-ordinate the work of the Assistant Principals

Accountability:          Accountable to the Principal

Line Manager to:       The Assistant Principal – Quality; Assistant Principal – Curriculum & MIS;
Assistant Principal – Student Services; and Personnel Manager (under review).

Areas of Responsibility

    1. Curriculum
     • To be responsible for the provision of a curriculum through:
            - Leading Heads of Departments in the development of the curriculum
            - Liaising with schools, the Local Authority, and other providers to provide 14-19
            - Recommending staffing changes in the College as a result of changes and
               developments in the curriculum
            - Meeting the requirements of the College’s Strategic Plan, balancing the core
               business of Sixth Form provision for 16 – 20 year olds with appropriate provision
               for the needs of the communities served by the College
            - Seeking opportunities for the College to develop and expand the curriculum

     •     To be responsible for co-ordinating the College target setting and for monitoring and
           evaluating the targets set
     •     To take ultimate responsibility for decisions affecting all aspects of timetabling
     •     To be responsible for staff development across the College

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    •   To take responsibility for creating and maintaining the College’s Information
        Management strategy within the curriculum
    •   To maintain College Polices in relation to the Curriculum
    •   To chair meetings of the Heads of Departments

  2. Quality
  Monitor and further develop rigorous systems for raising the standards of teaching and
  learning by:
    • Working with senior members of staff to maintain and improve on current success rates
    • Maintaining College status as a grade 1 College
    • Maintaining relationships with funding providers, OFSTED and examination boards
    • Working with staff to maintain/ monitor attendance and retention above the national
    • Taking responsibility for the Self Assessment Report (SAR), Framework for Excellence
        (FfE) and Inspection
    • Being responsible for updating and maintaining the College strategic document

  3. Personnel
  Ensure that College policies and procedures are implemented in a fair and consistent
  manner by:
   • Taking part in the process for the recruitment of new staff as appropriate
   • Undertaking the duties of the Deputy Principal relating to College policies and
       procedure including staff grievance and discipline
   • Participating in the Annual Review of staff pay and grading
   • Attending Internal Union meetings

  4. Students
  Safeguard the welfare of students and comply with Every Child Matters by:
   • Being responsible, with the Assistant Principals, for student recruitment, support,
       welfare, discipline and student appeals
   • Acting as the designated Child Protection Officer, in the absence of the Principal
   • Being the nominated officer hearing student complaints under the College Charter

  5. Finance
  Support the College’s financial processes by:
   • Complying with the College’s Financial Regulations
   • Attending the Audit and Finance and General Purposes Committees of the Corporation
   • Acting as a signatory for College cheques up to a maximum of £20,000

  6. Management Information
  Take responsibility for key aspects of the Management of Information by:
   • interpreting funding methodology and audit requirements and relating these to
       curriculum issues
   • working with the Assistant Principal responsible for MIS, to ensure that reliable
       statistical data is gathered for external and internal purposes. This will include data for
       Inspection, the SAR, Ffe, Minimum Levels of Performance and the submission of the
       ILR and SIR returns

Specific responsibilities will be negotiated with the successful candidate and will depend
on strengths and experience.

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Application Details

The salaries of Senior Post holders are subject to annual review by the Corporation.

The successful candidate may be eligible to receive specific financial assistance should they
find it necessary to relocate from their principal residence and subsequently purchase a new
property and relocate to the area. In such cases, the College will provide reasonable level of
financial assistance, which in many cases will not cover the entire costs incurred but will
contribute substantially towards the cost of relocating.

Equal Opportunities Policy
Joseph Chamberlain College is committed to equality of opportunity in recruitment and
selection. Every care has been taken in the drawing up of this job description and person
specification to ensure that the requirements of the post are not discriminatory on account of
race, gender or age. Similar care will be taken during the short-listing and interviewing stages.
If candidates are dissatisfied about any part of the process they should write in the first instance
to the Principal of the College setting out the nature of their complaint.

Data Protection Act 1998
Under the Data Protection Act 1998, the College needs to have your consent to collect and
process information about you for the proper administration of the selection process and the
employment relationship should you be appointed. Will you please make sure you sign the
declaration at the end of the application form. After an appointment has been made, all the
papers of unsuccessful candidates are kept for a period of nine months and are then destroyed.

Police checks and Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
Under new arrangements being established by the Criminal Records Bureau, police checks will
be made of the successful candidate. In accordance with the above Act employees with access
to children and young people under the age of 18 are not allowed to withhold information
regarding criminal convictions no matter when they occurred.

How to Apply
Please read the whole of the application form before completing it, paying particular attention to
paragraph 7. The completed form, accompanied by additional information in the form of a
letter no longer than 2 sides of A4 paper (addressed to the Chair of Corporation, Mr Richard
Bate) which supports the application and refers to the requirements set out in the job description
and person specification. Applications should be returned to the Clerk to the Governors, Joseph
Chamberlain College, 1 Belgrave Road, Highgate, Birmingham B12 9FF, with the envelope
marked ‘Application for the post of Deputy Principal’.

Closing date for applications is: Tuesday 28th September 2010 at 5.00 p.m.

The selection process will take place as follows:
      Long list (one day): Wednesday 13th and Thursday14th October
      Final interview:      Tuesday 19th October.

                                      H:\Personnel\Apppointment of Deputy Principal\A 3rd round\JD\Deputy Principal Job Description Jan10.docx

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