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                                      ENGLISH DRAMA

        Students in the universities often lack the self confidence either in learning the
spoken skill as a beginner or even producing fluent speech as an advanced student,
especially those who had no previous private coaching or didn’t attend any classes in
English institutes. Consequently, when they take up English as their major in university it
takes the shape of a domineering fear especially when called upon to speak in front of a
class as they afraid of making a mistake. This is turn build an emotional barrier to further
progress in language acquisition and the eventual frustration, disappointment ending up
in drop outs. Furthermore, inappropriate teaching method that stress on grammar, without
clearly defining the basic differences between the student’s mother tongue and the
foreign language to facilitate recognition and understanding, have also hindered
successful language acquisition here. To be more specific we can quote Julia Popiescu
who says “ a big problem with foreign language is anxiety”. These weak student of the
open universities were either neglected by some teachers who merely gave them a
passing mark out of sympathy or failed them repeatedly without identifying the root to
their problems or even trying to help them overcome by motivating them to improve.
This problem become too cumbersome for some students forcing them to quit. Other who
managed to get just the passing mark faced lack of work due to their inability to speak in
English, even though they claimed to possess a degree in the English major.

        Here I tell about the specific mode of instruction called role playing or as I call it
the drama method that could motivate student to participate freely in language
communication      activities   and    overcome    the   psychological    fear   in   spoken
language.moreover it’s purpose was not only to try to alleviate the inherent fears in
spoken English that hindered languge learning but also to see if it could aid them to
perform better in the other subject relatedbto their courses. The underlying philosophy is
that meaningful and effective learning transpires when the language to be learned is
placed in naturally and culturally. I feel that acting is a profound experience that gives
those involved a taste of humanity and taste of humility.

Created by Eko Setiawan

        This study in using the drama method proposed can help the teacher to alleviate
the first fear in the student in producing spoken language caused especially since English
is a foreign language here, to help remove the student resistance to learning spoken
language by making them forget their barriers to learning

   Furthermore, there are certain characteristic in this drama method of teaching can
assist teacher aid learner to dissolve their initial frustrations. Role playing provide the
student with the means of associating language with feeling, gesture and facial expression
that create a more personal and natural form of learning. Moreover, while dramatizing,
students get immersed whole heartedly in their activities. Drama can also assist the
teacher to alleviate the fear her student might experience when trying to produce spoken
language by :
   -    making the learning of the new language an enjoyable experience
   -    setting realistic target for the student to aim for
   -    a creative sharing real experiences with other to alleviate fears
   -    linking the language learning experience with the student’s own experience of

        This study can help boost student interest in learning other subject related to the
   literature major which were previously seen to be too cumbersome and even boring of
   them. This method is like cooperative learning which has been used as a means to
   promote interaction among student. This will allow student time for social interaction
   and enable them to develop confidence in their language skill.

        The first step of this study included applying a sensitive approach to segregate the
   weak student from the other who have either an average level of fluency or those who
   are fluent speakers of English..
        Then I divided the student in groups of two for each dialogue and assigned a part
   for each one. I made them repeat each role loudly along with me as a class. First, to
   stress on the correct pronunciations and intonation and the type of accent. Then the

Created by Eko Setiawan

   student practiced their respective role on their own and with their partners, while I as
   their teacher was actively involved by going around the class to check for mistakes
   and corrects them simultaneously.
        I ask to repeat the role not memorizing two by two, continued till they had
   mastered it by digesting their meaning. Next, I prepared them for acting out their role,
   allowing them enough creativity by helping them infuse feeling, emotions, facial and
   body expression and action while acting.
        Then I recorded their drama and replayed them for the whole class. Their mistake
   were pointed out while their achievement applauded. The material consist of
   dialogue that started with short situational conversation as related to their original text
   that is part of their syllabus for teaching in he speaking and listening classes.
        This method provided an innovative method that help suppress the fears in
   producing spoken language in a process of learning a foreign language as in is not
   only natural but also encouraging, motivating and interesting.

Created by Eko Setiawan

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