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Langley Fundamental Elementary School


									                   Langley Fundamental Elementary School
                                21789 - 50 Avenue, Langley, B.C., V3A 3T2
                                 Phone: 604 530-9973 or Fax: 604 530-3819

                     Langley Fundamental Elementary website:
                               School District #35 (Langley) website:

Principal:        Mr. Alan Wiebe                 Administrative Assistant   Mrs. Joyce McCombie
Vice-Principal:   Mrs. Charlene Redekop          P.A.C. President:          Mrs. Carmen Rempel

                                                                       Thursday, May 27, 2010
Dear Parents,

       I’m sure everyone is waiting for a decision about proceeding with Sports Day. It
seems quite clear to me that plans need to be changed for tomorrow. Never before, have I
had such a clear forecast for rain before a sports day. There doesn’t seem to be any better
weather coming our way for Monday either. Our staff met at lunch today, and after
conversation with some members of our PAC, we have a new plan to re-schedule Sports
Day to Friday, June 11th. We hope that our volunteers are able to help on that day as well,
as an event like this cannot be successful without parent help. We have communicated with
our Grade 7 helpers from the Middle School and they have confirmed their ability to help
with stations through the morning as well. This will give time for clouds to clear. We look
forward to a dry and safe day for all our fun Sports Day games.

Hot Lunch
       Our hot lunch has been rearranged and will be served on June 11th, we will NOT be
serving hot lunch to all our students tomorrow. This will mean that you do need to pack a
lunch for students tomorrow; however children will not need to bring a lunch to Sports Day
on June 11th.

Note to Kindergarten Parents
       Child care arrangements are already in place for kindergarten students. As a result
we will be continuing with the original plan of having ALL kindergarten students attend
through the MORNING ONLY tomorrow. Monday will be back to our regular schedule for
kindergarten children.

Miss Smith has Retired!
        After teaching at Langley Fundamental Elementary for 28 years, Miss Smith has
        On Friday, June 4th she would like staff, parents and her former students to join her
in the library after school, to share some cake, punch and happy memories.

Trustee Visit
       On Tuesday, June 1st, we will be visited by one of our trustees and a representative
of senior management to go over our school plan for 2010-11 and to report on this last
year’s goals. Your School Planning Council looks forward to sharing about our successes
and plans for growth in the coming year. A big thanks should be extended to Lanie
Champigny, Jane Sauer and Kirby Thompson for their contributions in the development of
our school plan and for their time invested on our SPC this year.
Families Not Returning
       If your children will not be returning to our school for whatever reason for the 2010-
2011 school year, please call the school office to inform us of this fact, as soon as this
becomes certain. Your co-operation in letting us know if your child will not be returning to
our school in September is very important. Thanks for your support in this.

LFES 2010/2011 Calendar
       You will find the 2010/2011 calendar attached at the end of our newsletter. Please
keep a copy for your reference when planning for the next school year.

Track & Field Meet
       Our Track and Field event will be held next Friday, June 4th at McLeod Park. Over
the last two months, staff has worked hard to prepare students for each event. A special
thank you must be directed to Mr. Richardson who took the bulk of the leadership in
planning this meet this year. We also thank:
       • Mr. MacDonald, Mr. Naylor, and Mr. Graewe for high jump coaching
       • Mrs. Edwards for helping manage students at the Track Meet
       • And the many parents who assisted with try outs

Langley Walk
        Our school received a $250.00 cheque from Park Lane Homes for having the most
walkers from any school involved in the Langley Walk. Thanks to Park Lane Homes and to
all our students and parents who took part in the 48th Annual Langley Walk.

Students Staying After School
       Supervision of students after school is in effect until 2:55 p.m. After that time, we
need to ask students to wait in the office for their rides. Please make every effort to be
punctual when picking up your children as it becomes an extra burden on the school when
children are left at the school beyond 2:55 p.m.

Appointments During the School Day
        If you are picking up your child for an appointment during the school day, we ask
that you arrange with your child to meet you at the school office. We will not allow your
child to wait on the parking lot, as this is an area that is not supervised when the school is
in session. For the safety of the children, we ask that you re-enforce this with your child.

Volunteers Needed for BC Summer Games
        On July 22, thousands of athletes will converge on Langley to participate in the BC
Summer Games, and ours is one of the schools that will be used as a dorm. The call is going
out to volunteer Dorm Captains, Dorm Hosts, Dorm Guides and Hospitality Hosts.
Organizers are hoping the communities of Langley will respond with their usual enthusiasm
and generosity to support BC's top athletes. The Dorm Captain will manage our site and
help train other volunteers. Teams of Dorm Hosts, working in pairs, will assist with check-in
and check-out of participants, and with overall coordination 24-hours a day between July 22
and 25. Dorm Guides will assist athletes finding assigned dorm rooms and making them
familiar with our school and neighbourhood. Hospitality Hosts will assist with the distribution
of snacks and entertainment (games and videos, etc.) to each site. If you are available for
any of these volunteer positions, please go to Or phone
604-881-2010 for information.
Information sent home Wednesday, May 26th
      Student Success – 1 per family
      Summer Hockey & Sports Clubs


                                                         Mr. Alan Wiebe
Cyber Tip: Chatting/Texting
         An important reminder for parents: take an active role in your child's online communication.
Set clear house rules on how technology should be used. Any technology that connects online or a cell
phone should not be permitted in your child's bedroom, the basement or other "private" areas. Our
children occasionally make impulsive decisions or use poor judgment when using communication tools
in private, sending photos or video that may cause them great embarrassment.
        Omegle, established in 2009, is an online website that boasts a slogan of, "talk to complete
strangers." Omegle requires no registration or personal information of any kind, which gives users a
feeling of safety. When you chat with someone, they are labeled "stranger" and you are labeled "you"
in your chat window. Some find it a good tool for blowing off steam or as a sounding board for ideas.
But parents beware, Omegle has its fair share of questionable individuals. A common opening line is
A/S/L (age, sex, and location). There is no content filtering or age limits and nothing to stop your child
from revealing personal details about themselves through text or video (video chat is a new feature).
Although some may find a positive use for this site, students are putting themselves at risk through
sharing private information and photos with unknown people who may be skilled in manipulation -
what started out as fun could end up in a dangerous situation.


Langley United Youth Soccer Association Registration (Phone 604 530-3470)
        Langley United Youth Soccer Association has announced that registration for children aged 5
to 17 to play soccer this September is now open. Parents can register online at
Early Bird deadline to receive $25 off registration fees is June 15th. While parents can register their
boys into September (if there are spots still available), all boys registering after August 1 will be put
on a wait list and may not get on a team so parents are advised to register early. Girls can register
for soccer with the Girls Langley Football Club at In Aldergrove, boys and girls can
register with the Aldergrove Soccer Club at                 More information:

Langley Girls Ice Hockey Association
        Are you a girl who wants to try hockey? The Langley Girls Ice Hockey Association invites you
to Come Try Hockey – a free event at Langley Twin Rinks on Saturday, June 5th at 3:45pm Free
rental skates are available. Helmet and gloves are mandatory (bicycle helmet and winter gloves ok).
Registration for girls hockey is now open (ages 5-19).
        Go to or call Connie at 604 533-2712/e-mail for more information.

Aldergrove Minor Hockey
       June 7, 2010 from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
       Aldergrove Arena Meeting Room

         Online registration is currently taking place for RETURNING PLAYERS. Detailed information
is available on our website:

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