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					                                              The Adams Connection

                          405 Emminga Road
                              PO Box 217
                           Golden, IL 62339

                           877.696.4611       January 2011

                                                                  Kicking Off 2011:
                                                                Opportunities for Youth

                                               T his is the time of year that Washington Tour and Foundationkicks off two great
                                                 youth programs: Youth to
                                                                              Adams Telephone Co-Operative
                                                                                                             for Rural Services
long distance

                                               (FRS) Scholarship program.

                                               Youth to Washington Program
                                               Our connections to our communities start with our connections to our youth. Adams is
                                               very proud of our youth and works hard to provide these young people with
                                               opportunities that promote leadership and excellence throughout our communities.
                                               The Youth to Washington program continues to be a huge success. This program is
                                               open to high school sophomores and juniors that reside in Adams, Brown, Schuyler,
                                               Hancock, McDonough, Fulton or Pike County in Illinois. Adams Telephone
                                               Co-Operative, in conjunction with Adams Electric Cooperative and the Association of

                                               Illinois Electric Cooperatives (AIEC), sponsors the annual Youth Day in Springfield, IL,
                                               and the trip to Washington, D.C. Through this program students learn more about our
                                               local and national government and also the importance of cooperatives.

                                               Eligible students complete a short application (due February 25, 2011); then, up to 32
                                               finalists are chosen to participate in Youth Day in Springfield, April 6, 2011. This is a
                                               day spent with students from all over the state, touring historical sites, meeting with
cellular phone

                         Issue # 22            legislatures, and learning more about cooperatives. At the end of the day, interviews
                                               are conducted to determine the four winners (two from each cooperative) of the
                                               week-long, all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C., June 10 -17, 2011.

                                               While on tour in Washington, DC students will visit the Civil War Battlefield at
                                               Gettysburg, the National Cathedral, Smithsonian Museums, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln
                                               Memorial, FDR Memorial, George Washington’s home and grounds, Supreme Court,
                                               Kennedy Center, Arlington Cemetery, the Holocaust Museum and other interesting
                                               sites (sites vary year to year). Students will also meet members of Congress and
business phone systems

                                               enjoy a special twilight Potomac River Cruise. Additionally, to better understand
                                               cooperatives and their importance, participants will take part in a Chip ‘n Pop Co-op
                                               that they operate throughout the trip.

                                               Eligible students may download the application today by visiting
                                               The due date for applications is February 25, 2011. Applications postmarked after
                                               February 25 will not be considered.

                                               For more information, watch the Youth Tour video on YouTube or visit

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January 2011                                The Adams Connection                                                 Issue 22

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    2011 FRS Scholarship Program
    Adams Telephone Co-Operative is pleased to announce our annual Foundation for Rural Services (FRS)
    Scholarship program for 2011. This program reflects Adams Telephone Co-Operative’s continual commitment
    to providing educational opportunities to our rural communities and our rural youth. The FRS program
    provides our members’ students an opportunity to apply for a $2,500 scholarship to any accredited college,
    university or vocational school. Underscoring Adams’ commitment to our youth, we are again sponsoring the
    $500 Adams scholarship, which will be awarded if we do not have a FRS winner from our area.

    Students who are interested in applying for this $2,500 scholarship must reside in a household where
    telephone service is provided by Adams Telephone Co-Operative. These exchanges are Augusta (392),
    Chambersburg (327), Coatsburg/Paloma (455), Fishhook (338), Golden/La Prairie (696), Hersman (289),
    Lima (985), Loraine (938) Mendon (936), Meyer (647), Mindale (667), Plymouth (458), and Ursa (964).

    Applications and eligibility requirements are available from your high school guidance counselor or by visiting Applications are due to Adams Telephone Co-Operative by February 25, 2010.

    Eligible students may apply online by visiting Please call our Business Office at
    (217) 696-4411 for additional details.

                            Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)
                             Now Airing on Adams Video
     E ffective January 1, the Oprah Winfrey Network, or(channel 273 on ThisAdams Video Entertainment
       package) became
                            the Discovery Health channel
                                                         OWN channel.
                                                                             new nentwork features
    programming aimed at entertaining, informing, and inspiring viewers to live life to its fullest. Currently a variety
    of original programs are being aired on this network, including:
            - Behind the Scenes: The Oprah Show Final Season - go behind the scene of filming the last season of
              The Oprah Winfrey Show.
            - Oprah Presents Master Class - hear inspirational and motivating stories from some of today’s most
              creative minds, including: Jay-Z, Lorne Michaels, Simon Cowell, Maya Angelou, Sidney Poitier, and
              Diane Sawyer.
            - Your Own Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star - a new reality series featuring 10 contestants
              fighting for the opportunity to host their own TV show on OWN.
            - Ask Oprah’s All-Stars - Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and Suze Orman take the same stage together to answer
              questions from fans.

    Future programming is to include weekly series, specials, orginal documentaries, and acquired movies. Shows
    to look forward to are:
            - The Rosie O’Donnell Show - Return of the talk-show host for a new daily one-hour show.
            - Finding Sarah - Six-part documentary series on Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and her
              choices in life.

    Also being aired are Discovery Health favorites such as Mystery Diagnosis and Deliver Me. You can tune to
    TLC, Science Channel, and Planet Green to watch other popular Discover Health shows.

    For information on upgrading to Adams Video’s Entertainment package and enjoying programming such as
    OWN, call Adams at (877) 696-4611 or visit us at You can learn more about the OWN
    channel at

January 2011                                The Adams Connection                                             Issue 22

                                              Here Now...
                                    Adams Quincy Area Wide Directory
                                  T he 2011 Adams Quincy Area Wide® Telephone is hitting the streets now. the
                                    most comprehensive directory serving the area,
                                                                                   Directory, recognized as

                                  Over 63,580 copies are being distributed throughout Western Illinois and
                                  Northeast Missouri with exciting new features.

   You’ll find a fresh new look in the Community and Information pages, with full-color graphics. It will be easy
   to find the features you have come to rely on, from zip codes to Quincy and Hannibal maps, to calling feature

   Comprehensive white page listings for all businesses and
   residential listings are now available in one section! Now
   you won’t need to know where someone lives to look them
   up. Instead of separating our listings by geographical
   location, all the listings are compiled in one complete white
   page listings section.

   We have a new online directory that can be found at or It’s more
   useful than ever. Searches can be done by business name
   or type, and the listings even feature a business map. You
   can also search the listings by telephone number (reverse
   look-up). As always, the directory will include the
   community and information section with a listing of area
   schools, a calendar of local events, and a guide to area

   Locations where you may pick up a Quincy Area Wide®
   Directory are listed on the Adams website at The Quincy Area Wide® Directory is the
   official directory for Adams Telephone Co-Operative.
   If you have any questions, please contact Adams
   Telephone Co-Operative by e-mailing or by calling toll-free (877) 696-4611.

  Time Change                                                                          The Adams Business Office
                                                                                            will be closed on
   Reminder                                                                                 Friday, April 22
                                                                                        in honor of Good Friday.
  Daylight Saving Time begins
                                                                                        Even though our office is

          at 2 a.m. on
                                                                                        closed on the above date,
      Sunday, March 13.
                                                                                        24-hour Internet technical
                                                                                          support is available at
   Be sure to turn your clocks
                                                                                            (877) 50-ADAMS
  forward an hour on this date!
                                                                                             (877) 502-3267.

January 2011                                                The Adams Connection                                                                   Issue 22

                      Cash in on Refunds by Shopping Online
        W hether it’s due to the convenience or access toprices onresources, online shopping hastighteningathe
          normal activity in many U.S. homes. With gas
                                                                   the rise again and consumers

       purse strings, shopping online has many appeals. Even more enticing is the partial refund you can receive for
       your purchases from many retailers!

       On CBS’s “The Early Show,” that aired on December 29, 2010, AOL Consumer Adviser Regina Lewis
       explained this great perk for shopping online. By visiting sites such as or,

       consumers can shop an array of retailers and have the site track cash-back refunds that are being earned by
       purchasing items through the site. Then, every three months, or mail you a check
       for the amount of cash back earned. Lewis stressed that the offer is legitimate, as she had personally tested
       this opportunity with the AOL product

       Major retailers who take part in these refunds and the percentages they refund include: Old Navy (8%),
       Macy’s (5%), Kohl’s (4%), Sears (4%), and Target (3%). A really nice feature is that and will track total refunds for you, so you can jump from one retailer’s site to another. As CBS
       reported, it may sound too good to be true, but the fact is that retailers want customers to buy and offering
       refunds such as these is one way to gain new customers and keep existing customers.

       For more information on these refunds, visit and

       Information for this article obtained from

                                                 Cell Phones and Your Household

    Please complete the following survey and return it with your bill, fill it out online at or mail it to: Adams,
    P.O. Box 217, Golden, IL 62339. Everyone who completes the survey and returns it to us before February 10 will have a chance to win a $25 bill
    credit that will appear on your March Adams or Simmetry Wireless statement.

    Name or Adams/Simmetry Account Number: __________________________________
    (optional, but must be completed if you want to be considered for the $25 bill credit drawing)

    1) Do you currently have a cell phone that has Internet capabilities?          ___ Yes             ___ No

    2) If so, how often do you use the Internet on your phone?
         ___Daily               ___ Weekly                 ___ Not Often

    3) If not, would you like to receive information about Internet packages and pricing?              ___ Yes             ___ No

    4) How often do you travel more than 50 miles outside your community?
        ___Daily               ___ Weekly                ___ Monthly                         ___ Rarely

    5) Are you familiar with the Internet plans that Simmetry Wireless offers?               ___ Yes             ___ No

    6) Who is your current cellular provider? ____________________________________________________

    7) Rank the following phone features in order of importance to you (1 being most important).
        ___Voice/Talk         ___ Internet                ___ Texting

        6) Which age range do you occupy?
           ___ 18 to 30       ___ 31 to 45             ___ 46 to 60                ___ 61 to 75             ___ 76+


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