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                         OVERVIEW OF REQUEST PROCESS

Where required by the City of Benicia, the County of Solano, the State of California, or
other regulatory authority an owner must obtain the required permit(s). The homeowner
has the obligation to determine when permit(s) are required. A homeowner may defer
purchasing the necessary permit(s) until such time as the Committee has conditionally
approved an Architectural Request (subject to obtaining the permits); however, complete
information on the permit requirements must be included in the final request.

Neither the Association, nor the Architectural Committee, nor the Board of Directors shall
have any liability in connection with or related to approved plans, specifications, or
improvements. The approval of the plans does not mean that Committee’s judgment
determines the structural soundness of the improvement nor its effect on existing or
future drainage.
The Committee may return any Architectural Request: for incompleteness of the
information requested in the form, when the material presented does not afford a clear
understanding, or when there is missing information regarding permit(s). For completed
Architectural Requests, the Committee has 60 days after receipt to act upon the request.
All decisions will be in writing and mailed via US Mail. No verbal approvals/disapprovals
will be given by the Management Company, Board of Directors, Manager, or the
Review and approval or disapproval will include, but is not limited to, consideration of
materials, quality of workmanship, proposed colors, health and safety, and compatibility
with the external design and color of existing structures on the lot, and impact on
neighboring lots. The location of the improvement with respect to topography and
finished grade elevation is also considered. The Association will supply the paint, but
not the labor, should the Committee require the color pattern to match our residential
Denied Architectural Requests may, at the Committee’s discretion, include suggestions
for the homeowner’s modification of the requests.
Approval Expiration – Construction must be started within 90 days of the Architectural
Committee’s approval or by a date mutually agreed to by the Architectural Committee
and the homeowner. Otherwise, the Architectural Committee’s approval shall be
deemed withdrawn and plans must be resubmitted in accordance with these rules.

Improvement Completion Period – Once started construction shall be pursued diligently
in order to assure prompt completion. Such improvement shall be completed within the
timeframe listed on the homeowner’s Architectural Request. One extension of this
timeframe may be authorized by the Committee provided the homeowner submits
supporting evidence justifying this one postponement.

Any homeowner whose application has been denied in whole or in part by the
Architectural Committee may appeal the Committee’s decision by submitting a written
request for hearing to the board. Upon receipt of such written request by a homeowner,
the board shall place the matter on the agenda for its next regular meeting and shall
notify the homeowner a reasonable time prior to the meeting of his or her right to appear
at the meeting and be heard regarding the application. Following such hearing, the
Board shall vote to grant the appeal, to deny the appeal, or to take other appropriate
action. The board decision shall be recorded in the minutes of the board meeting.

The Architectural Rules may be amended from time to time by the Committee.

Certain homeowner improvements may result in the need to indemnify the association.
Indemnification is necessary as it is not just for 138 homeowners to absorb the expenses
of damages resulting from the action of one homeowner or the homeowner’s
contractors/workers. The homeowner reimbursement to the association could be of great
personal expense depending upon the severity of the issue(s) such as listed below:

    Removal of any improvements not authorized by the Committee or resulting from
    deterioration or misuse;
    Damages from an improvement that penetrate the outer residential covering (wood,
    stucco, asphalt composite shingle) or damages resulting from the removal of the
    outer residential covering;
    The temporary removal of an existing improvement should the association require
    maintenance or renovation access.
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The Architectural Committee may only accept a request from a homeowner in
good standing.

I. In accordance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the
Association, a request is hereby made for an alteration, modification or addition, as
follows: (Reverse of form may be used for additional remarks).
   A. Type of modification or addition: _______________________________
   B. Specifications: Please attach scale drawing showing the nature, kind, shape,
height and materials and location on property.
   C. Reason(s) for and/or the effect of such modification or addition:

II. It is agreed by owner that all work shall be completed within___________ days of
acceptance of this request.

III. In respect to any modifications or alteration approved as per this request, I hereby
state that as the legal owner of said property I will be responsible and liable for acquiring
the necessary building permits, if required. “I warrant that the modification or alteration
will meet the standards set forth by the agency issuing any building permit and that the
quality of the work will be in conformity with the standards set by the Bay Vista
Homeowners association.”

IV. I accept the liability of any workmen, myself, any contractor, or 3rd party who may be
involved with said modification, alteration or addition and hold harmless the Bay Vista
Homeowners Association for any liability arising from accidents occurring on the job or
injuries resulting from the work or workmanship itself.

V. I assume full responsibility for maintenance and repairs of the modification or
alteration and for any liability for injuries caused by such maintenance or repairs.

Any exceptions to this warranty may be listed here: __________________________

_________________                    ______________________________________
Date                                      Homeowner's Signature
_____________________________              __________________________________
Print Homeowner’s name                     Bay Vista Address
                          BENICIA, CALIFORNIA, 94510
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Homeowner’s address (if different from Bay Vista address):

APPROVED _______ NOT APPROVED _______ by the Architectural Committee

Date: _______________ Architectural Director _____________________________

Submit two (2) copies with sets of plans and specifications showing the nature, kind,
shape, height, materials, and location on the homeowners property. MAIL Requests for
Alteration to unit exterior or common area to:
Condominium Financial Management Inc.
1001 Galaxy Way #200
Concord CA 94520
ATTN: Bay Vista Architectural Committee

The envelope must state on the lower left hand corner – ATTN: Bay Vista Architectural
Committee. Envelopes not containing the ATTN designation may result in a delay of the
60 day response period. Bay Vista Homeowners Association has 60 days from the date
of submittal to approve or disapprove this request.

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