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Degree Programme
                   Your Future,
                          Your Way

               at Harper Adams University College
Vocational, Harper spirit,   Agriculture, Outstanding,
Outstanding, Agriculture,    Professional, Vet nursing
Flexible, Second chance,     Harper spirit, Vocational,
Geared for success, Rural,   Flexible, Second chance,
Another way, Specialise,     Countryside, Innovative,
Alternatives, Supportive,    Geared for success, Rural,
Animals, Business, Food,     Alternatives, Supportive,
Experienced, Land-based,     Animals, Business, Food,
Your way, Tourism, Choice,   Experienced, Land-based,
Opportunities,Take pride,    Choice, Your way, Tourism,
Countryside, Innovative,     Specialise, Another way,
Excellence, Engineering,     Opportunities,Take pride,
Professional, Vet nursing    Excellence, Engineering,

About the Extended Degree Foundation Programme 4
What will I study? 8
Accommodation 9
Teaching and Learning 10
Applications 12
Frequently Asked Questions 16

The Specialist Routes

At a glance 21
Agriculture 23
Food 24
Countryside 27
Tourism 29
Engineering 30
Veterinary Nursing 32
Animal Welfare 35
Business 36

Further information 39
Visiting Harper Adams 39
                             Tell me more…
Do you want to study a
                             The Extended Foundation Degree Programme
degree but don't have        (EFDP) lasts four academic years including a
                             year on work placement. Students who achieve
the right qualifications?    exceptional results after the first year of the
                             Extended Foundation Degree Programme have
                             the option to transfer onto an Honours Degree
                             in their second year.
Or maybe you want to
return to study after a
few years in the work-
place or raising a family?

Then look no further -                                                         “I didn’t have the right qualifications for the
                                                                               degree I’d planned, but when Harper Adams
the Extended Foundation                                                        offered me a place on this course, I jumped
                                                                               at the chance. It introduced me to the world
Degree Programme                                                               of agriculture and is the best decision I have
                                                                               ever made. I now have a job I love, in egg
at Harper Adams                                                                production, and can honestly say I wouldn’t
                                                                               be where I am without Harper Adams.”
University College is just
                                                                               Maeve Moran
what you’re looking for.

Who is the course for?                              So I don’t need A-Levels?
                                                    No. The EFDP is ideal for students of any age
Students choose the Extended Foundation
                                                    who want to study higher education but
Degree Programme for many reasons:
                                                    choose not to go down the ‘usual route’ of
                                                    studying A-levels or National Diplomas. It is
• Some don’t feel the school environment is
                                                    not a soft option - it is an academic course
  right for them
                                                    (although it does have some practical
• Many don’t want to study traditional              elements) and you will have to work hard.
  qualifications such as A-Levels at school         But we can promise you excellent teaching,
                                                    interesting classes, lots of help and support
• Some students don’t get the A-level or
                                                    and the chance to make new friends and
  National Diploma results they need to go
                                                    experiences in a great countryside location –
  on to Higher Education (HE)
                                                    what’s not to like?
• Others want to work for a year or two after
                                                    We have an exceptionally high pass rate
  leaving school before starting HE
                                                    compared to the Further Education sector in
• Some chose the wrong course after GCSEs           general, and some of our students outperform
                                                    those who come into Higher Education with
• Others have had a break from study while          the traditional A-Levels, going on to achieve
  they are raising a family or travelling           good qualifications and careers. The key to
• A few want a complete change of career            this success is the teaching, content and
                                                    structure of the course, which is designed
Harper Adams is very different to the school        to support and motivate you, giving you the
environment many younger students have              skills and confidence to reach your goals.
                                                                                                    “I went on to a degree in Business Marketing and Management. It was so liberating realising
been used to. Students on the EFDP course
                                                    Please see page 12 for details of entry         that university was nothing like school, and to be studying subjects I was interested in and
enjoy being treated as responsible adults who
                                                    requirements.                                   learning things I could actually use in my working life, as a national account executive in
must be mature, motivated and seek help
when they feel they need it. And because the                                                        the food industry. Plus, the teaching was second to none – so supportive, reliable, approachable
course welcomes people of all ages, you will                                                        and friendly. I don’t think you could find a better bunch. So how has Harper Adams helped me?
enjoy making friends and learning from people                                                       I have a job I love, memories I will never forget and friends I will never let go of! ”
with lots of different experiences and interests.
                                                                                                    Kate Corbally
As a small university college we usually have
around 1,900 students studying here, with
around 50 joining the first year of the EFDP.
In the first year you will spend most of your
formal study time with other EFDP students,
but the rest of the time you are a university
student like any other, with full access to all
our facilities, sports and entertainment.

What will I study?                                   Specialist modules                              What if I want to change course?                   Your Future
Eight specially selected modules will provide        You will also study two or three further        Flexibility is very important to us. All of our    Careers and tips on choosing your specialist route
you with the academic and study skills you           compulsory modules depending on which           foundation and honours degree courses share
                                                                                                                                                        Harper Adams has one of the highest rates of
need to prepare for higher education.                subject you have decided to specialise in.      a common first year, so if you decide you have
                                                                                                                                                        graduate employment of any university, (currently
Modules are small units of study. Each is worth      There are eight specialist routes to choose     not chosen the right course, you may be able
                                                                                                                                                        99 per cent) and the number of careers available
15 credits and you must pass all eight (earning      from, each of which, upon successful            to transfer to another course within the same
                                                                                                                                                        is as wide as your ambition. Some students have
120 credits) to pass the first year. You will find   completion of Year 0, will lead to a specific   subject group after the first year. In some
                                                                                                                                                        a very firm idea of the job they are aiming for
full details of all the modules on pages 22 to       foundation or honours degree in:                cases, you may be able to transfer between
                                                                                                                                                        and will choose the specialist route that will lead
37, depending on which specialism you choose,                                                        subject groups without any lost time. It is also
                                                     Agriculture                                                                                        them onto a specific degree course. For instance,
but broadly they are arranged as follows:                                                            possible to transfer between foundation degree
                                                     Food Studies                                                                                       someone who wanted to become a rural surveyor
                                                                                                     and degree/honours degree courses.
                                                     Countryside Management                                                                             would follow the Countryside route, followed by
Essential skills modules                             Leisure and Tourism Management                                                                     a degree in Rural Enterprise and Land Management
                                                                                                     Where will I live?
These four modules are compulsory and are            Agricultural Engineering                                                                           (REALM).
studied by all students on the EFDP course.          Veterinary Nursing                              Harper Adams has seven Halls of Residence
                                                                                                                                                        Other students have only a vague idea of the
                                                     Animal Welfare and Management                   that accommodate around 600 students.
They cover the following key skills and basic                                                                                                           area they would like to work in – say Agriculture,
                                                     Business Management with Marketing              If you are under 18 you will live in Boughey
study skills:                                                                                                                                           or Animals – and so choose their specialist route
                                                                                                     Hall, and, for your safety, will be subject to
                                                                                                                                                        accordingly. Others make a decision based solely
Information technology                               Optional modules                                some restrictions (e.g. signing in and out of
                                                                                                                                                        on their interests. Along the way most find they
Academic skills                                                                                      halls, no access to alcohol in the student bar).
                                                     In addition you may choose one or two                                                              enjoy some modules more than others and they
Numeracy and statistics                                                                              Our campus is small and secure, with free
                                                     optional modules, depending on your                                                                will go on to choose a degree that incorporates
Current affairs                                                                                      parking for all.
                                                     interests or the degree course you hope                                                            more of these elements, which in its turn, will
                                                     to progress onto.                               The cost of living in halls is extremely           lead to a range of careers in that area.
                                                                                                     competitive and includes three meals a day
                                                                                                                                                        Whichever route you choose, the skills, knowledge
                                                                                                     during the week, and a cleaning and weekly
                                                                                                                                                        and experience you gain whilst studying will equip
                                                                                                     laundry service with clothes washed and
                                                                                                                                                        you for a wide range of careers, from very specific
                                                                                                     ironed. En-suite facilities of shower, toilet
                                                                                                                                                        roles such as agronomist or vet nurse to more
                                                                                                     and washbasin are provided in 330 rooms.
                                                                                                                                                        generic jobs such as the civil service or police
                                                                                                     Each hall has two appointed wardens
                                                                                                                                                        force. Some students go on to set up their own
                                                                                                     (final year students) who live on-site and
                                                                                                     provide a point of contact 24 hours a day
                                                                                                     should you have any problems. Student              And remember, we don’t expect you to come to
                                                                                                     Services can offer help finding approved           us knowing everything – if you are unsure of the
                                                                                                     accommodation off-campus, if you prefer.           best route to take you will receive lots of advice
                                                                                                                                                        from lecturers, careers and support staff.
                                                                                                     Please ask Admissions for our Accommodation        And there is often the opportunity to transfer
                                                                                                     Guide for further details of Boughey Hall and      between courses later on if you feel you have
                                                                                                     other on-campus accommodation.                     chosen the wrong route.

Teaching and Learning                                How will I be assessed?
The university college is renowned for its           Assessment is via a balance of course work
teaching excellence and every course helps           and examination. Weighting is normally
you to develop academic knowledge and real           50 per cent course work and 50 per cent
world expertise that will not only earn you          exams. Students receive written feedback on
a qualification but be of continual use              all course work to help them improve. Staff are
throughout your career. That’s why the               able to provide advice and guidance on revision
Sunday Times University Guide 2007 gave              and many modules include revision sessions.
us 100 per cent and put us top of the table,         If necessary, students have the opportunity to
ahead of Cambridge University, for teaching          re-sit modules; reassessment is either by
excellence.                                          coursework or examination as specified.
You will be taught by the same lecturers
who teach on degree and foundation degree
courses. Each academic department is staffed
by highly qualified and dedicated professionals
with lots of up-to-date knowledge of the land-
based industries.
You will have a course manager who you will
meet when you come for your interview.

How will I learn?
Throughout the week (Monday to Friday)
you will cover each of your eight modules,
with lessons in the classroom, practical
sessions, group discussions and projects, and
field trips. You will also have private study time
to get on with coursework and revision.
Classes are small enough for personal
attention, but large enough to meet lots of
people to share your enthusiasm and group
projects with. Students receive around 16 hours
teaching a week, and are expected to complete
at least another 16 hours a week on self directed
study, preparation and assignments, with
support freely available.

Applications                                            Applying through UCAS
                                                        You must apply through the Universities and
How much does the course cost?
                                                        Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The UCAS
Tuition fees need to be paid for each year of study     Handbook and details on applying should be
(please call Admissions for the latest information).    obtained from your school or college. If you have     “I chose the course because my AS-levels
You will be eligible for a student loan to cover the    left school or college or are a mature entrant, you   were not going well, and I liked that this
costs of the tuition fees, which does not need to       should write to UCAS, Rosehill, New Barn Lane,        was agri/food/business based which is
be repaid until you have completed the course           GL52 3LZ for information on applying, or look on      what I was more interested in. I thrived
and are earning more than £15,000 per year.             the website www.ucas.com. The UCAS Handbook           because I was studying subjects I was
There is also a range of loans, grants and              gives detailed guidance on completing your            very interested in.
scholarships available, depending on your financial     application so please read it carefully.
circumstances. For full details of the financial help
                                                                                                              The teaching was very beneficial, especially
available ask for a copy of our Student Finance         Harper Adams UCAS codes:
                                                        UCAS Code Name: HAUC                                  as it incorporated trips and visits to facilitate
                                                        UCAS Code Number: H12                                 the classroom learning. It was only when
Entry requirements                                                                                            I arrived at Harper Adams that I was screened
                                                        The codes for each course can be found on the         and found to be dyslexic. This answered a lot
You must be over 17 years of age, with at least
                                                        course pages (20 to 36)                               of questions about my previous education
five GCSE passes at grade C or above, to include
                                                                                                              results and the support I received at Harper
English, Maths and Science at grade C or above.
                                                        For further information, please contact               really helped me to achieve.
However, we judge all candidates on their
                                                        Admissions on +44 (0) 1952 815000,
individual merits and may take other skills,
                                                        or e-mail: admissions@ harper-adams.ac.uk.            I am currently in the final year of my
qualifications and experience into account
when considering your application.                                                                            degree and have already been accepted on
                                                                                                              to a management development scheme for
Mature students without formal qualifications
                                                        All applicants are invited to attend an interview,    two years, after which I will work in the
will need to provide evidence of their ability to
                                                        which is very informal. We are not testing you,       fresh produce industry or start my own
pursue successfully a course at this level.
                                                        we just want to make sure the course and Harper       food business.”
For the Agriculture route you should have some          Adams are the right choice for you. If there is
relevant work experience. The same applies to           anything you are unsure of get in touch with our      Richard Bower
the Veterinary Nursing route, for which you will        Admissions staff, who will gladly guide you
also be interviewed by the VN Course Manager.           through your application.

“I choose the course as I wasn't enjoying or able to focus on my A- levels. It was very beneficial
for me; my grades went up straight away because I was studying a subject I was interested in,
had independence, and was treated more like an adult: much better than school. I even won an
award for best student performance! I’m now enjoying my job as a manager with G’s Marketing.”
Craig Thomas

“When I failed my A-levels it really lowered my self confidence. I needed picking up and guiding
in the right direction, and that’s what happened at Harper, with lots of support from my tutors.
I fully recommend the course. It gave me the platform to a good, sound education in agriculture,
and helped me to be where I am today, an Area Manager with British Sugar, working with more
than 250 growers.”
Angela Lankfer

“I did not have enough A-Level points to be accepted on the BSc Countryside Management
course, but this course proved to be not only an alternative route to HE but also the opportunity
to find out a great deal about my own personality and attributes and what I wanted from life.
I am now studying the degree I originally wanted and am hoping to go to New Zealand to work
in Agri-Forestry for my placement year. My time at Harper has already made me realise that
I can achieve things that I did not believe were possible just a few years ago... it has changed
me for the better!”
Stephen Westmore

                             Having been out of formal education for some           Can I study part time?
Frequently Asked Questions   years, how will the EFDP help me into HE?              Yes, it is possible to study part-time by taking the
                             This course is an ideal route back into education      individual modules over two or more years.
                             for older students who have been working,
                             travelling or raising a family, and therefore do not   I have a learning difficulty – will I get any help?
                             feel they have the formal qualifications to enter
                                                                                    The Learner Support team offers help to all
                             HE directly.
                                                                                    students. Qualified dyslexia specialists provide
                                                                                    appropriate one-to-one tuition for all dyslexic
                             How can I spend my free time?                          students, and study skills and maths support on
                             Harper Adams’ student motto is Work Hard,              an individual or small group basis for all students.
                             Play Hard, so you’ll be making great new friends
                                                                                    The team screens all new entrants to the
                             and discovering new interests. The university
                                                                                    University College. If your results indicate that
                             college is well known for its sporting prowess
                                                                                    learner support would be appropriate you will
                             and there are lots of opportunities to get involved.
                                                                                    be encouraged to seek some learning support
                             There are also lots of student clubs and societies
                                                                                    or individual dyslexia tuition when you arrive here.
                             that cater to most tastes, and if not, you could
                                                                                    Any student who tells us they have a disability
                             always set up your own, with the help of the
                                                                                    or specific learning difficulty, or whose screening
                             Student Union. From quiz nights to themed balls,
                                                                                    results indicate a specific learning difficulty, will
                             guest bands and DJs to weekend camping trips,
                                                                                    be contacted and encouraged to talk to the
                             shopping or just chilling out with your mates,
                                                                                    Learner Support team.
                             there’s always plenty to keep you busy.
                                                                                    You will be eligible to apply to your local authority
                             How much support is available?                         for the Disabled Students Allowance at the
                                                                                    beginning of the Extended Foundation Degree
                             We recognise that starting university, even a small
                             and friendly one such as Harper Adams, can be a
                             bit daunting, so there are lots of people here to
                                                                                    What learning facilities are there?
                             give you advice and help during your time with us.
                             All students have an academic tutor to help with       We have some excellent facilities on campus for
                             their studies and also a personal tutor. Student       teaching, independent study and hands-on work.
                             Services are a great help with anything related to     There is an extensive range of teaching rooms,
                             student life or accommodation, whilst the Finance      laboratories and workshops, while the Bamford
                             Officer is on hand for money concerns. There’s         Library has a wide range of text books and
                             also a welfare counsellor, doctor, student wardens,    academic journals.
                             help with study skills and careers, support from       We are in the unique position of having a
                             a group of chaplains, an International student         commercial farm on campus, with 343 hectares
                             advisor, and a friendly learning support team.         of arable land and all the major animal enterprises.

        Extended Foundation Degree Programme specialist routes

        Agriculture 23
        Food 24
        Countryside 27
        Tourism 29
        Engineering 30
        Veterinary Nursing 32
        Animal Welfare 35
        Business 36

        Specialist routes and progression to higher education

        Extended Foundation             Minimum percentage achieved in all modules
        Degree Specialism
        (with UCAS Code)                40%                    60%                65%

        Agriculture                     FdSc                   BSc (Hons)
        D407                            Agriculture            Agriculture
        Food                            FdSc                   BSc (Hons)
        D601                            Food Studies           Food and
        Countryside                     FdSc                   BSc (Hons)         BSc (Hons)
        D497                            Countryside            Countryside        Rural Enterprise and
                                        Management             Management         Land Management
                                                               BSc (Hons)
                                                               Rural Property
        Tourism                         FdSc                   BSc (Hons)
        NN82                            Leisure and            Leisure and
                                        Tourism                Tourism
                                        Management             Management
        Engineering                     FdSc                   BSc (Hons)
        H390                            Agricultural           Agricultural
                                        Engineering            Engineering
        Veterinary Nursing              FdSc                   BSc (Hons)
        D312                            Veterinary             Veterinary
                                        Nursing                Nursing
        Animals                         FdSc                   BSc (Hons)
        D329                            Animal Welfare         Animal Behaviour
                                        and                    and Welfare
        Business                        FdSc                   BSc (Hons)
        N1N5                            Business               Business
                                        Management             Management
                                        with Marketing         with Marketing

        Extended FdSc courses last four years (including placement year)
20/21   Extended BSc courses last five years (including placement year)
        UCAS code: D407

        Harper Adams has specialised in providing           Essential skills modules
        higher education in agriculture for more than
        a century, producing highly capable graduates       Academic Skills
        to drive this large and dynamic industry            Information Technology
        forward through an exciting range of career         Current Affairs
        opportunities. If you are in any doubt as to        Numeracy and Statistics
        the importance of the industry in the UK,
        remember about 75 per cent of the land area         Specialist modules
        is used for agriculture! There are around
        400 students here studying agriculture at           Biological Sciences
        degree or foundation degree level, either as        Environmental Science
        a single subject or combining it with a related     Land Use in the UK
        area such as engineering, animals or business.
        Agriculture students – or ‘agrics’ as they like     Optional modules
        to be known – aren’t just farmers’ sons and
        daughters. They come from many different            Choose any one from:
        locations and backgrounds, both urban and
        rural, and their reasons for studying agriculture   Engineering Studies
        are as diverse as their career plans.               Countryside Studies
        Choosing the Agriculture specialism will lead       Animal Health and Welfare
        to either a foundation or honours degree in         Languages
        Agriculture, depending on how well you              Food Studies
        perform during your first year (see page 21).       Business Studies
        Please note that you will need to have some
        relevant work experience.

UCAS code: D601

Harper Adams has a long and successful             Essential skills modules
history educating graduates for careers in the
food industry, so we have no doubt that we can     Academic Skills
help you towards a successful career in food.      Information Technology
And what a career it can be! The food industry     Current Affairs
is extremely diverse, including: food processors   Numeracy and Statistics
and manufacturers, logistics specialists
packaging suppliers and other food retailers       Specialist modules
and food services such as fast-food eateries
and restaurants. The food and drink industry       Biological Sciences
in the UK is huge. Consumers spent a massive       Business Studies
£153.8 billion on food and drink in 2005 alone.    Food Studies
It is the single largest sector of the UK’s
manufacturing industry, with a turnover of         Optional modules
about £70 billion per annum. There are
around 7,300 food businesses within the UK         Choose any one from:
(employing more than 500,000 people), many
of which are part of multinational businesses      Engineering Studies
with wide-ranging global links. The UK’s food      Countryside Studies
industry employs over half a million people        Animal Health and Welfare
and the career prospects – especially for          Languages
graduates – are tremendous.                        Land Use in the UK
The fact is, someone, somewhere is
responsible for providing your meals, and all
the snacks you eat between. Most people think
that food just comes from the supermarkets.
There’s a lot more to it. The food we all take
for granted today has been grown, processed,
converted into food products and delivered into
the supermarkets and food service eateries by
a wide range of experts. These are the people
we depend on to keep us fed. By choosing to
study the specialist Food route you too could
become a food specialist in this exciting and
dynamic industry.
Please refer to the table on page 21 to see what
qualifications are available through this route.

        UCAS code: D497

        Working in the UK countryside and                 Essential skills modules
        environmental management sector is more
        complex and demanding than ever before.           Academic Skills
        The practical implications of climate change,     Information Technology
        species and habitats under threat and the         Current Affairs
        challenge of managing competing interests         Numeracy and Statistics
        in the countryside are common concerns to
        many. We live and work in a densely-settled       Specialist modules
        environment with increasingly diverse
        expectations of the countryside and of land       Land Use in the UK
        management. Food and fibre production,            Countryside Studies
        biodiversity, beautiful and distinctive           Environmental Science
        landscapes, access and recreation,
        sustainability, the production of renewable       Optional modules
        energy, opportunities for learning and
        community development – these are all             Choose any one from:
        typical issues that Harper Adams graduates
        understand and are equipped to deal with          Leisure and Tourism
        as they develop their careers in these exciting   Food Studies
        and challenging times. By choosing the            Animal Health and Welfare
        Countryside specialist route, followed by         Languages
        a foundation or honours degree in Countryside     Biological Sciences
        Management or Rural Enterprise and Land           Enterprise
        Management (REALM) you will be ready              Business Studies
        to follow in their steps.
        Please note: You should choose the
        Countryside route if you wish to progress to
        the Rural Enterprise and Land Management
        (REALM) or Rural Property Management

        UCAS code: NN82

        The Adventure, Leisure and Tourism department       Essential skills modules
        at Harper Adams is relatively new but rapidly
        growing in popularity, reflecting the growing       Academic Skills
        number of career opportunities in this exciting     Information Technology
        and dynamic industry.                               Current Affairs
        Located in rural Shropshire, within easy reach      Numeracy and Statistics
        of the Welsh Mountains, major theme parks
        such as Alton Towers and Drayton Manor Park,        Specialist modules
        outstanding countryside, celebrated towns like
        Shrewsbury and Ludlow and the cradle of the         Business Studies
        industrial revolution at Ironbridge Gorge,          Leisure and Tourism
        Harper Adams provides an ideal environment
        to study tourism and business management.           Optional modules

        So if you enjoy travel, learning about different    Choose any two from:
        destinations and leisure experiences and/or
        have a passion for the great outdoors, your first   Engineering Studies OR Countryside Studies
        step is to choose the specialist Tourism route.     Animal Health and Welfare
        For further information on the range of             Languages
        foundation and honours degrees we offer,            Biological Sciences OR Enterprise
        please see the prospectus, or visit                 Land Use in the UK

UCAS code: H390

Why choose the Engineering specialist route?        Essential skills modules
Well, quite simply engineers help shape the
world - whatever you use and wherever you           Academic Skills
go, an engineer’s been there first, designing,      Information Technology
creating, improving. Engineers thrive on            Current Affairs
challenges – they use their knowledge of            Numeracy and Statistics
science and technology to find solutions to
everyday problems to make life easier for us all.   Specialist modules
At Harper Adams we specialise in land-based
engineering, with links to some of the biggest      Engineering Studies
names around – JCB, Claas, John Deere, and          Land Use in the UK
Case New Holland, to name just a few. Vehicles,
machines and equipment have revolutionised          Optional modules
agriculture and food production, making it
more efficient and cost-effective. Land-based       Choose any two from:
engineers are at the heart of this progress,
designing and developing ever more efficient        Biological Sciences or Enterprise
vehicles, machinery and buildings for the           Animal Health and Welfare
agricultural, off road and associated industries.   Languages
                                                    Food Studies or Leisure and Tourism
What’s more, the career prospects are great.        Environmental Science
The engineering industry is massive, employing      Business Studies
around 1.7 million people, so engineers are in
such demand that the world really is your
oyster. Salaries for newly graduated trainee
engineers are currently in the region of
£22,500 and a study by
PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that
over the course of their career, engineers earn
almost £220,000, or nearly 30 per cent, more
than colleagues without a degree. No wonder
engineers are the most satisfied of all UK
graduates, according to research by the
Royal Bank of Scotland. And Harper Adams
engineering graduates have a really good
reputation within industry because of their
practical knowledge and can-do attitude.

Veterinary Nursing
UCAS code: D312

Choosing this specialist route is ideal if you     Essential skills modules
are hoping to become a veterinary nurse.
Our veterinary nursing degrees and foundation      Academic Skills
degrees are very popular, with excellent career    Information Technology
prospects. There are increasing employment         Current Affairs
opportunities within veterinary nursing,           Numeracy and Statistics
practice management and the development
of vet practices and the animal health industry.   Specialist modules
Veterinary nursing is a career with lots of job
satisfaction and there is a strong demand for      Animal Health and Welfare
qualified people. Although primarily dealing       Biological Sciences
with companion animals, you will have the
opportunity to study a range of farm livestock.    Optional modules
Harper Adams’ degree and foundation degree
courses are fully approved by the Royal College    Choose any two from:
of Veterinary Surgeons.
A mock veterinary practice, housed                 Land Use in the UK
within the veterinary nursing unit, features       Engineering Studies or Countryside Studies
a consulting room, prep room, x-ray facility       Languages
and an operating theatre, so students can gain     Food Studies or Leisure and Tourism
practical experience in a safe, realistic          Environmental Science
environment before working in a commercial         Business Studies
veterinary practice. There is also a Companion
Animal House, with a range of pets and
exotics, including chinchillas, guinea pigs,
rabbits, snakes and geckos.

Please note that you will need to have
some relevant work experience and will be
interviewed by the Veterinary Nursing Course
Manager as well as the EFDP manager

        UCAS code: D329

        If you enjoy being with animals (whether they       Essential skills modules
        are pets, livestock or more exotic species),
        care about their health and welfare and want        Academic Skills
        to know why they behave as they do, the             Information Technology
        Animals route is for you.                           Current Affairs
        The Animals department has animal scientists        Numeracy and Statistics
        specialising in physiology, nutrition, behaviour,
        welfare and molecular biology. We have well         Specialist modules
        equipped laboratories and a Companion
        Animal House, with a range of pets and              Animal Health and Welfare
        exotics, including chinchillas, guinea pigs,        Biological Sciences
        rabbits, snakes and geckos. Our on-campus           Environmental Science
        commercial farm has all the major animal
        enterprises, including dairy cows and followers,    Optional modules
        three sheep flocks demonstrating different
        management systems, an intensive beef unit, pig     Choose any one from:
        unit and large scale commercial egg enterprise.
                                                            Land Use in the UK
        The EFDP will also give you the practical           Engineering Studies
        experience with animals that you need to            Countryside Studies
        progress onto a foundation or honours               Languages
        degree in Animal Welfare and Management.            Food Studies
        Graduates of these degrees often work for           Leisure and Tourism
        welfare organisations, as college lecturers,        Business Studies
        technicians and animal demonstrators, and
        within wildlife parks and zoos. Others have
        become assistant managers and livestock
        managers within pet superstores, work in
        farm and large animal environments or in
        kennels and catteries. Some students have
        become education officers in zoos or other
        welfare organisations such as the Guide Dogs
        for the Blind Association or the Dog’s Trust
        (formerly National Canine Defence League).
        Many graduates continue in higher education
        studying further degrees in Zoology, Wildlife
        Ecology and Animal Behaviour.

UCAS code: N1N5

The Extended Foundation Degree Programme           Essential skills modules
Business route, which will take you through
Year 0 onto a foundation or honours degree         Academic Skills
in Business Marketing and Management, is           Information Technology
the ideal starting place for your business and     Current Affairs
marketing career.                                  Numeracy and Statistics
Business courses appeal to students of all ages,
interests and backgrounds, which is why we         Specialist modules
have such a diverse and vibrant community
at Harper Adams. However, one thing they all       Business Studies
have in common is a desire to learn more and       Enterprise
gain a valuable qualification that will set them
on their chosen career path, whether that be       Optional modules
in general business management or marketing,
or focussed on a particular sector.                Choose any two from:

Harper Adams is located in Shropshire, which       Engineering Studies OR Countryside Studies
has long been at the heart of the development      Food Studies OR Leisure and Tourism
of international trade. Ironbridge, just 20km      Languages
from the university college, and now a             Animal Health and Welfare
UNESCO world heritage site, was the                Land Use in the UK
birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.
The subsequent development of the canal
system enabled the distribution of international
imports and exports from England’s second
city, Birmingham, including steel chains,
jewellery, cars and chocolate.
Today, Shropshire and the West Midlands are
home to a lively business community, with a
vast range of urban and rural industries, and
have easy access to the major centres of
Europe and beyond, with Amsterdam, Paris
and Geneva just one to two hours away by air.

        Useful publications                              Open Days
        The undergraduate prospectus will give you       Prospective students of any age, and their
        a good overview of life and study at Harper      families, are invited to attend our Open Days,
        Adams. A range of course brochures provide       which are held twice yearly, usually in May
        more in-depth information on each specialist     and October. For further details visit
        degree area. We also produce a Student           www.harperadams.ac.uk and click on the
        Finance leaflet and an Accommodation             Open Days link.
        brochure. You may also be interested in
                                                         In addition, we have two Open Afternoons,
        the Alternative Prospectus, written from
                                                         usually in September and November.
        Harper students’ point of view, with advice
        on everything from courses and sports to
                                                         For further information call Admissions
        the best takeaway in town!
                                                         01952 815000
        For a copy of any of these publications
        please contact Admissions
        01952 815000.

        Why not visit us?
        There are many opportunities to visit
        Harper Adams, to learn more about our
        range of courses, meet staff and students
        and explore the campus and local area.
        We attend most of the UCAS Next Step
        Network of Higher Education Fairs and
        Year 12 students, in particular, should look
        out for our stand and representative at
        these county-organised events.

        Higher Education Choices (HEC) Conference
        We also run an annual two-day ‘taste of
        university’ experience, known as HEC, every
        July for 16-18 year-olds. This is probably the
        best way to experience the life of a Harper
        Adams student, as well as picking up lots of
        advice on HE courses in general.

        For further information call Admissions
        01952 815000 and ask for a copy of the
        HEC leaflet and an application form,
        or call the HEC hotline
38/39   07817 209143.
Vocational, Harper spirit,   Agriculture, Outstanding,
Flexible, Second chance,     Professional, Vet nursing
Geared for success, Rural,   Flexible, Second chance,
Another way, Specialise,     Countryside, Innovative,
Outstanding, Agriculture,    Geared for success, Rural,
Alternatives, Supportive,    Animals, Business, Food,
Animals, Business, Food,     Experienced, Land-based,
Experienced, Land-based,     Choice, Your way, Tourism,
Your way, Tourism, Choice,   Alternatives, Supportive,
Opportunities,Take pride,    Specialise, Another way,
Countryside, Innovative,     Vocational, Harper spirit,
Excellence, Engineering,     Opportunities,Take pride,
Professional, Vet nursing    Excellence, Engineering,
Harper Adams University College

For further information please contact:
Harper Adams University College
TF10 8NB
01952 815000

E-mail: admissions@harper-adams.ac.uk

This brochure is available in other formats upon request
for students with disabilities or special educational needs.
It is also viewable as a pdf or read-only document at

All details were correct at the time of going to press.
However, unforeseen circumstances may make alterations necessary.
Harper Adams reserves the right to make changes without prior notification.

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