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									                                    BASIC ADVERTISMENT:
                  A Study on Gatorade Advertisement Copy Platform

         The Gatorade Tiger „Focus‟ advertising must introduce a new sports drink to the already
crowded beverage market while taking into consideration Gatorade‟s current offerings and
advertisements. Gatorade offers a multitude of products world wide including Gatorade,
Gatorade Frost, Gatorade Rain, Gatorade All Stars, Gatorade Fierce, Gatorade X Factor,
Gatorade AM, Gatorade Xtremo, and the newly introduced G2.

         Associated with sport, Gatorade marketing strategy revolves around the sports industry.
Throughout the years, Gatorade‟s biggest challenge is to expand the bottled sports beverage
markets while their secondary challenge is take into consideration their current marketing efforts.
By choosing Tiger Woods to be associated with Gatorade, the image of endorsement has already
been established.

         For Gatorade Tiger „Focus‟, the idea of “the designs with the athlete in mind to help them
to be mentally tough as they are physically” can be summed up as “with added vitamin E, 25%
more electrolytes, and low calories, this formula (Gatorade Tiger „Focus‟) helps focus your mind
and your body by providing hydration and energy. For the print advertisement concepts, it sends
distinct message of the need to be in hydration to concentrate especially in the game of golf.

      From the study, there are a several requirements that the advertisement incorporates:

      1. The use of the Gatorade Lighting Bolt Logo and consideration for the color sweat design
         in current Gatorade ads.
      2. Use of the Gatorade tag line, “hydration for concentration”
      3. Tiger Woods charismatic figure and existing Gatorade brand reputation.

      The print advertisement is called „Hydration for Concentration‟. It features 2 consecutive
statements that follow the same sentence structure: “Gatorade Tiger is designed with the athlete
in mind to help them to be mentally tough as they are physically with added vitamin E, 25%
more electrolytes, and low calories, this formula helps focus your mind and your body by
providing hydration and energy”.

      It also showcases Tiger Woods in his trademark fist pump and a bottle of one of the Gatorade
Tiger „Focus‟ flavors, the Red Drive (Cherry Blend).

      The tag line, “The original Gatorade Thirst Quencher” is also used. The advertisement‟s
main areas of the verbal part of the message strategy can be seen from the words reinforce
Tiger‟s association with the product, the idea that Gatorade helps athletes compete at their
highest level, product features and attributes, and an association with previous Gatorade Ads.
The use and arrangement of the word „FO-CUS‟ is there stand out and to be aspirational for what
the consumer wants to be. Two words, Tiger and Woods represent Tiger and invoke the desire
from the consumer standpoint to be like Tiger.

      The product of Gatorade Tiger is in a close up to emphasize the Tiger Woods association and
to give the potential customer a good view of the new logo. Since this is a new product, the
consumer needs to be able to identify the product while shopping.

      The print advertisement used different intentional elements in non-verbal part of the message
in order to emphasize the key benefits and brand personality:

      a) Tiger’s Trademark fist pump
                 It is his emotional signature for success. The use of the fist pump is to bring this
         association of winning to the product as well as a reinforcement of the logo which also
         features the fist pump.

b) Red Color
           As with the first advertisement, the red color is to signify peak performance,
   winning, and Tiger Woods. The bright color red to represent Red Drive (Cherry Blend)
   flavors, one of 3 flavors from Gatorade Tiger „Focus‟ are the affords to make the product
   identification and flavors clearer to the consumers, while showcasing the unique shape of
   the bottles.

c) Product Features and Attributes
           There is text explaining that the product provides energy and reduce dehydration
   for performance and provides replenishment of vital nutrients and compounds needed by
   the body.

d) Tiger Woods’s Endorsement.
           It was important to ensure that Tiger‟s name and the words „officially license
   product‟ was prominent and was accomplished through the text on the product itself and
   within the tagline. It also creates the association that if the product is good enough for
   Tiger, it should also be good enough for the average consumer.

e) Tiger Woods’s Eye Stare
           Tiger Woods is an asset and the use of his piercing eyes offer a dramatic
   backdrop. It features a black and white image of Tiger Woods‟ intense stare with color
   enhanced sweat. It emphasizes performance with the “statement that concrete through
   hydration and being a winner takes hard work and sweat”. The grand effect of an idea of
   the „Tiger‟ is watching you can be associated.

       Gatorade Tiger „Focus‟ must personify two brands: Gatorade and Tiger Woods. Gatorade
stands for high performance, thirst quenching, and science. The personality is intense, focused,
and is a winner. Tiger Woods has a lot of these characteristics as well. He is the undisputed one
of the best golfer in the world today. He is on track to break every major golf record and stands
for excellence, winning, determination, focus, hard working, and a leader.

                                           Picture 1
                                   The Advertisement
                               GATORADE TIGER ‘FOCUS’


5.1      Ad Subject
         Gatorade Tiger „Focus‟

5.2      Ad Problem
      1. This product is new and needs to gain some identity and its place in the market
      2. Hard to differentiate from multitude products of Gatorade sports drink available in the

5.3      Product Characteristics
      1. Reasonably priced against competing models
      2. Product endorsement by Tiger Wood
      3. Unique and future design bottle
      4. 3 different flavor : Red Drive (Cherry Blend), Cool Fusion (Citrus Blend), and Quiet
         Storm (Grape)
      5. Striking label and bottle color

5.4      Target Market
         Gatorade Tiger Focus‟s primary target would be males aged 18-35 years olds with
         interest in sports, particularly golf. Most of them are passionate about the sport, purchase
         high end golf equipment, and are looking for ways to improve their game. Gatorade
         Tiger‟s secondary targets are golfers of both sexes and of all ages.

5.5      Competition
         Major isotonic and sports drinks such as Red Bull, Powerade, Vitamin Water

5.6      Statement of Benefit or Appeal

      1. Tiger Woods Endorsement
      Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers in the world and is an aspirational figure for the
      primary and secondary targets.

      2. Quenches thirst
      An 18-hole round of golf will take an average of 4 hours or longer. A constant flow of fluids
      is essential for peak performance.

      3. Replacement of electrolytes, vitamins, and mineral loss in sweat
      Golf is a sport and requires athletic performance, stamina, and skill. As energy is exerted,
      carbohydrates, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals might be replaced.

      4. Great Flavor:
      Gatorade Tiger „focus‟ comes in 3 great flavors chosen by Tiger Woods himself.

      5. Unique sports shaped bottles
      Gatorade Tiger „Focus‟ comes in easy to grip bottles that are easier to use when trying to
      replace fluids.

5.7      Creative Theme
         Hydration for Concentration

5.8      Supportive Selling Points
        1) This is the first sports beverage to be endorsed by Tiger Woods and the first one to
            relate to the sport of Golf
        2) Gatorade special recipe which is „scientifically formulated and athletically proven to
            quench thirst, replace fluids and electrolytes and provide carbohydrate energy to
            enhance athletic performance‟
        3) Priced well

5.9    Approach and Style
       Spice up the emotions of the audience by creating an emotional and dramatization type of
       advertisement promoting the product.


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