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					3-Phase Traction Drives using

  Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bhopal, India
                        About BHEL
• Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is one of the leading
  organizations in transportation field with latest technology, modern
  facilities, requisite expertise and experience. Commencing from the
  year 1962, BHEL is engaged in system design, equipment design,
  manufacture, supply, erection & commissioning of variety of traction
  equipment for electric & diesel electric traction and AC-DC main line
  locomotives. Over 70% of the rolling stock fleet of Indian Railways is
  equipped with BHEL manufactured traction equipment. With
  expertise and modern facilities, BHEL Bhopal has entered the filed of
  3-phase state-of-art technology for 3-phase drive traction applications.
                       About BHEL
• BHEL Bhopal has been supplying conventional DC drive electrics for
  last four decades for 25 KV 50 Hz AC Electric Multiple Units
  (EMUs) & Locomotives; 1500 V DC EMUs & Locomotives, Diesel
  EMUs & Locomotives, 750 V DC Calcutta Metro, etc. Due to the
  problems and disadvantages of conventional DC drive systems, Indian
  Railways have decided to introduce state-of-art microprocessor
  controlled 3-phase drive technology in traction applications
      Why we want a 3 Phase Drive ?
•   Energy efficiency
•   Provides step-less control increases passenger comfort
•   Better adhesion between wheel & rail due to smooth control
•   Adaptability to digital control provides flexible operation
•   Wide range of diagnostic features
•   Compact size of equipment
•   Inherent regenerative braking capability
•   Unity power factor in 25 KV AC traction operation
•   Robustness and reliability with squirrel cage induction
    motor as traction motor, etc.
              Phases of the project
1. Development of application software for control system
   strategy for IGBT based 3-Phase drive AC EMU and
   DEMU .
2.Development of simulator hardware and real time software
   from simulator manufacturer M/S Opal-RT.
3. Integration of application software with real time software
   to form complete RTDPES simulator.
4. Commissioning and testing of RTDPES Simulator at CET
   Laboratory, BHEL Bhopal
    Reasons why BHEL chose RT-Lab.. 1/4

•    For studying the behaviour of actual system of IGBT
     based 3-Phase AC EMU and DEMU we require to
     perform simulation with Time Step typically in the range
     of 50 microseconds. This ensures that all the results are
     close to actual system performance. Due to complex
     nature of the application program it is not possible to
     perform Real time simulation using single core processors
     with above mentioned time step. M/s Opal-RT are experts
     in this field.
    Reasons why BHEL chose RT-Lab.. 2/4

•    M/s.Opal-RT has also developed their own toolboxes
     which help the user in simulating complex PWM
     IGBT/GTO based Converter / Inverter topologies. They
     have also developed technology for providing optimum
     performance from the dual/quad core processor.
 Reasons why BHEL chose RT-Lab.. 3/4

• M/s OPAL RT has developed TestDrive GUI software
  which enables us to prepare our panels using LabView and
  then integrate this with models developed in Simulink . This
  enables us to perform better analysis of the system being
 Reasons why BHEL chose RT-Lab.. 4/4

• M/s OPAL-RT has developed systems so that multiple HIL
  boxes can be integrated as one system. The means of
  communication between these HIL boxes is through
  FireWire Cable which provides fast data transfer then
  conventional Ethernet cables.. Depending upon the capacity
  of HUB and the network topology various other devices can
  be connected to the network depending upon user
Benefits of using OPAL-RT system …1 / 3
• System Analysis and Studying the behaviour of control system on
  IGBT based 3-Phase drive AC EMU and DEMU : We have
  developed Matlab-Simulink model of control system for Front End
  Converter, IGBT based inverter, 3-Phase Induction motor for AC
  EMU and similar models for diesel engine and traction alternator for
  DEMU. By testing these models on RT lab system we can evaluate
  performance of AC EMU and DEMU control system.
 Benefits of using OPAL-RT system …2/3
• Train Control and Monitoring System : - We are developing Train
  Control and Monitoring system for IGBT based AC EMU. The
  control system is based on MATLAB-SIMULINK, Real Time
  Workshop, State Flow Coder. This system will be tested on Real Time
  Digital Simulator before actual implementation. This will enable us to
  reduce time required for fine tuning the application software.
• Equipment Rating : By performing off-line simulation of AC EMU
  models on RT LAB system we can find out rating of various
  equipment like Front End Converter, Induction Motor, Inverter etc.
 Benefits of using OPAL-RT system …3/3
• Steady State and Transient analysis : We can also perform steady
  state and transient performance evaluation of the complete system of
  3-phase AC EMU and DEMU which is required for preparing offer
  against tender by customer.
• Train performance Calculation : We can perform Train
  performance calculations for average section and for a route profile
  for 3-phase AC EMU and DEMU which is required for preparing
  offer against tender by customer.