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Program Intensity for adults and children must be calculated by hand. Program intensity for a class refers
to the number of hours that a program provides and expects a participant with 100% attendance in that
class to complete during the entire program. Your program intensity is related to the information in your
scope of work. For example, if your program offers ESL classes 5 days a week for 3 hours per day then
your intensity for ESL is 15 hours per week or approximately 60 hours monthly. The actual intensity for
a particular month may be more or less than 60 hours depending on factors such as the number of days in
the month, holidays, etc. Program intensity is different from participant intensity.

Individual participants may have more or less hours offered each month depending on factors such as
enrollment date, exit date, leaves of absences, and taking classes beyond normal program expectations.
Base your program intensity on what your program offers/expects and not on what any one individual
takes. As an example, a program offered 60 hours of ESL in March and one adult in the program logged
90 hours of ESL that month by taking an evening ESL class in addition to the regular program class. In
this example, the program intensity for March is 60 hours because the 90 hours is not offered/expected of
all program participants enrolled in the class. The program in the example may want to note in their
report that some adults attend extra classes on a voluntary basis.

For each class, report actual program intensity for the year by adding the actual monthly program
intensity. It may be helpful to refer to your monthly program attendance sheets or program schedule to
figure out monthly intensity. If your program has more than one site and your program intensity varied
by site for a particular class, you may want to report intensity for each site separately.

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