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                                                    HOPE DESPITE DESPAIR
                                                        Bible Reading Plan for the Week of
                                                             November 1—5
                                                           Arlington Church of Christ
                                                        Route 66 - A Road Trip Through the Bible

Monday      Jeremiah’s Calling            Jeremiah 1              2 minutes
            The Covenant is Broken        Jeremiah 11             3 minutes             Judgment
Tuesday     Despair, then Hope            Jeremiah 16             3 minutes             against Judah
            Two Baskets of Figs           Jeremiah 24             2 minutes             and the nations,
            Seventy Years of Captivity    Jeremiah 25:1-14        2 minutes             along with ora-
Wednesday   The False Prophet, Hananiah   Jeremiah 28             2 minutes             cles of future
            Letters to Captives           Jeremiah 29             4 minutes             hope, interwoven
Thursday    Thrown into a Water Cistern   Jeremiah 38             4 minutes             with Jeremiah’s
            Jeremiah is Freed             Jeremiah 40             3 minutes             role in the last
Friday      Escape to Egypt               Jeremiah 42-43          4 minutes             days of Judah.
            The Fall of Jerusalem         Jeremiah 52             4 minutes