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									Supreme Knight
John Doran

Deputy Supreme
Action and Youth
Jonjo McDonagh                         Easter 2006

Immediate Past Supreme
Tony Doherty KSG

Ecclesiastical Adviser            CHARITY
The Rt Rev Malcolm
McMahon OP
Bishop of Nottingham        FRATERNITY

Spirituality and Welfare
Will Gallagher

Membership and
Fred Stacey                The Knights of St Columba is an Order
                           of Catholic laymen dedicated to the
                           service of the Church and fellow men.
                           The organisation is non-political and
                           essentially democratic. It exists to
Treasurer                  support the mission of the Catholic
Richard Mitchell           Church and to work for the spiritual and
                           material good of its members and their

                           There are only two requirements for
Recording Secretary        membership: that the candidate is a
Hugh Carroll               practicing Catholic as understood by the
                           Church and that he is aged 16 years or

                           If you want to know more about the
                           Order or information about joining you
Bertie Grogan              can contact the KSC’s Glasgow head
                           office where staff will be pleased to help

                             The Knights of St Columba
                               75 Hillington Rd South
David Shetcliffe                       Glasgow
                                       G52 2AE
                             email” headoffice@ksc.org

Harry Welsh
                                Editor: Mike Fitzgerald
                            Advertising: Peter Sims-Coomber
BERTIE GROGAN visits a branch of the Samaritans - the focus
of the KSC’s current National Action Project

HAVING written about              branch I was pleased to see    accepted, they go through
fundraising for our National      the KSC poster on the          an in-depth interview, they
Action Project Knights of St      notice board Unsung Heroes     are carefully monitored at
Columba supporting                as I had no idea the           each training session and
Samaritan Volunteers over         branches had receive the       all matters discussed.
the last few months, I was        poster. They have also had       While sitting in, they
invited to a Samaritan            contact with the local KSC     discussed what they are
Branch in the London Area,        Council over some years -      trained not to do. They
to see a branch in action.        indeed one of the              must not offer advice or
  And what an eye-opener it       volunteers is also a member    opinions to callers.
was. From the moment I            of the local Council of the    Listening is the important
arrived, it was clear that the    Knights.                       thing. Listening can include
dedication and                      This particular branch       silence.
professionalism of the            has more female volunteers       We discussed the
volunteers manning the            than males as is usual in      Samaritans’ new answering
phones was truly                  most branches in the           service: via e-mail this is
remarkable. This is a             London area. We discussed      new worldwide service, with
genuinely worthwhile cause        their busy times, which        branches replying to
- the volunteers of various       occur now more often now.      problems via computer. It is
ages and nationalities            Christmas is not the only      all very strictly controlled.
bringing much needed help         lonely time of year.           As I was leaving the Branch
over the phone to people                                         the director was going to a
who are often in despair.            During a coffee break,      one-to-one meeting with a
  As I arrived, daytime            the branch director           client - such meetings must
volunteers were changing           informed me that they         be booked in advance.
shift. Three volunteers were       had 16 volunteers (new
starting a three hour stint        Samaritans as they refer
which reduces to two hours         to them) upstairs doing         Breaking News: All
in the evening. All had been       their training. What a        Provinces of the Order have
Samaritans for a number of         pleasant surprise.            received a copy of A-Z on
years and and explained                                          Fundraising. Over the years
how they worked. There              We then proceeded to         our Order has raised funds
were three phone booths,          meet the new volunteers, a     via various means such as
one for each volunteer on         mixture of ages and            race nights and sponsored
duty, with a sound proofed        nationalities. I was truly     walks. This document
partition between each. A         amazed to receive answers      suggests a lot more ideas
branch leader was available       from individuals, as to why    for fund raising.
to assist the volunteer if        they volunteer. Their            You all have seen the
necessary.                        answers: giving something      proposed parachute jump
  When the shift was about        back, offering support.        which is been co-ordinated
to start, I moved away with         The training sessions last   via head office, to take place
the branch director, as all       for six or seven days,         in mid September this year.
phone calls are strictly          scheduled over a similar       Apply for your Sponsored
confidential                      number of weeks. Before        Jump Form – NOW.
  Arriving in the office of the   new volunteers are
‘I believe our Order gives us all a chance to not
only carry out good works for our neighbour but
brings us closer to God and helps us to spread the
mission of the Church’ - Supreme Knight

                                                  By John Doran
                                                  Supreme Knight

I REMEMBER one of my                     when we were first formed in           must also make sure they gain the
teachers picking on a classmate of       1919 in Glasgow. It is down to us      knowledge and the history of the
mine, and asking him quite               all to work for that success.          Order. This can be achieved by
forcibly:‘What is the enemy boy?’           As I have travelled around the      using the experience and the skills
Billy, somewhat embarrassed,             Provinces of the Order I have          of our Brothers who have been
mumbled something nobody could           certainly been impressed with the      there and done it so to speak, like
understand, and to which the             work and the tremendous variety        Past Supreme Knights, Directors,
teacher replied; ‘Time boy, time         of projects that are undertaken in     Provincial Grand Knights, Grand
is the enemy!’.                          our name, but it comes as no           Knights and former Officers in all
   I have never forgotten those          surprise as I already knew this        departments.
words, and my predecessor Bro            after my time as Director for            We have among our members a
Tony Doherty always telling me to        Action and Youth.                      vast reservoir of talent and skills,
enjoy every minute as Supreme               We are achieving this with an       which we tend to forget about. I
Knight because the time just             aging membership, and this comes       would like to see every Council
simply flies by.                         home as I sign more and more           and Province take a good hard
   The reason that I have stated         Golden Jubilee Certificates to our     look at their membership lists and
this is because it is perfectly true -   Brothers that have worked so long      make full use of the Brothers that
here we are six months into my           and hard for our Order, and they       can make such a difference to the
stewardship of the Order and it          deserve our lasting thanks. They       way that we operate at all levels
just seems like yesterday that I         are an example to us all.              for the continued good and future
was elected.                                I have recently received a letter   of our Order.
                                         from a Provincial Grand Knight
    Those six months have been           stating that one of his Brothers is         Training and Development
  tremendous with hardly time            still very active at 94 years old        is so vital, but Prayer is the
  to take breath, certainly not a        and he is the Council                    key that opens the door to our
  nine to five job. With all the         Action/Youth Officer and also            communication with God and
  goodwill shown to Margaret             stands in for the Chancellor             will surely safeguard our
  and myself it has in some              (Spirituality & Welfare) and rarely      future.
  ways been a humbling but               misses a meeting.
  very satisfying experience.               I am reminded of what the             The way we live our lives has a
                                         United Nations Secretary General,      direct bearing on how people see
  We are meeting old friends and         Kofi Annan, once said: “A society      us, and this can influence others.
gaining new ones by the day, and         for all ages is a society which, far   Therefore the way we go about
this is what makes our Order the         from caricaturing older people as      our lives as modern Catholic Lay
organisation that it is today.           retired and infirm, considers them     people will determine our success
  With all the problems of the           on the contrary as agents and          or failure especially with our
modern world, in which we have           beneficiaries of development”.         membership drives.
to both live and work in, I am              We owe it to these Brothers to        I believe our Order gives us all
very optimistic that we as an            go out and actively recruit new        a chance to not only carry out
Order of Catholic gentleman with         members, because new blood is so       good works for our neighbour but
our family values, and care for our      vital for our future.                  brings us closer to God and helps
fellow men, have a bright future            But it is no good just going out    us to spread the mission of the
ahead. We are as vital today as          and recruiting new members. We         Church.
  Since the Church’s mission is to     misunderstood or                           ‘The lone voice can easily
spread the light of the Gospel         misinterpreted, can only be              be drowned in a bubble of
throughout the world, and unite        explained and defended by                (sound and talk) no matter
men of whatever nation, race or        you in your own situations,              how important the message –
culture in one Spirit, she is the      not only in your place of work           But the voice of a great
sign of the brotherhood, which         or in the pub or on the golf             assembly cannot be drowned
makes possible and encourages a        course but also whenever you             or silenced.’
sincere dialogue.                      carry out your knightly duties,
  We can be that brotherhood.          at your Council meetings, in             The Holy season of Easter is
  I would like to quote a passage      visiting the elderly and the           once again upon us and may I on
from an address by our former          sick, in working for young             behalf of the Board of Directors;
Ecclesiastical Advisor Bishop          people and in defending                wish you and your families every
Philip Pargeter:                       Christian values.                      blessing and happiness for a Holy
                                         ‘Your Collar is your symbol          Easter and every success at the
    ‘And what about your role          of your dedication and is the          start of a new year in the life of
  as Knights of St. Columba?           sign by which others                   your Councils.
  Well in a sense, here you have       recognise your special call.’            Thanks to all the Officers who
  a special vocation for you are                                              are demitting office this year, and
  indeed called to be Christ’s         We exist to support the mission        every success to the Brothers who
  apostles in the world.             of the Catholic Church and at the        have taken on the mantle of great
    ‘As laymen and as Knights,       same time to work for the                responsibility in both the Councils
  you are able to go into places     spiritual, intellectual and material     and Provinces.
  and circumstances where you        welfare of our members and their           I would like to finish with part
  can make Christ and the            families.                                of a prayer, which I feel is very
  values of the Gospel present         There is a lot to do and together      appropriate:
  and effective in the midst of      in Unity we can do it.
  your our society in a way that       We are a group of active                  Where there is doubt let me
  no bishop or priest can ever       Catholic gentlemen supported by          sow faith, where there is despair
  do.                                our wives and families and are           let me give hope, and where
    ‘So often, the Church’s          proud to be so.                          there is darkness let me give
  teaching, unknown,                   As Cardinal Gray once said:            light.

KSG installation ceremony: a ‘thank you’
from a former Supreme Knight
SIR, Tony and Mim Doherty would like                    We especially thank Bishop Malcolm for
to take this opportunity to express their               coming to our parish church to celebrate
grateful thanks for the very many                       Mass and conduct the ceremony along
congratulatory cards, Mass cards, letters               with fellow priests from the diocese; our
and e-mails of good wishes from all our                 own parish priest Fr Frank, Fr. Leslie
friends in the Knights.                                 Knight (Prov 10 chaplain), Fr Paul Dynan
   A very special thank you to all those                (an ex brother of my council) and
who turned up on the day from all over                  Deacon Kevin Lyons (also of my
the country…too many names to                           council).
mention here! I can however mention                        I mention my wife Mim because, as we
our Supreme Knight, two past Supreme                    all know, without our wives we are ‘as
Knights, practically all the current                    nothing’. Her support throughout my
Board and many past directors.                          years in the Order has been invaluable
   It was a very humbling experience and                especially when I was Supreme Knight.
yet tinged with pride that I belong to an                  You will all be in our prayers.
Order that makes “Fraternity” one of                       God bless you
the corner stones of its very
foundations.                                                                Tony Doherty I.P.S.K., K.S.G
BEHIND these two pictures        existence. Such was the         strength to strength. Council
lies a story of collective and   general apathy and lack of      dinners are sold out, Council
individual success within        attendance at meetings that     social nights are sold out,
Liverpool Province of the        the talk, then, was of          Council organised trips to
Knights of St Columba.           closure or, at best, a merger   Hollywell have been sold out.
  The picture above shows        with another Council.           This has culminated in the
members and friends of             But thanks to the hard        largest organised pilgrimage
Council 493 Anfield on a         work of Bros Des Byrne and      to Rome from Liverpool
recent successful pilgrimage     Harry Knight, the council’s     organised by Council 493
to Rome.                         fortunes have been              being sold out. The hotel was
  The success of the             transformed. Council            filled with nearly 100
pilgrimage was all the more      Secretary Mark Thompson         pilgrims. A number of
remarkable because just          said: “Membership numbers       Knights were blessed to
two years ago, Council 493       have increased dramatically     actually met Pope Benedict
was struggling for its very      and the Council goes from       XVI.”
                Council 493, Anfield: ‘We
                can only describe it as a
                Phoenix rising from the

  Bro Mark added: “Our           was one of the most
Council is committed to          memorable events of his
projects in Uganda where         life.
we are assisting with funds         The Grand Knight of
to enable them to build a        Province 2, Liverpool, Terry
church. Our support for          Carroll, paid tribute to Bro
continues with almost 0.5        Charlie. He writes: “Bro
tonne of football kits, boots    Charlie is a great worker in
and training shoes recently      his Council and Province
collected.                       and raises thousands of
  I think is is is fair to say   pounds a year to send sick
our Council has risen from       people to Lourdes. He also
the ashes.”                      supports Council project
  Our second picture             and National Action
(berlow) shows one of those      Projects.
who had the privilege of            “He can be seen every
meeting the Pope during the      year with the Liverpool
pilgrimage.                      Archdiocesan Pilgrimage
  For Bro Charlie Newport,       working in the baths at
a long-serving member of         Lourdes supporting and
Council 584 in Liverpool, it     helping our sick pilgrims.”
Scots hold a special party for special people
Members of Council 417 Viewpark in Scotland held             by Bro Joe Murphy. Grand Knight is Pat McDonagh.
their annual dinner and party for people with                The Council describes the event as one of the most
special needs - and as always it was a tremendous            worthwhile during the year and asked whether we
success. The event was held in St John the                   could publish a picture in Columba. We are
Baptist Church Hall and most of the organising was           delighted to oblige.

                                   Bishop presents Papal Award
                                   to Derbyshire KSC stalwart
                                   ON Saturday 28th January, the KSc’s
                                   Ecclesiastical Adviser, Bishop Malcolm
                                   McMahon OP, visited the Church of
                                   Our Lady and St Thomas, Ilkeston,
                                   Derbyshire to present the medal Bene
                                   Merenti to Mr Bill Haslam. This was to
                                   mark Bill’s long association with, and
                                   service to the Catholic parish in
Burns Night for                    Ilkeston.
                                      Born in Ilkeston, Bill has spent
Lancs Council                      nearly all of his life in the town, apart
                                   from two years National Service and a       counting the collections. For 25 years
                                   short period after he was married to        he had taken Holy Communion each
BLACKBURN Council 132 held         June, when he lived in Long Eaton.          week to housebound parishioners and
a Burns Night celebration in the     Bishop McMahon, who is Bishop of          has been a faithful member of the
social centre where they hold      the Catholic Diocese of Nottingham,         Knights of St Columba for 47 years.
their regular meetings.            which includes Derbyshire, spoke of           During this time he has held many
  As a result, they were able to   how the medal, which was granted by         offices; most recently, Chancellor. On
present a cheque for £500 to       the Pope, can be translated as ‘Well        top of this he has been a great friend
the local Samaritans.              Earned’.                                    and helper to a succession of priests in
  The picture shows social           Fr Colin Taylor, Parish Priest of the     the parish.
secretary and past Grand           Ilkeston and Stapleford Catholic              As Bishop McMahon presented the
Knight Derek Heyn reciting a       communities, spoke of how Bill had          award there was loud and sustained
Robbie Burns poem during           served the parish throughout his life.      applause, a mark of the respect in
which he stabbed the haggis.       He was a pupil at St Thomas Catholic        which Bill is held by the Catholic
  The haggis then served at        School and, as a boy, had been an altar     parishioners of Ilkeston .
supper was toasted with a          server. He later went on to be a            Picture - from left: Ilkeston Deputy
‘wee dram’.                        governor of the school for 22 years. His    Mayoress Flo Fildes, Bill Haslam, Bishop
  Scottish music and dancing       help in the parish has been invaluable.     Malcolm, Councillor John Fildes and Fr
rounded off the evening.           For 40 years he has helped with             Colin Taylor after the presentation.

   THE HIGHLIGHT of Altrincham Council             South in 1999, long after Cyril'’s
   247's recent annual Dinner Dance was the        departure). When, some years after the end
   presentation to Bro Cyril Conroy (centre) of    of World War II, Cyril moved to Altrincham
   a certificate marking his attainment of 75      he and his wife, Marie, became pillars of
   years continual membership of the Knights       the Catholic community. He had joined the
   of St Columba.                                  Catenians in 1955 and Marie was
     The presentation was made by the              prominent in the Catholic Women's League.
   Supreme Knight, Bro John Doran, in the          Cyril transferred into Altrincham Council
   presence of Knights, their wives, clergy and    247 and played a leading part in its social
   other guests.                                   and fundraising projects.
      Yorkshire-born Cyril came from a KSC           His speciality was fundraising for the
   family. He was one of a family of eleven.       Lourdes Fund and he held many family
   His six brothers were all Knights and this      parties at his own home in Hale Barnes
   lead to Cyril being initiated into the old      parish.
   Sheffield Council 47.                             As he grew older, his attendance at
     His eldest sister was in the community of     meetings became less frequent, but his
   the Little Sisters of the Poor, and it was      support for charitable causes never
   whilst Cyril was Grand Knight of Council        diminished and his organising skills were
   47 that they were granted permission from       always available. In the 1980s he acted as
   Sheffield City Council to hold a Flag Day.      secretary to the committee planning the
   They raised a record amount and so              Council's first Vocations Exhibition in a
   impressed was Sheffield Council that the        local school.
   leader of the Labour majority, Alderman           In recent years, first Marie and then
   Thraves (a Methodist) presented the cheque      Cyril, had to move into nursing homes.
   to the Little Sisters.                          Unfortunately Marie died before Cyril (who
     Cyril rose through various offices until he   can be taken to Massin the daytime ans
   became Grand Knight of what was then a          occasionally evening functions) received his
   thriving Council (it merged with Sheffield      special honour from the Supreme Knight.
                                     A Correspondent

IN 1989 the Knights set up a national          to go to the United States for
project to build a home in India for           postgraduate studies.
destitute children, under the guiding            Many others have attended the State
hand of John Foster, who had set up a          Polytechnic and have qualified in the
charity called Goodwill Children’s Village     fields of mechanical, civil and electrical
Home.                                          engineering.
  The Knights raised some £35,000 which          These are wonderful results that would
was used to build a home for forty five        not have been possible without the
children which opened in 1993. Ken             generous support of the Knights.
Hargreaves with Sheila, Maureen and              However since then, Goodwill UK have
myself had the privilege of seeing the         discontinued financial support for the
completed home and of spending time            home, which has left a hole in the
with the children during a holiday visit to    funding. A new charity has been formed -
Goa. It is twelve years since that visit       the President is the Rev Canon Roger
and we have been delighted to have             Turner and full details can be found on
Salagala Rajasekhar Babu, the man in           web site www.chit online- E.mail .
charge of the home, staying with us now          If you can help, make a cheque payable
while he arranges funding for the homes        to CHIT (which stands for Children’s
in Britain here and the United States.         Homes in India Trust) and send to
  We have discussed the many changes           Howard Mathers, 9 Hensley Road, Bath,
to the organization and the progress of        BA2 2DR. Should any Council feel able to
the children who have lived in the             help with this project it would be much
homes. The Knight’s home and a home            appreciated by the children, staff and
in Bapatla are the organisation’s two          management of the home.
homes in Andra Pradash and are                   Without doubt, the results are having a
registered charities with all the safe-        great impact on the life of destitute
guards that implies The charity has            children who would otherwise have had a
permission to receive funding from             very bleak future. Next time someone
overseas.                                      asks what the Knights do, tell them about
  Babu was happy to inform us of the           how the Knights helped to finance a
excellent results the children have            home in India.
achieved during their
schooling - and it is even
more wonderful when you
consider they would have
been denied the opportunity
of any education without
this help.
  From the Knight’s home
three boys are now in
university and six boys and
one girl are undertaking
pre-university studies,
hoping to take teaching or
nursing degrees. One boy
attending the local high
school obtained the highest
exam results in the twenty
five years life of the school.
Another lad became a
qualified veterinary surgeon
in March 2005 and is hoping
                              PETER LAW - North London member who bore severe
                              illness with great courage

                              Thanksgiving for the life of ‘our
                              beloved brother Peter...’
By David    “OUR beloved brother Peter          (Cockfosters) where he remained      admitted to Kingfisher
   Oliver   Law,” was how Dom                   for the rest of his life, serving    Nursing Home where he
            Bernard Akoeso OSB                  Social Secretary from 1990 until     passed peacefully away on
            (Chaplain of Council 500            1993 and Grand Knight from           31 January 2006. His
            and acting Parish Priest of         1993 until 1996. On 29 March         Requiem Mass was
            the church of Christ the            1998, both he and his brother        concelebrated at the church
            King, Cockfosters, North            received Golden Jubilee medals.      of Christ the King,
            London) described our late                                               Cockfosters, by Dom
            brother at a mass of                    In 2001 Bro. Peter was           Bernard Akoeso OSB, Dom
            thanksgiving for his life on          elected Chancellor of Council      Constanzo Scaglia OSB
            10 February 2006.                     500, but the onset of motor        (Prior of Cockfosters),
               Brother Peter was born in 1924     neurone disease prevented          Father Philip Law (Bro.
            and was educated at St. Paul’s        him from taking up office.         Peter’s nephew and Parish
            Elementary School and St.                                                Priest of St. Mary Magdalen,
            Ignatius School, Stamford Hill.        In 2004, Bro. Peter suffered a    Whetstone) and Father
            He served as a telegrapher with     further devastating blow with the    John Moffatt SJ.
            the Royal Navy during World War     sudden loss of Mary, his dear          The Order was
            II and, following the end of the    wife, who had been a tremendous      represented by some 26
            war, worked as a compositor for     support to him throughout their      brothers, including Bros.
            the Financial Times until his       married life. Nevertheless, Bro.     John Egan (Past Deputy
            retirement in 1988. He              Peter continued to attend council    Supreme Knight), Des Lynn
            married his wife, Mary, in          meetings as long as he was able,     (Past Provincial Grand
            1949 and the couple raised          suffering the further degeneration   Knight), Martin Worley
            seven children.                     of his health with great stoicism.   (Provincial Secretary) and
               Bro. Peter joined the Order in   A keen sense of humour could         brothers from councils 500
            1947, becoming a member of          still be seen in his eyes, even      and 261. Brothers formed a
            Council 261 (Palmers Green). In     though the disease had               Guard of Honour as the
            1984, he and his brother Philip     robbed him of speech.                coffin was borne from the
            transferred to Council 500             In October 2005, he was           church.

            Condolences bring comfort to family
            ON THE 22nd March, 2006 at St. Joseph's                later at the cemetery. The Mass was
            Roman Catholic church in Heywood near                  celebrated by the parish priest of St.
            Manchester, the funeral service for Alan               Gabriel’s, Castleton, Rev Fr Mark, assisted
            Middleton aged 66 was celebrated before a              by the parish priest of St. Joseph’s
            packed church.                                         Heywood Rev. P. Daly and Rev. Fr John
              The congregation, apart from Alan's wife,            Winstanley from Thornliegh College Bolton
            his five children and his grandchildren                and two Salesians.
            included other relatives, ex pupils from St              As Alan’s brother, may I express my
            Joseph's schools, parishioners from St                 sincere gratitude and appreciation for the
            Gabriel’s Church, Castleton, where he was              Masses and messages of condolence sent to
            a regular organist, St John’s, Rochdale,               his family, especially from my own Council
            where his eldest son also played the organ             262.
            and St Joseph’s where his son Jonathan                   They will never be forgotten.
            played the organ.                                        Many thanks.
              One of his daughters was a teacher at St
            Joseph’s school. Also a number of Knights                                  John Middleton Co. 262
            of St Columba attended the service and                                          (P.P.G.K. Prov 25)
Jack was
one of the
ONE OF the KSC’s longest            for men in Leeds, a probation      member of the Lofhouse
serving members,                    hotel run and supported by the     Methodist Players for more
Yorkshireman Jack Farrar, has       KSC through the Home Office.       than 20 years and a long-
died at the age of 85.                Jack, father of four and         standing member of the
  Jack (pictured here), from        grandfather of five, served in     Institute of Advanced
Wakefield, had been a member        the RAF during the Second          Motorists. His funeral was
for almost 70 years, joining as     World War in South Africa,         attended, among many others,
a Squire at the age of 16, two      Burma and India. After the         by more than 20 members of
years before the official joining   war, he worked as a surveyor       Wakefield KSC Council and
age.                                for Wakefield Council, where       Leeds Province 5. Afterwards,
  He was an active member of        he met his wife Joyce.             his son Peter was presented
St Austin’s Church Council            They married in 1950 and         with the Order’s Meritorious
and up to four years ago had        celebrated their golden            Medal by Peter Tsakpo,
been involved as a brancardier      wedding anniversary in 2000,       Provincial Grand Knight of
in pilgrimages to Lourdes from      shortly before Joyce died.         Province 5. The medal was to
Leeds Diocese. He was also a          Jack was clerk of Havercroft     have been presented to Jack in
member of the Board of              and Brotherton Parish              his home shortly before his
Trustees of the St John’s Hotel     Councils for 15 years, an active   death.

Salford plea for more Councils to join
the national quiz competition
STANDISH Council 577 had lots to celebrate at a               our year for winning it.
social weekend in Morecambe recently, when the                  “Warrington and Leigh Councils always give
National Quiz Trophy which Standish had won                   Standish a good flight for the honour of
after years of trying was put on display. And no              representing the Province at the national quiz. The
one was prouder than Provincial Grand Knight                  knock out rounds locally always promote good
Tom Hatton, a brother of Standish Council.                    social relations.
  He said: “We have been stalward supporters of                  “We would wish more teams would join in and
the national quiz competition and have previously             make the national quiz larger and so be enjoyed by
taken second and third places but last year was               many more brothers and their families.

                           KSC GARMENTS
                                 Supplying the Following:
        Baseball Caps, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, V-Neck Sweaters & Fleece Jackets
                            All available to order with Woven KSC Badge
    Brothers in every Province can get an order form from: Bro Peter Martin, 1 Lilac Wood, Kings Lynn,
    Norfolk PE30 3SW Phone 01553 675784 or 07881 548649 email francisp.martin@btinternet.com
Presentation in hospital days before his death

Former Provincial
Grand Knight - and
a man with a great
gift for friendship
             THE KSC in general and Chelmsford
             Council 302 in particular has suffered a
             grievous loss with the death of Bro Colin
             Bennett, the Immediate Past Provincial
             Grand Knight of Brentwood Province 10.
               Colin, 54, died in the Royal London
             Hospital, Whitechapel, a few short weeks
             after being diagnosed with an inoperable
             brain tumour.
                                                             Colin Bennett, pictured taking a break at a
                Just three days before his death, the        recent meeting of the Supreme Council in
              present Provincial Grand Knight. Bro           Glasgow
              Brian Dillon presented him with his Past
              Provincial Grand Knight’s collaret and a        culminating in the office of Provincial
              Meritorious Jewel for service to the            Grand Knight.
                                                               He was a well-known parishioner at St
               The ceremony took place in the hospital       Augustine’s Church, Springfield,
             chapel, with more than 25 brothers              Chelmsford.
             attending - a mark of the esteem in which         By training, Colin was a mechanical
             he was held.                                    engineer, working latterly as an
               Colin will be remembered by his many          engineering manager. His job frequently
             friends and colleagues as full of life and      took him overseas, particularly to the
             energy, for ever in the thick of it, bubbling   United States. “He loved the travelling and
             with ideas and always with a ready smile.       meeting new people,” said Christine.
             As one colleague put it: “You might               In his leisure time, Colin was a keen
             disagree with him but you couldn’t help         golfer.
             liking him. He had a gift for friendship.”        The funeral was due to have taken place
               Colin was born in Forest Gate, East           on Wednesday April 5th. A Requiem Mass
             London, and - along with his future wife        at St Augustine’s Church was to be
             Christine - attended St Francis’ School run     followed by cremation.
             by the Franciscans at nearby Stratford.
               The couple moved to Chelmsford soon                Immediate Past Supreme Knight Tony
             after their marriage 31 years ago at St         Doherty writes: Although we knew
             Francis’ Church, Stratford. They were two       Colin was very seriously ill, his death
             children - Richard (now 25) and Michael         nevertheless came as a great shock. It
             (21).                                           fills us all with deep sadness and our
                                                             thoughts go out to his wife and family.
                It was about 20 years ago that Colin           Nothing was too much for Colin and
              joined the Knights of St Columba,              his infectious laugh and disposition
              following in the footsteps of his father,      compelled all who knew him to like
              Edward, who has been a member of the           him instantly.
              Order for more than 40 years. He soon            I do not want this to be a eulogy. I
              established himself as an active and           am just a brother of his Council and
              energetic member, holding many offices         Province saying goodbye on behalf of
              at Council and Provincial level,               those of us who knew him well.
‘Uniform cuts a dash - but the aim should be service’ - Bishop

Papal honours for years of service
to the Church and the Order
THE green, tail-coated       of St Gregory.                at Nottingham Cathedral at
uniform with its silver        Bro Tony, a member of St    the annual Mass for
buttons is quite             Augustine’s parish and        Province 9 Nottingham.
magnificent. The plumed      Supreme Knight for three      Several uniformed members
hat which goes with it       years until last October,     of the Order were present
certainly cuts a dash. The   was joined by family and      (below with Bro Tony
sword is a final, splendid   friends from around the       Rouse).
touch. But the Bishop of     country for the ceremony.       Bro Tony recently retired
Nottingham, the Rt Rev       Among more than 200 who       as Secretary of the
Malcolm McMahon, gave        attended were the Supreme     International Alliance of
members of the Knights of    Knight, Bro John Doran        Catholic Knights. He is a
St Gregory a gentle          and his wife Margaret,        former Supreme Knight and
reminder that their aim      several members of the KSC    a member of Grimsby and,
should not be display but    Board as well as fellow       latterly, Scunthorpe
service.                     members of Bro Tony’s own     Councils and also a
  The Bishop, who is the     Council, Chelmsford 302.      member of the Catenians.
Order’s Ecclesiastical         Bishop Malcolm also ‘did    He is a former Mayor of
Adviser, was speaking        the honours’ earlier in the   Grimsby.                       Right: Bro
during a Mass at St          month when he invested                                       Tony Doherty
Augustine’s Church,          Bro Tony Rouse as a Knight        The Papal Order of St      and Bishop
Springfield, Chelmsford,     Commander of the Order of     Gregory was founded by
                                                                                          Below: Bro
when he invested the         St Gregory Con Placca (With   Pope Gregory XVI in 1831       Tony Rouse
Immediate Past Supreme       Star).                        and is awarded by the Pope     with other
Knight, Bro Tony Doherty,      The ceremony took place     for particularly meritorious   Knights of St
as a member of the Knights   before a large congregation   service to the Church.         Gregory
Southwark brothers plan big celebrations to mark 80th anniversary

                                                         By Don Lonergan
                        SERIES of events is        South-East London on May            1948, the KSC Bureau which

                  A     being planned for the
                        coming months to mark
                  the 80th anniversary of the
                                                   21st, when Councils 108
                                                   (Dartford), 117 (Peckham), 118
                                                   (Woolwich Arsenal), 123
                                                                                       was not only an Information
                                                                                       Centre but an Employment
                                                                                       Agency for members, the large
                  founding of Southwark            (Greenwich), 128 (Wandsworth)       London wartime hostel for the
                  Province 12.                     and 129 (Lewisham) formed           forces and later the KSC Club.
                    The events include the         the Province. All these               In 1931, at the request of
                  planting of a tree in the        Councils had been erected           Archbishop Amigo, the Knights
                  grounds of Aylesford Priory in   during the previous 12              organised the first annual
                  Kent in memory of all the        months.                             procession of the Blessed
                  deceased brothers of the           In 1958, Southwark Province       Sacrament through the streets
                  Province; a special Mass in      was subdivided into three           of Canterbury.
                  May in St Peter’s church         Provinces, which later became         From 1940 it became a
                  Woolwich followed by a social;   known as Southwark (Province        Diocesan Pilgrimage, while still
                  and a dinner and dance in        12), Surrey (Province 35) and       organised by the Knights and
                  October 2006 at Bexleyheath,     Sussex (Province 34).               attended by Brothers from
                  Kent.                              For many years the Province       many Provinces. The
                    The Province of Southwark      took part in such large scale       Pilgrimage remained an annual
                  was established in 1926 and at   ventures as the Silent March of     event until 1978 when it
                  the time covered the entire      45,000 men in 1938, a hospital      ceased due to traffic and other
                  area of London south of the      benefit scheme with the             considerations.
                  Thames with the counties of      Hospital of St John and               In 1928, the Knights asked
                  Kent, Surrey and Sussex. It      Elizabeth which started long        Archbishop Amigo for a long-
                  was erected in Greenwich         before the National Health Act      term project that they could

Province 12 sponsored two young        very brave girls gave us a very            showed of their collection of
ladies to visit our Holy Father Pope   inspiring talk at our Provincial Council   memorabilia. Well done and thank
Benedict in Cologne last year. The     meeting about the whole trip and           you Alice and Emma.
Just like Province 12,
Brother John and his wife
Lilly celebrate an important
anniversary year - their
60th wedding anniversary
in March. Brother John is a
District Deputy.

adopt. He asked us to give         pilgrimage season, with a       Province 12 was privileged to
financial and practical help to    Provincial Officer specially    provide stewards at the service
the Southwark Travelling           appointed to ensure effective   for the sick in St Georges
Mission, a band of Priests who     liaison with the community at   Cathedral and its annexe
brought the Mass and the           Aylesford Priory.               together as well as at the six
Sacraments to Catholics               The Province plays a major   feeding and comfort stations.
scattered in small towns and       part in the preparation and     Stewards were also sent to
villages throughout the            running of the annual Youth     Papal celebrations at
Diocese.                                                           Westminster, Wembley,
  Many of these travelled long                                     Roehampton and Canterbury.
distances to hear Mass when
the missioners were in their                                              ver the years, the
area. Many churches and Mass
centres were established
through the pioneer efforts of
                                                                   O      Province has taken part
                                                                          in stewarding the
                                                                   Wembley Rallies, outdoor
the missioners and their                                           processions throughout the
scattered congregations.                                           Province in places such as
                                                                   Lesnes Abbey and Staplehurst,
   The Province,                                                   and latterly the inauguration of
 acknowledging the need,                                           Churches together in Britain at
 gave wholehearted support                                         St Georges’ Cathedral on
 to the project. Councils                                          September 1st 1990.
 donated large sums of
 money annually, and                                                  In December 1989, to
 Province itself raised funds                                       mark the 70th anniversary
 for the mission through a                                          of the Order, the Province
 200 Club, annual cricket                                           was privileged to take part
 and golf matches, garden                                           in one of the first Masses
 parties and dances.                   The St Columba plaque at     celebrated in Canterbury
                                           Aylesford Priory         Cathedral since the
  In 1994, Archbishop Bowen                                         Reformation. Bishop
judged that the mission had        Day at Aylesford, which it       Howard Tripp,
completed its work and after       organises jointly with other     Ecclesiastical Advisor to the
consultation with the Province     Provinces in the South of        Order on the day,
asked us to set up a Provincial    England.                         celebrated the Mass.
fund for the education of            In response to the Italian
students to the priesthood and     earthquake disaster of 1980,      Southwark Province 12
the upkeep of the seminary at      Province 12 not only funded     currently has 23 Councils,
Wonersh.                           caravans but also provided      stretching from Wandsworth in
  This tradition still continues   billing and service             London, to Ramsgate in Kent.
today and an annual visit is       arrangements at Channel           Because of its area and the
made to the Archbishop with        ports.                          number of Councils, the
our contribution.                    Regular support is given to   Province has a number of
  The increasing popularity of     SPUC and pro-Life rallies.      Officers and District Deputies
Our Lady’s shrine at Aylesford       For the Knights of            whose job is to keep regular
since 1949 has involved the        Southwark, as elsewhere, the    contact with the Councils and
Province in providing stewards     Papal visit in 1982 was the     give advice and help when
on each Sunday of the              cause of much activity.         requested.
Joy and laughter in a small chapel during an unusual Baptism service

                             By Jack Stocks
           HE PROUDEST people in the little chapel      solely interested in conducting the proceedings

T          that early winter evening were the
           godparents. Sister Assumpta had
           somehow found an extra level of serenity
           and her kindly eyes displayed a moist
twinkle as she watched the baptism begin. She
wasn’t dressed in her habit, having chosen a
traditional, dark tailored suit and her hair was
                                                        carefully and properly. Over the years he had seen
                                                        many of his younger charges rush this important
                                                        ceremony, sometimes spilling the symbolic waters.
                                                        This he found to be deeply offensive and he
                                                        certainly wasn’t going to mar tonight’s proceedings.
                                                          He was deeply loved and respected by his
                                                        congregation who enjoyed just being in his
uncovered. The ancients would have had apoplexy         presence. They could feel the powerful sense of
at this but Sister Assumpta was modern in her           traditional Faith he exuded.
outlook and had taken advantage of the Church’s           As gently as could be achieved, Fr. Owen
more relaxed attitude towards dress. It was only        produced a pad of soft cotton and wiped the
the second time that she had been asked to act as       swathe he had made on Jeffrey’s head. It was all
a godmother.                                            part of his practised routine. But this is where
  Francis, the godfather to be, had taken a similar     events start to differ from the norm.
stance and was definitely in the ‘smart-casual’
category. Their snowy journey to the church was            Jeffrey’s dark head now turned white. Fr.
now forgotten as the priest began the solemnities.       Owen looked startled and took the cloth back in
  Fr. Owen retained a quiet dignity and the              the direction he had used. This only made
congregation was hushed in expectancy. The               matters worse. It was whiter still. Several harder
baptismal font was uncovered and stood on a              rubs began to remove some of the lint but just
finely-polished, wooden plinth centre-stage in front     when he thought he was getting on top of things,
of the small altar, dressed in the purple of Advent.     the final wipe produced the same effect as had
Statues of St. Joseph and the Virgin Mary, carrying      the first.
the baby Jesus, looked down in approval.
                                                          Now, Fr.Owen had used this particular type of
   Fr. Owen began by blessing the water,                soft cloth for many years but what he hadn’t taken
 reminding all those present that this was in           into account was Jeffrey’s age. He was forty nine
 accordance with God’s instructions, something          and although his hair was as short as many a
 that the Church had maintained for two                 newborn, it bore a much closer resemblance to a
 millennia. His solemnity was reflected in the          Brillo pad than it did to a downy babe’s pate.
 bowed heads of the godparents and the                    Poor Jeff, who now looked as though he wore a
 congregation, his soft Irish accent comfortable        pantomime wig hadn’t realised the distress he was
 with the familiar words.                               causing Fr. Owen, as he was still bowed in front of
                                                        the congregation.
  Eddie was watching nervously from the second
row. He had written a song especially for the               But solemnity was quickly replaced with
occasion and he fingered the strap on his guitar,        mirth. Shaking shoulders betrayed those
waiting for his cue. He was pleased with the simple      struggling not to burst out laughing. However,
refrain he had composed to accompany the lyrics.         when the old priest’s weathered face broke into
He had considered several different titles but had       the broadest grin, the floodgates opened. What
decided that Baptism captured the sentiment - a          poor Jeff must have been thinking, heaven only
simple title to accompany a simple and ancient           knows.
  I baptise thee Jeffrey Stephen, were Fr. Owen’s
words as he carefully poured the sacred water. His                  ignity and decorum were quickly
hand remained steady and the little crystal jug
captured the flicker of candles. Jeffrey’s short dark
hair glistened as the water cascaded into the font.
   Fr. Owen made sure none was spilt. He had
used a damp cloth to wipe a swathe across the top
of Jeffrey’s head and this gave the precious liquid
something to key to. Not a drop went astray.
                                                        D           restored and, following the
                                                                    communion, Eddie sat in front of the
                                                                    altar to sing his song. His normal
                                                                    Glaswegian accent was unrecognisable
                                                        as he captivated the congregation with his gentle
                                                        and thought provoking refrain. Jeff looked a new
                                                        man. He was now part of something so much
  Now in his sixties, Fr. Owen had recently been        bigger.
given the title Canon. This was promotion in most         His abiding regret as he left, the
people’s minds. However, promotion and personal         congratulations of those around him, was that
prestige held little interest for the priest who was    it had taken prison for him to find his Faith.
Knights play leading role in inter-parish leaflet campaign

Prompt KSC response to Archbishop
against ‘assisted suicide’ bill
                                                                 By Pat Jones
WHEN Archbishop Smith, on                           It is natural, therefore, that                        with the leaflet distribution. The
behalf of the Catholic Bishops’                   many parish priests turn to an                          GK-Elect, the Action Officer and
Conference, urged Catholics                       active Knight to help organise the                      the Provincial Officer also
throughout Britain to join the                    distribution of leaflets as well as                     volunteered to help form the
campaign to oppose Lord Joffe’s                   to plan an open meeting to                              nucleus of an Inter-parish Group
Assisted Suicide Bill, due to be                  explain the dangers of changing                         with UCM and CWL members,
debated in the House of Lords in                  the law in this way.                                    plus other parishioners involved
mid May, he got an immediate                        Lord Joffe is a longstanding                          in SPUC or Life.
response from Knights across the                  advocate of euthanasia and sees                           The Group would help plan the
country.                                          his Bill as a first step in                             campaign in the two parishes. A
  Many Brothers already active                    changing the law and the climate                        Catholic doctor is also be being
on Pro-Life issues read the                       of public opinion.                                      approached tosupport the
archbishop’s appeal in the                                                                                campaign.
Catholic press and his plans for                     An example of a local                                  To avoid Holy Week and Easter
sending publicity material to                      Council being quick off the                            Week (when a KSC pilgrimage to
every parish priest with a view to                 mark, is Altrincham Council                            Lourdes was taking place) it was
launching the biggest nationwide                   247, with nine of its members                          agreed to convene the open
campaign on any Parliamentary                      in two neighbouring parishes                           meeting during the second week
issue for 50 years.                                in the town of Sale.                                   of Easter – about three weeks
  This “Care Not Killing”                                                                                 before the Lords debate.
campaign is just the sort of                        A Provincial Officer spoke to his                     Lobbying MPs could still be
initiative where Knights are well                 parish priest and got advance                           planned to take place after the
placed to give a lead, wherever                   copies of the “Care Not Killing”                        14th May debate.
there is an active Council.                       material to bring to the Council’s                        Even if Pro-Life Peers are in a
Knights had already been                          Officers’ Meeting.                                      majority and reject the Joffe Bill
encouraged to write to their MP                     He informed his fellow officers                       and the idea of legalising doctor
and members of the House of                       that the PP hoped to run a joint                        assisted suicide for the
Lords objected to the Joffe Bill                  campaign with the neighbouring                          terminally ill, there is the positive
and demanding better palliative                   parish and wanted to distribute                         case to be made.
care for the terminally ill instead.              the leaflets next weekend after                           More public money is need to
But the bishops’ initiative is an                 Masses.                                                 improve public care in the NHS
opportunity to get many more lay                    The Officers agreed to play a                         and with the provision of
people to put their views to                      leading role in the inter-parish                        hospices to improve the quality
Parliament.                                       campaign and arrange to help                            of life for the dying.

       CLASSIFIED                                 MOODIESBURN - KSC (Cl. 525) Club.                            SPECIALIST SERVICES
                                                  Lounge, games room, TV, Bingo, Dancing. Open
                                                  daily. Visiting Brothers welcome. Off A 80              TOP TIES — can supply ties for individual
                                                  Moodiesburn. Tel. Glenboig 874953.                      Knights of St Columba Councils. The ties will
           KSC CLUBS                                                                                      bear the KSC emblem and the name and number
                                                  BLANTYRE-KSC (Cl. .490) Columba Club. Open every        of the Council. For more details please contact
     Club managements are                         day . Lounge, games room, concert hall. All brothers    Bro. Max L. Paul. Phone/Fax 01983 75 6767. Top
                                                  welcome. Carlowrie Avenue, Blantyre. Tel. 820228.       Ties, Marlborough House, Gate Lane, Freshwater,
      encouraged to join this                                                                             Isle of Wight PO40 9QB
                                                  RENFREW - Cl. 150 Columba club. 3 Clyde St. Bar,
  ‘Let Brothers know where you                    TV, pool, snooker, dancing. Bingo. Open daily Monday
           are’ column.                           to Thursday evenings only. Tel. 0141 886 4079.
                                                  BARRHEAD - KSC 429 Columba Club. Open
         Send listing to the
                                                  every evening. Sat. & Sun. Dancing & Bingo. Visiting              HOLIDAYS
                                                  Brothers most welcome. Tel. 0141 881 4889.
        Advertisement Office                                                                              NEW FOREST - Relax in our spacious home.
                                                  CARDIFF - KSC Cl. 402 Club bar. TV, Bingo. Open
      75 Hillington Road South,                   daily. Visiting Brothers welcome. 88 Llandaff Road,
                                                                                                          B/B to high standard. Ground floor suite suitable
         Glasgow G52 2AE                                                                                  for wheelchairs, New Milton, 1 mile from sea.
                                                  Canton, Cardiff
                                                                                                          Tel. 01425 613515.
                                                  CARITAS CLUB - AIRDRIE COUNCIL 100. New
LEYLAND - KSC Club. lounge bar, games room,                                                               BLACKPOOL - ‘Newlyn’, Family-run Hotel,
                                                  Lounge Bar open Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday.
TV, Bingo. Open lunchtime and nightly. Visiting   Open all day Saturday and Sunday. Sing-a-long Sunday    North Shore area, Bro.Ken and Sheila
Brothers welcome. Fleetwood St., Leyland,         evening in function hall Brothers and friends welcome   Hargreaves.    Tel/     Fax 01253-353230.
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