Making a Canadian dream come true

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					 THE NEWSPAPER OF THE CANADIAN HOME BUILDERS’ ASSOCIATION                                                                                           Vol. 22 No. 1/MARCH, 2009

Making a Canadian dream come true
   THE CHBA’S renovator and new                moves into a new place … that’s an ex-         seen tough economic times, but you’ve
   home builder members are a true             pression of hope. It’s an investment in        kept going.
source of inspiration for the country,         the future that unleashes tremendous             “That’s because you have qualities
Diane Finley, the Minister Responsible         human potential.”                              that never change.”
for Canada Mortgage and Housing Cor-             Finley’s comments came in an ad-               For one thing, Finley said, the CHBA
poration, told the Association’s 66th Na-      dress on the conference’s opening day.         has a history of strong leadership. For
tional Conference in Quebec City last          She said she knows that CHBA mem-              another, it never stops looking to the
month.                                         bers work hard, take risks, and invest         future.
  “I appreciate the very important             in their people.                                 “The simple fact is that building and
work that you do,” she said.                                                                  renovating homes is a good way to get
  “You’ve helped home ownership                Even stronger                                  the economy moving,” Finley said.
dreams come true for millions of Cana-         “And this conference is an opportunity           “Canadians are counting on the
dians. And that is a very profound con-        for all of you to work together to make        housing sector to continue doing what
tribution.                                     your industry even stronger,” she said.        you do best. Together we can ensure a
  “Because every time you build an ef-           “You’ve been coming together for 66          growing housing industry by continu-
ficient, safe, affordable and sustainable      years. And in that time you’ve seen lots       ing to build confidence in the          s FINLEY: “Yo
                                                                                                                                                     u are a source of inspira
home … every time a person or family           of change. But you’ve kept up. You’ve          market.”                                tion for Canadians.”                     -

                                                              NEW PRESIDENT SEES HOUSING
                                                              AS ‘POWERHOUSE’ FOR RECOVERY

                                                               A new call for
                                                               policy reform
                                                                          UBLIC policy                                                                    source of revenue.”
                                                                           reform is                                                                        As examples, Friend
                                                                           needed if the
                                                                           housing in-
                                                                  dustry is to realize its
                                                                                             PM sees need for                                             cited the growing muni-
                                                                                                                                                          cipal reliance on devel-
                                                                                                                                                          opment charges, and a
                                                                  full potential as a
                                                                  “powerhouse” for
                                                                  economic recovery in
                                                                                             robust market                                                wide range of ad hoc
                                                                                                                                                          “green building require-
                                                                                                                                                          ments” for new
                                                                   Canada, new CHBA             A ROBUST housing sector is an important source            development.
                                                                   President Gary               of economic activity in Canada, Prime Minister              “Such flawed ap-
                                                                   Friend told last          Stephen Harper says.                                         proaches are based on
                                                                    month’s 66th Na-            And his government is encouraging Canadians to            slogans rather than
                                                  ent policy re-    tional Conference in                                                                  transparent, evidence-
     s FRIEND: “Now is the
                           time to act on governm                   Quebec City.
                                                                                             buy and improve homes and thereby bolster Can-
                                                                                                                                                          based decision making,”
                                                                                             ada’s housing sector.
     form.”                                                            “Our industry is a       The comments appear in a letter offering greet-           Friend said.
                                                              real key to the recovery,”
                                                              Friend said.”
                                                                                             ings for the CHBA’s 66th National Conference in
                                                                                             Quebec City.
                                                                                                                                                          No thought
                                                                 But reform is needed if        “For many Canadians, home ownership repre-                “When we hear that new
                                                              the industry is to play its    sents both the achievement of a key life goal and a          growth must pay for it-
                                                              key role.                      significant investment,” the letter says.                    self, we know there is no
                                                                 The call for action on         “Our government has introduced measures to pro-           consideration of the
                                                              public policy came in          vide needed stimulus in these challenging economic           links between a growing
                                                              Friend’s inaugural ad-         times by supporting this vital industry. These initia-       community, the prosper-
                                                              dress — a stirring speech      tives include the Home Renovation Tax Credit, tax            ity of its residents, and
IT’S OFFICIAL:                                                that drew a loud round                                                                      the capacity to pay for
APRIL IS NEW                                                                                 relief for first-time home buyers, benefits for small
                                                              of applause from Confer-       [and] medium-sized businesses, and a new Appren-             public ser vices in a ra-
HOMES MONTH                                                   ence delegates.                ticeship Completion Grant.                                   tional manner.
APRIL is New Homes                                                                                                                                          “We also know that it is
Month across Canada                                           Achievements                      “I would like to thank the Canadian Home Build-
                                                                                             ers’ Association for their hard work.”                       the new home buyer who
and CHBA President                                            He pointed out that Can-                                                                    will pay the bill.
Gary Friend says the                                          ada has achieved a home                                                                       “Well, things need to
Association is excited                                        ownership rate equal to                                                                     change!
about the possibilities                                       that of the United States      based on imaginary               developing skilled            “And the economic cri-
for this year’s theme:                                        without abandoning its         wealth.                          trades; and                 sis we face today pres-
“Take the First Step —                                        mortgage standards or            “Creating real wealth,      s REFORM existing pol-         ents the opportunity to
Talk with a New Home                                          compromising its finan-        and real jobs, is essen-         icies to support a          make these changes.”
Builder.” “Thank you                                          cial system.                   tial. And our industry is        strong industry and           Friend said the indus-
to our national spon-                                            There are important         key.”                            strong housing mar-         try’s capacity to help
sors Genworth Finan-                                          lessons to be learned            But for the housing in-        kets.                       build a strong economy
cial Canada, TD Canada Trust, and the                         from what has happened         dustry to continue to be        “Action in these             and create jobs must be
Canadian Home Warranty Council,” he says.                     during the last 12             a strong economic force,      areas,” Friend said, “will     supported through sound
                                                              months, he said, not           Friend said, govern-          deliver real benefits          and sensible government
ON THE CALENDAR                                               least the fact that when       ments must take action        where it matters most —        actions.
The Spring meetings of the CHBA’s Board, stand-               governments throw open         on four fronts. They          for housing affordability,       “We need to reduce
ing committees, and councils will be held at the              the door to “unfettered        must:                         community prosperity,          significantly the costs
Marriott Hotel in Ottawa May 28 to 31.                        greed,” the marketplace        s REDUCE government-          and jobs.                      that governments load
   The 21st annual Executive Officers’ Council                will eventually bite back,        imposed costs on new         “Too of ten govern-          onto the backs of new
Professional Development Forum will be held at                and the bill must be              home buyers;               ments fall into the            home buyers,” he said.
Westin Nova Scotian Hotel in Halifax, N.S., Nov.              paid.                          s COMMIT to “smart            same trap that led to the        In the year ahead, the
18 to 20.                                                        “The markets are               regulation” principles     sub-prime crisis — as-         CHBA will continue to
   The CHBA’s 67th National Conference will be                sending governments a             at all levels;             suming that rapidly            hammer home the need
held at the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria,               very strong message,”          s INVEST public funds,        escalating real estate         for government action on
B.C., March 5 to 7, 2010.                                     Friend said. “You can’t           wisely, in areas such      values will provide            the issues that matter.
                                                              sustain a sound economy           as infrastructure and      them with an endless
                                                                                    How DCCs are damaging
                                                                                       DEVELOPMENT                                                                            tions,” Gilgan said.
                                                                                       charges are prevent-                                                                   “They are being pushed
                                                                                    ing many viable housing                                                                   underwater by munici-
                                                                                    projects from proceed-                                                                    pal demands for huge
                                                                                    ing, Canada’s largest                                                                     charges and fees.”
                                                                                    new home builder told                                                                       Gilgan traced the many
                                                                                    last month’s Urban                                                                        linkages between resi-
                                                                                    Council meeting in Que-                                                                   dential construction and
                                                                                    bec City.                                                                                 other sectors of the econ-
                                                                                      As a result, many jobs                                                                  omy. He said virtually
                                                                                    are being lost, and it is                                                                 every sector benefits
RADON MEDIA CAMPAIGN DELAYED                                                        only a matter of time be-     s  URBAN COUNCIL in session. It heard many projects are     when housing projects
HEALTH CANADA’S plans for a major publicity                                         fore these negative im-       being put on hold because of development charges.           proceed.
campaign on radon have been delayed, the Cana-                                      pacts ripple across the                                                                     And, of course, govern-
dian Renovators’ Council has learned. However,                                      economy.                      President Peter Gilgan.       my banker in good con-        ments at all levels also
Health Canada has produced a consumer pam-                                            That was the message          “I cannot take a pro-       science under today’s         benefit from tax reve-
phlet that is being made available to the public at                                 from Mattamy Homes            posed development to          very difficult condi-         nues.
home shows and other events.
18 MARKETS ADOPT RENOMARK                                                           PROSPECTS SEEN IN CAP AND TRADE SYSTEM
THE RenoMark™ program continues to expand,
the Council’s meeting in Quebec City was told last

                                                                                    Energy rules no
month. It has now been adopted in 18 markets
across the country, the newest being Vancouver
and London. Members heard RenoMark™ has
helped recruit new renovation contractors as
CHBA members. RenoMark™ is an initiative of To-
ronto’s BILD (Building Industry and Land Devel-
opment Association) and endorsed by the CHBA.

                                                                                    threat to housing
                                                                                             HE housing in-
                                                                                             dustry in Canada
                                                                                             has been a real
                                                                                             leader on envi-
TRC MOVES ON ENERGY CODES                                                           ronmental issues, dele-
THE CHBA took the significant policy decision to                                    gates to last month’s Na-
support the consideration of energy efficiency as                                   tional Conference in
a Code objective in response to the ad hoc adop-                                    Quebec City were told.
tion of energy efficiency requirements by provin-                                     So it is not likely to
cial governments, Technical Research Committee                                      suffer under a new en-
Chair Mike Hennigar says.                                                           ergy regulatory system
    “The Association will still promote a disci-                                    that seems soon to come
plined process for assessing this and any future                                    into effect.
new Code objectives,” he says.                                                        That was the message
    The CHBA had written to the Code Commission                                     Doug Russell, an envi-
to call for the Model National Energy Code for                                      ronmental expert and
Houses to be “refurbished” as a stand-alone docu-                                   President of Quebec’s
ment for those provinces intent on introducing                                      MDF Associates Inc.,
new energy efficiency requirements for houses.                                      brought to the Canadian
The CHBA then took the additional step of writing                                   Ready Mixed Concrete
to the Commission recommending that they con-                                       Association luncheon
sider making energy efficiency a new Code                                           prior to the Conference.
    The Code Commission has agreed with the                                         It’s favored
CHBA’s recommendations and has created a joint                                      Russell spelled out de-
task group with representatives of the provincial                                                                 s  LUNCHEON hears details of “cap and trade” system that may soon regulate energy emis-
                                                                                    tails of the “cap and
governments to address these issues. The inten-                                     trade” regulatory ap-         sions in Canada. The housing industry is well placed for the move, speaker said.
tion is to develop model Code requirements with                                     proach Canada and the
respect to energy efficiency in houses by 2012.                                     United States favor as a                                    slope” that leads to regu-    Well it is, but no good
                                                                                    means of curbing green-                                     lations in other areas        deed goes unpunished.
ENHANCEMENTS TO THE R-2000 STANDARD                                                 house gas emissions.                                        such as housing.              In the U.S., the political
TRC Chair Mike Hennigar said the CHBA has con-                                        “The system would ap-                                       “What does all this         pendulum has swung
sulted with R-2000 builders and ser vice providers                                  ply to 15 sectors in the                                    mean to you?” Russell         much more toward regu-
on proposals for an enhanced R-2000 Technical                                       economy, including many                                     asked. “As an industry        lation, such as cap and
Standard. “The ambitious proposals have been                                        that affect you,” he said.                                  you have been a leader        trade.
tabled with Natural Resources Canada,” he said.                                       “The government has                                       in environmental stan-          “But the current sys-
    The TRC learned of NRCan’s support for the                                      the responsibility to es-                                   dards.                        tem being discussed
CHBA’s recommendations to reposition the R-2000                                                                                                                               would not result in a cap
Standard to the leading edge of energy efficiency
                                                                                    tablish the over-all emis-
                                                                                    sions cap which deter-
                                                                                                                                                The lowest                    for the housing indus-
in market housing. In a letter to the Association,                                  mines how much you are                                      “From 1990 to 2005, the       try.”
NRCan Housing Division’s Director, Kevin Lee,                                       allowed to emit. It also                                    housing sector in Canada        With its good record on
wrote that the update of R-2000, can ensure its                                     allocates how many                                          had the lowest energy         greenhouse gas emis-
continued role as an engine of innovation for the                                   tonnes may be emitted in                                    growth — at 10% — dur-        sions, Russell said, the
home building industry.                                                             a given time. The rest is                                   ing this period compared      industry, as a sector, is
    In a separate letter to the CHBA President, the                                 left to the private sec-      s   RUSSELL: “You may be      with 35% in the indus-        likely to remain outside
Minister of Natural Resources expressed her sup-                                    tor.”                         able to produce credits to    trial sector.                 any cap and trade sys-
port for the continued collaboration in the update                                    Russell said that under     sell on the open market.”       “All this is good, right?   tem.
of the R-2000 Standard.                                                             cap and trade, compa-
                                                                                    nies that emit more than
                                                                                    they are allowed can
                                                                                    purchase credits from
                                                                                    other companies.
                                                                                      “It is pretty simple in
                                                                                                                  Housing’s key role in economy
                                                                                    principle,” Russell said.        NEW housing plays a        employment throughout         ploys some 300,000 men
                                                                                    “But in practice it is not.      “very significant” role    the economy.                  and women in Canada.
                                                                                      “Emissions trading is a     in Canada’s economy, a          The report, from the          When the full eco-
The National is published quarterly by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association as
a service for its members. Funding for the Marketing Today section is provided by
                                                                                    tool to help the market       new report says.              Altus Group, was pre-         nomic impacts from new
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Opinions expressed in The National         regulate emissions in the       Every 10,000 new            pared for Canada Mort-        residential construction
are not necessarily those of the CHBA or CMHC. Contents may be reproduced in        most cost-effective way.      homes that are built gen-     gage and Housing Cor-         are considered, the re-
whole or part, but a credit would be appreciated. Address correspondence to The     But the commodity is not      erate $3.3 billion in eco-    poration.                     port finds that for every
Editor, c/o CHBA, Suite 500, 150 Laurier Ave. West, Ottawa, Ont. K1P 5J4. Tele-
phone (613) 230-3060. Fax (613) 232-8214. E-mail:
                                                                                    like any other — it’s not     nomic production across         It examines the eco-        job directly created,
                                                                                    like a barrel of oil.         a broad array of indus-       nomic and employment          nearly two more result
CHBA President: Gary Friend                                                           “And there have been        tries.                        effects of incremental        from the induced impact
                                                                                    many criticisms of the          This includes $727 mil-     changes in the number         on the economy.
Chief Operating Officer: John Kenward                                               process. Some are call-       lion in manufacturing         of housing starts, and          “Residential construc-
Editor: Kerry Gibbens                                                               ing it a ‘shell game’.”       output, and another $307      how this impacts all sec-     tion investment also
                                                                                      Russell said emissions      million in wholesale, re-     tors of the economy.          spurs significant spin-off
Photographers: John Bos, Richard Bain                                               volumes in the North          tail, transportation, and       The report’s findings       economic effects across
Graphic Design and                                                                  American carbon market        warehousing activities.       reinforce the importance      a broad array of other
  Production: Words & Graphics Inc., Toronto                                        are small at this stage.        In terms of jobs, 10,000    of residential construc-      sectors through materi-
                         Printed on recycled paper                                  But moves in the U.S. to      new homes support             tion, pointing out that       als and services used as
                                                                                    apply cap and trade sug-      19,300 person-years of        the sector directly em-       inputs,” the report says.
                                                                                    gest it is a “slippery
2/THE NATIONAL March, 2009
                                                       An old French flavor
                                                       for Housing Night
                                                       s   It was like an evening in the court of Louis XVI
                                                        and Marie Antoinette as conference delegates cel-
                                                        ebrated Housing Night in Canada in Quebec City
                                                        last month.


Une conférence
      T was a conference                                                                      Centre were co-spon-
      never to be forgot-                                                                     sored by Cosella-Dörken
      ten. “Une confér-                                                                       Products Inc. and AyA
      ence inoubliable!”                                                                      Kitchens & Baths Ltd.
said Léonce Cormier,                                                                          The CHBA Bookstore
Past President of the                                                                         was sponsored by Home
New Brunswick Home                                                                            Hardware Building
Builders’ Association. Or                                                                     Centre. NEEZO Inc.
more aptly, given its lo-                                                                     sponsored the Regis-
cation in Quebec City, he                                                                     tration Desk, and dele-
said, “une conférence                                                                         gates’ bags were spon-
extraordinaire!”                                                                              sored by Genworth
   The sentiment was re-                                                                      Financial Canada.
flected widely as dele-                                                                         Other Platinum spon-
gates came from across                                                                        sors who played a major
Canada to see, to study,                                                                      role in making the con-
to take in the sights of                                                                      ference possible were
Old Quebec, and to share                                                                      Canada Mortgage and
their knowledge and ex-                                                                       Housing Corporation,
perience.                                                                                     the CHBA Manufactur-
   It was the CHBA’s 66th   s   THE Federal Government paid tribute to Chief Operating        ers’ Council, the Cana-
National Conference.        Officer John Kenward at the Association’s 66th National Con-      dian Manufactured
And it really lived up to   ference in Quebec City last month. Diane Finley, federal Min-     Housing Institute, Natu-
its theme of “Meet The      ister Responsible for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corpora-        ral Resources Canada,       s  THE Building Alliance Centre opened the door for the
Past. Plan The Future.”     tion, is seen here making the presentation to Kenward who         and Progress Lighting.      flow of information and networking at the CHBA’s 66th
Amazing                     was joined on stage by his wife Evanee. “You have dedicated
                            25 years to looking after the CHBA and assuring your industry
                                                                                              Carnaval                    National Conference in Quebec City. Lunches were served
                                                                                                                          there, and delegates used the Centre to catch up on the
Said Scott Costain of       achieves its goals,” Finley told Kenward. “I make this presen-    The opening reception       latest information from industry suppliers.
Prince Edward Island’s      tation on behalf of the Government of Canada, not just for        featured a taste of the
Scotcor Construction        serving your association, but for serving Canadians.”             Quebec Carnaval spirit.
Ltd.: “Truly amazing!                                                                         It was sponsored by
This was one really great                                                                     DuPont Canada and The
experience.”                ner, the conference was          tions. The speakers were         Warranty Resource.
  Added first-time dele-    all about fabulous hospi-        excellent. The interac-             The “Housing Night in
gate Odete Gomes, Presi-    tality and enthusiastic          tion with delegates out-         Canada” celebrations
dent of the Brantford       networking.                      standing. I’ll be back!”         (pictured at page top),
HBA: “A wonderful expe-       Delegates were de-               No wonder the event            were sponsored by TD
rience. I met a ton of      lighted.                         attracted a large audi-          Canada Trust.
people I would never          So were sponsors.              ence.                               The celebration of the
otherwise have met. It        Said first-time dele-            The conference theme           2008 CHBA National
was a real learning expe-   gate and sponsor An-             was delivered in ses-            SAM Awards presented
rience for me.”             thony Moots of Builder           sions that dealt with eco-       by American Standard
  From the opening          Lynx: “This really ex-           nomics, imagination,             Brands and Trane Can-
night reception to the      ceeded all my expecta-           teamwork, and funda-             ada was followed by a
closing President’s Din-                                     mental business issues.          Toast The Winners’ Re-
                                                                                              ception sponsored by
                                                             A major role                     Canwest.
                                                             Sponsors played a major             Owens Corning Canada
The wonders of wood                                          role.
                                                               Pre-conference lun-
                                                                                              and Honeywell Limited
                                                                                              co-sponsored the Open-
    WOOD has been going                                      cheons were sponsored            ing Breakfast. All
    strong for more than                                     by two associations that         Weather Windows spon-
400 years, wood industry                                     represent major suppli-          sored incoming Presi-
spokesman Ben Brun-                                          ers to the industry: the         dent Gary Friend’s inau-
graber told delegates to                                     Canadian Ready Mixed             gural address.
the 66th National Con-                                       Concrete Association                Long-time supporter
ference in Quebec City                                       and the Canadian Wood            Delta and Masco Canada
last month.                                                  Council.                         Ltd. sponsored the clos-
   “In construction,                                                                          ing event, the Presi-
                                                               Sponsors were also             dent’s Reception and
everything gets better,”                                     responsible for the Busi-
Brungraber told a pre-                                                                        Dinner/Dance — a cele-
                                                             ness Alliance Centre, a          bration of outgoing Pres-
conference luncheon                                          focal point for network-
sponsored by the Cana-                                                                        ident John Hrynkow’s
                                                             ing throughout the con-          term of office.
dian Wood Council.                                           ference.
   “And that’s true with                                                                         Next up: Victoria.
                                                               The centre was co-                The CHBA’s 67th Na-
trees. They get stronger.                                    sponsored by AyA Kitch-
It’s no wonder there are                                                                      tional Conference will
                                                             ens & Baths Ltd. and the         be held at the Fairmont
great stories about         s   BRUNGRABER: “Wood            Canadian Automatic
wood.”                                                                                        Empress in Victoria,
                            just keeps getting stronger.”    Sprinkler Association.           Mar. 5 to 7, 2010.
                                                               Lunches served in the             Plan to attend.
                                                                                                                                                         THE NATIONAL March, 2009/3
                                    Reception invokes a Carnaval spirit

                                       s   DELEGATES experience the unique Quebec experience as the CHBA’s 66th National Conference gets under way.

                                                             ECONOMIC PANEL SEES LIGHT IN ‘DARK TIMES’

                                                             Now’s a time of
                                                                      HESE may be                                                                         they deal with is on the
                                                                      tough times, but                                                                    leading edge.
                                                                      they are also                                                                         “Don’t feel smug that
s  KUNSTLER: “It’s time for change. We can’t get something            times of opportu-                                                                   just because you have re-
for nothing."                                                nity, one of Canada’s                                                                        search, you understand
                                                             leading pollsters says.                                                                      customers,” he said.

The day our                                                     What’s really happen-
                                                             ing, Nanos Research
                                                             President Nik Nanos
                                                                                                                                                          “The reality is that in
                                                                                                                                                          business, the weak fail
                                                                                                                                                          and the strong survive. If

world gets
                                                             says, is a market correc-                                                                    you have the right struc-
                                                             tion. And that offers                                                                        ture, you will survive.
                                                             openings for creative                                                                          “You are the leaders in
                                                             new home builders who                                                                        this industry. Do you

a makeover                                                   would set themselves
                                                                That was the message
                                                             Nanos brought to the
                                                                                                                                                          have the head and the
                                                                                                                                                          heart to lead? Yes these
                                                                                                                                                          are tough times. But they
                                                                                                                                                          are also times of oppor-
    LIKE it or not, a whole new way of life may soon         economic session at the       s  ECONOMIC PANEL (from left) Nik Nanos, Peter Norman,         tunity.”
    be thrust upon mankind as the world runs out of          66th National Confer-         and Bob Dugan. They see tough times as times of opportunity.   s Economist Peter Nor-
cheap oil, environmental visionary and journalist            ence in Quebec City. And                                                                     man said a lot of nega-
James Howard Kunstler told the CHBA’s 66th Na-               it was largely endorsed                                           Nanos said that once       tive news in the press
tional Conference in Quebec City.                            by his companions on                                           new home builders enter       has had an impact on the
    But the scenario is not all doom and gloom, he           the economic panel.                                            into a dialogue with          housing market.
said. There is hope: it lies with today’s young people.                                                                     their customers, they can       “But this is not a time
“They know things are all wrong,” Kunstler said.             The key                                                        har vest ideas about what     to have a particularly
“They don’t know how to fix them, but they do know           Nanos said the key thing                                       is working and what is        negative viewpoint,” he
it must be fixed. And they will do it.                       to think about in the                                          not.                          said.
    “The young will realize that cities as they are now      present economic cli-                                             “No one wants a com-
known will have to be smaller and more compact, ap-          mate is anticipation, and                                      plaint,” he said. “But        Recovery ahead
propriate to the energy availabilities of the future.        how to prepare for it.                                         how you deal with it is       “We are on the edge of a
They know we are going to have to produce our food              “You have to know                                           the best indication of        spectacular recovery in
a different way, because the agri-petroleum business         what your unfair advan-                                        what sort of organization     the months ahead.
is going to fail. They know we are going to have to re-      tage is,” he said. “There                                      you are. You learn and           “One thing that is very
serve our rural land for productive agriculture.”            is a fundamental differ-                                       improve through the pro-      impressive is that we
    Kunstler said there is not enough energy to run          ence between knowing                                           cess and become a better      have the leaders of 20
WalMart, Disney World, and all the other “frivolous”         your customers and un-                                         organization as a result.     countries in the world
things society has become used to. Alternative en-           derstanding them. The                                                                        doing the same thing to
ergy sources will not do this. And there is this “de-        power is shifting. The re-                                     Pay attention                 pull the world out of the
luded” idea out there that technology and energy are         ality is one dissatisfied                                      “Listening can really be      global slump. That is
the same — that when you run out of one, you just            customer can have a                                            your ‘unfair advantage’       reason enough to be op-
switch to the other. Not so.                                 huge impact on your                                            because it lets you re-       timistic.”
    “But we don’t have to despair,” Kunstler said. “I        business.                     s  NANOS: “What’s happen-        spond to what’s going on      s Canada Mortgage and
am not Mr. Doom And Gloom. There is a whole set of              “On the positive front,    ing is a market correction. If   out there. Listening is a     Housing Corporation’s
intelligent responses to our dilemma. We have to             you have to start think-      you have the right structure,    powerful business tool.       Chief Economist Bob
grow up and think intelligently about where we are.          ing of the customer as a      you will survive.”               And a powerful political      Dugan said there is a
    “It’s time to put the shoulder to the wheel and ac-      business partner. You                                          tool.”                        “fair bit” of uncertainty
cept the reality that we can’t get something for noth-       need to engage in a dia-      the most effective adver-          Nanos said people           in Canada and that has
ing.”                                                        logue to help anticipate      tising. It has just become       want to believe they are      led to downward revi-
s Owens Corning Canada and Honeywell Limited co-             the future.                   more dynamic because             getting the best product,     sion of housing start
sponsored the Opening Breakfast.                                “Word of mouth is still    of the Internet.”                and that the company          forecasts since last Sep-
                                                                                                                                                             “We are seeing a lot of

A salute to the sponsors who helped make it happen                                                                                                        negative news out there,
                                                                                                                                                          and we are likely to see
                                                                                                                                                          more of it,” Dugan said.
   SPONSORS played a key              Canada Mortgage and Housing           Cosella-Dörken Products Inc.           Kohler Canada Co.                      “So it is a difficult mar-
   role in the CHBA’s 66th Na-         Corporation                          Delta                                    Sterling                             ket for an economist to
tional Conference in Quebec           Canadian Automatic Sprinkler          DeWALT Industrial Tool Co.             Masco Canada Ltd.                      figure out — my forecast
City. These companies helped           Association                          DuPont Canada                          NAIMA Canada                           is a bit of a gray zone.
make the event possible:              Canadian Home Warranty                Federated Insurance Company            Natural Resources Canada                  “However, I believe
All Weather Windows                    Council                                of Canada Ltd.                       NEEZO Inc.                             starts may be stronger. I
Altus Group Economic                  Canadian Manufactured                 Genworth Financial Canada              Owens Corning Canada                   expect about 160,000
  Consulting                           Housing Institute                    Home BUILDER Magazine                  Progress Lighting                      units to be started this
American Standard Brands              Canadian Ready Mixed                  Home Hardware Building                 RBC Royal Bank                         year, moving up to
AyA Kitchens & Baths Ltd.              Concrete Association                   Centre                               Reid/Foster Associates                 163,000 in 2010.”
Black & Decker Hardware and           Canadian Wood Council                   Beauti-Tone Paint and Home           Taymor Industries Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                          s Federated Insurance
  Home Improvement:                   Canwest                                 Products                             TD Canada Trust
  Kwikset                             Cement Association of Canada          Honeywell Limited                      The Warranty Resource                  Company of Canada,
  Baldwin                             CertainTeed Gypsum Canada,            Humphreys Public Affairs               Trane Canada                           Taymor Industries Ltd.,
  Price Pfister                        Inc.                                   Group                                Travelers Guarantee Company            and the Canadian Home
  Weiser Lock                         Certiwood Technical Centre            JELD-WEN Windows and Doors               of Canada                            Warranty Council co-
Builder Lynx                          CHBA Manufacturers’ Council                                                  Whirlpool Canada                       sponsored the Nanos
                                                                                                                                                          presentation and the an-
                                                                                                                                                          nual economic session.
4/THE NATIONAL March, 2009
                                                          AWARDS RECOGNIZE OUSTANDING MEMBERS

                                                          Paying tribute to
                                                          CHBA’s best
                                                                    HEY’RE the best
s   MAFFIN: “Multi-tasking can damage the brain.”                   of the CHBA and
                                                                    the Association

Going too far                                                       paid tribute to
                                                          them at its 66th National
                                                          Conference in Quebec

with technology                                           City this month.
                                                            They are the winners
                                                          of the CHBA’s National
                                                                                                                                                      Greater Dufferin, Grey-
                                                                                                                                                      Bruce, Guelph & Dis-
                                                                                                                                                      trict, Halfimand-Norfolk,
    THE pace of technological change is making            Awards Program and                                                                          Haliburton County, Ham-
    people artificially accelerate things, technology     they were recognized in                                                                     ilton-Halton, Lanark and
expert Tod Maffin told the 66th National Conference       a special ceremony to                                                                       Leeds, London, Niagara,
in Quebec City. And people love that because it leads     mark their outstanding                                                                      Peterborough & The
them to believe they are multi-tasking.                   service.                                                                                    Kawarthas, Quinte, Ren-
    “And if you are not multi-tasking, you feel defi-       Recognition was also                                                                      frew County, Sarnia-
cient,” Maffin said. “We set a goal, decide on a path     given to 43 HBAs for                                                                        Lambton, Seaway Valley,
to it, then forget about the goal. We wind up in a vi-    their efforts at retaining                                                                  St. Thomas & Elgin,
cious circle. But instead of ditching the technology,     membership.                                                                                 Stratford & Area, Sud-
we think ‘well I bought it, so I should use it.’ We         The awards rundown:                                                                       bury District, Thunder
adapt ourselves to the technology.”                         Beaver Award: Joe                                                                         Bay. Saskatchewan —
    But Maffin said multi-tasking leads to neurologi-     Valela of Toronto’s BILD                                                                    Regina & Region, Saska-
cal damage by short-changing the areas of the brain       (Building Industry and                                                                      toon & Region.
devoted to memory and learning. An important de-          Land Development Asso-
velopment builders should be paying attention to is       ciation) — the outstand-                                                                    Executive
Facebook on the Internet, he said. Seven million Ca-      ing builder member of                                                                       Officers’ Council
nadians are on it and they believe it is a young audi-    the year.                                                                                   Awards
ence. “Most think it is a teenage audience,” he said,       Gordon S. Shipp                                                                           Dave Stupart Award of
“but in fact its audience is primarily adult.             Award: Don Darling of         s  JOE VALELA of Toronto shows his total delight at winning   Honor (full-time EO):
    “Everything you do on Facebook is tracked and         CHBA–Sussex and Dis-          the Beaver Award for the outstanding builder member of the    Sheila Hissa of the
reported. So this is a branding opportunity. You          trict, for leadership, ded-   year.                                                         Greater Barrie Home
should create a ‘fan’ page where people can report        ication, and continuous                                                                     Builders’ Association.
that they are fans of your product. It’s a simple thing   lengthy ser vice to the       than 100 members —             bia — Central Interior,        Dave Stupart Award of
that’s easy to do, and it’s free.”                        CHBA at the national          Rob MacCallum of the           Central Okanagan, Fra-         Honor (part-time EO):
s RBC Royal Bank, Whirlpool Canada, and Travel-           level.                        CHBA–Central Vancou-           ser Valley, Greater Van-       Glenn Gray of the Grey-
ers Guarantee Company of Canada co-sponsored                Colonel Boss Trophy:        ver Island. Association        couver, South Okanagan,        Bruce Home Builders’
Maffin’s presentation.                                    CHBA–Calgary Region           with less than 100 mem-        Victoria. Manitoba —           Association.
                                                          for the greatest progress     bers — Luc Bock of the         Manitoba. New Bruns-             Ken McKinlay Award:
                                                          in achievement com-           Sudbury and District           wick — Greater Freder-         Donna Moore,
                                                          pared with previous           Home Builders’ Associa-        icton, Greater Moncton,        CHBA–Calgary Region.
                                                          years.                        tion.                          Sussex & District. New-          Susan Chambers
                                                            Harry J. Long Memo-           Membership Retention         foundland & Labrador —         Award of Recognition:
                                                          rial Trophy: CHBA–Cen-        Awards were presented          Eastern Newfoundland.          Donna Moore, CHBA–
                                                          tral Okanagan, for the        to 43 Local HBAs across        Nova Scotia — Cape             Calgary Region.
                                                          highest increase in mem-      the country. The win-          Breton, Central Nova,          s Genworth Financial
                                                          bership.                      ners:                          South Shore. Ontario —         Canada and Black &
                                                            Community Service             Alberta — Calgary Re-        BILD, Toronto’s Building       Decker Hardware and
                                                          Award: CHBA of Central        gion, Central Alberta,         Industry & Land Devel-         Home Improvement
                                                          Nova, for the betterment      Edmonton, Grande Prai-         opment Association,            Group co-sponsored the
                                                          of the way of life of         rie Region, Lethbridge         Brantford, Chatham             Awards Breakfast and
                                                          people in its community.      Region. British Colum-         Kent, Durham Region,           speaker Peter Jensen.
                                                            Dave Bell Memorial
                                                          Trophy: Greater Vancou-
                                                          ver Home Builders’ As-

                                                                                        To succeed, think success
s  BUAHENE (LEFT) AND KOVARY: “You can’t manage ex-       sociation, for the local or
pectations if you don’t know what they are.”              provincial HBA deemed
                                                          to have undertaken ef-

Why age matters in                                        fective human resource
                                                          development activities,
                                                          including education and
                                                                                           SUCCESS comes to
                                                                                           those who can best
                                                                                                                                                      from moment to moment.
                                                                                                                                                        “I teach athletes to act

picking employees                                         training, for the benefit
                                                          of members and the con-
                                                          suming public.
                                                                                        imagine themselves be-
                                                                                        ing successful, sport psy-
                                                                                        chologist Dr. Peter
                                                                                                                                                      as if they have time,” he
                                                                                                                                                      said. “When you act as if
                                                                                                                                                      you have time — you
    GETTING to understand what drives the four maj-         William M. McCance          Jensen says.                                                  have time.
    or age groups in the housing industry workplace       Award: Bob Maling of            So getting mentally fit                                       “Go into action think-
is a key to hiring success, a pair of speakers told the   the Greater Vancouver         to be in business is im-                                      ing about what it is you
66th National Conference in Quebec City. And all          Home Builders’ Associa-       portant.                                                      want and need to do, not
four groups are completely different, Giselle Kovary      tion, for his outstanding       “There is a whole pile                                      about what it is you do
and Adwoa Buahene of n-gen People Performance             contributions to the          of skills involved,” Dr.                                      not want and need to do.
Inc. said.                                                home building industry        Jensen told the 66th Na-                                      What you are running in
    The four groups begin with the Traditionalists —      in the technical area.        tional Conference in                                          your mind is critical. Im-
those aged 64 to 87. “They are always saving for a          Riley Brethour Award:       Quebec City. “Without                                         ages are events of the
rainy day and they are long-term visionaries,”            Alan Churchill of the         them, we choke.                                               body. Run images of
Kovary and Buahene said.                                  London Home Builders’           “Sports psychology                                          what you want, then you
    The Boomer Generation, now aged 45 to 63, want        Association, for contri-      asks what exceptional                                         will align yourself more
to “shake things up.” They want to put their stamp on     butions to the housing        people do on the inside                                       with that possibility.
                                                          industry in the field of      that makes them stand
things, which is how they differentiate themselves
from those they compete with.                             marketing and sales.          out on the outside.                                           Just imagine
                                                            R-2000 Award: Joseph                                       s  JENSEN: “You can’t do       “You can’t do things you
    GenXers, aged 29 to 44, are the largest group of
entrepreneurs. They are focused on learning and           Vella of Toronto’s BILD       No auto pilot                  things you can’t imagine.”     can’t imagine.”
growing. Their goal is to maintain their independ-        (Building Industry and        “Unfortunately, we don’t                                        Dr. Jensen said a sense
ence.                                                     Land Development Asso-        come with an auto pilot.       maintain physical resil-       of mastery is enhanced
    The fourth group — the Gen-Y now aged nine to         ciation), for outstanding     We have to adjust when         ience.                         by imagery, and a clear
28 — are coming of age at a difficult time. “At school    leadership in construc-       we get blown aside by            “Optimists are com-          and compelling mental
they cannot fail,” Kovary and Buahene said. “They         tion of R-2000 homes and      the winds of change.”          pletely out of touch with      image of the future en-
get marked by what’s right, not what’s wrong. And         active promotion of R-          Dr. Jensen said people       reality. But constantly        hances that.
they have this wonderful expression ‘do-over’ —           2000 within the               have the unique capacity       talking about how bad            “Your imagery deter-
when something goes wrong, it’s like, ‘Oh well. Do-       Association.                  to step back and look at       things are doesn’t take        mines how you feel,” he
over’.”                                                     Canadian Renovators’        themselves. But they are       us anywhere. It’s a dis-       said. “Imagery is the
    All four generations are loyal, just in different     Council Award: John           least human when they          connection.                    only language your body
ways, Kovary and Buahene said. “Employees today           Friswell of the Greater       are reacting; they are           “Instead, make an opti-      speaks; it doesn’t speak
are asking themselves what is the return on the in-       Vancouver Home Build-         most human when they           mistic appraisal of            English. If you don’t
vestment of their time as employees,” they said. “You     ers’ Association, for a       become aware and make          events. Awareness is the       know where you are go-
cannot manage expectations if you don’t know what         significant contribution      choices.                       key. We all need to wake       ing, any road will get you
they are.”                                                to the renovation indus-        “Manage yourself, so         up and notice the impact       there.
s The Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute,            try and exemplary lead-       others don’t have to,” Dr.     things are having on us.”        “It is easier to get
JELD-WEN Windows and Doors, and Builder Lynx              ership qualities within       Jensen said. “Of ten you         Dr. Jensen said it is        pulled by where you’re
co-sponsored the n-gen presentation.                      the Association.              are blocked by your            important to be able to        going than to be pushed
                                                            Rooftopper Awards:          imagination. Build and         manage energy skills           by where you are at.”
                                                          Association with more
                                                                                                                                                         THE NATIONAL March, 2009/5
    Sharing a success story ‘amid the doom and gloom’
   THE integration of land de-                                              view registrants within eight       the answers. My mold will not      vantage of financial pres-
   velopment with sales and                                                 weeks,” he said. “And 800 fam-      fit all marketing programs.        sures, a weak fall market, and
marketing is the key to a suc-                                              ilies visited the site on the       Most of what I have to say is      an aggressive competitor,” he
cessful community launch —                                                  launch date — in fact 15 fami-      just basic common sense.           said.
especially in today’s challeng-                                             lies actually waited overnight         “And I am convinced that          “I believe in using the latest
ing economic climate — last                                                 to get in.” In addition, 40 units   the principal of land develop-     communications technology to
month’s National Marketing                                                  were sold at the Grand Open-        ment integration with sales        get to potential purchasers
Committee meeting in Quebec                                                 ing on Nov. 8.                      and marketing is the real key      quickly and cost-effectively.
City was told.                                                                 Bauco said Arista is a pri-      to success.”                       You have to think beyond tra-
  And getting buyers involved                                               vately-run operation that                                              ditional media. So we used an
in the process makes all the                                                builds about 500 to 700 units a     Expenses reduced                   e-mail campaign that allowed
difference.                                                                 year. It was founded in 1994        Bauco said he significantly re-    potential customers to re-
  The approach brought suc-                                                 and has become one of the           duced his sales expense with       spond to us, and it worked
cess “amid the doom and                                                     largest builders/developers in      the Centre Point development       very effectively. An e-mail
gloom” last Fall for the Arista                                             Ontario with land interests         by eliminating the traditional     marketing campaign can help
Homes Centre Point develop-                                                 throughout southern Ontario.        model home or $300,000 plus        create a database of thou-
ment in Mississauga, Ont.,                                                     “I agreed to share our suc-      temporary sales centre.            sands of preview registrants.”
Arista’s Corporate Affairs VP                                               cess story because I believe          Instead he set up three            Bauco said he used the
Domenic Bauco told the meet-                                                all of our combined successes       small trailers behind 1,200        same technology to engage in
ing.                                                                        as an industry propel all of        feet of hoarding, resulting in a   a dialogue with potential buy-
  “It helped us get 2,000 pre-                                              our individual corporate suc-       highly efficient and cost effec-   ers before the project was
                                                                s BAUCO
                                                                            cesses,” he said.                   tive sales centre.                 launched.
                                                                               “I don’t pretend to have all       “Our plan was to take ad-

                                                                SURVEY TAPS TOP BUILDER CONCERNS

                                                                Buyers seen to
                                                                lack confidence
                                                                                                BUT AN EXPERT COUNTERS

                                                                           LACK of con-                                                                  before the 2009 Federal
                                                                           sumer confi-                                                                  Budget, so it does not re-
                                                                           dence now tops
                                                                           the list of new
                                                                home builders’ concerns,
                                                                                                Home buying                                              flect renovator expecta-
                                                                                                                                                         tions with respect to the
                                                                                                                                                         new Home Renovation
                                                                a new industry poll
                                                                shows. And more than
                                                                half of those who re-
                                                                                                is a good                                                Tax Credit.”
                                                                                                                                                           Arsenault said renova-
                                                                                                                                                         tors also registered in-
                                                                sponded called it a “crit-
                                                                ical” problem.
                                                                  That was the outcome
                                                                                                idea – always!                                           creased concerns about
                                                                                                                                                         consumer confidence,
                                                                                                                                                         but not to the same de-
                                                                of the CHBA’s 42nd Pulse         SPENDING money to buy a new home is always a            gree as new home build-
                                                                Sur vey. It found that 54%       good investment, economist Peter Norman told            ers. And renovators said
                                                                of respondents rated          the Quebec City meeting of the National Marketing          the underground econ-
                                                                consumer confidence           Committee last month.                                      omy and shortage of
s  NEW EQuilibrium Initiative project, “The Green Dream         critical — up from only           “As housing prices go through cycles — and they        trades and labor con-
Home” is under way in Kamloops, B.C. CHBA–Central Inte-         6% a year ago.                always do — there is going to be some effect on            tinue as critical prob-
rior is the builder-developer in consort with Thompson Rivers     New home builders           price,” Norman said. “It is not a fait accompli that       lems.
University.                                                     also told the poll they ex-   the market is going to decline.
                                                                pect housing starts this          “The investment is still sound and will prove          Price decline
New EQuilibrium                                                 year to come in substan-
                                                                tial lower than last and
                                                                well below levels from
                                                                2002 to 2007.
                                                                                              worthwhile in time. It does not matter when in the
                                                                                              cycle you buy to make this true. You should not hold
                                                                                              off on the premise that things will get better. That’s a
                                                                                              false premise.”
                                                                                                                                                         “The sur vey showed that
                                                                                                                                                         more than half of new
                                                                                                                                                         home builders expect
                                                                                                                                                         new single-detached

project a go for                                                  The CHBA did the sur-
                                                                vey of new home build-
                                                                ers and renovators
                                                                                              Many housing cycles
                                                                                              Norman said there have been many housing cycles
                                                                                                                                                         home prices will decline
                                                                                                                                                         during the next 12
                                                                                                                                                         months,” Arsenault said.

B.C. local HBA                                                  across the country in         in Canada since the 1960s, and although some have            “And home builders in
                                                                December, 2008 and Jan-       seen prices decline, only four of those declines have      most regions expect
                                                                uary, 2009 with the assis-    been severe.                                               some decline in employ-
                                                                tance of Canada Mort-            “One of the issues is how to convey the notion to       ment in their firms in
   THREE new EQuilibrium Initiative projects un-                gage and Housing              the general public,” Norman said. “Public sentiment        the year ahead.
   veiled in February — including one that involves             Corporation and Natural       turns very quickly on the issue of whether a house is        “Traffic is generally
a local HBA — are making good progress, Canada                  Resources Canada.             a good investment or not. In periods when there            down at new home sales
Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Sue Ann Roth-                                              have been very mild declines in price, very quickly        sites, the sur vey showed.
well told last month’s National Marketing Committee             The response                  you get a sentiment that housing is not a good invest-     And the decline is across
meeting in Quebec City.                                         A total of 431 renovators     ment. But in periods like we have had for the last         all buyer segments.”
   And the original 12 projects are at different stages         and new home builders         eight to 10 years, that sentiment turns around com-
of construction and demonstration.                              responded, and Altus          pletely.”
   Rothwell said two of the new projects are in Brit-           Group Economic Con-
ish Columbia — including “The Green Dream Home”                 sulting tabulated and an-
in Kamloops in which the builder-developer is a con-            alyzed the results. Altus
sortium of the CHBA–Central Interior and Thompson
Rivers University.
   “This development is the first geothermal golf re-
                                                                EVP Patricia Arsenault
                                                                tabled the results at last
                                                                month’s National Mar-
                                                                                              How to make customers happy
sort community which resides on Kamloops Indian                 keting Committee meet-           CRM — Customer Re-                                      correspondence and in-
Band reserve land across the South Thompson River               ing in Quebec City.              lations Management                                      teraction from initial
from the Kamloops downtown core,” Rothwell said.                  Arsenault said the sur -    — and its associated                                       contact onward,” Moots
   “The student involvement ranges from the build-              vey showed concerns           technology are crucial                                     said. “It’s a never-ending
ing design and installation of site landscaping by              about shortages of fi-        for success in today’s                                     relationship with each
horticultural students, to classroom and job site               nancing and profitability     housing market, last                                       customer.
work by construction trades students under the close            also increased signifi-       month’s National Mar-                                        “Improving your CRM
super vision of journeymen and experienced instruc-             cantly during the last 12     keting Committee meet-                                     improves contact with
tors. The home will be about 2,300 square feet with             months.                       ing was told.                                              customers, builds cus-
an attached garage.”                                              “Nearly 20% of respon-        CRM can improve                                          tomer satisfaction, and
   Rothwell said the other two new EQuilibrium pro-             dents identified financ-      sales by fulfilling cus-                                   creates sales opportuni-
jects are Harmony House in Burnaby, B.C., and The               ing as a critical problem     tomer expectations,                                        ties.
Vision Home in Moncton, N.B. The Harmony House                  compared with only 2% a       thereby increasing cus-                                      “It also leads to more
will be a two-story 3,500 sq. ft. home with a basement          year ago,” she said.          tomer satisfaction, the                                    referral sales, while cre-
and attached garage. Its flexible design allows for               “CHBA renovator             Committee was told.                                        ating a better customer
two housing units as well as the capability for an in-          members are more opti-          That was the story                                       experience and a better
home office. The Moncton Vision Home will be a de-              mistic, with a majority       from major CRM tech-                                       builder experience.”
tached home in the new “Vision Lands” community                 expecting a similar or in-    nology supplier Builder                                      Moots said more infor-
development in downtown Moncton. It features                    creased level of activity     Lynx’s President An-         s   MOOTS: “Improving your    mation is available on
“earth friendly” best practices including preser va-            during the coming year        thony J. Moots.              CRM improves customer sat-    the company’s website,
tion of natural features, and on-site storm water               compared with last year.        “CRM means targeted        isfaction.”         
management.                                                       “The sur vey was done
6/THE NATIONAL March, 2009
                                                                 s  THE “Talon at Eaglewind,” a 25-acre    Community Development Award for            ing more than 400 homes. The develop-
s  A BLEND of wood, stone, and glass is the outstanding fea-     master-planned community designed to      Solterra Development Corporation, of       ment includes an 11-acre park and a
ture of Multi-Family Project SAM winner “Pathways,” by Van-      resemble a European village with a con-   Delta, B.C. It consists of six distinct    network of natural pathways and roads
couver’s Adera Development Corp. The design draws on ma-         temporary mountain flavor won the         communities within a master plan total-    connecting all six of its communities.
terials from the immediate area, and reflects the bold themes
characterized by the modern West Coast lifestyle.                SAM AWARDS PAY TRIBUTE TO THE CHBA’S TOPS

                                                                 A salute to the
                                                                 best in marketing
s   FUNCTIONALITY and environmental performance are the                   HE CHBA paid                                                                             Addition: Pioneer
earmarks of this residence in Hamilton, Ont. It won the new               tribute to the                                                                         Craftsmen Ltd., Kitch-
“Green Home Award” for its developer, New Horizon Homes.                  tops in the resi-                                                                      ener, Ont.
The three-bedroom family home provides lots of open, live-                dential construc-                                                                        Whole House $500,000
able space, and natural light fills every room — an added ben-   tion business at its 66th                                                                       or less: GNS Renova-
efit of passive solar design.                                    National Conference in                                                                          tions Incorporated,
                                                                 Quebec City last month.                                                                         Elmsdale, N.S.
                                                                    It was the CHBA Na-                                                                            Whole House More
                                                                 tional SAM Awards pre-                                                                          than $500,000: The Caruk
                                                                 sented by American                                                                              Group Inc., Markham,
                                                                 Standard Brands and                                                                             Ont.
                                                                 Trane Canada.
                                                                    It recognized outstand-                                                                      Marketing
                                                                 ing performance in new                                                                          Awards
                                                                 homes and renovation                                                                            Best Print Advertise-
                                                                 design, innovative tech-                                                                        ment: Lifetime Develop-
                                                                 nology and construction                                                                         ments and BLVD Devel-
                                                                 techniques, and out-                                                                            opments, Toronto, Ont. —
                                                                 standing marketing and                                                                          Liberty Market Lofts.
                                                                 sales activities.                                                                                 Best Direct Mail Pro-
                                                                    Adera Development                                                                            motion: Camrost –
                                                                 Corporation of Vancou-                                                                          Felcorp, Toronto, Ont. —
                                                                 ver won the coveted                                                                             California Condos.
                                                                 American Standard                                                                                 Best Website: Bazis In-
s   Whole House renovation before ...                                                           s DELIGHTED winner of the American Standard Grand
                                                                 Grand SAM Award which                                                                           ternational Inc., Con-
                                                                                                SAM Award, Kevin Mahon of Vancouver’s Adera Development          cord, Ont. — Emerald
                                                                 is is presented for com-
And a whole house                                                bined excellence in both
                                                                 the building and market-
                                                                 ing of new homes.
                                                                                                Corp., shares his moment with CHBA President Gary Friend.

                                                                                                gary, Alta. — The Bristol       Community
                                                                                                                                                                   Best Project Signage
                                                                                                                                                                 and Logo: Bazis Interna-

reno wins a SAM                                                     Arcus Developments
                                                                 Inc. of Calgary won the
                                                                 Marketing Excellence
                                                                                                7 in Auburn Bay.
                                                                                                   Single-detached, more
                                                                                                than 2,200 sq. ft.: Doug
                                                                                                                                Development Award
                                                                                                                                Solterra Development
                                                                                                                                Corporation, Delta, B.C.
                                                                                                                                                                 tional Inc., Concord, Ont.
                                                                                                                                                                 — Emerald Park.
                                                                                                                                                                   Best Brochure/Kit:
   THE SAM Award for the best Whole House reno-                                                 Tarry Limited, St. Thom-
   vation costing more than $500,000 went to The                 Award for its project                                          — Talon at Eaglewind.            Lifetime Developments
                                                                 Astoria on Tenth. The          as, Ont. — The Willow.                                           and BLVD Develop-
Caruk Group Inc., of Markham, Ont. for this ambi-                                                  Single attached:             Home Renovation
tious renovation started with a 1960s bungalow, and              award, to the CHBA buil-                                                                        ments, Toronto, Ont. —
                                                                 der member whose               Transolini Chetner Con-         Awards                           Liberty Market Lofts.
created an elegant two-storey residence that pro-                                               struction Corporation,          Kitchen: Kerr Construc-
vides extensive amenities. A new second storey in-               single project combines                                                                           Best Sales Office:
                                                                 the best over-all achieve-     Vancouver, B.C. — dwell-        tion, Vancouver, B.C.            Adera Devel,opment
cludes a master suite with dressing room and                                                    ings on 3rd.                      Any Room: New Hori-
ensuite, two additional bedrooms, and a study and                ments in marketing, is                                                                          Corp., Vancouver, B.C. —
                                                                 based on the cumulative        New Home Awards                 zon Homes, Hamilton,             Salus.
office. The Cape Cod-style exterior blends effort-                                                                              Ont.
lessly into a surrounding golf course, taking full               score attained in at least     — Custom
advantage of the site views.                                     four marketing award           Single-detached, less
                                                                 categories.                    than 2,500 sq. ft.: Jay-
                                                                    New Horizon Homes of        Mack Custom Homes
                                                                 Hamilton won the Green         Inc., Calgary, Alta.
                                                                 Home Award, presented            Single-detached, be-
                                                                 for the first time this        tween 2,500 sq. ft. and
                                                                 year. The award is for         4,000 sq. ft.: Linwood
                                                                 outstanding environmen-        Homes Ltd., Delta, B.C.
                                                                 tal performance in a new         Single-detached, more
                                                                 single-detached home.          than 4,000 sq. ft.: Ab-
                                                                    Other winners:              stract Developments Inc.
                                                                                                and KB Design, Victoria,
                                                                 New Home Awards                B.C.
                                                                 — Production
                                                                 Single-detached, less          New Home Awards
                                                                                                                                s  SITED high above the surrounding area, this unique mod-
                                                                 than 1,500 sq. ft.: Doug       — Multi-family
                                                                                                                                ernist home is carved into the land. Abstract Developments
                                                                 Tarry Limited, St. Thom-       Project
                                                                                                                                Inc. and KB Design of Victoria, B.C., built the house which was
                                                                 as, Ont. — The Morello.        Adera Development
                                                                                                                                the SAM winner for Custom Built single-detached home of
                                                                    Single-detached, be-        Corp., Vancouver, B.C. —
                                                                                                                                more than 4,000 square feet. Outside, wood, concrete, steel,
s   ... and after.                                               tween 1,500 and 2,200 sq.      Pathways.
                                                                                                                                and glass combine effortlessly, and terraced concrete decks
                                                                 ft.: Albi Homes Ltd., Cal-                                     on three sides offer expansive views of the ocean.
                                                                                                                                                                     THE NATIONAL March, 2009/7
                                                                                   Now a new Executive takes office
                                                                                      A NEW Executive
                                                                                      Board was elected to

Cash is king as                                                                    lead the CHBA as the As-
                                                                                   sociation’s 66th National
                                                                                   Conference in Quebec
                                                                                   City last month.

economy turns                                                                        They are pictured
                                                                                   (right) going through the
                                                                                   formal swearing in cere-

down, ERC told                                                                     mony administered by
                                                                                   outgoing Past President
                                                                                   Richard Lind.
                                                                                     Elected to serve with
    CASH is king as the Canadian economy heads                                     new President Gary
    into a downturn that may not stabilize until                                   Friend of Surrey, B.C.,
2010, CHBA economist Dr. Peter Andersen told                                       were First Vice-Presi-
last month’s meeting of the CHBA Economic Re-                                      dent Joe Valela of Tor-
search Committee.                                                                  onto, Second Vice-Presi-
    “The international banking system is extremely                                 dents Victor Fiume, of
fragile, and that’s the heart of the problem,” Dr.                                 Oshawa, and Don Dar-
Andersen said. “It is squeezing the economies for                                  ling of Sussex, N.B.,
credit. So it’s not what you make that matters, it’s                               Treasurer Jane Morgan
what you keep. Any recovery is going to be slow                                    of St. John’s N.L., and      serve as Past President.      Moldenhauer of Missis-            lan of Cochran, Alta.,
and painful. We need to have some other game                                       Secretary Bob Finnigan       The Urban Council rep-        sauga. And Friend                 Ron Olson of Saskatoon,
plans.”                                                                            of Toronto.                  resentative on the Board      named as his Presiden-            and Mike Cochren of
    Dr. Andersen said he expects about 160,000                                       John Hrynkow will          will be its Chair, Michael    tial appointees Don Doo-          Oakville, Ont.
new housing starts this year, but much depends on
spring sales.
    Conversely, the renovation sector is not doing
that badly, Dr. Andersen said. “People who are                                     VISION ACTION COMMITTEE REPORTS

                                                                                   Getting ready for
thinking about selling homes know they are going
to have to work harder to prepare their homes for
sale,” he said.
    New home builder members on the Committee
were varied in their comments. A roundup:
starts in the province were up 23.1% last year led

                                                                                   emerging issues
by a 26.5% surge in single-detached construction
activity in St. John’s. Unprecedented new home
demand continues to exceed supply and high vol-
ume builders are operating at full capacity.
NOVA SCOTIA: The province’s new home market
is moderating because of strong price growth dur-
ing the last six years. Pent-up demand is nearly
exhausted, so new home construction will align
with demographic demand. Activity is expected to

                                                                                         SSUES that are
decline this year due to the current economic                                            emerging in the res-
slowdown.                                                                                idential construc-
NEW BRUNSWICK: Housing activity is expected                                              tion industry have
to moderate from recent strong levels, which is in                                 been addressed by the
line with weaker economic activity in 2009 and                                     CHBA’s Vision Action
2010. Although a lower Canadian dollar and re-                                     Committee, last month’s
duced costs due to a decline in energy prices                                      Annual Meeting of Mem-
should help exporters, dampened global demand                                      bers in Quebec City was
for commodities and soft commodity prices will                                     told.
hamper economic growth.                                                              Five key areas were
ONTARIO: The year ahead should be weaker as                                        addressed, Committee
the global economic climate has begun to affect                                    Chair Greg Christensen
new home construction. Due to the volatility in                                    said, and recommenda-
the housing market and across the broader econ-                                    tions for dealing with
omy, it is difficult to make an accurate prediction                                them have been adopted.
or assessment of the level of housing activity in                                    In addition to the
2009. The single-family housing sector will con-                                   economy, Christensen
tinue to experience challenges. The more volatile                                  said, his committee came
multi-family sector should outperform single-fam-                                  up with recommenda-
ily homes because of a backlog in pre-sold Greater                                 tions for dealing with en-
Toronto Area condominiums.                                                                                      s  MEMBERS hear how Vision Action Committee adressed emerging issues in the residential
                                                                                   vironmental, technical,      construction industry at last month’s Annual Meeting in Quebec City.
MANITOBA: Canada Mortgage and Housing Cor-                                         urban, and education
poration says that, despite a slower pace of eco-                                  and training issues.
nomic growth, a number of major capital projects                                                                                              widespread use of tool-           Committee recom-
will ensure Manitoba remains among Canada’s top                                    Acting on issues                                           kits on topics like inclu-
                                                                                                                                              sionary zoning, and
                                                                                                                                                                                mended that the CHBA
                                                                                                                                                                                work with the Construc-
economic preformers this year and next. However,                                   “I would like to reassure
starts will slow this year due to the economic un-                                                                                            housing affordability and         tion Sector Council to
                                                                                   members that we are act-                                   choice.                           develop a Builder Focus
certainty facing buyers.                                                           ing on our major issues,
SASKATCHEWAN: The province’s urban and ru-                                                                                                      In the area of Educa-           Group on the Residen-
                                                                                   and our voice is being                                     tion and Training,                tial Labor Market of the
ral communities continued to report strong hous-                                   heard,” Christensen
ing markets in 2008. Starts totaled 4,653 for the                                                                                             Christensen said, his             Future.
                                                                                   said. “Note that all our
year, but that does not reflect the economic mo-                                   recommendations are
mentum that is shifting toward the development                                     being acted on.”
of more entry-level units with multi-family starts                                   Christensen said his
increasing 2%.                                                                     Committee came up with
ALBERTA: Although some areas of the province                                       19 recommendations to
are showing signs of recovery, builders hoping for                                 deal with primary areas
a turnaround in 2009 will be disappointed. Alber-                                  of the CHBA’s environ-
tans are recognizing their vulnerability in a way                                  mental activity — among
they have seldom, if ever, seen before.                                                                         s  CHRISTENSEN: “Our
                                                                                   them promoting the re-
BRITISH COLUMBIA: The province is not im-                                          furbishment of the           voice is being heard.”
mune from the global economic crisis, its report                                   model National Energy
says. But certain factors come into play that                                      Code for Houses, and
change the severity felt by other provinces. By                                                                 should be informed
                                                                                   supporting energy effi-      about the National Buil-
paying down provincial debt with previous budget                                   ciency as an objective of
surpluses, the current government is now able to                                                                ding Code change pro-
                                                                                   the model National Buil-     cess, and that the Cana-
mitigate the crisis from a position of strength.                                   ding Code.                   dian Commission on
                                                                                     It also recommended        Building and Fire Codes
HOUSING STARTS BY PROVINCE                                                         working with Natural         communicate this pro-
                                      2005     2006     2007      2008     2009*   Resources Canada to-         cess more effectively to
N.L. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    2,870    2,498    2,325    3,261    2,675    ward adopting an up-         provincial and muni-
N.B. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    3,947    3,959    4,250    4,274    3,475    dated R-2000 standard.       cipal governments.”
P.E.I. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      919      862      680      712      625      “In the technical
Nova Scotia . . . . . . .             4,717    5,000    4,700    3,982    4,100    area,” Christensen said,     Toolkit need
Quebec . . . . . . . . . . . .       58,448   50,910   52,400   47,901   40,700    “the focus is to ensure      Christensen said his
Ontario . . . . . . . . . . . .      85,114   78,795   67,700   75,076   46,000    that new code require-
Manitoba . . . . . . . . . .          4,440    4,731    5,750    5,537    4,750                                 Committee came up with        s   PRESIDENTIAL Award of Excellence is presented to long-
                                                                                   ments are needed and         16 recommendations to         standing CHBA member Tom Cochren of Hamilton, Ont., for
Sask. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     3,781    3,437    6,000    6,826    5,750
Alberta . . . . . . . . . . . .      40,847   49,000   47,750   29,164   19,000    justified, and to prevent    deal with emerging ur-        his many years of dedicated service to the CHBA. Outgoing
B.C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   32,925   34,667   36,200   34,321   27,500    the inclusion of those       ban issues.                   President John Hrynkow (left) made the presentation at last
                                                                                   that are not.                  Among the 16 was a          month’s National Conference in Quebec City. Cochren, a for-
Canada                               233,431 225,481 227,530 211,056 154,575
                                                                                     “The Committee made        recommendation to en-         mer President, is still active in the Association as Chair of its
Source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
* CHBA Economic Research Committee builder forecast
                                                                                   six recommendations, in-     courage local and pro-        Conference Committee.
                                                                                   cluding that the industry    vincial HBAs to make
8/THE NATIONAL March, 2009