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HEC by the numbers      International reach
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A unique program
portfolio               Social awareness
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A place to live         The Campaign
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Cutting-edge research   Communication and
and acclaimed faculty   branding
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Privileged corporate    Highlights in 2009
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Now more than ever, the global business              With over 125 years of experience in
community is in need of innovative and               management education, HEC has educated
responsible leadership. HEC has a longstanding       thousands of leaders who play an active role in
tradition of preparing students to take on the       today’s economic, financial, social and political
challenges of international business. As these       arenas around the world.
challenges seem to grow greater by the day, so,      In 2008, HEC asserted its international position
too, do opportunities to develop a more flexible     and was ranked #1 Business School in Europe
and forward-thinking business culture.               by the Financial Times for the third year running.
At HEC, we bring together the top students and       I invite you to discover more about the campus’
faculty from around the world to seize these         latest developments and initiatives as well as
opportunities through cutting-edge research,         what distinguishes HEC from its counterparts in
partnerships with international businesses and       the “This is HEC Paris” brochure.
an alumni network that spans the globe.              I look forward to meeting you on the HEC campus!

                                     Henri Proglio                               Bernard Ramanantsoa
                  Chairman, HEC Executive Board                                          Dean, HEC Paris

    HEC by the numbers

    Business School in Europe
    (Financial Times ranking 2006, 2007, 2008)

    Students & participants                      Faculty, administrative
                                                 & services staff
    students and participants across
    all degree programs
                                                 total faculty

    40%                                          111
    international students                       full-time faculty

    9                                            50%
    languages taught on campus                   international full-time faculty

    8,500                                        440
    executives and managers trained at HEC       administrative and services staff from
    every year                                   18 countries

Academic publication                      Corporate relations                   Strategic
                                                                                Development Plan
78                                        345                                   A 200,000,000
books published in the last five years    on-campus recruiters
                                                                                Strategic Development Plan 2008-2013

304                                       50
articles published in refereed journals   international companies are members
in the last five years                    of the HEC Foundation

840                                       12
scientific contributions to conferences   chairs
in the last five years

International reach                       ParisTech                             Campus size

115                                       HEC became a founding member of
                                          ParisTech in 2008
academic partners worldwide                                                     acres of countryside at the
                                                                                Jouy-en-Josas campus

20                                        3,500
                                          professors and researchers
double and joint degree programs
44,000                                                                          square meters of space at
                                                                                the Paris campus
alumni in over 113 countries

         HEC Governance
                                                Mr. Philippe PINON                           Mr. Claude JOUVEN
                                                General Director, Société Financière des     Former CEO, Citibank/Citigroup France,
                                                Petites Haies                                Belgium, Luxembourg and Ireland
                                                Mr. Henri PROGLIO                            Sir Paul JUDGE
                                                Chairman and CEO, Veolia Environnement       Chairman, Schroder Income Growth
                        Pierre Simon,           and Chairman, HEC Executive Board            Fund plc and Director, Standard Bank
                                                Mr. Hervé SAINT-SAUVEUR                      Group Ltd of Johannesburg
                        Paris Chamber
                        of Commerce             Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Audit         Mr. Bruno LAFONT
                        and Industry            Committee, LCH.Clearnet                      Director, Chairman and CEO, Lafarge
                                                Mr. Claude de SAINT-VINCENT                  Mr. Bertrand LEONARD
    HEC is affiliated to the Paris              General Director, Media-Participations and   Deputy CEO, Exane
                                                President, Dargaud S.A.                      Mr. Carlos LOSADA
    Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
                                                                                             General Director, ESADE
    The CCIP is the leading Chamber of                                                       Mr. Hans Ulrich MAERKI
    Commerce and Industry in France             Advisory Board                               Chairman, IBM, Europe, Middle-East, Africa
    and Europe. It is run by 80 elected         Mr. Seiichiro ADACHI                         Mr. Karsten POPP
                                                Managing Director and Chief Director of      Senior Vice-President, EMEA Autodesk
    members, all business leaders,
                                                Automobile, Toyota Tsusho Corporation        Mr. Henri PROGLIO
    from a wide variety of sectors. It now
                                                Mr. Jean-Paul AGON                           Chairman and CEO, Veolia Environnement
    represents some 380,000 businesses          CEO, L’Oréal                                 and Chairman, HEC Executive Board
    located in the four departments of          Mr. Jean-Luc ALLAVENA                        Mr. Baudouin PROT
    Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-         Partner, Appolo Management International     CEO, BNP Paribas
    Denis and Val-de-Marne.                     Mr. Daniel BERNARD                           Mr. Franck RIBOUD
                                                President, HEC Foundation                    CEO, Danone Group
    HEC’s Executive Board and Advisory          Chairman, Kingfisher plc and                 Mr. Xavier ROMATET
                                                President, Provestis                         CEO, Condé Nast France and President, HEC
    Board bring together top executives
                                                Mr. Bernard BOURIGEAUD                       Alumni Association
    and academics from around the
                                                Former CEO, Atos Origin                      Prof. David SCHMITTLEIN
    world. These leaders help shape             Mr. Gary L. BRINDERSON                       Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management
    HEC’s strategy and ensure that it           Chairman and CEO, Brinderson                 Mr. Vipin SHARMA
    remains in line with the changing           Mr. Peter CHILD                              Deputy Chief Executive, International Union
    needs of international business.            Director, McKinsey                           of Railways
                                                Mr. Xavier CORNU                             Prof. Alvin SILK
                                                Executive Director Education and Training    Lincoln Filene Professor of Business
                                                Division, CCIP                               Administration, Harvard Business School
                                                                                             Mr. Pierre SIMON
    HEC Executive Board                         Mr. Yves COUILLARD
                                                                                             President, CCIP
                                                Vice-President, Mercuri Urval France
    Mr. Michel AUSSAVY                                                                       Prof. Ezra SULEIMAN
                                                Mr. Andrea CUOMO
    Advisor to the Managing Director, GE                                                     IBM Professor, Princeton University
    Commercial Finance, Europe                  Executive Vice-President, General Manager
                                                Sales & Marketing, Europe, ST                Mr. Pierre TROUILLET
    Mr. Jean COURTIERE                          Microelectronics                             General Manager, CCIP
    Development Director, SRC Consulting        Mr. Frank DANGEARD                           Mr. François VACHEY
    Ms. Elizabeth DUCOTTET                      Managing Director, Harcourt                  Former Executive Vice-President, L’Oréal
    CEO, Thuasne                                Mr. Thomas EDIG                              Mr. Jean-Paul VERMES
    Mr. Arnould d'HAUTEFEUILLE                  Member of the Board of Management,
                                                                                             President, VMS France and Vice-President,
    CEO, Jacques Bollinger                      Porsche AG
    Mr. Eric HAYAT                              Ms. Orit GADIESH
                                                                                             Mr. Jean-Paul VILLOT
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Steria   Chairman, Bain & Company
                                                                                             Chairman of the Board, Neopost Group
    Ms. Elisabeth HERVIER                       Mr. Pierre-Antoine GAILLY
                                                                                             Mr. Christian VULLIEZ
    Partner, EH Pharma                          Vice-President and Treasurer, CCIP
                                                                                             Member of the High Council for Education,
    Mr. Bernard IRION                           Mr. Guillaume d’HAUTEVILLE                   French Ministry of National Education
    Administrator, CITER (PSA Peugeot-Citroën   Vice-Chairman Europe, Nomura                 Mr. Chunjun ZHAO
    Group)                                      Ms. Anne-Marie IDRAC                         Former Dean, Tsinghua University
    Mr. Francis LEMOR                           French Secretary of State in charge of
    President, STEF-TFE                         External Commercial Affairs

                              A unique
                              program portfolio

                              HEC specializes in management education and research and offers a
                              complete and unique range of academic programs for the leaders of
                              the future.

                              Masters Degrees                        Specialized Masters
                              (Full-time, pre-experience             (12 months, French and English)
    Since 1881, HEC has       programs)                              Designed for students at the
    offered management                                               postgraduate level. These programs
                              MSc in Management                      enable specialization in a specific field
    programs for top talent
                              Grande Ecole program                   of management.
    from around the world.    (18 months, French or English)
    Today, HEC’s mission is   Designed for students who hold a
                              Bachelor’s degree in any field.        MBA Programs
    to foster teaching and
                              The first academic year is comprised   The full-time MBA program
    research in management    of general business courses;           comprises 16 months of general
    for students and          the second year is devoted to the      management in an international
                              student’s area of specialization.      environment. Strong emphasis is
    executives.                                                      placed on interpersonal skills,
                              Masters of Science                     leadership and entrepreneurship.
                              (12 months, English)
                                                                     Designed to optimize both professional
                              Designed for students who hold a
                                                                     and personal ambitions, the part-time
                              Bachelor’s degree in Business and
                                                                     MBA program offers the opportunity
                              who want to acquire an expertise
                                                                     to work in a diverse, multicultural
                              in a specific field of management:
                                                                     learning environment while maintaining
                              International Business, Managerial
                                                                     a day job.
                              and Financial Economics and
                              International Finance.

                                                                                  Class of 2009 - Graduation Day

PhD Program                             Highlights from the range of programs:       ❯ Executive Masters
                                                                                       These post graduate degree programs
The PhD program offers high-quality,    ❯ TRIUM Global Executive MBA
                                                                                       provide specialized training in specific
internationally renowned training for     Specially designed for global
                                                                                       areas of management.
professor-researchers.                    executives and CEOs, this is a joint
The program prepares participants to      degree developed by HEC Paris,
                                                                                     ❯ Open-enrolment Programs
publish in leading academic journals      New York University Stern School
                                                                                       Eighty different short seminars
throughout the world and face future      of Business (NYU Stern) and the
                                                                                       designed to build specific
research and teaching challenges.         London School of Economics (LSE).
                                                                                       management skills, with course
                                                                                       durations ranging from three to
                                        ❯ HEC Executive MBA
                                                                                       twenty days.
Executive Education                       A multi-site degree program designed
                                          to propel mid-career professionals
HEC Executive Education delivers                                                     ❯ Custom Programs
                                          into the executive board level.
learning programs specifically                                                         These programs are tailored and
                                          The program is offered in Paris,
designed for experienced managers                                                      delivered to the precise specifications
                                          Beijing, Shanghai and St. Petersburg
and executives. In addition to EMBAs                                                   of the company.
                                          with three flexible formats (One-day-
and Masters programs, HEC Executive
                                          per-week, End-of-the-Week and
Education offers open-enrolment and
                                          Modular) in several languages.
custom programs, as well as coaching.

                               A place to live
                               On-campus                               Student-run
                               accommodation                           organizations and clubs
                                                                       on campus
     The HEC campus offers     individual rooms                        130
     a unique setting:                                                 student-run organizations including
     a 320-acre site with      58                                      humanitarian, cultural, events-related
                                                                       and career-related associations.
     woods and a lake, close   apartments reserved for couples and
                               families                                Social and professional clubs are
     to both Paris and
                                                                       dedicated to topics such as finance,
     Versailles.                                                       marketing, business ethics and women
                               Sports facilities                       in leadership.

     The facilities and        2,000                                   60
     setting have been         square meters of gymnasiums
     designed to foster                                                classrooms
     learning in a             8,000
     supportive, comfortable   square meters of sports fields          31
     environment.              Soccer pitches, rugby fields, fencing   auditoriums
                               room, fitness center, indoor and
                                                                       including one 475-seat amphitheatre
                               outdoor tennis courts, martial arts
                                                                       with a stage
     On-campus                 center, climbing wall,
     accommodations and        and several golf courses just a few
                               minutes from campus.                    Library & computer
     activities help create
     strong bonds among
                                                                       Multimedia resource center
     students, with ample      Other on-campus
     opportunity for a rich    services
     social life.              Multimedia center
                               Open-access computer rooms
                               Language labs and printing shop         Plus 10,000 electronic resources
                               Daycare center                          50 online databases
                               Infirmary and Chapel                    A WI-FI network
                               Student restaurants and bars            Internet and network access

                               Cutting-edge research
                               and acclaimed faculty

                               Faculty                                 Dan COLINS,
                                                                       University of Iowa, USA
     The HEC School of         in September
                                                                       Denis GROMB,
     Management is             111                                     INSEAD, France
     committed to              full-time faculty members, including:   Eugène KANDEL,
     developing knowledge      96% PhDs                                Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
                               50% full-time faculty from abroad       Edi KARNI,
     and best practices in
                               28 countries of origin                  Johns Hopkins University, USA
     management.                                                       Takao KOBAYASHI,
                               31 women
                                                                       TODAI University, Japan
                                                                       Augustin LANDIER,
     The active involvement
     of professors in
                               26                                      New York University, Stern School of
                                                                       Business, USA
                               Emeritus faculty
     research guarantees                                               Christian LUNBDLAD,
     that our courses                                                  Kenan-Flager Business School, USA

     integrate the latest      78                                      Joseph MILNER,
                                                                       University of Toronto, Canada
                               affiliated professors, generally
     findings in                                                       Michael PRESTON,
                               prominent members of the business
     management science.       community who have established a
                                                                       Columbia University, USA
                                                                       Subramanyam RAGHUNATH,
                               long-term relationship with HEC
                                                                       IIM Bangalore, India
     A vibrant research                                                Myron SLOVIN,
     environment helps         47                                      Louisiana State University, USA
                                                                       Federico STURZENEGGER,
     make HEC the school       visiting professors from the most
                                                                       Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina
     of choice for students    prestigious universities, including:
                                                                       Marie SUSHKA,
     and faculty alike, as     Richard BAKER,                          Arizona State University, USA
                               Adelphi University, USA
     evidenced by our strong                                           Peter WAKKER,
                               Ramesh BOLLAPRAGADA,                    Erasmus University, The Netherlands
     international             San Francisco State University, USA
     reputation.               Nai Fu CHEN,
                               University of California, USA

Scientific production                     In-house publication                      INSEFI (Institute of Economics
2008 - July 2009                                                                    and Finance) is the common structure
                                                                                    of HEC and Ecole Polytechnique to
99 articles in refereed journals                                                    develop research activities and teaching
                                                                                    at the highest level in the fields of
22 books                                                                            finance and economics.
53 book chapters                                                                    The Master of Quantitative Economics
                                                                                    and Finance is a joint-program
274 scientific contributions to
                                                    research@hec                    proposed by both institutions.

35 published proceedings
20 case studies

                                          Research partnerships
HEC PhD program                           GREGHEC (Groupe de Recherche et

24                                        d'Etudes en Gestion à HEC) is a joint
                                          CNRS-HEC research laboratory.
dissertations defended in 2008 and 2009
                                          The CNRS is the main French
(up to July)
                                          institution for academic research.
76 students currently enrolled in the     The members of this laboratory
   PhD program in October 2008,           include HEC faculty professors and
   among them 15 students admitted        CNRS researchers, PhD students
   in September 2008                      and researchers with post-doctoral
18 countries of origin                    contracts.
 6 specializations:                       HEC is the only French business school
     - Finance                            to have this association with the CNRS.
     - Accounting, Management
       Control and Organization           The GIS (Groupement d’Intérêt
     - Human Resources and                Scientifique) “Decision Science”
       Organization                       is a joint-venture of HEC, Ecole
     - Marketing                          Polytechnique, ENSAE ParisTech
     - Strategy and Management            (Paris Graduate School of Economics,
     - Supply Chain Optimization          Statistics and Finance) and the CNRS.

          Faculty list

                                                  MEDJAD Karim
     Accounting & Management                      PhD University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne,
     Control                                      France                                           ALLAZ Blaise
                                                  SERNA Marie                                      PhD Princeton University, USA
     ALISSA Walid                                 PhD University of Paris Panthéon-Assas,          BESSIS Joël
     PhD Pennsylvania State University, USA       France                                           PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France
     BURKLAND Srile                               STOLOWY Nicole                                   CALVET Laurent
     PhD University of Vaasa, Estonia             PhD University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne,       PhD Yale University, USA
     CAPKUN Vedran                                France
                                                                                                   DERRIEN François
     PhD University of Lausanne, Switzerland
                                                                                                   PhD HEC, France
                                                                                                   FOUCAULT Thierry
     PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France
                                                                                                   PhD HEC, France
     DAMBRIN Claire                               Economics & Decision                             FRESARD Laurent
     PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France
     HILARY Gilles                                Science                                          PhD University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
                                                                                                   HEGE Ulrich
     PhD University of Chicago, USA               BILBIIE Florin                                   PhD Princeton University, USA
     JEANJEAN Thomas                              PhD European University Institute, Italy         HYAFIL Antoine
     PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France     CITANNA Alessandro                               PhD University of Orléans, France
     LAMBERT Caroline                             PhD University of Pennsylvania, USA              LAZRAK Ali
     PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France     CZELLAR Veronika                                 PhD University of Toulouse I, France
     LESAGE Cédric                                PhD University of Geneva, Switzerland            LOVO Stefano
     PhD University of Rennes I, France           GAUTIER Jean-Michel                              PhD Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
     LONING Hélène                                PhD EHESS, France                                OLIVIER Jacques
     PhD HEC, France                              GILBOA Itzhak                                    PhD University of Pennsylvania, USA
     MALLERET Véronique                           PhD Tel Aviv University, Israel                  ÖRS Evren
     PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France     GOH Ai-Ting                                      PhD Carroll Graduate School of
     MESSNER Martin                               PhD University of Pennsylvania, USA              Management, Boston College, USA
     PhD University of Innsbruck, Austria         HILL Brian                                       PERIGNON Christophe
     RAMIREZ Carlos                               PhD University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne,       PhD University of Geneva, Switzerland
     PhD EHESS, France                            France                                           THESMAR David
     SOLE Andreù                                  LEMAIRE Bruno                                    PhD EHESS, France
     PhD University of Nancy II, France           PhD University of Paris Diderot, France
     STOLOWY Hervé                                MAUFFREY Gilles
     PhD University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne,   PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France
     France                                       MICHALSKI Tomasz                                 Languages & Culture
                                                  PhD Columbia University, USA
                                                                                                   BRODERSEN Hans
                                                  PEYRACHE Eloïc-Anil
                                                                                                   PhD University of Paris Vincennes - Saint-
                                                  PhD University of Toulouse, France               Denis, France
     Business Law & Taxation                      ROSENBERG Dina                                   GAUTHIER Valérie
                                                  PhD University of Paris Nanterre, France         PhD University of Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle,
     ALEMANNO Alberto
                                                  SCARSINI Marco                                   France
     PhD University of Bocconi, Italy
                                                  Laurea in Economic and Social Sciences,          PROST Gisèle
     CHOUKROUNE Leila                             University of Turin, Italy                       PhD University of Paris Nanterre, France
     PhD University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne,   TENENHAUS Michel
                                                  PhD University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne,
     CORRUBLE Philippe                            France
     PhD University of Jean Moulin-Lyon III,      TOMALA Tristan
                                                  PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France
                                                  VIEILLE Nicolas
     DEA University of Bourgogne, France
                                                  PhD University of Paris Pierre et Marie Curie,
     LENGLART François                            France
     PhD University of Lille, France

                                             LAURENT Gilles
Management & Human                           PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
                                                                                          Strategy & Business Policy
Resources                                    USA                                          ARDOIN Jean-Loup
                                             MARUANI Laurent                              PhD University of Minnesota, USA
AMADO FISCHGRUND Gilles                      HEC, France                                  ASTEBRO Thomas
PhD University of Paris Diderot, France      MICHAUT Anne                                 PhD Carnegie Mellon University, USA
BESSEYRE DES HORTS Charles-Henri             PhD Wageningen University, The Netherlands   DAHLIN Kristina
PhD University of California, Los Angeles,   ROUZIES Dominique
USA                                                                                       PhD Carnegie Mellon University, USA
                                             PhD McGill University, Canada                DURAND Rodolphe
                                             SAATCIOGLU Bige                              PhD HEC, France
PhD HEC, France
                                             PhD Virginia Tech, USA                       DUSSAUGE Pierre
DABU Adina
                                             SOTGIU Francesca                             PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France
PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign, USA                               PhD Erasmus University, The Netherlands      GARRETTE Bernard
LAUFER Jacqueline                            ULAGA Wolfgang                               PhD HEC, France
PhD Cornell University, USA                  PhD University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne,   GOTTSCHALG Oliver
                                             France                                       PhD INSEAD, France
                                             VANHUELE Marc                                LARÇON Jean-Paul
PhD University of Western Ontario, USA
                                             PhD Anderson Graduate School of              PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France
PELTOKORPI Vesa                              Management, UCLA, USA
PhD Swedish School of Business &                                                          MINDRUTA Constanta Denisa
                                             WORM Stefan
Economics, Sweden                                                                         PhD University of Illinois at
                                             PhD University Kaiserslautern, Germany       Urbana-Champaign, USA
PhD Columbia University, USA                                                              MOINGEON Bertrand
SEGALLA Michael                                                                           PhD University of Franche-Comté, France
PhD University of Iowa, USA                                                               NANDIALATH Anup-menon
YONG Kevyn                                   Operation Management &                       PhD The Ohio State University, USA
PhD Cornell University, USA                  Information Technology                       PHELPS Corey
                                                                                          PhD New York University, USA
                                             BAGLIN Gérard                                PLAMBECK Nils
                                             HEC, France                                  PhD University of Hamburg, Germany
                                             BRUEL Olivier
Marketing                                    HEC, France
                                                                                          QUELIN Bertrand
                                                                                          PhD University of Paris Nord, France
ATALAY Selin                                 DELMOND Marie-Hélène                         RAMANANTSOA Bernard
PhD Pennsylvania State University, USA       PhD HEC, France                              PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France
BAYLE-TOURTOULOU Anne-Sophie                 JOUINI Sihem
PhD HEC, France                              PhD University of Paris Dauphine, France
BRIERS Barbara                               KERBACHE Laoucine
PhD Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium   PhD University of Massachusetts, USA
CZELLAR Sandor                               KUDARAVALLI Sri
PhD University of Geneva, Switzerland        PhD University of Maryland, USA
DALSACE Frédéric                             ROBOTIS Andreas
PhD INSEAD, France                           PhD INSEAD, France
DE LEERSNYDER Jean-Marc                      SOMMER Svenja
PhD University of Paris Descartes, France    PhD INSEAD, France
De VALCK Kristin                             SRIVASTAVA Shirish
PhD Erasmus University, The Netherlands      PhD National University of Singapore,
KAPFERER Jean-Noël                           Singapore
PhD Northwestern University, USA             VAN DELFT Christian
LAJOS Joseph                                 PhD University of Geneva, Switzerland
PhD INSEAD, France                           WAN Zhixi
LAUFER Romain                                PhD University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
PhD Cornell University, USA

     Emeritus                                    Jacques OBADIA
                                                 Professor of Decision Science and
                                                 Information Systems
                                                                                                Roger GUESNERIE
                                                                                                Professor, Collège de France

     Professors                                  Huy-Dang PHAM
                                                 Professor of Accounting and Management
                                                                                                Claude HAGEGE
                                                                                                Professor, Collège de France
                                                                                                Michael C. JENSEN
                                                                                                Emeritus Professor, Harvard University
                                                 Roland REITTER
                                                                                                Philip KOTLER
                                                 Professor of Strategy and Business Policy
                                                                                                Professor, Northwestern University
                                                 Michel SANTI
                                                                                                David S.LANDES
     Jean-Paul ANTONA                            Professor of Strategy and Business Policy
                                                                                                Professor, Harvard University
     Professor of Business Law and Taxation      Bruno SOLNIK
                                                                                                Emmanuel LE ROY LADURIE
     Michel BADOC                                Professor of Finance
                                                                                                Professor, Collège de France
     Professor of Marketing                      Hervé THIRIEZ
                                                                                                Jay O. LIGHT
     Georges BLANC                               Professor of Decision Science and
                                                 Information Systems                            Professor, Harvard University
     Professor of Strategy and Business Policy
                                                 Georges TREPO                                  Jean MALAURIE
     Christian CAUVIN
                                                 Professor of Management and Human              Professor, Geographer, Writer
     Professor of Accounting and Management                                                     and CNRS Researcher
     Control                                     Resources
                                                 Henri-Louis VEDIE                              Edmond MALINVAUD
     Philippe COLIN
                                                 Professor of Economics                         Professor, Collège de France
     Professor of Business Law and Taxation
                                                                                                Jim MARCH
     Michel CREMADEZ
                                                                                                Emeritus Professor, Stanford University
     Professor of Strategy and Business Policy
                                                                                                Andreu MAS-COLELL
     Jean-Pierre DETRIE
                                                                                                Professor, University Pompeu Fabra
     Professor of Strategy and Business Policy                                                  of Barcelona
     Yves EVRARD                                                                                Robert C. MERTON
     Professor of Marketing                                                                     Professor, Harvard University,
     Michel FIOL
     Professor of Accounting and Management      Honoris Causa                                  Nobel Prize in Economics (1997)
                                                                                                Michael E. PORTER
                                                                                                Professor, Harvard University
     Hugues JORDAN
                                                                                                Pierre ROSANVALLON
     Professor of Accounting and Management
     Control                                     Chris ARGYRIS                                  Professor, Collège de France
     Charles KALFON                              Professor, Harvard University                  Michel SERRES
     Professor of Accounting and Management      Robert BADINTER                                Member of the French Academy
     Control                                     Former President of the French                 Alain TOURAINE
     Michel KLEIN                                Constitutional Council and Minister            Professor, E.H.E.S.S.
     Professor of Decision Science and           of Justice
                                                                                                Oliver E. WILLIAMSON
     Information Systems                         Raymond BARRE †
                                                                                                Professor, University of California, Berkeley
     Michel LEBAS                                Former Prime Minister of the French
                                                 Republic                                       Muhammad YUNUS
     Professor of Accounting and Management
     Control                                     Warren G. BENNIS                               Professor, University of Colorado, founder
                                                                                                of Grameen Bank
     Patrick LEMAIRE                             Professor, University of Southern California
                                                                                                Nobel Peace Prize (2006)
     Professor of Decision Science and           Pierre BOURDIEU †
     Information Systems                                                                        Abraham ZALEZNIK
                                                 Professor, Collège de France
     Patrick LEMATTRE                                                                           Professor, Harvard University
                                                 Jacques BOUVERESSE
     Professor of Management and Human                                                          Théodore ZELDIN
                                                 Professor, Collège de France
     Resources                                                                                  Professor, Oxford University
                                                 Hélène CARRERE d’ENCAUSSE
     Raymond MAEDER
                                                 Member of the French Academy
     Professor of Accounting and Management
     Control                                     Robert ENGLE
     Bernard MAROIS                              Professor, New York University
     Professor of Finance                        Nobel Prize in Economics (2003)
     Daniel MICHEL                               Pierre-Gilles de GENNES †
     Professor of Accounting and Management      Professor, Collège de France
     Control                                     Nobel Prize in Physics (1991)

     Chairs and Centers                     “Management of Technology”
                                            Chair holder: Valérie Gauthier,
     HEC Paris has developed close          Associate Professor and Associate Dean
                                            of the HEC MBA Program
     links with a selected group of
     By creating a chair, HEC and a
     company initiate a shared, long-
     term commitment to developing
     expertise in training and research
     on a jointly defined theme.
                                            This research and teaching chair aims
                                            to explore the uses and benefits of
                                            technology in management education
                                            by delivering best-in-class educational
                                            tools, developing HEC Digital Learning
                                            Research and supporting the HEC
                                            Foundation’s mission.

     “Management of Service                 “Growth Strategies and Integration
     Industries”                            Management”
     Chair holder: Pierre Dussauge,         Chair holder: Bernard Garrette,
     Professor of Strategy and Business     Professor of Strategy and Business
     Policy                                 Policy

     The chair carries out research on      HEC Professors work with Atos Origin
     management issues faced by service     to conduct research on challenges
     industry firms. From 2009-2012, work   related to growth strategy and
     will focus on strategic alliances in   integration management, such as
     service industries.                    changes of ownership, mergers,
                                            alliance management, organic growth
                                            and international operations.

                                          “Social Business / Enterprise
“International Corporate Finance”         and Poverty”                             “Corporate Finance”
Chair holder: Blaise Allaz,               Chair holder: Frédéric Dalsace,          Chair holder: Ulrich Hege,
Professor of Finance                      Associate Professor of Marketing         Associate Professor of Finance

                                                        with the
                                                      support of

The objective of the Corporate Finance    Co-chaired by Professor Muhammad         The purpose of the FBF Chair in
Chair of the Caisse d’Epargne Group       Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize-winner,         Corporate Finance is to carry out
is to stimulate educational development   founder of Grameen Bank and HEC          top-level academic research in
in corporate finance with a special       Honoris Causa Professor, and Martin      corporate finance and investment
emphasis on topics of international       Hirsch, High Commissioner for Active     banking, including topics such as
relevance. The chair focuses on the       Solidarities against Poverty for the     security issuance, primary markets,
functioning of international financial    French government and former             M&A and private equity, and corporate
markets, the evaluation of cross-border   chairman of charity for Emmaüs           governance. It also aims to disseminate
investment projects, and the              France, this chair aims to encourage     its research results among the
measurement and management of             a new generation of managers to          members of the FBF and the financial
foreign exchange risk.                    consider societal challenges and the     industry at large, and to facilitate
                                          ways businesses can help address         various forms of interaction between
                                          them.                                    the academic partners and the
                                                                                   members of the FBF.

“Entrepreneurial Excellence”              “Energy and Finance”                     “Real Estate”
Chair holder: Frédéric Iselin,            Chair holder: Antoine Hyafil,            Chair holder: Alessandro Citanna,
Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship   Associate Professor of Finance           Professor of Economics

This research chair led by a collective   The Energy and Finance Chair has the     One of the main objectives of the
of research professors from HEC,          following objectives: to develop         Morgan Stanley, Unibail Rodamco
ESCP Europe and Advancia is designed      teaching material and applied research   Real Estate Chair is to develop
to encourage entrepreneurial              related to common challenges affecting   courses focused on real estate
excellence through quality information,   energy and financial market sectors      economics and finance for Masters,
guidance and training as well as          and to develop a portfolio of courses    Specialized Masters, CEMS and MBA
establishing links between the            and seminars for HEC graduate            students at HEC Paris.
academic and professional worlds.         programs and Executive Education         The chair also aims to: extend the
                                          seminars in France and abroad.           global reach of the real estate industry
                                                                                   and its leading players, develop
                                                                                   sophisticated professionals with the
                                                                                   skills necessary to succeed in the
                                                                                   global real estate industry, and recruit
                                                                                   the best future talent.

     “Premium Brand Management”                “Marketing”
     Chair holder: Jean-Noël Kapferer,         Chair holder: Jean-Marc de Leersnyder,
     Professor of Marketing                    Professor of Marketing

     The objective of this chair is to         This teaching chair is dedicated to
     contribute to the advancement of          the field of marketing, with the aim
     managerial research related to the        of facilitating interaction between the
     management of prestigious brands in       students and professors of HEC and
     all sectors. This chair also conducts     the marketing teams at SFR.
     empirical research into the behavior
     of leading brands, key players in the
     luxury field, and the attitudes and
     perceptions of the clients themselves.

     “Multicultural Management and
     Corporate Performance”
     Chair holder: Eve Chiapello,
     Professor of Accounting and
     Management Control

     This chair encourages students to
     understand and implement managerial
     practices adapted to different economic
     realities, as part of the dialogue
     between cultures related to economic
     performance. The chair is supported
     by agreements with prestigious
     universities in Japan and India.

HEC Paris has developed a new
type of partnership based on a
strong expertise of excellence in
the form of “ HEC Centers ”.

The Visions of Leadership Center                                                  BNP Paribas Hedge Fund Center
Launched April 16, 2008, with the        The Center has three main objectives:    The BNP Paribas Hedge Fund Center
support of L'Oréal and Daniel Bernard,   - bring together research and the        at HEC focuses on the business model
President of the HEC Foundation,           corporate world to examine all         of hedge funds, their source of value
Chairman of Kingfisher plc and             dimensions of leadership including     creation, management structure and
President of Provestis as founding         social and political.                  the strategic issues they face.
members, the HEC Visions of              - give HEC students the opportunity to
                                                                                  Its mission is to facilitate, encourage
Leadership Center aims to bring            expose, test and confront their
                                                                                  and sponsor national and international
together HEC Paris' research &             leadership talents with experts,
                                                                                  high-level academic research.
development activities on issues           executives and accomplished leaders.
                                                                                  The Centre also provides outstanding
related to leadership to promote         - understand decision making
                                                                                  education to students, executives and
innovation in management sciences.         processes and analyze how they
                                                                                  investors, and publishes objective and
                                           impact leadership in organizations.
                                                                                  independent information on hedge
                                                                                  funds, while promoting understanding
                                                                                  and awareness of alternative
                                                                                  investment strategies.

                                                                                  This Center is the third of its kind,
                                                                                  following the BNP Paribas Centers
                                                                                  established at the London Business
                                                                                  School in 2001 and Singapore
                                                                                  Management University in 2006.

                                  Privileged corporate
                                  Job placement                              intellectually mature and prepared for
                                                                             the corporate world.
                                  4                                          Students benefit from one-on-one and
                                  annual recruitment forums:
                                  the Legal and Fiscal Forum,                small group career coaching, as well
     HEC is committed to          the International Finance Forum,           as targeted workshops and seminars.
     building partnerships        the Consulting Forum and the               They are invited to company
                                  Humanitarian Forum                         presentations organised on campus
     with companies.                                                         or to events outside the campus such
                                                                             as sport meeting, visit of a company
     This cooperation can
     take many forms and is
                                  137                                        premises, business game, etc …
                                  companies present on campus over           They also receive customized job-search
     tailored to companies’       a two-day period at les Carrefours         advice from alumni, consultants,
                                  HEC 2008, the annual international         coaches and peers, before interacting
     areas of activity, as well   career forum                               with the hundreds of recruiters who
     as their research and                                                   visit the campus every year.
     recruitment needs.           22
                                  permanent staff dedicated to corporate
                                  relations and student placement

                                  The HEC students receive full support
                                  from the Corporate Relations
                                  Department who offers its extensive
                                  expertise to both recruiters and
                                  One of its missions is to favor meetings
                                  between companies and students or
                                  young graduates from the various
                                  This objective forms an integral part
                                  of HEC’s policy to respond to company
                                  needs in proposing candidates who are

The HEC Foundation
HEC has an ongoing policy of active
partnership with companies. This
partnership ranges from educational
cooperation (providing case studies,
participating in classes, etc.) to major
corporate involvement in the HEC
Foundation. Becoming a member of
the Foundation enables companies to              Daniel Bernard
create lasting relationships with HEC            President, HEC Foundation
                                                 Chairman, Kingfisher plc
students, participants and faculty.
                                                 President, Provestis
It is also an ideal way to strengthen
their image on campus.

                                           ASSOCIATION DES
                                           DIPLÔMÉS HEC

                                    The partners of the HEC Foundation as of July, 2009

         Corporate recruitment at HEC

                          The following companies have recruited HEC students in 2008:

     7M CONSULTING                             BIOMERIEUX (China)                    CUMMINS POWER GENERATION
     A.N.BOUKATHER SAL (Lebanon)               BLEDINA (Africa)                      DANONE
     A.T.KEARNEY                               BLUE MANAGEMENTS CONSULTANTS          DANONE WATERS
     ABBOTT                                    BNP PARIBAS                           DASSAULT SYSTEMES
     ACCENTURE                                 BNP PARIBAS (China)                   DE PARDIEU BROCAS MAFFEI
     ACCURACY                                  BNP PARIBAS (UK)                      DEGREMONT TECHNOLOGIES SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT
     ACCYPHONE                                 BNP PARIBAS (Singapore)               (USA)
     ACTIVE ADVISORS                           BOOZ ALLEN & HAMILTON                 DELOITTE
     ACUMEN FUND                               BOSCH BLAUPUNKT GMBH                  DELOITTE (Luxembourg)
     ADVANCY                                   BOSQUE SOSTENIBLE (Colombia)          DELOITTE (UK)
     AEC PARTNERS                              BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION                 DETECON INTERNATIONAL GMBH (Germany)
     AES ELECTRIC                              BOUYGUES TELECOM                      DEUTSCHE BANK
     AGENCE FRANCAISE DE DEVELOPPEMENT         BP                                    DEXIA CREDIT LOCAL
     AGF                                       BP OIL EUROPE                         DIADEIS
     AIR LIQUIDE                               BRAND ADVOCATE                        DILIGENCE PARTNERS
     AIRCELLE, GROUPE SAFRAN                   BREMOND & ASSOCIATES                  DOLCE & GABBANA
     AIS GROUP                                 BRIGHT POWER, INC                     DOW JONES
     ALCIMED                                   CALYON                                Dr. REDDY's LABORATORIES (EUROPE) LIMITED
     ALCYANE CONSULTING                        CALYON (Chile)                        DROEGE & COMP. (UK)
     ALFI CONSULTANT                           CALYON (China)                        E&J GALLO WINERY
     ALMAJDOUIE DE RIJKE LOGISTICS (Bahrain)   CALYON (Japan)                        EADS
     ALSTOM HYDRO FRANCE                       CALYON AMERICAS (USA)                 EADS ASTRIUM (UK)
     ALSTOM LTD (Switzerland)                  CAPGEMINI TELECOM & MEDIA             EADS GDI SIMULATION
     ALSTOM POWER                              CAPGEMINI CONSULTING                  ECOVADIS
     ALTAI CONSULTING                          CARD. POINT (Dominican Republic)      EDF
     ALTERCASE                                 CARREFOUR                             EDGECAST NETWORKS
     ALTIME                                    CARTIER INTERNATIONAL                 EGIS AVIA
     AMADEUS                                   CARTIER INTERNATIONAL (Switzerland)   EIFFEL HOLDING
     AMADEUS SAS                               CASINO DISTRIBUTION FRANCE            EQUINOX CONSULTING
     AMIDI GROUP                               CB RICHARD ELLIS                      ERNST & YOUNG
     AMOREPACIFIC                              CELERANT CONSULTING                   ERNST & YOUNG (Luxembourg)
     ANALYSYS CONSULTING                       CENTAURUS CAPITAL LTD                 ESTIN & CO
     AON FRANCE                                CETELEM                               ETHICITY
     ARCELOR MITTAL                            CHAMPION FRANCE                       EULER HERMES
     ARCOME                                    CHANTELLE                             EUROCOPTER SA
     AREVA                                     CHRISTIAN DIOR                        EUROGROUP
     AREVA T&D                                 CITIBANK                              EUROPACORP
     ARISMORE                                  CITIGATE DEWE ROGERSON                EUROPEAN CAPITAL
     ARTHUR D.LITTLE                           CITIGROUP                             EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK
     ASHURST                                   CITIGROUP GLOBAL MARKET LTD           EXANE
     ASIA INSPECTION                           CLUB MEDITERRANEE                     EXTON CONSULTING
     ASTRANCE                                  CMS BUREAU FRANCIS LEFEBVRE           FIAMMA SPA
     AT KEARNEY                                COLGATE PALMOLIVE                     FINANCIERE EOS
     ATKINS                                    COME&STAY                             FITCH RATINGS
     AXA INVESTMENT MANAGERS                   COTY INC                              FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS
     AXA LIFE EUROPE HEDGING SERVICES          COTY                                  FRANCE TELECOM
     BAIN & COMPANY                            CREDIT AGRICOLE CHEUVREUX             FRENCH EMBASSY IN CHINA
     BANK OF AMERICA                           CREDIT COOPERATIF                     FROST & SULLIVAN
     BANK OF AMERICA (UK)                      CREDIT DU NORD                        FULLSIX
     BANQUE POPULAIRE                          CREDIT SUISSE                         GAMELOFT
     BC HYDRO                                  CREDIT SUISSE (UK)                    GENERAL ELECTRIC
     BEARING POINT FRANCE                      CRISTAL DECISIONS                     GENZYME
     BEARING POINT                             CROWN HOUSE GROUP                     GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL
     BEIJAFLORE                                CSC                                   GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL (Belgium)

GLENCORE UK LTD (UK)                     MEDTRONIC                                  RTL GROUP (Luxembourg)
GLOBALPRAXIS                             MERCER                                     S.A. F FONDEVILLE
GOLDMAN SACHS                            MERRILL LYNCH                              SAGEM AUSTRALASIA (Australia)
GOOGLE                                   MERRILL LYNCH, PIERCE FENNER AND SMITH     SAMA-DUBAI
GOOGLE FRANCE                            MICHELIN                                   SANOFI PASTEUR
GRAMEEN DANONE FOODS LTD (Bangaldesh)    MICROSOFT                                  SAP
GREENWICH CONSULTING                     MI-GSO                                     SARL GEST
GROUPAMA (Italy)                         MINISTERE DE LA DEFENSE (France)           SAUR
GROUPE EDF                               MOET HENNESSY                              SCHERING PLOUGH
GUERLAIN                                 MONITOR GROUP                              SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
HEMERIA                                  MORGAN STANLEY                             SCHULKE & MAYR
HIDROTERMIA                              MUSEE DU QUAI BRANLY                       SELECTIVE BEAUTY LTD
HPC PARTNERS (Switzerland)               NAKHEEL                                    SEPPIC
HSBC                                     NATIXIS                                    SERVIER (China)
HT26                                     NBC UNIVERSAL                              SERVIER (Denmark)
IBM                                      NERA                                       SFR
IBM FRANCE                               NESPRESSO FRANCE                           SFT GONDRAND FRERES
ICICI BANK PLC                           NESTLE FRANCE SAS                          SHAFTESBURY ASSET MANAGEMENT
ICV S.A.                                 NESTLE NUTRITION                           SHAFTESBURY ASSET MANAGEMENT (Germany)
IDESYS                                   NEXIA - EDEC (Polynesia)                   SILICOM
IDRH                                     NODE PARTNERS                              SILLIKER SAS
I-FLEX SOLUTIONS INC.                    NOMURA                                     SKADDEN, ARPS, MEAGHER, SLATE & FLOM
ILOG                                     NOMURA INTERNATIONAL                       SNCF
IMED                                     NOVAPOST                                   SOCIETE GENERALE
IMERYS                                   NOVARTIS                                   SODEXHO PASS INTERNATIONAL
INDEFI                                   NU SARL                                    SOFT COMPUTING
INEUM CONSULTING                         OBERTHUR TECHNOLOGIES                      SOLVING
INVESTORSIGHT                            OC & C STRATEGY CONSULTANTS                SONY FRANCE
IPSEN                                    OCEAN FILMS DISTRIBUTION                   ST ELECTRON
ISLAMIC BANK                             ODDO & CIE                                 STANDARD CHARTERED BANK
ITSS                                     OFFICE CHERIFIEN DES PHOSPHATES            STANWELL
JACOBS FRANCE                            OFI ASSET MANAGEMENT                       STEP CONSULTING
JANSSEN CILAG                            OHANA & CO                                 STUDIO CANAL
JFX                                      OLIVER WYMAN                               SUEZ
JINGRUI PROPERTIES                       ONEIDA ASSOCIES                            SYNGENTA CROP PROTECTION AG
JOHNSON &JOHNSON                         OPENCS                                     SYNIVERSE TECHNOLOGIES
JP MORGAN                                ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES                   SZPINER&TOBY
JPMORGAN (UK)                            ORESYS                                     TAG HEUER
KARISTEM CORPORATE CONSULTING            ORSE                                       TAJ
KBC SECURITIES                           OSCE MISSION IN KOSOVO                     TECHNIP FRANCE
KEA & PARTNERS                           OTC ASSET MANAGEMENT                       TELECOM & MEDIA
KENT MARINE                              PARFUMS CHRISTIAN DIOR                     THALES COMMUNICATION
KPMG                                     PARFUMS CHRISTIAN DIOR (Switzerland)       THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP
KPMG (Luxembourg)                        PARFUMS GIVENCHY                           THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND
KPMG AUDIT                               PASSEDAT LE PETIT NICE                     THE VALUE CREATORS
LACTALIS INTERNATIONAL                   PEPSICO FRANCE                             THOMSON
LAGARDERE                                PERNOD RICARD                              TMG
LANCOME                                  PFIZER                                     TNS SOFRES
LASCAD                                   PHOTOBOX                                   TOTAL S.A.
L'ATELIER DES CHEFS                      PIERRE FABRE                               TRANSGOURMET FINANCE
LAZARD                                   PLAY FILM                                  TRIANON CORPORATE FINANCE
LAZARD FRERES                            POST CATALOGUE (Russia)                    UBS
LCH.CLEARNET LIMITED                     PPC CONSULTING                             UFFI ASSET MANAGEMENT
LEK CONSULTING S.A.                      PROCTER & GAMBLE                           UNIROSS (China)
LITE-ON GROUP                            PROSODIE                                   UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM
L'OCCITANE                               PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN (Turkey)               UNIVERSAL MULTIMEDIA
L'OREAL                                  QANTAS                                     URGO - VITAFARMA (Spain)
L'OREAL (Switzerland)                    QUALI QUANTI                               VEOLIA
LOUIS VUITTON                            QUASYS CONSULT (Belgium)                   VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT
LVMH                                     QUOMODO                                    VVF DEVELOPPEMENT
LYNX SAS                                 RALLYE S.A.                                WANA CORPORATE (Africa)
MACIF                                    RBC DEXIA INVESTORS SERVICES               WEAVE
MACQUARIE BANK LTD                       RENAULT                                    WEBHELP SA
MACSF                                    RENAULT NORDIC (Sweden)                    WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES
MARKET CLUB                              REVENUE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS               WOLSELEY PLC
MARS & CO                                RICHEMONT INTERNATIONAL SA (Switzerland)   YAHOO EUROPE LTD (UK)
MAZARS                                   RIGELSOFT/DICETEK                          YOGA TIME
MC CAIN ALIMENTAIRE SAS                  ROTHSCHILD                                 Z-BEN ADVISORS
MC KINSEY & COMPANY                      ROTHSCHILD & CIE

                                              Alumni at the top
                                              Jean-Paul Agon, CEO, L’Oréal
                                              Pierre Bellon, Chairman of the Board
                                              of Directors, Sodexo
                                              Daniel Bernard, President of HEC
                                              Foundation, Chairman of Kingfisher plc
                                              and President of Provestis
     HEC Alumni Association                   Pascal Cagni, General Manager and
                                              Vice-President, EMEIA, Apple
     The HEC Alumni Association was           Isabelle Capron, CEO, Fauchon
     founded in 1883 with a broad vision:     Henri de Castries, Chairman of the
     - to develop a powerful, dynamic and     Management Board and CEO, AXA Group
       lifelong HEC network and community
                                              Jean-Marie Dru, Chairman, TBWA
     - to promote global awareness of the     Worldwide
       HEC brand
                                              Mercedes Erra, Executive Co-Chairman
     - to support HEC’s further development   of Euro RSCG Worldwide, President of
                                              Euro RSCG France, Managing Director of
                                              Havas and Founder of BETC Euro RSCG
                                              Philippe Foriel-Destezet, Honorary
                                              President, Adecco
                                              Louis Gallois, CEO, EADS
                                              Isabelle Guichot, President and CEO,
                                              Valérie Hermann, CEO, Yves Saint
     Xavier Romatet                           Bruno Lafont, Director, Chairman
     Chairman, HEC Alumni Association         and CEO, Lafarge
     CEO, Condé Nast France
                                              Pascal Lamy, Director-General,
                                              World Trade Organization
                                              Valérie Pécresse, French Minister
     44,000                                   of Higher Education and Research

     alumni                                   François-Henri Pinault, Chairman
                                              and CEO, PPR
                                              Didier Pineau-Valencienne, Honorary
     113                                      President, Schneider and President,
                                              Sagard Private Equity Partners
                                              Henri Proglio, Chairman and CEO,
                                              Veolia Environnement
     63                                       Baudoin Prot, CEO, BNP Paribas
     international alumni groups              Natalie Rastoin, Managing Director,

     650                                      Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing
                                              Director, International Monetary Fund
     annual events                            Eric Woerth, French Minister for the
                                              Budget, Public Accounts and the Civil
                                                                         Among others

Around the world
63 international alumni groups build HEC’s visibility and reputation abroad.

                                            United Kingdom
                                            1,200 Alumni

                                         New York
                                         450 Alumni                                           China
                                                                                              322 Alumni

 Argentina                                      India                          Senegal
 Australia                                      Indonesia                      Singapore
 Austria                                        Ireland                        South Africa
 Belgium                                        Israel                         Spain (Barcelona and Madrid)
 Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo)          Italy                          Sweden
 Cameroon                                       Japan                          Switzerland
 Canada                                         Korea                          Taiwan
 Chile                                          Lebanon                        Thailand
 China (Beijing, Hong Kong and                  Luxembourg                     The Netherlands
 Shanghai)                                      Madagascar                     Tunisia
 Colombia                                       Malaysia                       Turkey
 Côte d’Ivoire                                  Mauritius                      United Arab Emirates
 Czech Republic                                 Mexico                         United Kingdom
 Denmark                                        Monaco                         United States (Boston, East Coast,
 Dominican Republic                             Morocco                        Florida, Midwest and West Coast)
 Egypt                                          Norway                         Venezuela
 Germany (North and South)                      Poland                         Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City)
 Greece                                         Portugal
 Hungary                                        Russia

     International reach
     For over thirty years, HEC Paris has been actively establishing links
     with international partners, selected for their high standards and
     reputation. HEC offers a unique range of programs and exchange
     programs as well as the double degree programs.

     International students                   International degrees
     1,605                                    1   prestigious international business
     international students                   degree: the CEMS MIM (MSc in
     98 nationalities                         International Management)
     25% international students in the MSc
     program                                  1European double degree
     83% international students in the MBA    an alliance with four of the top
     program                                  universities and business schools
                                              in Europe: ESADE, Bocconi, RSM
                                              Erasmus and St. Gallen
     International exchange
     programs                                 1 Global Executive MBA: TRIUM
                                              an alliance between NYU Stern School
     300+                                     of Business, LSE and HEC
     outgoing HEC students
     (HEC MSc and MBA)
                                              20    double and joint degree
     Global Exchange program: exchange        Please see list on page 37
     program during the Foundation year
     with prestigious Faculties of Arts and
                                              International Executive Education
     Sciences worldwide
     International Exchange program at
                                              The international HEC Executive
     Master level with prestigious business
                                              Master of Science degree in
     schools (CEMS, PIM and bilateral
                                              Consulting and Coaching for
                                              Change delivered in partnership
     HEC MBA International Exchange           with the Saïd Business School at the
     program with 50 partner business         University of Oxford

The Advanced Management                   GMAC - the Graduate Management              International
program in Fashion and Luxury in          Admission Council
partnership with Tsinghua University      PIM - the Partnership in International
School of Economics and Management        Management                                  Triple Crown
                                          UNICON - the International University       HEC is among the first business
The HEC Executive MBA, in
                                          Consortium for Executive Education          schools in Europe and the first in
St. Petersburg in partnership with the
                                                                                      France to hold the prestigious Triple
Graduate School of Management of
                                                                                      Crown accreditation from:
St. Petersburg State University
                                          International faculty
                                                                                                         The Association to

International                             50%                                                            Advance Collegiate
                                                                                                         Schools of Business
                                          full-time faculty from abroad
partnerships                              28 countries represented
                                                                                                         (AACSB International)
                                                                                                         In 2000, HEC Paris
115                                                                                   received the AACSB accreditation for
Please see list on page 38                                                            the quality of its programs.
                                          HEC Centers of expertise
                                          Among others:                                                European Quality
International networks                    The HEC Europe Institute was                                 Improvement System
The CEMS network:                         launched in 2004, under the leadership                       (EQUIS)
27 world-class academic institutions      of former French Minister for European                       In 1998, HEC Paris
(23 full members and 4 associate          Affairs, Noëlle Lenoir, and Deputy                           obtained the EQUIS
members)                                  Dean of HEC Paris, Bertrand Moingeon,       accreditation given by the European
56 corporate partners                     as a center for excellence in European      Foundation for Management
                                          affairs. The HEC Europe Institute is a      Development (EFMD).
The PIM network: the Partnership
                                          center for training, dialogue and           HEC was re-accredited in 2003 and
in International Management, founded
                                          collaborative research for policy           2008.
in 1973, is a consortium of leading
                                          makers, business leaders and
international business schools
                                          academic experts across Europe.                              The association of
                                          It focuses on the major socio-economic,                      MBAs (AMBA)
                                          political and business issues of the 21st                    The HEC MBA was
International                             century.                                                     accredited in 1992,
associations                                                                                           1999, 2004 and
                                          The HEC Eurasia Institute is the            re-accredited in 2009.
International associations in which HEC
                                          think tank on Asian business and
is a member:                                                                          The HEC EMBA was accredited in 2002,
                                          strategies based on a strong dedicated
AACSB International – The Association                                                 2004 and re-accredited in 2009.
                                          research body at HEC. It provides
to Advance Collegiate Schools of
                                          services to European companies in
                                          developing their strategies in the Asian
AMBA - the Association of MBAs            markets. Since its establishment by         The HEC Alumni
CEMS - the Global Alliance in
Management Education
                                          Jacques Gravereau in 1988, the              Association -
                                          Institute has earned a wide recognition
EABIS - the European Academy of           for its expertise of the Asian region.
                                                                                      an international network
Business in Society
EDAMBA - the European Doctoral            The HEC Club Finance was set up             44,000
Programs Association in Management        in 1981 to collect information on the       alumni
and Business Administration               world financial system for leading          63 active international chapters
EFMD - the European Foundation for        specialists from various fields of          worldwide
Management Development                    financial management. The Club
EUDOKMA - the European Doctoral           currently counts 200 members
School on Knowledge and Management        representing a number of major firms.

     HEC continues to strengthen its reputation on the international stage. Building innovative
     partnerships with leading educational institutions worldwide, including the top European
     business schools, helps HEC provide the highest level of education to students from around
     the world.

                                      Oxford University
                                          London School
                                MIT        of Economics                            Tsinghua University SEM

                             New-York                                                  Beijing
                                                      ESADE                                            Tokyo
                             University                                    Delhi


                                                                              National University
                                                                                 of Singapore

                                                                                      Strong partnerships

                                                                                      Strategic partnerships

                                                                                      HEC offices

115                                       20
partnerships with leading                 Double and joint degree programs
institutions all over the world           with:

                                          Europe                                    North America
4                                         - Bocconi, Milan - Italy                  - NYU Stern School of Business,
offices in:                               - Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam,           New-York - USA
- China                                     Rotterdam - The Netherlands             - Tufts University Fletcher School of
- India                                   - ESADE, Barcelona - Spain                  Law and Diplomacy, Boston - USA
- Senegal                                 - Freie Universität, Berlin - Germany     - Massachusetts Institute of
- Japan                                   - LSE, London - UK                          Technology, Cambridge - USA
                                          - St Petersburg State University,         - Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios
                                            Graduate School of Management -           Superiores, Monterrey - Mexico
7                                           Russia
strategic partnerships with:              - Trinity College, Dublin - Ireland
- ESADE                                   - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid       Asia
- London School of Economics                (Minas, Caminos, ETSIT), Madrid -       - Chinese University of Hong Kong
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology     Spain                                     Faculty of Business Administration,
- National University of Singapore        - Universidad Politécnica Superior de       Hong Kong - China
- New York University Stern School of       Cataluña, Catalonia region - Spain      - Tsinghua University SEM, Beijing -
  Business                                - Universität St. Gallen, St. Gallen -      China
- Oxford University                         Switzerland                             - National University of Singapore -
- Tsinghua University School of                                                       Singapore
  Economics and Management                South America
                                          - Fundaçao Getulio Vargas
                                            Escola de Administraçao de Empresas
                                            de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo - Brazil
                                          - Pontificia Universidad Católica de
                                            Chile, Santiago - Chile
                                          - Universidad Torcuato Di Tella - UTDT,
                                            Buenos Aires - Argentina

          Strong partnerships
                                                                                          HEC has established prestigious strategic
                                                                                   alliances and academic partnerships worldwide.
                                                                                They belong to the CEMS network, the PIM network
                                                                                              or both, the CEMS and PIM networks.

                                                 Strathclyde Business School                    Warsaw University of Technology,
     In Europe                                   Glasgow, UK                                    Business School
     Baltic Management Institute                                                                Warsaw, Poland
     Vilnius, Lithuania                          Tilburg University
                                                 Tilburg, The Netherlands                       Warwick Business School,
     Bogazici University                                                                        University of Warwick
     Istanbul, Turkey                            Trinity College Dublin                         Coventry, UK
                                                 Dublin, Ireland
     Copenhagen Business School                                                                 Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
     Copenhagen, Denmark                         Universidad Carlos III de Madrid               Vienna, Austria
                                                 Madrid, Spain
     Corvinus University of Budapest
     Budapest, Hungary
                                                 University College Dublin, Michael Smurfit
                                                 Graduate School of Business
                                                                                                In North America
     ESADE                                       Dublin, Ireland                                Babson College
     Barcelona, Spain                                                                           Wellesley, USA
                                                 University College Dublin,
     Faculdade de Economia da Universidade       Quinn School of Business                       Columbia University,
     Nova de Lisboa.                             Dublin, Ireland                                Columbia Business School
     Lisbon, Portugal                                                                           New York, USA
                                                 University of Bath
     Freie Universität                           Bath, UK                                       Cornell University, Samuel Curtis Johnson
     Berlin, Germany                                                                            Graduate School of Management
                                                 University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics   Ithaca, USA
     Helsinki School of Economics & Business     Belgrade, Serbia
     Administration                                                                             Dartmouth College, Amos Tuck School of
                                                 Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi           Business Administration
     Helsinki, Finland                           Milan, Italy                                   Dartmouth, USA
     IESE                                        University of Edinburgh
     Barcelona, Spain                                                                           Duke University, Fuqua School of Business
                                                 Edinburgh, UK                                  Durham, USA
     London Business School                      Universidad de Granada
     London, UK                                                                                 Emory University, Goizueta Business School
                                                 Granada, Spain
                                                                                                Atlanta, USA
     London School of Economics                  Universität zu Köln
     London, UK                                                                                 HEC Montreal
                                                 Cologne, Germany
                                                                                                Montreal, Canada
     Manchester Federal School of Business and   Université de Lausanne (HEC Lausanne)
     Management                                                                                 Indiana University,
                                                 Lausanne, Switzerland
     Manchester, UK                                                                             Kelley School of Business
                                                 University of Economics                        Bloomington, USA
     MGIMO                                       Prague, Czech Republic
     Moscow State Institute of International                                                    Instituto Panamericano De Alto Direccion De
     Relations, Moscow, Russia                   University of Lancaster                        Empresa – IPADE
                                                 Lancaster, UK                                  Mexico City, Mexico
     Norwegian School of Economics and
     Business Administration Norges              Universität Mannheim                           ITESM
     Handelshøyskole                             Mannheim, Germany                              Monterrey, Mexico
     Bergen, Norway
                                                 Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya
                                                                                                MIT Sloan School of Management
     Oxford Executive Education                  Barcelona, Spain
                                                                                                Cambridge, USA
     Oxford, UK
                                                 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
                                                                                                McGill University, Faculty of Management
     Rotterdam School of Management,             Madrid, Spain
                                                                                                Montreal, Canada
     Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
     Rotterdam, The Netherlands                  Universität St. Gallen
                                                                                                New York University,
                                                 St. Gallen, Switzerland
     Stockholm School of Economics                                                              Leonard N. Stern School of Business
     Stockholm, Sweden                                                                          New York, USA
                                                 Université Catholique de Louvain
                                                 Louvain, Belgium
     St. Petersburg State University,                                                           Northwestern University,
     Graduate School of Management                                                              Kellogg Graduate School of Management
                                                 Warsaw School of Economics
     St. Petersburg, Russia                                                                     Chicago, USA
                                                 Warsaw, Poland

Queen’s School of Business                                                                Singapore Management University
Kingston, Canada
                                               In Central & South America                 Singapore
                                               Fundaçao Getulio Vargas, Escola de
Ohio State University,                         Administraçao de Empresas de Sao Paulo,    Shanghai International Studies University
Fisher College of Business                     Sao Paulo, Brazil                          Shanghai, China
Columbus, USA
                                               Instituto de Estudios Superiores de        Tsinghua University School of Economics
Texas A & M University                         Administracion - IESA                      and Management
College Station, USA                           Caracas, Venezuela                         Beijing, China

Thunderbird University, American Graduate      INCAE Business School                      University of Tokyo
School of International Management             Alajuela, Costa Rica                       Tokyo, Japan
Glendale, USA
                                               Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile   Yonsei University
Tufts University,                              Santiago, Chile                            Seoul, South Korea
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Boston, USA                                    Universidad ESAN
                                               Lima, Peru                                 In Oceania
University of British Columbia,
Sauder School of Business                      Universidad Torcuato Di Tella - UTDT       Auckland University of Technology
Vancouver, Canada                              Buenos Aires, Argentina                    Auckland, New Zealand

University of Calgary,                                                                    University of Melbourne,
                                                                                          Faculty of Economics and Commerce
Haskayne School of Management                  In Asia                                    Victoria, Australia
Calgary, Canada
                                               Asian Institute of Management
University of California Berkeley,             Makati, Philippines                        University of Melbourne,
Haas School of Business                                                                   Melbourne Business School
Berkeley, USA                                  Asian Institute of Technology              Victoria, Australia
                                               Bangkok, Thailand
University of California at Los Angeles,                                                  University of New South Wales,
Anderson School of Management                  CEIBS                                      Australian Graduate School of Management
Los Angeles, USA                               Shanghai, China                            Sydney, Australia

University of California Davis,                Chinese University of Hong Kong            University of Otago, School of Business
Graduate School of Management                  Hong Kong, China                           Dunedin, New Zealand
Davis, USA
                                               Chinese University of Hong Kong,
                                                                                          University of Sydney,
University of Chicago,                         Faculty of Business Administration
                                                                                          Faculty of Economics and Business
Graduate School of Business                    Hong Kong, China
                                                                                          Sydney, Australia
Chicago, USA
                                               Fudan University School of Management
University of Iowa,                            Shanghai, China
Tippie College of Business
                                                                                          In the Middle East
                                               Hitotsubashi University,                   King Saud University
Iowa City, USA
                                               Graduate School of Commerce                Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
University of Michigan Business School         Tokyo, Japan
Ann Arbor, USA                                                                            Kuwait University,
                                               Hong Kong University of Science and
                                                                                          College of Business Administration
University of Minnesota,                       Technology,
                                                                                          Kuwait City, Kuwait
Curtis L. Carlson School of Management         School of Business Management
Minneapolis, USA                               Hong Kong, China
                                                                                          Tel Aviv University, Leon Recanati Graduate
University of North Carolina,                  Indian School of Business                  School of Business Administration
Kenan-Flagler Business School                  Hyderabad, India                           Tel Aviv, Israel
Chapel Hill, USA
                                               Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
University of Pennsylvania,                    Ahmedabad, India                           In Africa
Wharton School of Business                                                                ISM Dakar
                                               Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Philadelphia, USA                                                                         Dakar, Senegal
                                               Bangalore, India
University of Southern California,
                                               International Academy of Business          University of the Witwatersrand,
Marshall School of Business
                                               Almaty, Kazakhstan                         Wits Business School
Los Angeles, USA
                                                                                          Johannesburg, South Africa
                                               Keio University, Keio Business School
University of Texas,
                                               Tokyo, Japan
McCombs School of Business
Austin, USA
                                               National University of Singapore
University of Virginia, The Darden School      Singapore
Virginia, USA
                                               Sasin Graduate Institute of Business
University of Western Ontario,                 Administration
Richard Ivey School of Business                Bangkok, Thailand
London, Canada
                                               Seoul National University of Korea,
                                               College of Business Administration
York University, Schulich School of Business
                                               Seoul, South Korea
Toronto, Canada
                                 Social awareness

     “We do not simply want to   The programs                               Initiatives like the on-campus
     train efficient leaders                                                Sustainable Development Conference
     with the knowledge, know-                                              and the introduction of courses
                                 A Specialized Master in Sustainable
     how and interpersonal                                                  covering sustainable business practices
                                                                            reflect the HEC MBA’s ongoing
     skills to do an excellent   In 2003, HEC launched the Specialized
                                                                            commitment to forecasting and meeting
     job. We also want them to   Master in Sustainable Development.
                                                                            the changing needs of global business.
     be responsible: in other    This program enables students from
     words, aware of the major   diverse backgrounds to study the
     global issues and willing   strategies and practices that encourage
     to make a positive and      sustainable development.
                                 In September 2008, the Master became
                                                                            Research through the
     creative contribution
     through their work.”
                                 also a Major open to students in the       Chairs
                                 final year of the Grande Ecole program.
        Bernard Ramanantsoa
                                                                            The Social Business/Enterprise and
                                 Alternative Management Major               Poverty Chair, established with the
                                 Established in September 2006, the         support of Danone and private donors,
     Social responsibility       Alternative Management Major is a          is held jointly by Professor Muhammad
     and environmental           specialization available to students       Yunus and Mr. Martin Hirsch.
     sustainability have         in the final year of the Grande Ecole
                                 program. It was developed for students
     featured prominently in
                                 who are interested in exploring new
     the HEC curriculum for      ways of thinking that challenge
     several years.              established ideas.

                                 Positive Management
                                 In line with its commitment to fostering
                                 responsible and informed leadership,       The Chair provides HEC students with
                                 the HEC MBA has developed an               the option to pursue a supplementary
                                 integrated approach to teaching            two-month training program at the end
                                 business ethics, sustainability and        of their academic cycle.
                                 corporate social responsibility that is
                                 reflected in the principles and practice
                                 of Positive Management.

This program, the Social                   Two HEC graduates recently founded          One such program is PACE
Business/Enterprise and Poverty track,     Altercase, an association that seeks        (Programme d’action et de coopération
contributes to training a new generation   to carry out field studies of companies     pour l’éducation), which works with
of managers, aware of societal             that are leading the way in sustainable     students from secondary schools
challenges and aspiring to be part of      development in Europe and abroad.           located in disadvantaged areas.
the solution, regardless of their          Their results form the basis of case
professional activity.                     studies.                                    In partnership with the Academy of
The Track’s aim is also to develop                                                     Créteil and with the support of the
quality research on strategic innovation                                               HEC Foundation, HEC has opened two
in societal fields on themes involving                                                 preparatory classes in economics and
social business and the ways in which      Rethinking sustainability                   business. These are offered in Meaux,
business can fight poverty                                                             located in the Seine-et-Marne
                                           Beyond the academic programs it             department, and Noisy-le Sec, in the
                                           offers, HEC is also a practitioner of       eastern suburbs of Paris. This initiative
Deloitte Energy and Finance Chair          socially responsible initiatives.           aims to promote academic achievement
Due to deregulation, geopolitical          In June 2005, the school launched the       and equal opportunity among promising
uncertainty and problems linked to the     ‘Responsible Campus’ initiative, which      students from disadvantaged
environment, producers, distributors       aims to integrate sustainable               backgrounds.
and industrial consumers are               development and social responsibility
increasingly negotiating contracts         into teaching and research, campus life     The school also participates in the
through organized financial markets.       and social engagement. In 2007, HEC         Talents des Cités program, which
The Deloitte Chair links academic          underwent a carbon emissions audit.         supports young entrepreneurs in
studies and student research to                                                        deprived urban areas. HEC students
common issues affecting the energy         An annual awareness day called              can follow these projects through a
and financial sectors.                     ‘Rethink’ showcases the ongoing efforts     special social entrepreneurship track
                                           of staff, teachers and students to          for first-year undergraduates.
                                           integrate sustainability into their daily
                                           lives.                                      HEC’s social awareness is also echoed
Pioneering initiatives                                                                 on campus through the work of student
                                           The annual Rethink Awards ceremony          associations. For example, Genepi
                                           recognizes companies and students           works with prisons to organize
The University of Cotton
                                           who develop innovative and sustainable      workshops and courses in jails, schools
                                           products, services or business models.      and hospitals. Fleur de Bitume, one of
                                                                                       HEC’s largest student associations,
                                                                                       offers tutoring to primary school
                                                                                       students in the Paris region.
                                           Social awareness

                                           HEC also provides significant funding
The West African cotton industry is in     to financially disadvantaged students
crisis. The Foundation for World           through the HEC Foundation and other
Agriculture and Rural Life, the African    initiatives that identify young people
Cotton Producers Association and HEC       with strong potential and give them the
have responded with a plan to develop      support they need to thrive. HEC works
training programs in the heart of          with the French Ministry of National
Burkina Faso's cotton-producing            Education to develop targeted tutoring
region. The project is designed to help    and mentorship programs.
African cotton producers develop their
businesses, remain competitive and
increase revenues.

     For HEC to continue
     strengthening its         A 100,000,000                               50
                               fundraising drive                           corporate partners
     international                                                         including 12 chairs and 2 centers
     competitiveness,                                                      Please see the list on page 27

     fundraising has become    A 52,000,000
     a vital tool.             pledged mid 2009
                                                                           major donors (above u150,000)
     To help finance HEC’s     4                                           One alumni gift of u5 million

     ambitions, the HEC        funding priorities for HEC:
     Foundation launched its
     first fundraising                                                     alumni donors, members of our five
                               Attract talented and diverse students
     campaign in 2008. In                                                  clubs (above u5,000)
                               with competitive financial aid
     addition, the CCIP has
     committed to investing    Research faculty
                               Recruit world-class professors to
     1100 million to build                                                 new donors
                               produce innovative research                 80% participation in HEC graduating
     and maintain world
                                                                           students’ gift
     class facilities.         Pedagogy
                               Upgrade teaching tools in line with
     The Foundation has two    current technology and business
                               practices                                   “In today’s competitive business
     primary objectives: to                                                education environment, it’s crucial that
     become a major                                                        HEC continues to attract the very best
                                                                           research professors and students from
     contributor to HEC’s      Strengthen HEC’s international visibility
                                                                           around the world. This fundraising
     budget by providing       through investment in quality academic
                                                                           campaign will help HEC do that.”
     annual funding, and to                                                                                  Daniel Bernard
     establish a 150 million                                                                                      Chairman
                                                                                                            HEC Foundation
     endowment to provide
     annual revenues for

Our major donors’ generosity is          - Pascal Cagni, MBA.86 General          - Pierre-Louis Le Faou, H.71 President,
truly valued and recognized in our         Manager and Vice-President EMEIA,       LFC Partners
Major Donors’ Circle                       Apple                                 - Jacques Lehn, H.65 Senior Advisor,
                                         - Cyrille Chevrillon, H.76 Managing       Goetz Partners Corporate Finance
                                           Director, Member of the Executive     - Michel et Evelyne Léonard, H.70
Grand HEC                                  Committee, Candover and Founder,        Chairman of the Board, Lactalis
- Philippe Foriel-Destezet, H.58           Chevrillon & Associés                 - Bernard Méheut, H.60 Chairman
  Honorary President, Adecco             - Hervé Claquin, H.73 CEO,                and Managing Director, IDI Asset
                                           Abenex Capital                          Management
Benefactors                              - Christophe Crémer, H.76 Founder,      - Paul & Diane Mizrahi, H.87 Managing
- Pierre Bellon, H.54 Chairman                           Director, BlackFin Capital Partners
  of the Board of Directors, Sodexo      - Frank Dangeard, H.80 Managing         - Patrick Mouterde, H.89 CFO,
- Daniel Bernard, H.69 President           Director, Harcourt                      PAI Partners
  of the HEC Foundation, Chairman        - Paul Dini, H.60 President, Finadin    - Christian Peugeot, H.76 Marketing
  of Kingfisher plc and President of     - Gaël Dutheil de La Rochère, H.88        Director, PSA Peugeot Citroën
  Provestis                                Managing Director, Wendel Group       - Henri Proglio, H.71 Chairman and
- Henri de Castries, H.76 Chairman       - André François-Poncet, H.80             CEO, Veolia Environnement
  of the Management Board and CEO,         Managing Partner, BC Partners         - Baudouin Prot, H.72 CEO,
  AXA Group                              - Bruno Grob, H.72 President, Otis        BNP Paribas
- François-Henri Pinault, H.85           - Isabelle Guichot, H.86 President      - Jean-Louis Rambaud, H.87 Partner,
  Chairman and CEO, PPR                    and CEO, Balenciaga                     Apax Partners
- Didier Pineau-Valencienne, H.54        - Jean-Jacques Guiony, H.84 CFO, LVMH   - Deepak Rao, H.95 Managing Director,
  Honorary President, Schneider          - Jean-Marie & Laurence Hennes,           Goldman Sachs International
  and President, Sagard Private Equity     MBA.80 Executive Vice-President,      - Claude Razel, H.53 Chairman of the
  Partners                                 Mars & Co and Honorary President,       Advisory Board, Editions LJSA
                                           HEC Foundation                        - Karim H.97 & Julie Saddi, H.96
                                         - Pascal de Jenlis, H.73 President,       Private Equity Partner, TowerBrook
Members of Honour
                                           Hameur & Cie                          - Laurent Saglio, H.85 Managing
- Jean-Luc Allavena, H.86 Partner,       - Frédéric Jousset, H.92 President        Director, Zadig Asset Management
  Apollo Management International          and co-Founder, Webhelp               - Frédéric Sanchez, H.83 Chairman of
  and Honorary President, HEC Alumni     - Claude Jouven, H.62 Former CEO,         the Board, Fives
  Association and HEC Foundation           Citibank/Citigroup France, Belgium,   - Bertrand & Isabelle Schwab, H.87
- René-Pierre Azria, H.78 President        Luxembourg and Ireland                  Partner, Patron Capital Ltd
  and CEO, Tegris LLC                    - Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, H.99 CEO,   - Olivier Sevillia, MBA.90 Executive
- Olivier Combastet, MBA.86 CEO,           PriceMinister Group                     Director, Capgemini Consulting,
  Pergam Finance                         - Henri Lachmann, H.61 Chairman           West Europe
- Pierre-Antoine Gailly, H.75              of the Advisory Board, Schneider      - Jean-Pierre Valeriola, H.57
  Vice-President and Treasurer, CCIP       Electric Industries SAS                 Communication and Development
- Sylvain Hefes, H.74 Senior Advisor,    - Bruno Lafont, H.77 Director,            Director, Bettencourt Schueller
  Rothschild & Son                         Chairman and CEO, Lafarge               Foundation
- Bertrand Léonard, H.85 Deputy CEO,     - Henri Lagarde, H.63 CEO, Fédal
  Exane                                  - Jean-Louis Laurens, H.77 CEO,
                                           Robeco Bank
Members                                  - Marc-Olivier Laurent, H.75 Managing
- Joseph Audi, H.71 Chairman of the        Partner, Rothschild & Cie Bank
  Board and CEO, Interaudi Bank          - Alain Lebleu, H.70 President,         Our circles of major donors:
- Sébastien Breteau, M.97 CEO,             ATC Group Inc.                         Grand HEC: u5 million
  Asia Inspection                        - Yann Leca, H.88 CFO, Polyconcept       Grand Benefactor: u2 million
                                                                                  Benefactor: u1 million
- Donald Bryden, H.74 Senior Advisor,    - Pierre Ledoux, H.35 † Former           Member of Honour: u500,000
  Oaktree Capital France                   Honorary President, BNP Paribas        Member: u150,000

     Communication and

     International rankings
     HEC Paris was ranked #1 in Europe by
     the Financial Times in December 2008
     for the third year running (Meta survey)

     HEC MSc in Management was ranked #1 in Europe
     by the FT in September 2008 for the fourth year running

     HEC MBA was ranked #29 by the FT in January 2009, #22 (3-year average)

     TRIUM Global Executive MBA was ranked #3 worldwide by the FT in October 2008

     HEC Executive Education was ranked #2 worldwide and #1 in Europe for its
     Custom Programs by the FT in May 2009

     HEC Grande Ecole Program is consistently ranked #1 in France by leading
     national publications, including Le Point and L’Etudiant.

A place where leaders speak
                                                  Nicolas Sarkozy

Jose Manuel Barroso
                                                                                               Michael E. Porter

                              Bill Gates

                                                                    Muhammad Yunus

   Valéry Giscard d’Estaing
                                           Mikhaïl Gorbatchev
                                                                                     Theodore Zeldin

                               Highlights in 2009

     HEC has bolstered its     International partnerships                The collaboration between HEC and
                                                                         the MIT Sloan School of Management
     international presence                                              will create a double degree program
                               HEC Paris has signed two strategic
     by forging strategic                                                between the HEC MBA or MSc and
                               partnerships with the National            MIT Sloan’s new Master of Science in
     partnerships with         University of Singapore Business          Management Studies (MSMS).
     leading institutions      School and the Massachusetts
                               Institute of Technology Sloan School
     around the world, while   of Management.
     strengthening its ties
                               Both agreements aim to foster
     with top French           exchange and collaboration through
     “grandes écoles”.         educational, research, professional
                               and cross-cultural activities among
                               students and faculty. The collaboration
     The school has also       with each institution will create a
                               double degree MBA program.
     strengthened its
                                                                         These two intercontinental partnerships
     academic offer through    The new NUS-HEC double degree             will help produce truly international
     flexible part-time        MBA will provide solid business           leaders.
                               training and international exposure
     options and an            by building on each institution’s
     expanded portfolio of     expertise in management education.
     Executive Education

HEC joins forces with prestigious           ParisTech: where business meets            HEC Executive Education:
French institutions                         technology                                 a world of possibilities

HEC has partnered with Sciences Po,                                                    Having already established itself as
the renowned Parisian school of                                                        a world leader in Executive Education,
political science, to offer a double                                                   HEC further expands its range of
degree in Contemporary Economics                                                       international programs with two new
and Public Administration. The course                                                  premier programs.
provides participants with vital insights                                              Creating Value through Strategic
into the intersection of market                                                        Financial Management and Leading
economics and public-sector politics.                                                  Strategies for Outstanding
                                                                                       Performance are innovative programs
HEC has launched a double degree                                                       launched by HEC Executive Education
program with ENSAE ParisTech,                                                          to address the needs of executives and
the leading Paris Graduate School of                                                   managers worldwide.
Economics, Statistics and Finance.
                                            HEC is the first business school to join
The four year program includes a gap
                                            ParisTech, France’s alliance of leading
year during which participants gain
                                            science and engineering schools.           HEC Executive Education: ongoing
valuable work experience.
Participants take courses at HEC and        ParisTech has 12 partner schools           international development
ENSAE and receive degrees from both         and serves almost 19,000 students.
institutions upon successful completion     The consortium maintains an average
                                                                                       HEC welcomed the first class of the
of the program.                             teacher-to-student ratio of one to five
                                            and upholds high academic standards        HEC Executive MBA Russia, in
                                            through a rigorous selection process.      cooperation with the Graduate School
Thanks to a new agreement with Paris’       The group boasts numerous areas of         of Management of St. Petersburg State
prestigious grande école, the Ecole         expertise, including applied               University. The program aims to provide
Normale Supérieure (ENS), HEC               mathematics, communications                participants with the tools necessary
students have the opportunity to spend      technology and environmental science.      to lead their teams within the context
one semester of their first year at this                                               of a rapidly changing global economic
                                            Accepted as a founding member,             climate. The first class includes top-
world-class institution. ENS is             HEC is recognized for its strong
internationally recognized for its unique                                              level business leaders and managers
                                            commitment to innovative research          from Russia, France, Ukraine and the
teaching style and intellectually           and teaching, as well as its
stimulating learning environment.                                                      USA.
                                            international reach and engagement.
This partnership between two of
France’s most influential schools will                                                 HEC Paris has expanded its successful
enhance participants’ training and help                                                Beijing EMBA program to Shanghai,
shape tomorrow’s leaders.                                                              with the support of the training center
                                            HEC Part-Time MBA Program                  of the National Development and
                                                                                       Reform Commission (NDRC).
                                            In response to growing demand for          For HEC Paris, this marks a significant
A national ambitious plan                   greater flexibility from program           step forward in the expansion of its
                                            candidates and corporate partners,         activities in China.
The “Plan Campus” is a French               HEC Paris launched a part-time MBA
                                            program in English.                        These programs represent key
government-led initiative that aims to
                                                                                       developments for HEC’s international
create 12 major centers of higher           Drawing on HEC’s full-time MBA
                                                                                       portfolio and demonstrate our global
education in France. The Saclay center,     program, the part-time program offers
based in the Ile-de-France region, will     an optimum balance between real
unite 21 of France’s most prestigious       business situations and expert research
institutions, including HEC.                and analysis.
                                            It is the ideal choice for determined
                                            managers with the courage to learn
                                            and the ambition to take on leadership

     Bernard Ramanantsoa

     Catalog Coordinators
     Richard Perrin
     Corporate Communications Director

     Elisabeth de Réals

     HEC photography
     Jean-Marc Biais

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