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					Application to Claim Tech Prep College                                   Business Management or Business Ownership
Credit at Vernon College                                                  BMGT 1303 Principles of Management
                                                                          Student will receive credit for ACNT 1425 – Principles of
Date:_________________________________________                            Accounting I only if he/she takes Accounting I and,
Name:________________________________________                             Accounting II in the high school. They will receive 6 hours
Address:______________________________________                            of college credit for ACNT 1303 and ACNT 1304.
Social Security:_________________________________                     Computer & Information Sciences – Computer Support
                                                                      Technician - may claim up to 15 hours credit
High School Name:______________________________                        Business Computer Programming or Computer Science I
                                                                          ITSE 1402 Computer Programming
Please check the box for the Tech Prep class(es) you have taken        Business Computer Information Systems II
and for which you want to claim credit. Show this form to your            ITSC 1409 Integrated Software Applications I
Vernon College Counselor at the time of registration. Student          Desktop Publishing or Business Image &
must re-file this form or check with Joe Hite, at address on the          Management & Multimedia
back of this form, after earning six (6) hours at Vernon College to       GRPH 1459 Object Oriented Computer Graphics
transfer high school credit to college transcript.                     Internetworking Technologies I
                                                                          ITNW 1321 Introduction to Networking
Criminal Justice                                                       Webmastering
     Introduction to Criminal Justice                                    ITSC 1413 Internet/Web Page Development
        CJSA 1322 Introduction to Criminal Justice                     Word Processing Applications
     Courts and Criminal Procedure                                       ITSW 1401 Introduction to Word Processing
       CJSA 1313 Court Systems and Practices
     Crime in America                                                Computer Aided Design and Drafting
       CJSA 1312 Crime in America                                      Engineering Graphics
     Fundamentals of Criminal Law                                       DFTG 1409 Basic Computer Aided Drafting
       CJSA 1327 Fundamentals of Criminal Law                          Business Computer Information Systems I
                                                                         ITSC 1305 Introduction to PC Operating Systems
Office Technology – may claim up to 15 hours credit                    Communication Graphics or Computer
     Accounting I                                                       Multimedia & Animation Technology
        ACNT 1303 Introduction to Accounting                             GRPH 1459 Object Oriented Computer Graphics
     Accounting II                                                    Architectural Graphics
        ACNT 1304 Introduction to Accounting II                          DFTG 1417 Architectural Drafting Residential
     Business Computer Information Systems I
        POFI 1349 Spreadsheets                                         Health Science Technology/Nursing
     Business Computer Information Systems II                          Health Occupations II or III
        ITSC 1409 Integrated Software Applications I                     VNSG 1115, 1122, 1133, 1126
     Administrative Procedures
        POFT 1309 Administrative Office Procedures I                   Child Development
     Business Image Management & Multimedia                             Child Development & Preparation for
        POFI 2431 Desktop Publishing for the Office                       Parenting
                                                                          CDEC 1311 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Electronics                                                            Nutrition & Food Science & Food Science
     Solid State Devices                                                 Technology
        CETT 1429 Solid State Devices                                     CDEC 1318 Nutrition, Health, & Safety
     Digital Fundamentals                                             Child Care Guidance, Management &
        CETT 1425 Digital Fundamentals                                    Services
     AC Circuits & DC Circuits                                           CDEC 1319 Child Guidance
        CETT 1409 AC-DC Circuits                                       Individual & Family Life
                                                                          CDEC 1303 Family & Community
Automotive Technology                                                     Student will receive credit for CDEC 1303 only if he/she
     Automotive Technology I, Automotive                                 takes Individual & Family Life & Child Care Guidance in
       Specialization I, or Auto Tech I                                   the high school. They will receive 6 hours of college credit
      AUMT 1407 Automotive Electrical Systems                            for CDEC 1303 & CDEC 1319.
     Automotive Technology II, Automotive
       Specialization II, or Auto Tech II                             Manufacturing Technology
      AUMT 2417 Engine Performance Analysis I                          Welding I, Agricultural Mechanics I, Agricultural
                                                                         Power & Machinery
Business Management                                                      WLDG 1428 Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc
     Accounting I                                                       Welding
        ACNT 1303 Introduction to Accounting                           Welding II, Agricultural Mechanics II, Precision Metal
     Accounting II                                                      Fabrication, Agricultural Structures II
        ACNT 1304 Introduction to Accounting II                          WLDG 1430 Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding
     Business Computer Information Systems I
        ITSW 1401 Introduction to Word Processing
 Computer & Information Sciences – Emphasis on                  The articulated course appears in the college
 Computer Networking – Cisco Program                             catalog or bulletin and may be included in the
   Internetworking Technologies I
     ITCC 1302 CCNA 1: Networking Basics & ITCC 1306             technical certificate or degree plan declared by
     CCNA 2: Router and Routing Basics                           student.
   Internetworking Technologies II
     ITCC 1342 CCNA 3: Switching Basic and Intermediate         Return the completed claim credit form
     Routing & CCNA 4: WAN Technologies
   Computer Science I
                                                                 (downloaded from website
     ITSE 1402 Computer Programming                     to the Registrar’s Office
                                                                 at Vernon College along with
 Computer & Information Sciences - Electronic                    a copy of your high school transcript.
 Commerce Specialist
   Telecommunication and Networking
     ITNW 1321 Introduction to Networking                       The student must enroll in Vernon College within
   Business Computer Information Systems II                     28 months of high school graduation.
     ITSC 1409 Integrated Software Application I
   Web Mastering                                               Follow up after 6 hours at Vernon College,
     ITSC 1413 Internet/Web Pages Development
                                                                 Registrar’s Office, and request a college
   Computer Science I or Business Computer
     Programming                                                 transcript to be sure credit is added to transcript.
     ITSE 1402 Computer Programming

To see a list of Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) for
other courses that may earn college credit while in high
school, see the website
                                                                 To claim credit, fill out form and mail to:
To receive your Tech Prep college credit and
articulate hours to Vernon College, complete the                               Mr. Joe Hite,
following steps:                                                      Dean of Admissions & Financial
      The student must earn a minimum grade of 80                             Vernon College
       (3.0 or higher) at the high school level and                          4400 College Drive
       achieve mastery of the content-enhanced high                         Vernon, Texas 76384
       school course, or each course in a required
       sequence, and high school prerequisite courses
       listed in the crosswalk.                                          Updated February 18, 2004

      The student must have completed the course, or
       final course in a designated course sequence, for
       articulated credit with junior (grade 11) or senior
       (grade 12) standing.

      The student must tell the college counselor you
       are a Tech Prep student and present your Tech
       Prep credit card, high school transcript, and claim
       credit form to Vernon College.

      The student must successfully earn six (6) hours
       of non-developmental college credit in any
       subject area with a grade of C or above. The
       student may satisfy this requirement after high
       school graduation, or may satisfy this requirement
       before graduation by dual credit, or by qualifying
       AP or CLEP examination scores.